Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At Home Everywhere I Am

Yes, we are once again in our Pleasant Hill, CA home where I am sitting at my Mac to write these Loving Reminders. So many insights, sources of inspiration, vision, new possibilities and work to which I am called have come to me. Give me a moment or two of nothing to do and no where to be and I am filled to overflowing with excitement and enthusiasm for what God, the Good in me, is called to initiate, implement, fulfill, offer, enjoy, open, complete, heal and encourage. My journal is full and so is my heart. My life is a joy and so are my projects. I am someone who when given an inspiration actualizes as quickly as possible with plans for implementation, gathering a group or sharing it all with these Loving Reminders.

Our world must be filled with inspired vision and creative expression to be able to move beyond its obsession with righting the wrongs and fixing the problems. It is so much more effective and efficient to let go, forgive and move on. Changing what is judged, fixing what is broken, and making do with our old mis-creations often leads to settling for what continues to be a source of complaint and criticism. When I am off purpose, listening to the voices of discontent, I may spend weeks or years trying to make it all right for everyone with little or limited success. However, when I listen within for the guidance of Spirit, which inspires and delights my heart, when I move forward without consulting for everyone's opinions or approval, when I free myself to act on what gives me inspiration and joy, I am fulfilled in fun, safe and easy ways. Those who are called to join me are also moved and uplifted and inspired to "Go For It!"

In conflict resolution and problem-solving, the most successful solutions are found after the first 30 or more ordinary ideas are brainstormed. It takes the inspired and creative mind to lift about the fatigue and disappointment to discover what is new and beneficial to all concerned.
So often people want hold in place what is comfortable and effortless, to run from risk and adventure and to sit in complacency, playing it safe and fearing failure. The outcome is limited, if any, success, but safety in not making real and lasting transformation.

The quest for spiritual vision is the wholehearted request for inspired guidance, leading you to what you could not and would not dare to do on your own. The request for spiritual vision is trusting that there is a Power, a Purpose and a Presence leading you, Providing for your every need and keeping you on your spiritual path, Practicing spiritual Principle. It is valuable that each one of us make a conscious choice to either do life our own way with limited vision and personal attachment, or do life the inspired way with expanded vision, letting spirit lead, by relinquishing our own attachment to the world we see.
Let Go and Let God.

Ready and willing to Trust in the God and Good guiding my life,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 20, 2007


How are you lifting up in consciousness?
How are you affirming your wholeness?
How are you perceiving the holiness in others?
How are you remembering there is only Love?
How are you forgiving the past errors?
How are you awakening the Light within?
What is your way to begin?

Focusing on our breath is a beautiful practice of reclaiming the present moment.
Not only does it restore our spirit with energy, but it is a natural way of giving and receiving Life Force.
Inspiration is taking in Spirit and giving out Spirit, life energy.

Centering ourselves by standing tall with our feet firmly on the earth and our head held high in the heavens is a conscious way to realize we are the conduit or the channel between Heaven and Earth.
Some might say we are the child of the union of both Heaven and Earth, sometimes seen as Father and Mother.
Herein we are the unlimited creation of both.

This art and effective tool for clearing our mind of distracting debris, leftovers that mean nothing (unless we give them attention), leaves us with a clear and open mind, the heavens fill us with light and delight.
With a clear mind we can receive spiritual direction, creativity and true and lasting joy.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love that leaves only what is good and true and beautiful.

Choosing what is highest and best for the good of all requires knowing that everyone wins when everyone wins.
With Spirit, no one loses and all are left with a blessing. With Spirit we can listen within and find a way to love unconditionally, serve from our hearts and remember God and Goodness within All.

Gratitude is the fast track to a fun, safe and easy life.
As we focus and affirm what we appreciate, they grow in our consciousness with our attention.
As we appreciate others and look only for the Goodness, the Beauty and the Love within all situations,
we perceive the blessing, the healing and the gift.
Life becomes a miracle of Love which increases as it is valued.

With these spiritual tools in place, we are present for ourselves and others.
We experience the gift of life with reverence.
We love all people with trust and freedom.
We enjoy all situations as we perceive their healing, learning and loving value.
Life works when we do the work.
In Love we ascend together.

Loving you all with a love that is true,
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Whatcha Doing?

