Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gifts of Love

Your affirmative prayers and spiritual healing energy is appreciated.

On Tuesday my Mom, Marian Fisher, fell while getting into her car to take a ride to play cards.
First ER xray showed nothing, but severe pain wouldn’t allow her to move at all. Later CAT scan revealed fractured 5th cervical . An excellent neurosurgeon was called in and he was great. Called on the best cardio-pulmonary physician and best neurosurgical and cardio-pulmonary nurses to attend and she was in a 10-11 hr surgery all day yesterday with metal plate on front and back of spine to stabilize. So far all is well. She will be sleeping for 24 hrs or so and then hospital for about a week and then convalescent hospital for physical therapy and healing.

Mom has had many surgeries, both knee and hip replacements, plus others. Over her 87 years, she has weathered many physical challenges with a great optimistic attitude. She is feisty and went into surgery with a positive attitude. Her philosophy is “No worry, no anger, no guilt and no fear!” We know that her Spirit is strong and choosing what is highest and Best for her. She is in good hands at the hospital and in even better hands with your Love and the Love of God. Thank you for sending your own form of prayer and healing. She has loved and served many many people as a volunteer during her life and continues to look for ways to help and be of encouragement to others. This is a good and Godly woman who is resting in the Love of God. Thank you.

Gifts of Love

You are a gift of Love.
Your life is for giving.
When you give yourself with open hearted gratitude and joy, you realize the Gift You Are.
The service we give expands our realization of our True Loving Self.

When we give without obligation or sacrifice, we realize the blessing is given to us in the giving.
When we give with Love, we receive what we give.
When we contribute the Best, we recognize the Best in us.
When we volunteer to do Good, we increase our awareness of the Good in us.

The work is to remember.
Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and you will know,
Doing what comes naturally.
(Song written many years ago by Betty Lue)

The more we let our Love Light shine, the more we see the Love and goodness around us.
The more we sing our songs of praise, the more we are happy for all our day.
The more you give what you have been given, the more you limitless you realize your gifts to be.
Pretty soon you will sing and love, heal and pray, laugh and shine endlessly.

I am loving you, loving me, loving all!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Morning, God!

This is one of your kids, one of your presents of love in the world.
I thank you for all the healing and the light.
I thank you for the warmth and the love.
I thank you for the wisdom and the learning.
I thank you for the patience and the trust.
I thank you for the forgiveness and faith in us.
I thank you for the freedom to choose again.
I thank you for unlimited opportunities.
I thank you for the glorious reflective world in which I can see my mistakes and my successes.
I thank you for the Holy Spirit that guides my day and highlights my way.
I thank you for the ones who show me how to live and be Love in the world.
I thank you for supporting my growth in growing into All I am meant to be.

I am willing give you the best that I have.
I choose to be healing and kind with myself.
I choose to be warm and loving with others.
I choose to be patient and trust the process.
I choose to forgive myself and all others and to have faith in us all.
I choose to be free in my choices, always choosing for the Highest Good of all.
I choose to say YES to the opportunities to heal and grow, love and serve.
I choose to recognize and learn from my mistakes.
I choose to be grateful for my successes.
I choose to listen to Holy spirit and follow in the ways of Love.
I choose to respect those who show me how to live a better life, giving always and only my Best.
I choose to grow in sincere faith, grow in joyful service, and grow in appreciation for All That Is.

Now I see the rest is up to me.
I am here to remember my commitment and to live my choices.
I am here to learn how to be All that I AM created to be.
And I am grateful this is so.

Always Love,
Betty Lue

I am spending the next few days on retreat for a time of reflection and self renewal.
I will be practicing impeccable self care (so I can serve my purely), inner listening ( so I can follow more nearly) and profound gratitude, (so I can love more dearly), day by day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is Such a Wonderful Gift!

This is a time to celebrate the joys of being fully alive.
This morning I received a heartfelt poem from someone loving her Dad 10 years after his passing.
It was filled with gratitude and joy for the time spent together.
It was deepened by her understanding the Master Plan and how life’s puzzle fits together.

I also received a loving email of understanding and gratitude for the healing work we had done together.
It touched my heart and inspired in me to be honest and true, authentic and revealing in all I do.
It reminded me of how loving with courage is the key to opening the door to healing.
I am deeply grateful to receive these experiences of gratitude and healing for all parts of the One.

When I listen to you, I am listening to me.
When I am sharing with you, I am sharing with me.
When I am caring for you, I am caring for me.
In you I love and care for the One, the Greater One, we all are together.

My life is to celebrate the songs we sing.
My life is to enjoy the mountains we climb.
My life is to share the healing stories we tell.
My life is to learn from the lessons we teach.

When we walk together, through these emails, intimate conversations, or in inspiring groups , I am with you in heart and mind, seeking only and always the best for us all.
Sometimes it may seem as though one knows and the other is unknowing, but really deeper that the conscious mind or our history is the remembrance of all things true and helpful, healing and new.

Sometimes we may forget we are all in this together, each playing our perfect parts, but so it is.
Everyone of us matters.
Your attitude and energy in your home and your work place make a difference.
Each one of us can change the energy wherever we are with those we encounter.

A smile of acknowledgment.
A word of kindness.
A thoughtful deed.
A gift of gratitude.

Everything we think and do and say makes a difference to everyone we meet and to ourselves.
When we see ourselves as helpful, kind, thrifty, reverent, thoughtful, and generous, we feel good.
When we know we are important with our families, friendships and workplace, we honor ourselves.
When we live and give our best in every place at all times, our perceptions of our world change.

Yes, You matter to me.
Your life makes a difference.
Together we are changing our world for the better.
Yes, I a deeply grateful to you.

Blessings of Love,
Betty Lue

Don’t forget!
Life is for giving and You are the Gift.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Moon and Vietnamese New Year

Make everyday special to keep yourself on track.
Live, love and give your best to keep yourself happy.
Know what you Really want to experience and give your all.
Forgive, erase and undo whatever no longer serves you, and be free to choose again.

Life is a merry-go-round of brass rings waiting for you to grab the one that fulfills you.
When you are living in a house of horrors or getting dizzy from too much change, step away.
Take time off each day to stop and be grateful for what is best and forgive and forget the rest.
It is our own individual and unique life we are living: it is all ours to choose, to co-create, to enjoy.

We may listen to a motivational speaker, read a spiritual teach or watch Oprah and her guests.
We may read inspirational material and Holy Books, but we must realize it is ours to choose.
Every one has a unique path, some with bumps and missteps, some clear and free, all is in order.
We cannot compare or change another’s course for the lessons arrive in perfect ways to teach and learn.

It is minding others’ gardens while not tending our own that keeps us separate and in competition.
It is giving the advice we need to hear that keeps us feeling smug and better than others.
It is caring for another, but not taking impeccable care of our own stuff that makes our help incomplete.
It is avoiding and pushing away those who have come to teach compassion and kindness that divides us.

In life we have an opportunity to learn from everyone.
We can take care of ourselves and let our lives be a teaching model.
We can use each day and this day to choose again for what is helpful.
We can honor ourselves as we honor one another and vice versa.

New Moon is know as a time to plant seeds.
Seeds are choices, new vision, creative and helpful projects, opportunities to live better and contribute.
Make your own simple list of what you want to build, create, do and give this month.
Bless it and place it in a Holy Book, or some place where you can find it later.

Vietnamese New Year is a time to celebrate and to realize the possibilities for the coming year.
And always use whatever moment to focus and reaffirm what you really want.

I choose to give my very best to myself and to everyone I encounter and think of.
I choose to be present in my life and to appreciate that I am playing my Holy and healing part.
I choose to make no assumptions about what is true for you and to open my heart to know and love you.
I choose to believe the very best about those I meet, to see the Love and Wholeness within.
I choose to forgive the errors of my mind and the apparent mistakes of others
I choose to be the Love I AM with everyone.

