Thursday, September 30, 2021

Always Loving!


I Love for the Sake of Love.

I Love for the Joy of Love.

I Love for the Beauty of Love.

I Love and receive the Abundant Blessings of Love.

Simply “ I Am Always Loving You!”

My life of service is for You.

The way I live is for You.

The teachings I share are for You.

Hard to believe, but it is True.

Let us step into Love together.

Let us help one another and step up to Love.

Let us believe together we can always Love.

Let us trust one another to be willing to Love.

What does it take to choose for Love?

What can we do to remember to Love?

How do we live to support this Love?

Where do we go to always live in Love?

Sometimes it may seem there is no one to trust.

We may even neglect loving ourselves.

We might try to get someone to love us.

We may seek a teacher to remind us to love.

I check my Love flow everyday in every way.

With every thought and word I can see Love working or not.

Love is our Essence and Love is our Source.

When we feel lack of Love, we know we have neglected to take care of our Love.

When we keep gas in the tank and clean oil in our car, it goes where we want smoothly.

Our body and mind and Spirit needs us to clean out the valves to flow Love.

Love is the fuel and lubricant that energizes our lives.

When this flow is blocked, limited or diverted, Love seems limited.

Check your oil and gas daily.

Forgive and clean out what interferes.

Stop trying to get Love from those who may be struggling to keep going.

Clean up the flow of your inner supply.

If you do not receive from your inner supply, clean out the obstacles you put in your way.

Clean out the toxic unkind thoughts and change your mind.

Forgive past scar tissue with forgiveness and heal your wounds.

Replace the valves by cleaning out past accumulated debris.

First Love Love itself.

Then Love You loving You.

From an open flow of Love in you, there is easy flow to others in your life.

Replenish your Love tank for Inspiration and add fresh oil to openly flow Love .

You and I are in the flow of Love Together.

Let’s keep Love going and flowing for the Joy of it Always.

Love is who I Am and therefore I endlessly Love.

Loving You, 

Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Let Go and Allow Good


I now give and receive all Good and only Good.

I appreciate the power of choice.

I use forgiveness liberally as an eraser filled with Love.

I let Love and Goodness lead my life.

Let Go and Allow Good

Stop trying to understand what doesn’t work.

Stop analyzing why things are not good.

Stop wasting time on figuring out how to fix people.

Live for You, discovering, understanding and supporting you.

There are infinite potential solutions for every problem.

When you are willing to let go of complaining about them, you will be helpful for you.

When you undo what is not working for you, you will seek only what works.

When you are willing to respect and trust in yourself, you will choose again.

Stop being distracted and sidetracked by going on a wild goose chase to nowhere.

When you stop trying to make something happen, you will release the resistance.

When you start relaxing into the infinite potential for all good and only good, you will succeed with ease.

Emphasis and attention on the obstacles only increases the resistance.

Move around the blocks to freedom and trust.

Let the negatives dissolve in your attention to the positive.

You create more conflict in the upset with what doesn’t work.

You experience more pain by going against the grain.

What if we let our lives flow in the fun, safe and easy direction.

What if we allow others to be what they want to be.

What if we give ourselves the freedom to be and do what we want.

What if we follow the road to happiness as the obvious course of attention.

What if we trust we deserve all Good.

What if we know we are more than enough.

What if we easily forgive, erase and delete what is not Best.

What if we go to bed each night with gratitude and rest.

What if the world is our oyster and we are the pearl.

What if we can find Love when we love the One we Are.

What if being able and willing to respond to all things is key.

What if we are choosing and claiming our own reality.

What if we are naturally healthy, happy and free.

What if we can do whatever we allow ourselves to do.

What if we need to believe we can and then we can.

What if true unconditional Love for oneself is the key. 

Maybe this is your time to set yourselves free.

Choose everyday what it genuinely good for you.

Release the ways you have been taught to sacrifice.

Live your life with the Best for You and from You.

Let us celebrate!

Betty Lue is loving YOU!

Trusting you are loving YOU, Too!

Self-Soothing Suggestions

1. Practice breathing slow and deep into your abdomen Inhale 2, 3, 4 and exhale 2, 3, 4.

    This relaxes your body and quiets your mind.

2. Imagine something good in your future or positive time you are looking forward to.

    This encourages your mind to seek what feels good to you.

3. Send appreciation, love and blessings to others. Share in writing, in person, in prayer.

     What you give to others will inspire you to feel good about yourself.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Stop Absorbing Negatives!


