Thursday, March 31, 2005

Time to Rest

Did you ever notice that we are put on notice, when it is time to rest?

Sometimes my schedule of responsibilities and agreements surprises me with its continuous requirements.
I love to be fulfilled with my work. I take pretty good care of myself, most of the time. But what happens when someone really needs me. Just one more surprising need and it may be the last straw. So my body says. "Quit now." I listen and go to bed for 36 hours and then am recharged." Yes, the world goes on. Everything that needs to be done gets done. I get my respite and all is well. When I in charge of my schedule and can see what hours to counsel, coach, teach and write, all flows easily, as I schedule my time for self care. But then there are family needs calling at unexpected times, which I cannot plan for ahead of time. I see this as life. So now I see how valuable it is to have extra time for unexpected events…You know what happens to extra time…it gets used by unexpected events. I have learned over the years to plan for easy flow, no problems and plenty of time for everything. Then I usually experience exactly what I expect...easy flow and no problems. Except when there is an exception.

I use my "down" time to reflect, clear my mind with breathing and forgiveness.
I appreciate the good life I have.
I acknowledge where I have not taken impeccable care of myself and make renewed commitments.
I celebrate how quickly I recover and value the reminders.
I treat myself with great kindness, love and sensitivity.
I listen to my needs and respond by fine-tuning my self love.
What we call illness or dis-ease is just that, lack of peace and balance reflected in the body/mind/spirit.
I totally love and support myself to be the best I can be at all times.
I love myself no matter what apparent state I am in.
I know I make mistakes and I am eager to learn from them.
I love my learning, exploring process in life and trust it is all for the Good of All.

I am on the mend after a brief bout of cold, cough and sinus headache. I am alive alert and enthusiastic.
Gia has been with us this week (Easter vacation). The next two or three days we are cleaning house and setting up the nursery for the twin girls due to arrive in the next month. My daughter was just in the hospital for a week closely watching one baby's liquid levels. Hilarie will be on bed rest, until the babies are born, so Grandpa, Gia and I will be entertainment and cleaning crew, setting up cribs, putting together changing table and dresser, washing and sorting all the baby clothes. Gosh I haven't done this in 36 years!

Life is an amazing adventure and joy. Be prepared.
I am, I have been and I will be on call for God and the Good of all.

I am your faithful friend and loving reminder,
Betty Lue

Monday, March 28, 2005

All On Purpose

Recently, I was asked, when to let go of relationships that are difficult?
How long are we to sustain a relationship that is stressful?

And on the other side of that question is:
How can we let go of those we love dearly who have left this earth in what we call "death"?
How do we release those who die suddenly or without a long fulfilling life?

Everyone of us is with the ones we are given to heal, to love, to teach, to make amends.

We all have the relationships we need to do our spiritual work.

All is perfectly on purpose.

Life is good when we are doing the work we are here to do.

All relationships, brief or lifetime, marriage, family, friendship and strangers are for healing.
There are no chance encounters. When we are conscious and in love, we recognize that our presence can be healing or judging, loving or fearful, joyfully giving or trying to get what we believe we need.
All our relationships are an opportunity to heal wounded parts of ourselves and others.
All relationships are a gift, a mirror for ourselves, a chance to remember love and return to wholeness.
When we love, we will always love, no matter what the physical apparency.
To stop loving or withhold our love shuts down our life energy and brings sorrow and lack of peace.
Our nature is to love. Where we hold back our love, we deny our true essence.
Where we block or fear loving, we interfere with our purpose here.
Even in death, the regret we feel is often due to trying to shut down our Love, to let go of loving.
Life is for giving. It is only in giving the gift of Love we are to everyone we are given that we discover the abundant and unlimited gift of miraculous Love we are.
Love never ends. It merely changes form.

Some say God is in everything.
Some say it all is Good.
Some say we can find a gift and blessing in everything.
Some say everything always happens more perfectly than we can plan.
Some say life can be fun, safe and easy when we listen within.
Some say this life is a temporary experience of learning, loving and letting go.
Some say life is a karmic completion of unfinished business as our soul evolves into expanded awareness.

I simply live in Love with all those who come to mind, those who live in my heart, those who I know and those who know me.
I know Love is real and Eternal. Everything else is temporary and made up.
Remember Love and you will know Eternal Love.
Remember to Love and you will know a Good and Godly life.

Love is forever, even when we change the way we express our Love.

Loving you forever,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 27, 2005

It is Easter!

Many traditions come alive in this one.
Sunrise from the East (new life, beginnings, creations), bountiful eggs, bunnies and chicks, resurrection from death, hope for the spring and abundant harvest-
all about receiving the good of Eternal life.
The cycles and seasons of life demonstrate that there is no death.
Life is eternal and everlasting.
While it appears there is death in the winter, there is new life in the spring.
While things appear bleak in one season, they appear glorious in another.
While life seems to end with death, there is the birth of the infant to continue life.
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
What is remains no matter what.

Easter is a time to watch the rising sun and remember the Light also rises in you.
Easter is a time to remember the miracle of hope, that each moment brings anew.
Easter is a gift inviting us to reclaim the Love within.
Easter is a chance to let our natural Joy begin.

