Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on Our Summer Transitions and Transformations

Packed our wonderful rental home for the last two years in early July.
Officiated a beautiful wedding on July 11.
After a 24 hr. flu bug episode, we boarded a plane to Kona two days after originally schedule.
Back problems following the flu stuff which we handled with energy balancings, magnets, bio freeze and gentle healing touch and Love.
Fabulous Hawaii retreat with five of us returning from previous years for five days.
Then easy and inspiring five days with Robert, visioning, putting together our new schedule, Unity church newsletter and completing moving plans.
Returned late Friday July25 to finish packing and a full weekend of activity.
Fun and fulfilling Living Ministry one day workshop on Stewardship and Service on Saturday.
Sunday School and Church services at Unity on the Delta .
Sunday afternoon spent organizing and appreciating new home changes in two weeks we were gone.
Moved in Monday, July 28 from 6 AM-7PM with help of dear friend Betty, plus four moving men and a truck.
I spent moving day “out of commission” due to body stuff.
Tuesday put together much house stuff in the AM and then went to bed for rest of the day, while Robert did errands and Tuesday eve. class.
Unpacked and organized Wed. AM. Clients all afternoon.
And here we are Thursday morning.
My computer is up and running and so is my body. Yeah! I have missed the services of both! ;)
80% unpacked and organized. Our intention is to be 100% unpacked by the time Robert leave on Saturday early AM.
Doing office work and business stuff today with picture hanging, plus beautiful things.
Tomorrow will be wonderful break with grandchildren in Petaluma.
Robert flies early Saturday to Asheville to finish my Mom’s move, packing up her condo, and more.
She is leaving over 30 years of friendships, volunteer service in multiple organizations and the longest home she ever lived in.
Her Condo is sold and she has given away 95 % of her things. Wow!
I will see my Alameda little ones on Saturday morning and then have a full day of clients.
Sunday Service and music at Unity for me. Topic: “Healthy Changes.”
Monday I have clients and more house organization, getting ready for my Mom’s move in.
I fly to Asheville on Tuesday AM to finish, gather with friends and say “good’bye”.
We three, Robert Mom and myself fly to Kalamazoo on Friday AM ,where we visit Reunion Spiritual family and our Dickerson Family Annual Reunion at a 4 H Camp on Bear Lake. Usually over 100 of the 240 folks attend each year.
We fly home on Monday morning August 11.

Then we create our new norm, arranging our new home to fit our new family (3 of us)
and our new schedule and new lifestyle with a renewal of Mind, Body and Spirit, making new friends.
Sounds like a lot of Newness in every area of our lives!!
And it is!!

My Mind and emotions are almost totally supportive of all the changes…..a little uncertainty.
But my physiology has reacted to the stress of all the physical changes.
I am learning to slow down.
One step at a time.
Easy does it.
And Everything always works together for Good.
And So It Does!

I am always loving You!.
That is a certainty and a grounding principle in my life.
Thank God!
Betty Lue

Friday, July 25, 2008

What Have I Learned?

We just spent five days without company and much in silence. (Listening writing and envisioning the coming year.)
And during this entire 11 days in Hawaii, much has been learned, remembered and consolidated.

Everything is my teacher.
Sunrises and sunsets, the sea and sky, the birds and mongeese, the golfers and tourists, the servers and cleaning ladies, the food and water we prepare, my thoughts and feelings. Everything is teaching me!
Open-mindedness is the key to learning.
To be receptive to what is available requires a quiet mind, open heart, happy willingness to receive the messages.
Appreciating what is being taught amplifies and increases my learning.
Life is a gift which fills me up.
When I am totally receptive, I am full of joy and gratitude. I am full of wonder and curiosity at the meaning and message in all things.
I seek and find the Goodness and blessings in what is given. All is Good.
Home is where I am at peace.
I make myself at home everywhere as though I were going to live there forever.
When I am trusting and happy with my surroundings, I am at peace. It is inner peace that brings me the feeling of home.
Fear distorts perceptions and judgments.
When afraid, my view is limited and I see in the dark (like through a pin hole).
Fear creates physical sensations and emotional reactions which engender or attract historical fears and limit understanding.
Forgiveness releases fear.
Undoing judgments, assumptions, explanations and analysis is essential. “I know I do not know.”
Forgiveness opens the way to be present with Love, appreciation and inner peace.
We create our experience with our consciousness.
What I see, how I feel, when I react and whom I trust are all a result of my conscious choices.
I am choosing the experience I will have, whether I know it or not. Undoing negative thinking is key to perfect happiness.
I am creating peace or stress for myself and my world.
I can extend peace with a smile, a touch, an affirming word or my grateful thinking.
If I am not at peace, I can create distress, confusion, uncertainty, concern and upset for myself and the world around me.
Beginning each day giving Love, Appreciation and Peace is a Gift to myself and my world.
It matters not by the sea, in the shower, driving the car or eating breakfast, I can choose to send positive grateful and loving thoughts to everyone everywhere. I know it makes a difference.
Being silent and alone, with nothing to do, is essential to inner peace.
Daily cultivating our inner garden and True Self is our real work. Weed the mind of limiting thoughts.
Water emotions with Love and respect. Enjoy the beauty of our heart and appreciate the wonder of our lives.
Appreciate all those who are in your life and honor what you continue to learn from everyone.
I deeply value our friendship and inspirational connection.
Even those whom I have not met, I know you are receiving these reminders because they have value to you.

I love you and bless you in your willingness to learn and grow in cultivating your own inner garden.
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bless or Curse? Forgive or Fix?

Is it difficult to figure out what to do when it seems things are not what you want them to be?
Are you struggling with how to find and correct what went wrong?
Are you engaged in an endless cycle looking for what to do to make your life work for you?

When we bless, we uplift, inspire, appreciate and enjoy.
When we curse, we attack, diminish, intensify and deplete our own energy.
When we forgive, we undo, release, surrender and let go.
When we “fix”, we analyze, focus on the problem and get busy covering cracks in our consciousness.

Optimists look for the good to appreciate.
Pessimists look for the problems to fix or avoid.

What is your perspective?
Do you seek what can be?
Do you look for what might have been?
Are you focused on maintaining a happy outlook?
Are you trying to avoid being discouraged and depressed?
Is life getting your down or keeping you inspired?
Are problems challenges to be treated with enthusiasm and confidence?
Or are problems sources of irritation, anxiety and energy drain?

When we see life as an invitation to choose our perception and our response, it becomes simple.
When we see life as a struggle to get it right and keep going, we may find confusion and frustration.

Practical Application and Affirmations
I bless what is good and let the rest go easily and with gratitude.
I forgive my judgments, fears and failures and forgive others’ as well.
As I undo what I no longer choose to be, I can see the love and peace available to me now.
I love, trust and respect myself, when I know letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Experiment with life choices and you will discover these metaphysical truths:
  • What we focus on increases with our attention and energy.
  • Trying to avoid, fix, or get rid of something is another form of feeding its reality.
  • First be peaceful. Understanding will follow.
  • Awareness without judgment (with peace of mind and neutrality) is healing.
  • Everyone simply wants to love and be loved.
  • What is not loving is always a call for Love.
  • When we let go of what no longer serves us, we see the gift in all things.
  • Mistakes are simply opportunities to forgive and choose again.
Bless us all, everyone.
Discovery of life’s simple truths can be fun, safe and easy, when we stop judging ourselves.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To Be Truly Helpful

  • Take impeccable care of yourself. Be centered and strong in well-being mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Eat right with the best nutrition for you…. with lots of pure water to keep the flow going.
  • Sleep enough to keep you rested, so you can be alive, alert and enthusiastic.
  • Keep your house, car and office clean. Let go of what you cannot utilize and care for well.
  • Heal your relationships. Forgive yourself and others for any perceived harm.
  • Honor the earth and her resources. Being respectful and responsible teaches and blesses the humanity.
  • Choose daily activities which are inspiring, educational and/or provide healing, humor and joy.
  • Give your best when you give. You will receive as you have given, so you can give even more.
  • Communicate effectively by listening first to understand, before needing to speak to be understood.
  • Handle your financial matters with conscientiousness, so that you experience peace of mind.
  • Take time to keep your agreements, speak respectfully and act responsibly.
  • Discover what your life means to you and support yourself in living purposefully.
  • Above all find a place of quiet and sacredness, where you can still your mind and replenish your soul.

Know that your whole life matters.
Everyone is learning from your thoughts, your words and your activities.
You are an example for future generations.
Your whole life is a shining star on the cosmic screen.
You are healing errors of humanity by transforming your own life.
Give your self the Best today and the Best will be your Gift.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Be aware that we are all learning from YOU!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can You See What You Want to Be?

In most creative traditions (metaphysics, Feng Shui, Creative Visualization, spiritual healing, etc.), we are taught to visualize the changes we want to see in the world. Yet, most media presentations, politicians, doomsday speakers are giving us the pictures of what is and how bad it may become.
Using fear to lead only leads to more fear and less creative and healing visualization.

Fearful images contract thoughts, words and behaviors.
Fear creates isolation, limited thinking, and defensiveness.
Fear shuts down creativity, tends to focus on one solution and diminishes resourcefulness.
Using fear as a tool increases dependency, manipulation and control over those who are frightened.

To encourage creative solutions and enhanced resourcefulness, reduce or eliminate fear.
Seek peace first and then the mind opens to unlimited options.
Eliminate negative imaginings and you will shin a light on possible miraculous outcomes.
Undo a historical perspective of how bad things will be and you find hope, faith and creative thinking.

The fine art of forgiveness is literally the best eraser for the mind.
Can you forgive what scares you?
Can you erase from your mind the pictures of the past or the predictions of disaster?
Are you willing to suspend your worst projections to allow for future miracls?

The second best mental eraser is humor, amusement and laughter.
Fear always dissolves at the sound of laughter.
Consider encapsulating your scariest thoughts in a pink bubble and then blowing it up. Poof!
Consider draining off the negative scary energy into the hot molten core of the Earth. Gooey!

You see fear is nothing but a thought which creates a limiting emotional reaction.
Scary pictures create fear-based feelings and reactions.

Let’s all choose to undo the fear in our world.
Find a technique that is fun safe and easy for you.
Eliminate feeding the fearful media by ignoring it all.
Stop telling scary stories. Stop yourself when you start to engage in disaster thinking.
Ask yourself, what you want to become and experience.
Give attention to the realm of possibility.
Trust that what you conceive and believe can be achieved.
Give some credence to “Thought creates.”

I see a world where we remember simply to Love one another as we also Love ourselves.
I see a place where the innocent children lead us to Loving kindness and caring for one another.
I see a time where we all share what we have without need or greed or fear.
I see that you and I are changing the world with our love, appreciation and open-mindedness right now.

I am loving you and All,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 21, 2008


You are the chooser.
Forgive faulty learning and choose for what you want to believe.
Act as if you believe and continue clearing your resistance, doubts and fears.
As you see your life follows your conscious thoughts and images, words and affirmations, behaviors and interaction, you will recognize how you are creating your life everyday.

I am a victim.
I am at choice.

I cannot do it.
I can do it.

I have to or should……
I choose to ……..

They hurt my feelings.
I allowed my thoughts about what their behavior to hurt my feelings.

They said unkind things that upset me.
I choose to stop taking other’s words personally.

That makes me so mad.
I choose to react to others behavior with anger. And I can change my reactions easily.

I have to go to school, make my bed, get shots, brush my teeth.
The choices I make are in my best interests. No one makes me; I choose.

I can’t get a job.
I can choose to work anytime I want.

I have to live in a ghetto, or a congested area or in an unhealthy area.
I choose to continue living here rather than move to a better area for me.

I have no choice but to go to work in a bad situation.
I choose to continue working at my current job, because it feels easier and safer than changing jobs.

I am stuck with what I have and where I am.
I am free to choose to be and do and have whatever I really want.

The economy has really screwed up my life choices.
I have allowed my belief that externals are in charge of my life.

It is impossible to change my life at this late date.
It is never too late to choose again to have the life I really want.

There is no way I can fulfill my dreams.
Where there is a will, there is a way.

I was destined (genetically or karmically) to have struggles and limitations.
I can rewrite my own story whenever I choose.

Loving you as you discover your conscious and unconscious choices.
Betty Lue

Read Louise Hay’s book: “You Can Heal Your Life

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everything is Optional

You are at choice.
Every thought is optional.
Every behavior is yours to choose or not.
Every word is your choice.

We can believe we had no choice.
We can act life, “The devil made us do it.”
We can pretend we were powerless.
But we are totally at choice.

When we are unconscious, we may not know any better way.
When we are irresponsible, we may not feel capable of choosing our response.
When we are lacking self respect, we may not see ourselves as capable or willing.
When we feel stuck in addiction or victimization, we may believe we are at the effect.

These two ways to perceive our selves in the world create two very different experiences.

“I am a victim of the world I see.” conjures visions of pain and suffering, drama and tragedy.
As a victim, we can only hope to please the “powers” that be enough to escape pain and punishment.

“I am not the victim of the world I see.” “I am not a body. I am free.
As a sovereign Being, created in the likeness and image of the Creator, here to create the Good, Beautiful and Holy,
I am free to forgive what is not Good and Godly and free to choose what is Good for All.

Thus, with Love for Self, Respect for All, I take responsibility for the thoughts and images in my mine.
I take total responsibility for the words I speak and the ways I treat my Self, my creations and All others.
The way I think and speak and act is a teaching, a living example.
The way we think and speak and act is setting the stage for those around us to think and speak and act in a more respectful and responsible manner.
The way all of us think and imagine, speak and treat one another and our world is a school for conscious living.
When we live and love and give consciously, we begin to refine our choices.
We can see where we are giving and creating and teaching less than our best.
We can take responsibility for cleaning up the areas in which we have been giving our power to others and teaching falsely.
We can determine where we have been caught in conforming to the beliefs of the masses.
We can discern where we have disempowered ourselves and allowed others to determine our life choices.
We can forgive, undo, let go and lightly release all that is not wholly true, Good and Loving.
We can choose again.

This is the sacred gift of life.
We can forgive and choose again.

I am willing to be a conscious chooser.
I no longer allow thoughts of victimization to rule my mind.
I think, speak and act with the mind of Good for All.
And so it is, I choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Many Paths Home

There is no right way.
There is no special way.
There is only to find and follow Your own way.

You see, each one of us is unique.
Each one pays a significant part in the One, the unified whole.
And when you find your place, just right, you will be happy.

Look not to your brother for your direction, but look within yourself to find your inner light to guide your way.
Listen not to the many voices outside clamoring for your allegiance, but listen within for the inner Voice of your Being.

And how is it we can find that which is True for us?
How can we discern what will be our part to play?
How do we know when we are in our “right” place?
How do we claim the ray of the sun that is truly ours?

Life is like an Exploratorium.
We are here to try out many possibilities until we find what invites, intrigues and inspires us.
Life is like a classroom.
We may be distracted by others or assisted by others.
Choose your alliances wisely.
Life is like a library.
We can choose the books we like: entertaining, mysterious, weird and wonderful, dramatic and romantic.
Life is like a grand buffet restaurant.
We can take a little of everything just to taste it all or eat only what really nurtures and nourishes us.
Life is like an adventure tour.
We seem to have consistent traveling companions we can choose to listen to, learn from and/or avoid.
Life is like a beautiful story written and painted on a canvas over time.
We can choose to whiteout any or many parts and focus only on now or make a collage of the whole history.
Life is like a spiritual journey which may challenge, inspire, and encourage us or disappoint and fatigue us.
We can choose to take responsibility for what we learn and experience or blame externals for causing discomfort.

Each of us is at choice in how we perceive our selves and our lives.
If we saw life as a movie, we can realize we bought the ticket and can leave at any time.
If we see life as a movie, we can choose which theater and what movies we prefer.
We can step away from whatever is not our cup of tea.
I prefer to stay awake, be inspired, learn something and come out of the theater feeling uplifted and encouraged to make life better for everyone.

What movie are you watching?
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fullest Moon of the Year!

Yes, I am in Kona, Hawaii, on retreat with a small group and will return on July 26th. I can be reached for phone consultation here. I have appts. Available when I return. Blessings of abundant peace and joy to you. May you be wise and guided by spirit in all your choices today. Betty Lue

“Be Grateful for the Abundance You Have” is the invitation today.
Let’s take some time today and everyday to give “Thanks!”
Let’s be aware that when we appreciate, we increase and expand.
In practicing gratitude, we are empowered, focused and directed to the Good.

What can you do to appreciate the beauty and goodness that is?
What can you do to let go of complaining, fixing and analyzing what isn’t?
What can you do to stop focusing on the mistakes, wrong-doing and neediness of others?
What can you do to give your attention, energy and resources to what you value?

You see, energy is energy, whether negative or positive.
Wherever you give your energy you are creating more of the same.
When you are splitting energy between complaints and blessings, you generate conflict and confusion.
Where we are focusing in two opposing directions, we leak or bleed energy into impotence and loss.

To clarify, focus and direct our energy to creating and sustaining Good for ourselves and others,
we must seek only the blessings, beauty and bountiful.
To live rich in thought, word and activity, we must give ourselves to Love and Peace and Happiness.
To give the Good we want to see in our world, we must erase, forgive and undo what is not.
To have All Good is to give All Good.

May the Blessings of Goodness abide in your life today.
May you think Good and Godly thoughts that inspire and uplift others.
May you speak Goodness and words of Good to All, including yourself.
May you behave in ways that bring only Good and all Good for everyone.

You see, you are creating with your vision.
You are creating with your words.
You are creating with the life you choose to live.
And when you forget, forgive quickly and easily.
And when you forgive, choose again for the Good.

This is the way of Love.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Is the Problem?

Today’s reminder is a response to the anxious demands of those seeking external solutions and outside expert defenses.
The ego always defends itself with control dramas: intimidation, interrogation, withdrawal and isolation or playing “poor me” and victim.
The ego’s use of justification, or “false evidence appearing real" is really FEAR expressing itself.
The difficulty with our ego is that it does not want to step aside for spiritual answers.
The ego is “always right”. The ego insists on “winning” at the expense of itself and others.
The pain, isolation and separation from God created by egoic control dramas is terrifying and well defended.
So what can we do when our ego or another’s is having its way?
The following may be of assistance in our letting go, forgiving ourselves and others and remembering only Love will heal.