I release and let go anything bad for me.

I set myself free from all negativity.

I stop participating in hurtful harmful ways.

I live my life with conscience and consciousness.

No more Toxins.

Neither give nor receive toxic thoughts, words or behaviors.

Only you can choose what you value.

Only you can forgive limiting habits.

Only you can say “NO” to what is not Good.

Stop playing martyr or victim.

Stop blaming or shaming others.

What you give, you will receive.

Stop participating in the war of negativity.

If it hurts you, do not eat it or receive it.

If it hurts you, do not serve it to others…..not even in secret.

What you think is just as powerful as what you say and do.

Eliminate all attack and gossip and making others wrong.

If you want to be happy, stop dwelling in unhappiness.

Relinquish your need to punish or be punished.

Forgive the negative mind and delete its hurtful thoughts.

Forgive the defensive, destructive words and behaviors.

 Give up unhealthy hurtful habits and behaviors.

Say NO to the people, places and activities that do not work for you.

Choose a life that is Good to you and Good for you.

Only You can choose what is highest and Best for you.

When you refuse pain, you will remember joy.

When you stop worrying about lack, you will remember abundance.

When you eliminate self-harm, you will realize Self Love.

Recognize your natural state by giving up what is unnatural.

We are here to choose, not lose.

We are here to win and encourage others to win.

We are the way showers, the leaders, teachers and healers.

 We can wake up and live the way we are called to be.

Set yourself free from dwelling on analyzing, defending and fixing it all.

Undo all the made up truths that are not and never were true.

Give yourself to loving you and you will begin to love everyone.

Be simply safe and trustworthy to you and all sharing only the Highest Truth.

Now is your time to shine.

Scrape off the “gazoobies” of “yuckiness.”

Sweep away the dirty thoughts and words.

Show up new again and again and find the real You.

Flush the poop and puke in private.

You will be naturally healthy, happy and clean in thought, word and deed.

Do for you only what is truly good and right and true for YOU.

Think speak and behave only the Good in You.

Loving us all new and in Love again.

Your faithful Loving Reminder, 

Betty Lue

Monday, September 27, 2021

Hurt Feelings?


When words hurt, I turn them into blessings.

I am responsible for what I think and feel.

I learn what to forgive and what to remember.

I am responsible for what I experience.

Hurt Feelings?

What hurts your feelings?

What offends you?

Do others’ words condemn?

Do others’ judgments validate what you already are thinking?

All criticisms are really about the critic.

All attacks and judgments are telling more about them than about us.

People can only project on another what they have within themselves.

So, what other people think of us is really none of our business.

What would it take to let go of all criticism with forgiveness?

Listen to others and respond with ‘thanks”.

Relinquish the need to attack back and flush the toxic material.

Be aware that only you can choose to not ingest what is unhealthy for you.

Ingest the best and forgive and forget the rest.

You can take in what works and is good for you.

You can step aside from what is hurtful and unhealthy for you.

You can choose to be good to you.

Our job is to take good care of ourselves.

If what we eat and think and hear and see is not good, do not take it in.

You are the gatekeeper of your mind.

If what you are thinking to be unkind, do not keep it in mind.

Relinquish that which is not yours.

Let go and let goodness fill your mind and heart.

Remember what you take in or on is yours to choose.

And when it is not healthy, erase and delete, so you can be healthy and whole.

There are truths that we may tell one another that can be used for good.

There are words that are said that may cause us to hurt, but we can use them to learn.

There are people and places who give advice that wake us up to change our minds.

There are moments when we give and receive good help and advice.

We are translators of what we hear.

We are healers of what we see.

We are students to better ourselves.

We are teachers to remind ourselves and others.

Learn to see things without hurt.

Learn to use everything for the Good of all.

Learn to remember we can learn from everyone.

Learn there are intrinsic blessings of Good when we forgive.

Loving us as we all remember to stop hurting ourselves,

Betty Lue

Sunday, September 26, 2021

You Come First!


I am willing and able to do what is best for me.

I choose to be loving and capable.

I relinquish my need to be taken care of by others.

I respect my ability to be “responsible” and able to respond with Love.

You Come First!

If you don't care for you, who will?

You are responsible for you.

Everything is in your own best interest.

You must step up and do what is best for you.

Self Care is good and helpful and beneficial to others.

What is best for you is best for others.

