Sunday, February 29, 2004

You Are Loved

When you know you are loved, it is natural to be loving.

If you are loved conditionally, you would learn to love conditionally.
If you are limited and criticized by one who claims to “love” you,
you would believe love is judgmental and restrictive.
If you experience neediness and dependence from those who “love” you,
you would love others by being dependent and needy.
We learn about “love” by observing and experiencing those who say they “love”.
We are imprinted with those behaviors, thoughts and feelings we receive as infants and children.

To forgive the past is to let go of these definitions of love.
To love unconditionally is to experience and extend love without conditions.

To know the love of a freeing and trusting God, parent, or wholly loving person is to have the experience and to then unconditionally love others.
True Love can be learned and grow one by one.
Spiritual experiences of an All-Loving Creator give us a model of Love that does not judge.
Love is not critical.
Love never ends.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to bring the Love I have been given.
I don’t have to worry about how to be loving, because Love is who I Am.
I am happy to be wherever I am guided knowing that Love is always with me.
I remember my wholeness and happiness, as I let the Love teach me to encourage wholeness and happiness in others.
(This is my interpretation of the Healer’s Prayer in Course in Miracles.)

You are loved, whether you know it or not.
As you let go of judging your own worthiness,
As you forgive all your mistakes,
As you quiet your mind and listen within,
You will hear and know You are deeply and profoundly loved.

God Loves you and so do I.
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Attend Your Sensitivity

“If you would grow to be your best self,
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not with holding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing and punishing.
For you are more sensitive than you know.
Mankind is tough as war,
Yet delicate as flowers.
We can endure agonies, but we open fully only to warmth and light.
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still.
So Accept,
Attend your sensitivity.
A flower cannot be opened with a hammer.”

This is a poem which I use as my theme for life coaching and counseling.
I believe it is a theme for all our relationships to support the blossoming of the garden of Goodness and Love on Earth.

We have an opportunity and sacred responsibility to begin with ourselves. Each one of us has sensitivity buried under layers of grief, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, criticism and fear. Those who persecute have been persecuted. People are casting off the clothing of the past on those they claim to love. Sometimes even acknowledging that they are preparing their children for the harshness of the world by teaching them to become tough and brave, defensive and armored.

Keeping ourselves in situations where we are re-wounded or insisting that our children stay with teachers who are angry and punitive, seems counter productive. If we want to live in a world of insensitive, disrespectful, fearful and violent people, we need to keep on encouraging toughness by supporting movies, video games, TV and other media which display attack or be attacked, kill or be killed, wage war to conquer evil and hate to fight hatred.

To be sensitive means to provide warmth and light.
To be sensitive to oneself means to end critical self talk.
To be sensitive means to look for the Good in everyone.
To be sensitive means to honor the gifts and blessing.
To be sensitive means to understand the needs of each person.
To be sensitive means to be forgiving.
To be sensitive means to be helpful.
To be sensitive means to to create optimum circumstances in life for each one to heal and grow and blossom.

Begin with attending your own sensitivity.
Give your self alone time. Give yourself appreciation. Give yourself respect.
Attend to your own needs first. Then you will realize the profound value to others.
Build a sensitive world one person at a time. Begin with YOU.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Friday, February 27, 2004

Beginning Again

What keeps us from letting go?
We learn to be afraid of what is new and unknown.
We think we need to be in control.
We choose to follow paths travelled by others.
We listen to outside authority.
We make it up that we must see the destination before we take the path.

Yes, our history shapes us.
If you like the shape, trust it is yours.
If you don’t like the shape, let it go with respect.

Where you focus gives you direction.
To focus on the past, keeps you looking back.
You probably are missing the signs along the way.
To focus on the future (often with anxiety and fear), you may be busy being careful to not make the mistakes of the past in the future. You may miss what life is showing you right now.

Your vision of your new life will help change your mind.
Your imagination will open the doors of possibility and bring hope.
Your forgiveness of the past will clear future obstacles and resistance.
Your affirmation of yourself and your happiness will invite creativity, freedom and joy.

How will you create your new life to be?
How will you love and respect yourself?
How will you sing and dance talk and share?
How will you live and give?
How will you love and laugh when you begin life brand new?
What do you need to let go of to begin again?