Always Loving,
Betty Lue

P.S. See "Year of the Ox" in the menu bar to the left.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Conditional Living and Loving

Much is written about Unconditional Loving.
Little is written on conditional loving.
A little is written about Unconditional Living.
Living without conditions is the source of Freedom and Trust of which I often write.

What are the conditions you place on your life?
We often give the physical and emotional world power over our fully living and loving.
Our conversations are often about what limits us and the lack we feel.
We allow what others see as limiters to be the conditions for which we hold back from purposeful living.

Body, money and emotional conditions are often used as excuses or justifications for our choices.
I don’t feel like doing it.
I am too angry, sad or afraid to follow through.
I don’t have enough money.
I can’t because my body is telling me to stay home.
I have to watch my expenses.
I can’t go because I don’t eat meat.
My physical or financial condition doesn’t allow me to do that.

Yet, we designate those who rise above physical and financial limitations as admired heroes.
In holistic health, we recognize that our thoughts and beliefs, feelings and history, diet and exercise all influence our ability to fully experience whole life health. Holistic health also include relationships, jobs and career satisfaction, sleep and recreation, creativity and learning, spiritual practice and alone time as well as the basics as part of our full living. When we weigh and measure our existence and achievements, we usually speak about the conditions that support us or limit us from “measuring up”. What we give allegiance and power to usually runs, bosses and guides our choices. Childhood, disability, weight, age, education, relationships, money, fears, weather, personality traits, technology, history, race, beliefs, superstitions, and more I cannot think of may be leading us.

Let’s be honest with ourselves about who or what is running our life.
I am too old.
I have a disease or condition.
I am not good at that.
I don’t know how.
I feel down today.
My body is telling me I better quit.
My finances don’t allow me to even consider going.

To be honest with ourselves, let us listen to what we say.
What do you credit?
What do you use as your guide?
What voice do you follow?
Are you limited or set free by your inner direction?
Are you encouraged or discouraged in your life?
Are you giving attention to what is possible or what you deem impossible?
Are you thinking about the best or the worst possible outcome?

Unconditional living looks like fully and freely living no matter what.
Unconditional loving is choosing to extend love, peace and blessings no matter what.
Unconditional living is being willing to handle the physical stuff with consciousness and gratitude.
Unconditional loving is choosing to listen within to find gifts and giving that inspires and fulfills us.

It is time to love ourselves enough to set ourselves free to listen and reveal unlimited possibility.

Loving you freely, without duty, obligation, sacrifice or limit,
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today Robert asked me to tell the “truth” about healing to the Reiki students in his all day Spiritual Healing workshop.
Also today dear friends from Michigan asked for clarification of the true spiritual healing, different from curing of the physical illness.
They were confused by the Course in Miracles which sometimes seems to make us feel guilty for getting sick.
Since I have experienced a physical “condition” , I understand.
What I notice personally is that it is always an opportunity to forgive, be grateful and choose again for the “life” I am called to live.
When I return to simplicity, treat myself with tender loving and respectful care and dedicate my whole self to being happy and serving my calling, I am whole and happy and free.
When I think I know, try to do things my way or get caught in the worldly paradigm and beliefs of victimization, I have fearful experiences.
I choose God and Goodness, no matter what the appearance.
I choose forgiveness and Love, no matter what I think, believe and have learned.
I choose to know I am always and forever a part of God and live in God’s care no matter what might seem to be on this physical plain.
I seek not to understand the illusion and temporary conditions of this physical world
I trust all is well and all is in Divine Order and Timing.
I am not my body. I am not my emotions. I am not my thoughts. I am Holy Love It Self. This is my Essence and my Eternal Truth.
And so it is for You and All.
Betty Lue

Healing is revealing the errors in our mind to be corrected by the Light and Love of God.
Healing is the undoing of what was never true and not of God.
Healing is letting go of the need to know, to understand, to plan and to make things as we want .
Healing is allowing what is true and loving, whole and holy to be what it is and always will be.

Healing is correcting the errors in our mind.
All healing is essentially the release from fear.
To love is to heal.
Healing is the effect of minds that join, as sickness comes from minds that separate.
To forgive is to heal.
We are made whole in our desire to make whole.
You heal a brother by recognizing his world.
(From A Course in Miracles)

For some healing comes through being loved.
For some it comes from getting the attention that we seek.
For some it comes from taking time off and getting rest.
For some it comes from slowing down and listening within.
For some healing comes from making our voice heard and respected.
For some it is our way of understanding and finding compassion.
For some healing lights the way to our profession of service and spirituality.
For some it is our last resort, when we have tried all other ways to lead us to Truth.

Spiritual Healing is a religion for some.
Physical Healing is a profession for others.
Emotional Healing is a lifetime process of learning to forgive.
Mental Healing is simplifying our complex ways to live.
Financial Healing is learning to balance our lives.
Relationship Healing is living with unconditional Love inside.
Environmental Healing is learning to clean up after ourselves.
Planetary Healing is an opportunity to see God and Good in All that Is.

Wherever we perceive, we can either believe the best or the worst.
When we see our world sick or in trouble, we reinforce our beliefs.
When we get what is real, we see beyond the apparency.
When we offer our Love to another, we forgive the illusion and behold the Truth.

What is lasting, what is Eternal, what is of God, these things are the Reality of Wholeness.
When we claim our temporary condition as the Truth of our Being, we lose sight of Source.
When we name our circumstance as a truth with diagnosis or prescription, we buy the belief.
When we live in the shadow of fear of victimization, we find refuge in outside saviors.

The conscious healer is aware of all that is illusion.
The conscious healing is taking responsibility for the correction of limiting beliefs.
The conscious healee invites only those who see the Truth of Holiness to walk alongside.
The conscious world knows forgiving all errors and beholding the Love is the Healing.

When we serve as a healing and helpful Presence, it is essential that we listen to the voice within.
Only a few will actively recognize the correction and Truth in their minds.
So we must be gentle, offering what is requested while remembering the Eternal Truth.
When we serve, we have no fear, stay clear of the need to fix or change and be the Loving Presence.

“I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,
because the Love that sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever Love wishes, knowing Love goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Love teach me to heal.” Prayer in ACIM

I will remember my wholeness and Holiness, when the Love sees only wholeness and Holiness.

Loving us all in a new way of seeing.
Betty Lue

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Better Way

What is a better way?
· One that succeeds.
· One that serves all concerned.
· One that creates more harmony and peace.
· One that is effective.
· One that builds respect and responsibility.
· One that saves time, energy and money.
· One that works.
· One that makes everyone feel valued.

When you meet resistance, are you willing to find a better way?
When what you have done is not working, are you willing to find a better way?
When you are tired, broke and depressed, are you willing to find a better way?
When you have hurt feelings, yours and others, are you willing to find a better way?
When people seem disrespectful and irresponsible, are you willing to find a better way?
When you fee cheated, lied to and at your wit’s end, are you willing to find a better way?
When you are angry, hurt or afraid, are you willing to find a better way?
When you have lost hope and run our of ideas, are you willing to find a better way?

Life offers us opportunities to learn.
When we keep doing what does not work, we are closed to learning.
When we open our minds and hearts to the possibilities of a better way, we begin to be willing.
Forgiving and erasing the past, undoing what does not work is essential in finding a better way.

Are you willing to start from the beginning?
Yes, you have a goal and maybe even a vision of the optimum outcome you see.
You also have beliefs, opinions and even list of what it will take to get there.
To the degree you are stuck on your own way, you will deny others and yourself to find a better way.

