Friday, October 01, 2004

The Healing Value of Self-Renewal

If you don’t take good care of you, who will?
How can you give your best, if you are not at your best?
Who knows what you need better than you?
How can others learn to love you, if you don’t love you?

It is only in taking impeccable care of our Self that we uncover the authentic and essential Self within.
The real Self is buried under images, roles and responsibilities we have assumed to be ours.
Instead of living for tomorrow, living for others or living to survive, how about living to thrive?
When you give yourself the Best, you become the Best you can be.
When you are at your best, you contribute the best at home and work.
When you are giving the Best you are and have and know, you teach the world to do the same.
When anyone is living as though their life matters, everyone is inspired to live with meaning as well.
A values-centered life begins with knowing what you value.
Clarifying your values creates focus and direction.
As you develop clarity of values and priorities, you let go of what no longer has meaning for you.
Life is simpler, truer and more fulfilling.
Living your Truth is living in integrity.
Life becomes more fulfilling, as we let go of what no longer fills us.

In the process of Self Renewal, ask, “Who Am I really?”
How have I been pretending?
How have I been trying to live up to another’s expectation?
How have I been coping with life?
How have I been defending and protecting myself?
How have I been denying what I really know to be true for me?

Self renewal is then about letting go of what is not highest and best for me.
Self renewal is not about polishing my armor to go out and fight another war.
Self renewal is truly about knowing and loving myself totally with kindness and compassion.
Self renewal is about being a friend to myself by listening, learning, forgiving, and loving me.
Self renewal is about taking the time to really be with myself without distractions and dismissal.
Self renewal is about being born anew with a Self that intends to love and nurture my own wholeness.

I highly recommend one 24 hour day each month of total silence.
Taking time daily and weekly for reflection, inner listening and value clarification is essential.
Self Renewal is healing for mind, body and Spirit.
We are transformed by the renewal of our thinking.

Loving you in renewing your Whole Self,
Betty Lue