Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year’s Eve

Another year, as we mark time, to see what we have accomplished, endured, learned and earned.
Another year, to grow in love or increase our fear.
Another year, to wake up and remember why we are here or to cover our eyes and go to sleep even more.
Another year, to give others the very best we have or withhold, saving the best for ourselves.
Another year, with time to forgive and set ourselves free to trust again or to condemn both us and them.
Another year, to receive what is our rightful inheritance, the Peace of God, or forsake the sacred gift.
Another year, to limit our Love, suppress our Joy and doubt our Eternal Peace or go forth in faith.

I watch humanity choose like cattle following media predictions, financial prophecy, what their family and friends believe, or just plain letting authorities lead them into going along.
You can choose this New Year to be whatever you choose.
You can have what you really want, simply by your absolute commitment.
You can live life to the fullest right now or wait until your ship comes in.
You can treat yourself with love and respect just because.. or you can wish someone else would do it.
You can be grateful for what you have and who you are and know total prosperity or compare with others.
You can sing out for the sheer Joy of singing or wait for a reason to be happy.
You can dance by yourself with childlike delight or you can grieve an absent Prince Charming.
You can bless the infinite possibilities of life or be resentful about what God has not given you.
You can offer your blessing to everyone or wait until you know your gift will be appreciated.
You can wakeup with a happy willing heart each morn or stay in bed dreading another day.

It is all our choice.
This New Year will be a prosperous as you choose it to be.
This New Year is yours to create with your consciousness, your vision, your passion, your purpose, your meaning, your forgiveness, your hope, your trust, your commitment, your actions, and your gratitude.
This New Year is yours.
This New Year is a gift of Infinite Possibility.

Those who fully value the gift of life prosper in the right use of what is given.
Those who devalue, throw away, condemn and dismiss the gift are depleted, depressed and disheartened.
You choose your receptivity to what is given.
You choose how you judge what is yours.
You choose how you use what is yours.
You choose how you take responsibility for what is yours.
You choose how you value what is yours.
You choose what you learn from what is yours.
You choose how you share what is yours.
You are given everything.
You choose how you put it all together and use it for the Good of All.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just as with everything, what we perceive is based on our judgments, our fears, our beliefs.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the Light of God shining through.
When we see with eyes of fear and anger, we see the devastation, death and despair.
One way of perceiving will energize us into loving activity.
The other perception may depress us and send us into anger toward God.

Only Love is real.
Everything else is illusion.

When the mind of humanity stepped away from the unchanging and Eternal Love of God,
we began to see, to experience, to interpret, to perceive “not Love” or the apparent absence of Love.
With the experience of “no love” or lack of God, we are called to remember Love, to trust in God, to have faith in Good and experience the miracle of Love. When we see what is called a dis-aster, we can ask “Why did this happen?” or “What is causing this?” or “How could a loving God let this happen?”.
What is the root meaning of that word “dis aster”? “Lack of stars” someone with Latin training can give me the origin.

My spiritual experience and inner listening tells me that God does not inter-fear with our choices, projections and miscreations. Just as loving parents allow their children to learn from the natural consequences of their actions, so our Infinite Parent allows humanity to experience the results of our creations. How else can we learn? And what can I learn? What can I do? How can I respond with Love?

Each one of us is given the opportunity to choose again. I choose not to take on more fear for them, for the earth or for myself. I Betty Lue, choose to respond with Love and appreciation. I am a willing learner. I am open to holding the Light and sharing my gratitude and Love for those who walk this Earth with me and those who make their transition. I do not hold one field of possibility or “reality” better than any other. I do not see this worldly life as being the Best or something to cling to as what is Real. I imagine a loving Creator that loves through Good times and Bad. I see myself as extending Love and Faith without ceasing. I send my prayers and faith in the Goodness of humanity to grow and learn better how to love and care for one another and for our planet through all times of struggle and hardship as well as gentleness and ease.

Some questions I ask:
How are we valuing our planet Earth?
How do we listen to what nature is telling us?
How do I respond when someone I know is ill or depressed?
How do we see those in other countries, as part of our human family or separate?
How do we see our neighbors and those in our own community?
What am I called to give when a charity or homeless person asks for a donation?
How am I my brother’s keeper or family member with everyone on the planet?
What part am I called to play when there appears to be crisis on the planet or in someone’s life?
What good does prayer, affirmation, inner listening do?

When we forgive our fear and emotional reactivity and withholding and respond with Love, our perception and experience is transformed as if by magic. We are enlightened and encouraged and empowered by the enlightened possibilities in our minds and the healing and all-embracing Love in our hearts.

Who can you reach out to today?
How can you help there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all creation?
What can you do right now?
Your consciousness, your choice and your Love in action makes a mighty difference.

Loving you in your Loving All,
Betty Lue

Remember even if you don’t agree, you can look and see what is deeply and profoundly True for You.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Completion and Closure

To move on to the New Year with open-minded vision and happy focus,
We must complete the year 2004 with forgiveness, gratitude and blessing.

Honorable closure with appreciation in our hearts and peace in our minds opens the door to experiencing the highest and best possibilities in the coming year.
When we resist, avoid or want to rid ourselves of what was,
we often take the past with us as ghosts, shadows or unconscious baggage.

To be awake is to learn from everything.
To be forgiving is to find the gift and offer our blessing.
To complete is to receive with gratitude what was given and received.

Selective perception sees with forgiving eyes.
Selective memory remembers what is good and whole and true.
Selective vision sees only the wholeness and holiness in all things.

Questions to be answered:
What have I given?
What have I received?
What mistakes have I made?
How can I make amends?
What have I learned?
Where have I been challenged?
What can I forgive?
How have I grown?
What have I let go?
What am I called to bless?
How am I called to live now?

Our greatest gift is to give our very best to everyone in all circumstances.
What is your very best?
How can you remember and support yourself in giving what is truly best for you?

This coming year is a year of change, healing and transformation.
How can you use your life as a happy willing learner to give your very best everyday to everyone?

Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


What music fills your soul?
What sights please your senses?
What natural beauty do you most enjoy?
What food feeds your Being as well as your body?
What people lift your Spirits with their Presence?
What loving work do you most value and feel energized by doing?

Each one of us has a right place to be.
Each one us has a wholly purpose and sacred work to do.
Each one of us has a lifestyle that totally nurtures our mind, body and Spirit.
Each one of us has a spiritual family with whom we feel safe and healed and whole.

When I find myself within a carnival environment, I am not at home.
When I find myself with people talking like they were in a cabaret, I am not at peace.
When I find myself doing what is not my calling, I feel awkward and uncomfortable.
When I find myself eating foods that are traditional, I feel bloated and clogged.
When I find myself in place that is too gloomy or arid, I feel like I am on the moon.

“When we find our place just right, we will live in the valley of Love and De Light.”

Where would you feel most at home?
Where would you be most free to be yourself?
How would you live if you gave yourself what you really want?
In another time (historical or in fantasy ),or with unlimited opportunities, where would you be at home?
With all options available, who are the people who feel most like the family of your heart?
What is the work you can imagine yourself doing that would feel like play and be totally fulfilling?

Often it is only in contrasting experiences that we uncover and discover what resonates with our soul.
It is often with dissonance that we find we do not belong where we are.
It is sometimes with divorce or being fired or evicted that we stop and look at what is true for us.
If we don’t look within and ask ourselves what is highest and best, we may not get the message.

I clearly would be a cleric, a monk or mystic, a spiritual sojourner, in another time or life.
I clearly prefer silence or meaningful conversation focused on what benefits or uplifts.
I clearly prefer eating simply, naturally, mostly raw and organically with the same foods daily.
I clearly prefer simple, beautiful and orderly surroundings which I can mange with a minimum of effort.
I prefer to spend my time creating beauty and goodness with words, images, space and people.
I prefer to be with people who are respectful, kind and appreciative of themselves and others.
I prefer to live in a way which models the highest values of stewardship, generosity and happiness.
I prefer being alone or engaging with people in ways which are healing, inspiring and growthful for all.
Being authentic is the only when I can live and be happy and whole.

I encourage you to choose what resonates with you.
I invite you to explore the full range of possibilities. I believe there is no right or wrong, unless you are going against your own grain and causing yourself pain.
Would you prefer a life more adventuresome, playful, bawdy, competitive, game-playing, simple?
Would you prefer to be with people who are into cars or money or fame?
Are you called to live among the rich and the famous, or the impoverished and downtrodden?
Are you called to paint, to write, to dream, to travel, to move, to be free, to move?
Are you called to be more with children or with Seniors or with movers and shakers?
Are you called to dance through life or sit in a rocking chair?
Are you called to be with people who laugh and joke or people who are quiet and contemplative?
Are you called to serve or be served, to separate or to connect?
Are you called to be more Spirit guided, more worldly, more risk-taking, more giving?

Find what resonates with you and you will find your place just right!
PS: You will know by how happy, peaceful and at home you feel.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 27, 2004

Expect the Best

This was written last week in response to a Mom handling her family during Christmas break.
However, I want to add that with those you don’t live or have any emotional leverage, they may feel attacked and resist unless there is good reason and willingness to change.

Are you disappointed by the quality of relationships with children, friends, partners and parents?
How about honing and fine-tuning your relationship skills?
Are you dismayed by the lack of respect or consciousness in those you live and work with?
Are you distracted by the noise level, gossip, tattle-telling, fighting and lack of cooperation at home?
Are you dismayed by how little gets done and how much complaining and dependency in those you love?

What do you expect?
Expect little and that’s what you get.
Disrespect yourself and your time, energy and money and others will, too.

If appropriate…
Consider writing to yourself and each of your family members a note of what are the qualities of an ideal mother of a child their age or of a wife.
Then write the qualities of what you imaging to be the ideal qualities of a child of their age.
Let them know you believe you can improve the quality of your relationship with one another.
Make sure you acknowledge that you see and appreciate where you are both living what you value.
Clearly forgive yourself for your failings and forgetfulness.
Forgive then for not living up to your unspoken expectations.

Begin to teach them what you value everyday.
“I really value...
I like it when you....
I so appreciate ..for helping me clean up.
It feels good when ....listens to me.
I am so happy when you sit and read a book.
I am pleased that you are talking with me at the dinner table.
I love how we can take walks….:

Do the same for those you spend time with consistently. .
Be specific.
The Christmas holidays are a great time to begin this new way of teaching, reminding and being clear yourself of what you really want, rather than focusing on what you “don’t want”.
Kids listen to the loudest voice.
If you yell when they are fighting and are smile with words when you appreciate,
the fighting gets more of your attention and grows.

I know you can do this.

Remember managing your home and thepeople in it is similar to good workplace management or classroom.
Be clear, consistent and communicative.
Go for the highest outcome.
There may be initial resistance to a change, as human beings get stuck in habits and familiarity.
Expect and give the best.
Do not settle, sacrifice or be silent.
You can do it. Never ever quit on what is good for everyone.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Letting Go with Love

“If there were one thing I could give you this Christmas, it would be to free the past.
The past is not here.
It cannot touch you or harm you.
The past is nothing.

If you had no past, you could freely create your present and your future.
If you had no past, there would be nothing to live up to or fear.
If you had no past, you would have no complaints and no worries.
If you had no past, you would have no guilt or blame.
If you had no past, you would truly be free.

You can have no past through constant daily forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
Forgiveness is selective remembering.

I forgive everything and everyone.
My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly true and loving.
The past is nothing and not here.
I am here now whole and holy creative.
I choose to create this moment as happy, loving and peaceful.

Spirit gave us this incredible gift, the gift of forgiveness.
We can clean up our mind with forgiveness.
Cleaning our minds will clean our bodies and clean our lives.
Simple living is cleaning house constantly.
We then have space to freely create and fully enjoy our Present.

You can and should deny that error can harm you.

These are gifts from Spirit for you.”

Clean your house.
Clean you mind.
Clean your body.
Clean your spirit.
Clean up your relationships.
Clean up your finances.
Clean up your memories.
Let go of anything and everything that does not bring you Joy!
Polish up those wings and get ready for 2005.
We are coming alive this year.
May you be filled with Hope and Joy and Faith and Love.
May you remember the Will of God and Goodness within you.
There is a voice, an inner messenger, that brings you good tiding, that inspires lofty dreams, than stands by you in times of crisis, that encourages you with the going gets tough, that loves you always and forever.
Let go of what does not matter, so you can behold the Goodness and Love that is given you.

Loving you mightily,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Santa Claus Has Come

My Dad and Mom were firm believers in the magic of Christmas.
We always wrote a note for Santa leaving him a big glass of milk and his favorite cookies.
My brother and I set out carrots and celery for the reindeer, even though we weren’t sure what they ate.
Santa would slam the door as he left, laughing loudly and saying, “Merry Christmas t all and to all a Good night.”.
Presents were usually special and few, exactly what we had asked from Santa.
As we grew older, the tradition remained even though we knew who did the elfin work for Santa Claus.
It was a belief in our family that everyone is Santa when you share the Love in your heart with others.
We often visited and sang to shut-ins or those in convalescent homes.
And to this day I usually take a group to sing and share our Love and joy with those who have no families.

I have never forgotten the real meaning of Christmas for me: to freely love and bring Joy to one another.
Everyday is Christmas in my heart when I am living my Holy Purpose.
Everyday I am here to bring the Presence I have and the gift of my wonder and Joy.
Everyday I am called to offer hope and faith and Love to my world.

I believe in Christmas as a celebration of the innocent child who simply wants to give and receive love.
What would it take for you to reach out and love someone who needs to be remembered today?
What would it take to make that special phone call with a “Merry Christmas” message?
What would it take for you to forgive the past and wake up smiling?

“Ask not what others can do for you. Ask only what you can do for others.”

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Be the Santa you were meant to be.
It takes no money, only your time and energy and your Love.

Life is for giving .
And You are the Gift.
Giving will lift your Spirits and make your heart sing.
Give the Best you have, for it was gifted to you to be shared.

Santa Claus has come into your heart.
Hope you appreciate Robert’s poem adapted almost 20 years ago.

The Night Before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the earth
Was the light of love shining, a holy new birth.
Forgiveness completed, all judgments aside,
My conscience was clear with no hint of pride.
My worries behind me (I'd put them to bed)
While visions so heavenly danced in my head.
The job and the family, all routine, a snap.
Unaware, I was into a spiritual nap.
When out of the calm, there arose such a clatter.
My life was unsettled. Now what was the matter.
Away from my habits I flew like a flash.
I threw off attachments, and then came the crash.
The feeling was alien, nothing the same.
I couldn't describe it or give it a name.
When what to my wondering eye should appear
But a blaze of white light, and coming so near,
With a little old angel so lively and quick
I knew in a moment, I was going to be sick.
More rapid than eagles his values they came
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:
"More honesty, tolerance, gentleness, trust,
Faithful and generous, with patience a must.
To topple defenses and breach the fear wall
Now dash away, smash away, drop away all."
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly
When they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky
So up in the air all the pieces they flew
And I felt when I looked, I'd see everything new.
And then in a twinkling, I felt with a start,
The growing and glowing, expanding my heart.
As I came to my senses and was turning around
I saw in the mirror an image profound.
He was bathed in bright light from his head to his toe
(His clothes were quite common so no one would know)
The weight of the world had just dropped from his back
And he danced like a peddler devoid of his pack.
His eyes, how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry,
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry:
The smile of his mouth was drawn up like a bow,
It would light up a crowd wherever he'd go.
His relative silence bespoke inner peace
Letting all in his presence experience release.
He had a bright face and a happy, strong laugh
Which touches the heart, cuts resistance in half.
He was loving and kind, a right jolly old elf
And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself.
A wink of his eye and a nod of his head
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work.
He listened within (a somewhat strange quirk).
But touching his hand to the side of my face
We joined, became one, with no distance or space.
I knew in that moment just what my gift was
To love all of my brothers, with no "why" or "because".
And I'm here to exclaim, as I grow in Love's light,
Merry Christmas to all, it will turn out all right.

Adapted by Robert Waldon

Friday, December 24, 2004

Hope, Faith and Charity for 2005

Can you feel the surge of hope for the coming year 2005?
Can you hear the cry for faith in greater things yet to come?
Can you see the call for loving kindness all over our world?
And the greatest of these is Love, yours and mine.

Our greatest gift is our Loving Presence.
Our greatest relationship is love of our Source and Creator.
Our greatest work is that of forgiveness to release the past.
Our greatest creation is to see the Beauty and Goodness in life.
Our greatest service is to love each one as ourselves.
Our greatest courage is to have faith even in times of struggle and suffering.
Our greatest lesson is to love no matter what.
Our greatest opportunity is to choose consciously for what we desire.
Our greatest abundance is gratitude for limitless possibilities available to us.

Thou Art Great and we are the creations of the Greatest.
We have within us the capacity to choose, to create and live life to the fullest, right now.
We have within us the beauty and magnificence far beyond what our eyes can see.
We have within us the radiant Love that can Hope all things, heal all things and endure all things.
We have within us the freedom to create that which is Beautiful, Good and Healthy for All.
We have within us the faith that commits and persists to fulfillment of our highest aspirations.
We have within us the courage to forgive past hurts and move on to trust and love again.
We have within us the willingness to let go, to listen to Spirit and learn what is for our Good.
We have within us the music of the spheres to bring us to grateful tears of remembering God.
We have within us the Joy of greeting each new morn with the full realization of Who and Whose we are.

Thou Art Great. And Life is Good.
Let us celebrate the many magnificent gifts that reside with each one of us.
Today on the eve of the Greatest Light and Life that may have ever lived on this earth, let us be joyful and allow the wisdom of the Holy Ones to fill us with wonderful vision for what we are here to do and be.

Welcome Holy Child, born to us this day, to remind us of how to pray and how to play the game of life.
Welcome, Holy Child of Bethlehem, to help us see the Light and share God’s Love.
Welcome, Holy Child, born in a lowly manger bed, to encourage us to offer Peace and Goodwill to All.
Welcome, Holy Child within each and every One, thank you for being the Son of God you are.

Blessed be through time and eternity, for so you are,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Do You Remember?

Do you remember what the real story of Christmas is?
Do you read it with a new vision?
Have you stopped to ask yourself why has this individual affected so many for so long?
Have you looked at Who He was and How He lived?
Have you read the words it is written he said?

The real meaning of everything is in the eyes of the perceiver.
We may forget to listen and look within.
We may get caught up in the holiday hoopla.
We may believe it is just a day to buy and give.
We may listen to the music and be too busy to enjoy.
We may feel the sacredness in church but not in our hearts.

Just as everything has a deeper meaning when we look beneath the surface,
I encourage you to ask within and listen….
“How does the story of this poor child being born in a Bethlehem manger have anything to do with me?”

We can take this life and learn from it personally.
We can ask ourselves what gifts have been brought to us by wise men.
We can allow the natural warmth and safety of the world to shelter us.
We can trust that wherever we are the angels will come to guide our way.
We can learn that fame, fortune and heritage do not make us significant.
We can acknowledge that everyone may be the Enlighted One, the Healer, the Teacher, The Savior.
We may hear we are Beloved and our Creator loves and believes we can do Great and Wondrous things.
We may recognize there is the Light within us that can bring Hope and Peace and Goodwill to All.
We may realize we have much to give simply by bringing our Love of God and Goodness.
We may begin each day with a prayer of thanksgiving and total Faith in the Path we are given.
We may honor and respect each one we meet as offering us the opportunity to see and Love everyone.