Good morning! From Thursday, May 17-20, I am teaching T'ai Chi Chih and Holistic Self Renewal every morning at the California Assn. Of Marriage and Family Therapists Conference in Santa Clara, CA about one hour from home, so I am commuting. More economical with finances, food and a good bed at home.
But especially good company and an opportunity to join choir practice on Thursday eve, Reiki Healing Clinic on Friday eve, celebrate Robert's birthday and join him for his talk at church on Sunday. Up by 4 AM and to teach and practice with a large group at 6:30AM is fabulous to teach what really matters.

Have you every thought that your whole life demonstrates what "matters" to you? We give our lives meaning through our thoughts, feelings and activities, as well as the people with whom we associate and the joyful giving and receiving, teaching and learning we do along the way. My life is happy, inspiring, creative and abundantly rich with contribution because I have made it so. I choose everyday in everyway to take care of myself, my home, my family and my stuff so I can give easily, naturally and freely without thought for my own needs. I have clarified and simplified my needs, so they can be managed with little time, effort or money. I have chosen to live by way of giving, because in giving I find the greatest joy and fulfillment. I have chosen to teach and inspire, because in sharing I am reminding myself everyday. I have chosen to remember we all are Love with a desire to give and receive Love. I have chosen to create unlimited relationships to experience the infinite possibilities of what love can do.

What are you doing with your life?
If you like it and find it fulfilling, keep on living with gratitude and prune what doesn't fulfill you.
If you find it empty and lacking, forgive and bless it all and choose again.
Look for who an what you envy, desire for yourself and begin to imagine it, give it and be appreciative.

Life is an endless opportunity to choose again and create what you really want!!

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Next week we are off to Asheville, NC for a Vision Quest!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Being Truly Helpful

What may be helpful to one may be harmful to another.
What may be beneficial to one, may be detrimental to others.
What may be Truth for one, may be false for another.
What may be easy and fun for one, may be difficult and serious for another.

In our families, workplaces and friendships, we tend to generalize applying what is good for one to all.
When in fact, this leads to difficulty, upset and problems.

When we receive teasing, some may feel loved. Others may feel distracted and still others are annoyed.
When experiencing helpfulness, some feel appreciative. Others feel belittled and still others disheartened.
When offered advice and creative solutions, some feel valued. Others feel invalidated and distrusted.
When given gifts and financial support, some feel grateful. Others feel ashamed and others confused.

Some need conversation and others need quiet.
Some need affection and others need physical space.
Some need direction and others need to work it out themselves.
Some need affirmation and others want to affirm themselves.
Some need help and guidance. Others want no interference.
Some need reassurance. Others want to be left alone.

Confused about how to be helpful?
Respect the other.
Trust them to know what they need.
Give them the opportunity to ask.
Be willing to respond in the best way for them.
Give only what will be gratefully received.
Let your inner listening guide you in what may be of value.

Love is freedom..the freedom to explore, to discover, to make mistakes, to learn from life experience.
Love is trust…the trust that we all are unique in learning and growing, healing and creating wholeness.

Give yourself and others, of all ages, the opportunity to learn and grow without interference.
Most of us have enough to do, minding our own business.

My rule of thumb: (Occasionally set aside, when there appears to be danger or inner guidance.)
Offer help, advice, support,
1) only when asked or invited.
2) with private appointment or sacred group,
3) payment is given (sincere gratitude given, help offered is utilized, money or trade is exchanged).

Give when and where your gift is received and valued.

Giving what I am guided to give everyday in everyway to everyone,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Response Ability

It is a choice to love and respect another.

It takes sensitivity to feel their hurt or fear. (under their anger or defensiveness).
It takes humility to admit you were unkind, disrespectful or insensitive in your behavior or words.
It takes courage to admit being wrong and to apologize by saying, "I am sorry."
It takes willingness to learn from errors to find a better way to relate.
It takes self-forgiveness to let go of the guilt and learned tendency to withdraw or blame the other.
It takes openness to fully appreciate the whole process as healing and beneficial to both.

Life offers many lessons in love and loving.
Life consistently challenges our learning.
When we are happy and peaceful, we have passed.
When we are unhappy and conflicted, we have failed to learn.

Love yourself as a student of life.
Appreciate all the learning you have done, are doing and will do in the future.
Making mistakes are merely opportunities to expand your learning.

Loving all students of life, as I love my own learning.
Betty Lue

Monday, May 14, 2007

Every Upset Is A Wake Up Call

Every upset is a wakeup call.
Every upset is about us, not about the “other”.
Every upset tells us we are off purpose or off balance.
Every upset requires inner listening and following not egoic processing.

