Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happiness is a Choice

When you judge, you cannot be happy.
When you are unhappy, you are judging.
When you are forgiving of all judgments, you will be happy.
When you are unforgiving, you will be unhappy.

Vacations Create Stress

Change causes stress to the physiology and the psyche.
Adaptation to new circumstances demands extra energy, attention and effort.
This is a challenge to one's mind and body.
When we encounter many changes and needs for adaptation, there is additional stress.

Stress can be strengthening when it challenges us to stay conscious and committed to principle.
Stress can be distressful when it overwhelms us with anxiety, judgment and lack of confidence.
The work on vacation is to stay conscious and committed to spiritual principles of forgiveness and love.
The growth in life comes through experiences that seem to challenge our willingness to let go and Love.

Parents Need Vacations

Kids need parents who have given themselves impeccable care.
Kids need vacation only from stressed parents.
The challenges in life for children usually are from caregivers who are distressed.
As caregivers for all the children in the world, we owe them our best and most happy, healthy selves.

What Am I Learning?

I learn from every life experience.
I learn from everyone I encounter.
I learn from inner listening and outer observation.
I learn from both doing and undoing my creations.

Children Are Obvious Teachers

Children are sensitive and subtle beings.
They respond to small changes in the energies around them.
To be more respectful of children, we can provide more harmonious energy.
To love our children and support their loving, we must be truly awake and aware of our contributions.

To be awake is to realize that our love heals.
To be aware is to know our fear begets fear.
To be conscious is to maintain our own happiness.
To be happy with children is to love and enjoy life each moment.

Lessons the Last Three Weeks.

When to be silent and when to speak up.
How to care for those who have no voice.
How to flow with changes and challenges easily.
Creating peace within and around me.
Loving children well by seeing their wholeness.
Being with people rather than getting them to be with me.
Seeking to understand others first.
Convincing no one and demonstrating by the quality of my life.
Clarifying what others are trying to say to me without assumption or guessing.
And so much more.

Glad to be back with you.
Writing these Loving Reminders is a gift to me as well as to you.

Loving you and I well with a vision of our true oneness, wholeness and Love,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Tired and happy to be home 19 hour flight time, laundry done, Robert is the guest Minister at his Mom’s church today, local theater this PM, enjoying our own bed and glad to be at the keyboard sharing with YOU! Betty Lue

What do you remember?
On this our Memorial Day, what do you remember?
Whom do you keep in your mind and heart?
It is usual to give our thoughts to those who have fought for our freedom
I also give my thoughts to those who are free, free in thought, word and deed.
I give my attention to the visionaries, pioneers, builders and doers, the worker-bees who have given to all.
I honor my ancestors and fore fathers, all peoples who have endured and cooperated and created.
Let us give homage and love to everyone without judging their contributions.
When you go on vacation, you vacate the usual and leave the everyday stuff behind.
When you leave, you have the opportunity to learn and grow or vegetate and relax.
When you go away, you can free yourself or be burdened with fear and need to control.
When you travel, you can go with the flow or be frustrated and besieged with anxiety.
I choose to practice what I teach everywhere.
I am here to be truly helpful.
Whether at home or away, I continue to practice being loving, helpful, peaceful and happy.
(And Yes, I learned many things as usual from my experiences.)

What you remember when you are away reminds you of what really matters to you.
When you go on vacation, you have the chance to forgive and choose again.
When you go on vacation, your can judge, compare and dare to be discontent or just enjoy what is.
The challenges of vacation come when we expect perfection and find ourselves judging.
I love the invitation to simply accept what is without projecting my judgments on life.
I love the opportunity to accept my role as "well" of peace and simple assurance.
I love being new with every one and noticing how much love can do.

I care most about remembering Love.
Love is my natural state.
When I have forgotten to Love, something has gone wrong.

On vacation, when we leave what is expected, scheduled and planned, we have an opportunity to choose.
What I choose to remember is to be grateful for the Good in my life.
What I choose to remember are all those I love and who love me.
What I choose to remember is how much I love to listen within and create.
What I choose to remember in quiet moments before sleep or early AM are those who have loved well.
What I choose to remember are the good times, the loving expressions, the opportunities to enjoy life.
What I choose to remember is how blessed we are to live where I do, always able and willing to love you.

I missed creating these reminders and communicating with you.
I missed music and the company of mindful beings.
I missed coaching and counseling with my friends and spiritual family.
The babies gave my great joy and being with the simplicity of our life.
However, there is happy work to adapting to new ways to wash and dry clothes, to cooking with limited foods, to having no car, to limited language to share, two babies to prepare foods for, carry and needing help to walk and more.
But there was always the opportunity to smile, say Thank you and to give a blessing.