This Holy Day for me represents what each one of us is born to be and do.
We can achieve what we have volunteered for in coming to this Earthly Place.
We hold a dream in our hearts, Seeds of beautiful potential, which we must recognize and nurture.
I am responsible for receiving the gifts I am given.
I am responsible for recognizing and respecting the gifts, talents and resources in my life.
I am responsible for contributing the best I have in all situations.
I am responsible for releasing my self-made limitations and sharing Love and Light wherever I go.
I am responsible for using all I am given.
To be aware of how much I am given, I must receive, value and share it.

This Christmas choose to receive the Gift You Are and the Gifts You have with gratitude and praise.
This Christmas choose to give the Gift You Are to everyone with Peace and Joy in your heart.
This Christmas choose to recognize a new Light that is reborn in you as you receive the Love of God.
I am loving you with all the Love that is given me,
Betty Lue

Wishing you the Peace of God and the Joy of New Birth!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Personal Holiday Sharing

This Christmas is full of celebration with abundant love and light to be received and given.
The holidays are filled with life.

Gia, our 6 yr. old grand daughter, is with us most of the Christmas vacation days, yesterday baking cookies and a making a gingerbread house with Grandma, reading the Christmas story with Grandpa and playing with the characters as though it were her story to makeup . Sunday, we saw the Best Christmas Pageant Ever with my mother-in- law Jackie. (A really good one to see or read.)

Today I will be doing grocery shopping for three Christmas dinners we are preparing this weekend. Our Spiritual Family gathers on Christmas Eve with sacred ritual and remembering the Light within each one. Robert’s family is together here on Christmas Day with a fun gift (Pre-owned or less than $10) drawing and trading ( an interactive game in which we learn how we always receive exactly what we create.) and all family members are being invited to share a blessing for the gathering. My family on Sunday with my Mom coming from North Carolina for the week and my daughters and their partners, their Dad and his wonderful wife and of course, Gia and the twin baby girls (in utero) due in May. For this family, the exchange will be about what we value in gathering as a family, how children touch our lives and what they can teach us. Each gathering will be totally different in focus, faith and formality, because the people are different. There will be no gifts in the traditional sense. Robert and I will prepare the meals, one lacto-ovo vegetarian, one traditional and one more relaxed with yummy leftovers.

On Thursday this week Robert and I will be giving Gia a bedroom makeover, with her permission…sponge painting with her choice of colors, putting up pictures she likes, rearranging furniture, clearing out outgrown clothes and toys and giving her a fresh start. Her Dad will be taking her up to the mountains for some skiing this week, Robert and I will be taking her to the ocean, her favorite with us, for a day next week with my Mom. We may have other field trips to visit her Mom and Dad for lunch at their respective work places and the natural museum where she will take a class in paper-making one day and soap-making another. Lots of happy events for caring and sharing, learning and living abundantly without presents, but with total Presence.

In between activities, I will be busy with 6 different pies (my favorite baking project), orange bran muffins, chocolate mousse, double fudge brownies for the Liebers, plus the usual festive foods and holiday traditions. We have a live tree outside our picture window and a live rosemary plant inside, plus a Norfolk pine—all simply decorated with old favorites, plus lots of silk poinsettias and a few live ones as well. Robert put up tiny white lights in the entry and around the back deck, which I may keep up all year round, since I love their happy glow. I play Christmas music from the Glory of Christmas at Crystal Cathedral which we saw for the third time last weekend. No new outfits and no gifts under a tree, but so much love and joy all will feel so blessed and filled with the Love of the Goodness within.

And yes, I will continue the editing for my next two books, writing Loving Reminders for me and you, and living my life available and on call for God and for the Good of All.

There is nothing missing where there is love and respect for all.
Prosperity lives inside of those who are full of caring and sharing, giving the best of ourselves.
Such is Abundant Living and Joyous Giving.
I am glad. I am grateful. I am blessed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Light Is Coming

During these days of decreasing light, there comes a time, just a moment when we pause.
Take a breath and for a moment hesitate and choose again, release and begin again.
This is the season to be aware, be forgiving, be hopeful, filled with faith and charity.

At this winter solstice, where Son shines just a few moments longer each day, we can choose to remember, to awaken and see the intrinsic Holiness within all things and all Beings.

When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the wounded needing to be healed.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the ignorant calling for the right to education.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the hungry we are called to feed bodies and minds.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see those who are hopeless as calling for opportunities.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the fearful as seeking reassurance and rest.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the helpless as calling for empowerment.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the angry as calling for respect and true listening.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see the homeless, disheartened, and grieving as calling for LOVE.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see with mercy and loving kindness.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see with compassion and a willingness to listen deeply.
When we see with forgiving eyes, we see with hope and faith and Love.

And when we forget to forgive what we see, let us forgive ourselves and remember…
What is our calling?
Seek the Light and Celebrate the Light.
Listen for the Love.
Give only with Joy.
Extend to All the Peace of God, the Peace of Light, The Peace of Remembering..
Celebrate the new light, the new birth, this renewed season of hope and faith and Love.

The Light has come.
We have forgiven the world.
The Light has come.
We have forgiven ourselves.
The Light has come.
We are willing to choose again with a renewed and renewing Spirit.

Loving you with forgiving eyes and a heart that is filled with Hope and Faith and Love,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 20, 2004

There is Time

During this season of busyness, there is time.
During this Christmas rush, there is time.
During the end of the year 2004, there is time
During each day of your life, there is time.

There is time for a smile.
This is time for “please” and “thank you.”
There is time for a quick “hello”. There is time to breathe deep.
There is time to forgive.
There is time to be grateful.
There is time for a prayer.
There is time to sing a song in your heart.
There is time to remember good things.
There is time to slow down.
There is time to be faithful.
There is time to be generous with Love.
There is time to be happy.
There is time to enjoy the beauty and goodness,
There is time to step outside and see the starlit night.
There is time to reach out to someone needing hope.
There is time to make a phone call.
There is time to greet your neighbors.
There is time to enjoy the good life you have.
There is time to appreciate all you do.
There is time to greet yourself in the mirror with affirmation.
There is time to say “I love you.”
There is time to do what really matters.

Take the time to do what really matters.

I Am. I do. I love YOU.
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Holiday Stress and Sadness or Serenity and Joy?