When you are not being heard, first listen and write down exactly what you hear from the others.
When you are not being seen, first really look for the Good and the willingness in the others.
When you are being treated with disdain or disrespect, seek to respect and honor the others.
When you are criticized, ask yourself how the other is afraid and criticizing themselves.

When you feel guilty, first forgive yourself and see you have given the best you knew.
When you feel afraid, first assure and love yourself with kindness and confidence.
When you feel little, lacking and limited, look within for the guidance that lifts you up.
When you feel lost and confused, first be still and in the inner quiet ask again to see the better way.

Finding the better way is a process.
First let go of what doesn’t work.
In the space of not knowing, begin to ask for help from within and from the others.
“Let’s listen to one another and together find the way that works for all of us.”

Finding the better way requires trust and freedom. (Love= Trust + Freedom)
To find the way that works for all, we must Trust one another and the co-creative process.
To find the better way, we must free ourselves to listen to all sides.
We must dialogue and share our values and what matters most to us.
We must look for the highest goal we are each trying to achieve.
We must build relationship and trust.
We must agree to disagree without arguing and fighting.
We must first seek to understand before being understood.
We must let go of the need to talk first and have the last word.
We must speak kindly to one another and be patient with the process.
We must quiet our minds and listen for the way of peace and cooperation.
We must seek a better way, one of respect, acceptance and love.
Differences in people, life paths, values and choices must be accepted to find a better way.

Yes, it is possible to find a better way.

Loving us in our families, our workplace, our governments and our world to find a better way.
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Leaving in a few minutes for the home of the Grand Three for our now weekly Thursday 7:30AM-6:30PM day with the little ones. Twins Harper and Lila (now 3 ¾ yrs) and Beckett (now 2 ¼ yrs.).

They are the ones photographed in the pics I send with these reminders. Often we don’t take pictures these days because they are a busy group of pre-schoolers. This way of serving helps Mom with some time off often to have appts., go for a run or bike ride and get to work knowing they are in loving hands.

It is fabulous for the little ones to have us present with them, taking them to school, talking about stuff, answering questions etc. We give them undivided time with no phone calls, side conversations or usually no activities other than errands or repairs for Mom and Dad. We love this service because it serves us too.

Look for acts of loving kindness just right for you. If you need to get outside and hike, then pick up trash along the way and say “Hi” to those you meet along the path. Appreciate the beauty and breathe in the bright new day. And if you need more time with folks or just miss your Mom, then volunteer at a senior center or visit nursing homes, adopt a grandparent, and bring them smiles and songs, read to them or just hold a hand and be present.

You see to serve another, you must be in service to your self.
Serve us = service.
To give to another is to give to yourself.
There need be no thought of sacrifice.

What can you do that will truly love you?
How can you give that will help you feel alive and in love?
What is the gift that you are shy to share and find someone who will receive it with gratitude?

Service must be an act for which you are really happy and grateful to be giving.
This is what makes our lives , our communities and our families better for one and all.

Loving you in all you say and do for the Good of All,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There is always and everywhere healing and transforming LOVE.
The only question is our willingness to receive it! To simply Be It!

When we are free of guilt, we can open to receive love.
When we are free of fear, we can circulate Love.
When we are free of anger, we can extend Love.
When we are free of sorrow, we can experience Love.

When we are free, we are Love.

It is Love that guides the way.
It is Love that save our day.
It is Love that heals the heart.
It is Love that gives us hope.
It is Love that brings peace.
It is Love that offers release.

What is this thing we name “LOVE”?

Love is the energy of life.
Love is the ending of all strife.
Love is the Light that bring new growth.
Love is the creativity of youth.
Love is the source from which our wisdom comes.
And Love that brings us safely home.

Love is chi, energy, the very staff of life.
Love is the freedom that comes from perfect Trust.
Love is the opportunity to choose a better way.
Love is allows us to forgive ourselves for unhealthy ways we play.

And yes, Love comes in many forms, but really no form at all.
Love is the audible call to serve.
Serve our neighbors and our friends, but also enemies and strangers we have yet to know.
Love reminds us of our purpose here, to awaken and Love each One as our Creator and our Source.

And Love is Gratitude.
I am so grateful we can choose again to remember Love when we have forgotten.
I am amazed I can right the wrongs within my heart and mind by simply remembering to be kind.
Be kind to myself by forgiving errors of omission and withholds I have ignored.
I can forgive and choose to Love again, me and you and everything for all time.

This is Good. This is service.
This is changing my world from within me.
This is the Love that sets me free to be.

Always Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Vision

This is the Inauguration of our future as a people, as a nation, as a planetary family.

This is the beginning of the realization of the world we know within our hearts and minds.
This is the manifestation of the time we have been waiting for.
This is the age of possibility and creative solutions.
This is the realization of the vision spiritual teachers have foreseen and prepared us for.

Yes, together in Love we can.
Yes, with joy in our hearts, we will.
Yes, with Peace in our hearts, we step forward.
Yes, we are grateful to be the Ones to say “Yes”.

This is a call to action.
This is the time to serve, to volunteer.
This is the moment to remember our purpose.
We hear the voice of our Conscience and Consciousness.

So what will you do?
Who will you serve with respect?
How will you respond with responsibility?
Where will you give with a cooperative and co-creative spirit?

Everyday in personal and impersonal ways, we are called to live in integrity with our Greatness.
At work and play, at home and in the community we are called to give our best with Kindness.
Within our minds and hearts, with words and with action, we are invited to create a better world.
Together everything is possible and there are no limits to what we can and will do for Goodness sake.

And now we are called to pledge our change.
We are called to pledge our healing.
We are called to pledge our service.
We are called to pledge our support.

Together in loving service for the Good of All, there is nothing we cannot do.
All things are possible for those who love God and love Goodness.
Let us say Yes to one another and to our new President.
Let us say Yes to ourselves and begin today to build a new and better world for All.

Share with me your pledge and I will pass it on to inspire others.

Loving us All as One in Love and Goodness,
Betty Lue

Please look within to find the inner messiah.
And remember to respectfully nurture and appreciate the love and wisdom you find.
Fully appreciate the wisdom and love in all others in your community of souls.
For you see, “God’s laws of creativity with loving wisdom are written on our hearts.
We are here to discover it, to embrace it and to live it!
May you always remember “You are The One.”
Betty Lue

From A Different Drum: Community Making and Peace by Scott Peck.

The story concerns a monastery that had fallen upon hard times. Once a great order, as a result of waves of anti-monastic persecution in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the rise of secularism in the nineteenth, all its branch houses were lost and it had become decimated to the extent that there were only five monks left in the decaying mother house: the abbot and four others, all over seventy in age. Clearly it was a dying order.

In the deep woods surrounding the monastery there was a little hut that a rabbi from a nearby town occasionally used for a hermitage. As he agonized over the imminent death of his order, it occurred to the abbot at one such time to visit the hermitage and ask the rabbi if by some possible chance he could offer any advice that might save the monastery.
The rabbi welcomed the abbot at his hut. But when the abbot explained the purpose of his visit, the rabbi could only commiserate with him. "I know how it is," he exclaimed. "The spirit has gone out of the people. It is the same in my town. Almost no one comes to the synagogue anymore." So the old abbot and the old rabbi wept together. They read parts of the Torah and quietly spoke of deep things.

