Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Piece of Peace

I am a piece of Global Peace.
You are a piece of the Peace puzzle.
Together we create Peace.

As I look out my window on endless sky and rolling green hills, I watch the Light come.
Pastel blues and pinks flood the clouds in every changing streaks of soft color.

I could be watching the news or traffic on the early morning show.

The question I ask of myself as I awaken to this day, this moment is: "How do I bring Peace?"
Doing the I Ching and writing these reminders I reflect on my own peace of mind.

I could be thinking about what to wear, the bills to pay or how to get everything done.

I am happy to be alive right here and right now sharing with You and alone,"all one", with God.
A spider weaves his magic. A red plane flies high. The colors change. The music flows sweetly.
I am at peace.

I could be looking forward to my day or wistful about yesterday or anxious about tomorrow.

Being present is natural to those who appreciate.
Being peaceful is natural to those who forgive.
Being happy is naturally to those who love.

Problems are resolved naturally by those who have a forgiving attitude.
One creates their own reality by suspending all impositions and relinquishing all judgment.
Only when we depend on others to create our experience are we victims of the world.

Om namaste.
May you know the peace of your own Goodness from within.
Betty Lue

The Light Has Come. I have forgiven the world.
Or better yet, I have not judged.

Loving you with a Love that has no end.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Coaching and Counseling

People seek out helpers to listen, to learn, to get advice, to create solutions, to find a better way.

Everyone wants and needs something different, something unique to their ability to learn and benefit.
What you may want and need may not be what your coach or counselor can offer.
What you want may not be what you need.
What you want may not be what is helpful.
What you want may not be in your best interest.

When you choose who to ask for help, first set an intention for your desired outcome.
Ask within who might be the best person to join, assist and support your desired outcome.

If you want agreement, go to a pleaser or someone you know will agree with you.
If you want to learn something, go to the expert who may be the most knowledgeable and best teacher.
If you want inspiration and encouragement, see out the most inspiring and supportive person you know.
If you want someone to listen and reflect back what you are saying, ask for exactly what you want.
If you want to be soothed and comforted, go to one who is nurturing and sympathetic.
If you want to be questioned and challenged on your limited perspective, ask for an expansive thinker.
If you want to take responsibility for your life, choose one who is responsible for their life.
If you want to heal woundedness and fear, seek a fearless healer who will reassure and teach healing.

It is your choice as to whom you seek for the help you want.
If what you receive is not best for you, simply choose again.

At times your best friend or trusted coach or counselor may fit your needs.
At times you may need to seek a diversity of helpful mentors for support.
At times you may need to provide yourself with exactly what you need and want.
At times you may take whatever you get, because you feel so desperate.

Always remember you are the chooser.
When we choose a minister, spiritual advisor, personal trainer, physician or attorney, be clear about what you really want.
Notice if you feel heard and respected.
Notice if you feel safe and connected.
Notice if you are honest and met with honesty.
Notice if you are given the time and attention you deserve.
Notice if you feel confident and assured.
Notice if you are helped and feel positive.
All of your observations are valid and valuable information in choosing.
To save, time, money, energy and disappointment, you must choose what you know to be best for you.

Your choices matter,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Year of the Dog

Happy New Year

While we call this Chinese New Year, this new year is for many cultures and peoples. Perhaps everyday is an opportunity for beginning anew while being grateful for the learning and loving and letting go of yesterday. How would our lives feel if we experienced the infinite possibility of each new dawn?

Have we opened our minds to the possibility that other peoples are perhaps teachers for us?
Have we begun to realize that the condition of the human family is our responsibility?
Are we ready to love all children as our own and to provide them with a fabulous start in life?
Are we willing to listen and learn about the similarities as well as the differences between cultures?

Can we learn from one another about how better to care for our families and our communities?
Can we learn from each loving relationship how to forgive and learn to love again and again?
Can we learn from the teachers how to consistently provide consequences for behaviors/
Can we learn from the native peoples how to honor the sacred bounty and beauty of this earth?
Can we learn from the elders how to live with dignity and speak only when welcomed?
Can we learn from the light workers how to remember to shine our light ever brighter in darkness?
Can we learn from the artists and musicians how to create our world through our inner experience?
Can we learn from our inner voice how to love ourselves into living healthy, holy lives?

Yes, we can learn.
Learning is fun, safe and easy.
We can forgive the harsh lessons and teachers of the past.
We can release our resistance, fear and lethargy.
We can do what brings us hope and inspiration.
We can be happy and free and learn how to master life.
We can appreciate our willingness to let go of limiting beliefs.
We can fully enjoy sharing what we are learning, teaching only freedom and trust.
We can because we are.
We can because we dare.
We can because we care.
We can because we are called to share the best, the brightest, the truest and the most valuable with all.

I am inviting you and me and all we know to make this year, this week, this day and this moment be the beginning the covenant we make with ourselves and our Source to be the holy beginning of the dawn.
Let us each and everyone commit to brighten our own Light and intensify our Love.
Let us forgive, erase and undo everything that is not holy and true.
Let us bring the best we know and heal and grow in being our Best.
Let us set no limits on what anyone or all as One can do.
We are the way to freedom and the path to trust.
We are the Ones.
Now is our time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I believe in you.
I know within you is a calling to contribute.
Give your Highest and Best to each one along your path today and everyday.
And you shall know Great and Lasting Joy and Peace!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Higher Purpose or Your Own?

"Use me, Lord. Guide me and direct my way that I might serve the Greater Good for All."

Today and everyday I have committed my life to serve.
Whatever I do and think and say is a teaching for all the Universe.
How I live and give is my legacy.
My life is my ministry and my meaning for living.

It matters not how we pray or even to whom we pray.
It does matter what we pray.
Our prayer is our commitment, our intention, our request for ourselves.
Our prayer is our guiding light, our affirmation and higher vision.

What is your commitment to yourself for your life?
Are you living someone else's dream?
Are you following the mainstream programming?
Are you giving your life to pleasures and passions?
Are you doing what inspires you and encourages healing?
Are you living and giving what is highest and best for all?
Is your path one which has fulfillment and meaning?
Do you feel grateful for being alive?
Are you in love with the life you have chosen?

Is it possible the emptiness you feel may be because you lost your way?
Or maybe you have forgotten who you are and why you came?
Perhaps you think this is all a big mistake and you chose the wrong time and place?
Or could you be punishing yourself for your own unconscious errors and lack of love?

Who knows what you are here for?
What can guide your way?
Who wants you to be happy and at peace?
What gives you hope and inspires your journey?

Are you willing to give your life to loving and respecting the Best in You?
Are you willing to let go of what no longer inspires and blesses your potential?
Are you willing to forgive all mistakes and missed opportunities and begin again?
Are you willing to be open to a new life with new hope and a renewed mind?