Isn’t it ironic that this holiday has become a point of stress and sorrow for so many?
Often when we seek for peace, we find the places of chaos in our life.
When we seek for love, we find what we fear about being so intimate.
When se seek for joy, we discover where we are grieving or disappointed.
When we want to celebrate a wonderful cultural, religious and family holiday,
we may remember the headaches and heaviness associated with the ghosts of Christmas past.

This is the perfect way to discover what our real work is.
Rather than trying to get something we already have,
It is our function to forgive, erase and release obstacles in the way.
Rather than figuring out how to be loving, joyful and peaceful, our real work is to forgive, undo and let go of what no longer is.
Life is about letting go…..not accumulating.
Love is about forgiving what isn’t love, not about finding Love.
Joy is about releasing sorrow, not about making ourselves happy.
Peace is about de-cluttering the chaos and conflict from our minds and our lives.

Once again, our end of the year process is really about letting go.
Release what no longer brings joy.
Let go of stuff you don’t need.
Give it to those who need and want it.
Let go of what disturbs and distracts you.
Stop reading and watching what upsets you.
Undo the memories of hurt and pain by forgiving again and again.
The past cannot bring you protection.
It actually promotes more of the same.
And undo obligatory and dutiful wining and dining.
Only what is given from the heart will bless and benefit both giver and receiver.
Ask yourself if you would rather spend money on stuff which is meaningless or spend time on what is meaningful and loving.
You can choose to send a love letter or give a gift of service and quality time.
You can acknowledge that this year you want to give your money to a good cause rather than buy more stuff.
You can love everyone by loving yourself just a little more consciously than ever before.

Your gift of serenity and peace of mind radiates around the world.
Your gift of healing past loss, woundedness and forgiving painful memories blesses everyone.
Your gift of loving open-mindedness and appeciation will inspire those you know.
Your gift of good will and generosity of Spirit will bless your self and your family.

You are a gift.
This life is for Giving.
Blessed be the Gift you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Pay Attention To What?

What did you learn?
When you were in your “formative years”, what was the teaching of your parents and elders?
When you were learning how to relate, what was demonstrated to be most important?
When you were figuring out how to navigate through this world, what were the lane markers?

Each one of us has an internal guidance system that nudges or hollers at us to “pay attention”.
Every one learns to attend to themselves and their own needs for survival or to the significant other’s need for approval or to the worldly needs for service. Thus, we adapt to be self-preserving, relational or social/global in our habitual/instinctual response to life.

When we own our learned way of perceiving our world and filling the needs therein, we can honor what has most import for us. We also can notice what is our weakness, is ignored and give more attention when attention is due.

What seeks your attention?
What do you miss or ignore?
Where do others misunderstand you?
Where to you avoid or misunderstand others attention or lack of attention?
How do we all perceive something different and sometimes miss the obvious?

Those learning to take care of themselves, because no one else had the time or energy, often learn not to count on others. They do it themselves. If they learned their way of getting love, approval or reward was to be self sufficient, they learn to succeed on their own. If they were responsible for their own well-being from early childhood, they may have learned to attend to their own self preservation first. This might seem selfish or narcissistic, but often was essential to survive and thrive.

Those learning to pay attention to parents, to listen and pay attention to one or two primary characters on their stage in life, may have learned to seek out the “special” one and give their all to that significant other. They may have found that life worked with most ease and contentment by giving their best to one special friend or family member. Thus, their learned habit for safety and belonging was to focus on one at a time. They may find themselves seeking for that special one, intimacy and connection at a soulful level.
In these intimate relationships they may find satisfaction and fulfillment. This relational focus is often intense, connected and powerful when fully met by another. It may be painful, confusing and frightening when denied, abused or abandoned by others.

Those learning to pay attention to the world at large, those less fortunate or the family as a whole, will develop the ability to take a more global approach. Their focus becomes one of attending to the greater Good of all concerned. They may take charge or lead the group to ensure equality, fairness and the highest outcome for all concerned. They may ignore themselves or step away from special relationships in order to honor their learned response to their family, group or workplace. At a party or meeting, they might ignore individual requests and their own needs in order to serve the needs of the group. This global or social perspective may be so focused on attending to the benefit of everyone that they ignore their own needs and those of their family or specific individuals.

None of these paths are right or wrong. They simply are. When we uncover what “runs” us, we can seek to explore a more balanced perspective or simply acknowledge our value for the one we have chosen.

I acknowledge I am highly motivate by the Greater Good and global perspective. I acknowledge I choose to take impeccable care of myself so that I can contribute to the greater Good. I acknowledge that my “special relationships” are learning and healing opportunities, so I can learn to serve all and can foster others becoming more aware of how they serve the Greater Good. This is my perspective and my purpose for being. I honor and respect my calling and my choice.

I invite you to acknowledge your perspective, your choice and commitment and know it is Good.
There is no “right” way to be. Good comes from choosing to respect and value your own way of Being…

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 17, 2004

Too Busy?

Try clarifying your values, goals and priorities.
Then live according to what you really value.
When we are honoring what has heart and meaning, the distractions, detours and delays melt away.
With focus and direction life seems simpler.
With joy and delight everything is easier.
With love and appreciation, the way is opened.
With clarity and confidence we find the groove and move.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when we are “on Path” and living “on Purpose”.

During the holidays when there seem to be pressures, expectations and distractions galore,
it is easy to be overwhelmed.
And with overwhelm comes stress.
And with stress there is reactivity and fear.
And with reactivity there are mistakes and judgments.
All of this takes time, effort and often creates problems and vigilence to avoid problems.
The cycle of stress and overwhelm is self-perpetuating.

What is invited is deep breathing.
What is helpful is a relaxing shower or bath.
What clears the mind is a gentle walk on a crisp evening.
What works is time alone simply sitting doing nothing to unclutter the mind.
What heals is forgiveness of all upsets and lack of peace.
What enlightens is beautiful music, a moment of profound gratitude.
What expands time is enjoying the gift of giving your best.
What opens the heart is to love now, all of life right now.

This world can capture your soul with its seeming demands and apparent expectations.
Only your willingness to say “No” as you let go of the myth of victimization sets you free.
Only your commitment to say ”Yes” to the voice of heart and meaning will give peace.
You are here to enjoy each moment.
When you regret what you are doing and have done, even the slightest, you have wasted your enjoyment and abandoned your inner peace.

If you are doing it, enjoy and appreciate it.
If you are doing it, make sure you value what you are giving your energy to.
If you are doing it, own it with full conviction and giving your best.