I love you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I will be out of touch for the next two weeks on email and phone, but always in touch in spirit, the Heart of God.
We are all One when we remember where we really live.
If urgent need for assistance, call my capable and kind intern Holly Hand at 925-932-8232.
Leave messages on email for me or on my #800 voicemail.
Voice mail messages (#800-919-2392) expire after some unknown time.
If you don’t hear back from me, please try again.....
Returning on May 28. Appointments, in office or on phone, available on May 29, 30 and 31.

Mother’s Day Reminders May 14, 2006 For everyone on the planet who seeks to live by Spirit.

My Dad always said, "Being a Mother is the most important job in the world."

Remember to love with all your heart and mind.
Love the innocence in everyone.
Welcome the DeLight in everyone.
Enjoy the ingenuity in everyone.
Value the learning in everyone.
Appreciate the gifts of everyone.
Inspire the Greatness in everyone.
Encourage the Adventure in everyone.
Respond to the smiles and hugs of everyone.
Rejoice in the Goodness in everyone.

Our Love brings out the Best, the God and the Good in every child of God.

Mother's Day Reminders

All mothers...
Each one of us receiving vision, the seed of creation.
Each one of us incubating that vision in the consciousness of our heart.
Each one of us nurturing that seed into being and blossoming.
Each one of us gently guiding with patience and peace into Beauty and Blessing.

We are the coaches, the midwives, the mothers of the world we see.
As we enter into union with Eternity, we recognize our true work is to be free.
Trust that you now know and can always grow in grace and goodness, simply by being.
It is enough that you envision, incubate, nurture and guide your Holy Self into full awakening.

For here you are the One who awakens every One into Being One.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Love My Life

I love my life and my life loves me.
I am blessed, as I bless everyone I see.
My life works and yours can, too.
Give yourself to Love and Love will give to You.

How can you join me?
Take a moment to love what you see.
Open your mind and let yourself be.
Reach out with love, a hug or a smile.
Give those you encounter your best for awhile.

You can be busy accomplishing things.
Give yourself to what makes your heart sing.
Just do what you love and love what you do.
Then your whole life will always love you.

Everything you see is a product of your imagination.
So observe your creation with full appreciation.
And if you find it all too much or too little,
Change your perspective for a new point of view.

Forgiveness and gratitude
Are truly the key.
Forgive what you don’t want,
And let the rest be.

How Can You Help Me?
Give freely to what inspires you.
To Thine own Holy Self always be true.
Take time daily for a Divine appointment to listen within.
Walk around in life with a big silly grin of contentment and peace.
Give thanks and praise, time, energy and money to what you love.
Where you give attention, you increase that to which you give.
Eliminate negative thinking, wrongful speaking and unhealthy living.
Know you are blessing everyone everywhere with your positive changes.
I join with you, wherever you are serving the Highest Good for All.

Loving you mightily,
Ever True B'Lue

We are gone to Spain with the babies and their parents for two weeks, May 14-28.
No email or phone access. Call 415-613-2352 if urgency. Or Holly Hand at 925-932-8232

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Love with Wisdom

I will be out of the country (no email or phone access) from May 14-28.
The twins, Harper and Lila, and their parents, my daughter Hilarie and Daddy Erik, are taking Robert and I to Spain, outside of Barcelona, and also on the isle of Menorca. We are given this gift of travel with these “almost walking and talking one year olds” to learn how to live life fun, safe and easy...loving everyone and enjoying everything. We also may teach them a thing or two about being silly, giggling a lot and being curious about the beauty we see everywhere!! While gone, go to my web site for past reminders archived there or better yet, listen within and write what you hear and feel!. Loving you. Know you are always in my heart for we are One in the Heart of God, the Goodness that simply IS.
Betty Lue

Listen to your heart.
Your heart encourages you to follow the most loving authentic path.
Trust your gut.
Your body tells you when you have neglected or ignored a wrongful position.
Respect your mind.
Your mind reminds you to find what is highest and best for all concerned.
Honor your Spirit.
Your Essence guides you to bless all that is with the Love You Are.

Your whole being resonates with health, happiness and confidence when you are fully Being.
Your holistic Self is alive with optimism, enthusiasm, creativity and vision when you are integrated.
Your more powerful, effective and transformative Self is renewed by your willingness to heal and grow.
Your True Essence shines through the words and deeds of your everyday life blessing your world.