What is the problem?
Who is to blame?
How do I find the solution?
Why am I constantly finding more problems?

Is it possible that what I am looking for is Trust?
Is it possible there is no one to blame or make guilty?
Is it possible as long as I complain and blame, I continue to experience being a victim?
Is it possible life’s experiences are here to teach us to be responsible?

And what does it mean to be responsible? (Able to respond with Love)
It means “to be able to respond” to whatever comes our way.
What can we do to learn to be able and willing ro respond with Love and let go of fear.
We can take the time to take impeccable care of our spiritual well-being.
We can trust in the voice for healing, forgiving and compassion within.
We can support ourselves with reassuring words, and safety in our surroundings and associations.
We can become aware of what works for us and brings us peace.
We can give to others what we want to receive.
We can stop telling stories that scare us and remind us of past hurts and fears.
We can be gentle in how we talk with and perceive ourselves.
We can take good care of our physical and emotional needs: adequate rest, nutrition, laughter and associations.
We can honor the need to give love and create beauty.
We can give thanks for who we are and what we have.
We can continually look for ways and places to give loving and healing energy asking nothing in return.
We can receive the gift of our own giving with gratitude and joy.
We can step away from those habits of mind and body that are limiting or unhealthy.
We can commit to give ourselves the very best and let go of the rest.
We can love ourselves as we are loved by God, with no conditions, always and all ways.

You see, in the end, we shall all come to the realization that the Source of all problems is within us.
Therefore, The solution to all problems is within us.
Simply, when we stop blaming and complaining, being frightened by our own thoughts, we will ask ourselves with total sincerity: “What can I do to love myself right now in the best way possible?”
And when we give ourselves trust and freedom (LOVE), we will choose the place and the path, the thoughts and responses that Love ourselves well and bring us Peace and Happiness.
I know we all want to be happy and at peace.
The question is: “ Are we willing?”

I am loving you from the happy willing Me reminding the happy willing You,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sending Love

Send Loving energy everywhere to everyone all the time.

If you imagine your energy is like the light of the sun…..
If you see yourself as the Source of Love and warmth for all life…….
If you acknowledge that Love is the creative Power…….
If you give your life to Love and Loving……..

Then ……
Love is your natural state.
Your only true and lasting gift is Love.
All life is benefitted by your Loving.
You are blessed by the Love you give.

Why would love be withheld?
Why would we want to give less than our best?
Why would we believe that lack of love is good for us?
Why we would ever deny ourselves the blessing of Loving?

If you have forgotten to Love, choose again.
If you are withholding love from someone, forgive yourself.
If you are denying the healing power of Love, heal your self.
If you are trying to get the Love you want, give the Love you are.

When you see anger, there is a lack of respect.
When you see fear, there is a lack of trust.
When you see depression, there is a lack of freedom.
When you see less that happiness and peace, there is a lack of Love

You can make a difference.
Your Love makes a difference.
You need not know, touch or see another to extend Love.
You need only be willing to extend the Love You Are.

I am loving you.
Every True and always,
Betty Lue

We leave for annual group retreat in Kona, HI tomorrow 6AM.
We are available by email and phone #800-919-2392.
Friday 7/25 We return late.
Saturday 7/26 Living Ministry, 9-4:30PM , PH CCL
Sunday 7/27 Unity on the Delta, Sunday School 8:45AM (all ages)
Church service 10AM
Monday 7/28 Moving our home.
Tuesday 7/29 Clients and Discover Your Essence class.
Wednesday 7/30 Clients and Relationship Coaching Circle
Saturday 8/2 Clients
Sunday 8/3 Unity on the Delta, 10 Am
Charley Thweatt Concert 2-4:30PM
Monday 8/4 Clients
Tuesday 8/5-11 in North Carolina and Michigan with Mom, Family Reunion and friends.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spiritual Structure

Yesterday I was asked for structure, guidelines and exactly how to do life spiritually.
So today I am here to respond with structure…… much as I can in a general way.
Remember that specifically, you must find your own unique path and readjust it for greatest benefit.

The underlying question here is: How do you live the most consistently inspired life?

Your life work is to consistently support yourself in being happy, healthy and fulfilled.
Your life work is to be the best you by loving you with the best.
Your life work is to contribute to your world with the best you are.

How you do that will be a process of discovery to determine what is best for you.

Suggestions: (Only for those who seriously want to be happy and at their best all day!)