Within you and me is the opportunity to free ourselves from the tomb of our own crucifixion.
Breathe deep the freedom that is real, when we trust ourselves to feel the Love in Life itself.
Enjoy the gift of precious now as you walk in fields of luscious grasses and wild flowers.
Creation is all around us inviting new beginning, even in the midst of our errant focus on what is past.

In spite of all that happens in life, this moment can be a gift of transformed perception.
Look with forgiveness on your judging mind.
Feel your heart open to the kindness therein you find.
Give words of praise to those who serve and give their gratitude to you.
And peace is extended to all who have closed the door to their loving heart.

I know in Eastertide, I am renewed, as I remember the Love I Am.
I know this Spring, I am given each moment to fully receive and appreciate the life I have.
I know today, I reclaim the opportunity to create everyday for the Good I choose.
I know my life is truly mine to use according to my will.
I know with right use of will, I will The Highest Will be done through All I Am, All I say, All I do.
In this, I can do no harm and serve only the Highest Good for all.

Easter is the loving reminder to choose again.
Choosing again to forgive all pain and suffering in humanity.
Choosing again to perceive and value the kindness and Goodness.
Choosing again to reclaim the renewal of my mind and the transformation of my life.
Choosing again to dedicate my life to the Light of the dawn of Truth.
Choosing again to realize the limitless Love within the Heart of God in me.

Loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Your Symbolic Easter

What have you persecuted and crucified in yourself?
What have you laid within the tomb of your unconscious mind?
What needs to be resurrected and rise again to live forever?

Are you a miracle worker?
Have you loved unconditionally?
Have you allowed your Love to show?
Do you teach others of their Worth?

Within you lies everything good and true, miraculous and beautiful.
Within you are the hymns of the ages and the wisdom of the sages.
Within you lies blessings for the aged and healing for the sick.
Within you are gifts of inspiration and meditations for the mind.

You are prophet and mystic, sacred story teller, hands on healer, loving reminder and friend to strangers.
Your resurrection is remembering to let go of everything that tells you this isn't so.

You see, we are all created by the same Creator with the same Holy purpose:
to Love one another as our Creator loves us.

You are given the Way, the Truth and the Life you have.
Listen and follow.
Receive and give.
Learn and teach.
Thus we keep the flow of Goodness and Love alive in the hearts and minds of humankind.

Whatever you name your Creator-Divine Mother, God or Goddess, Higher Power, Universal Wisdom, Divine Mind, Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, Infinite Intelligence or DNA, we are here by the grace of this power, created in the likeness and image of this All Good, All knowing and Ever-present Holiness.

We are created as LOVE and LIGHT for the holy purpose of sharing this Love and Light.
We are each one, a holy Reminder.

Meditate on these things and……
Let this be your Easter

Loving you, Holy,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 25, 2005

What Do I Do?

I am coach, counselor, consultant, spiritual guide, friend and other roles as needed.

Often I am asked for support, guidance, and spiritual direction.
While I may give what is expected, I will give the best I know for the highest good of all.

I support you in discovering your authentic Self.
I support you in living from your Essence.
I support you in envisioning your ideal life.
I support you in being honest with yourself.
I support you in achieving your highest aspirations.
I support you in taking responsibility for your life.
I support you in practicing awareness without judgment.
I support you in listening within and honoring your inner guidance.
I support you in being unique and living with dignity and self respect.
I support you in clearing your negativity privately without dumping on others.
I support you in sharing your high and inspiring truth to encourage others.
I support you in claiming your freedom, magnificence and true prosperity.
I support you in remembering the Love you are and returning to wholeness.
I support you in committing to what has heart and meaning and is best for All.
I support you in clarifying your vision, so you can live life fully right now.
I support you in always giving your very best in thought, words and deed.
I support you in taking full responsibility for the quality of your relationships.
I support you in accepting human differences to respond uniquely to everyone.
I support you in celebrating everyday with openness, appreciation and Joy.
I support you in creating the life you want to live with ease and inspiration.

I show up authentically.
I pay attention with full consciousness and no agenda.
I tell the highest truth I know from my spiritual connection.
I let go, detach and trust in the perfect outcome.
I rest in Love, knowing all is well.

Freeing you always in Love,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Who Are You Really?

Your authentic self is waiting for your discovery.
Your real self cannot fully emerge until you are willing to love your whole self.
The inner child in you withdraws from the pain of your judgment and criticism.
You are meant to be the loving nurturer and caring guardian of your life.

How can you truly love and care for the One you do not know?
How can you be an open-hearted listener, when you have so many opinions?
How can you free yourself to be yourself, when you are guided by other's approval?
How can your value your differences, when you judge others’ unique personalities?

Uncovering your essential self is like digging in a diamond mine.
You will find the most precious multi-faceted jewel that is one-of-a-kind.
Your painful emotions are merely the energetic withholding of your true self.
Your freedom and trust is the emergence of what is whole and good and beautiful in you.