You are never to busy to enjoy what each moment is returning to you…
Loving you, Betty Lue

Thursday, December 16, 2004

True Communication

True communication is the unifying power of connecting, with or without words.
True communication is realizing and valuing the unity of all life.
True communion is reached when we know we are giving to ourselves and speaking to ourselves, all as One.
As we listen to our communication, we realize that words of appreciation or criticism are given and received by ourselves first.

Listen to what you are saying with your thoughts, words and deeds.
Listen to what you are feeling as you communicate.
Listen to how your stories feel to your heart and mind.
Listen to your body’s energy as you share your sadness or share your joy.

Communication is an obvious way to discover whether you are sowing seeds of kindness and mercy.
Your words tell you whether you are giving the love, respect and affirmation you want for yourself.
Your mental images teach you what thoughts are healing and which ones are destructive.
Your judgments condemn you and dam up your natural creative and healing energy flow.

What we communicate impacts us more than we are aware.
How we communicate speaks volumes about what we feel.
When we communicate tells us where we are blocking love.
We are blessed or cursed by our own thoughts, words and actions.
To whom we communicate gives us a picture of where we seek to contribute.

“In the beginning was the Word.”
Words create. Thoughts create. Actions create.
Our responsibility to ourselves is to use our words, thoughts and deeds to create Goodness for all.
Our responsibility is to clean up our errant communication.
Our responsibility is to give what we want to receive.
Our responsibility is to teach what we choose to learn.
Our responsibility is to imagine the best for all.
Our responsibility is to undo what we no longer want to be true.
Our responsibility is to heal our attitudes and contribute what is healing.
Our responsibility is to forgive and flush what is done and can not harm us.
Our responsibility is to bury the past and build positive relationships.
Our responsibility is to create goodness and wholeness and beauty.
Our responsibility is to lead those around us by example and by our words.
Our responsibility is to be happy and willing to contribute to a better world for everyone.

Today is a great day to begin.
Let us teach what we seek to learn.
Let us give what we want to receive
Let us remember what we want to be remembered about us.
Let us contribute our best to build the best in our world.

Within you is the beginning of everything whole and true and loving.
Betty Lue

This year Your contributions will publish three more little books of Reminders, Healing Reminders and Healthy Reminders by February 1
and Values Reminders by July 1. I am soooo grateful for every bit of help, for the costs exceed $5000 for all three. Bless you!!!
And answer your question, the book sales do not make a profit. Many are given and shared with those who cannot pay.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What Comes First?

Everyone has different priorities, different values and a different specific dream or purpose to fulfill.
Every one has a different balance, lifestyle, lessons to learn and teach, and wisdom to share.
Every one has different feelings, beliefs, opinions and thoughts to keep private or contribute.
And each One and every One has a special place under the Sun, in the heart of the Sonship.

Trying to figure out how to win the race may misdirect us from reaching our goal.
Beating others may distract us from really winning our own prize.
Paying attention to others with useless advice, criticism and doubt may sap our energy.
Keeping track of where we have been may dilute the full richness and appreciation for where we are now.

Each One has a dream, seeds of a vision, planted in our heart.
Each One has natural gifts and talents to be sown freely wherever we go.
Each One has a Light to shine in the darkness and lead the way.
Each One has an inheritance of lasting peace that blossoms when we consistently give our Best.

As we feel the rush to the year’s end in a time of delight and expectancy,
Shine your light freely with smiles and words of gratitude.
Share your gifts generously without ever buying anything.
Give your Love and Acceptance obviously.
And you will know the Peace that comes from within.

You are a gift to me and to everyone who thinks of you and whom you think of.
You are a gift to those who are touched and taught by your thoughts and prayers.
You are a gift to those who hear your words of gratitude, wisdom and validation.
You are a gift to those who feel your healing touch and receive your written words.

You need not give a “thing” to be mightily received by a world that needs our Loving Presence.

Remember what comes first and outlasts the things of this world.

You are a gift to me and to our world,
Betty Lue
Never forget it!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Always More to Learn

Learning is one element of living with Joy.
When we learn, we are open and receptive, listening and watching for the next new thing.
When we learn, we are curious and wondering, waiting for what comes next.
When we learn, we are eager and enthusiastic, as the doors of our minds open to the mystery of life.
When we learn, we are grateful and happy, as we receive a gift of positive possibility.

What can I do with this, I ask?
How can I share what I am given?
Who would like to learn with me?
When can I use this new knowledge for the Good of others?

I am an Eternal Learner.
I hunger for knowledge.
I seek out wisdom.
I value practical tools and helpful insights.

I learn from everyone.
I learn from every experience.
Some help me strengthen what I know.
Some help me open to new vistas.
I am open and receptive.
I am eager and enthusiastic.
I am grateful and fulfilled.
I am satisfied and still valuing other’s knowledge and wisdom.

What I learn from is deeper, beyond my usual perception.
What I learn from is expanding, allowing me to see beneath the surface.
What I learn from synthesizes and correlates, giving me connections and relationships.
What I learn from are observations, information, knowledge, wisdom and insights.

The Lead Like Jesus Encounter facilitates individuals learning to live their values, talk from their mission and live from their highest purpose, serving the Good of All.
I was amazed by how perfectly my longtime study of spiritual principle and successful business strategy work together to create powerful, positive and effective leadership. I am grateful to Ken Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager and Phil Hodges for putting together this program. I will be taking their facilitation training early February, so I can enthusiastically share with you, parent, coaches, therapists, teachers, church and business leaders. I look forward to being able to contribute to philosophy and effectiveness of servant leaders. Our world needs conscious respectful leadership. Our world needs you to lead others for the highest Good of All.

Valuing and expanding ways to contribute,
Betty Lue

I hope you will invite me to your business, community organization or church.
Let me know if you are intrigued. I will begin leadership encounters in March.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Who Do You Serve?

Just returned from a fantastic two-day training in “Lead Like Jesus’ at the Crystal Cathedral.
It was inspiring, moving and touched the core of my being.
Robert and I went, curious and open to learn as we always are.

Some of the questions we were called to ask ourselves, as we looked at our own spiritual beliefs and our secular activities in everyday life:

Who Am I ?
Whose Am I?
What and Whom Do I Serve?
How to I touch and teach and reach out?
Am I a self-serving leader or a servant leader?
What are the qualities of a servant leader?
How does the servant leader awaken and inspire, lead and relate?