Start the day with inspirational work and play.
30 day program of forgiveness, choice and gratitude, affirmations, prayer, Bible study or other holy scriptures, using esoteric tools, inner listening, communing with nature, moving or sitting meditation, yoga, breath work, T’ai Chi Chih or Qi Gong. ( Do not begin your day with external conversation, TV, or engaging the outside world.) This is a time to fill up you gas tank, focus and direct your mind, body and Spirit for the day. Get up early enough so there are no interruptions or distractions (or if need be, choose the middle of the night!)

Make every daily ritual an opportunity to remind yourself of what is most important and inspiring for you.
In the shower practice forgiveness and washing away the past. Ask questions and listen within.
In the bathroom, release all that is no longer valuable and breathe in new life, new energy and new possibility. At meal time, sit down, pause and take the time to give thanks for the food and for all those who assisted in bringing it to your table to nourish you. When you answer the phone, make a note to treat everyone as you want to be treated. When you greet your family members and friends during the day, give them your blessing, your attention and your love and respect. Remember, what you give you receive.

If you are having trouble giving someone (including you) your best:
Take time to journal and write out what you are allowing to interfere with your loving them. You see where you withhold love, you withhold life energy from yourself. Where you allow fear and judgment to interfere with your loving, you are shutting down you true natural inspiration and the gift of Love you are here to give.

These are specifics. Even if you only do one thing religiously and consistently with full consciousness, your whole life will change.

Enjoy the blessing!
Betty Lue
Know I am loving you and reminding myself all along the way!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reading Between the Lines?

Give me your blessing, Holy Son of God.
Send me your peace and Love, Dear Friend.
We are One in Spirit.
What we give, we also receive.

This summer has been a challenging time.
It is an invitation for me to balance my life.
I am someone who loves beauty and order in my environment.
Right now everything is in boxes.
We are getting ready for a move that happens two days after our return from HI.
When we have moved (many times) in the past…..the entire process takes 3-7 days including packing, unpacking, cleaning, boxes all empty and pictures on the walls.
And this time, This process will not be complete until my Mom arrives on August 11.

So what is my Foundation?
The Truth I know and live.
What is my loving reminder?
I am grateful I have all the Goodness and Beauty I have in you and all those around me.
What is my Comfort and my Guide?
The Source of all Being, the gift of Love I live and give.
What is my Joy?
The sunrise and sunset, the sound of birds, the laugh of the children.
What is the Strength in which I trust?
It is found in faith that All things are working together for Good.
What do I rely upon when day is done?
God is Love and therefore so Am I.
I am as God created me, whole and happy and free.

Life is a sacred journey.
It is the Peace of Mind I bring to every perception that brings healing to me.
It is the gratitude with which I perceive all things that brings me lasting energy.
It is the Love with with I live and give that fulfills my heart and restores my soul.
So let this journey be remembered as the sacred gift it is.

Blessed be to all that is.
And remember, the Blessings already are.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Using the Creative Mind

We see what we believe.
We are creating what we think (envision).
Every thought creates.
We are responsible for what we experience.
These are metaphysical truths.

If I am creating my experience with my beliefs, I can choose again.
If my thoughts are creating, I am free to choose alternative thoughts.
If my beliefs are out-pictured in my perception I can choose to see things differently.
If I am responsible for the stuff I do not want, then why not forgive my self and begin again?

Sounds easy! In fact it is easy!
It is just that my personal mind, personality (ego) is attached to being “right”.
It clings to its belief that we are victims of some other creative power.
It believes there is an external judge who administers punishment for past “sins”.

When we are attached to the belief in victimization and pleading powerlessness, we resist taking responsibility.
When we are afraid of further punishment for errors in choice, perception and belief we prefer to remain passive.
When we are lost in the confusion of error and guilt and don’t know what else to do, we choose helplessness.
When we are drowning in the unconsciousness of fear, we tend to wallow in self pity and finding someone or something to blame.

The endless analysis, figuring out “why?”, seeking methods to defend ourselves and protect against future harm, takes so much energy and focus.
Forgiveness is the eraser of all things.
Forgiveness clears the mental imagery.
Forgiveness undoes faulty beliefs.
Forgiveness stops obsessive thinking.
Forgiveness brings light to ignorance.
Forgiveness releases past confusion.
Forgiveness offers everything we want.

I forgive myself for my wrong perceptions.
I forgive my mind for negative and limited thinking.
I forgive my emotions for justifying fear.
I forgive my self for believing I can be harmed.
I forgive my world for teaching me falsely.
I forgive myself for withholding Love.
I forgive myself for being confused and distracted.
I forgive myself for defending against unloving perceptions.
I forgive myself for justifying my fears.
I forgive the errors in my mind.

