Thursday, November 30, 2023

Wherever You Go......





I am willing to make a difference.

I express what matters to me.

I show up and pay attention.

I give my best in thought, word and deed.

Wherever You Go……

Wherever you go, you make a difference.

Whatever you do, you contribute.

However you show up, you bring your Self.

Whatever you think, you offer your piece/Peace.

Your thoughts create.

Your energy adds your piece.

Your emotions touch lives.

Your words change the experience.

Believe it or not, you are important.

What you think is affecting change.

What you say is being heard.

 What you do is being felt.

Consider what you want to express.

Choose what you want to create.

Be aware of what matters to you.

Give attention to what is important.

You are a piece of the greater whole.

Your life touches and teaches lives.

More  energy is changing the world.

You can focus and create what you want.

Contribute to your own joy.

Give to the well-being of others.

Awaken to what you give.

Erase what is not of value.

You will be appreciated for your gifts.

Others will be inspired by what you give.

Your smiles and gratitude will encourage.

You will be noticed and received.

Even when you neglect and forget, you will be received.

Even when you diminish your part, you will touch others.

Even when you are withholding, you message will be heard.

Whatever you do or deny, you make a difference.

You can bring clarity and connection.

You can offer peace and love.

You can bring your best.

Contribute what you value.


I Am Honoring You, 

Betty Lue 

“Give yourself to Love.

And Love will give to you.

Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Serve For Goodness Sake




I am willing to be of service.

I give my best when I am serving.

I live my fullest when I serve.

For the sake of all, let us serve.

Serve for Goodness Sake.

To "serve-us" is our greatest gift to all.

We are all volunteers here.

We serve our selves, our community, our world.

We serve the Good of all.  

However we serve, we are offering our best to others.

We serve our children and our parents.

We serve our partners and our friends.

We serve without asking in return.

We serve to realize our own value.

We serve to bring happiness to others.

We serve to be truly helpful.

We serve to create a better place.

Serve by sharing.

Serve with teaching.

Serve with helping.

Serve with caring.

Serve because it has value.

Serve because you want to.

Serve because it is helpful.

Serve because it feels good.

When you serve one, you serve all.

Service benefits your family.

Service benefits your community.

Service benefits your world.

Being truly helpful is our way of paying forward.

Being of service is our loving reminder to others.

Being willing to contribute makes our world better.

Let us be of service today and everyday.

Blessing those who serve.

Betty Lue

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. 

I woke and I saw that life is all service. 

I served and I saw that service is joy.” 

Kahlil Gibran

Friday, November 24, 2023

Enjoy It All!




I am enjoying the morning sun and the blue sky.

I am enjoying writing these loving reminders for you.

I enjoy what I have and do and share.

I enjoy the beauty and bounty in my life.

Be Glad and Rejoice!

Fill your life with Joy!

Do what you enjoy.

Have what you enjoy.

Give your life more joy.

Enjoy what you think.

Enjoy what you say.

Enjoy what you do.

Enjoy how you live.

Listen to your heart.

Follow your laugher.

Encourage what is good.

Share the best in you.

This is your time to enjoy.

Joy is your gift to your self.

Value what you choose.

Choose what you value.

Your Joy infuses others.

Your Joy inspires more Joy.

Your Joy shines your light.

 Your Joy lifts your life.

Be glad and rejoice.

Be grateful and enjoy it all.

Be happy and live well.

Be Joyful and share your Joy.

What you do today can fill you up.

What you do today can bring you down.

You can choose what inspires or depresses you.

You can change your thoughts and feelings too.

This and everyday is an opportunity to choose what is good for you.

Your enjoyment will be a gift to all those around you.

Your delight will encourage the same in your world.

Where you share your Joy all will benefit and be blessed.

Enjoy today.

I am inspired by and grateful for your joy.

Blessed be.

Betty Lue

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Count Your Blessings!

Look for my invitation later today!

“ADVENTURE into 2024"




Life is what it is.

I no longer take life personally.

I free myself to simply be myself.

Life works because I relinquish judgment. .

Count Your Blessings!

Let us lift up our hearts in thanksgiving.

Let us rejoice for today is the day to give praise.

Let us sing out with love and appreciation.

Let us all express our joy in simply being. 

We are here to celebrate now.

This is the only moment there is.

The past is gone with just memories.

We can reminisce about the Good.

Take time to say “Thanks!”

Remember to send Love.

Allow us to see the value.

Realize all works together for Goodness sake.

We can awaken each day with sun shining within.

We can go to bed each night with our gratitude showing.

We can spend every day with appreciation for what is.

Our lives are to be fully lived and shared and valued.

We have time to know.

We have time to grow.

We have time to show.

We have time to flow the Love.

Our energy is meant to be used for blessings.

Our love is meant to be bountiful.

Our joy is to be shared with gratitude.

Our peace is to be extended to all.

We can give our all and still have more.

We can enjoy our time and still have more.

We can share our food and still have more.

We can offer our love and still have more.

To withhold our plenty diminishes our Good.

To share our plenty creates abundance.

To include those lost and forsaken prospers all.

To neglect anyone limits our joyful celebration.

This is our time to remember to be thankful.

And so we are…

Bountiful Blessings, 

Betty Lue