The time came when the abbot had to leave. They embraced each other. "It has been a wonderful thing that we should meet after all these years," the abbot said, "but I have still failed in my purpose for coming here. Is there nothing you can tell me, no piece of advice you can give me that would help me save my dying order?"
"No, I am sorry," the rabbi responded. "I have no advice to give. The only thing I can tell you is that the Messiah is one of you."
When the abbot returned to the monastery his fellow monks gathered around him to ask, "Well, what did the rabbi say?" "He couldn't help," the abbot answered. We just wept and read the Torah together. The only thing he did say, just as I was leaving--it was something cryptic--was that the Messiah is one of us. I don't know what he meant."
In the days and weeks and months that followed, the old monks pondered this and wondered whether there was any possible significance to the rabbi's words. The Messiah is one of us? Could he possibly have meant one of us monks here at the monastery? If that's the case, which one? Do you suppose he meant the abbot? Yes, if he meant anyone, he probably meant Father Abbot. He has been our leader for more than a generation. On the other hand, he might have meant Brother Thomas. Certainly Brother Thomas is a holy man. Everyone knows that Thomas is a man of light. Certainly he couldn't have meant Brother Eldred? Eldred gets crotchety at times. But, come to think of it, even though he is a thorn in people's side, when you look back on it, Eldred is virtually always right. Often very right. Maybe the rabbi did mean Brother Eldred. But surely not Brother Philip. Philip is so passive and withdrawn. But then, almost mysteriously, he has a gift of being there when you need him. He just magically appears by your side. Maybe Philip is the Messiah. Of course the rabbi didn't mean me. He couldn't possibly have meant me. I'm just an ordinary person. Yet supposing he did? Suppose I am the Messiah? O God, not me. I couldn't be that much for You, could I?
As they contemplated in this manner, the old monks began to treat each other with extraordinary respect on the off chance that one among them might be the Messiah. On the off, off chance that each monk himself might be the Messiah, they began to treat themselves with extraordinary respect.
Because the forest in which it was situated was beautiful, it so happened that people still occasionally came to visit the monastery to picnic on its tiny lawn, to wander along some of its paths, even now and then to go into the dilapidated chapel to meditate. As they did so, without even being conscious of it, they sensed this aura or extraordinary respect that now seemed to radiate out from them and permeate the atmosphere of the place. There was something strangely attractive, even compelling, about it. Hardly knowing why, they began to come back to the monastery more frequently to picnic, to play, to pray. They began to bring their friends to show them this special place. And their friends brought their friends.
Then it happened that some of the younger men who came to visit the monastery started to talk more and more with the old monks. After a while one asked if he could join them. Then another. And another. So within a few years the monastery had once again become a thriving order and, thanks to the rabbi's gift, a vibrant center of light and spiritually in the realm.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day To Serve

Everyday is a day to serve.
Dare to dream.
Have the courage to live your dream.
Share your dream with others.
Commit to it for yourself.
Give it freely to others.
Be grateful you are taking action.

Yes, you too have a dream inside of you.
You are called to live the dream.
When you give yourself fully to what you know can be true, you are fulfilled, happy and at peace.
When you wait while the dream is calling you, you are depressed, lethargic, even critical of others.

You see each one of us is given a calling a yearning, a vision for what the world can be.
Each one of us is called to set this calling be free.
We are the ones who make the difference day by day, each one in a personal way.
Ask yourself, how you can serve today this calling and vision within.

It is time to begin.
This is our time of inauguration and new beginnings.
Wait no longer, for this is our time.
We are the ones.

If you want more respect, serve today with respect for everyone and everything.
If you want humanity to be more responsible, serve today by being truly responsible.
If you want cleanliness on the highways and streets, take a few hours to clean up litter.
If you want to encourage people to serve, inspire them by example and serve obviously.

Ask what matters to you most.
Elders treated with respect and love?….Serve at a Senior Center or Nursing Home.
Youth needing guidance?…..Volunteer to lead a youth group or assist in local High School.
Environment needing beautification?….. Join Sierra Club events or plant a tree or some flowers.
More spirituality and inspiration?....Find a like-minded church, start a book study group to share.
Encourage good neighbors? …. Invite people to event to build community caring and service.
Better health for all?.......Educate your self and your family and live healthy habits.

Every day in every way, we can serve the dream we carry within our hearts.
Everyday with everyone, we can share the true Goodness we have begun.
Everyday with all we know, we can give our best and let it show to inspire.
We are serving the Good within, the dream and vision we are here to begin.

So let’s just Do It!
You can and we will change our world together,
Betty Lue

Celebration for Change
January 20, Tuesday, 7-9PM
Center for Conscious Living
140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200,
Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523

Join us to acknowledge and celebrate your role in the healing and transformation of our nation and all people.

Now is the Time and We are the Ones!

This event is open to the public, as well as Inspired Living Students.

· Drumming to Awaken Our Planet;
· Welcome and Sharing Intention for the Gathering;
· Meditation and Visioning the Change we Want to See;
· Brainstorming Opportunities to Participate;
· Acknowledging Willingness, Commitment and Action;
· Open-hearted Appreciation and Positive Prayer

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Have a Dream!

Yes, we do.
Each of us has a dream of a life well lived, where all are given what they need to foster their Best.
Each of us has a dream of a planet which is clean and renewed, a place of beauty and wonder.
Each of us has a dream of nations with no war, living in harmony with one another.

Under our disappointing history, beyond what negativity predicts, we all have a place of hope.
When hope is found, under the burial ground of the clutter and debris of the past, we can remember.
Beyond the pain and suffering of humanity the flame of real promise arises to be claimed.
This is our time. We are awakening to the brilliant dawn after the storm has blown over.

Yes, there casualties of lives lost, families torn apart, children crying and people lost and confused.
Yes, there are economic disasters and environmental devastation, and crazy thinking of the terrified.
Yes, there is major cleanup and repair, burying the dead ways of the fearful and rebuilding of our future.
Yes, this is our time and we are the ones.

Now is our time to stop complaining and start reclaiming our rights and responsibilities.
Now is our time to step up to the call of living and giving our best to all the rest.
Now is our time to stop neglecting our messes, mistakes and forgetfulness.
Now is our time to respond with forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and creative solutions to problems.

We are being called. ’This is our inauguration.”
The great ship of our nation and the mother ship the planet earth needs a mighty crew.
We are the willing, capable and conscious ones who are being called to lead, teach, counsel and mentor.
We are can rise to this occasion and stand up for what is Good for All and speak up for the Truth for All.

We are moved by this historic moment.
It is time to get moving for the healing and transformation of our story.
We are the United States of America.
Forgiving our divisions and accepting our differences, we stand together.

Let us claim our place in our homes and workplaces.
Let us keep the peace in our homes and in our businesses.
Let us speak with Love in our minds and with our mouths.
Let us live our Values in private and in public places.

You see, when all is said and done, it is up to you and me.
We re the ones making the difference everyday in our own perfect way.

Are you ready to take your oath of office to be the One You are really here to Be?
Step up with me and make your promise to yourself, your family, your country and all humanity.
Blessing this moment with the dream coming true in me and You!
Betty Lue

I congratulate us all on our choice to once again be free to live in peace and harmony.
I am inspired by what we have chosen and the next step in our nation’s history.
May this be a holy and healing time for all of humanity to see what can and will be.
Greatness and Goodness is awakened again in the hearts and minds of all peoples.
Blessed be.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are You Loving You?

Are you loving your body, physical vehicle well enough?
Take the test at and see how well you are loving your body.
Yes we have a body which is ours to care for.
This is our opportunity to weigh and measure the job we are doing.

Are You loving your mind?
What are the sights and sounds, the visual images you place in your mind?
Yes, we have a mind which is ours to feed with healing and inspiring information.
This is an opportunity for us to begin the practice of hope, of forgiveness and choice.

Are you loving you emotionally?
Do you look inn the mirror and think loving thoughts?
Are you appreciative of who you are, what you do and how much you give?
Now is the time when we must love our whole self as the special One we are.

Are you loving your True Self Spiritually?
Do you take the time to be still and really listen within to your inner guidance?
Yes, our True Self , our origin is our Spiritual Essence, that seeks to focus and direct our learning.
When we are listening within, we have an opportunity to create a truly fun, safe and easy life.