This season is a perfect time to plow under the past failed crops.
It is also essential to finish the harvest of past blessings with gratitude.
Right now you can choose to daily die to the old and awaken to the new.
The coming spring is the perfect time to plant seeds of hope, faith and Love.
You are a magnificent creation of LOVE!
Appreciate You, love You, honor and respect You.

Always beginning,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 26, 2004

History Repeats Itself

How difficult must life be before you let it go?
How much do you suffer before you release it all?
How much hurt do you feel before you forgive?
How much pain do you hold before you relinquish?
How much regret and guilt do you know before you give it to God?

Your history follows you everywhere.
Wherever you remember the past, you relive it.
Where you retell the story, you recreate it.
Where you ask others to understand, you invite their agreement.
Where you use it to buy sympathy, you limit your choices.

You want to begin again …a clean slate and a new perspective!
But you believe you are stuck.
You judge this must be your “lot in life” or your bad luck or your karma or just a bad mistake.
You try to analyze, figure out, defend against, stay out of trouble, be safe and anonymous.
You may even be invisible and make no waves.
You may live without really living.
The excuses and explanations—aging, health problems, our childhood, the world is bad, people are stupid—don’t make us happy. They just become the story we tell ourselves.

History repeats itself only because we believe in the story.
What we believe, we see.
What we believe, we experience.
What we judge and fear, we get more of.
What we resist, hangs around.
What we focus on grows and strengthens.

The creative solution is to change our mind.
“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” (Romans)
See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
Evil grows (the illusion of the absence of Love appears real) by naming it.

If we want our history, we have only to confirm it.
If we want something new, we must let it go.

Now is the time.
Only you can let it go.
Forgive yourself.
Erase the stories.
Stop seeking agreement and sympathy.
Let go of your pain and seek only to love again.

Dying daily to what was and being born again to what is, I am always and ever loving YOU,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Life Happens

Yes, stuff happens to all of us.
The more you risk, the more you experience.
The more public you are,
the more expressive you are,
the more you step out of your comfort zone,
the more you dare to love and laugh and let go,
the more you are honest,
the more you give freely,
the more you step into new and unfamiliar territory,
the more richly you experience life.

The more you stay comfortable and safe, the less you experience of learning, loving and living.

So when stuff happens…
When you lose or fail, when you are criticized or judged, when you find difficulties in your way, when people leave, when you feel hurt or shamed, what do you do?

The joy of life is found in living fully and abundantly.
The ecstasy in life is found in being free.
The growth in life is found in being challenged and overcoming obstacles.
The healing in life is found in changing your mind and living by your spiritual principles.
The strengthening in life is found in never quitting on love.

When life happens, it is futile to try to analyze, explain, justify, figure out, resent, resist, build defenses and protect yourself. It merely sets up fear of more pain, adjusting to other’s expectations and playing it safe by conforming.
When life happens, let go.
When life happens, forgive,
When life happens, love more
When life happens, look for the gift.
When life happens, trust in the intrinsic Goodness in all things.

Everyone is learning.
Listen within.
Follow your Inner voice.
Let life happen.
And enjoy the healing, learning and growth along the way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Letting Go for the Lent

Tomorrow is “Ash Wednesday” or the first Day of Lent. In many Christian traditions it means time for a personal sacrifice to better relate with the “sacrifice” of Jesus. For me, it is the season for letting go and plowing under limiting patterns, unhealthy habits and negative thinking that poison our consciousness to heal our body and soul.

As we prepare for spring and the planting of seeds of possibility for this year, begin by tilling the soil of our unconscious errors of omisison and commission. Be grateful for all you have learned from the past and forgive and bless those experiences which you have judged. The Lenten season is a reminder to release the old, to let it die and allow the new birth or resurrection of spring. With our focus on the negative stories, the pain and suffering, the mistakes and sins of the past for ourselves and others, we are merely maintaining, sustaining and replanting the same for this year. Where we place our focus, there we experience a harvest and repeat what we claim to want to release. It is time to plow the fields of our mind and plant the seeds of Divine Will. When we say” Not my will, but Thy Will be done.”, we are affirming our willingness to relinquish our petty selfish and pleasure-seeking habits to allow for compassionate service and truly healthy choices for the Good of All.

