Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life is a Gift of Forgiveness

(If my languaging doesn’t work for you, simply translate “God” Into “Goodness”.
Truth is true no matter how you name it. )

The more freely we give with true joy, the happier and more fulfilling our life will be.
The more we fear being taken advantage of and withhold our gifts, the less valuable we feel.
When we feel limited, the more we give with sparingly.
The more we feel lacking, the more we give to get more.
The more we feel little and less than others, the more we diminish and apologize for our gifts.

The Cost of Giving is Receiving.
When we give conditionally, we will receive conditions on our giving and receiving.
What goes around comes around.
The more we give judgment, the more we receive judgment.
The more we compare and evaluate, the more we receive comparison and evaluation.
The more we love without making anyone special, the more we are loved without the need to be special.

Having Rests on Giving.
When we give Joy.we have Joy.
When we give Love, we have Love.
When we give Peace, we have Peace.
Give to others what we want to have and we teach and build the world we want.

God loves a Happy Giver.
Do you appreciate those who give freely? Or do you feel jealous?
Do you enjoy receiving from those who love to give? Or do you worry about what you need to give back?
Do you encourage giving to those who have less than you do? Or do you judge the needy and homeless?
Do you focus on what you can give at Christmas? Or do you focus on what you want to receive?

What does this mean to you and me?
It means:
When we are afraid, someone will benefit or get more than us, we cannot be feeling fulfilled in life.
When we are judging that this world is not fun, safe and easy, we will acquire to protect ourselves.
When we believe God only helps those who help themselves, we may believe we need to go first.
When we are resentful and withhold our gifts from others, we may fear others resent us.
When we stand back and wait for someone else to go first, we may be last in line to receive.
When we ask only for what we can get from giving, we teach others our gifts are merely bribes.
When we believe we don’t have enough, we take from those who seem to have more.
When we can’t stand that our neighbors have more, we may buy more than we can afford.
And so on……

Only the ungrateful can feel needy.
Only the fearful can feel restricted.
Only the judgmental can feel less than others.

The key is to forgive our selves……
Erase our judgments, fears, resentments, beliefs in limitation and lack.
We have a forgiving God Who teaches us that it is in giving that we receive.
And in pardoning we are pardoned.

Remember, We have an Abundant and All Loving God who gives us everything Real and Eternal.
We have a Loving God Who shares equally with those who would receive God’s Divine Gifts.

And what are these Gifts we are here to give?
Spiritual Wisdom-the Wisdom that inspires and heals others.
The Peace of God-the Peace that makes everyone remember we are God’s Own.
Divine Love-the Love that extends to enemies and friends as brothers and sisters in God.
Spiritual Freedom-the Freedom to grow our faith through life experience, with mistakes and renewal.
Trust in God- the Trust that all things will turn our all right, Everything works together for Good.
Spiritual Power-The powerful Presence that clears our fears and turns our sight to the Light of God.

We all have been given all these gifts.
When we recognize and receive them with appreciation, we will have them.
When we fully have them, we will share them freely.
For it is in giving what is given us that we magnify them in our own lives.

Life is for Giving.
We can and should forgive ourselves for denying the gifts of God.
Life is for Giving.
When we give the gifts we have received, we really can recognize the gift we are.

Giving you and All the Best I know,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Are a Gift!

When you give your Gift with joy and gratitude, you will remember and recognize the Gift you are.

Your Light-filled Being here is a Gift to humanity.
Your words are a Gift to all who hear your voice.
Your deeds of Loving Service are a Gift to those who see and receive them.
Your vision of Peace on Earth is a Gift to all who have been waiting to join you.

Each one of us needs to show up.
Be Present.
Be the Presence of Love we are.
Be willing to let your Love show.

Each one of us needs to pay attention.
Wake up.
Be conscious of what is within and around you.
Be aware of what is needed and respond with Love.

Each one of us needs to tell the Truth.
Tell the Godly Truth.
Speak only the Truth that inspires humanity.
Share the Highest Good so that all might remember the Good within.

Each one of us needs to detach from the outcome.
Give without attachment.
Notice without judgment.
Speak without fear.
Love without condition.

Life is for Giving the Gift You Are.
Withholding your gift is a mistake.
Giving your Gift is healing and fulfilling.
When You freely give, you will fully live in joy and gratitude for being You.

Loving you in Being and Giving You,
Betty Lue

Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes, But……..

“Betty Lue, You are sending out reminders of gratitude, when the U.S. as well
as various parts of the world are falling into pandemonium…………….”

“The Real stuff costs no money and it lives not in the news but in our hearts.
And when we are grateful for what is Real, Right here and now, there is no lack.” Betty Lue

But what about the terrorists?
Stop them from doing harm to themselves or to others.
But what about disease and suffering?
Take care of them by offering peace, the real “healer”.
But what about people losing their homes?
Give them hope and help them rebuild.
But what about children who are hungry?
Feed them with your contributions, soup kitchens, gardens and education.
But what about the loss of jobs?
Let’s create job training, financial assistance and employment opportunities for everyone who loses job.
But what about the environmental pollution?
Teach each individual, starting with children to value our water, air, sun and earth.
But what about the national debt?
Let’s each do what we can to elect honest leaders, pay taxes and do good in our own communities.
But what about the depression and hostility and addiction raging in our culture?
Give everyone something to “do” to make the world better for others. Use the energy wisely.

But why is all of this happening?
Why is there so much mess in our world?
We have lost our way in the complexity of life.
We have forgotten the real values.
We have worked for money instead of principle.
We have given authority to those who seem more powerful rather than listen within to our inner authority.
We have competed with others for more money, more power and prestige.

This is our wakeup call.
Now is OUR TIME to remember.
Now is our time to step out in faith.
Now is our time to connect with others.
Now is our time to give and care and share.

We each can begin each day in a new and renewing way.
Wake up and enjoy what is.
Show up and remember to give.
Appreciate mightily what you want to be.

Love is the way to a brighter day,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude Grows Goodness

I am grateful for you.
Without you, these Loving Reminders might not be.
I am grateful for reminders.
Without reminders, I might forget.
I am grateful for sunshine.
Without the warmth and brilliance of sun, I might not see who we are meant to be.
I am grateful for changing weather .
Without the seasons, I might drift in complacency and taking life for granted.
I am grateful for questions.
Without questions, I would not see and listen for deeper wisdom.
I am grateful for cleanliness and order.
Without order, I would find it difficult to focus and really see what is.
I am grateful for loving and respectful relationships.
Without respect and love, I might miss a sense of my Self worth.
I am grateful for the Reunion Living Ministry Program.
Without mentoring those who choose to live and give at the most conscious level, I lack inspiration.
I am grateful for my history, the story of an infant and who was totally loved.
Without my childhood of respectful loving, I might now learn how to love others well.
I am grateful for the beauty of this earth.
Without her magnificent terrain, oceans, forests and plains, I might miss knowing God.
I am grateful for each one who dares to give their best.
Without them, we might all have to deal with the rest.
I am grateful for the ones who remind me and teach me everyday.
It is through their willingness to share and care that I know how much Good seeks to be revealed.
I am grateful for this and everyday.
It is in living that I learn: it is in giving that I receive.
I am grateful for the sacred books and holy ones.
It is in their example that I remember we all are sons and daughters on this journey of awakening.
I am grateful for being Me.
It is in fully and freely living my life open and willing that I have found true and lasting happiness.