Betty Lue

Everyday is a new beginning. Everyday is a happy healing. Everyday offers a sunrise of possibility. Every day is for me to say, "I am willing and I am grateful."
It is dark before the dawn. Keep trusting and be willing.

Friday, January 27, 2006


"It is crucial for you to understand what meditation is. It is not some special posture, and it's not just a set of mental exercises. Meditation is the cultivation of mindfulness and the application of that mindfulness once cultivated. You do not have to sit to meditate. You can meditate while washing the dishes. You can meditate in the shower, or roller skating, or typing letters. Meditation is awareness, and it must be applied to each and every activity of one's life. This isn't easy." -Henepola Gunaratana, "Mindfulness in Plain English"
From "365 Buddha: Daily Meditations," edited by Jeff Schmidt. Reprinted by arrangement with Tarcher/Putnam, a division of Penguin Putnam Inc.

We are responsible for our consciousness.
We are responsible for our state of mind.
We are responsible for our Presence.
We are responsible for our emotions.
We are responsible for our reactions.
We are responsible for our relationships.
We are responsible for our parenting.
We are responsible for our communication.
We are responsible for our acts of service.
We are responsible for our financial state.
We are responsible for our homes and vehicles.
We are responsible for our jog performance.
We are responsible for our respect and responsibilities.
We are responsible for our health and healing.
We are responsible.

When we are conscious, we realize our responsibilities and we respond with the best we know.
When we are mindful, we observe our mistakes, forgive any judgments, learn and make corrections.
When we are present, we show up with an open mind and grateful heart.
When we are willing, we give our best without regard to the other's current state.
When we are awake, we learn, love and let go easily, with joy in our heats and peace of mind.

To meditate is to be at peace with life.
To be mindful is be fully alive, awake and aware.
To be aware with no judgment is to heal and see the wholeness.

Choose to be mindful today as you shower and dress, prepare food and eat, go to work and serve, listen and talk with others, answer your phone.
Set your intention to be fully conscious and mindful today.
Enjoy each moment for the gift it really is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Children are mindful. We need to stop distracting them from their awarenesses.

“Grandpa got us this new floor puzzle.
We need to feel it and take it apart and discover how it all fits together.”

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Focused friends
Social friends
Companion friends
Comfort friends
Listening friends
Complaining friends
Therapeutic friends
Advising friends
Maternal friends
Playmate friends
Helpful friends
Fair weather friends
Needy friends
Chameleon friends
Competitive friends

Some friends give time.
Some friends give things.
Some friends give hope.
Some friends give help.
Some friends give counsel.
Some friends give love.
Some friends give quiet blessing.
Some friends give space for confessing.

What kind of friend are you?
What kind of friends do you choose?

There are all kinds of friends.
You choose who you want to be with.
You choose how you are with them.
You choose what you give.
You choose what you receive.
You choose.

Be true to yourself and see what friends come and what friends go.
Be true to yourself and notice what kind of friend you are.

You friend in Loving Reminders,
Betty Lue

About my life choices.
While I have always answered my own phones (except for a brief period with volunteer office help), I spend no time social chatting with family or friends. I am rarely idle in speaking, thinking, or activity. My phone lines are used for leaving messages on my #800-919-2392 voicemail/pager and for coaching and setting appointments on my cell #925-324-2409. My home phone is used for business calls, coaching calls, and brief family calls. I simply delete with blessing those emails which are not intentional for the good of all. I trust my inner self to know when and how to respond. To serve the Greater Good is my constant focus. When I spend time with others, there is usually a mutually established intention (even with my life partner Robert. We create our lives from within and share our healing and holy life experience in this place and time.

Intention of these photos of babies is to remind you to live, love, laugh and be happy. Be free in giving yourself the life of love and joy, safety and peace you desire!!
Yup! We are learning to ride our elephant.
What are you learning today?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Appreciate Who You Are and Where You Are

How much of your life do you spend looking forward to being somewhere else?
-Matthew Flickstein, "Journey to the Center"

The rest will come naturally through the process of living, loving, learning and valuing what life is.
Life is meant to be a naturally educational process.
We are in the school of unlearning everything that keeps us from knowing the Truth.

For those who do not see their whole life as a perfect journey, there is longing for something more.
For those who are disappointed and critical of where they are now, there is a desire for a change.
For those who measure their success by comparison or evaluation, there is a need to make life better.
For those who have always worked and strive to accomplish and achieve, life is a challenge.
For those who judge the past and blame themselves and others, the future portends hope.

For those who sacrifice family, health and meaning to get somewhere in the future…..
To find where you are going is to value where you are now can be painful.
To realize that that end is nothing more than recognition of Who you are always is confusing.
To remember you always had what you seek is beyond comprehension when you are efforting.

The journey home is like going in circles to greater viewpoints of awareness.
The journey to peace is like erasing the internal places of conflict.
The journey to wholeness is like remembering to love away the fear.
The journey to freedom is simply letting go of self-made limit, lack and littleness.

Perhaps there really is nothing to do except LOVE you and me and all you see.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I have seen myself waiting for everyone to be happy to be perfectly happy myself.
I see a future where you and all are whole and happy and free. That’s the truth about me.

Here we all are in love feeling safe and at peace with one another.
And Little Sofia is always safe and loved by us all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thanks to You!

You deserve lots of appreciation!
I notice all you are giving.
I see who You really are.
I value what you are doing.
Your life is shining with possibility.
You are creating your vision really well.
I see you and know you and love you!

Thanks to those who read these reminders.
Thanks to those who apply them to your life.
Thanks to those who are forgiving others.
Thanks to those who are willing to forgive yourself.
Thanks to chose who are giving your best.
Thanks to those who are sharing your joy.
Thanks to those who are resting when tired.
Thanks to those who are ingesting what is good.
Thanks to those who are reaching out with love.
Thanks to those who are caring for your parents.
Thanks to those who are loving little children.
Thanks to those who are giving in your community.
Thanks to those who are praying for the planet.
Thanks to those who are loving everyone equally.
Thanks to those who are celebrating life.
Thanks to those who are teaching and learning Godness.
Thanks to those who are listening within.
Thanks to those who are creating goodness and beauty.
Thanks to those who are remembering Love.
Thanks to those what are extending peace.
Thanks to those who are seeking to heal and be whole.
Thanks to those who are giving your resources to those who serve.
Thanks to those who are serving the Greater Good.
Thanks to my friends and family and the greater family of humanity.

I love you.
I thank you.
I bless you.
I value you.
I admire you.
You are making a difference in my world and in your own.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Say thanks today to those around you.
They may forget to appreciate themselves.

I see you and know you and love you.
This is my Grandma face just for YOU!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Can We Love Them All?