Are you loving your life of Learning?
Do you consciously pay attention all day everyday?
This is a class, a university, in which we have the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t.
Yes, when we really pay attention, we can claim the Wisdom, Love and Practice to be fully alive.

Life doesn’t happen to us.
Life happens through us.
When we are co-creating with life, we see that we are partners in this learning adventure.
When we are sleeping or wishing or complaining, we cannot see what is and our Holy Part.

What would it take to step into your life as though you were the captain at the helm?
What would it take for you to acknowledge that you have not listened to the inner Navigator?
What would it take for you to fully be present with everyone everyday, giving your best?
What would it take for your to forgive all mistakes and choose again for what is all Good?

Yes, I say the same things again and again, different words, but the message is the same.
This is Your Life.

Your Life is for Giving.
When you fully give yourself, you recognize the Gift you Are.
When you realize and appreciate the Gift You Are, Your Self Love and Giving Grows.
When you love, respect and appreciate your True Self, your Life shows Goodness and Beauty.

I am Loving You and our Life together.
We are all waking up.
Let’s remember to love our selves Well.
Betty Lue

You Are A Flower in the Garden of Life

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer

Friday, January 16, 2009

Setting High Standards

I just asked myself,
“Am I setting my sights too high for humanity?”
“Am I asking too much for my brothers and sisters on the planet?”
“Am I wanting what is not humanly possible?”
“Am I expecting too much for all of us?”

Or is it possible that humanity has set its sights too low?
Is it possible that we are asking too little of each other and ourselves?
Are we wanting what is easy and not challenging people to reach for more?
Are we expecting too little, just so we are not disappointed?

If you can do the “right” thing some of the time, why not do it all of the time?
If you can smile at special people, why not smile at everyone?
If you can watch your food intake and money expenditures even once, why not everyday?
If you can speak with respect to those you admire, why not treat everyone respectfully?

Have we lowered our standards for honesty, sobriety, spending, fitness and responsibility?
Have we allowed people to get away with murder, just because they have money or power?
Are we letting ourselves lie, cheat and steal, by saying everyone does it?
Are we giving ourselves permission to be lazy, sloppy and irresponsible, just because no one cares?

I know that when we are impeccable with our lives, we feel confident and strong.
I know when we live in integrity with our ethics and values, we feel capable and powerful.
I know when we really love, trust and respect ourselves, we create trust and respect from others.
I know we are happy, creative and prosperous when we think, speak and live the highest and best.

So what keeps us from always being our best?
Why do we settle for conforming to ordinariness?
Why not rise about the masses and choose a better way
Why not live and give in integrity with the highest values?

Now is the time for us to live up to the standards of our elders and most admired teachers.
We are the ones who can turn the tide and begin to live in a way that inspires, encourages and teaches.
There is a call for leaders, teachers, ministers and healers who walk their talk and live their Truth.
Yes, we can declare our willingness to do the personal work to clean up our lives and lead the way.

Let’s begin now for the sake of ourselves and all of humanity,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 15, 2009

True Partnership

When you are in partnership with a spouse, your children, co-workers and teammates, you will be successful only when you follow keys that foster equal partnership.

What do “true partners” do?
They offer support and encouragement. They do not blame.
They share the same goals. They do not distract, interfere or create conflict.
They are honest and open. They do not withhold information, love or appreciation.
They share responsibility equally. They do not accuse or expect the other to do more.
They always give their best. They do not treat one use guilt or demands to get performance.
They are committed to do what is Good for All concerned. They do not look out for their own self interests.

Keys for Successful Relationships and Partnerships:
Joining- Create a unified goal or vision for future outcome.
Honesty- Openly share yourself holding no secrets or withholds.
Equality- Each partner gives their best in each situation.
Commitment- Both commit to what is for the best of both.
Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond with no guilt or blame to all outcomes.
Take total responsibility for the quality of the relationship.

True partners share mutual respect and appreciation for one another.
True partners take on full responsibility for the areas in which they want to lead.
True partners encourage and appreciate one another in good times.
True partners forgive their judgments and help each other in difficult times.
True partners are patient and understanding, compassionate and kind.
True partners easily give what the other is open to receive.
True partners wait to be asked before giving advice or suggestions.
True partners are willing to let the each other learn from their own mistakes.
True partners believe in life’s process of learning, letting go, laughing and loving.
True partners always celebrate success and share learning from the failures.
True partners find the best ways to love one another and remember to give love freely.
True partners have confidence in one another and value the relationship.

You and I are true partners, even though we may not know one another when we are willing to live and give our very best.

Blessings abound,
Betty Lue
Join me for our Relationships coaching Group on Wednesday evenings at 7PM.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Would It Take?

What would it take for you to be grateful for everyday?
What would it take for you to smile at everyone?
What would it take for you to stop worrying and trust?
What would it take for you to end the drama and simply enjoy life?

What would it take for you to spend less than you earn?
What would it take for you to contribute to what inspires you?
What would it take for you to be kind to a stranger?
What would it take for you to stop telling scary stories?

What would it take for you to eat only what is healthy for you?
What would it take for you to stop wasting our water and trees?
What would it take for you to develop a daily inspirational practice?
What would it take for your to forgive all your fears and judgments?

What would it take for you to mind your own business?
What would it take for you to stop complaining?
What would it take for you to really Love You?
What would it take for your to clean up your messes?

What would it take for you to make amends to those you have hurt?
What would it take for you to stop all bad habits?
What would it take for you to stop talking badly about others?
What would it take for you to make your own bed?

What would it take for you to be responsible for your whole life?
What would it take for you to stop blaming God, the government, your past or your family?
What would it take for you to start enjoying your life? What would it take for you to be at peace?
What would it take for you to be the magnificent, creative and loving Being you are created to be?

Be willing.
And just choose one and start now!
Remember every happy change begets other happy changes.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here to be Truly Helpful

My life is enriched when I can be of service in a way that empowers, inspires, encourages and validates the worth and potential or every individual.
The meaning in life comes from giving and contributing.
The fun in life comes from making things work for the benefit of All.
The love in life comes from watching people grow in love and appreciation for one another.

I sincerely appreciate each person for their desire and application of inspirational and practical tools that grow their authenticity, integrity, confidence, trust, respect, and gratitude. You see, we are in this world together. Each one of us is making the difference for every other one. We all are part of an integrated whole. Where I do my work, I am a blessing to you and vice versa. Where we serve another, we are all served.

Let us together begin the real work in life.
Take impeccable care of ourselves holistically.
Then take care of our own home, family and friends, workplace.
And reach out to our community with service to others.
Give volunteer time and energy.
Give donations of money, food, clothing and furniture.

We know that in difficult times, people come together to support, comfort and encourage one another.
This is the time and we are the ones.
Reach out and give where it matters, where it inspires, where it is meaningful to you.
Honor yourself by giving your best all day, everyday with everyone you meet and those you think of.

Life is for giving. You are the Gift.
You will recognize your Gifts when you have given them.
You will learn to value yourself more with each act of service.
You will release fear of loneliness, lack and limitation in your giving to others.
You will feel connected and significant as a part of something greater than you.

Contribute to your self, your family, your community, your world.
Loving us all as we give to gain and create what is meant to be, a world of peace and safety and joy.

Betty Lue

Monday, January 12, 2009


With clarity, focus and direction, the most complex and cumbersome tasks become simple and easy.
I find when I work in a cluttered environment everything takes longer and seems arduous.
When I work in a clean and clear environment, everything seems fun, simple and easy.
I use every excuse to clear up and clean up unfinished business and incomplete projects.