I am loving you and All that is on this our day of Thanksgiving,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Make this Holiday Meaningful

What could you do this Thanksgiving to express and experience gratitude?
What could you give to really feel blessed by the bounty and beauty we have?
What could you say to those you care about that would give them full appreciation?
What could you create that would touch your life with fulfillment and inner peace?

You can make everyday significant with the thoughts you think, the visions you hold in your mind, the words you speak and write, the songs you sing and the deeds you do.

Some possibilities to inspire you:

Swing on a playground swing and sing out loud.
Clean out the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year and give them to those who have need.
Invite someone you know who is alone and maybe feeling unwanted to your thanksgiving dinner.
Take some of your holiday mean to a shut in.
Visit a convalescent hospital or assisted care facility and just walk around sharing smiling.
Clear our your pantry and take all the goods you won’t use to a food pantry.
Clean up your yard and plant some flowers or hang a wind chime to beautify and inspire others.
Send a contribution to a person, organization or church that inspires you and makes you happy.
Watch and read only materials that lift your spirits and inspire you to give with gratitude.
Write or call a relative or friend that you know would love to hear from you.
Say a prayer of gratitude to yourself for creating a good life in a good world where you can choose.
At the thanksgiving dinner, ask a meaningful question and invite each person to share.
Ie. What is your happiest memory? What is the person you are most grateful for?
What is the story you have been told that taught you how to share and care about others?

What do you appreciate most about this country?
How could you better demonstrate you gratitude for all you have?

I simply love, appreciate and honor you.
I love receiving your notes and emails filled with little infor.
Every connection is a loving remind.
I can feel your love and want you to know mine is returned.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you Truly Grateful?

Do you see?
Are you paying attention?
Are you awake?
Are you appreciating the beauty and goodness around you?

We cannot be grateful for what we don’t see and acknowledge.
When we look for what is missing, all we see is the lack.
When we look for what is wrong, all we see are mistakes.
When we look for the suffering, what we see is the pain.

Heaven is in the eye of the beholder.
When our eyes are filled with soot, how can we see anything other than gray and black.
To look through a filter of negativity, we cannot see anything positive.
So let’s clear our vision, open the windows and look for the beauty.

Now is the time to seek the Goodness in life.
Now is the time to listen for enjoyment.
Now is the time to experience the Beauty.
Now is the time to appreciate what Is.

This is another day in which to decide to appreciate and affirm the Good.
This is your day to deny, to forgive, to ignore and undo what is not Good.
This is your day to release habits of negativity, hopelessness and despair.
This is your day to learn to celebrate, to magnify and create what really is.

You see we have been given beauty and bounty.
We must believe it to perceive it.
We have been given love and joy and peace.
We must be willing to give it to receive it.

Life offers infinite possibility.
Life gives us unlimited choice.
Life opens the door to great Goodness.
Life is fully lived when we truly forgive.

When we are ungrateful, unforgiving and self-denying, we cannot believe.
When we have shut down the love we are meant to share, we cannot see.
When we feel unworthy of the Goodness and Beauty that is, we cannot receive.
When we seek for the evil and wrong-doing in ourselves and others, we cannot find the Truth.

This is your day to forgive and give only Good.
This is your day to remember the Truth of Love.
This is your day to have an experience of heaven.
This is your day to open to appreciate the God all around us.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, November 24, 2008

Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Life?

The real question is: Are your giving the most value to your Life?

The value we give to a project or a person is the value we receive.
When we fail to give our best, we fail to receive the best.
When we cheat others, we are cheated.
When we deny others, we feel denied.

Life mirrors or out-pictures our inner choices and expectation.
When we consciously want the best, but fear the worst, we get the mixture.
When we hold back on our faith, hope and love, we won’t receive the full experience.
There is a natural cause/effect outcome that belies our inner beliefs.

In this difficult economic climate, we must make adjustments that stabilize our own finance.
It is essential to be conscious and respect what is happening around us.
We need to adjust to conserve in times of decrease and to flow in times of increase.
We need to step away from fear and clear the way to simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Simply do more with what you have.
Give more to those who have need.
Be more for those who need inspiration.
Appreciate more all receive.

There is no need to buy new stuff.
We have more than enough.
There is a need to let go of what we do not use.
There is a need to give the extras we have to those who have not.

Rather than acquire more of non essentials, how about appreciating more what is essential?
Rather than give what is useless and token gifts, how about acknowledging your love and care?
Rather than wishing we had more money, how about thanking god for the privilege of living here?
Rather than wanting to find bargains, how about spending your money consciously with gratitude?

It is in flowing our money wisely that the consumer changes the marketplace.
It is in spending for what we really value that we teach the manufacturers what is valuable.
It is in taking good care of what we already own that we find enjoyment of our belongings.
It is in sharing what is no longer necessary or valuable to us that we really find inner joy.

Give your life the best you have and the best feelings of fulfillment and joy will be yours.

Loving you and me as we give happily,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feed Your Relationships

Where we value, we contribute.
When we contribute, we increase.
When we increase, we enhance.
And so it is we feed the relationships we value.

Feed your relationship with God, the Divine, Creator and Source, Love ItSelf.
Give some time each day to fully appreciate Life.
Offer Prayers of Gratitude, rather than fear or contrition.
Dedicate your life work to serving the Good you were created to be and do.

Feed your relationship with your Self.
Acknowledge your Good works daily.
Use inner languaging that says you love and appreciate You.
Feed yourself only inspirational and healthy sights, sounds and foods.

Feed your relationship with your planet, your purpose and your place.
Notice the beauty and wonders of this Earth.
Celebrate every good and loving deed you do.
Take impeccable care of what you have and how you live.

Feed your relationships with those close to you.
Take time to openly express your love and appreciation.
Write notes of specific thanks as often as you notice.
Make it a practice to say loving words, to smile and hug.

Feed your relationships with strangers and those casual encounters.
Building a world of love requires treating each one with respect.
Giving everyone the best you have teaches them to give their best.
Remembering to Love others as you want others to Love You works.

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting, with feeding food.
Make sure this Thanksgiving you give people the feast of your Love.
Your Gratitude and Love are more nourishing and lasting than any meal.
Treasure the moments you are fed and feeding all your relationships.

Loving you by feeding you the Best I know,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning to be Grateful

Did you know that without gratitude, there is no joy?
Did you know without genuine appreciation, there is no love?
Did you know without thanksgiving, there can be no peace?
To feel and see and know Goodness and Godness, we must give praise.