Can we love everyone?
Can we celebrate the mystery of life?
Can we bless all the little children?
Can we remember Love heals and reveals?
Can we keep your promise to Love?
Can we remember our agreement to wakeup here?
Can we be the Ones who give what is missing?
Can we hold the faith, when others are afraid?
Can we give what is needed in time of lack?
Can we be the powerful and peaceful Presence?
Can we trust our inner knowing and go where called?
Can we honor your friends and family by giving our Best?
Can we? Are we willing?

Yes, We Can!
We are here to give.
We are here to live.
We are here to remember.
We are here to awaken.
We are here to create.
We are here to celebrate.
We are here to enjoy.
We are here to be happy.
We are here to return to wholeness.
We are here to heal what is not real.
We are here to trust our inner knowing.
We are here to free ourselves from false teachings.
We are here to remember the infinite and unlimited.
We are here to choose what is good for all.
We are here to forgive and erase what is untrue.
We are here to wash away our mistakes, mis-creations and misgivings.
We are here to stand up in confidence and love and live what is Good.
We are here to be healed, whole and Holy.

We can, because……
We are in this together.
We are loving reminders for one another.
There is nothing we cannot do with Love to guide us.
We can, because we believe we can.
We are willing, because it is our calling.
And together, we will heal and awaken and remember.

Loving all of us as One,
Betty Lue

Remember the happy, curious, naturally loving child still lives inside you and everyone, no matter how unhappy, depressed and fearful they may appear. See everyone with love, appreciation and open-mindedness. They may surprise you!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


How do you know what is true for you?
We all have our own individual ways of knowing what is right and true and loving?
Is it a gut feeling, the joy in your heart, a quiet inner voice?
Is it the song you sing, a big "YES", a feeling your are free?
Is it a voice deep within, a sweet wave of release or just sweet contentment?

Until we Know we can know, we won't know we Know.
Until we really want to Know, we won't let ourselves Know.
Until we are willing to live what we Know, we will not allow ourselves to really Know.

The innocent often Know and are discouraged from living what they know, because those who think they know, say "NO" to their knowing.
The Essential Self often knows and lets the personality Ego convince us we cannot trust our knowing.

Our innocent trust in our inner knowing gradually dissipates as we learn to listen to voices of authority.
Our natural ability to listen is discouraged by the outer noises and activities of work and family, TV, social conversation, busyness, education and the often meaningless stuff of everyday life.
When we give children space and time and freedom to simply be, we give them opportunity to continue listening within.
When we give ourselves alone time to meditate, be still and know, we open the doors to our knowing.

Intuition, inner listening, meditation, lucid dreaming, visioning, prayer, reflection, chanting all are paths to stillness and revealing our own inner door to true knowing.
Knowing is the capacity to step aside from what we believe, what we have achieved.
Knowing is the willingness to let go of book learning and the voice of experts.
Knowing is the ability to quiet the mind and enter into the void.

"Be still and Know"
"Be still and Know that I AM."
"Be still and Know that I am God."

Knowing is Loving.
Knowing is Loving the Self.
Knowing is Loving the Higher Self, the God Self within.
Loving is trusting.
Loving is freeing the Self to listen to the Truth within.

Are you willing to Know?
Are you willing to listen and Know?
Are you willing to trust what you Know?
Are you willing to live what you Know?
Are you willing to encourage others to Know?

Knowing you and Loving You,
Betty Lue

Written 20 years ago. When asked who knows?

Those Who Know

To “know” is to “love”. For when we fully know, we have an experience of acceptance, understanding, trust and love.

In working with this list of levels of consciousness, we can easily substitute “love” for “know”.
Perhaps, for some, this will simplify and clarify where you are in your own unfoldment process.

· Those who don’t know and don’t know they don’t know.
· Those who don’t know and don’t care.
· Those who don’t know and don’t want to know.
· Those who don’t know and wish they did.
· Those who don’t know and seek to know.
· Those who are coming to know.
· Those who know and are afraid of what they know.
· Those who know and are afraid they don’t.
· Those who know and hold back what they know.
· Those who know and share what they know in order to know.
· Those who know and know they know quietly.
· Those who are what they know.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clarify Your Intention

My intention is clear.
I want to give all to all.
The best of what I know, and how I live from the Source of All Good is what I choose to give.

I listen daily and follow Inner guidance.
I listen at the keyboard, as I was guided in December, 1998 and share what is given to me.
I listen and share all that I have received.

My intention is that you receive only what resonates with you.
My intention is that you let go of everything that is untrue.
My intention is that you experience the love and wisdom you know.
My intention is that you can easily recognize and remember what is true for you.

My heart rejoices to know that you receive these reminders and share with others.
My spirit soars when I realize that these words and my life inspires you to be happy and free.
My work is honored by your willingness to practice love and forgiveness.
God, the Love that creates through the vessel of my life, celebrates your being.

Ministers use these reminders to write sermons.
Counselors use these reminders to let go of limiting stories.
Parents use these reminders to be more patient and teach well by example.
Partners use these reminders to take responsibility for their own emotional response.
Teens use these words to awaken their inner knowing and confidence.
Business people use these words to honor their values of respect and responsibility.
The lonely, sick and bereft use these words to remind them, they are safe and loved.

I invite you to receive what is given freely to benefit your own life as well as those around you.
Together remembering Love changes our attitudes, our relationships, our lives and our world.
We are a team of those willing Ones, willing to let go and learn, willing to forgive and love again.

I am honored to be your partner in remembering Only Love…
Betty Lue

Friday, January 20, 2006

Count on Change

Change of Mood, change of weather, change of business climate, change of interest rates, change of relationships, change of mind, change of politics, change of your physiology, all are expected.

In this physical world, change is constant.
In the Essence of Spirit, Love is constant.

When we are attached to safety and security in relationships, finances, jobs, health, we often are disappointed or even shocked and surprised by change.

To respond with ease, rather than react fearfully and defensively, we need to cultivate inner trust, foster freedom and flow with flexibility.

To cultivate what we want to experience we must practice breathing, forgiving, letting go and faith.
These Loving Reminders offer refer to this practice call Love as defined by Trust and Freedom.

When we see the world as being the only reality, “This is it and we better do it right”, we would naturally feel fearful of making mistakes, not knowing the rules and not figuring out how to play the game of life successfully.

Success could be measured by how resilient we are.
Love could be measured by how forgiving we are.
Winning could be measured by how happy we are.
Knowing could be measured by how trusting we are.
Playing the game could be measure by how fair we are.

Life is change and challenge, healing and growth.
To the degree we enjoy it all, we are happy and successful.

When we respect our journey ourselves and value our journey, life is an adventure.
When we get confused or blocked, we can stop, rest and re-evaluate.
When we experience the unexpected, we can let go and trust.
When we are lost and uncertain, we can listen within for guidance.
When we feel separate, we can find fellow travelers who are going our way.