The purpose of relationships is to show us where we need to heal ourselves.
Relationships are not meant to put us to sleep and make us comfortable by hiding our unloving thoughts.
Relationships are pot-stirrers showing us where we are judging and denying ourselves and others. Relationships offer multiple opportunities to forgive guilt, resentment, hurt and fear.

The real work is to heal our wounds, take impeccable care of ourselves, find and live our purpose.
The real work is to step from conflict to peace, from judgment to gratitude, from fear to Love.
When we do this real work, no one and nothing can hurt or upset us, limit or belittle us.
We are full of love, trust and freedom, so we can always respond with Love as guided by Spirit.

Forgiveness is a choice.
Forgiveness is a gift of Love.
Forgiveness sets us free to love and give again.
Forgiveness is the willingness to see things differently.
Forgiveness sees no past, but only the gift of Now.
Forgiveness is laughing away the fear and separation.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love to clear away all judgments.
Forgiveness recognizes the melodrama is a temporary illusion of right/wrong.
Forgiveness is seeing the unity beneath the apparent duality.
Forgiveness is understanding "The Way, The Truth and the Life" refer to the path to Oneness.

Forgiveness is an extraordinary fine art and healing science which creates happiness and harmony.
Giving you the best gifts I know to heal yourself, your relationships and your world.
Betty Lue

For more on forgiveness: See any of my archived Loving Reminders at
And Peaceful Reminders and a few Relationship Reminders books for sale at $12 including postage.

On Fridays we spend the day at Sofia and Gia’s house in Petaluma (1 hr from here) to give Mommy a little respite time to nurture herself. We arrive at 8AM usually and take Gia (8 1/2yrs) to school, Sofia to the park, read dozens of books, play in the yard, do grocery shopping, prepare lunch and dinner, pick up Gia at 2:30, and have a fun afternoon of special adventures: sticker factory, library,shopping, park, kite-flying, computer games, etc. before we all eat dinner when Dad gets home at 5PM or so. This is a beautiful family gathering for us and the girls.
These pictures represent the giggles and joy.

Copycat was noticed by Mommy and Robert. Sofia is 18 mos.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

For the beauty of the Earth
For the beauty of the Skies.

For the love which from our birth

Over and around us lies.

Lord our God to Thee we raise

This our hymn of grateful praise.

For the wonder of each hour

Of the day and of the night,

Hill and vale, and tree and flower,

Sun a
nd moon and stars of light.
Lord our God to thee we raise.

This our hymn of grateful praise.

For the joy of human love,

Brother, sister, pa
rent, child.
Friends on earth and friends above,

For all gentle thoughts and mild,

Lord our God to Thee we raise

This our hymn of grateful praise.

(Conrad Kocher)

For me, the naturally innocent (unadulterated) and wise mother is modeled after the great mother Earth.

I see her as available: providing shelter, resources and opportunities to learn how to be respectful, responsible and cooperative with the changing weather and seasons of life.
Each one of us is nurtured and nourished to some degree to grow into adulthood.
It is the mother's modeling and guidance that encourages us to learn as early as possible how to provide for ourselves everything we need. How to walk and run, climb and jump, feed and dress ourselves, be helpful to others, kind and respectful with words of gratitude,
enjoying learning from everything, allaying our fears and encouraging our challenges.
Mothers play a powerful role in growing into a healthy compassionate and productive human being.
Our work as mothers and grandmothers is to be the role model for the best in humanity.

Let today be a reminder that you and I, no matter our gender, nationality or spiritual beliefs,
We all have the responsibility to demonstrate the highest and best for those who admire and learn from us.

I love all of us, as mothers, one to another.

Blessed be, for so it is!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Grandma showing Sofi the big bird!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers All Are We!

Male or female, child or adult, alone or in a family, we all are nurturers and nourishers.

Thank those who nourish you…cooks, growers, providers of what brings you life.
Thank those who nurture you….TV ministers, a hugging co worker, someone who listens.
Thank those who believe in you.. . empowering friends, your boss, spirit, your pets.
Thank those who teach you…teachers, motivators, authors, children, students, everyday folk.
Thank any and all of those in your world who contribute to your conscious living.

Any and all of those who support you like the Earth Mother herself with her beauty and bounty must be appreciated everyday, but most especially this Sunday. So often we take for granted the one who loved us into being here, being whole, being capable, being loving, being Who We Are.

