Monday, August 31, 2009

No Regrets

To let go with no regrets requires letting go of attachment and neediness.
To let go of a job, relationship, or way of being requires that we have honorable closure.
To let go of a belief, experience or memory invites us to soak up the very best and release the rest.
To let go with gratitude and inner peace requires that we complete the experience.

Everyday when the sun goes down, we can let go of the day that has been.
Every night when we close our eyes, we must be done with the events of the day.
When we leave a job or leave a home, we can finish what we began.
When we lose a loved one, we can make amends for our regrets and be glad for all we gave and received.

Life is a sacred journey with cycles and seasons for everything.
To move on with full enthusiasm and inspiration, we must complete the past.
To continue to chew and digest yesterdays meal is called indigestion and is an uncomfortable state.
To continue to ponder and analyze yesterday’s conversation is a source of distraction and incompletion.

To live a life of no regrets is to say “I am sorry.” When needed to heal.
To live a life of no regrets is to fully express the gratitude you feel.
To live a life of no regrets is to be at peace with all that was.
To live a life of no regrets is to stop figuring out the “why” and “because”.

Too much time, money and energy is spent on asking why when you will never fully understand.
Too much distraction, disappointment and confusion consumes you, when you are stuck in the past.
Too much hesitation, caution and procrastination comes from trying to make no mistakes.
Too much loss of time, sleep and enjoyment is experienced when we go over and over what has been.

Get on with living, loving and giving by completing your past.
Get on with choosing, connecting and committing by letting love flow.
Get on with listening, laughing and learning by enjoying what is right now.
Get on with receiving the Gift of Life you are given by appreciating Being You.

Life is an experiment.
Life is a game.
Life is a journey.
Life is an adventure.

However, you approach your life, make it fun, safe and easy for you.
We are all here learning together
We are all here doing the best we know.
We are all here forgiving the past so we can receive the Present.

Live with no regrets. Just Live!
Betty Lue

See my piece written long ago on Honorable Closure below.

Honorable Closure

How do you complete a relationship, a marriage, a teaching-learning experience, a job, a friendship?
How do you know you are really complete?
Often people walk away without really finishing the spiritual work, because it is easier emotionally.
People don’t know how to come to a truly peaceful place, where “good-bye” is really “God be with You.”
When we are complete, we are at peace and in love.
We have no regrets, no resentments, no unhappy memories.

Honorable closure acknowledges:
1) the learning and growth received,
2) challenges and difficulties experienced,
3) appreciation of gifts and blessings,
4) forgiveness and amends made.

Acknowledge your self and the other person for all that you have learned and how you have grown and benefited from the experience.
Honor and express the challenges and difficulties that occurred and perhaps were endured during the time together.
Offer your gratitude and appreciation to the other for the benefits you received.
Share your forgiveness and/or make amends for those places of unconscious or conscious errors of omission or commission.

Often neither party is aware of what went unexpressed until the two have an opportunity to talk together.
This is very valuable when done with the conscious intention for a peaceful conclusion.
And lastly, give your full appreciation and blessings to those whom you are leaving.
Honorable closure always includes a face to face or heart to heart connection so that all parties have a full opportunity to express their piece of the whole. Incompletion is never one sided.
If one party loses and is in grief neither person is at peace.
Do your part when you part.
When we complete a relationship, job, living situation with honor for all, we are free to choose again without being haunted by the past or unconsciously repeating the same patterns.
To move on, to create anew, to be fully inspired requires honorable closure.
Begin now.
Saying good-bye can be done with love, respect and profound gratitude and inner peace.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Wait? Do It Now!

Life is the opportunity to live fully right now.
Life can be powerful and poignant, loving and kind, meaningful and fulfilling.
It simply depends on what thoughts we hold in our minds,
And our willingness to do, be and give what is given us to share.

Some learn lessons of accumulation and greed.
Some learn lessons of fear and belief in need.
Some learn lessons of defense and self protection.
Some learn lessons of blame and mistaken projection.

What we learn from our world can be undone with choice.
We can choose to forgive the false teachings of our past.
We can choose to let go of what no longer serves the highest Good.
We can choose to undo what is and was never True.

Life invites us to be creative.
Life encourages us to use our Will.
Life demonstrates we can have what we want.
Life gives infinite opportunities to choose again and again.

Let’s erase the past and what we have learned to fit the world’s conditions.
Let’s give up on trying to be what we are not
Let’s let go of believing we are limited and in lack.
Let’s take control and get our Real Life back.

Be still and listen for inspiration and inner vision.
Be enthused with affirmation and joy.
Take action and make it happen.
Be appreciative of your willingness and those who support you.

Begin again within with peace.
Then utilize your natural joy.
Take action with power.
Nurture and nourish your gifts with gratitude.
Do what will make your family, your community and yourself proud.
Make contributions to those with whom you resonate and want to serve.
Give where you want to build something strong and enduring.
Value what is genuinely valuable to all people and to our children.

There is no comparison in heartfelt and spirit-guided contribution.
A nickel or a million dollars is the same when given with trust and gratitude.
To Give a smile or an hour of helpfulness will change another’s life forever.
You can and are making a difference when you do what is True for you.

No martyrdom or heroic acts to get another’s praise or with conditions of reciprocity.
Merely give because it is natural and brings you joy to do what is yours to do.
Make the world a better place because it teaches others to fill their life with grace.
You can change your life by doing your part each day.

Clean up your garbage.
Make your bed.
Pay your bills.
Make someone smile.
Dare to show you care.
Say “thanks” to one and all.
Make amends for past mistakes.
Stop lying to yourself and others.
Speak words which motivate and inspire.
Listen to messages of hope and faith and Love.
Give thanks for promises of heaven here now.
Bring peace and loving kindness wherever you go.
Remember to say “I love you” to all those you Love.

You can live your life with no regrets.
Do it now.
Today is the day to begin again!

Yes, I Am Loving you...and reminding you to Love!,
Betty Lue

You may be curious about how these Loving Reminders came to be.
This is an abbreviated story. Ask me for more info if you wish.

Origin of Inner Listening

In 1976 it was suggested I sit and do nothing for just five minutes daily by a spiritual mentor/teacher.
I chose 5AM in the morning and immediately saw/felt and heard a vision of a Home of Infinite Love available to all people. ( Over the years, I have co-created many such Centers and Homes with the guidance of Spirit within.) The next morning I brought a pad of paper and a pen to sit, and as I was simply breathing, I knew words were coming into my mind and I wrote them down. When I later read them, I saw they had great spiritual meaning. As an innocent, trusting and ‘True Believer’, I then quieted myself every morning and began to follow what I heard within. My life became fun, safe, easy and miraculous in so many ways. I learned, forgave and grew spiritually daily from every relationships. This is was the origin of what I call “inner listening” and have taught to hundreds of willing learners over the last 30 years.

The Origin of emailed Loving Reminders
In the winter of 1998, having just moved back to the Bay Area in California, I asked Spirit within what was my purpose and calling. I was invited to sit at the computer and write down my daily inner listening and send it to those who requested it of me. Since Dec, 1998 I have sat at my keyboard, everyday to write exactly what Spirit within guides. I do not edit, correct spelling and embellish what I hear. I simply send what is given to me to share with the now thousands around the world.
This is my inner listening given to all who choose to receive them. Often it gives people what they need, practical spiritual and inspiring reminders, so they need not spend money on hours of therapy or endless seeking for spiritual answers. They seem to awaken and remind individuals who are willing and ready to change their lives for the Good of All. I also have put many of the reminders into three little books, Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders and Relationship Reminders. There are two other books waiting to be published, Healing and Healthy Reminders. It is my joy to contribute to the healing and awakening of my spiritual family, all humanity.