Change happens.
How we handle change is our responsibility. (RESPONSE ABILITY)
Change happens.
How we meet it with confidence, curiosity and enjoyment is our process.
Change happens.
How we forgive our limitations, judgments and fears is our work.
Change happens.
How we free ourselves, breathe and surrender to love is our gift.

I am loving you,
This love is true and constant.
Betty Lue

CALL me if you want a little, counsel, coaching or creativity, 800-919-2392

Love is constant. We are always being held in the loving arms of God.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Saying "Yes" and Saying "No"

We all must learn to say "yes" to ourselves when it is best.
We all must learn to say "no" when it is not.
We must learn that "yes" and 'No" are both LOVE when imposed accurately.

When we hear "no", we may hear the emotional energy and history behind the word.
To hear accurately, we must stop ourselves with gratitude and ask" What is best now/"
When we hear "yes", we may hear permission and acceptance and miss the Love given.
To hear accurately, we must listen beneath the "yes" and experience the trust and freedom.

"No" says stop and pay attention mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and relationally.
Yes" says go and explore to find what the outcome will be for you.

We get in habits of limiting ourselves and others by saying "no" before we even tune in.
We stop ourselves and our loved ones with fears and judgments, beliefs and resistance.

And we can get into habits of saying "yes" to ourselves and others without really caring.
We dismiss the question and simply go with what is expedient or feels good without taking time.

Love takes time to stop, look and listen.
Loves says no without withholding or losing anyone's love.
Love is patient and listens within more than to what is accustomed.
Love responds to all circumstances with forgiveness of past and objective awareness of now.

Love loves enough to be honest and respectful, always promoting the highest and best for All.
Love is willing to say both "yes" and "no".

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

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I email only those individuals who are called to receive loving reminders.
I appreciate your blessings and contributions.
I respoect the positive power of choice.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't Hurt Yourself

When we have been hurt as infants and children with words, thoughts and actions, we tend to continue to hurt ourselves as adults.
When we were loved adored and treated with compassion, we tend to continue as we grow up.
When we were affirmed, nurtured and appreciated, we tend to continue the same as adults.
The way we treat ourselves with thoughts and words the same as we were treated as children.
The way we think of ourselves is often with similar thoughts as our parents had for us.
And our parents and caregivers usually give to their children what was given to them.
And so the cycle of abuse, negligence and denigration goes on and on.
This cycle can stop now with you.

Stop condemning yourself with criticism and judgments.
Start giving yourself appreciation and respect.
Stop remembering only what seemed to fail.
Start believing you can succeed.
Stop engaging in unhealthy habits and behaviors.
Start treating yourself with impeccable kindness and care.
Stop surrounding yourself with negative people and activities.
Start giving yourself healthy relationships and happy experiences.
Stop scaring yourself with disaster thoughts and traumatic media.
Start inspiring yourself with good news and uplifting music.

You can make a difference in your own life right now.
Forgive your past negligence.
Forgive your past self abuse.
Forgive your self wounding.
Stop picking at the scabs of the past and let your self heal.

Give yourself and others only your very best.
Flush the rest down the cosmic toilet.

Love yourself today.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is Healing?

Healing is awakening to your wholeness, wellness and holiness.
Healing is releasing dis-ease and lack of peace and claiming inner peace.
Healing is loving oneself enough to find, choose and maintain happiness.
Healing is releasing all the thoughts and images we made for not being OK.
Healing is forgiving the past roles, functions and judgments we laid on ourselves.
Healing is quitting the game of guilt, self punishment and faithless activities.
Healing is letting in the Love of God and for God for the sake of Good.

Curing is fixing what we believe is broken.
Curing is trying to remedy what seems to be wrong.
Curing is taking the advice, therapy and medicine of others to reclaim our health.
Curing is undoing the physical scars of playing in a body.
Curing is going somewhere to get someone to make us whole.

When you have healing needs, where do you go?
When you have an emotional need, seek someone who is forgiving and willing to love and teach love.
When you have a financial need, seek someone who is willing to teach you to forgive, learn and earn.
When you have an environmental need, seek someone who knows your environment and can clear it.
When you have a mental need, seek someone who listens to your thoughts and offers clarity and peace.

When you have a need to know yourself and be true to You, spend time with you, listening and learning.
Write what you hear from within. Journal.
Reflect on your feelings and words. Ask yourself soulful questions.
Be compassionate and caring as you learn how to best love your true self.
Observe your behaviors. Take time to experiment with your physiology.
Breathe more. Stand straighter. Smile at others and in the mirror at yourself.
Appreciate your life and all your creations. even the mistakes and apparent failings.
Enjoy the process of befriending You, the best friend and life partner you can ever have.
No one can ever know you and love you and heal you, as well as you can.
Give time for the healing process, to remember Love and return to wholeness.

Healing begins within.
Healing clears up our self-hatred.
Healing initiates changing our mind about ourselves.
Healing ends past faulty thinking, self criticism and negative beliefs.
Healing takes Self respect and Self responsibility for letting go with no blame or guilt.
Healing frees and empowers us to fully value and enjoy our life journey as spiritual beings.
Healing is the full realization of what is true and eternal about us and our lives.

We can do both.
Healing is from inside out and curing is from outside in.
I am seeing the healing of humanity from within.
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Spiritual Life

Are you seeking inspiration and purpose?
Are you ready for renewed faith?
Are you willing to release fear?
Are you committed to undo the false?

What can you let go?
What can you undo?
What can you forgive?
What can you lift up?

The spiritual life is the inspired life.
The spiritual life is the balanced life.
The spiritual life is the healthy life.
The spiritual life is the happy life.

What inspires you?
How can you be more holistic in balancing your whole life?
What can you eat, think and do that will be healthy for you?
How can you give yourself the true happiness you deserve?

It is our right and responsibility to love ourselves well.
Loving ourselves is truly living the spiritual and inspired life.
Today give yourself what inspires you and renews your faith.
Today forgive your fearful thinking and let go of limiting beliefs.

Choose to love you and you will be loving your family, your community and your universe.

Beginning again today,
Betty Lue

I am inspired to jump for joy. I am inspired to see the world through forgiving eyes. I am invited to enjoy each new adventure. I am welcomed to laugh and love and be happy everyday. Innocence teaches us to trust and free ourselves to be.
My first time in the jumper swing...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

No Chore, Duty or Obligation

All that I give is given to myself. I have wondered how to share with you the fullness of my joy in sharing time with these children. I have wondered how I can encourage you to love every child with true love, natural love. I have wondered how I can invite my world to treat everyone as an innocent child of Love. I have wondered how You can learn to care for yourself, as you would a precious holy Child.