My world is a reflection of my inner environment.
When I am at peace, I can peacefully engage in any activity.
When I am happy, I deal with difficult circumstances easily.
When I am loving myself and my life, nothing seems impossible.

Before beginning to clean up and clear up my environment I set the stage.
No distractions, no interference, and no need to confuse myself with others input.
I connect with how I will feel when the job is done and I move in that direction.
I appreciate myself as I begin and all along the way, giving credit to myself for doing the work.

Some simple guidelines:
Handle one thing at a time until complete.
Keep in mind the experience I want to achieve.
Clarify what I can do rather than what I wish I could do.
Stay focused on what flows until it is finished.
Move around obstacles and roadblocks rather than judge or blame.
Only do what I have the ease and energy to do.
Bring joy and gratitude to every task.
Find pleasure in the finished project before moving on.
Stay calm, cool and collected even when there appear to be problems.
Stop what I’m doing, look at what is the goal and listen for inner direction when confronting a problem.
Immediately forgive and undo what doesn’t work.
See satisfaction with every step along the way.
Give yourself lots of encouragement and a healthy dose of self Love and respect.
Recognize that cleaning up your life, cleans up our world.
Your gift to yourself is a gift to everyone everywhere.
Your work is a shining example of what each one on the planet can do.

Organization eases the way for inner peace and ease in life.
Learn to let go of those things which have become confusing or displeasing to you.
Say “no” to those experiences which lead to judgment, martyrdom, and discouragement.
Say “Yes” to practicing the principles of self Love, letting go and learning to be your best~

Always give your best to yourself.
And know this is your gift to everyone around you.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 11, 2009


(If you want to know more about the symbology of numerology, play with Robert’s book of spiritual numerology, “Soul’s Awakening”. )


Look at all those ones!
1 is the number for innovation and initiative= new beginnings
11 = 2.
2 is the number for spiritual sensitivity= seeing and feeling what is for the highest Good.
All together they add up to 5.
5 is the number for creative freedom.

So here we are again…..
Another day for taking initiative and beginning something for the Good of All.
Another day to tune into spirit, the Goodness that already is.
Another day to be free to create what is inspiring to everyone all together.
Another day to be aware of our spiritual guidance and create Goodness for All.

What would your life be if you knew anything were possible, because it is?
What would you do and where would you go, if you knew you are provided for?
How would you live, love and give, if you knew the survival of the planet depends on it?
What would you heal and grow, if you were sure your happiness and health demands it?

You see, it really is about you and me.
We are the keepers of the Goodness in life.
We are the stewards of all sacredness and security.
We are the ones who can create the world anew.

Yes, from deep within, we can erase and redesign our minds.
We can undo what isn’t truly loving and beneficial for all humanity.
We can forgive the wounds of the past and bring peace at last.
But we can only begin from within and let the love we know begin to grow.

This may sound impractical and “airey fairy”, but it really is the Truth.
Reality is played out day by day as we imagine it.
Usually we think what we see is reality.
But then again we can change what we see, (depending on our focus), so it must be illusion.

If we seek peace, we can find it.
If we seek pain, we can encourage it.
If we seek Love, we will create it.
If we seek fear, we will embody it.

What you see when you look at the world from a historical perspective is a mixed bag of pain, problems, human error and its consequences of war, disease and suffering as well as greatness and overcoming.
What you see with forgiving sight is the potential for miracles, empowerment, achievement and humanitarian service and renewal.
Choose to look at your life and your world in a new way….from inside out and see you create on the canvas of your life.
The blessing of creative freedom already are. So go for it!
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What’s Up on Your Priority List This Year?

1) Set a goal or intention.
Keep it simply and in experiential terms. Examples:
I want to feel loved and valued every day.
I will reclaim and maintain a lifestyle that supports feeling fantastic everyday.
I easily manage my life and my finances and always feel secure and grateful.
2) Hold the picture of how you will feel and the experience you will have.
3) Trust that you will focus on keeping your intention with yourself.
4) Erase doubts, fears, guilt, resentments and judgments with forgiveness.
5) Open to Universal and Divine support and from those around you.
6) Be grateful for all the help you get and each step of success.

From Thursday at 5 PM until Friday at 4 PM we were at the home of the “Grand 3”, while their Mom and Dad took a much appreciated two day retreat. During our time with three very active and verbal little ones, we played, cooked, cuddled and in addition took down the Christmas tree, put up two new toddler beds, and rearranged the twins bedroom, did 3 loads of wash, helped 2 yr. old get better from flu stuff, went on a safari to find their old Christmas tree, bought groceries and played memory games, plus lots of other stuff.

This is high priority for me, but so is my four groups weekly, plus Adult Sunday school and church service. Then we have all of you that I meet with each every morning when I am at my computer, connecting with now thousands, answering 10-20 emails and setting appointments. There is the creating of each class and the educational materials we use. There is the planning of future workshops and classes.
Our joining is my top priority. Conscious Relating is what I focus on. “Everything is an excuse to be in relationship.”

Relationships are the path to heal ourselves and to support one another in finding our way back to God.
Relationships are the way we stay connected and inspired and in love.
Relationships are the avenue we use to forgive where we are afraid, judging, and creating separation.
Relationships are the screen where we project the current state of our inner world.

In being together with family, friends, students and strangers, I reveal to myself what I need to heal.
When I can be happy and at peace, in a state of love in the Presence of everyone, I awaken.
In a conscious state I can be truly helpful, inspiring, education, responding with Love no matter what.
Life works when I use the experiences I have each day to keep me alive, alert and enthusiastic.

Life is Good, when we are in Love.
So Be It!
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Love is Respectful

When you want to love someone, always remember to respect them.
Respect their privacy.
Respect their boundaries.
Respect their timing.
Respect their choices.
Respect their needs.
Respect their history.
Respect their ideas.
Respect their beliefs.
Respect their healing.
Respect their growth.
Respect their differences.

Respect your own uniqueness.
And in turn, they learn to respect yours.

What does respect mean?
Listen and acknowledge their ways though different than yours.
You have no need to tell them how you are different unless they want to know.
You have no right to mind their business by treating them like a child you want to train in your ways.

Whenever we tell someone what to do, what to believe or choose, you are acting like a parent.
Whenever we interrupt or interfere with another’s way of handling life, we are saying our way is right.
Whenever we teach, counsel, advise or order another to listen to and buy in to us, we disempower them.

Don’t tell others what to believe.
Don’t demand others accommodate your choices.
Don’t suggest they do it things a different way.
Let everyone learn through life experience, unless there is a safety issue for you or for them.

When there is a potential for harm, you can speak up and say, “That feels unsafe or scary for me.”
When you want to know their thinking to learn from another, you can ask in a respectful way.
When you are making joint plans, you can ask for their input and feedback on your ideas.
When you want to create an intimate sharing, you need to first ask permission.
i.e. ”Would you be willing to share with me your ideas and listen to mine?”

Love is respectful.
Love is trusting another’s path and process.
Love is freeing yourself and them from your judgments, opinions and beliefs.
Love is letting go of your need to be right and allowing for differences.

Blessings on learning the path to respectful relating.
Betty Lue

“I respect and trust your decision to do what is best for you.” This is LOVE!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Clean the Clutter Out of Your Life

Letting Go is the easiest way to clean up our lives.
The major problem we have is accumulating and stagnating the flow.
When we are afraid to let go of people and things, money and judgments, we risk loss and lack.
Life is learning to let go, for abundant life is flow.

When we allow the fear of loss create an attachment to what we have, we will hurt when things change.
When we doubt that we can have something better, we tend to cling to what we have.
When we have outgrown the familiar and comfortable, we try to fit in what no longer works.
When we believe letting go will hurt more than hanging on to old pain, we try temporary pain relievers.