This was a combination of the best in both the ideal world, focusing us on realizing the fullness of each person, and the business world, which has often focused on money and corporate success. I found myself imagining that parents, friends, people in all walks of life could become servant leaders, being led by their highest values, leading only to support the potential of others. I could see many of you learning when to direct, coach, support or delegate by knowing the competency level and confidence level of your children, your mate as well as those in the business community and church or organization. While I was led to this conference to learn and be inspired, to see the Glory of Christmas and to fill my own cup with inspiration, little did I know how much it answers the dilemmas in leadership which I have studied over the years. There is a leadership gap which is calling to be filled. I will be taking the facilitation training in February, so that we can offer this extremely well created program for those who seeking to learn to “Lead Like Jesus”.

Who and what do you serve?
How are you serving the greater Good?
What do you do to prepare yourself for servant leadership?
How can you listen deeply and follow the calling in your heart?

As always, I will continue to share the best I know.
Loving and blessing our journey together,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 09, 2004

When We Love Enough

When we love enough, we will forgive all.
When we love enough, we will bless everyone.
When we love enough, we will create only Good.
When we love enough, we will respect all differences.
When we love enough, we will listen with compassion.
When we love enough, we will not need to correct.
When we love enough, we will take time to connect.
When we love enough, we will let go of our fear.
When we love enough, we will see and be clear.
When we love enough, the way will be light.
When we love enough, we will end our need to be right.
When we love enough, we will extend only peace.
When we love enough, we will detach and release.
When we love enough, we will heal all pain.
When we love enough, we will be happy again.
When we love enough, we will return to our Holiness.

Loving comes in many forms, based on what we learned as Love.
The highest form of Love is Divine or Universal Love.
Even there, we may have learned of judgment, punishment, right and wrong.
How we believe Love will be how we conceive and perceive and teach Love to be.

I recommend that you ponder what is the way you want to be loved ideally.
Then observe how you love yourself and others really with your thoughts, words and deeds.
Make choices and changes as you undo with forgiveness and blessing those errant forms of Love.
You are created as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Yet, for many you may need to explore how best to Love.

For me Love is Trust…..trusting the process of learning, healing, undoing and experiencing.
For me Love is Freedom….the free will to choose, to change, to explore and experiment with life.

I trust You.
I free you.
And I choose to love, respect and accept you through it All.
This is how my Source and Creator loves me.
This is how my parents love me.
This is how I love me.

Loving me and you with a heart that is True B’Lue.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Born in Love

Two innocent college students people fell in love, were married, conceived a child and brought forth a child in 1942.
Throughout pregnancy the child was wanted, loved, seen as a gift of Love from God.
She was talk to and sung to, cared for from the heart, and treated as a whole being from the beginning of her life.
Her parents knew they were temporary guardians of God’s Child.
They saw themselves as offering earthly guidance only when there was need.
It was a happy loving home with little criticism or praise needed or given.
“We love you and believe in you “was the parental message.
This child was always given as much responsibility as she could handle and a little more to grow into.
She was trusted, treated with respect and invited to share her thoughts with parents and elders.
Consequently, she knew everyone was to be respected as equal and valuable and loveable and believeable.
When her mother was carrying the second child, she could no longer lift and she walked at nine months.
When her brother was born, she was called “Mommy’s Little Helper” and knew in her heart this was so.
To this day, she is fully responsible and truly helpful by sharing Love and Light with everyone equally.
Knowing no self judgment, she does not judge.
She observes what people are asking her to believe about them.
She gives people as much as they can handle and a little more.
She respects all people and values all paths that support the fullness and potentiality of each being.

When any child is given unlimited opportunity to shine forth, to grow freely into Beingness, they blossom into the fullness of compassion, confidence, wisdom and grace. This is So!

All Beings are created in Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Most children know the fears, worries, judgments of their parents from conception.
Most are born into a world of judgmental projection, were fears and hurts, pain and problems are remember and wounds are experienced. When that blank slate, the infant’s mind, is projected on with the thoughts, words and deeds of the parents, the child absorbs it all as “truth”. When the parent sees the world as dark, difficult and dangerous, the child believes that is the truth.
When the parent treats themselves as faulty, broken and incapable, the child believes that is their truth as well.
These mistaken beliefs and projections are stored in the archives of the mind as real, to be avoided and defended against.
Thus the “sins” of the parents are visited on the child.
The mistaken beliefs and critical perceptions are imprinted on the children.
The societal mores and historical judgments are perpetuated by our continued allegiance to past teaching.

The work of this generation is to clear our universal and individual minds.
The work of our parents and teachers is to see each child as whole.
The work of all spiritual leaders is to teach mental cleansing and forgiveness.
The work of this time is to see the Light, to be filled with Light and to shine the Light.
The work of all Beings is to remember to love and return to wholeness.

I am loving you and All endlessly.
This is what I know. This is who I Am. This is how I live.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

“Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”

If it isn’t your business, let it be.
If you can’t make positive change, let it be.
If it will cause harm, let it be.
If you don’t have a positive solution, let it be.

Can you trust that all things work together for good?
Can you see that when you interfere, it distracts?
Can you believe that experiencing natural consequences is an effective way to learn?
Can you let go of pushing and protecting and allow others to find their own way?

Often we believe we know what is best for others when we are not living our best.
Often we have pearls of wisdom when we are not listening to what we say.
Often we assert our ideas where there are unwanted or devalued.
Often we believe we can make, convince and manipulate others to change.

Learning to observe is to let it be.
Learning to forgive is to let it be.
Learning to bless is to let it be.
Learning to love is to let it be.

Love is being willing to trust in the process.
Love is freeing others to live life their way.
Love is forgiving our judgments of others.
Love is bless all that is with the grace of awareness.

Loving you and me and all,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 06, 2004

Change Your Mind

When life hands us lemons, we need to change our mind.
When loneliness and grief overwhelm us, we need to change our mind.
When too busy for laughter and pure joy, we need to change our mind.
When surrounded with doubting people, we need to change our mind.
When we have too many bills to pay and not enough cash, we need to change our mind.
When we find ourselves sick and unhealthy, we need to change our mind.
When our relationships are in trouble and we feel unloved, we need to change our mind.
When we are depressed and feel worthless, we need to change our mind.
When our home and our life is a mess, we need to change our mind.

It is easy to find a doctor, take a pill, quit on ourselves, and agree with seeming hopelessness.
It is difficult and challenging to change our mind.
The temporary cure is to but a short term fix.
The permanent healing is to create a mental transformation.

You can do what you believe you can do.
You cannot do what you believe you cannot do.
Life gives us what we can handle and heal.
Most want someone else to take care of life.

Start where you are again.
What do you believe?
How has your own belief been reinforced by life?
How do you want your life to be?
Are you willing to believe whatever it takes to experience life differently?