May be all be benefited and blessed by every good and kind intention of everyone everywhere.
Blessed be. Betty Lue “True B’Lue”

Remember: The blessings already are and we are now awakening to enjoy them.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Need To Fight

Some therapist encourage arguing.
Some people think fighting is necessary.
Some believe arguing is good for the relationship.
Some couples use fighting as a prelude to making up.

When debating, there is a winner and a loser.
No one changes their position.
In a boxing, there is usually a resultant happy winner and dejected loser.
Both parties look forward to fighting again.

Fighting with kids, couples, at work and in the world yields no lasting peace.
Arguing with friends, couples, co-workers, in politics yields no happy outcomes.
Learning to fight, argue and win more effectively only builds win-lose positions.
Gathering forces, evidence, using threats and intimidation builds disrespect and fear.

Why fight and argue?
People fight because they want to be right.
People fight because they want to win.
People fight because they want to get their way.
People fight because they don’t want to lose.

It is not natural.
It does not cause change.
It does not build trust.
It does not yield peace and cooperation.

Let’s look at this differently.
If you want closeness, arguing, judging, criticism and blame won’t work.
They each create separateness and disconnection.
If you want mutual respect, trust and cooperation, arguing builds less respect, trust and cooperation.
If you want closeness and connection, respect and responsibility, trust and cooperation, try asking questions and listening with an open mind to the answers.

Fair fighting
takes time, energy and often builds frustration for both parties.
I get 15 minutes to state my case and then you get the same from me without interruption.”
Compromise creates loss for both parties. “I give up what I want and you give up what you want, so we can have a middle ground which won’t satisfy either one of us.”
Mediation or External Judgment: Explain and justify to an external party and have them decide.
”Let’s tell Mom (or therapist) and see who they think is right or fair.”
Negotiation may yield a higher outcome which both parties can embrace. “I will support you in having what you want and need, if you will support me in having what I want and need to be satisfied.”
Hold No Position: State your position one time only. Listen to what the other person, believes and wants. Whoever has the strongest need and investment is given the opportunity to have what they want. The most conscious person is the one who is flexible, willing and seeks happiness and peace.
“I am feeling dissatisfied. I want satisfaction. I am willing to let go of my need to be right and simply seek to be happy with whatever the outcome is.”

My partner and I, my family and co-workers do not choose to fight, argue, threaten, demand.
I want people to have what they want, to choose what they believe it best for them.
Everyone is making choices.
If we are not attached to others’ choices, we can let go and allow everyone the freedom to choose what they believe is best for them.
When we interfere by making our demands, their choice is to resist us rather than to see and learn from the natural consequences of their choice.
Our interference or arguing often yields focus on the relationship rather than the subject of the argument.

Choices are how we use our power to direct our lives .
Exploration and experimentation are how we learn what works for us.
Mistakes are a powerful learning opportunity.
Freedom and trust are the keys to loving, respectful and successful relationships.
“I give you the freedom to choose your life as you believe is best for you.”
“I trust you to learn from your choices.”
“I give myself the freedom to choose my life as I believe is best for me.”
“I trust I will learn from my choices.”

No need to fight or argue.
Simply state your position once and then let go.
Or hold no position and let the other discover for themselves.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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Here are 3 grand daughters with whom we shared fun times again yesterday.... Lots to Love.

Friday, August 28, 2009

All Together Now

What does it take to love everyone equally?
What happens when we make some “special” and leave others out?
Making special is the result of judgment and comparison.
Give some more and others less is a product of our alliances and allegiances.

Today Robert and I will be with all five grandchildren for outdoor swimming pool fun and lunch.
I am aware that some have energy more like mine and so I can resonate and relate better.
I am aware that one or two may have more special needs some days or minutes.
I am aware of the differences between our grandson and grand daughters.

It appears true for me that I can easily love each equally as long as I love the one I am with.
I can love that precious one as thought they are the only one.
I can love the one I am with when I simply keep my heart open to fully be present.
I can love fully and freely when I choose not to judge, compare or withhold my love.

I believe everyone is a child of the Divine, of the Creative Power of Love.
I believe that each one deserves to be loved, nurtured, encourages and treated with respect.
I believe that when I care for another as I want to be cared for, I am Living in Love.
I believe that what I give, I receive and what I am teaching, I am learning.

Most important for me, I believe that we each are modeling the behavior we want to be in the world.
We teach with out thoughts, our words and our actions.
We are living examples to others on how to love and to build a world of love.
You and I can change the world by being the change we want to see.

As I love my self with trust, respect and kindness, I can love others with trust, respect and kindness.
As I Love others with trust, respect and kindness, they learn to love themselves with the same.
As others love themselves with trust, respect and kindness, they will love me and others the same.
The effects of loving grow exponentially with my willingness to live what I know.

We are all in this world together.
We are here to unlearn habits of not loving.
We are here to clear the fear which has caused defensiveness, greed, unkindness, cruelty and more.
These bad habits only continue if we the elders and conscious beings continue to practice them.

Now is our time to step away from what is not natural, healthy or good for all.
We are the ones who can and will do the work willingly and happily.
We can encourage ad support one another to forgive easily and love again.
We can celebrate the changes we see in ourselves and others and be obvious in our loving.

We can.
We will.
We Love.
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

(See the classes that begin in September!! Hope you can come. No sincere participant is turned away for lack of funds. I really am here to serve, teach, counsel and coach because I believe in you and it is my calling, my source of inspiration BLL)

You can expect a duck to fly like an eagle, but a duck is a duck.
You may expect your wife to cook great meals, because she is your wife. But if she doesn’t enjoy cooking, it won’t happen.
You may expect to be treated during your marriage like when you were courted or first married, but things change and never stay the same.
You may expect people to treat you like you treat them, but if they cannot treat themselves well, it is unlikely.

You may expect your kids to get good grades because you did, but if they are not motivated to do well, you will be disappointed.
You may expect your income and job position to keep improving, but you cannot control the economy.
You may expect life to treat you well because you are a good person, but you do not control your destiny.
You may expect others to see the best in you, but others can only see in you what they see in themselves.

While we cannot control what the world does or gives, we can choose how we respond.
While we cannot make others be what we want for them, we can choose how we treat them.
While we cannot take away all the “bad” stuff, we can stop contributing to what we see as “bad”.
While we cannot create a “perfect” life for ourselves and others, we can create and appreciate what is “good life“ for us.

Fear contracts life energy and limits our viewpoint.
Anger (irritation, frustration and impatience) distort what we perceive and create stuckness.
Guilt (regret, disappointment, and depression) diminish motivation and inhibit performance.
Pain and hurt block diminish the outward flow of energy to defend and protect ourselves.

When we place expectations on others, we use pressure to have them conform and yield.
When we place expectations on ourselves, we feel stressed to perform and meet self demands.
When we place expectations on our world, we find ourselves judging and critical.
Expectations are a set up for judgment, stress and perceived failure.

Seeking another’s approval teaches individuals not to listen to what is best for them.
Seeking another’s love is an out-picturing of neediness and dependency
Seeking external validation creates fear of failure and lack of self discipline and determination.
Seeking to please others (being a pleaser) is a behavior that engenders difficulty thinking for oneself.

What can you do to drop expectations and live your potential your way?
Honor your inner vision of the life you want.
Step into that vision by living (thinking speaking and acting) that way.
Appreciate every positive shift in perception and behavior.
Become a love finder rather than a fault finder.
Keep your promises to yourself. (Stop setting goals and using standards that threaten failing.)
Trust you are always giving your best.
Make no assumptions about others motivations or beliefs.
Be open and willing to learn to support others where they are when they need your support.
Do not give advice until you are asked. (Make sure you are modeling the advice you give.)
Focus on the win’s and forgive immediately what doesn’t work for you in yourself and others.
I give you my respect and appreciation for doing the best you know.
If you are willing to find a better way, it will find you.
Listen, observe and ask for help and clarification.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do You Really Love?

Love or fear?
Do you love being with someone or fear being alone?
Do you love being provided for or fear being on your own?
Do you love have someone to talk with or fear being separate?

Respect or fear?
Do you respect their values or fear the repercussions of having your own?
Do you respect their life choices or fear getting in trouble with them?
Do you truly respect them or fear what will happen if you step away?

Do you want or need?
Do you want to be together or need to be together because you are afraid?
Do you want to be in this relationship or need to be there because you have no place to go?
Do you want to be in love or need to be dependent on being loved by another?

Freedom or Restriction?
Are you both free to choose again each day or are you stuck in a choice that no longer works?
Are you free to speak your own mind or are you commanded to agree with the other?
Are you free to live true to your values or stuck living up to the other’s expectations and demands?

Trust or Doubt?
Are you trusted and trusting of one another or doubted and questioned about your choices?
Are you trusted to do what is best for you or accused of being foolish, wrong, hurtful to the other?
Are you trusting that you both have one another’s best interests at heart or suspected of sabotaging?
Where there is Love, there is trust.
When there is Love, there if freedom.
When we Love with conditions, we demand and expect.
When we Love as possession, we need and threaten.

When we Love conditionally, our Love is closed, needy, addictive, demanding and possessive.
When we Love without condition, our Love is freeing, trusting, healing and growthful.
When we Love as the world teaches, our love is attached, dependent and threatening.
When we Love as God (Spirit) loves, our Love is open, inspiring, expansive and forgiving.

Love in the human condition is often emotional, passionate, filling the void within.
Love, in the Highest Sense, is choice, unchanging, enhancing to the wholeness within.

Most have been taught to complete themselves with the Love of another to make them whole.
They become dependent on the other’s approval, provision, protection and presence to feel OK.
People learn to be needed to to be loved and secure in being loved.
They teach their loved ones, children and partners, to need them so they won’t leave or disobey.
They give to get Love.

They seek to find the piece that is missing.
They demand the “loved” one to give them what they believe they need.
When the demands are met, they feel happy and complete.
When their “needs” are unfulfilled, they may be depressed, angry, threatening or withdrawn.

When we find inner wholeness, peace and Love ourselves, we no longer seek to be loved.
When we are complete within ourselves, our love will be simply for the joy of loving.
When we have freedom and trust within ourselves, we need not seek from another.
When we need nothing, we are free to share everything.

Loving with freedom and trust is natural.
Loving for the joy of giving is natural.
Loving is a natural way of creating communion.
Loving is our natural state.

If you are seeking to find Love, look within.
If you are giving to get Love, Love yourself.
If you are needing to be loved, find Love for you within You.
If you are long to be in a Loving relationship, know, love, trust, respect and free yourself first.

Love is letting go of fear, neediness and dependency.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

It makes no difference
how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

Amazing Albino praying mantis. It was first seen in our home. Robert carefully put it outside and has found it or another like it both in our front coutyard and back patio. We feel blessed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Are you confident, capable and motivated?
Are you willing, able and inspired?
Are you empowered to be and do what ful
fills you?
What will it take for you to truly trust, free and support you?

Only when we empower ourselves can we empower others.
When we give ourselves the very best, it is best for others.
When we su
pport ourselves, we support others.
When we love and respect ourselves, we love and re
spect others.

While some may think sacrifice for other is lovin
g, it teaches sacrifice.
While we may value another more than ourselves, we are teac
hing inequality.
While we may focus more on giving without receiving, we may be teaching falsely.

The key to empowerment is to receive from the act of giving.

Being confident requires that we believe in ourselves.
Being capable requires that we enable ourselves.
Being motivated requires that we encourage ourselves.

When we learn to give ourselves, we empower our giving to others.

Being willing asks no pressure and total freedom to choose.
Being able tells us to practice, practice and practice.

Being inspired teaches us to be inspiring with our thoughts, words and deeds.
To fully truly free and i
nspired, we must be willing to practice daily.

Some practice with loved ones.
Some practice with strangers.
Some practice in work settings.
Wherever you find s
uccess and benefit, generalize those skills to all areas of your life.

Empowerment is a proc
ess of eliminating all weakening behaviors, words and thoughts.
Empowerment com
es with releasing any behaviors which are destructive or shameful to you.
Empowerment is released when we stop negative and belittling self talk.
Empowerment is experienced when
we envision our most confident, happy and fulfilled Self.

Where we put down others, we fear their counter-attack.

Where we tell or listen to hurtful stories, we are reminded of our own unkind stories.
Where we find fault with
others, we open ourselves to fear of being criticized.
Where we threaten, demand or speak unkindly, we diminish our own po

Our behavior teaches others how we feel about ourselves.
Our words tell the story of what we believe and the principles w
e live by.
Our thoughts give us pictures which we unconsciously put into practice.
To empower yourself, give your self the very best in thou
ghts, words and activities.

Create positive self talk and healthy activities for mind, body and spirit.

Create harmonious and respectful relationships with trust and freedom for all.
Create meaningful and productive work which is inspiring and fulfilling to you.
Create a happy, healthy and enjoyable life which supports you living with power and peace.

Loving and blessing your empowering choices, Betty Lue

Let’s empower
our children with the very best we know and live.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Translation, Please!

Do you translate others’words and meaning easily and accurately?
Do you really understand what others are saying?
Do you take the time to “hear” fully what the speaker means?
Do you honor the skill it takes to translate your language to be received by another?

When you hear something that you mind does not understand,
Do you discount it and turn away?
Do you listen more attentively?
Do you ask for more information to understand?
Does it replay in your head until you can hear and feel it clearly?
Do you react emotionally?
Do you respond with love even without understanding?

Often we hear the words, but do not “get” their meaning.
We may feel the intensity of the speaker or writer, but do not understand their motivation.
We may disagree with their beliefs and disagree or defend our own beliefs in reaction.
We may try to convince them of our way of seeing things before we even get their meaning.

It takes a fair witness or neutral observer to really “get” the language of another.
When we are distracted by our own emotions, attachments, beliefs or fears, we cannot hear.
Distortion occurs when we are fearful, judgmental or resistant.
Resistance and avoidance do not allow for conscious connection and full communication.

Words are symbols for the experience of the speaker.
Words can only be used to communicate to the receiver when their meaning is similar.
Words, body language, tone of voice all help communication.
But shared perceptions allow for the full understanding.

When we listen to another, we must be more telepathic and listen within.
When we speak to another, we must be willing to find what will communicate our true meaning.
When we communicate, we must be willing to find common language and shared perceptions.
When we inspire, we must find the words that lift and encourage others.

Speak and observe.
Speak and listen.
Listen and respond.
Listen and observe.

Translation requires energy.
Translation demands caring.
Translation invites connection.
Translation encourages intimacy. (in-to-me-see)

Thanks for caring enough to translate the language of love and inspiration I share with you daily.
Thanks for caring enough to share with others in the language of love they will receive.
Thanks for letting go of what doesn’t work and undoing false interpretations.
Thanks for loving you by receiving the best and deleting the rest.
Loving us all in learning to truly listen, let go, laugh and love one another better.

Betty Lue

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Choose Wisely and Well

What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.
We become like those with whom we associate.
It is valuable to choose wisely those with whom we are close,
And even more important to forgive the weaknesses and limitations of others.

Judgment is a “curse” which gets us stuck in our perceptions, memories and pain.

What we seek, we find.
What we conceive and believe, we can achieve.
There is no harm in being happy.
There is no hope in being blue.

The sun is always shining.
Under the clouds, it is always there.
Even in the middle of the night, the sun shines on the other side of the world.
We can look for the light in the middle of the darkness and know it is there.

Practice makes perfect.
Act as if you are enjoying yourself.
Believe you can be blessed and benefitted.
Choose another way of looking at what life brings.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness, freedom and trust with appreciation and joy.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
You can erase your mind the same as you delete files from your computer..
You can whitewash the canvas of your life and create anew.
“Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. In Between.”

Don’t get stuck in seriousness again.
May laughter and happiness your friend.
Sing songs and think thoughts of good cheer.
Release pain and problems to eliminate all fear.

The time is now to make up your mind to find the Good in what is given you.
Release the past and let Love last by choosing to give your self with enjoyment.
You can put on a happy face and watch the world embrace the joy you bring.
You can give your best with kindness and see others be blessed by Your Love.

Each one of us can make a difference today in each moment with each one we encounter.
Light your world by having open-mindedness, appreciation and joy in your mind.
You are the Light of the world. This is your function.
Keep your light shining even on cloudy days.

Loving you with Joy,
Betty Lue

August 23, 2009 Loving Reminders
Translated by Marianne Costa

Choisissez bien et avec discernement
Ce que nous percevons chez les autres, c'est ce que nous renforçons chez nous-mêmes
Nous devenons semblables à ceux avec qui nous nous associons
Il est utile de choisir avec discernement les personnes dont nous nous rapprochons
Et plus important encre, de pardonner aux autres leurs faiblesses et leurs limites.

Le jugement est une "malédiction" qui nous enferme dans nos perceptions, dans nos souvenirs et dans notre douleur

Ce que nous cherchons, nous le trouvons
Ce que nous concevons, ce en quoi nous croyons, nous pouvons l'accomplir
Il n'y a pas de mal à être heureux
Il n'y a pas de déboucher à ruminer son cafard

Le soleil brille toujours
Il est toujours là derrière les nuages
Même en plein coeur de la nuit, il brille de l'autre côté du monde
Nous pouvons chercher la lumière en plein coeur de l'obscurité et savoir qu'elle est là

C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron : on perfectionne ce que l'on pratique
Agissez comme si vous êtiez heureux
Croyez que vous pouvez être comblé de bienfaits
Choisissez une autre manière de voir ce que la vie vous apporte.

La mansuétude est la clé du bonheur, de la liberté et de la confiance, de l'appréciation et de la joie

La mansuétude est comme une gomme pleine d'amour
Vous pouvez efface les choses de votre esprit comme vous effacez les fichiers d'un ordinateur
Vous pouvez reblanchir la toile de votre vie et créer une nouvelle image
"Accentuez le positif, éliminez le négatif, et ne perdez pas votre temps avec M. Entre-Deux"

Ne vous retrouvez pas enfermé à nouveau dans le sérieux
Que le rire et le bonheur soient vos amis
Chantez et ayez des pensées pleines d'optimisme
Lâchez prise des douleurs et des problèmes, et vous éliminerez la peur

C'est maintenant qu'il faut prendre la décision de changer votre état d'esprit, et de voir le Bien dans ce qui vous est donné
Lâchez prise du passé, et laissez l'Amour devenir durable en choisissant de vous y abandonner joyeusement
Installez un sourire (une expression heureuse) sur votre visage, et vous verrez comme le monde répondra à la joie que vous lui apportez
Faites de votre mieux, avec gentillesse, et voyez comme les autres se sentirons bénis par votre Amour

Chacun de nous peut changer les choses aujourd'hui même, à chaque instant, à chaque rencontre
Éclairez votre monde en ayant l'esprit ouvert, en vous focalisant sur le joie et l'appréciation
Vous êtes la Lumière du monde. Telle est votre fonction.
Continuez à briller, même les jours de mauvais temps.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoy Yourself

What will it take for you to enjoy your life?

You will find that enjoy life requires that you stop thinking, saying and doing what limits your Joy.

Stop scaring yourself with bad news, bad thoughts, and bad words.
Stop being critical of yourself and others by looking for what could be better.
Stop gossiping about anyone including your kids and spouse, even celebrities.
Stop retelling stories about the past failures, past hurts, past regrets and resentments.

Eliminate negative thinking.
Eliminate negative media.
Eliminate negative activities.
Eliminate negative self-commentary.

Let go of pictures, furniture, journals, and places that remind you of unhappy memories.
Let go of habits, foods, choices and people that bring you pain or bad feelings.
Let go of trying to be what you are not or clinging to what you once were.
Let go of envy, jealousy, greed, gluttony, resentment, vengeance, worry and limiting habits of mind.

To grow in light and love, you must provide yourself with the blessings of a Good Life.
To feel nurtured and nourished, you must give yourself the kindness, respect and care you need.
To feel knowledgeable and wise, you must choose to learn from everyone and everything you encounter.
To be productive and fulfilled, you must offer yourself opportunities to create and to serve Good for all.

You are here to serve your own happiness.
You are here to be in love with your holy Self.
You are here to honor the life you are given.
You are here to give gratitude and praise for your Authentic self.

Seek not to get happiness from another.
Seek not to love others but not yourself.
Seek not to demean or sacrifice your life.
Seek not to deny yourself praise and to be falsely humble.

Choose happiness with happy thoughts, words and deeds.
Choose to wholly love all of you to better love all others.
Choose to respect the life you have and honor all life.
Choose to give yourself praise and appreciate all you are and do.
Whatever you do, do it with Joy.
Joy is Light in You shining through.

Whatever you think, think with enjoyment.
Enjoyment is the Happiness God wills for all creation.
Whatever you say, say it with inspiration.
Inspiration is the indwelling Spirit expressing through you.

Remember that God shows up through your sparkling eyes, your happy countenance.
You are God’s reminder in everything you say.
Speak the Highest Truth and let the rest be silenced with forgiveness.
You are the activity of God in your happy helpfulness.
Choosing to live a Godly life guarantees a Goodly life.

You can undo pessimism by developing optimism.
You can be a love finder by relinquishing finding fault.
You can be energized with love by letting go of fear.
You can be a spiritual reminder by living a life of inspiration, freedom and trust.

Enjoy life and life will enjoy you.
All of life will reflect the joy in you shining back for you to enjoy.
Loving you in joy, Betty Lue

I only do what I enjoy. This is it. Come enjoy with me!!!!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Do You Celebrate?

Life is full of opportunities to celebrate the Good.
In celebration is full appreciation.
With appreciation there is an increase in the Good you celebrate.
With more goodness in life there are more celebrations.

Everyday look for the magic, the mystery and the miracles.
Each day take time to feel grateful for what you experience.
In the blessings you notice there is an abundance of energy.
In the gifts you don’t notice there are awarenesses waiting for you.

When you celebrate what is given, you open to the joy of life.
When you shout and sing and give your thanks, you emphasize what is joyful.
When you fully enjoy life, you are filled with joy, the spirit of Goodness and Love.
When you are full, your love and Joy overflow in everything you think and say and do.

There is no place where you cannot see opportunities to feel blessed, if you look.
There is no time when you cannot experience the gift of being aware, when you are open.
There is no relationship in which you cannot learn and teach what is good and whole and true.
There is no one who can bring you the enjoyment of appreciation and celebration for you.

“Today is the first day of your life.”
“Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think.” Song lyrics.
“There is no time like the present.”
“Live, Love, Laugh and Be happy.”

Life is for giving and you are the Gift.
Open the present and you will see the gift you are.
Can you imagine how good life could be if you could only see the Beauty,
The Goodness, the Wholeness and the Miracles of Love all the time?

It is possible that you have blinders on and can only see what you are looking for.
It is possible that you have filters on your perception and distort with your negativity.
It is possible that you cheat yourself out of good times by dwelling on the bad times.
It is possible that you treat yourself with unkindness, regret and disappointment and feel discouraged.