Now is the time to give our gratitude and profound Love for all that has been given.

I want to thank those of you who support me and these Loving Reminders.

Sherry, Donna, Audrey, you have been steadfast in your monthly tithe to Reunion Ministries and these reminders.
You are very much the nurturers of my daily inspiration and I thank you.
And there are those who give when Spirit moves you and I thank you as well for remembering to support what inspires you.
To those who read and practice these loving reminders, you are building a better world for our children for generations to come.
Thank you for praying for The work we do together.
Thank you for praising God within for giving us the gifts of inspiration and wisdom to be shared with everyone.
And to those of you who are listening within to your own daily loving reminders, Thank you for mothering yourself and all.

While only several thousand people receive these loving reminders,
it is my prayer and belief that the reminders we live are the ones that truly give Hope, build faith and inspire Love.

I am loving and listening for us All.
In Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 11, 2007

Guilt Is Attack

When people feel guilty, they attack or withdraw.
When people feel guilty, they often attack with criticism, blame and trying to hurt the other.
Most people feel guilty because they have not love themselves or others well.
Most people are encouraged to feel guilt to motivate them to love themselves and others will.

The problem often is they do not know how to love themselves and others well.
The difficulty is they are usually basing their forms of loving on how they were loved.
The obstacles are ignorance (not knowing) and fear (not trusting they can do better).
The challenge is creating the space where they are happy and willing to learn a better way.

Assessment: How do you know when someone is feeling guilty?
They blame and criticize others.
They withdraw and stay separate from others.
They hurt themselves, cutting, suicide, not eating, accidents, addictive behavior, financial ruin, etc.
They either attack back or try to get rid of interaction with the person about whom they feel guilt.

First step, Stop letting them hurt themselves, hurt others, hurt stuff or hurt you.
Second step, stop trying to get them to feel guilty, apologize and change their behavior.
Third step, ask yourself what you might want if you were in their dilemma.
Fourth, ask them what they do want from you. ( and really listen without comment or defensiveness,)
Fifth, be willing to change your behavior toward them.
Sixth, create a safe space of affirmation, freedom and trust in which they can express themselves.
Seventh, become a positive and patient learner and teacher in your relationship with them.

Notice where you are unable or unwilling to participate in the above suggestions.
Herein lies the problem.
We first must do our work before we can create a truly safe and loving (neutral) space in which to be truly helpful to another.
Usually we first must clear our guilt and blame.
Usually we first must recognize and heal where we are ignorant and fearful.

Remember everything unlike love is a cry for help and healing and a call for Love.
This is our real work in every relationship.

Do not judge, compare or expect to be perfect.
There is only willingness to forgive our mistakes and choose again for the best we know.

Willing always to forgive and choose again.
(PS I am pruning away the errors of the mind, learned worldly limiting expectations and faulty beliefs.)
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Responsibility and Freedom

How responsible are you?
Can you take care of yourself, your finances, your basic self care and livelihood needs should your dependencies fall away?
Can your loved ones take care of themselves should you, the caregiver, no be ther to provide?
Do they know how to cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills, get work?

We are fostering dependence by doing and providing too much for one another.
We are create weak and fearful children when they cannot care for themselves.
We think "Love" is doing everything for our loved ones.
If there is genuine need, of course we help our brothers, our neighbors and others.

Love is teaching our loved ones to do for themselves and do for others who truly have needs.
Everyone in a family system from five years old can learn to care for themselves if needed.
Everyone in a partnership can learn to care for the other if there is a real call.
Everyone of us has a responsibility to grow up and be responsible for ourselves.

Responsibility is freedom.
When we are not responsible or negligent of our responsibilities we weaken our confidence.
When we cannot and perhaps do not know how to care for our basic needs we are fearful.
The world today has fostered specialization, so that we become dependent on experts.

What we can do is learn all the basics.
What we can do is learn to live simply.
What we can do is learn to live inexpensively (yes, even on a social security check).
What we can do it learn we can move if needed to grow a garden or pay minimal rent.
What we can do is learn how to get higher education for little money and use the library.

I am aware that many people have developed laziness, lethargy, selfishness, neediness and fear, because of never being expected and encouraged to take care of themselves and others.

We can change it all with ourselves, our modeling and how we treat those around us.