‘Prays’ and ‘Praise’ in origin have the same meaning.
When we are asking, begging, demanding something, we see it not.
When we are grateful for something, we see it and receive it by valuing it.
Changing our judgmental thoughts will open our eyes to true perception.

When we are thinking we lack, we cannot see fullness.
When we are thinking we are losing, we cannot see gain.
When we are thinking we are harmed, we cannot see help.
When we are thinking we are damned, we cannot see blessing.

We must learn to be thankful or we become bitter.
We must learn to be thankful or we will become discouraged.
We must learn to be thankful or we will grow arrogant and self-satisfied.
We must learn to be thankful or be feel separate from God and the Good within.

We can instantly change our thinking.
We can immediately forgive our judgments.
We can quickly transform our experience.
We can effortlessly choose to be grateful.

Life is like a movie script which we write for our own entertainment and edification.
Like a movie, we can easily rewrite what will be in our Future.
Like a movie, we can edit out the parts we don’t want from our Past.
Like a movie, we can choose to focus on the pain or the pleasure in our Present.

Life is an adventure, a vacation, a challenge and a romance with tragedy and drama as we choose it to be.
Depending on our degree of gratitude, we either have a fulfilling experience or a traumatic one.
With a shift from feeling victimized and afraid, we perceive the healing. power of forgiveness.
With a new canvas we can write our own destiny and the degree to which we have a happy ending.

Practice gratitude today.
Every conscious moment, choose the words to say.
“I am grateful for the learning in this.
I appreciate you for teaching me.
I am thankful to be here now.”

If you would like some help in translating a “bad” scene into a blessing, ask for help.
I am here loving you, looking at what we choose to be “true”.
Betty Lue

Friday, November 21, 2008

Do You Respect Yourself?

What is the self or Self you refer to?
Do you know your True Self?
Do you appreciate your temporal physical self?
Do you admire the way you live?

To grow in respecting yourself, you will need to come to know Who You Really Are.
To increase your Self awareness, you are called to look and listen more deeply to your True Self.
To really respect and honor your path, your learning and your inner Truth, you must let go of judgment.
Forgiving yourself easily and appreciating yourself consistently will engender Self Respect.

Affirmations for Self Love and Respect
I love myself the way I am.
I trust my learning process and free myself to be All That I Am.
I appreciate my Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty.
I behold the Light in me and shine it on all I see.

The more I respect myself, the more I respect others.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect me.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect themselves.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect others.

As I learn to respect, I am teaching others to respect.

Some areas of needed respect for many of us.
Give yourself impeccable care.
Time to be alone in stillness.
Time to have and pursue creative ideas.
Set boundaries or structure that serves you.
Music you like, order around you, foods that nourish.
Treat others in the way you want to be treated.
Ask yourself and them what really works for them.
Use affirmations to practice thinking only the Best about yourself.
Recognize that what you are perceiving and judging outside is also in you.
Forgive every mistake immediately with “Erase”, Delete, or “not True”.
Be patient and peaceful with yourself.
Talk to yourself as though you were a very important person.
Use languaging that is adult, neutral and non-emotional.
When you look at yourself or speak about yourself, be appreciative.

Changing learned negative habits and behaviors into positive requires time and practice.
Love and respect yourself well.
The world will become a better place.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Do The Work!

Sounds familiar……
I know that where we do what is necessary, we get results.
In the realm of real and lasting results, there is work to do.
In the quick fix era, we keep looking for a pill, a prayer, a prophet who will do the work for us.
And yet, in Truth, we have work to do here.

Mostly the work is letting go of ignorance, arrogance, laziness and greed.
The work is undoing the opinions, prejudices, predictions and preferences that are unfair and unfounded.
The work is giving ourselves permission to not know what to do or how to do it.
The work is learning to listen to an inner voice, a place of conscience and conscientiousness.

The Work requires our willingness to work.
The Work asks that we seek only that which is Good for EveryOne, not just some.
The Work is to teach others by treating others as we want them to treat everyone.
The Work is to treat ourselves as we want others to treat themselves.

The higher calling is to be responsible.
The Work is to be able to respond with wisdom and Love to whatever and whoever comes our way.
The Work is to let the past be past, let by-gones be by-gones.
The Work is to undo all the stories that just are not true.

My work is to treat myself with as much respect and love as I treat you.
My work is to remember always and in all ways that we are all here with one Holy Healing Purpose—to remember and live the Love We Are.
My work is to give everything Good and True that I am given to everyone who asks and receives it as Gift.
My work is to join with those in consciousness, prayer, cocreation and celebration who seek to live a better way.
My work is to keep on sharing, giving, loving and learning no matter what.

It is this Holy Work I am happy and willing to do.
It is my fulfillment, my inner peace and my joy to do this work.

And so I Am,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do They Know?

Do they notice how much I am loving them?
Do they know how very much I care?
Do they receive the abundance I am giving?
Do they appreciate how honestly I share?

If sometimes we feel like our gifts are not being received and valued, it is probably because they aren’t.
If sometimes we feel like no one notices how we give to others, it is usually because they don’t.

What is really going on here that no one seems to notice or value the love being shared?
Why does it seem no one is home to fully appreciate and utilize the incredible resources offered?
What would it take to have an open gift exchange with everyone giving their very best?
How would life be if we freely gave to one another generously?

If we were all full recipients of what we have been given, we would be ecstatically grateful every day!
If we knew all the love being sent to us from near and far, we would feel cherished in every way!
If we would receive the gifts being given by those who serve, we would be filled with thanksgiving!
If we valued ourselves as much as our Creator, we would freely and generously serve all humanity!

So why not notice how much we are given and how deeply we are loved?
When we feel unworthy, we feel ashamed and unwilling to receive.
When we feel guilty for not loving ourselves and others well, we protect ourselves from knowing.
When we feel bad about not appreciating how much we have been loved, we withdraw and blame.

So the greatest Giver is made responsible for what seems missing.
The greatest Giver is given demands and expectations beyond reason.
The greatest Giver is expected to be the protector and provider.
The greatest giver is blamed for the lack and suffering everywhere.

Parents Teachers Ministers, Coaches, Volunteers, Contributors, Philanthropists, Servers……
There are some who serve to exalt themselves.
There are those who give to get for themselves.
There are some who simply want power over others.
There are some who feel pity and make themselves the do-gooder.

Many of those who love and serve and seek only Good for others are overlooked and invalidated.
There are those of us who seek only to build a better world and a better life for all.
There are those of us who give All we have to demonstrate there is always enough for all.
There are those of us who will to do our Creator’s Will as our gift to our All-Giving Source.

We must not quit on giving.
We must not let the nay-sayers bring us down.
We must not allow those who are feeling unworthy of receiving push us away.
We must not ignore those who are ashamed to receive and denying themselves.

In the end, all of us will awaken.
In the end, we will see we always have been given All we need.
In the end, we will know how much we are loved.
In the end, we will reclaim our right perception of the Good in All.