Only you can choose to celebrate today.
Only you can sing and dance and play at life.
Only you can express gratitude and joy.
Only you can change your world with an open mind and happy heart.

Why not take this moment now to celebrate the good life you have created for you right here and now?
Why not take today to undo the yucky stuff that you have been clinging to because of fear?
Why not make this week an appreciation challenge to thank yourself and others everyday?
Why not make this month the best 30 days you have ever had by enjoying every day consciously?

With celebration, watch your energy soar.
With gratitude, watch your productivity increase.
With enjoyment, watch your health be revitalized.
With full appreciation, watch your relationships heal and harmonize.

You can change your life by changing your focus and feelings.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Basic Communication Etiquette

Everyone has the same communication right and responsibilities.
The conscious ones (sometimes parents and adults) must be impeccable in teaching by example.
“Communication” means coming together as one or using words to “connect”.
People hear more your “tone of voice” and body language than your intention of the words.

What you want to receive must be what you give consistently.
What you think and say and do is teaching everyone…..even when your are in private.
Telling a friend what you don’t want others to hear is heard by the others. (There are no secrets.)
The story you tell begets more similar experiences and stories.

Words can hurt far more than slaps and blows, so choose your words carefully.
Never use name-calling, belittling or “hate” words.
Understand that your modeling teaches everyone how you want to be treated.
Talk about your views, about your feelings, facts and willingness to take responsibility.
“I feel…. I want……..I am willing…….”

When you relate to children ( and adults), speak about their behaviors, not about their person.
Give yourself an opportunity to breathe (count to ten) or take a time-out before you say angry things.
Be focused on what you want to hear and see and do rather than what you want to stop and avoid.
Where you place your attention and emphasis, you feed and what you don’t want will increase.

If you want to win trust and respect, be trustworthy and respectful….consistently.
If you want to hear the truth (no withhold, lies, deceptions or coverups), be totally honest yourself.
If you want to see a change in behavior, change your own behavior, tone of voice, and communication.
If you want to make a difference in a relationship or in a situation, visualize what you really want to be.

Never interrupt.
Find a way to say what you want to say quickly, quietly and with respect.
Be clear about your intention for your communication. ( It can be felt underneath the words.)
Be honest about your own mistakes and admit your wrongs and make amends immediately.

Keep all your relationships and communications impeccable.
No judgments, resentments, guilt’s or blames being held.
Learn to forgive and forget.
Treat others always with honor and dignity, as you wish to be treated.

Stop talking about anyone behind their back.
Children must not be discussed with neighbors and friends. How would you feel?
Don’t expect others to be able to communicate the way you do.
Give people a chance to respond. Some need to think or reflect before they can answer.

When you make a mistake, admit your error and correct it immediately or as soon as recognized.
When you don’t know what to do to improve your communication, seek help.
If you are challenged by someone, admit when you do not know.
If they want your help, find resources for help, information and creative solutions.

Change your mind to change your life.
Change your perspective to change your reactions.
Change your attitude to change your experience.
Change your physiology to change your emotions.

Believe it or not, we are entirely 100% responsible for the quality of our communication.
One person can totally change the quality of their relationships.
When you learn a better way to think, perceive, speak and act, you will make an immediate difference.
You are the most conscious person in your family or world, if you are reading this.

We only speak with two messages:
“I am loving, trusting and freeing you.”
Please receive the gift of my unconditional Love.
“I am needy, afraid, lacking Love, trust and freedom.”
Please help me by giving me love and modeling Love.

It is our responsibility to be Love givers wherever we see and remember.
Learn to be conscious and responsible (response able)!

Loving you with full responsibility,
Betty Lue

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trust Is the Issue

Who and what can you trust?
Where do you go when you need help or advice?
What is the issue you want to resolve?
Can you trust yourself to know what is best for you?

When you have a financial issue, seek knowledge, competence, clarity and understanding.
When you have an emotional issue, seek patience, understanding, knowledge and clarity.
When you have a relationship issue, seek knowledge, skill, understanding and education.
When you have a work-relationship issue, seek information, education, understanding and support.

No matter what the issue, you want basically the same kind of help.
You want knowledge and wisdom, skill and competency, confidence and assurance, understanding and support.
One who is knowledgeable about emotions and relationships may not have the knowledge to deal with financial issues.
One who is adept in communication skills may not have expertise in work related issues.

The most important need is to trust yourself to choose the “right” person for you.
The “right” person means the one you can trust to have your best interests at heart.
The “right” person must not only be knowledgeable and wise, but have the skill and caring to understand your unique situation.
The “right” person must be willing to know you, trust you and respect you.
The “right” person must be exemplary and model their understanding within their own life.

How do you know who to trust, who to choose?
Ask questions about their life and their background.
Listen to their responses to find and feel their truth, their beliefs, their background, their knowledge, their understanding and their limitations.
Recognize that in your neediness you may trust someone who cannot give your what you need.
In your urgency you may give power to those who do not know you or have your interests at heart.

  • So stop and listen within.
  • Seek the feeling of connection and caring.
  • Look for modeling and life success.
  • Find the resonance between yourself and the other.

Some questions to ask yourself about who you choose to trust:
Does this person care about me and my issue?
Do they have my best interests at heart?
Are they resourceful in seeking options and alternative solutions?
Do they have the understanding of my dillema and what my needs might be?
Have I given them all I know so that they can better serve my needs?
If I want knowledge and education, do they know and will they teach me?
If I want understanding and support, will they listen and be patient?
If I want creative solutions, options and possibilities, will they be resourceful and share ideas?
If I want inspiration and motivation, will they give me the tools and assign tasks to keep me moving?
Can I count on them to not quit or be lazy or distracted in their helpfulness?
Can I trust this helper to give me the best they have at all times?

When you want help for any problem, issue and uncertainty, go to an expert who cares and shares freely.
When you want help, seek someone you can trust is living the truth they speak.
When you want help, honor your intuition and inner knowing with what fits and resonates with you.
When you want help, be confident in your ability to discern what is “right” for you.

You deserve the very best.
Undo what is not best for you.
Believe you can have what you really want and deserve.
Seek until you find.

Loving and blessing you in making the right and best choices for you!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Do You Really Want?

When seeking help from friend, therapist, partner, teacher, advisor, what do you want?

If you come to tell stories again and again, do you want agreement or a compassionate listener?
If you come to find your inner truth when you tell you perceptions, are you listening to your voice?
If you come to have a judgment deciding who is right and who is right, are you want to be judged?
If you come to have parental punishment and time out, do you respect the views of your parent figure?
If you come to dump your “poopy” viewpoint hoping someone will flush your toilet, will you keep on pooping and expecting someone to clean up after you?
If you come to get answers, creative solutions and advice, do you argue with or ignore what is advised?
If you come willing to be responsible and seeking spiritual counsel, are you willing to respond with love?

Ask with respect from those you seek help, answers, advice, listening and compassion.
Be specific about your request for time and listening.
Ask when they might have time for you.
Give them the opportunity to say “No” without losing your love and respect.
Compensate them with gratitude, remuneration, kindness, valuing and using what is given.
Give them positive feedback by letting them know what worked for you.

What does the friend, therapist, teacher, advisor do with what you bring to the table?

If they have time, they will listen endlessly to your repeating stories with an open heart.
They may take on your pain.
They may sacrifice their energy.
They may make myself sick with worry.

If they know the dilemma is yours, they will let it go trusting you to learn and grow.
They will be clear that you will find the learning and the answers you need within you.
They will not take on your problems, but will let go and let God.
They will see it all as part of your sacred journey and spiritual development.