You are here learning to be the bountiful beautiful Goodness of God.
Your are here earning your wings to fly high and free above the fearful chaos of the world.

There is a Real world beyond this world we see in the media.
There is a True safe haven, a home base of healing and Love, that lives within each one.
There is a peaceful possibility that serves you well when you still your mind and open your heart.
There is a loving voice to guide and direct you to safely navigate the storms of life.

Listen within when you mind is open and quiet.
Listen within when you are filled with delight.
Listen within when you resistance is gone.
Listen within and you will hear God's Song.

You are here to be happy.
You are here to be free.
You are here to give Love.
When Love is Who you Be.
Affirmations are to be spoken and written ( at least 20 times daily) for 2 weeks.
Affirmations are to be used to clear away the mental resistance to what is possible.
Affirmations are the mental laxative to free the unconscious blocks to creative living.
Affirmations are the most effective way to let go of limiting programming you cannot see.

I now forgive everyone and everything including myself. I send my light and love to all those in need. I receive the light and love I give as I give what is true. I trust the universe is offering me the perfect Job now. I easily leave every place I go with the best I have. Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Some jobs (relationships, challenges, issues, transitions) are easier than others.
But all have a holy purpose: To love away the darkness by shining your light.
When we start catching the darkness it is time to remove ourselves. And seek the Light.
When you see the Light, you will perceive all things differently.
When you see the Light, you will find the healing and Goodness within.
When you see the Light, you will bless all things, and fully appreciate your Self.

Always loving you and encouraging you to practice, everyday with everyone.
Betty Lue

Oh dear, what have we gotten into?
You drive and I’ll check out the map!

Sure hope you know where you’re going!

I think we just missed our turn!

I got it! I see just where we’re going!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Short on Time?

Meditation is running into reality. It does not insulate you from the pain of life. It allows you to delve so deeply into life and all its aspects that you pierce the pain barrier and go beyond suffering.
Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, "Mindfulness in Plain English"

Be concise.
Do what is essential.
Even 2 minutes of quiet is better than none.
Say "I Love You" with eye contact.
Give and receive a smile or hug.
Pay attention to what is right in front of you.
Tel the highest truth.
Find something positive to say.
Give your best self.
Take time alone in nature, just to smile at the beauty.
Sing a happy song in your heart if not with your voice.
Be grateful for what you have.
Breathe deeply into your body and receive the life force.
Respect other's differences.
Teach courtesy by being courteous.
Be quick to forgive wrong-doings, yours and others.
Harm no one by erasing hurtful thoughts, words and actions.
Heal your past woundedness by remembering to believe in yourself.
Remember the One who loves you, your Source, wants you to be happy.
Happiness is your purpose here.
When you have made yourself unhappy, you have erred.
Forgive yourself and choose again for happiness and inner peace.

If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.
-Thich Nhat Hanh, "Being Peace"

Always loving you as I choose happiness and peace,
Betty Lue

See Harper below.
Beautiful one year old!!!!

And just as beautiful inside.

Love begets Love.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Living or Dying?

Are you dying to let go, rest and ease out of physical life?
Are you finishing the projects you started here?
Does the future look cloudy or grey with little delight?
Are you letting go of jobs, homes, relationships that no longer serve you?
Are you actively releasing the clutter and undoing commitments?
Are you relinquishing duties and obligations?
Are you glad to be done?

Are you excited about your future?
Are you looking forward to all you can and will do?
Are you really living?
Are you alive with enthusiasm and expectancy?
Are you enjoying the creativity of your life?
Are you free to express yourself with song and dance, with words and deeds?
Are you beginning each day with curiosity and wonder?
Do you feel grateful for the beauty, goodness and wholeness in which you live?
Are you filled with awe at the Love and Light within You?

Whether living or dying, climbing or declining, you know which direction you are going.
When you are conscious about the choice to really be here or let go and move on, you are certain.
In confidence, you can easily move on without regret, handling anxieties and concerns.
When you are living, you easily release what holds you back with limitation and delay.
When you are dying, you easily release what keeps you going and growing to rest in trust.

Most are caught in self-made purgatory, stuck in between, afraid to choose.
In doubt, distrust, victimization, you might see yourself as never the chooser and always the loser.
Losing whatever you choose, to live or die, both seem unfortunate.
Purgatory is a state of ‘Damned if you do and damned if you don't’.
You know there are choices to be made, but are stuck in fear of making a mistake….again.
Sometimes there is a learned punishment and penance being paid by one who has erred.
Sometimes there is fear of reprisal by those we might hurt.
Sometimes there is belief that God Him/Her Self might find us flawed.
Sometimes there is just an unwillingness to face the choice to live or to die.
Sometimes we are just doing whatever we can to get by.