I easily undo whatever is not true.
I allow myself to let go of whatever does not work for me and my happiness.
I appreciate my creative potential and create what is good and beautiful and healthy now.
I invest my clear, values-centered and focused mind to create a good life.

You can change, undo, forgive, release, edit and erase whatever does not serve the Good in You.
This is your responsibility.
This is your opportunity.
This is the challenge of spiritual growth.
This is the life you have created in order to learn to be responsible and create the highest and best for All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
We are responsible for our thoughts.
Therefore, we are responsible for cleaning up our mistaken and limiting thinking.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Just Do It!

If you want something…..
Assess what you have.
Become aware of how you got what you have.
Take responsibility for creating what you have.
Forgive yourself for judging what you have.
Appreciate what you have.

In a state of self condemnation and judgment of your creations, it is likely you will block future creativity.
In your fear of future mis-creation, you will distort and limit yourself from creating what you really want.
In your seeking to be right, successful and avoid future “miss-takes”, you shut down your exploration and expanded awareness to inspired creativity and growth.
When you put your energy into judging what you have or the mistakes you have made, you have little focused energy available for creating what you want.
In other words, judging what you have created and experienced is wasting of time and energy.

See what you have.
Value what you value.
When you no longer value what you have, let it go, change it or choose to see it differently.
Keeping yourself surrounded by old stuff, outgrown relationships with an and outdated self image keeps you stuck in the past and avoiding the present.

When you want something…
A new job, more financial freedom , better health and self-image, inspiring friendships, a more harmonious family….

Envision it. Get a clear mental image, of what you really want and what fits with your values.
Trust that your faith in God, Universal Creative Potential, Higher Power or affirmations will work.
Allow yourself to be hungry and motivated by your desire for what you really want.
Make your own mission statement, listing goals and priorities. “I do my part to have what I really want. “
Commit to persist without doubt, until you experience what you want to experience.
Begin by doing first things first. Do what you know you can do to experience what you want to have.
Appreciate every step along the way. Appreciate risks and “failures” from which you learned.”

Begin where you are. Just do whatever you can do everyday in everyway.
No limits, No mental messages of impossibility.
You can do it, when you believe you can do it. You can achieve what you conceive and believe.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Be Responsible for Your Self!

If you want your friendships to improve, it is up to you.
If you want more freedom, it is up to you.
If you want to have happy holidays, it is up to you.
If you want to spend less money, it is up to you.
If you want more fun, it is up to you.
If you want better health, it is up to you.
If you want more wealth, it is up to you.
If you want more love, it is up to you.
If you want a better job, it is up to you.
If you want more respect, it is up to you.

Really! This is true.

Why would we ever think someone else is responsible for our health, happiness, wealth and respect?
How could we ever believe, more freedom, friendship, fun and love are dependent on others?
Because we learned from our parents, they are responsible for everything.
When parents believe they are responsible for their child’s happiness, the child assumes this is true.
When parents believe they are responsible for their kid’s grades, the child assumes this is true.
When parents believe they are responsible for their child’s wellbeing, the child assumes parents are responsible.

Yes, there is parental responsibility.
Parents are responsible for the safety, security and socialization of their children.
Parents are responsible for giving their children messages which children believe are true.
Messages of “You can’t. You are not capable. You are not loveable. You are an irritating, complaining child. You are stupid. You are sick all the time. You are so moody. You are such a difficult child. You are especially needy. You are easily upset. You make me so mad. I just hate you when you act…..”
Grownup children are responsible for letting go of the mistaken messages passed on for generations.
We are responsible for deleting from our mental computer any message which is not good for us.

We are responsible for ourselves.
In order to be free, we must be responsible.
In order to be happy, we must be responsible.
In order to be wealthy, we must be responsible.
In order to spend less money and have more fun, we must be responsible.
In order to attract long lasting, loving and respectful relationships we must be responsible.
In order to experience more love and respect, we must take responsibility.
In order to be healthier and have a better job, we must be responsible.

Criticizing and blaming won’t work.
Waiting for someone else, won’t work.
Whining and complaining won’t work.
Manipulating and convincing won’t work.
Lying, cheating and stealing won’t work.
Begging and pleading won’t work.
Getting sick and tired won’t work.
Being responsible for yourself and your whole life always works!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Focus and Direction

Where are you going?
If you don’t know, how will you get there?
Where are you going?
If you lose your focus, you will lose your way.

Where are you going?
The world will tempt you with illusion.
Where are you going?
In trying all paths, there is confusion.

Where are you going?
How can you tell?
Where are you going?
Getting lost feels like hell.

Where are you going?
Help is always there.
Where are you going?
Help will always care.

What is your destination?
What is the direction you are currently going?
Where are you focused?
What are your distractions?

For whom do you wait?
Who do you serve?
How shall you proceed?
How will you know you have arrived?

I am loving you and all,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Wants and Needs

Do you know the difference?
In our culture, we often say we need what we want.
Our needs are few and basic.
It is important to look at what we “need” to thrive.
What we want often camouflages what we really need.
What we think we need often distracts and delays having what we truly need.

What do we need to survive?
Food, water, warmth (clothing, shelter, fire), air.
What else do you believe you need to survive?

What do we need to thrive?
We need safety from harm.
We need security from fear.
We need belonging to family or community.
We need confidence and self worth.
We must learn and expand our awareness.
We need to know we can contribute
We need to be productive and achieve.
We need to practice, master and excel.
We need to believe in a greater power and purpose.
What else do you believe you need to thrive?

What we need must take precedence over what we want.
The complexity of decision, diversity of options, temptation of pleasures challenge our focus.
We must attend to our true and real needs first.
We must honor the real needs of our children first.
We must recognize the developmental continuum, rather than missing steps along the way.
We must clarify and prioritize our values.
We must differentiate between needs and wants.

What do we want?
Christmas presents and decorations, coffee and pastries, fine restaurants or fast food,
hair coloring and tummy tucks, movies and TV, the latest clothes and shoes, parties and social events, a bigger house and nicer car, unlimited wealth and retirement savings.
What do you want?
Is there any real need that is unmet in your self?
Why not meet your real needs first?
Perhaps our “wants” are merely cover-ups for unexposed “needs”.
Perhaps are “wants” are believe quick fixes for the pain of ignoring our real “needs”.

Do your children have their “needs” met?
Or are you listening to their learned “wants”?
Have you learned to take care of your own “needs”?
Now is the time to learn, practice and come to peace.
You will discover what you “want” fades into nothingness.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
To thrive, I need to write and read, listen and remember to these Loving Reminders.:)