Expect and ask for more responsibility respect and cooperation,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Take Nothing Personally

We all experience a world where emotional and physical drama, seems to be an addiction.
The soap opera of life exaggerates what we feel, what we believe and what we see and hear.
There are no truths, only the deceptions of our false identification with the made up melodrama.

Our unconscious, usually forgotten history, attracts and/or triggers the ancient emotional response.
We are emotionally or physically reactive to stored unhealed and painful stuff. Rather than take on and take in more of the same, we care called to forgive, erase, release, undo.

What is not true does not belong to you.
What is believed, you can choose to see differently.
What is true, you can choose to change.

Life offers opportunities to heal what we feel.
Do not confuse yourself with the self- abuse of questioning, doubting and blaming yourself or others.
It hurt you to feel guilty. It hurts you to blame.
It heals you to forgive yourself.
It heals you to learn to respond with Love.

So here we sit in a sea of emotion, energy that has gotten stuck with our fears and judgments.
We are collectors of whatever we judge and value, either negative or positive.
When we neutralize feelings with forgiveness, breathing, acceptance and understanding, we find peace.
When we represent all humanity for all time in this peace-filled healing, we are empowered.

Whatever we experience needs to be done, is ours to do.
When we avoid this Holy and healing work, it simply comes back another day in another way.
When challenged by the upset and misunderstanding of others, it is our to respond to with Love.
When given the opportunity to answer the call for Healing with the Love of Healing, we are whole.

Life is an opportunity to heal whatever is not of God, whatever is not Good for All.
Life presents what we are familiar with, afraid of or avoid, so we can heal leftovers in us.
Life gives us the perfect people and circumstances to erase all fear so we can clear obstacles to Love.
Life is an invitation to be the Magnificent, All-loving, All-knowing and All-powerful beings we Are.

Loving you and me as we heal the deception and reveal the Truth,
Betty Lue

Did you learn early how to hide from the world?
Or did you copy the grownups in your life.

Or was the light just too bright.


Does this girl need a Harley?

She is just 2 years old...Can you believe it?

Or maybe she’s a miniature starlet?

Just trying to keep the press away!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ever Make Mistakes?

To heal errors:

Be aware of your mistake. See it.
Acknowledge your error. Confess it.
Allow it to be released and let go. Forgive it.
Aha's and helpful and healing insights will come to you. Be quiet and listen within.
Affirm what you now are choose.
Accept what is given for the Good of All.
Appreciate all the learning and healing, blessing and gifts.

The fastest way to undo a mistake is to forgive yourself and choose again.
Simply request that Holy Spirit use it all for the Good of All.

Know it is done and So it is.

Betty Lue

“Everything works together for Good”.
(When you believe it does!!!!)

My experimentation has shown me that even the past can be undone and reversed,

when we have forgiven ourselves and given it all to God.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking a Stand

Stand up for what you believe in.
Speak out with what you know.
Dare to do what you can do.
Seek to live so Love will grow.

Yesterday I spoke about the unity of Buddha and Jesus.
They both taught "do no harm."
"Love everyone as yourself."
"Live a life of kindness and respect for all."

When we look for differences we find conflict.
When we seek sameness, we experience peace.

When uncertain about how to approach others, find the common goal or value.
Build conversation and communion from the place of sameness.
Where we can speak freely, we tell the heartfelt truth.
When we feel safe, we allow our heart to express its Truth.

Approaching the world from a place of separation, we protect and defend.
Seeing the world as calling for healing and unity, we listen and respond.

Yes, healing takes time, but time is what we have to heal.
Yes, loving takes forgiveness, but forgiveness is what brings happiness and peace.
Yes, life seems full of challenge, but challenge is what refines and strengthens us.
Yes, fears may cloud the Son, but a fresh breeze and spring rain will clear the air.

Each one of us is here to learn to Love, no matter the weather.
Whether or not we feel like it, we can Love.
Whether or not we want to, we can choose to Love.
Whether or not the other receives us, we can remember Love.

Love is our purpose in being.
Love does not distinguish between friend or foe, color or nationality.
Love simply is, the ground of our being and the hope for our future.
Love never quits. Love never fails.
Love is All.

Betty Lue

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Givers: Stay Connected to Spirit!

All that I give is given to myself.
Giving and Receiving are One.
When in doubt, give what you would want given to you.
Giving your best is always Best for You.

These all sound good and may even be purrrfect for the occasion.
However, often we are giving for the "wrong" reasons…..

