Sunday, October 10, 2004

Healing with Guidance

What does it mean to be spiritually guided?

Being wholly Happy is Healing
God’s Will for You is perfect Happiness.
When you are not happy, you are not living God’s Will.
Following Spirit is living what inspires you.
To be guided by Spirit is to follow your inner inspiration.
Following inspiration is following the path of perfect happiness.

Are you guided by fear or by love?
Are you following a path of pain or of joy?
Are you busy filling your time with “work” or with “pleasure”?
Do you live to make money or make contribution?
Are you running from problems or running toward freedom?
Are you giving to get ahead or giving to express appreciation?
Are you working to pay the bills or to make life better?
Are you seeking approval and achievement or seeking inner peace and lasting joy?
Are you letting fear build defenses or letting love bring great freedom and joy?
Are you living to enjoy life or living to end pain and despair?

To be wholly happy, first correct the thoughts, words and deeds which bring unhappiness.
To listen for the Inspiration and Joy of your inner Spirit, first forgive.
Let go of past mistakes and limited attempts to bring happiness.
Relinquish your need to look busy,
Give up trying to get approval.
Forego being right in anyone’s eyes.
Release the need to accomplish and achieve fame, wealth and greatness.
Erase the world’s judgments of you and your life,

And when you are quiet….simply ask, “What is the path of greatest happiness for me?”
This is the key to perfect happiness.
This is the key to healing.

You may be called to experience the fullness of life.
You may be called to be totally alone and do nothing.
You may be called to serve others with your loving kindness.
You may be called to write, to sing or paint or dance.
You may be called to take long walks, climb mountains or swim in the oceans.
You may be called to take inner sojourns to listen to the ancestors.
You may be called to rock babies or prepare meals for the hungry.
You may be called to write notes of appreciation for those in your past.
You may be called to heal your inner child with play and profound love.
You may be called to daily devotion to the living God of your Spirit.
You may be called to make music or write stories.
You may be called to read books of great wisdom and reflect on their Truth
You may be called to simply enjoy every breath of life itself.
Simply follow the path of your heart.

Perfect happiness heals.
God’s Will for you is that you remember to Love you, to be wholly happy and healed.
God’ will for you is perfect happiness.
In this you will find your Whole Self and live your Holiness.

Healed, happy and holy,
Betty Lue