Thursday, October 28, 2004

Vacation for Renewal

Let go of one’s former identity.
Release roles and functions.
Open to what is true and real now.

I cannot imagine a better place to remember my purpose for being.
Your place may be the woods, sitting in front of a fire, walking on a beach or in meditation.
I remembered, renewed and rekindled the flame of purpose within me.
What is your empassioned and committed reason for being?

I dedicate my whole life to be inspired and inspiring, offering the Highest I know in each relationship.
Whether positive or negative, I dedicate All to the highest good.
What is your highest value?
What calls to your heart and mind?
What is so important that you could let everything else go?

Hawaii reminded me………
I remember the innocence of community in the 50’s.
I remember the togetherness of families.
I remember how easy it is to live and let live.
I remember how natural it can be to greet everyone with love in your heart.
I remember how much fun to wakeup everyday and greet the rising sun.
I remember how easy to buy and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.
I remember how good it is to spend the day talking about important things with people you love.
I remember how rich life is when you treasure every relationship, every moment, every contribution.
I remember how simple life can be without planning months in advance.
I remember how to listen to the birds, smile at the children and dance in the sun without a care.
I remember what warmth there is in appreciating the goodness and beauty all around us.
I remember how freeing it is to walk to the store.
I remember how sweet the air is blowing off the ocean.
I remember how the sun sparkles on cresting waves and waving palm fronds.
I remember who I am when I allow myself to receive the abundance that is mine everyday.
I remember to thank our Creator for the blessings of simple abundant living everyday.
I remember that I am a gift of Love.
It is my joy to give this gift to everyone in everyway every day.

I am renewed as I remember the simple Truth.

I am loving you by always sharing the best I know,
Betty Lue