To those who are giving All to All, do it no matter what.
To those who are sharing what you deeply know, share no matter what.
To those who care beyond human measure, care no matter what.
In the end, our giving and sharing and caring will awaken our world and fill everyone with Joy.

Bless you my freely giving brothers and sisters,
Betty Lue

Remember, Life is for Giving. You are the Gift.
It is in Giving yourself freely that you fully realize the Gift You Are.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are You Still Giving?

What is the good you are doing?
What is it that you are giving to your self?
What are you giving to your own family?
What are you giving to your global family?

Every act of loving kindness is a reflection of the Good in You.
Every joyful service is a gift you are giving to one and all.
Every word of praise and thanksgiving is your grateful reminder.
Every moment of wonder and delight is a gift to God, the Good.

In times of crisis, we tend to contract in fear.
In times of apparent decrease, we habitually conserve.
In times of uncertainty and confusion, we feel called to wait.
In times of judgment and resentment, we shut down our natural givingness.

What we do during these times of economic crisis determines the speed of recovery.
What we do during times of family strife, determines the flow of forgiveness.
What we do during times of physical challenges determines the ease of healing.
What we do during times of self judgment and doubt, determine our return to Love.

Giving is a natural way to open the flow.
Sharing kind words with others expands the consciousness of gratitude.
Contributing food, useful gifts, and monies will bless the benefactor and the recipient.
Affirming prayer with the intention of infusing every mind with peace will engender hope.

You see what you give matters.
Your giving matters to you, to your peace of mind and your healthy body.
Your gifts matter to those who see you giving freely and expansively encouraging Love.
Your forgiveness matters to those who let go of fear an judgment to open their hearts to care.

Loving service, encouraging contribution and appreciative reminders all open the flow.
Now it the most important time to share the best you have.
Look around at your worldly stuff: clothing, bedding, housewares, furniture, books, food.
Too much when others have little or nothing is not helpful or healthy.

Contribute to causes that inspire you.
Give to those who will appreciate you contributions.
Sell what is saleable and contribute the monies to happy causes.
Free yourself of unused or neglected stuff to open the way to ease of living.

In the end it is the good we do that inspires and fills us with joy and inner peace.
In the beginning it is the good we do that strengthens us and fills us with compassion for others.
In the middle it is the good we do that encourages us to love and appreciate ourselves abundantly.
The whole of life is forgiving. Those who learn to give will prosper in true and lasting ways.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will really be happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”
Albert Schweitzer

Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Charge or Let Go of the Reins?

Taking charge is foolish when we have not considered the needs of others.
Taking charge is vital when there is some danger or possible harm to others.
Taking charge is important when no one steps up to lead or navigate.
Taking charge is inconsiderate when someone else is leading well.

When we do not know where we are going, we cannot lead others well.
When we listen within for spiritual direction, we can lead with confidence.
When we honor the needs of all concerned, seeking only Good for all, leadership is valued.
When there is conflict or opposing directions, the outcome will be delayed or confused.

When we let go of the reins, the horse runs back to the barn or familiar territory.
When we let go of the reins, we may be surrendering to what is comfortable and familiar.
When we let go of the reins, we give the impression we don’t care or are quitting in fear.
When we let go of the reins, we are projecting the message that the outcome does not matter.

When we listen within and follow inner guidance, we may be led into new and unfamiliar territory.
When we follow spiritual direction, we may be called to assert ourselves and ask for support.
When we take charge of expressing the needs of the people, we may be devalued by those in authority.
When we take charge and live in integrity with spiritual principles, we may be misunderstood.

Before we decide whether to follow or to lead, these questions may be of value.
What is your highest goal or intention?
What is your picture of visualization of the outcome you seek?
What is the most effective way to move forward toward achievement?
How can you best undo or move around any interference or objections?
Are you willing to ask for spiritual guidance and direction?
Do you have the courage to speak up and invite others to cooperate?
Are you willing to make mistakes and correct them with the help and forgiveness of others?
Can you take the time to make a step by step plan to achieve the united goals of those involved?
Do you trust that there is are solutions and processes in which everyone benefits?
Are you willing to ask for respect, responsibility and cooperation from those around you?

Life works when we do the work of listening, learning, laughing and letting go.

Loving you and me as we set ourselves free to do the real work of Life.
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Positive Relating

Yesterday I offered a seminar on Positive Relating and Positive Parenting.
(simplified summary)
Positive means no negativity.
Relating means that you connect, care and consider the others situation.
(Whether 2 or 92, everyone deserves equal respect.)

Treat others as you would a guest in your home or a respected friend.
Treat others with the respect and consideration you want from others.
Remember always you are the mature adult and the understanding teacher.
Know that how you treat yourself and others teaches others how to treat you.
How you take care of your body and your home teaches others how to take care of theirs.
Communicate consciously clearly, concisely and completely.
Establish boundaries and limits that you can live with and enforce consistently.
Give attention, affection and appreciation daily to your loved ones.
Be positive, precise and persistent in your praise.
Connect with caring, trust, listening, supporting, befriending , encouraging.
Negotiate all disagreements to win/win solutions, compromise or what will work.

Stop Criticizing, complaining, threatening, nagging, controlling, manipulating and punishing.
Stop using fear or force to control others.
Stop yelling, shaming, blaming, swearing, and behaving like a child.

Start treating everyone with respect and appreciation, including yourself.
Start building a trust account based on your caring and listening to others.
Start talking always with a low, even and strong voice directly to the other.

State only what you really want.
Ask the other what will work for them: timing, help needed or further direction?
Be truly grateful for their affirmative response.
Be willing to help them and respond quickly to their requests as well.

Remember you are always the teacher.
Your behavior with others is being observed as the role model.
Giving special attention (positive or negative) to anyone teaches what is needed to do to get attention.
Everyone wants to feel loved, safe and appreciated for they are.
With appropriate teaching, everyone can learn to be respectful, responsible and cooperative.

Together Now We are turning around a world that has falsely learned to dismiss others’ opinions,
disrespect those who are different and start wars instead of negotiate for win/win solutions.
We are undoing behaviors from the top down that do not work.
We are finding a path of moderation, understanding, compassion and kindness.
We are beginning to build a world ( and family systems) that is respectful, responsible and response-able,
cooperative and seeks what is truly democratic and works for one and all.

This is our work, our holy assignment and can be done by letting go of what does not work and listening within.
Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are You a Grownup?

Do you take responsibility for your words, behavior and your emotions?
Do you speak respectfully to everyone no matter what the circumstance?
Are you responsible for your financial debts including any losses?
Are you willing to acknowledge your mistakes and make needed corrections?
Do you honor other people even when they make mistakes?
Do you trust yourself and rely on your own judgment ?
Are you willing to stand up for yourself and express your need and preferences?
Are you OK with times of difficulty and challenge, knowing that great learning will come?
Are you supportive of those who come to you in need, trusting your can and will help?
Do you take care of your mind, body and Spirit with the best thoughts, food and activities?
Are you willing to contribute to those people and activities that you find valuable?
Do you take the time to appreciate the life you have created for yourself?
Are you open to learning new and better ways to live, love and contribute to your world?

Most of us want to grow up, but few can pass the test of maturity.
We seek to depend on a partner, employer, friend or government to care for us.
While interdependency works for mature adults who give as much or more than they receive, those who seek to “get” and take more than their fair share may never grow up.
Imagine what you would gain from really being responsible for your life, your relationships, your home and job, your finances and your future.
Imagine letting go of your needy and dependent self. What do you believe you would lose?

Is it time to choose to grow up?
Are you willing to step into full responsibility?
Are you ready to create your life with vision, confidence and creativity?

Let’s go. Life is calling us to step up and be responsible and accountable!

Loving you,
Betty Lue
What you do models for others what they can and will do.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Do They Pick on You?

Bullying and scape-goating is a behavior of those lacking in self esteem and confidence.
Bullies have usually been scape-goated, teased and ridiculed in their own family system.
Just as there is a pecking order in the animal kingdom, so there is with humans.
When someone picks on another just to be mean or to be powerful, they are feeling afraid and insecure.

How we respond determines how we see ourselves and how others perceive us.
To stand up for ourselves and treat the other with dignity and respect, increases self respect.
To speak up for ourselves without attacking or playing poor me builds trust and safety.
To state what we are feeling and what we want and are willing to do begins healthy dialogue.

When we cower and cry, we let others know they have hurt us and they feel guilt.
When we whine and complain to others, we blame the other and they feel guilt and fear.
When we protect and defend ourselves, we teach the bullying person they can hurt us.
When we judge and attack the offending party, we create war and more fear and attack.

When we cause anyone guilt, they usually withdraw and stay away or……
When we tell someone they have hurt us, they feel guilty and attack back with blame.
Guilt usually leads to a repeat of the offensive behavior.
Trying to make someone feel guilty is a form of attack and is ineffective in changing behavior.

So what can we do, when we feel we are being judged.
Demonstrate no fear.
Do not allow anyone to hurt us.
Create more self love and self respect.
Speak with integrity and positive regard in a clear and concise way.

I feel …”I feel confused.”
I want…. "I want to be heard and respected.”
I am willing……”I am willing to speak clearly and respectfully with you now.”

Then ask the other (or use your intuition):
How are you feeling?
What are you wanting from this?
What are you willing to do to change things between us?

In most family relationships, we learn to adjust to the inequity in power and authority.
In most group situations, we learn to overpower or submit to others.
In most relationships, people are playing the part they have assigned themselves unconsciously.
Our assignments are learned from what seemed to work within early childhood programming.

Learn to use a different tone of voice, different stance and facial expression.
Learn to speak to yourself in the mirror until you really feel your authenticity.
Learn to give the other the respect and appreciation you want for yourself.
Learn to be willing to forgive errors in relating, yours and others quickly.
Learn to be the best you can be in all your relationships, treating no one less or more.
Learn to make no assumptions and ask what you want to know.
Learn to keep you agreements with yourselves and stop changing your mind based on fear.
Learn to trust first that others want to be their best and do what is right.
Only fear of disapproval and rejection keeps people from telling the loving truth.

Loving you and communicating freely,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stating the Obvious

Simple Communication Reminders

Listen first…..before you speak.
Listen to the message under the words you hear.
Ask yourself: “What are they really trying to say? What do they want or need to hear right now?”
Take time to reflect, before you blurt out a reactive response.
Your work is to remember to be kind and respectful.

First, understand the other.
You cannot hear another if you are thinking about what you are going to say.
Stop, look at the situation; then listen outside and inside before you respond.
Respond to what is really needed not to what is being said.
Remember that often others need to speak and be heard before they clarify what they want.
Trying to be right or “fix” the apparent problem creates resistance in the other.

Respond with clarity, simplicity and respect.
Your opinions are often not wanted or appreciated, so save them for those who care.
Usually the response will be to let the other know they are being heard and you care.
Think first about what you would want to hear if you were in their shoes.
If you are unsure about what is wanted or needed, ask directly: “What would you like from me?”

Treat others as equals, no matter what their age or ability.
Communicate on eye level, without a sense of confrontation.
Usually you get cues about what works: side by side, walking, sitting, facing the same direction?
Watch to see if you are really receiving their message.
If you don’t have time to listen or have a time limit, let them know up front.
Don’t pretend to be there and let you attention wander.

Let people know when you are unavailable. Respect your time.
If interrupted by someone’s need, respond with : “This is not a good time and can we talk in 5 minutes or later this eve?” Or “This is a good time to talk: I have about 15 minutes.”
Teach respect for yourself and your time, by letting others know directly.
If you let yourself be interrupted, you teach others they can disrespect you and your time.

Speak to people neutrally from an adult and not reactive position.
If you cannot talk without arguing or raising your voice or demanding, do not talk.
Go take care of your own reactivity privately. (Write in a journal or work it out with a listening pillow.)
Dumping your toxic material on others only causes distance, fear and emotional pain.
If you want to be treated with respect as an adult, treat others with respect first.
We are teaching others with our behavior.

The more patient, forgiving and compassionate we are with ourselves, the more we are with others.
Give yourself credit for every small positive change. Forgive every unconscious mistake.
Be patient with your forgetting how to really love, trust and free others to learn in their own way.
Give others the opportunity to learn by having their own experience without interfering unless asked.
Remember when we are emotional, we usually cannot think of others and express ourselves ineffectively.

Functional Communication: “I feel….I want……I am willing…….”
To elicit a response effectively, begin by disclosing yourself. Then ask the other for their response.
To receive an authentic response, yours must be respectful and real. The other must feel safe and trust you will not argue with them, but receive their communication with a “Thank you. I hear you.”

Take responsibility for your perceptions, your feelings, your opinions and your fears.
Stop acting and sounding like you are RIGHT.
Being righteous about your opinion only creates defensiveness and arguments.
There is no need to push your opinion where there is respect and understanding.
If you want to be happy in your relationships, stop all attempts to be right.

More later, stating the obvious.
Please feel free to question, or give me your feedback.
I am learning from you and everyone all the time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Dear Friends,
I recognize these times are difficult and stressful for so many of you and I want to help!

For vets and their families:
I am offering, free counseling and coaching to veterans and their families.
Appointments can be by phone or in my Pleasant Hill office.
You may give a contribution to Reunion Ministries if you wish.
If you know of anyone who might benefit, invite them to contact me at 800-919-2392
For all who are experiencing financial stress:
I am offering shorter sessions for those needing brief reminders and support.
15 minutes for $25. 30 minutes for $50.
Most of our work is done efficiently when are clear on your goal.
I will give you a simple outline of how to clarify your situation and request before we talk.
The services through Reunion Ministries and Creative Solutions are open for all.
We will never turn anyone away for inability to pay. Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Listening Within

Dear One,
Your patience with another is your patience with yourself.
Is not a child of God worth patience?
You have all the time in the world.

Oh my gosh, this is the lesson I am here to learn. Be patient.

Right here and now. Be patient with humanity. Everyone will awaken in their own time.
Be patient with your brothers and sisters, for they are each choosing their path and their purpose.
Be patient with your brothers for they are learning the lessons they have chosen to learn.
Be patient with your sisters for they are learning Who they are.
Be patient with yourself for you are on purpose and on path awakening and facilitating each one who comes your way to be more fully conscious of the path and purpose they have chose. Nothing needs to be done, except be present with consciousness.
Remember the more fully awake you are, the more light you bring.
The more light you bring the more is seen and learned, received and given.
Yes, sometimes those who would rather sleep want to turn out the light and roll over to sleep again.
Remember the bad dreams and nightmares are simply offered as an incentive to see with unconsciousness humanity remains incompetent and incapable.
With full awareness, acknowledging and forgiving all mistakes, humanity becomes open to a higher truth, a path to freedom and trust.

I know that I am here to be conscious and awake, to hold a light so bright that all might find their own chosen path to Love, to freedom and trust. In my desire to have everyone be whole and happy and free, sometimes I push. I want the grand undoing, the release from pain and suffering for everyone. I have volunteered to participate until we all are free, so here I am wanting to move things along. What a laugh, since the timing is dependent solely on the willingness and level of awareness for each one! So there, in letting go of the push, in enjoying the miracles of the journey, in willingness to delight in process, in the gratitude for each piece of the greater whole, I celebrate and allow. I embrace and enjoy. I honor and respect. It is good to participate. It is easy to forgive and let go. It is my lesson to learn to trust in the process and free all of us to find our own paths in our own timing. So I am grateful.

And for today, Dear Friend, what is your calling and your purpose?
How can you be happy if you do not know where you are going or how to get there?
Rather than try to content yourself with temporal achievements and material acquisitions, look within and listen for what will bring you lasting happiness and inner peace. Rather than rely on candy and quick highs to satisfy you deepest hunger, seek only the most nourishing and life giving experiences.
What is your single goal in life?
What is the highest gift you can give to those you love?
What is the story you want to tell when physical life is done?
Why not choose to write your history by seeking to live it now?

Yes, you can have the life you want, by choosing to live in integrity with what you truly seek to be.
Yes, you can build the family and community you see in your heart, by living the Truth you know.
Yes, you can be the one who holds the light and celebrates each one’s awakening as you stay awake.
Yes, you can bring Love and healing, forgiveness and peace to each one’s ignorance and suffering.
Yes, you can. And for this all creation rejoices.

Thanking you and loving you as One with mySelf,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This morning I asked for helpful guidance:
What I can do to deal with dependency and neediness?
How do I respond to taking without giving?
How do I deal with complaining without appreciation?
What can I do with lack of consideration and kindness?

First, I must remember lack of Love is a call for Love.
When someone is behaving in a way that lacks kindness, respect and appreciation, they are unaware.
They do not know any better.
In that moment their behavior is their learned habit of mind, a reaction of their fear and ignorance.
They have something to learn if and when they are willing to learn a better way.

Second, to withhold Love from anyone is our downfall and creates depression.
It causes pain; emotional, physical, financial or spiritual.
The conflict between our natural state of Love and fearful response of withholding love causes pain.
Extend Spiritual Love as trust and freedom.
I trust your journey. I free you from my limiting fears and faulty thinking.

Third, give freely and generously your considerations for the other’s predicament.
To walk in the other’s shoes is to feel and imagine their situation.
Life is a series of expected and unexpected challenges and period of respite for reflection.
Give the other the benefit of knowing they seek peace and happiness just as you do.

Fourth, teach with kindness and patience.
Give yourself time to ask what is the best way for them to learn.
How can You teach gently?
What can you do to make learning easier?
How can you respond in a way that invites, encourages and inspires?

Fifth, Remember all you give is given to yourself.
Your judgments are judging you.
Your forgiveness forgives you.
Your appreciation appreciates you.
Your love is loving you.

Sixth, Know Goodness and Love are your natural state.
How does God Love? Endlessly with no less for anyone.
How does Goodness give itself with no sacrifice or loss?
You are learning to Love with no condition, no separation and no loss,
Love fills you up.

I am loving you and all, with no end.
Betty Lue

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are You Self-Denying or Deserving?

Recently I had the opportunity to look at life in a new way, when listening and learning with a caller.
When feeling sad and unfulfilled, is it possible we are denying ourselves happiness and fulfillment.
When feeling lonely and unloved, is it possible we are denying ourselves connection and love?
When feeling neglected and devalued, is it possible we are denying ourselves attention and appreciation?

Only we can deny ourselves anything.
And it is to ourselves that we give. ACIM

Make a list of all the things you lack.
List what you wish you had.
List what you feel you need.
List what feel you have been denied.

Take responsibility.
Only I have denied myself.
I deserve Goodness and Happiness.
After each item write:
I forgive myself for denying myself.
I deserve what is Good for me.

But what if I become self and greedy?
But what about what others will say?
But what if I make others jealous or sad?
But what if I can’t have what I want?

These are the thoughts that perpetuate self-denial.
We can choose different thoughts.

What is Best for me is best for others.
Giving to myself teaches others to give to themselves.
The more I love myself, the more others love themselves and others.
I deserve all the Good and Happiness God wants for me.

When self denial is erased, there is a glow of Goodness and generosity that surrounds us.
We stop denying others what they deserve. We seek fulfillment and joy for everyone.
We stop wanting what we can’t have and are grateful for what is in our lives.
We stop comparing ourselves with others and seek only what is Best for us.

Life is for giving to ourselves as well as to our world.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Are you feeling lonely?
Are you feeling lost and afraid?
Are you feeling needy and dependent?
Are you not feeling connected to the God and Good in you?

If you are displaying the disconnecting habits of criticism, complaint, threat, nagging, trying to control and manipulate and/or punishing overtly or subtly, you need someone or something with which to connect.

If you are feeling disconnected, in my words “YUCKY”, you need someone to love you.
When you are feeling “yucky”, you are probably resistant and difficult to love.
When you are feeling disconnected, you may feel unworthy of being loved and so avoid Love.
When you are feeling separate and alone, your ego tries to be right by making sure you stay alone.

So what can you do for yourself?
What you can do is find your most easily opened window or door or porthole to Love.
Singing a song or chant?
Helping a neighbor or homeless person?
Tending to your pets or plants?
Writing a kind and loving note to someone?
Watching a funny movie?
Saying thank you out loud for everything?
Reading an inspirational book?
Repeating over and over a comforting scripture or poem?
Taking a nap with your hands touching your face?
Looking in the mirror with the tears you feel and saying “I love you.” again and again.
Feed yourself comfort foods.
Stop denying yourself the love you need and want.

What can others do for you?
We can love you anyway.
We can keep on loving you no matter what.
We can forgive you for pushing us away and keep on loving.
We can stop judging, fearing or reacting to your neediness.
We can write a note, smile with kindness and or/give you a hug.
We can ask what you might want or need and joyfully give it.
We can give you comfort and reassurance.
We can listen and wait patiently for you to receive our love.
We can not allow your behavior to hurt us or make you feel guilty.
We can prepare a special meal or do some kindness for you.
We can suggest something that interrupts the disconnected feelings.
We can carry on and act normally, until you remember.
We can ask for some love ourselves and open the door to receive.

When we disconnect, we usually do not recognize we have done it to ourselves.
When we disconnect, we may believe we do not deserve to be loved.
When we disconnect, we often are in pain physically or emotionally.
When we disconnect, we are usually afraid it will go one forever.

It may take the strong will of someone who is patient and truly loving to break down the walls.
Loving you always, in every way I know,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Connecting and Disconnecting Habits

(from Willaim Glasser??)

We disconnect when we criticize, complain, threaten, nag, reward to control, and/or punish.
We separate from ourselves and others when we engage in any of these with thoughts or words.
We lose touch with our heart, our center of peace and cannot perceive the heart of another.
We get lost in proving our judgments, fears and anxieties are real and fail to seek the inner truth.

When connect when we care, trust, listen, support, befriend, encourage and negotiate.
We join with ourselves and others when we pursue in any of these with thoughts or words.
We feel our own heart and establish our center of peace and see the heart of the other.
We find forgiveness and easily erase all judgments fears and anxieties when we know the Truth.

These simple seven habits of connection will save all relationships and reclaim Love.
The prevalent egoic defenses of the disconnecting habits are learned and used to save ourselves.
When we are disconnected from ourselves and God, we disconnect from others.
When we again care, trust, listen, support, encourage and befriend ourselves, we open to others.

  1. To care is to be interested in the other.
  2. To trust is to help, rely on and believe in another.
  3. To listen is to make and effort, to hear with our heart and to pay attention to another.
  4. To support is to keep from falling or sinking, to keep each other from failing, to yield.
  5. To befriend is to be a friend of someone we know, like and trust.
  6. To encourage is to inspire with confidence.
  7. To negotiate is to confer with others to reach our agreements and to settle disagreements.
The highest form of connection is to Love as God Loves, with no limit, lack or end.

What would it take for us to build a world of connection?
How would we remember to cease our disconnecting habits?
Can we teach one by one, those we encounter to feel connected?
Can we eradicate fear by remembering to forgive our selves for disconnecting?

No more gossip with criticism or complaint.
No more nagging, threatening or rewarding others to get out way.
No more punishing others passively or overtly.
When we stop the disconnecting habits, forgive ourselves for the mistakes and return to love, we feel connected and can begin to honestly care, trust, listen, support, befriend, encourage and negotiate.

We know we are connecting with ourselves and others when we feel love and trust, when we listen and support, when we encourage and befriend and when we only want win-win solutions.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Truth?

Is truth what it is or what it appears to be to the beholder?
Does truth change depending on our attitude and judgments?
So often we demand the truth from others and condemn when they lie.
And yet, we do not recognize that our mental filters determine what we perceive.

What we believe is what our mind sees.
Even researchers participate in creating the out-picturing of what they believe they will discover.
We can look at the same event and all see something different.
Our judgments, fears, desires and hopes all are literally creating the experience we have.

Perhaps the truth is that there is no truth.
Perhaps we all create the truth we are seeking to complete our sense of being “right”.
Perhaps we are participating in a grand illusion of our own making.
Perhaps it is really all made up in our unconscious beliefs, habits and learned patterns.

What we perceive is a choice and not a fact.
Did I really say that?
What we see is determined by our biases, beliefs, and choice of what we want to see.
When we look for lies, we see them or make them up when someone sees things differently.

So how will it be when we stop seeking The Truth and start listening to the diverse truths?
How can we love (trust and free) each one to learn from their own unique experience?
Are we willing to let people learn from the movie they are creating with their choices?
Can we take responsibility for the perceptions we have of right and wrong, good and evil?

Each of us highlight what we choose to see with our attitude, emotions and unconscious habits of mind.
We choose to see either the positive, negative or both.
We choose to experience healing or hurt.
We look on life as possibility or problems.

We can turn around all negatives into positives simply with a change in mind.
We can see the blessing and the gift in what others might see as disastrous and traumatic.
We can respond with love and appreciation or react with fear and condemnation.
We can encourage and empower ourselves and others or doubt and disapprove.

What we choose to perceive determines the “Truth” for us.
What we perceive is determined by our attitude and emotional reaction or response.
Thank Goodness for the creative power of the mind and the willingness to make choices.
Let’s appreciate that we have the power to choose what we highlight in our world today.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
As a child I was called “True B’Lue”

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, We Can

And Yes, we did.
This is a new beginning.
A new dawn in American and world history.
This is truly a demonstration of all things are possible with the Love of Good in All.

When we are dedicated to doing Good work, God’s work, we are supported and encouraged.
When we are willing to listen to the voices of those around us, we can unify all people.
When we are devoted to living the principles we know in all we do, we can celebrate success.
When we are able to create Goodness, Harmony and Love in our lives, we are empowered.

Yes, we can.
Together in Love and respect for one another, there is nothing we cannot do.
How we live in love is what we give in love.
How we treat all others with dignity and respect is how we are treated with dignity and respect.

Whatever our political philosophies or religious beliefs, we can see beyond our differences.
Whomever we support with contributions and votes, we can go beyond our affiliations.
However we have chosen to ride out this election, we can now see a new dawn of hope.
Whenever there is change, we can commit ourselves to affirm a change that works for the Good of All.

Most of you are probably enthusiastic with celebration and relief.
You can be respectful of those who linger in fear and doubt.
Some of you may be disappointed or concerned.
You can be respectful and be open-minded and supportive of change.

You know in families, businesses, organizations, communities and nations, we need to join.
No matter what our differences, petty or philosophical, we can find common goals.
No matter what our backgrounds, faiths, experiences, we can be honest and expressive.
No matter what our choices, politics, lifestyles, we can treat each other with kindness and respect.

When we come together as one nation under God, we work together.
When we join as one spiritual family , we can give our best to one another.
When we live together, we can play our part fully by committing to love and support one another.
When we elect a new president, we can fully support our leadership by praying and praising the Good.

Let us rebuild a nation of positive respect.
Let us recreate a community of affirmative prayer.
Let us renew our strength by joining for the Good of Everyone.
Let us reconfirm we are One People and One Planet for All Creation.

I thank you and respect you for the part you play in remembering to Love.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rights and Privileges

We have a right to choose who will lead.
We have a right to decide how we will be governed.
We have a right to vote for the best people and policies.
We have a right to participate in our government.

Our forefathers espoused a government of the people, for the people and by the people.
Don’t be left out of this equation.
You are the people!
Make your voice heard.

Yes, Vote today.
In the future vote by mail or vote early to avoid waiting in lines.
Contact your congressmen, city council, white house and other officials when you have a need.
Share with those in charge your suggestions, preferences and voice your opinion.