Let us together use our creative minds to create what is Good, beautiful and healing.
Let us use our forgiveness, choice and gratitude to engender the world we want to be.
Let us use our ability to erase the canvas of life and create again to see a different world.
Let us join as One to live the life of All Good and only Good for the Good of All.

I Am,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 06, 2008

You Never Know

The best laid plans may need to be laid aside to accommodate what life offers.
To be flexible and resilient lets it be as it is.
When we let go of our plans and allow what comes our way, we can truly respond with love.

Usually I have all my workshops, classes, retreats and travels planned a year in advance.
When I envisioned a move out of the congested suburbs, it was to have been in two to five years.
Life began to respond to my vision.
There was the new home available close in, so I could easily continue my work.
There was the call from my Mom that she was no longer able to drive.
There was the opportunity to buy now as a 35+% discount.
Grandchildren were going to be in preschool.
There was the unexpected need to move out of the Center of Light. (Not enough support for it to work!)
The timing was tight, but possible with our annual Hawaii retreat and other activities.
So we responded with gratitude and delight.

Yes, we could have chosen differently.
Yes, we definitely could have chosen other timing.
But we make do with what we have to be done.

Letting go of plans can be fun, safe and easy.
When we are attached to our way, we feel the resistance.
When we are stuck with our own plans, we interfere with the process.
When we are unwilling to consider there might be a better way, we lose opportunities for Good.

So moving out of the Alameda Center on June 28.
Moving some furniture and appliances into new home on July 1.
Packing up everything for our next move July 2-11.
Giving away everything that is not needed by July 8. (simplifying)
Getting our home immaculate for next renters by July 11.
Performing a wedding on July 11.
Traveling to Kona, HI for annual retreat on July 12.
Spending time relaxing, retreating and editing my next books on holistic health and healing.
Traveling home on July 25.
Ministry Training July 26.
July 27th Unity on the Delta.
July 28th move into new home.
August 2 Robert flies to help Mom close her condo of 20 years.
August 5 Betty Lue flies to NC to complete with our Asheville friends ad help with move.
August 8 we three fly to MI for Dickerson Family Reunion and to visit with our MI friends.
August 11 we fly home to CA and our Mom’s new Tio Vista home with us.

Yes, if we had known we would have planned it differently, but this is the way it is. And the way it is is All Good, when you affirm it so with happy and grateful willingness.

Loving You and All just the way we are,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 05, 2008

“Waste Not, Want Not”

Giving is Receiving.

Takers need givers.
Is being taken really giving?

Contributing is giving tribute to what you value.
Tithing is setting aside the best of what you have to invest in what you want to grow.
Are you contributing to those who squander or do not value what they are given?

Investing is putting energy and resources into what you believe will succeed.
Are you investing in winners or losers?
Do you really believe that giving more will turn around a losing investment?

Appreciation is what grows and increases what it is we appreciate.
To value is demonstrated by our giving positive attention to what we want more of.
Are you appreciating your giving or what you are giving to?

How much time, energy and resources have we wasted?
Imagine the God is the investor.
He invests his wealth of riches in You?
Do you give away the Goods wisely?
Do you reinvest in others’ Good?
Do you contribute to those who stay dependent?
Do you believe in helping those who are not helping themselves?
Do you find the fertile soil and plant seeds of Goodness, Kindness and Beauty.
Or are you wasting the talents and resources on those who are greedy, needy and unappreciative?

I find it best always to ask within for guidance.
  • To whom am I to give?
  • What am I to give?
  • How is the best way to give?
It is not always clear to me what will be received with gratitude.
It is not always clear to me who really wants the gifts I have been given.
It is not always clear to me when and where is the best timing for me to give.
And so I ask within to ensure that the investments I make are truly helpful to those who receive.

I do know that I value receiving and giving these loving reminders to all those who ask.
I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 04, 2008

Day to Remember!

We are free.
It is a blessing to be free.
Living in this country is an amazing gift when we remember.
To be free requires real responsibility.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our Declaration of Independence.

With freedom comes responsibility, not to make others free, but rather to allow them to be free to choose their way and their destiny as long as it does not interfere with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I ask myself, “Is there any way I am interfering with the right of others?
How might I be supporting rules, warfare, bearing arms, or defenses against my fellow humans that in some way restricts them and prevents them from growing into their inherited rights of life, liberty and happiness?”

I am here to be truly helpful.
I can be most helpful when I am free to choose life, liberty and happiness for myself.
I can be most freeing when I am first truly free.
In order to be fully free, I must also be responsible.
I am responsible for paying for what I claim.
I am responsible for the words I speak and how they are received.
I am responsible for my thoughts, good and bad, including erasing the negative ones.
I am responsible for my actions, who and how I interact.
I am responsible for my own self care.
I am responsible for the example I set.
I am responsible for how I treat children, the elderly and disabled.
I am responsible for how I talk about life and others and our world.
I am responsible for everything that I experience.
When I assume full responsibility for everything I experience, I truly am free.