Some truth out of the B'Lue:
There is no right or wrong to be feared.
There is no way which ends your life.
To die is to be born again (here or wherever you choose).
Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Life is eternal.
When we let go of our physical life as we know it, we can recreate it to begin again anew.
When we hang on to what was formerly true, we keep experiencing the same thing again.
Mini-deaths, changes and transformation are occurring all the time in this time/space continuum.
Enjoy the choosing or suffer with being stuck.
Get on with living or with letting go.
It is all coming home to the Higher Truth of the One You Are and Know.

Loving us all, whatever we choose,
Betty Lue

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Letting Go for Love

We think of what we want as things and people who come and go.
We think of what we want as pleasures and events of achievement.
We think of what we want as time to play and do the things we don't give time for.
We think of what we want as what we do not have or may lose in life's fickle game.

What happens when we release our grip and allow the winds of change to play?
What happens when we let it all go is nothing less than freedom and true joy.
Is we are free to create but yet another day.

The child who paints a picture lays it down without a thought to create yet another.
Monks build glorious creations from grains of sand, one at a time, and then sweep it all away.
We can easily let it all go and be glad for the creating, the enjoyment, the beauty and goodness.
To value what is illusive and temporary is fun, but to hang on is futile.

"Attachment is the source of all suffering", according to the Buddhists.
"More light and clear the clutter" are the primary tenets of Feng Shun.
"Release what never belonged to you", except in your mind, eliminates the pain of losing.
"Let Go and let God" comes from those who know.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.…easy enough to say…
But for those who believe they are what they have, it hurts.
Letting go of fear and clinging leaves only love in its wake.
To release it all and find the blessing is the Joy of life.

What can you let go today?
What are your ready to forgive?
What is it that has a fearful grip on you?
What can you allow to pass on by?

To trust what is real and true will always be a part of you,
To cling to nothing and be sure of everything will cast no shadows on your mind.
To fully enjoy this moment now without holding onto yesterday will leave you free.
To be grateful for the experience of visioning, creating, experiencing and enjoying is true prosperity.

I love you and release you and all to your highest Good.
I need but lose my mind from things of this world to perceive but what is mine for all eternity.
I cling to nothing and am blessed by everything./
My life works because I am willing to listen, learn, love and let go.

Always loving and letting go,
Betty Lue

"The hand that holds tightly to the joy of this moment cannot receive the joy of the next."
"The heart that clings to the pain of the past cannot receive the blessings of right Now."

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Monday, May 08, 2006

All Is Well

When we seek the Blessing in what is, we receive the Gift.
When we seek the mistakes in what appears to be, we can always find something wrong.
When we stop looking by criticizing the surface scratches, we miss the intrinsic deeper value.
When we seek healing, wisdom, goodness and beauty, we cannot fail to find it.

Life offers us many experiences from which we learn what we really value.
When we appreciate what we value, we experience increase.
When we take for granted what we value, we may experience decrease.
Life teaches us to seek for meaning and value through appreciation.

To trust the learning value of all things, we come to recognize our valuable creations.
To celebrate our lives with freedom to create, experience and enjoy, we increase our aliveness.
To fully enjoy what our lives offer, we must open our being to fully learn and appreciate.
All is well when we believe and perceive all is well.

I am happy to be back with you in this way.
I love learning and value sharing with you.
I celebrate our healing and growthful relationship.
I know all is well no matter what appears to be.

I am loving you and loving all endlessly.
Blessed be, Betty Lue

I am finding a way to sit down in my little chair.
Watch what happens when I finally do it myself!!

See my sister Lila watching me?

This is a little tricky at first!

Now comes the good part!

She lets me know she loves me!!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life is Good

When you look for the Good you find it.
When you look for the bad you find it.

Most of us spent years in education being judged by what was wrong.
The emphasis was on the one or two errors on our pages of work rather than the 95%+ that we just fine.
The same is true in medicine, accounting, law and our relationships.
The focus is on finding and pointing out the flaw.
It seems like we are taught we must be perfect.
When we make an error we are to be judged and corrected.

Try today to look on yourself and your life with love appreciation and willingness to see the Good.

It is amazing how much good you can find!!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tomorrow I am off to Palm Springs for 5 days to offer Ta'I Chi Chih and Practical Feng Shui to California Marriage and Family Therapists. Always together in Spirit!