Growing plants may outgrow their own pots.
When we get stuck in limitation, we stop growing.
Life is mean to let go of the old and dead skin and leaves, defensive positions and beliefs.

When we cling to the familiar and comfortable, we neglect to see the value of facing the unknown.
When we identify ourselves with what we have, we fail to see ourselves as the creative beings we are.
When we attach to what protects and defends us from being vulnerable, we limit our experiences.
When we lose sight of our creative potential, we may believe we get what we have by accident.

Life is an opportunity to create anew every moment.
Life is a place of limitless options.
Life provides abundant examples of the value of simplicity.
Life gives us infinite chances to let go and choose again.

How would your life be if you only lived with what is necessary for you right now?
How would your home look if you let go of everything that you do not use at least weekly?
How will you feel when you are only responsible for the basics in life?
What would you keep if you could only keep your things in one suitcase?

Challenge yourself to let go of what you are attached to.
For the pack rats, start with one room or one closet.
Take out everything and clean thoroughly.
Then put back into the room or closet only those things you must have.
Each space must have its own identity.
Bedrooms for rest. Kitchens = nutrition. Dining rooms = eating. Closets for specific uses.
Bring into each space only that which supports what they are designed for.

To begin the new year, make letting go at the top of your list.
The way to bring freedom, joy, creativity and prosperity into your life is to let go and open up the space for new possibilities.
Blessings of peace and prosperity to us all,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

True Empathy

Sympathy is often defined as feeling sorry for someone.
Sympathy does not help lift them but rather agrees with their state.
Empathy is often defined as feeling with someone.
Empathy may be taking one someone’s feelings to better understand them.

Both Sympathy and Empathy have their place and time:
1. When we want to commiserate or come together in our misery.
2. When we want to better feel and understand what another is feeling.
3. When we want to take on some of another’s pain and suffering.

True Empathy is remembering the Highest Truth about others, when they have forgotten.
True Empathy is connecting with the Spirit of Love within the other.
True Empathy is recognizing the Wholeness and Holiness in the other.
True Empathy is trusting and believing that another can forgive and choose again.

In the most spiritual and inspired sense, true empathy is empowering another to find a better way.
True empathy is giving each individual the Love =Trust + Freedom to choose their own path.
True empathy is offering to love unconditionally, serve from your heart and always remember God.
True empathy is forgiving your own doubts, fears, judgment and grievances for the situation.

When we have true empathy, we do not take on another’s pain.
When we have true empathy, we stay connected with the reality of the Highest Good.
When we have true empathy, we see beyond the body and the worldly situation.
When we have true empathy, we respect and see with eyes of forgiveness and gratitude.

Loving everyone you encounter in this way sets you free to serve from your heart, rather than respond to their neediness or seeking their approval.
Loving everyone with true empathy gives you the experience of non-attachment to their suffering so you can offer them the Highest and Best.
Loving everyone with true empathy sets others free to be loved without being needy, dependent and playing poor me or victim.
Loving everyone equally sets you free to be as peaceful, joyful and loving as you are called from within rather than shut down your light to match the world around you.

Consider the great ones, the spiritual leaders and teachers and how they responded to the humanity’s cry for help.
They saw beyond what was being asked for.
They stepped into the situation without fear for themselves.
They co-created the optimum solution.
They did what was needed to inspire everyone to believe it could be healed, transformed and changed for the better.

And so we are being called to step up to the Highest Solution now.
Let us begin within and then extend our realization outward to our world.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 05, 2009

Inside Out

The world teaches to follow rules, seek approval and always maintain your image and reputation.
School and work require that we meet and excel the standards set by others.
Quality of life is often measured by what the world sees and says.
We then get caught in pleasing, meeting others’ needs and referring externally for our value.

What is backwards about all of this is that it will not be real, enduring or consistent.
What is upside down is to lead our lives based on other’s evaluation and values.
The only way to find our truth, integrity and lasting happiness and inner peace is to be true to ourselves.
We must begin within. Learn to be Self-referring, rather than externally referring.

The order of priority and attention which empowers, endures and is effective over time:
1) Take impeccable care of yourself: spiritually, mentally, emotional and physically.
2) Take impeccable care of your home and family, harmony, cleanliness and organization.
3) Take impeccable care of your worldly responsibilities in work, community and financially.
If your foundation is weak, you won’t be able to manage home, family, work and finances well.

Start by building a strong inner base of Self- care with a daily practice and routine.
Schedule and create a routine of brushing and flossing your teeth morning and night, eat three meals a day at regular times, sitting down in quiet, take a shower or bath regularly, read inspirational material, begin each day with a goal and end each day with gratitude. You know what you need to be happy and healthy, so give the best to yourself first. Live in a way that will increase your personal strength, health, happiness and fulfillment.

To tend to others’ needs before your own, will only build resentment in you and teach them to either depend on you to sacrifice and martyr for them or set them up to believe they need to sacrifice for others.
To be honest is to tend to your own basic needs first. This sets the model for others to do the same, to be responsible for taking good care of themselves and learn to not be dependent on others.

To ignore your home organization and family harmony for the sake of work teaches falsely.
It sends the message that others are more important than your own loved ones.
It gives a false impression to others that you are handling your life externally, but wouldn’t want anyone to see what happens inyour home.
I recommend that you ask yourself how you would feel about putting your personal habits, family interactions and home order on television. If you cannot easily say you would be comfortable doing this, it is time to make some changes. If you have too much to care for, let go of stuff and chores and responsibilities, until you find a balance you can manage well. Don’t take on others concerns until the basics are managed.

A person caring for oneself will eat the basic healthy foods and maintain healthy lifestyle every day.
A home well cared for and organized can be maintained with no more than 30 min./day or 3 hr./ week.
A family well loved will have a family meal at least once daily and personal positive interaction daily.
Work is simply something that we do 8-10 hrs a day. We do it to the best of our ability with gratitude.

Life becomes fun, safe and easy when we start within, knowing where and how to begin.
We can be healthy, happy and fulfilled when we are pleased with ourselves and the quality of our lives.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stop War

Are you ready to stop wars at home and in our world?
Are you willing to stop your inner wars and outer fighting words?
Are you open to find a better way to deal with conflict?
Can you imagine a life where you no longer fight with anyone?

Outer wars or fights wishing harm to one another, come from deep-seated inner fears and beliefs.
The stronger the argument, the more intense the fear or need to win.
The points being argued are symptoms of lack of inner peace and willingness to understand.
The risk of ending the relationship, killing the other’s will or taking their life is a sign of ignorance.

Where there is an open-mindedness to listen and learn, there is the potential for understanding.
Where there is a knowledge that we are stronger, safer, when not fighting, there can be peace.
When both parties realize negative effect on themselves in doing harm, they will cease fighting.
When humanity realizes we are all in this together and interconnected, we will find a better way.

Basic Concepts to Stop Wars (at home and in our world!)

1) Stop fighting.
2) Negotiate terms of truce.
3) Build Trust.

These ingredients work for parents, children, relationships, friends, coworkers, religions and nations.

It is essential that the parties stop harming one another with their thoughts, as well as words and behavior.
It is essential that there be a cease-fire before any agreements of civility and respect can be negotiated.
It is essential that both parties stop fighting, arguing, blaming and threatening to engage in quiet dialogue.
It is essential that each side be willing to stop the activity of hurting one another to find room to talk.

Once there is a cease fire, the parties can find the space to listen and identify their own unique needs.
Each party needs to state clearly, preferably in writing, what it will take to have them act with respect.
Each person is called to read and listen to one another, to begin to identify common goals and preferences.
Both sides must agree to disagree without needing agreement and compliance in all areas of disagreement.