The crucifixtion and punishment of ourselves and others yields only more images of judgment, fear, pain and suffering. Our focus on what is wrong yields more guilt and shame, more punishment and retribution and ironically supports repeating the same errors. Guilt does not heal or create better choices. The message of the Easter story is found in the new life, renewed Spirit, endless Love and the Presence of Possibility, Power and Peace in total forgiveness. We are saved from our mistakes by ceasing all judgment and choosing to honor the calling of spirit within. When we see the Essence, we know the call for Love in all mistakes. When wqe listen for spirit, we know we are here to be helpful. When we forgive all mistakes and “sins”, we trust that all things work together for Good and for God.

Experiment with letting go of what no longer serves your wholeness, goodness and loving contribution to your family, community and world. Begin by clearing out just one obstacle to peace of mind or one distraction to being fully present for loving service. Create the space in your consciousness where new possibilities can enter. Sit and be still for 10 minutes a day. Seek higher Vision. Make notes on the spirit guided pictures, ideas or words that come. Make room for your renewed spirit by letting go of some ancient guilt, fear, hatred or avoidance. Release an addiction or habit to pleasure your senses rather than quiet your mind. Be aware of how much your cultural programming supports your not being fully present and available for living and giving abundantly. Let go and allow your whole life to be changed for the better.

“Be not conformed to this world, but rather be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”
Remember when you mind is full of clutter and useless thinking, you will experience a life of clutter and useless stuff.

Loving you by letting go daily,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 23, 2004

Past Regrets

Mistakes are made.
Time moves on.
One experiment failed cannot mean don’t try again.
Unrequited love does not mean to never love.
Gifts given and unappreciated does not teach to never give.

Life is an obstacle course to strengthen our resolve to do what in the moment is the calling of our spirit.
We must listen and honor what we “know” with our heart.

Much of our lives is spent in listening to the egoic or selfish self.
We heed the voices of what others do, what we were taught, what authorities say or friends advise.
And yet each time we miss, we question the wisdom of our choices.
Somewhere along the line se stop and llisten deeper.
What is the greatest gift I have to give?
What can I do to serve the greater good?
How can I listen to what has heart and meaning for me and serves the Good of All?

Forgiveness is a gift of spirit to begin again.
Forgiveness invites us to let go with love.
Forgiveness opens the door to our higher mind.
Forgiveness absolves the self doubt and guilt.
Forgiveness encourages us to listen deeper.
Forgiveness is the reminder to trust.
Forgiveness is the opening to being fully present.
Forgiveness is the joy of being.
Forgiveness is always remembering to Love no matter what.

I am loving you.
The mistakes we make are simply opportunities to learn what we really value, what we really want.
Be grateful for all the mistakes and you will learn more and listen more and Love more.
I am grateful that under all mistakes is the invitation to Love more.

Betty Lue

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Love Is Enough

How do you support yourself in remembering to Love?
How do you make time to Love You just as you are?
How do you actively demonstrate your Love for your “loved” ones?
How do you Love in times of stress, strife and struggle?

When I am remembering to Love,
I take time.
I slow down.
I appreciate.
I say blessings.
I affirm.
I value what is important.
I give my very best.
I meditate.
I read ageless wisdom.
I write with Spirit.
I fell blessed.
I reach out to others.
I take really good care of me.
I laugh more.
I let go easily.
I say “thanks” easily.
I am at peace.
I enjoy what is.
I don’t notice anything to complain about.
I create beauty and goodness.
I am connected to life.
I am grateful for the Love I know and see and Am.

I am remembering to Love as I remind You,
Betty Lue

When I am in Love, I see only Love.
This I choose today and everyday.
Blessed be to All.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Healthy Relationships

Here are some notes for my part of the Healthy Relationships Workshop this afternoon.
Remember you are responsible for your own goals, honesty, equality, commitment and happiness. If your relationships are not working there is no one to blame. Simply forgive unconscious habits of mind and choose again. Your life is up to YOU.

Spiritual Definitions and Guidelines
Healthy= what works for all parties
Relationship= where we see something other than ourselves ( time, money, career, body, others)

To be in a healthy relationship:
We see all with the eyes of Love, nothing to be feared, judged or avoided.
Physical world is to heal our perceptions. We see and feel, so we can heal.
Healing is awareness with no judgment, awareness with Love. Be aware and let go.
To heal is to release our judgments and renew our perception of wholeness and holiness.