If they have the same dilemma or issue, they may respond to you as they would to themselves.
They may give your direct advice, tough love, or simply be at a loss about what to do or say.
They may direct you into their own mess of emotions and complication without understanding.
They may agree with you that you are in deep do-do and simply commiserate or sympathize.

If they have an inner connection with Source and spiritual guidance, they may listen and respond.
They may listen deeply to your own confusion and invite your to clear your viewpoint.
They may help you see things differently and ask you to shine a light on the situation.
They may teach you skills and ask you to practice them before thinking you know the answers.

If they are trained in therapy, counseling, coaching, they may have a deeper awareness and understanding.
They may direct you to do your own work to clear you fear, to judge nothing, to see things differently.
They may invite your to forgive your past limiting beliefs and misunderstandings.
They may encourage you to take total responsibility for the healing and peaceful solutions.

Seek the right person for the right reason to be your supporter, advisor, cheerleader, counselor.
Let them know if what they offer is not working for you.
Be grateful for their willingness to give the best they have.
Be sensitive to their boundaries and value their time, money and energies with respect.
Treat them as you want to be treated when you are giving of yourself and your resources.
Learn in these helping and supportive relationships what works and doesn’t work for you.
Stop asking for what others cannot give and appreciate what they can and are willing to give.
Value and utilize what works and let the rest go.

There is no greater reward for the helper then to have their guidance be useful and effective.

Everyone wants to be kind and helpful, but some may not able or willing because of their own limitations.
Respect and gratitude are key in receiving what you want from others.

Blessings of gratitude for our united willingness to learn and teach one another.
We are in this together, here to grow with peace and understanding.
Blessings to us, one and all.
Betty Lue

30 Days to Enlightenment
30 Days to Waking Up
30 Days to Healing
30 Days to Seeing things Differently!
This exercise was given to me from Spirit within over 15 years ago.
It has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform our lives.
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:
Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind.
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within.
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.
Make the sound “AAAH” for 1-2 minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.
Now write and say 30 Choices.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to be free.
I choose to do what I love.
I choose to forgive….
In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1-2 minutes.

PS Even a few of each is better than none.
Do what you can and trust it is working.

Loving You always,
Betty Lue

Monday, August 17, 2009

Harmonic Convergence 22nd Anniversary

Let us come together (“converge”) in harmony, singing a universal song of Love, Trust and Freedom.
Love is our natural state.
Love is the purpose for which we are created.
Love is the path to Happiness and Peace.

Have you noticed not everyone seeks to be Love?
Have you felt your own resistance at times?
Have you found the places in you which you denied Love?
Have you given up on Love for the sake of FEAR?

FEAR some see as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.
Some see LOVE as having conditions, rather than loving All as God loves.
Some prefer the defenses of judgment, intolerance, resentment and hurt.
Some have chosen to be alone, living in discord, judging all differences.

Today give some thought to those you choose to exempt from your Love.
Consider undoing your “curse” or condemnation on those who you believe have hurt you.
Make amends with yourself by mending the tears and tears in your Loving Purpose.
Choose to forgive yourself for withholding the healing power of Love.

First, harmony within ourselves.
The integrated self has acceptance, love and respect for themselves as they are.
Next, harmony in your home.
Creating relationships and environments where peace presides.
Then, harmony in our world.
Remembering to listen with respect and consideration for the different views.
In the end, we all seek peace and want to be at home in our world.
Make this day and everyday a better place by choosing to bring harmony within and without.

Blessings of gratitude for your courage to make a difference for All,
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Gift of Love

(May these reminders give you a message which you can instill in your children, grandchildren and all!)

August 16, 1942 at 11:07 PM in Lansing Michigan I came into this world.

From conception, I was known as a “Gift of God’s Love” by my young and innocent parents.
Bob and Marian Fisher gave me the great gift of never claiming to be my parents.
They saw themselves as guardians for the Gift God had sent them.
As a child, I was neither criticized nor praised. I was always loved.
I was talked to from birth and treated as a whole and wise loving being.
I was included in conversations and decisions with my elders even as a very young child.
I knew I was a helper (“Mommy’s little helper”) and someone who could bring sunshine into every situation (called “effervescent Betty Lue”). From the youngest age of 9 months I can remember helping, learning to walk because my Mom could not lift me with a bad back and already pregnant.
I can remember helping with my brother always and more when my Dad was called overseas in WWII.
We always encouraged to be truly helpful.

With Girl Scouts, horse-back riding, American Field Service, volunteering for those in need, Youth Council of Churches, Antioch College, political debates, sewing my own clothes and lots more, I learned and earned my wings. Encouraged to give freely and live simply, expected to fly free from the nest at 18 yrs, trusted to make my own decisions and welcomed home whenever I visited, I was always respected, honored and loved.

Being a source of inspiration, taking leadership, being confident in decisions, always seeking the highest and best outcome for everyone, trusting in my inner knowing and never being criticized or ignored has given me a life of trust and freedom, a life of inspired and inspiring loving service . My stated Mission:
I am the space of trust and freedom where Love is remembered and Wholeness and Holiness restored.

I have been an awakened inner Listener for the last 32 years, trusting in my inner Voice (some call Holy Spirit).
I have been blessed with many adventures, much worldly experience, a God-sent spiritual partner and life companion,
beautiful people gracing my path with continuous opportunities to learn and teach give and receive, welcoming the new creations of each day.

I see my life as a canvas on which I am invited to paint, write, sing and design my world with beauty, goodness and grace.
The Peace and Power and Presence of the Great One, the God Force within, has given me and all the vision with which to see what really is beneath the cover-ups, defenses, manufactured “reality”, so I can reclaim the Joy for what is already here and yet to come.

My thoughts, my words, my perceptions, my activities are all about how I can best serve the Greater Good on the planet.
I seek to serve as I am called without regard for fame fortune or acknowledgment.
I know my needs will be met as I give All to All.

Sharing the truth of my Being in this incarnation as Betty Lue, “True B’lue” the ‘true believer’ (as I was known in my childhood)
I am always Loving you,
Betty Lue

“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.” II Corinthians 9:8

I thank you for being my mirror in which I realize the Gift I Am. And you are a Gift to me, each of you and all, endlessly creating my enjoyment and gratitude for being alive and here Now.
Betty Lue

Betty Lue’s Teachings as a Child

We are whole.
We are not lacking.
We are not limited.
We are here to be helpful.
We are happy.
We are loving.
We are free and unrestricted.
We need no criticism or praise, for we know we are right with ourSelves.
We are trustworthy and trusting.
We are honest and open.
We are generous and share everything of value.
We value what is real and lasting.
We are patient as we learn from everything.
We are to love everyone equally.
We are to follow Love and our Inner Truth.
There is nothing to fear.
There is complete innocence, as all are children.
There is nothing that cannot be forgiven.
All paths lead to Good.
All things are possible.
Love gives us everything we ask for in the name of Love.
Miracles are natural.
We are all in the family of man and everyone is our brother.
God is Love and we are His loving creation.
Healing comes from the release from guilt and fear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letting Go

Letting go of last year can be filled with regrets or be a beautiful celebration.
Letting go of a familiar place or person can feel like death or be a source of appreciation.
Letting go of limiting unconscious habits can be a struggle or an experience of freedom.
Letting go of memorabilia can be filled with fear of forgetting or gratitude for the blessings received.

Completion and closure must be done with great respect for what was learned and earned.
Closure must be honored with no blame, no guilt and gratitude given and received.
Completion is a sacred rite of passage in a world of ever-changing circumstances.
Honorable closure is given when we have fully expressed both forgiveness and love.

Making amends is a gift to ourselves.
Forgiveness renews our trust.
Appreciation grants us freedom.
Remembering to always Love keeps us inspired.