Let us teach others how to live in freedom with responsibility:
By paying our bills on time,
By keeping our homes and cars well maintained,
By treating our resources with respect and gratitude,
By honoring our elders and those with wisdom,
By treating our place on the planet with high regard without insulting others,
By living with the highest quality of life everyday with everyone.

We can be more responsible and from this live in True Freedom.

I love, trust and free you to be the best You, Now and Always!
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Observe and You Will Know

Recently, in the last few months, I have been experimenting with my thoughts.
Where I am in judgment of anyone or anything, I become vulnerable.
Where I am less that happy and appreciative, I am vulnerable.
When I am happy, grateful and in love, I am invulnerable.

Explain please.
Early Saturday, I had concerns, judgments and stress about the move out of Center of Light.
Later Saturday, I was disappointed and distracted by the poor quality of painting in our new home.
I became concerned about what to do that would be best to rectify the situation.
I shared my concerns with the contractor and with Robert.

On the prior Thursday, I let the little ones kiss me on the mouth even though one was not feeling well.
I had the thought, “I don’t know if this is a good idea. I might get sick, but they are sooooo cute.”
Three incidents, seemingly harmless, yet both were fearful and not fully appreciative and joyful.
The result is vulnerability in mind, body and Spirit.

On Saturday afternoon I began to feel a virus (illness) in my body.
While I started forgiving myself for the stresses of the day, I didn’t remember my judgments until later.
Vulnerability comes from any attack on a brother or on yourself.
When you judge another, you are judging yourself.

When we love and respect ourselves, we love and respect others.
When we worry and doubt others, we worry and doubt ourselves.
When we are forgiving toward others, we are forgiving toward ourselves.
When we are impatient or resentful toward others, we imagine others will be impatient/ resentful with us.

Indeed, we become vulnerable when we are focused on the wrongs in our world.
We become vulnerable when we make others wrong or lazy or incompetent.
We become vulnerable when we push to make things right or speed up or to make up for the incompetence.
You see in judging you or anyone, I am pointing out the problem, not seeing the solution.

Wherever the problem, there is one solution = TRUST.
Wherever a judgment, there is one solution = FORGIVENESS.
Wherever a doubt, there is one answer = BELIEVE IN THE BEST.
Wherever a fear, there is one healing Agent = LOVE.

I am a willing and happy learner, when I remember I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here only to remember LOVE and be a LOVING REMINDER.

LOVING YOU, Loving Me.
Betty Lue

I am always learning and reminding myself. Blessings to you.
And Happy Independence Day.
Remember Freedom and Trust are the Keys to Perfect Love.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone?

When we realize that half of 2008 is now gone, we may be wondering “How?”
If time is an illusion, a creation from our mind’s need to measure and compare,
Then we ourselves are creating an experience that seems to be moving faster.
When we are living on purpose in the moment, time seems to stand still.

Have you noticed that when you are focusing with enjoyment, you lose all sense of time?
Have you noticed when you want something to last forever, you can draw it out?
Have you noticed when you are doing something important, you can a lot done in a short time?
Have you noticed you can set a goal for timely accomplishment, and time will support you?

What have you been doing with your time?
Have you ever done a time efficiency study for yourself?
Have you noticed where you spend most of your time mentally?
Have you observed how you used your non-sleeping hours?

It is probable that you lose time where you are afraid or obsessed.
It is likely that you claim time where you are inspired and appreciative.
By erasing fear with forgiveness we find it takes less time to accomplish.
By enjoying what we are doing, accomplishment is fun, safe, easy and quick.

Where we have inner conflict or opposing goals, we lose time in indecision.
Where we are in integrity mentally, physically and spiritually, the flow is open and effortless.
Time is an obvious measure of our openness and willingness to be, do and have.
Time is a way to disclose where we are not fully in alignment with our expressed goals.

When time slips away, have we lost or gained?
Are we easily being with what is, in the moment?
Or are we lost in indecision and procrastination?
Can we forgive and choose again for what is highest and best?

During this time in our evolution, it seems we are called to pay attention to what appears to be.
In this time, it appears that by being awake and aware, we can easily choose again for what we want.
By being present, we can see what we are creating and let go with our blessing to choose again.
Now in the mid point of 2008, why not celebrate what is on purpose and forgive the rest.

This is a great day to observe and choose again.
What I really want for 2008 is:
What I can do to make this year the best yet is:
What really matters to me this year is:

Loving you in this and every moment as there is only and always NOW.
Betty Lue