Keys to Successful Relationships

Vision- Sharing a common goal. This implies having the same picture and working together, supporting one another in the fulfillment of that vision. When the goals are completed, new goals must be set.
Recommend: Set the Highest possible goal for your relationship with life.

Honesty-Be self disclosing and open about your current viewpoint. No need to gossip, rehash the past or compare with others. Be present moment in acknowledging your own lack of peace and responsibility for your own happiness. Erase with love=Forgiveness. True honesty is LOVE=Trust and Freedom. See beyond the surface and speak from your spiritual center. Tell the High Truth.

Equality- All are equal, no one better or worse, no one right or wrong. Each one is a teacher for everyone. Open to giving and receiving the essential gifts being given. Acknowledge your thoughts, words and behavior are teaching all. Give your very best all the time. Teach what you want to learn.

Commitment-Be genuinely committed to living your Highest Truth. Live by your spiritual principles. Be true to your word. Keep your agreements and promises to yourself and to others. Support everyone in what is for the Highest Good of All.
Be unselfish in your commitments.

Response-ability-Your perception, your judgment and subsequent emotions are totally your responsibility. To be in successful relationship take impeccable care of your own happiness by maintaining a state of constant forgiveness, letting go of your preferences and seeing what is with Love.

In relationships learn to heal your attachments and free yourself from the judging mind which traps you in the roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. In relationship learn that trust, patience, tolerance, gentleness, honesty, generosity, open-mindedness, defenselessness, joy, faithfulness give you everything you want.

Practice with everyone and everything. Life is your learning lab. Use life with kindness and gratitude.

Viewpoints from Mind-Mapping for Marketing

In relationship our work is to let go of our likes and dislikes. See what is and trust in the process. Love is being aware and at peace with what appears to be. Hold nothing in judgment. Let go and Love.

Amoral---I don’t care about anything. (infancy)
Ego---Its all about me. I am needy. (toddler)
Pleaser---Whatever I can do to please you. How can I make you happy? (latency)
Authority---Don’t tell me. I know and I am right. (adolescent)
Responsible---I am willing to do my part. Fair. Care. Share (adulthood)
Principled---I live in integrity with my values. Authentic and on purpose. (maturity)
Universal---Whatever serves the Good of All. We are One. (enlightened)

The more the beloved wants to please, the more we imagine we need to have likes and dislikes.

It’s free so come if you can. Four of my Partners in Health Associates are presenting on Healthy Touch, Healthy Communication, Healthy Eating, and Developing Healthy Habits in Relationships. From 1:30-4PM at 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 100, Pleasant Hill.

Loving you,
Betty lue

Friday, February 20, 2004

How Do You Define Success?

Worldly Success appears to be how much money you have, how much you accomplish, how you are loved, how young you look or how much you are admired. These forms of success are temporary and illusive. They change with the cultural climate. These successes have highs and lows, the glory of victory and agony of defeat. They depend on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and fiscal health of those with whom you live and relate. We learn to be dependent on the feedback of others and our world. Much energy is expended in trying to get this worldly success. And once achieved how much energy do you expend defending, protecting and doing more to keep what you have achieved?

To define life success in this way, one would be constantly striving and working to be successful. One would be constantly fearful of losing one’s state of achievement. Life would be serious, dangerous and difficult and very complex. One would be vigilant for when and how it all would end.

When I have entered into these shark-infested waters, I notice how my emotions fluctuate depending on the current state of my world. Peace is non-existent as one’s mind must be constantly vigilant for the next change, plotting and planning on how to hold on to success and avoid failure. I recognize how what we like and dislike, fantasize and wish for, compare and envy other’s success defines our self worth and measure of personal success. How we see our goals and our self- definition of personal success set us up for disappointment and disillusionment.

Success may be defined in anyway you choose.
Why not use your spiritual principles and guidelines to define your success?
Why not choose goals which are fun, safe and easy to live by because they are natural?
Why not experience success everyday in every relationship because you dare to care?
Why not honor your creator’s love for you by fully embracing all of your life experiences?
Why not trust that every moment you are a success?
Why not recognize that you cannot fail, except in your own negative judgment and comparison?
Why not let go of seeing yourself through worldly eyes and see yourself with the eyes of Love?
Why not own your beauty, your goodness, your loving intention with full appreciation?
Why not see God in all that you are and do and give and create?
Why not know that you have always been successful and have achieved exactly what you believed?
Why not?

You are a success without trying.
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Choosing Happiness

When life is focused only on Goodness, there is only one choice.
When life is focused on what is good for me, the choices are infinite.

When life is filled with what we like, then we think what we like makes us happy.
This Happiness is conditional on having the relationships, home, job, money and health that we want.
This Happiness is temporary and follows the flow of what life brings.

If the partner isn’t what we want, we badger, nag and leave emotionally or physically.
If the job isn’t what we think we deserve, we become resentful, resistant and fail to give our best.
If our finances are not what we believe we should have, we are discouraged, depressed and feel bad.
When we don’t have what we want, we shut down our love for self, our love for life and withhold our best.
Our likes, our desires, our pleasures seem to determine our state of mind and our emotional state.

When life is focused on being content and at peace with what is, then we are always happy.
True Happiness is our inner natural state and has nothing to do with the temporary circumstances of life.
True Happiness has no conditions and is a conscious choice.
True happiness is a gift we give ourselves everyday.
True Happiness is lasting and emanates a resilient joy for all to see and feel.

I have noticed as I try to figure out what will “make” me or you happy, I am confused and conflicted.
I observe that my conflict yields unhappiness and lack of peace. Conflict causes stress and pain.
When I seek what you and I like or want, I recognize the subsequent happiness is temporary and dependent on life circumstances.
Goals we seek and achieve may provide temporary pleasure and then may be followed by emptiness, depression, meaninglessness and the question “What now?”

Human consciousness is led by what brings us joy. And yet that joy is usually temporary.
Thus we are at the effect of the human condition. We are victims of circumstances.
What would happen if we cease the confusion, conflict and stress of trying to figure out how to make ourselves happy?
What would happen if we simply forgive our endless seeking and choose to quiet the mind, suspend our willfulness and simply and effortlessly choose to be happy with what is…..
What would happen if we give up seeking and simply enjoy what is?
Are we addicted and attached to the process of seeking, finding and trying not to lose what we have found?

Today, right now, I am willing to be happy and content with what is.
I am willing to experience this moment with gratitude and joy.
I am willing to forgive my judgments and love all things as they are.
I am willing to be at home with myself.
I am willing to know the Godness and Goodness in all things.
I am content. I am at peace.
I trust in the Love and Joy within me.

In Joy,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Effective Arguing?

It is a waste of energy to argue.
It is valuable to share your opinion, your perspective and your judgment, only if you recognize that is what it is. ..simply your opinion. Everyone sees the issue from their own place, their own beliefs and history. We all have a way of seeing what it. To try to convince someone that your position is “right” is usually to convince ourselves that we are “right” and they are “wrong”. This yields an unequal relationship or one in which there is a winner and a loser.

Often, we don’t share at all because we don’t want the other person to feel bad or because we are afraid of their reaction. It is effective to share your viewpoint, only if the other person genuinely is willing to listen and holds it as just another perspective. To argue back and forth trying to convince the other usually yields resistance, defensiveness, hurt feelings and resentment. To argue is usually about expressing and justifying our emotions rather that wanting the other person to see another viewpoint.

To share openly invites openness and honesty, a key to successful relating.
First ask if the other wants to hear your perspective.
Ask when would be the best time to talk, preferably without interruption.
Preface your self expression with a statement of : “This is only my viewpoint. “
I want to share with you to improve the quality of our relationship. My intention is to love more.
When you share, take full responsibility for your feelings, your beliefs, your judgments, etc.
I feel….. . I see……..I want……… I am willing………
Then open the door to fully hear the other’s viewpoint.
What do you feel?
What do you observe?
What do you want?
What are you willing to do to have what you want?
Listen with full acceptance of the other’s perspective.
Recognize that respecting each others values choices and points of view is honoring the right to be different and respecting the right to disagree and continue to love one another.

I learned many years ago to state my position and then immediately let go to open the door to the other person’s viewpoint. Hold no position. Step into full acceptance. It is in acceptance or awareness with non-judgment that healing and movement occurs. What you give to another will be given to you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

A friend reminded me that impatience (and arguing) is simply not loving what is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Love is Patient

Without patience, we may quit just when we are needed most.
Without patience, we may yield to what is negative or unkind.
Without patience, we may join the crowd instead of honoring our inner guidance.
Without patience, we may become angry or resentful.
Without patience, we may forget Love is Who we are.
Without patience, we may make up our minds and negate the other’s viewpoint.
Without patience, we may choose to be “right” and make the other “wrong”.
Without patience, we may forget to put our loving relationship first.
Without patience, we may push and punish and create resistance.
Without patience, we may cause animosity and separation rather than forgiveness and closeness.
Without patience, we may lose what we have sought.
Without patience, we can forget the reason for our being.

Patience with others begets patience with ourselves.
Everyone deserves patience.

Life is a journey.
To focus on the destination may cause us to miss the beauty and goodness, the miracles and laughter along the way.
I am willing to learn everyday to be more patient.
I am willing to listen only to my heart, the Voice for Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 16, 2004

What is Real?

As I returned to my place here in California, I noticed that not very much feels “real”. As I do the laundry, prepare breakfast and clean the house, I feel more grounded and create a relationship with what I touch or look upon. “Out of sight, out of mind” must mean that it is through seeing that we keep what we believe alive. And yet they feel vaguely emphemeral or illusive. I am not really here or there… still drifting in the in between place in my consciousness. We all choose the reality in which we live. We give meaning to what we see through our learned beliefs. Even our perceptions are colored by our remembered history.

So what is real? Only LOVE is real. Everything else is illusion.
Only the energy of life, creativity and flow is real. Everything else is changing.
How I interact with my mind and body, as well as my thoughts and feelings is my choice.
How I see my world, my home, my work is an outcome of my choice, my judgment and beliefs.
How I live and give myself to others whom I perceive according to my beliefs is totally up to me.
When I live with a focus on serving Good, I perceive the Good I am here to serve.

Everyday I give meaning to my life.
Everyday I choose to live and love and laugh.
Everyday I wake up to explore the experiences and relationships I have chosen to create and sustain.
Everyday I can choose the emotions I have and the work I do.
Everyday I am free to love you and remind you of how wonderful it is to be alive and in love.
Everyday I have given myself a wondrous opportunity to discover the limitlessness of this creation.
I am learning how simple my life is….to remember Love.

Loving You is Real for Me,
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Make Every Day Loving!

How do we remember Love?
How do we share Love?
How do we celebrate Love?

We spent the last week on Maui, and I discovered what I missed most was connecting with you through these Loving Reminders.

We were called to take the trip to bring our granddaughter home to her Papa after a two week stay with her Mom. She was more than ready, while she thoroughly enjoyed the water, snorkeling, sea life and fun connections with new people. She talked with us about coming home where she would live forever with her Dad. She was so excited to come home again to what was familiar and so loved.

I understand how she felt. While I have had the joy of visiting Hawaii several times and truly enjoy the people, the sun and water, the incredible natural beauty and slower pace, I noticed how there is so much contentment in just doing what I am called to do everyday—from preparing meals and cleaning house to morning email reminders and counseling, coaching and classes. This is my joy, and my life. I find it truly an awesome gift to be with you and each one who comes my way.

My life is a vacation from fear and worry and stress everyday.
When life is on purpose there is no need for vacation.
When life is constant loving relationships there is no need for one special day.
When life it an outpouring of inspiration, there is no need to seek for more.
All is present in each and every moment.
I am needed to be here loving you and me.
I am needed to be where I am to fully appreciate and enjoy what is here.
I am needed to be happy with what I have, not seeking more.
I am needed to be at peace, releasing all conflict in my mind.
When I fulfill my function right here and now, I am at home.
I am in Love. I am at peace.
I receive the bounty of abundant living.
I am in Joy.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Friday, February 13, 2004

Creating Our Experience

We are creative.
We are created to be creative.
We learn from creating our experience of life.
We may not like what we create.
We may feel guilty and blame it on the weather, our parents, partner or God.
We may try to hide, feel guilty or scared of our ignorant creative potential.
Wish it and there it is. Think it and it comes to us. Whisper a name and they call. Believe and what we believe appears.

As I watch with amusement the canvas of my life, I notice this wondrous opportunity to undo anything that is not wholly true for me. With no attachment, I can erase and release what is not highest and best for all. There is so often judgment and guilt surrounding spilled milk, an emotional reaction, an innocent question asked which offends, an answer given which does not please the questioner. We may be judged, ridiculed and punished for our errors, as we explore this land of ultimate possibility and creativity. Gradually and sometimes immediately, we curtail our creative potential. We shut down our vision, our imagination, our open mind and loving heart. Sometimes, we even shut down life itself.

How can it be that what was created to be the land of infinite opportunity can be used to judge and fear and limit so many beautiful unlimited expressions of God’s Love.

There is no RIGHT WAY to Love.
There is no mistake that cannot be undone.
There is no permanent harm except for those who hold the error in judgment, fear and resentment.
There is no punishment except for those who seek to punish themselves or be punished to clear the guilt.
All ways lead home.

The more aware of infinite love we are, the more we know no one is guilty, the more we release our belief in pain and punishment, the more we are free to be truly helpful and wholly loving.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Feel free to admit your errors. Ask for the most loving and healing release of all errors in your mind. Forgiveness is the spiritual gift of recognizing there was no harm. Everything is a lesson God would have us learn. There is no harm. The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

Loving you,
True B’Lue

Friday, February 06, 2004

Being Present

When we are fully present, we are seeing what is.
We are experiencing what is now.
We are able to fully enjoy the moment.
We give the gift we are.
We receive the gift that is given.
We see all things as a reflection of ourselves.
We breathe deep.
We know we are whole.
We see all the Good that God is.
We trust all is well.

When we are present, we are the gift.
When we are present, life reflects the gift of ourselves.
When we are present we experience only Love.
When we are present, we are free and happy.
When we are present, we are at peace.

Only in yesterday and tomorrow, an illusion that we have made up, do we compare, evaluate and judge.
Only in the mirage of time do we believe what is is not good enough.
Only in our minds do we imagine what is not real.

I forgive myself for not being wholly present.
I forgive myself for images I have made.
I forgive myself for forgetting only Love is real.
I forgive myself for not enjoying the experience I have created.
My mind automatically erases all that is not wholly true and wholly loving.
I am happy and free and at choice right now.

Loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue

Gone for a week for reflection and visioning and to pick up Gia. Postings should continue on this website. Personal email to you will resume on 2/16.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Work or Play?

Is life work for you?
Do you focus on struggle, sacrifice, effort, achievement?
Are you dedicated to getting everything done?
Do you measure success by what you accomplish?
Are you caught in not wanting to be “lazy”?
Is there never enough time to do the things you really enjoy?
Are you serious, dedicated and responsible?
Do you do what you do because of duty and obligation?
Do you work to provide and be financially secure?
This is the “adult” and adulterated way of living.
This is considered mature, responsible and fiscally sound.

Is life an adventure?
Do you focus on fun, enjoyment, relaxing, and letting it be?
Are you dedicated to enjoy every day in every way?
Do you measure success by your happiness?
Are you willing to relax, play your part and trust in the outcome?
Are there always things to enjoy and limited time to “work”?
Are you fun-loving, spontaneous, and able to respond to whatever comes up?
Do you do what you do from a place of freedom and trust?
Do you work to express yourself and fulfill your inner calling?
Do you trust your needs will be provided for when you give freely of yourself?
This is the “innocent” and natural way of living.
This is usually considered, childlike, irresponsible and financially crazy.

To experience life fully, there must be a freedom, awareness and enjoyment of what is.
To win the “adulterated” game, there must be worry, restrictions, discipline, planning and hard work.

Often children are taught:
There is a right way to live.
There are rules to win by.
There is a lot to accomplish.
Only hard workers succeed.

When we explore life’s experimental laboratory, we discover:
There is no “right” way to live. It is simply our choice.
There are different rules for everyone, which we make up as we go.
There is nothing to do, except for the sheer joy of doing something.
Success happens by the beliefs we hold…luck, work, vision, affirmation, support, fate.

For me, work is my play and play is my work.
If I don’t enjoy what I am doing, something is wrong with my choice or my thinking.
I choose to be happy. Happiness and freedom are success for me.
What is it you see for yourself? You can always choose again.