You can be a drain or of service.

You can give the Good you have or be a needy mess.

When you are complaining or whining, ask Yourself what you can do.

When you are hurting or feeling helpless, ask what you can do.

When you are lost, confused and afraid, ask what you can do.

It is in doing what you can do that you enable yourself.

When we give ourselves away to care for others, we may neglect to care for ourselves.

When we sacrifice ourselves, we may expect others to care for us.

When we give to get something in return, we may teach others to neglect us too.

Learning to attend to ourselves first is often the first step to teach others to care for themselves.

Independence is an essential step to self mastery, health and happiness.

Learning to do what we can do for ourselves as a young child is a vital life development stage.

Being able and willing to do for ourselves is what even the youngest toddler can learn.

When we encourage others to depend on us may teach them they cannot do for themselves.

Whatever age or stage of development, we can all learn how to take care of ourselves.

This includes what you eat and drink each day.

This includes self care and hygiene, making our bed, putting away our clothes, washing our dishes.

When we live in a household with no responsibilities, we may grow up dependent on others.

From the oldest to the youngest, we are here to learn to come first with our own needs.

Give you body, mind and spirit the best healthy, happy, productive, grateful environment.

If you don’t know what you need, educate yourself with people and books that can help you.

Learn to say "Please and Thanks”.

Simple etiquette to yourself and others works.

  • Be willing to clean up after yourself wherever you are.
  • Ask yourself what is best for you, before you take anything as good for you.
  • Discipline yourself to choose only what is healthy for you.
  • Eliminate what is not best for you.
  • (This includes people who are not healthy and inspiring, media that is not healthy and inspiring, foods that are not healthy and inspiring.) 

What will it take to give yourself only what is good and right and true for you?

Stop being tempted by what the world seems to sell.

Stop buying and believing what everyone else is buying and doing.

Don’t let fear inter-FEAR with your choices, your movement and your success.

Think for yourself. 

Ask, Is this good for me?

If so, say YES and act on it.



Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Saturday, September 25, 2021



I take impeccable care of my whole self, mind, body and Spirit.

I treat myself as the innocent, precious and wondrous Being I AM.

I deserve always and only the best I know.

I give positive attention to what I need to be my Best Self.

Are You Sensitive?

The more evolved you are, the more sensitive.

The more aware you are, the more sensitive.

The more innocent you are, the more sensitive.

Honor your sensitivity.

As you let go of the big rocks in your life, the smallest things get attention.

As you heal and feel good, the little irritations can seem enormous.

Like the pea in the princess's bed, you cannot sleep what something is amiss.

When you notice something wrong for you, give it your attention to clear.

When you are haunted by a missed opportunity, attend to it immediately.

Apologize directly, telepathically or in writing for anything that didn’t feel quite right.

It is easy to acknowledge and correct all errors when you are sensitive and willing.

Know that every communication matters, so pay attention to what is not working.

Notice your thoughts, your words and your physical and emotional feelings.

They will clue you into something bothering you.

While you may blame the external person or stuff, it is really you saying it is not right for you.

As you evolve in self awareness, you will notice that you are best when you treat yourself well.

Ingest the best and forgive and forget the rest. (This includes people, media, food and all)

We have an inbuilt sensor that tells us what is not working.

When we learn to honor what we hear and feel and know, we let it go.

We undo, erase and let go of what does no longer work for us.

When we challenge our inner sensor, we try to override, take meds and develop habits to not care.

We have a body and mind and emotions to tell us when something is not quite right.

We can develop “allergies” to what is not highest and best for us.

We are like canaries in a coal mine, giving us an alarm to let us know what is not good for us.

Become aware of fragrances, tones, foods, ideas, experiences that don't “sit” well with you.

Stop hurtful habits of judging, fearing, hating, resenting, blaming, shaming and avoiding.

Take a look at what is inviting, encouraging, hopeful, helpful, healing and inspiring to you.

Walk in the direction of what makes you healthier, stronger, happier and better than ever.

“Follow the yellow brick road” and look for “Zippidy Do-Dah” wonderful days.

You can feel what is good for you and stop heading in the toxic direction.

You know what is best for you when you are willing to care enough to listen.

Be sensitive to your own highest and best interests and respect your needs.

Stop covering your eyes and ears and closing your mind and denying your feelings.

Honor yourself in every way you know.

Live your life in service of the precious and wondrous being you are.

Love yourself well.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue