Wednesday, June 30, 2021

What Do You Value?


I value the highest and best for myself.

I am committed to serving what I truly value.

I easily focus on what I want to be and see, do and have.

My health, finances and relationships all serve me consistently.

What Do You Really Value?

Do you value what you don’t have?

Do you value what you wish you had?

Do you value what others have?

Do you fear you will never have what you value?

What we value is what keeps showing up!

Values are based on where we spend our time, energy and resources.

When we value physical health, we spend time and money on healthy matters, ie diet and exercise.

When we value not being unhealthy, we spend time and money on worrying about not getting sick. 

We can focus on the possibility of not having what we say we want.

We can focus on gratitude for having what we say we want.

We can worry about what might be or appreciate for what already is.

We can focus on what if bad stuff happens or celebrate the good stuff that is happening!

The mind leads us until we take charge of how we use our mind.

Our thoughts seem out of our control until we direct our thoughts.

Our money seems out of our hands until we budget our money the way we prefer.

Our energy and time seem to be taken up by needs rather than utilizing our time our way.

People often live as though they are victims of their circumstances.

People often go along with society to fit in and belong.

People often see no other way than to live others’ way.

We then succumb to the values of others and lose our way.

To value well being, affirm and celebrate your high level wellness everyday.

To value prosperity, affirm and appreciate how what you have is exactly what you desire.

To value relationships, affirm and be grateful for the beautiful harmonious relationships you have.

To value yourself, affirm and thank yourself daily for the good life you have given yourself.

When we value our lives, we live with gratitude.

When we value our well-being, we appreciate how healthy and happy we are.

When we value our resources, we use what we have with wisdom and respect.

When we value our relationships, we encourage them with our honest, open and happy connection.

Life encourages us to value what we really value.

Where we place our attention, time and resources, we create more.

To focus on disease, despair, disappointment and difficult, we see, feel and experience more.

It is difficult to see how to change our mind in the middle of our negative distraction.

Our mind is the tool we need to choose to change in order to have the life we really value.

Our mind is often distracted and even derailed by what we see and judge to be real.

Our thought and emotions often feel like they are unchangeable.

However there is nothing more important than to be master of our thoughts and emotions.

Be courageous, consistent and committed to what you really value.

This is your life to choose and value.

Appreciating how willing we are to choose again.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Believe It or Not?


I believe in the power of Love.

I believe together there is nothing we cannot do.

I believe we can do anything because we believe we can.

I believe in hope, faith and love for one another.

Believe It Or Not?

Better things are coming.

Doomsday predictions are faulty.

Everything will improve.

Life is meant to prosper itself.

When we look up, we see what can be.

When we look back, we see what is behind us.

When we look at what was, we can only see the past.

When we look at what can be, we can create what we want to be.

How often have you held yourself trapped in negativity by thinking about the limitations and lack?

How much have you dug holes in your imagination only to fall into them?

How many times have you been discouraged and depressed by looking at the mistakes and foolishness?

The greatest power we have is to build a case in our minds and then to confirm it in our experience.

When you look for the sun behind the clouds, you might not see it, but you know it is there.

When you forget there is sun on a gloomy day, you might despair that it will never shine again.

The power of our mind is to see what we believe.

When we believe in “things are getting worse”, we will see exactly what we believe.

Our creative power lies in what we believe.

Believe that our Savior is coming.

Believe the galactic guardians of our planet will make things right again.

Believe that you can make changes with the power of forgiveness and love.

Believe in change and you will see change.

Believe in the end times and you will prepare yourself.

Believe in the next generation and you will educate the children.

Believe in yourself and your will practice making changes within your own life.

It matters not what we believe as long as we desire and believe in transformation.

Do not give up on yourself, or you will be stuck in the bed you made.

Do not give up on humanity or you will quit on helping others and leading the way.

Do not give in to what you call “evil” or you will let fear take over and win.


We each make a choice in what we want and what we believe.

We can allow our negative mind to out weigh our positive mind, if we are lazy.

We can let what sells in the media (bad news and disaster) rule our thinking or we can choose differently.

We can join with the doomsday thinkers and quit on reformation or we can renew our Spirit of Life.

Sometimes it seems people get lazy and addicted to the woeful messages.

Sometimes we forget and neglect the power of our own thoughts, feelings and choice.

We can step up and give voice to what we want and choose to be real for us and our world.

We can create a higher and better way to live and learn, to breathe and inspire one another.

This is our time to choose what we believe.

Use your imagination to believe in what lives in you as right and good and true.

Use you desire to give credence to what can be because we make it so.

Use you own goodness and greatness and love to build the world you want to be.

Always believing in you and me to set us free.

Betty Lue

Monday, June 28, 2021

Change Begins Within!


I receive and give all Good and only Good.

Life is rich with unlimited Love to share.

Everything I give is a gift to me.

I value all gifts given with Love.

Change Begins with You!

This is your time to begin the change you want to see.

If you want more love, Love yourself more.

If you want more freedom, Free yourself more.

If you want more trust, Be more trusting.

When you want more, it is because you have denied yourself.

When you try to get, it is because you have not given.

When you want more approval, it is because you have not approved.

What you seek from others is always a call to give to yourself and others.

So many blame others for not giving.

Many try to manipulate others to give.

Many nag, complain and demand others to give.

If you are not giving to others, there is no one to blame.

We are the ones who need to change.

We are the ones who are called to begin with ourselves.

We are the ones who need to change our beliefs and practices.

What we are lacking comes from withholding from everyone, including ourselves.

There is no need to wait.

There is no one to blame.

There is no benefit to complain.

There is no value to make guilty.

Give more to have more.

Be more to see more.

Dare more to share more.

Abundance does not limit itself.

When we limit, we confirm there is lack.

When we withhold, we affirm some deserve less.

When we compare, we judging there is a limit of good.

When we do feel lacking, limited and less than, we have limited ourselves.

Step up to Love.

Give in to Giving.

Start Abundant Living.

Be grateful for what you have and give.

More comes when you dare to freely share.

Life is filled with Love and Joy, when you give what you have.

When you give with gratitude and joy, you have more to give.

To have abundance, give abundantly.

I give the best I have and always have more to give!

Trusting and Freeing us all to Change For Good!

Betty Lue

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Heal and Empower Yourself!


I forgive myself for neglecting to choose, use and appreciate the Good I have.

I choose to think, speak and act on what I value in my life.

I appreciate myself for always remember to use my empowering tools.

I celebrate sharing all the Good I know and use and give.

Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude!

Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude three skills empower us.

Forgiveness clears the past.

Choice creates what you want.

Gratitude enhances the Good.

If you mastered these three, you would find your life is good everyday.

If you remember these three, you would always have a way to be happy.

If you practiced these three, your life would be fun, safe and easy.

If you utilized what you know to be true, you would trust in the life you have.

We have been three powerful tools for healing, learning, growth.

We need to explore and find how they work for us with our daily application.

We must stop wishing for quick fixes or magic and use the tools we have.

We need to understand our life vocation is to use what works for our Good.

Take time daily to practice.

With practice what is hard becomes easier.

With practice what we forget is remembered.

With practice we see the beneficial outcome.

When we take for granted what we already know, we may become inconsistent.

When we believe we have “been there and done that”, we often stop practicing.

When we don’t allow ourselves to trust enough to do what is good, we never have good results.

When we just mock or make fun of practical spiritual tools, we confuse and neglect ourselves.

Give what is good a fair chance and practice.

Even without belief or trust, what is good can work.

We are provided with all good for our benefit.

When we are open and willing to use it, we experience positive results.

Forgiveness is a simply eraser filled with love.

As we forgive we let go of what was and are available for what is.

As we allow ourselves to even say and write the words, we are releasing the thoughts.

The process of forgiveness is teaching our minds to easily and quickly delete.

Choice is the opportunity we all have to choose what we prefer.

Choose goodness, health and happiness if we prefer and it will be ours.

When we choose to speak or think about the bad stuff, sickness or unhappiness, it will be ours.

Where we place our time, money and energy, we are creating with our choice.

Gratitude and appreciation are the ways we expand what we value.

When we express our thanks, give praise and celebrate we literally create more.

We expand what we have that we value with how we think and talk and behave.

It is essential that we are conscious of how powerful gratitude really is.

Use these powerful tools to create the life you really value.

Loving you as you practice for 30 days and see the miraculous difference.

Betty Lue

Saturday, June 26, 2021

What Do You Really Want?


I trust, respect and appreciate myself and all my creations.

I love creating what I really want to be, do and have.

I know what I want and I go for it.

I support myself and what I want with affirmation and appreciation.

Do You Have What You Want?

Are you living the way you want to live?

Are you doing what you want to do?

Are you with those you really want to be with?

Are you happy with yourself and your life?

You are the one who chooses.

You are the one who loses.

You are the One who is responsible for your life!

Accept responsibility and your can choose and change your whole life!

Your life is really and truly yours.

Your whole life is your responsibility.

Your life is yours to create or destroy.

Your life is yours to enjoy or hate.

You are choosing how you feel and what you do.

You can feel pleased or critical.

You can play at will or victim.

You can step forward or step back.

You can do what you want to do and go where you want to go.

What holds you back is fear….fear of the unknown or other’s disapproval or making a mistake?

You can be independent or dependent, alone or with others.

You can lead or follow, content or depressed, enriched or empty.

Everything in life is choice, your choice.

How you feel when you wake up is your choice.

You can change how you feel by simply choosing.

Clear up the past by writing and throwing it away quickly.

You can turn around mental and physical, relational and financial health.

You can undo whatever is not here, as in history, memories and roles you have played.

You can stop sharing the ugly stuff and hurtful stories and nasty thoughts and words.

You can begin today to quit the destructive and hurtful habits and get a life!

We have made the process of choosing again arduous and scary when it can be fun and daring.

The work is to let go of what you no longer want.

Let go quickly and easily, happily and gratefully.

Undo what you no longer value and set yourself free to be YOU!

Our entire life is to teach us how.

Our experiences show us we are able to respond differently.

Our journey invites us to return to appreciate ourselves and what inspires us.

Our way to happiness is through forgiving, erasing and deleting what is not wholly good for us.

Stop and clarify what you really want.

Love yourself enough to do what you really want to do.

Create what supports you in being a happy and willing player in life.

Appreciate your creations and keep creating more of what you really want.

Be honest with yourself and love yourself well!

Betty Lue

Friday, June 25, 2021

Healthy Relationships


Love naturally flows from me to others.

The more I love and respect myself, the more I love and respect others.

Love works for me, because it reminds me I Am Love.

I quickly and easily release all blocks to Love.

Successful Relationships and Partnerships

Relationships, all of them, are for healing ourselves.

Whatever comes up in life is an opportunity to heal something similar in the past.

Most, if not all, upsets are unconscious past patterns showing up so we can heal them.

When they are revealed with an upset , it is essential that we not blame or criticize.

Whatever creates guilt about hurting another or fear of having them leave us will not help.

To help us heal, we must look at our own attachment, fears, victimization and blame.

We must review how we want our relationships to be and begin our own journey within.

When we create what we want with our thoughts, words and behavior, we are healing.

Often in “falling in love” you “fall in love” with how you feel in the presence of the other.

There is a “happiness bubble” which can last a few days or many years.

This stage is when each person shows their best trying to please and be what the other wants.

It is temporary because it is only showing what we want to be seen.

When the bubble bursts, whether in business partnership or personal relationship,  there is upset.

People often fall in love with the frame on the picture, the outside glitter and glamor.

When the relationship loses its shine or people no longer “please” one another, it often ends.

Relationships are ideally created to support and inspire each other to be your best.

When the other is not ready, able or willing to be supportive, there may be disappointment and hurt.

When we depend on another giving us what we want, we tend to become spoiled or dependent.

When our needs are not met, often people are disheartened and quit on the other.

Relationships lose mystery and “magnetic attraction” often when you get to really know the other.

People who feel chemistry or magic often are attracted by what they don’t know.

When attracted to the unknown or mystery, you may go from one partner to another.

Looking for a sensation or feeling is often seen as “love”.

To choose what you want in relationship, make a list of your ideal qualities of relating.

Honesty, humor, forgiveness, safety, openness, commitment, etc.

Then assess whether you yourself are living your ideals.

The first step to healthy relationship is consistently giving what you want to receive.

People give what they have.

People teach others to have by giving.

In relationship we can give to others or “get” from others.

When they have to give, they often get resentful.

When they have nothing to give, they often get rejected.

How we can create success is by being loving and respectful to ourselves.

When you have love to give, share it without expectation.

When you don’t have love to share, take care of yourself.

We need to learn to find and fulfill the love inside, so we are not needy and dependent.

Successful relationships require work.

I am willing to continue to heal, learn and grow to always do the work to heal within and help without.

Love in us needs to be set free to be, first to love ourselves and then to give love to others.

I am loving myself and you with everything I think and say and do.

Life is fulfilled with sharing the Love,

Betty Lue