Always go to the person who is primarily responsible, the one who can authorize the change.
In restaurants, when bathrooms need cleaning or rolls of toilet paper, I talk with the manager.
I choose not to complain or express negativity, but to share neutrally my suggestion or choice.
I appreciate their willingness to take the time and accept my call or ideas.

Appreciation can be written in email or letter, but may not ever reach the desk of the one in charge.
Suggestions and preferences may be received with a direct reply back to you.
This is the sign of respect of the leader and his/her willingness to listen to the will of the people.
Give credence to those who really are listening and respond with gratitude and respect.

It is a privilege to be able to voice our opinion directly to parents, bosses, government officials.
When we are given that opportunity, it is important that we encourage it for others.
We can create more listening and servant leadership with out appreciation of those who care.
Take note of those bosses, managers, politicians who truly demonstrate they are listening.

Life in the United States of America is a privilege.
We must treat this privilege and our government with respect.
Our responsibility is to respond to whatever the need, opinion or preference with kindness.
Be direct, brief and focused on what can be done, rather than complain about others mistakes.
Change your attitude from one of pessimism to hope by speaking out immediately.
Forgive quickly errors of the past and focus on gratitude for the privilege of free speech.
Speak with honesty, tolerance, open-mindedness and respect to be heard fairly.

This is the moment in our history where we choose to clean up our divisiveness, excesses, and fear-mongering.
This is the time when we all need to espouse hope and faith and generosity and kindness toward one another.
This is the time to undo with forgiveness and blessing and renew with creativity and appreciation.
This is Our Time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, November 03, 2008

Making Mistakes?

Are you making mistakes?
Have you learned anything?
Have you ever made mistakes?
What have you learned?

Life is a game of choice and chance.
We always have choices.
There is always another chance to make a new choice.
What choices do you make when you have the chance?

If we are busy judging the choices we have made, we rarely are willing to take another chance.
There is a built in failsafe system in the time/space paradigm in which we can choose again.
The question is what do we choose when we give ourselves the chance to choose again.
The answer is in choosing happiness when we correct our errors with forgiveness and Love.

It looks like there are lots of mistakes being made.
It looks like humanity keeps choosing fear instead of love.
It seems like when we feel guilty, we try to blame someone else.
It seems like we forget to simply forgive ourselves and choose again.

I forgive myself for letting anyone or anything hurt me.
I forgive myself for taking things personally.
I forgive myself for making assumptions about others motives.
I forgive myself for projecting my fears and judgments onto others.
I forgive myself for not remembering to let go and trust God.
I forgive myself for not always choosing forgiveness and Love.
I forgive myself for withholding Love from anyone for any reason.
I forgive myself for not always sharing spiritual wisdom with Divine Love.

I find when it looks like anyone has made a mistake, it works best for me to forgive myself.
To see it in another, means that that error lives somewhere in my consciousness.
By forgiving my faulty perception, I reveal the real call for Love in those who have forgotten.
By remembering, I remind others. By forgiving myself, I am forgiving all.
By choosing again to see the Love and Goodness within myself, I see it in others.
By giving myself this gift of Peace, I am giving God’s Peace to everyone.
I am releasing my misperceptions and seeing a world of beauty and goodness and Love.

This is where mistakes are released instantly by those who choose to change the channel to one of Love.
This is a space where we can undo what is not true to reveal the Truth in One another.
This is the time where we can join in erasing a story of human unconsciousness and see the Good.
Let’s vote for hope, not fear.

Loving everyone who is choosing consciously.
What matters is that we take full responsibility for our choice and learn from it.
Loving you and me and all humanity,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Quiet Mind Has No Conflict

There is no need to argue unless one has conflicting ideas in one’s mind.
Conflicting wills indicates a state other than the Will for Good.
Whatever one chooses, dedicate it to Good and it will be so.
“God is very quiet. There is no conflict in Him.” ACIM

However you think of God, Creator and Source, know that in the All Powerful, Omnipresent, all-loving One there is no conflict.

To know the Power of Goodness in you, there will be no conflict.
To know only love in you, there will be no fear.
To know the full gift of your Presence, there will be only Peace.
In this there is the realization of God and Good in you.

In this time of apparent disparity of ideas and beliefs, philosophies and practices, there is the call for Goondess for All.
Let us join, one and all, in our focus on what is for the Good of our planet, our people, our prosperity and our Holy and united Purpose.

You see, everyone wants what is Good for their families and their communities.
Everyone wants to keep us safe and healthy and prospering.
The Good for One is the Good for All.
This is a time to unite.

Yes, before our election, let us unite in Holy Purpose.
Yes, before we stand on a political platform, let us unite for the Good of All people.
Yes, before we hold a position which divides, let us unite in what is the Will of God.
Yes, Let us hold the Vision of Unity and Peace and Well-Being for all humanity.

We may not know how or when or why or where, but we know the remembrance of Love for one another is the key to God and Goodness for All.

So be still and hold only Good in your heart.
Be Still and remember to forgive all errors.
Be still and appreciate the Goodness in everyone.
Be still and give gratitude and praise to the Source of All Creation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Time for A Diet?

Have you been blaming others too much?
Are you addicted to the TV or other media?
Do you spend too much time spending money?
Are you obsessed with the internet or stock market?
Are you consumed with worry and fear?
Do you eat too much or drink too much or use drugs too much?
Are you focused on your supplements or medications/
Have you made something God other than God and Good?

Is it time for a diet?
Is it time to break bad habits?
Is it time to break the addiction to destructive stuff?
Is it time to change bad behaviors for good ones?

In times of change, we can choose to resist and stay with what we know
OR we can get on with the program and choose to change for the better.
The more time we spend trying to figure out why and how we got here,
The more we procrastinate and make excuses for not making changes.

It is important to begin where we are.
1) Awareness: Assess what really is the problem, the issue.
2) Acknowledgment: Confess exactly what the error was.
3) Allowance: Forgive yourself and others for their mistakes.
4) Aha!: Take time to reflect and listen within for understanding.
5) Affirmation: State in positive terms your new choice for Good.
6) Acceptance: Be willing to receive the Good changes that are coming.
7) Appreciation: Be grateful that you are willing to change and Thankful what change brings!

Remember life is meant to be forgiving.
When we are willing to give ourselves the best, we release the rest with ease and joy.
It is in changing our thoughts, words and behaviors that we see all things are possible.
Life is our experimental lab where we can undo everything that is not True and Good for All.

So let’s get going.
Stop spending on meaningless stuff.
Start eating only the Good stuff.
Watch media that is inspiring.
Forgive rather than blame others quickly.
Spend time reading good books and serving others?
Fill your mind with true appreciation for the Good in your life.
Give yourself a budget plan for what to eat and drink by weighing and measuring everything.
Focus on how healthy you are and see anything you take as loving you.
Give Goodness your attention and know by doing good you receive Goodness.

Loving you in loving You,
Betty Lue