We may be giving to get the problem to go away.
We may be giving because we think the other is incapable.
We may be giving because we believe the other is too needy pleading for help.
We may be giving in order to get something for ourselves later.
We may be giving because we were taught to always lend a hand.
We may be giving because we think it get brownie points in heaven.
We may be giving because we are scared and want to handle our own fear and feelings.
We may be giving because we believe we know what is best for the other person.

Before rushing in to rescue or teach or fix another, it is best to assess where we are.
Where are we attached to the outcome?
How do we want to be right?
Who are we trying to help or fix?
What do we think we know?
Where are we getting our solutions?
Is what we have in mind going to be truly helpful?
Have we really been asked for our help and solutions?

Some spiritual wisdom from within:
Always send love, both trust in the process and the freedom to explore.
Listen within for guidance from your spiritual center, your seat of loving wisdom, the God within.
Your receptivity to spirit will be reassuring and bring peace, whether or not expressed aloud.

To counsel, coach, advise or help:
Give only after you have listened.
Give when invited.
Give when the other is willing to listen.

Rescuing or fixing another is often simply taking care of our own needs.
Preaching or demanding is often taking responsibility for anothers' solutions.
If you imagine we all learn best from natural consequences of our actions and behavior,
the interference of another (helpful parent, friend, caregiver) may distract from lesson of natural consequences.
Wait until you are called, guided, invited to help.
Listen within for guidance.
Give the highest and best you know…
Trust in the process with the freedom to explore.
Let go and Let God.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Admire. Don't Compare.

Don't dare compare yourself with anyone.
There is no one like you.
No one can take your place.

Comparison yields judgments, envy, arrogance and belittling.
Comparison is the evaluation of what is unique to each.
Comparison is relative, based on beliefs, values and current cultural fads.
Comparison sets us up for trying to be better or greater or even the best.

What a silly concept to be better than another?
Competition in western culture is the way we outdo, out-produce and increase our profits and win.
Competition seems to benefit society by making improvements on what already is.
Is there an expense to building comparison into scientific, educational, sports and industrial systems?

Admiration yields inspiration.
Admire means "to look toward."
What we admire we focus on.
Where we place our focus we strengthen in ourselves.

When we compare, we may see ourselves lacking.
When we focus on lack, we tend to find more fault and failings.
When we focus on what is missing, we lose esteem and confidence.
When we focus on what we devalue in ourselves, we increase our devaluation.

When we admire, we may see a role model and appreciation.
When we focus on appreciation, we see more to value and follow.
When we focus on what is valued, we gain self worth and self appreciation.
When we focus on what we value in ourselves, we grow in confidence and courage..

Over the years, I have found that by seeking to know the lifestyle, habits and philosophy of those I admire, I actually find myself without effort becoming more and more like them.
When I find myself comparing with others (either positive or negative), my judgments weaken me.

What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.

I am Loving you and seeing you always whole and holy.
We each one are a blessing to all.

Betty Lue

Friday, May 04, 2007

Seven Habits of Emotionally Secure People

Habit 1 -- Embracing Individuality
When we are willing to be true to our selves, listen within and follow our heart, we are loving our selves.
Trust yourself and free yourself to live in integrity with no regrets, no martyrdom and no resentment.

Habit 2 -- Employing Teamwork
By noticing, requesting receiving the gifts and talents of those around you,
you encourage and inspire the actualization of those in your family, workplace and community. Everyone benefits.

Habit 3 -- Engaging Constructive Feedback
Invite your associates and family members to let you know what they value and what they want more from you.
When you attend to the needs of others, you strengthen yourself. Listen and follow.

Habit 4 -- Establishing Boundaries
Learning to say "No" when asked inappropriately for what someone can do for themselves
and saying "no when you have your own needs to fill is a powerful lesson for servers to master. You grow stronger.

Habit 5 -- Empowering Others
Giving others the credit, appreciating their efforts and challenging both young and old
to contribute a little more than before is encouraging and empowering. Give what you want to receive.

Habit 6 -- Enjoying Success
Take time to really appreciate yourself, your accomplishments, your relationships, your healing and your growth.
When we love ourselves well, others love us well as well.

Habit 7 -- Experiencing Peace
Peace is the greatest gift we can give. Give peace and let it show, then peace in you and others will surely grow.
No pressure, only loving kindness brings out the best in everyone.

Someone sent me a copy of my March 13 Loving Reminders, so I thought I would elucidate its basic content.
Thank you everyone in my life for giving me the modeling and encouragement and love to be emotionally secure.

Blessings of confidence and faith in Goodness and God.
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Full Moon Blues and Spring Fever

There are so many external influences on our psyches and bodies.
When we remember we are not our bodies or our emotions, we can transcend that influence.

Human beings have bodies and emotions.
Human beings have thoughts and dreams.
Spiritual Being are not their bodies, their thoughts or their emotions.
Spiritual Beings are eternally whole and happy and free.

How do we get from humanness to divinity?
How do we transcend the world we see?
How do we forgive and release the apparency?
How do we remember we are Spirit incarnate?

Breathe in a circular pattern.
Whenever you get stuck in limited thinking.
Whenever you find yourself caught in your feelings.

Recognize and erase what limits or hurts you.
Undo what is not true about God.
Release anything that is not Love.

Practice quieting your mind.
Meditate 20 minutes daily…sitting, moving or standing.
Read and watch only inspiration.
Laugh for no reason.

Be grateful for everything.
Be thankful even for what you don't like, because it teaches you what you don't like.
Praise the behaviors you want to increase and ignore the rest.

Love yourself.
Love the life you have created.
Love those you encounter for they represent parts of yourself and God.

There you go. You are on your way to heaven.

Peace be with You,
Betty Lue

Sunset and Rainbows. You can count on it in Kona, HI

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Forgiveness Clears the Blocks to Love

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Its function is to clean the mind and heal the emotions and open the flow of energy in the body.
It frees the one forgiving to be happy and enjoy the present moment without fear.
It clears away what does not exist and leaves the canvas of life to be painted on anew.

Forgiveness is a gift to ours elves.
It opens the door to healing because it clears the past.
It ends a message to our whole selves that we are whole and good, happy and free.
Forgiveness is the blessing we give our world that returns to us one hundredfold.

Forgiveness is the return to our natural state of loving.
Where we are not loving, we have withheld our authentic Self.
When we are not loving, we have diminished remembrance of Who and Whose We Are.
When we are unforgiving, we block the life force of Love that naturally flows through us.

Forgiveness must be learned.
It is the tool to undo learned judgments, fears, hurt, regret and resentment.
It provides a fun, safe and easy way to let go and undo what is not true.
It offers us everything we really want---peace and love and joy!

I forgive everyone and everything including myself, right now?
Every now moment can be an automatic and constant forgiveness.
See the Course in Miracles lesson below:

"Forgiving all our errors, both conscious and unconscious.
I choose to be happy and freely loving and giving."
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Those Were The Days!

Remember May baskets with flowers hung on the doors of your neighbors?
Remember wearing hats to church?
Remember smiling during the day?
Remember taking the time to ask people "How are You?" and really meaning it?
Remember playing games like hop scotch and Go Fish with your kids?
Remember making ice cream by taking turns with the crank?
Remember when we just played outside until dark anywhere in the neighborhood.
Remember when we could carry homework and books home in our arms?
Remember when we listened to the radio or read books?
Remember when we trusted people to do what they said with a handshake?
Remember when we knew our neighbors and co-workers by name?
Remember when we went to church or the park instead of bars to meet people?
Remember when we believed what our leaders said?
Remember when the weather seemed enjoyable and less like a threat?
Remember when we said pleas and thank you to everyone?
Remember when we opened doors for elders and treated everyone respectfully?
Remember when we sat down every might to a home-cooked meal?
Remember when we took time to enjoy being together as a family?
Remember when we all welcomed the new neighbor?
Remember when we pitched in to help someone with a new baby?

I love this time of year beginning with May Day and ending with Memorial Day weekend.
It is time to “remember a few of our favorite things and then we won't feel so bad."
And as we begin to introduce them back into our lives, we feel more happy and whole.
Let us just begin with one positive change today and watch happiness grow.

I forgive myself for any way I have let go of attitudes and activities that are loving and giving.
I forgive myself for any times I have allowed the world and media to mislead me with fear.
I forgive myself for forgetting the Love and Joy (Spirit ) in me is meant to lead my life.
I forgive myself for becoming part of the crowd, compromising my inner Guidance.

I love you and me and want us all to live happy and free!!!
Betty Lue

It is easy to cooperate when there is serious sand play!
Take time to enjoy all our children, yours, mine and ours!!

They are blessed by our love.

Remember to trust them and free them to BE them!