Your loving reminder,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


True intimacy is union, being transparent, seeing into me.
When there is no fear, it all is clear and we are near like unto One of us.
Love has no barriers. It is the realization of our oneness.

And when I judge me, I judge you are judging me, too.
I am separate from myself and can only see you as separate from me as well.
What is “wrong” with me becomes that part I don’t want you to see.
And when I have truly forgiven, I am in love and loving of my Self and All.
When I come to wholly Love the One I Am, there is nothing I keep separate from you or me or God.

These Loving Reminders are a transparency through which we all can come to see ourselves.
When we resonate with words and deeds of Love, we are united in that sacred place of Holy Relationship.
When I am seen as being special, different, or better than you, my work seems special to you.

And yet, I am that which you are.
I am what you may seek to be, which you perceive in me.
My words, my art, my love are also in you and greater works shall you do.
For when you are being You and I am being me, and all are free, every part is being played perfectly.
The healing and return to Love is complete.
Each one of us plays an instrument in the orchestra of God.
We hear and respond with our individual part. We play in harmony, in descant, in affirmation, in echo, in response to what we hear and see and know in our heart and mind and Soul.
We love and respond.
We love and flow.
We love and unite.
We love and let go.
We love and laugh.
We love and cry.
We love and sing.
We love and share.

In true intimacy, there is only this Holy instant, this moment now, when we realize we really are One.
In true intimacy, there are no secrets, for there is no shame and no guilt.
In true intimacy, there is no neediness and no regret.
In true intimacy, all is forgiven for all is gift.
In true intimacy, I see you and you see me and we are Love.

Loving you, forever,
True B’Lue

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Love is Freedom

Freedom created us free.
Love created us loving.
Creativity created us creative.
Joy created us joyful.
The infinite created us unlimited.

Why are we here?
We are here to remember Who and what we are.
We are here to realize our unlimited potential.
We are here to be happy and free.
We are here to create our lives and enjoy the life we experience.
We are here to undo our mistaken and limiting beliefs and programming.
We are here to forgive our guilt and regret, our anger and resentment.
We are here to undo and heal the past.
We are here to make bless and perceive only wholeness and Holiness.
We are here to be fully here.
We are here to be responsible and able to respond to whatever comes our way.
We are here to stop complaining and victimizing ourselves and others.
We are here to pray and praise the Good within us.
We are here to recognize the Truth of our Being.
We are here to know and align with God.
We are here to believe and live in freedom and trust.
We are here to let go of all that we cling to.
We are here to enjoy what is.
We are here to create thoughts and words and deeds which are for the Highest Good.
We are here to wake up and awaken to the Truth of our Being.
We are here to fully experience and express the free, creative, unlimited and joy-filled Love we are.

Love is the way.
Be free.
No guilt.
No fear.

Seeing the perfection in our exploration to return to Love,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 02, 2004

Home… Safe and Sound

Yes, I have just returned from Kalamazoo, MI with gratitude and love for the adventure of life and all those reflections of learning, healing, and experiencing fully All That I Am.

When I sat, read and walked for seven hours in the O’Hare airport in Chicago on Thursday afternoon, I blessed, I enjoyed, I appreciated the opportunity to trust exactly what I was experiencing. And Yes, I made calls to cancel my Thursday evening workshop. When I arrived at 11:30PM on Thursday eve. I appreciated my little studio apartment where I stay for only $40/night. I was grateful for the basket and flowers and vacuum cleaner which are lovingly left for my use every visit. I enjoyed the solitude of grocery shopping at my favorite D&W (open until midnight) store for my food supplies. I thoroughly enjoyed loving and being with each and everyone those who joined with me for sharing, counseling, laughing, learning, healing and remembering the truth of who we are.

Our focus for the weekend was on remembering we are here to experience life.
Love makes all things new again.
Love is freedom and trust.
The more we enjoy the experience, the more free we are to choose again easily and quickly.
The more we judge our experience, the more we seem to repeat, struggle and endure.

I always learn… or one might say, I remember and realize what is within me.

I have remembered and reclaimed a mission statement I have lived since first moving to Kalamazoo in 1994.

“I am the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.”
In other words, I realize my Holiness and see only Holiness in others.
In our Holiness we are free to choose and free to be.

I am loving, you as I am loving me.
In this Love, we all are free.

Betty Lue