Where we hold grudges, we stifle our creativity.
Where we feel contempt, we cause inner dis-ease.
Where we feel guilt and regret, we lose confidence and courage.
Where we judge the past, we withhold Love and Life energy from ourselves.

The only mistake we ever make is to forget to Love.
The only error we need to correct is to withhold the Gift that we are.
The only fault that needs mending is to separate from the source of our Love.
The only lack that calls for fulfilling is the stop sending Blessings to everyone everywhere.

Abundance comes from endless giving.
Healing comes from extending Peace.
Happiness comes from always forgiving.
Love comes from never forgetting.

Let go of all that distracts you from having the Good you deserve.
Release all problems and see the solution in the Light.
Give up figuring out, analyzing and trying to understand.
Only in peace can we find the Highest Truths.

It is in letting go that we come to know what is real and lasting.
The Eternal is not found in the temporary.
The Good we seek comes from within and is see when we share it.
Life is letting go of all we no longer value.

Now is the time to clean up our act and Live the life we seek.

Blessings on gracious and grateful letting go,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 14, 2009

How Long Do You Stay?

How Long Do You Stay?
When Do You Quit?

If a situation or relationship brings out the worst in you, do you stay?
If you get indigestion after you eat in a restaurant you enjoy, do you go back?
If you are tired of picking up after your kids, do you continue?
If you embarrass yourself when you drink too much, do you do it again?

Are you banging your head against the same wall again and again?
Are you living or working in a situation that makes sick and tired?
Are you hanging in there with someone expecting them to change?
Are you asking for and demanding something that seems impossible?

When do you let go?
Are your loyalties for a lifetime, even if it kills you?
Are you willing to sacrifice because you made a promise?
Do you believe you can change the person or situation?

Do you quit too soon?
Do you stay too long?
Do you try for change?
Do you hang on with no results?

Life is a choice.
You are responsible first for your own well-being.
You cannot expect others to care about you when they do not care for themselves.
You can treat yourself with respect, trust and care to teach others how to treat themselves and you.

You must model the behavior you want to teach.
You must be a good steward of your own life energy.
You must always seek for better ways of living and loving.
You must be true to your real purpose for being here.

If you can see it it time to let go.
Communicate exactly what you intend.
If asked why, be specific and explicit.
State “I feel…, I want ….I am willing….” without guilt or blame.

Set clear timelines and state specific choices to care for yourself.
If the other asks for reasons, be clear about what you want and are willing to do to have what you want.
Staying too long drags out the uncertainty and feelings of fear and failure.
Leaving too soon, does not allow completion and learning the lessons of patience and trust.

When you decide to leave, make it simple, efficient and without rancor or blame.
When you move on, let go with gratitude for the learnings, with blessings for all concerned.
When you are fulfilling your commitment to yourself, be appreciative of your willingness.
When you let go with love, you will move on to a better place with greater awareness.

You can and must choose what your know to be for the Highest and Best of All.
You can and must release situations where you cannot stay in love and at peace.
You can and must undo what is not for the Good of everyone involved.
You can and must model self care and respect for one Self.

Choose to release the past with consciousness, respect for all and trust in the future.
Blessings of Peace to one and all,
Betty Lue

Write it on your heart
that every day is the best day in the year.
He is rich who owns the day,
and no one owns the day
who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.
Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt, crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a
new day;
begin it well and serenely,
with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.
This new day is too dear, with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on the yesterdays...

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let go quickly and easily of all that depletes you.
Lift your thoughts, words and actions only to the Good.
This is the secret to being happy and filled with the energy of appreciation and fulfillment.


How do you complete a relationship, a marriage, a teaching-learning experience, a job, a friendship?
How do you know you are really complete?
Often people walk away without really finishing the spiritual work, because it is easier emotionally.
People don’t know how to come to a truly peaceful place, where “good-bye” is really “God be with You.”
When we are complete, we are at peace and in love. We have no regrets, no resentments, no unhappy memories.

Honorable closure acknowledges:
1) the learning and growth received,
2) challenges and difficulties experienced,
3) appreciation of gifts and blessings,
4) forgiveness and amends made.

Acknowledge within your self and the other all that you have learned and how you have grown and benefited from the experience.
Honor and express the challenges and difficulties that occurred and perhaps were endured during the time together.
Offer your gratitude and appreciation to the other for the benefits you received.
Share your forgiveness and/or make amends for those places of unconscious or conscious errors of omission or commission.
Often neither party is aware of what went unexpressed until the two have an opportunity to talk together.
This is very valuable when done with the conscious intention for a peaceful conclusion.
And lastly, give your full appreciation and blessings to those whom you are leaving.

Honorable closure always includes a face to face or heart to heart connection so all parties have an opportunity to express their piece. Incompletion is never one sided.
If one party loses and is in grief neither person is at peace.
Do your part when you part.
When we complete a relationship, job, living situation with honor for all, we are free to choose again without being haunted by the past or unconsciously repeating the same patterns.
To move on, to create anew, to be fully inspired requires honorable closure. Begin now.
Saying good-bye can be done with love, respect and profound gratitude and inner peace.

~Betty Lue

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been There, Done That!

Been There, Done That!
Or ??
Let’s Create Anew!

Do you live in the past?
Do you dwell on what was or what could have been?
Do you grieve for the relationships and experiences you have had?
Do you long to feel and do what you knew in time before?

Perhaps you are done with life, because you judge life is done with you?

Life is an ever-creative process.
To read the diary writings of yesterday leaves you caught in a time that is no more.
To fantasize about the ”Love” that could have been keeps you lost in sorrow and grief.
Collecting memorabilia is entertaining but not very creative.

As you notice, I am more about enjoying today and with Gratitude and Enthusiasm creating tomorrow.
The meal that I just ate deserves gratitude and full digestion, but it must be released to fully enjoy today.
Times that were beneficial and a blessing can be remembered for the inspiration they gave.
Times that were hurtful or difficult must be forgiven and forgotten to release their disabling energies.

Often the world teaches us to hang on to the “bad” in order to avoid, defend and protect ourselves.
The energy used in defense builds walls that shut off and limit us from beauty, prosperity and goodness.
It is difficult to see the blessings all around us, if we are focused on avoiding the curses.
Our perceptions are based on what we hold within our minds.

In our relationships forgiveness looks for the opportunity to love, to inspire, to encourage, to contribute.
Happiness attracts more happiness and goodness into our lives.
Gratitude and explicit appreciation, simple “thanks”, increases and expands what we value.
We have the tools to build better relationships, better communication, and peace in our world.

It is time to silence our critical voices.
It is time to forgive our negative thinking.
It is time to stop our unkindness and lack of appreciation.
It is time to open ourselves to bring the Light and give the Love.

During controversy and argument, how can you be the voice of acceptance?
During judgment and criticism, how can you be the one who sees the Good?
During depression and grieving, how can you bring the gentleness of healing?
During separation and loneliness, how can you offer understanding and connection?

Each one of us can offer the best we know in each moment and each relationship to create.
All of us long for peace and understanding, so we can offer it.
We seek to be happy and safe, so we can bring our own.
We know the need for love and acceptance, and we can give it.

What we give, we receive.
All that we give is a gift to ourselves.
Life is for giving. We are the ones called here to give
Now is our time to step forward in trust and love.

You and I are blessings to our world.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
So let’s remember.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pray. Listen. Act.

Each day, the affirmation, request, prayer and commitment can be:
“How can I serve the Highest good for All this day?
Where am I to go? What am I to do? With whom am I to speak? What am I to say?
Use my Presence, my voice and hands and feet for the Greatest Good.”

In your request of your personality self from your Higher Self, the Good within you, you will come into conscious awareness of what is for your Good and the Good of those around you. In your willingness to serve all, including yourself, you will see that all “service” (‘serve us’) is really a gift to oneself.
In your inner listening, you will find that you can hear, feel and know what is right and true for you.