You may think Robert and I are baby-sitting or care-giving for our grandchildren.
You may even imagine that it is our grandparental duty or to help to their parents out.
You may see us as taking care of their needs, with food, diaper changing, baths, walks, etc.
This is all true, but the real value and real meaning are much more significant.

We were guided to spend Thursdays with Gia and Sofia and Mondays and Fridays with Harper and Lila.
It is a spiritual gift for us to be with these innocent and naturally loving beings.
It is a holy assignment to have the opportunity to be with teachers of holiness.
It is a spiritual practice to be wholly present, in the moment and in joy.

When we are together with these children, we listen with our hearts.
We feel their needs and respond with happy willingness.
When the babies speak to us with sounds, we copy the sounds and add interpretive words.
We laugh and play together, eat and enjoy simple adventures in life, learning to use the body.

Each new skill is celebrated.
Burps and poops are cheered.
Each song is sung with silliness and full enjoyment.
Laughter and smiles prevail.

When happiness is reflected back to you instantly with pure open-hearted joy, it inspires.
When love is received with obvious gratitude and instant response, one's heart overflows.
When there is no separation from loving and being loved, there is a pure delightful connection.
This union with God and the intrinsic Goodness of His Creation is obvious and welcomed.

There is no better way to remember Love than to be in the presence of pure Love.
Love increases when you give it away, and it always comes back with more.
Love is what we are here for, to realize and remember the Love that created us to Love.
What better way than to spend the day in Love, giving and receiving with no withhold!

I am totally loving you,
Betty Lue

In our many years of teaching, balancing and offering conscious healing opportunities and counseling, it was apparent that the primary blocks to loving (woundedness) occurred from conception to age one. The next primary learning of trust and relationship bonding occur before age 5. When we give each infant our very best from the moment we come into relationship, we heal ourselves and do no harm to them. Each and every child, including the one who lives inside of each adult body, deserves to be treated with loving kindness and respect. The only way to remember what love is, is to experience loving relationships.
We are privileged to share in the healing and holy experience of how to stay in love on the planet Earth.

Remember I am here to love You with every loving reminder.
Betty Lue

These are our little friends.
Harper’s fierce face.
Lila is learning the advantages of being on your belly.

Friday, January 13, 2006


If false thinking suddenly stops for an instant, and you see through your own mind, the vastness of its original perfect light, the purity of its original state, no thing in it at all, this is called awakening.
There is nothing to be awakened or cultivated other than this mind.
-Han-shan From "The Pocket Zen Reader," edited by Thomas Cleary, 1999.

Silence, and stillness, quieting the mind is the beginning through breath and meditation.
Awakening is seeing clearly, loving purely and following the heart of compassion and loving kindness in all things for all beings.

In our busyness we believe ourselves, our stories, our fantasies, our desires, the media, others' complaints and criticisms, our paycheck, diagnoses and critiques of experts, our belief and our moodiness. How confusing this can be when they all seem to conflict. Beyond this mishmash of incongruent data is a place of inner peace and a space of freedom and trust where true and last happiness (contentment) reside. This is the moment of perfect trust, knowing "All is well." In this now moment, there is truly nothing to do.

When there is nothing to do, we learn to breathe and be, to create and contribute. We do no harm. We trust in the undoing process of lving. We offer compassion and loving kindness when and as we are called We serve by extending the light of joy and freedom from fear. We contribute by shining the Love of trust and peace that is our natural state. We radiate all is well. We easily forgive all that is not.

Life is fun, safe and easy….except when we believe and perceive life is serious and intense, dangerous and doomed, difficult and full of eternal suffering and damnation.

How fun safe and easy is it for you to let go and quiet your mind?
How fun, safe and easy is it for your to change your mind and your perceptions?
How fun, safe and easy is it for you to let go of your fear and let Love lead your life?

If you think, “I breathe,” the “I” is extra. There is no you to say “I.” What we call “I” is just a swinging door which moves when we inhale and when we exhale. It just moves; that is all. When your mind is pure and calm enough to follow this movement, there is nothing: no “I,” no world, no mind nor body; just a swinging door.
-Shunryu Suzuki, "Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind"

One path is to let go of the busy mind, to focus on healing oneself by finding inner peace.
One path is to forgive and love your brothers. as you want to be loved.
One path is to extend salvation to all humanity through prayer and education.

There are many others paths. Some have names and some do not. All offer healing.
There is no right way, but to choose the way which is "right" for you.

Loving you with a true heart,

I will be sending New Year’s newsletters , when my tentative travel schedule is set.
If you wish to receive one by US Mail, please send me you mailing address.
If you wish to read the articles and scheduled programs, please go to my web site.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Are you Getting the Love You Want?

If you give to get something in return, it is your ego running the show.
If you give for the joy of giving, it is Spirit.

Yes, egos need love and they seek to support their beliefs about how to get what they want.
People and personalities are attached to confirming their early childhood experiences.
Getting sick gets attention. Being naughty gets attention. Whining and complaining gets attention.
Or being helpful, being happy, being good, being clever gets the attention we want.

We usually choose people who fit into our early (before age five) patterns of unhealed stuff.
We are most comfortable with what is familiar.
We reject those who give us what we say we want and cling to those who give what we expect.
We are trying to heal what hurt, confused or taught us (falsely) what we couldn't have.

Some people need to be shown, asked, coached and reminded to give what we would benefit from.
We usually give to the other what we want to receive from them.
And in turn, they are giving to us, what they want to receive from us.
Some people expect no more than what they get.
Some people are thrilled with receiving anything.
Some people need nothing to feel loved.
Some people always want more than they get.
Some people just give what they feel called to give.
Some people simply don't notice what is being given and received.

If you want to love someone, ask what do they really want/need to feel loved?
If you want to be loved by someone, you may need to teach him (when he is full, healthy and happy) what you want/need to feel loved.
Teaching requires demonstration, encouragement, coaching, patience and loving reminders.
Are you willing to learn to forgive the blocks to the awareness of Love's Presence in your life?

If you are making the assumption (False Expectation Appearing Real= FEAR), that the other can give what they are ignorant or fearful of giving, you will be blameful and angry, hurt and defensive..

In general, people give the best they have, when they feel at their best.
In general, men are afraid of affection because they have been taught it is weak.
In general, women act needy and demanding and men feel inadequate and guilty.
In general, women push men away by using whining, complaining and guilt to attack.
In general, women use men to get what they want and need, rather than give all they have to give.
In general, men are trying to please their women (make them happy) without losing their strength.
In general, people will not become vulnerable unless they know it is safe...no judgment, no attack, no guilt or blame.

Neediness is a product of your thinking.
Forgive yourself for thinking you don’t have enough Love.
Look at all the ways you are loved.
Gifts, acts of service, kind words, quality time and affection are the five primary ways to demonstrate love.

Thank you for being a happy willing learner.
That is what we are here for.
There is no perfect man or relationship.
All relationships are for healing the past.

Remember life is for giving (not for getting!)
And you are the gift.

It is only in freely giving the gift of Love you are that you realize the abundance of Love you have.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

What I see is the Love I believe I am. The same is true for you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Value of Words

These words written here are not meant to comfort, but to inspire you into action.
These reminders are practical and useable spirituality.
They are a clarion call to stop soothing yourself with platitudes.
They are an invitation to heal what you feel.
They ask for your active participation.
They encourage repentance (to think again) and respect (to see differently).
These words give you ideas and pictures, of which you are aware and may ignore.
These messages remind you of what you know inside, but have covered over with excuses.
The value of loving reminders comes from someone who lives these messages.
Their message is to free yourself to love more, trust God more and live with more peace and happiness.

Now the real question is:
What are you willing to do?
What do you now choose?
What is the highest Truth for you?
How do you want your daily life to be?
How do you want to experience every day?
What is the quality of relationship you want to have?
What is the best way for you to take care of yourself?
What are the gifts you are here to give to your world?
Are you willing to risk giving your best to all you encounter?
Do you dare to dream of giving all to a world which needs you?
Where are you denying yourself what you really want to please others?
What can you do today to fill yourself with peace and joy and love for being?
How much do you really want to be free and trust your inner resources to lead?
Are you willing to do what it takes to set yourself on a journey of lasting happiness?
How have you sabotaged or talked yourself out of living the life you really want?
Can it be you are the prisoner and the prison guard and there is no lock on the cell door?

The moment you can change is now.
The feelings you can change are yours.
The beliefs you hold are yours to choose.
The opportunities are free and unlimited.
This is your life.
It is yours to experience as you wish.
It is never to late to realize your ideal vision for yourself.

I am loving myself and you all as One.
We are in this together.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Responsible for Whose Happiness

You are responsible for your own happiness.
I am responsible for my happiness.

You are not responsible for making me happy.
You are not responsible for keeping me happy.
I am not responsible for making you happy.
I am not responsible for keeping you happy.

Recently I found myself feeling guilty and unhappy because "you" were unhappy.
I felt conflicted about making a happy choice for me and feeling my companion was unhappy.
My human personality (ego) wanted to have both of us be happy in the experience.
So I punished myself with unhappiness and resultant head pain.

I am so aware of a world where love is defined as wanting to make others happy.
Loving relationships seem to be about sacrificing for the others' happiness.
What I have been teaching for years is "to give yourself the best is best for others."
And still when I Am One in love, I want everyone in my world to be happy with me.

Spiritually I have compassion for everyone everywhere.
The healing of God's children will be when all of us choose to be happy.
My life work is to facilitate the freedom and happiness of all.
In this I find peace and joy.

When I asked for guidance about this question "Who is responsible for whose happiness?",
this is what I heard....
"B'Lue, it is true you are responsible for your own happiness. Still you play parts of responding to others needs, so all will notice where the myth continues. Yes, mothers, fathers, men and women, wives and husbands, all are responsible.
Truly only those who are filled with happiness are able to fully respond."

Ah! I suddenly saw that on that day, when I took on the responsibility and subsequent guilt for the other's unhappiness, I was not fully happy.
When not filled with light and DeLight, one strengthens the perceived experience in oneself. In other words, where we are not wholly happy and on purpose, we may join with the unhappiness of others with guilt, judgment and wanting to change the other so we do not feel guilty. We catch, empathize or join with the lack we perceive in others. Responsibility for others may feel like sacrifice or limiting our own natural happiness and freedom.
When we are filled with Love and Light, it is natural and effortless to extend that Light and Love to others. There is no sacrifice, only gratitude, trust and fulfillment.

Loving you and me in fully loving without sacrifice or limit,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 09, 2006

To Live a Fun, Safe and Easy Life

Forgive everyone and everything.
Keep on flowing around all obstacles.
Don't push the river or swim upstream.
Allow natural life cycles to be.
Learn from everyone and everything.
Attach to no one and nothing.
Be grateful for it all.
Accept that life is change.
Remember Love is the answer.
Give for the pure joy of giving.
Let go of expectations and conditions.
Stop waiting and do it now.
Move at the pace that feels best for you.
Get answers from the Highest Authority you know.
Trust in the desire for Goodness and Wholeness.
See the best, the Holiness, and erase the rest.
Take impeccable care of you.
Only believe what you want to be True.
Trust your inner voice.
Listen to uplifting music and words.
Be responsible for your own happiness.
Let others be responsible for their choices.
Stop meddling, expecting, worrying, assuming.
Start living for the pure joy of following your heart.
Give yourself the very best and forget the rest.
Know all is well no matter how it looks.
Choose to be happy and loving no matter what.
Extend peace to wherever there is need for peace.
Remember to Love is to trust and free yourself and all.

You are the Love this world needs.
Give Love and be grateful and happy.

Yes, this is what I practice to be happy.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

What do you want to add to my list?

You are my spiritual partners as we conspire to co-create a better world.
My heart smiles and my spirit rejoices.
Your gifts of love and appreciation inspires me and feed my soul.
Celebrate the gifts we share and grow in abundance and beauty.
Offering all I am given in Love, supports, strengthens and affirms this Love.

I love you, as you live the life you consciously desire .
I am supported and sustained by your kindness and generosity.
May you honor your Holy Self as you walk in Goodness, Beauty and Love.

Forever Loving You,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Being Happy Is Fun, Safe and Easy!

Who writes these daily reminders?
How do you live your life?
Where does your information come from?
Is is really possible to be truly happy?
How can you do so much?

These Loving Reminders are written usually in 10-20 minutes without thinking, outlining or editing.
They flow out of me naturally as I sit at the computer, usually first thing in the morning.
The ideas and words shared here come out as they are received, as easily as breathing.
I receive them personally, as messengers of Goodness and God must do. And I give them freely to you.
Receive them as gift from the Infinite to you, if they "resonate". If not, simply delete and trust all is well.

Since 1976 I have lived my life mostly by following inner guidance. In this same time of spiritual awakening beginning with a life path of A Course in Miracles, rebirthing (using conscious breathing to clear obstacles to the presence of Love) and affirmations, I began to sit in silence for a few minutes each early morning to listen and write what I "heard". I had no resistance or doubting of the pure loving guidance given me. I sat every morning at about 4 AM before children, chores and work called to me. Life was fun, safe and easy when I conscientiously trusted and followed this loving Inner Voice. Love leads us to be happy and at peace. Even when obstacles and challenges arose, Love led me to forgive myself quickly and return to peace and happiness.

From '76-'85 I was ordained as Minister of Reunion with a vibrant Sunday morning Fellowship, classes, counseling and ministry program as a church without walls, serving the community as we were called. With a staff of over 20 therapists and interns we offered our community valued services and programs seven days/week. In 1985 Robert and I joined in spiritual partnership and marriage and founded non-profit counseling and holistic healing centers in CA, MT, NC, IN and MI and taught hundreds of holistic practitioners, therapists, coaches and teachers attitudinal and conscious healing practices, communication and relationship skills through our Energetic Life Balancing Institute and Reunion Ministries. Our teaching and learning programs, included practical spirituality, guided by our inner teachers and included some external forms of attitudinal healing, A Course in Miracles, applied kinesiology, Touch for Health, Reiki and more. However, the real work being shared has always been to facilitate the spiritual gifts available to all of us be received and utilized. Since returning to the Bay Area in late 1998, I have been on call to my family and encouraged by inner guidance to begin the email ministry of Loving Reminders. While computer phobic and illiterate at that time, I began 1/1/99 and have sent daily messages (except when out of town or out of commission) since. I will continue until I am guided otherwise.

These inspirational messages are filtered through 30 years as a psychospiritual therapist and relationships counselor, interfaith minister, girl scout and community volunteer since I was 10, and the family values with which I was raised. I follow no external teacher or religious institution, since I am given inspiration and reminders within every day and every time I ask for guidance. Since birth, my Mom claims I have been happy, "effervescent B'Lue", and my happiness is a guiding light for me. When I am not happy, I have stepped off my path and am off purpose. I forgive any judgment I may have, listen within and choose again.

My life is now (following guidance), offering coaching and counseling about 3 days/week, 2 days with the twin babies girls, Harper and Lila (now 8 mos.) and one day with our 7 yr. old granddaughter Gia and her 2 mo. old sister Sofia. My 24/7 ministry with the global community for almost 25 years has shifted to more local family ministry the last seven years with less traveling and community programs. I continue to offer phone coaching and counseling and travel to Michigan/Indiana and North Carolina several times annually. We spend about 40 hours/week loving, sharing quality time, doing errands, home maintenance, financial and health consultation with extended family including 25 hours just with the children. This is fulfilling, inspiring, focusing and life-enhancing service. Financial shifts are managed by changing priorities, living simply and continuing to "Give All to All to have All." I continue to have the time, money and energy to follow my inner guidance and live with joy and gratitude in my heart.

More later on how to live a safe, fun and easy life.
If you want 30-60 minutes for personal coaching on inner listening, simply email me to set up time and contribute to our work as you are guided.

You too can have the life which will bring you happiness and inner peace. Trust and freedom are key.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, January 06, 2006


Where you see a need, it is yours to fill.
When you see a problem, it is your to resolve.
When you see a conflict, it it yours to offer peace.
Where you see lack of wholeness, it is yours to heal your perceptions.

How I respond to any need determines my feeling of gratitude and abundance.
How I respond to any need determines my feeling safe and secure and provided for.
How I respond to any need is determined by my willingness and ability to respond.
How I respond to any need is determined by my trust, freedom and love.

I can choose to see things differently.
I can use my heart and my mind.
I can always give Who and Whose I Am.
I can always extend the best I know.

There is no limit to what the Love in me can do.
There is no limit to what the Love in you can do.

When I perceive a need, it is mine to fill.
When I am "haunted" by the same issue or perceived need, I am being asked to respond differently.
When the problem continues, I must listen within for the highest and best response.
When I have healed my perception, all judgment is gone and I am at peace.

On a practical level, I may be called to clean up a public bathroom or bring a physical need to the manager's attention. I go to the person with the decision-making and action-taking ability when I am asking for help. When there is a need to handle concerns, fear or judgments about health, finances or legal matters, I choose the person who I believe will clear any fear and work with me in a positive or helpful way. When I feel called emotionally to help others, I first respond by bringin myself to a natural or neutral state of peace and love, and ask what is for the hghest good of all. what am I to day or do?
Often I am called simply to meditate, clear my mind and emotions so that I can perceive the Goodness and Wholeness within the situation. Trust and freedom=Love. I am here to Love.

This world is an invitation to heal our perceptions.
What we believe we can and do perceive.
To heal my mind is to change my perceptions.
To heal my mind changes what I believe.
Healing my mind is my response ability.
Healing my mind offers the most creative power for changing my relationship with the world.

Loving us as we heal our mind,
Betty Lue

You are so beautiful to me! God..Creator created us to create what is good, and whole and beautiful. This is how we are meant to live, day by day. Call me if you want to learn to undo the blocks to living this way. Life can be fun, safe and easy by erasing what is not. See the twins in joy below!!!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Response Ability

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and
more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos
to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn
a meal into a feast, a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes
sense of our past, brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~ Melody Beattie

When someone yells, how do you respond?
When someone blames you, how do you respond?
When someone gives you a compliment, how do you respond?
When someone is sick, how do you respond?
When someone asks you for time or money or energy, how do you respond?
When someone is loving, how do you respond?
When there is an accident or problems, how do you respond?
When there is a storm, how do you respond?

How we respond to the "weather" in life is our total responsibility.
How we respond is determined by our inner state.
Our natural state is unlimited love and peace.
When we respond with love and peace, gratitude is the outcome.

Yesterday just as I was about to write the daily Loving Reminders, the power went off.
So I ate my breakfast and went for a walk.
A fun, safe and easy life is a product of responding to life with peace, love and gratitude.

How can you create an inner culture that is non reactive?
How can you erase your fear and dependency on outer circumstances?
How can you become like a willow and bend with the wind?
How can you take full response-ability for your life responses?

Forgive, surrender, trust, forgive, accept, give what you want, offer healing, be grateful.
All are possibilities.
Why waste your precious energy on meaningless and non helpful emotional reactivity?

Let go in trust and extend peace freely.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Count on Me

You can count on me to always love you.

Even if we disagree, I still love you.
Even when our paths diverge, I still love you.
Even when you speak against me, I still love you.
Even when you behave without respect, I still love you.
Even when you forget the Love You Are, I still love you.

Wherever you go
Whatever you do,
However you think,
Whenever you sleep,
I am always loving you.

I am a True Believer.
I am an authentic Lover.
I am One who remembers.
Love is Who We Are.

Even when we lose our way.
Even when we fall asleep,
Even when we go astray.
Even when we forsake our Truth,
I am remembering Love is All That Is.

Within us,
Around us,
Over and above Us,
There is only Love.

Beyond the clouds of fear,
Under the illusion of forgetting our Essence,
Within the Heart of Everyone and All One of Us,
I see the Light of Goodness and Beauty.

You are me
And I am You.
There is only One of Us
It's True.

How can I love me without loving you?
How can I love you without loving me?
How can I love creator without loving Creation?
How can I make any part of Perfection less than Perfect?

This I know,
You can count on me to always remember.

I am loving you,
B'lue, Your Friend the True Believer.