Once we design mutually agreed upon “rules of engagement”, everyone’s needs will be met.
Gradually trust will be built by keeping our agreements steadfastly.
When mistakes are made and immediately acknowledged and corrected, there is greater trust.
When all parties truly want peace for all concerned, it is easy to learn to trust and be trustworthy.

Loving us all as we learn to undo past misunderstanding and respecting our differences.
I know we can change the world one relationship at a time.
Betty Lue

PS While Robert and I do not argue or waste energy on fighting, I realize the negative impact fighting has in most people’s lives.
Robert and I both realize our upsets are always are own stuff being projected onto others, so we do our inner work to clear and heal our limiting beliefs.
We seek and find ways to acknowledge and respect our differences.

When seeking the goal of inner peace, there is always a way to let go of petty outer differences.
The very few skirmishes (mini-wars) I have experienced early in life taught me, I want only peace and choose to extend peace to others.
As a negotiator, mediator, life coach and marriage and family therapist/counselor, I insist on a “cease-fire” in my presence.
There cannot be truce or building trust, when people continue firing rockets of anger and hate at one another. (Destructive projection)

And Yes, Only Love is Real. (Thanks, Debra.)
Everything else is made up from our internal fears projected outward on others and our world.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Energy, Happiness and Inspiration

If you want more energy, live in happiness.
If you want more happiness, feed what inspires you.
If you want more inspiration, choose to think, speak and act in ways that lift your spirits.

Obvious, practical and effective!
Yes, this is simple and true.
Yes, this is easy and effective to do
Yes, this is choosing to love You.

Experiential Process:
  • Write down everything you do each day.
  • Note which ones give your energy, inspiration and joy.= A
  • Note which ones are neutral, neither depleting or energizing = B
  • Note which ones are negative, draining or discouraging = C
  • The “work” is to stop all “C” activities.
  • Do a minimal number of “B’s” .
  • Do mostly “A” activities.

My trick is to change my mind, by changing everything I do into being energizing and happy.
I have also found there are those who enjoy doing what I don’t enjoy.
I invite people in my life to only do what they “want” to do.
I find when I encourage everyone to do what is inspiring and gives them happiness, my life is benefited.

How do I enjoy and feel fulfilled by everything I do?
I choose the timing and the method.
I make games out of what I do.
I drop others judgments of those activities.
I make everything equally valuable.
I appreciate myself for what I do.
I manage my own life and allow flow.
I let go of any pressure and see all as Good.
I affirm that my life is fun, safe and easy.
I love to “PLORK”. Life is play and work.
I have created a life of ease, effectiveness and efficiency.
I delight in finding ways to not need to effort.
I believe in no harm for anyone, including myself.
I see what I do is teaching all the universe.
I intentionally smile a lot at myself and my activities.

Blessing you with more inspiration, aliveness and joy this year,
Betty Lue

Here’s a big job, but someone has to do it :)
I sure am glad it’s me!!!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Rules of Respectful Relationships

Usually we make up the quality of our relationships based on the models we see in life.
Parents and others we admire, TV and movie stars, friends and others we see become the norm.
However what is normal has slipped to new lows of common practice and our children are watching.
When one has not experienced and do not participate in disrespectful behavior it may be hard to imagine.

So here I am called to write directly about what is not OK in loving and respectful relationships.
I am reminded to tell you that what you have given will come back to you from someone.
Our children and partners watch and repeat the negative behaviors as well as positive.
Someone once said we need to counteract negativity with twice as much of the positive to undo the harm.

Rules of Respectful and Responsible Relationships
Absolute no-no’s in relating to everyone (no matter how they talk to you.)
Never threaten to leave or stop loving.
Never threaten to do harm to another or their belongings.
Never throw things or punch holes in walls or slam doors.
Never swear, ridicule or use name-calling.
Never push, grab, or get in the other’s personal space.
Do not try to argue or demand with a person who is sick, drunk or out of it.
Do not interrupt people who are on the phone, toilet, sleeping, unless they have asked.
Do not interfere in another’s business or conversations unless you perceive someone may be harmed.
Do not ask for immediate answers.
Do not follow people around to engage in arguments.
Do not yell, scream or raise your voice to get attention.
Do not escalate an argument to get way.

Absolute essentials in building respect and trust in Relationship.
Take responsibility for healing the hurts.
Take responsibility for controlling your own emotions.
Leave the room to handle your anger.
Learn to let out anger in writing, exercise, taking a walk, venting alone.
(Puking and pooping toxic thoughts and feelings is best done in private.)
Learn to listen to you own stuff and handle it within yourself.
Learn to handle your own fears and hurts, before expecting someone to do it for you.
Change your own thoughts and behaviors rather than ask someone else to change theirs.
Be a role model, giving what you want to have, consistently and effortlessly.
When you or another needs space and time, give it immediately with respect.
When another’s behavior is potentially harmful or toxic, step aside, and don’t take it on.
When you need to handle your own emotions and behaviors, state when you will return to complete.
Give yourself time to see what you could have said or done differently.
Forgive yourself for creating or escalating the difficulties.
Acknowledge your mistakes and ask that you be forgiven.
Create support for one another, so that both parties stop harmful or disrespectful behavior.
Make conscious choices to treat one another with kindness and respect.

This is a beginning.
If you and someone you love have been interacting like actors on TV, stop now and make a New Year’s choice to act like a mature adult.
To grow up well, you need a positive role model.
Choose someone you admire and see as respectful.
Ask yourself ,”How would….act in this situation?”
If you don’t know, remove yourself until you do know a better way to achieve the outcome you desire.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
More tomorrow.
Email me your questions and “yes, but’s”

Thursday, January 01, 2009

There Must Be a Better Way

When under stress, we act inappropriately.
When we catch ourselves thinking unloving thoughts, it tells us we need to stop and choose again.
When we hear ourselves speaking with unkindness, we are reminded to stop and choose again.
When we find ourselves acting rude or disrespectful, it is our wakeup call to stop and choose again.

There is no excuse for behaving in unkind, rude or disrespectful ways.
It is our arrogance, laziness and ignorance that keeps us doing, thinking and saying negative things.
Humans get caught in making themselves righteously RIGHT, so they don’t see their arrogance.
Humans often want to be comfortable in familiar and unkind interactions, so don’t stop themselves.

It is work to right our wrongs, correct our beliefs, and change our behaviors.
It is uncomfortable to treat ourselves and others differently than what we experienced in the past.
It requires consciousness and willingness to find a better way to live and to relate.
It takes courage to step into the unknown of acknowledging we need help to stop and change.

When you find yourself hurting a loved one, you must stop and make amends immediately.
When you see you have scared someone with your intensity, stop and adjust your behavior.
When you are lazy in taking impeccable care of you, it is time to reassess and choose again.
When you are “minding others business and telling them to change, it is time to forgive yourself.

We all have more than enough to do in life to treat ourselves and others with impeccable respect.
We have a full time job being totally responsible for the quality of our lives and our relationships.
We have so much to clean in our own home and family, we really cannot clean up for others.
Our lives are our teaching tool, created by us, to learn what we need to do to perfect our Loving ways.

Your own New Year’s Workshop
There is no better time than today, January 1, 2009, to seek and find a better way to live.
Make a list of everything you think you want.
(Especially see the qualities you wish to experience in the coming year.)
Affirmation: I name this Good and I claim it for myself.
Then start cleaning up everything that may stand in your way.
Make a list of what you have learned in 2008 and appreciate.
Affirmation: I am always learning the perfect lesson at the perfect time in the perfect way.
Make a list of all those you wish to forgive and bless.
Affirmation: I forgive everyone and everything including myself.
Make a list of what you are willing to let go with gratitude.
Affirmation: Letting go sets me free to be, do and have All that is on purpose for me.

There is always a better way to Love.
Loving you,
Betty Lue