The Truth resonates and brings peace and gladness to your heart.
When you are trying, stressing, sacrificing, denying yourself, there is strain, resentment and pain.
In the alignment of little ego (human) self and the Highest (spiritual) Self, you will find power and peace.
The integration of heaven and earth, spiritual and personal, self and Self, you know the presence of Love.

When in internal conflict, in opposition to our ego self, striving to be what we are not yet willing or able to be, we lose power, feel frustrated and confused.
When we are trying to be HOLY when we feel very misguided or unworthy, pretending is painful.
When we are losing energy, we must stop and choose to discover and know what is our current state.
When we are taking to big a leap on spiritual growth, we may become blocked with fear and failure.

To find balance, we must acknowledge imbalance.
To find peace, we must notice when we are upset.
To find happiness, we need to notice our unhappiness.
Then we need to forgive ourselves for choices we made, releasing all judgment and fear.

Once we are clear, conscious, neutral emotionally and quiet mentally, we can freely choose again.
The key is to trust without doubt, hesitation, question or conflicting imaginings.
The key is to release the past, so we can choose again with unlimited freedom.
Loving yourself and your Life means trusting and freeding your Self and your life.

Life is choice.
When the choice is open to Spirit and the Highest Good, we experience Joy and gratitude.
When we feel limited in choice with human judgment, guilt, fear and self made limitations, we feel stuck, worried and stressed.
When we have released the past, we can pray, listen and act with human innocence and spiritual wisdom.

Loving and blessing us all,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Michigan Reminders

Note: We just returned from Michigan yesterday afternoon after enjoying seeing some folks for consultations (tune-ups), facilitating a workshop on Prosperity and Peace with Conscious Thinking and Conscientious Finances, participating in a family Reunion with well over 100 in attendance at the annual Camp Kidwell 4 H Camp on Eagle Lake, officiating a wonderful Celebration of Life for my Mom, and gathering the ordained Reunion Living Ministers to honor and remind ourselves of our commitments.
Always learning and growing. Four days of powerful, positive and peace-giving reminders for All.

What I learned in Michigan
Everything is a Reminder!

Everyone is my teacher.
Everywhere I go, I am learning.
Life is a gift of ever-expanding awareness.
Enjoying everyone and every moment is a key to happiness.

To be Happy and At Peace:
Know Your True Self.
It may take a lifetime of experience and self observation and feedback.
Be true to your Higher Self.
Honor your higher purpose, your inner voice with total commitment and life works for you.
Forgive all judgments, yours and others quickly.
Worry, fear, anger, resentment and hurt hold you back.

When you love who you are, you trust yourself and free yourself to be and do as you are guided.
When you live in integrity, without self doubt and questioning, you are totally supported and respected.
When you give yourself to life with the best you know, you receive from life the best there is.

Success is flowing with what comes without judgment and fear.
Success is knowing all is on purpose even when others doubt, fear and judge.
Success is having perfect trust in your inner knowing and inspired guidance.
Success is realizing a life that is truly fun, safe and easy.

I had the privilege of seeing those who live an inspired and guided life with confidence and joy.
I also had the teaching of those who live a life guided by circumstances and confused with doubt.

Love releases, encourages, blesses all that comes our way and we follow the inner light with certainty.
Fear judges, remembers and defends against what we see as wrong, fearful and mistaken.

When we love ourselves and our entire life experience, we are responsible, respectful and grateful.
When we live in judgment and fear, we see ourselves as victims, blaming and guilty, dependent on others to protect, provide and agree with us.

We are each here to play our unique part on this physical stage.
We are all valuable and integrally important.
When we live our Highest Truth, we lift up and inspire.
When we forgive and love again, we heal.
When we give our best and encourage others, we celebrate a Good Life.

Thanks to each and everyone for your willingness!!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Inner Listening Notes

Flying to Kalamazoo, Michigan today. Returning on August 10.
Available by phone at 800-919-2392. No email until I return.
Offerings there: Counseling, Coaching and Life Balancing, Workshop on Peace and Prosperity,
Reunion Living Ministers Gathering, Annual Dickerson Family Reunion and Celebration of Life for my Mom.

(See poem below “Do It Anyway!)

Some inner listening notes I am called to share with you.

Healing is merely revealing the Truth in You!
Healing is letting go of judgment, fear, compromise, limitation and separation from Self.

You are Creator in your own boundless Kingdom.
All the limitations you place on yourself come from lack of Love.
Distrust and restriction come from judging you and your life.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
It clears the debris of all past mistakes so you can see what is True and Loving in you.
Life really is the opportunity to put into practice what you already know and be who your truly are.

When you deny your True Identity, you block your own natural happiness, health and abundance.
To free yourself from the past is to fully live, love and give in the present.
To trust your inner voice is to listen within and follow the loving and confident Truth you know.
To be You is to recognize the limitless Love and Wisdom, Power and Peace of your Creator.

We are done here, when we all sing for the joy of Being fully Who We Are.
There is no need to try, to add, to strive.
Our work here is to let go and undo what is not True.
There is nothing to seek and nothing to do because you already are the True You.

So what would it take for you to make the break from your past.
Leave limiting beliefs and painful memories behind.
Let go of negative influences and depleting addictions.
Undo the habits of mind that interfere. (Clear fear and hesitation, doubt and depression from your mind.)

You are a gift that needs to be given in order to realize and recognize its value.
You are a song that needs to be sung to be heard and cherished.
You are a book that must be read in order to be an inspiration of Love in the world.
You are a Being of Light, when turned on, will light the corners of darkness in other minds.

You are a blessing. I know it and so do you.

Betty Lue

Do It Anyway

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy it all overnight.
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stop Putting on the Brakes

Fear causes contraction.
Judgment creates withholds.
Anger makes limitation.
Guilt causes doubt.

Hurt builds defenses.
Grief shuts doors.
Depression is exhausting.
Apathy kills our Spirit.

Your attitude is everything.
Your inner peace is essential.
Your emotional state generates.
Your mental position and beliefs create.

Maybe it is time to get off the comfy couch and do something Good.
Maybe you can get yourself ready to have a fabulous day everyday.
Maybe you need to start giving to find your right living.
Maybe someone needs you to forgive them, love and care for them right now.

The cost of giving is receiving.
When you are waiting to be given to, you miss the gift you already are.
When you think you need to get something from giving, you don’t receive the gift of giving.
When you wait to be paid, to be prodded and pampered, you make yourself needy and weak.

When you live life as though everyone and everywhere matters, you will see how much you matter.
When you recognize “Life is for giving and You are the gift”, you will see you are well paid.
Withholding Love, Joy, Happiness and Blessings of Peace hurts the withholder more than others.
Giving All to All for the Joy of Giving, is a Blessing yielding Abundant reward.

Stop saying, “Yes, but…..”
Stop denying yourself what is Good for You.
Stop hurting yourself with guilt and blame.
Stop picking on what is past and continuing the pain.
Stop trying to fix what went wrong.
Stop wishing it would go away.
Stop seeking revenge or pay back.
Stop waiting for the other to apologize.
Stop covering up the pile of manure.
Stop hold grudges, defenses and protection.
Stop making excuses and complaints.
Stop seeking others approval.
Stop doing the same things expecting a different result.
Stop attaching to those who want to be unattached.
Stop seducing and manipulating others to care for you.
Stop thinking you are not good enough.
Stop putting the brakes on your life.

What comes next?
When you stop stopping yourself, you will have the freedom to ask within.
Where am I called to go and what can I do and say right now?
When you trust and free (LOVE) yourself, you will know and go.

Loving you in loving YOU!
Betty Lue