May this year 2006 bring you every Good thing you need.
May you prosper in healing, purpose and conscious awakening.
May you enjoy your self, your life and your contributions.
You make a difference every moment in every way...
Always loving you.

Monday, January 02, 2006

First, Let Go

Before you can see, you must let go of the misperceptions.
Before you can choose, you must have a clear perspective.
Before you can move freely, you must clear the obstacles.
Before you can know truth, you must forgive deception.

We already have too much cluttering our homes, our lives and our minds.
Our real work is to undo everything that is not essential to be healthy, happy and free.

Before we can know our heart, we must clear our mind of worry and fear, judgment and doubt.
Before we can live in integrity, we must let go of all inconstancy, distraction and detours.
Before we begin planting a fresh field of positive possibilities, we must plow under the past.
Before we can be resolute about the New Year, we must complete the old with honorable blessing.

Often we spend our lives collecting stuff…degrees, workshops and trainings, investments and memorabilia, awards and achievements and more.
We also collect memories, photos, relationships, history, with attached thoughts and feelings.
Our closets and drawers, attics and basements are full.
Our book shelves and garages are lined with stuff to read, remember and work on.
Our minds and desks are full of projects, "to do" lists, and stacks of what we think we should know.

To eat well, let go of everything in your kitchen and frig that is not good for you.
To think well, let go of everything in your mind and attitude, beliefs and thinking that is not good for you.
To live well, let go of everything in your houses, workplace and cars that is not good for you.
To love well, let go of letting anyone interfere with your choice to love and appreciate well.

Simplifying our minds and homes is a concept which "sounds" useful.
However, most of us think and own what we believe we need to have to be safe and secure.
In order to change your mind and your life, you must first be happy and willing to let go.
In order to choose again from an open field, you must plow under the old.
In order to allow Spirit to paint on your inner canvas, you must white out yours with gratitude.

Our New Year's work is always to let go with dignity and appreciation.
Our new beginnings start with honorable endings.
Our resolutions are to resolve to forgive the past.
"I loose what has troubled me and let it go with trust and freedom."

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I now choose to let go of everything that is not wholly true and loving for me and all.
My mind easily and automatically erases everything that is not of the Highest Good.
My body now easily and gently releases all that is not helpful and healthy.
My relationships are clear of all negative history.
My attitude is now free of all limiting beliefs, doubt and fears.
I lovingly choose to fully live my Authentic and True Self with all my thoughts, words and deeds.

Blessed be All that is Good and Holy,
And so it is…Good and Holy,
Betty Lue

Each of these 2006 programs will encourage letting go of the belief you must add to yourselves.
You are enough. You have enough. You give enough.
You are rich in power and presence and peace.
Clear away the blocks to your awareness and see how rich you are.

Coaching Circle
Committed group gathers to inspire, support and encourage whole life success.
Mondays, beginning Jan. 2, 7-8:30PM. $25/eve. Call to join. Creative Solution Offices

Conscious Healing Circle at Unity Church
Understand the healing process and recognize the power of faith and the healing partnership.
Choose healing modalities that work for you and learn how to be responsible for your own health.
Practical experience for healers and those with health issues.
Sharing, learning, experiential, visualization and prayer.
Healing tools to be experienced: Applied Kinesiology, Ayurveda, Clearing Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Life Balancing, Feng Shui, Neurolinguistics, T'ai Chi Chih, Homeopathy, Inner Guidance & MasterMind.
Thursdays, 7-8:30PM, Jan 19-March 9 at Walnut Creek Unity, 1871 Geary Road. In YE Room.
Suggested $10- Love Offering.
Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. Spiritual Therapist and Life Coach, Holistic Health Educator, ACIM Teacher.
Robert Waldon, Ph.D. Natural Health and Ayurvedic Consultant, Touch For Health and ELB Instructor

Conscious Healing Forum
Joining of service-minded empowering care-givers and health professionals.
1) To co-create (envision, plan and implement) inspirational educational programs and affordable alternative healing services for everyone in our community.
2) To gather with those willing to vision, organize, educate, inspire and serve the whole community with healthy and healing alternatives for optimum healthy living.
3) To build a healing community to support, inspire and make a difference.

First Gathering, Sunday afternoon January 15, 2006, 2-4PM.
Call for location and information.

Sponsored by:
Reunion Ministries: Counseling, Healing, Education and Relationship Enrichment
Creative Solutions: Coaching for Inspirational Living and Effective Leadership

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Love Inspires

Only you can deny yourself anything.
All things are possible for those who believe.
You can achieve that which you dare to dream.
Love never quits and love never fails.
For those who seek to fulfill their inner vision, all is given,

Seek out, forgive and release those vestiges of your doubting mind.
Wherever you are questioning, dismissing, denying or limiting ourselves, you have quit on Love.
Love hopes all things. Love believes all things. Love endures all things. Love never fails.

There is a Power and Presence that lives in you and gives through you.
This inner inspiration enlightens your vision of Purpose here and the Plan that Love has for you to fulfill on Earth.
When you are listening to the great and gracious Voice of God, of Goodness within, you know this.

How to claim your Purpose:
Be willing to ask each and everyday:
"Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? And with whom?"
Then follow the direction you are given.
To the degree you are willing to go and do and be, you will be guided endlessly.
For the happy willing learners, the ones who authentically and wholeheartedly seek to serve, all is given.
For those who allow fear to enter in, it is hard to begin.

The only limits are those we create for ourselves.
Our limiting beliefs, self judgments and criticism, doubts and fears, all are sandbags on our vision.
These are the unconsciously self made saboteurs that interfere with our highest desires.
When we are confused, conflicted and distracted, our energies are diverted and diluted.

The real work is to stay inspired and inspiring by conscientiously letting go, forgiving and undoing.
The real work is to release all doubts, fears and mis-beliefs.
The real work is to allow the voice for Good and Love, for Trust and Freedom, lead us.
The real work is to never ever quit, to persist, to listen and follow, to let the past go and fully be here now.

Listen within and let me know what you hear for you.
Listen within and share with one who believes fully you can be and do, create and give All you are.
Listen within and join with me the True Believers.
We dare to dream and do and achieve what the Goodness and Love within has planned for us.

Please sit quietly today.
Listen patiently today and everyday in your appointed hour of undistracted alone time.
Write down everything you hear and feel, think and know.
Ask you questions and listen for the answers.
Forgive your doubts and set aside your fears.
Share with me or those spiritual friends with whom you are aligned and supported.

For those of you who seek to build a Community of True Believers, I am One.
We can gather here on the internet.
We can and will support one another with all our hearts and minds and love.
Let the True Believers unite in full holy support for the Highest Good of All.

Inspiring you with a Love that is True,
Betty Lue

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Enjoy and listen within.
Balance your life by living in integrity with what you know to be true for you.