If everyone on the planet were fully and freely expressing their essence, we would all be in joy.
If everyone you knew was honoring their own differences, we would no longer fear or judge others.
If all of us perceived ourselves whole and holy, we would live freely sharing and caring and at peace.
If we lived in integrity contributing our gifts, the world would be free of lack, littleness and limitation.

You see, you have a mission here.
You have unique gifts to be given.
You have a special place in the Universe.
Without you, we all are incomplete.

I want to see you, know you and love you, as I see and know and love me.
I want to free you to be you and know it is safe, fun and easy.
I want to give you the space and the tools to learn you are wholly loveable and capable.
I want to encourage you to live the good life fully enjoying the gifts of your Presence.

Loving you with all my heart,
Betty Lue

Personal whole life coaching with me provides opportunities for your expanded self knowledge and appreciation.
Also, my summer programs offer a small group experience of learning to love yourself and others by understanding and honoring differences. Call me for more information 800-919-2392 or send me an email.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What Is

"The key, during both life and death, is to recognize illusions as illusions, projections as projections, and fantasies as fantasies.
In this way we become free." Buddhist teaching.

If our beliefs shape what we see, then our beliefs are creating our reality.
What would your life be without beliefs?
Empty of meaning and devoid of inspiration?
What would your dreams be if your had no hope or vision?

If we are to influence our future, create our experience and open to possibility, there must be belief.
Why not choose what you believe?

To believe in nothing is to create nothing, dream nothing, and experience nothing.
To believe in evil is to see evil, fuel evil and experience evil.
To believe in good is to see good, affirm good, create and experience good.

We are free to believe.
Plow under the field in which you believe what you don't want to experience.
Let go of the myths, fantasies and stories you retell about what scares you, angers you and diminishes you.
Plant seeds of belief in what inspires you, encourages you and leads you to what enlivens and energizes you.

We are choosers in what we believe.
We can choose to disavow that which we prefer to extinguish and eradicate from our consciousness and our experience.

Some say we must see it to clear it from our world......
I prefer to shine a light on the darkness and see it gone.
I prefer to notice that darkness is the absence of enlightenment.
I prefer to recognize that fear keeps me from clearing my lack of love.
I prefer to own that I am the chooser, creating my experience with my beliefs.
I prefer to take responsibility for the world I see by responding to the world differently.
I prefer to be strong in my faith that all things can be healed with Love.
I prefer to trust in this learning laboratory which is a temporary experience of trial and error to discover "What works".
I notice when I "do the work", my life works.

Loving the “work” I do,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Letting Go

It is not what happens that causes pain.
It is our resistance, judgment and fear that hurt.

When we refuse to let go, there is stress.
When we are attached to our position, we get stuck.
When we hang on to being right, we fear looking foolish.
When we cling to our way, we feel pressured.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
When we see life as flow, we trust in letting go.
When we believe all things work together for good, we need not fear the outcome.
When we know love is trust and freedom, we can free ourselves from attachment.

Many years ago I was given a profound suggestion:
"Hold no position."
I immediately began practicing, stating my position (if I had one) only once.
Then I stepped back, let go of any position or "right" way and listened.

The power of letting go is extraordinary.
Others feel safe to state their position.
With no resistance they feel free to express their opinions clearly.
With no resistance they open to alternatives.
With no resistance they do not need to defend or explain.
With no resistance they can try on their ideas without fear.
This position of "no position" creates harmony, trust, full communication and opportunity for cooperation. Letting go is a key to being happy, conscious, creative and responsible without regret or resentment.

"Letting go is fun, safe and easy."
Use this affirmation until you realize it to be true for you.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 20, 2005

It is Spring!

How can you plant new seeds in an unplowed field?
What is not forgiven and undone will seed the weeds in tomorrow's harvest.
What can you expect from life, if you never let go of what is spent and finished?
This season invites you to plow under last year's experiences and plant new possibilities.

It is time for you to vision.
It is time to forgive the past.
It is time to finish all unfinished projects or let them go.
It is time to clean house.
It is time to breathe deep.
It is time to marvel at the beauty.
It is time to expect miracles.
It is time to let go of weight and waiting.
It is time to take a fresh look at life.
It is time to celebrate how much you have learned.
It is time to enjoy your creative Spirit.
It is time to turn to the light and de Light.

This is your Spring.
This is your rebirth.
This is your opportunity to begin again.

If you are having trouble letting go,
Seek spiritual counseling to help you forgive and see things differently.
If you are having difficulty finding your purpose and vision,
Seek inspirational coaching to discover your authentic Self and Life Purpose.
If you are feeling lazy, lethargic and depressed,
Seek personal training to encourage healthy eating, stress reduction, moving freely and happy living.
If you are lonely and need friendship, offer your listening, loving and help to those you know.

Spring is a gift of hope.
Spring is a gift of Joy.
Spring is a gift of wonder.

Appreciate the gift.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Open the Flow

Life is flow.
Wherever we are contracted and shut down, we close off the flow of life.
The flow of life includes the mind, the body, Spirit, our finances, relationships, good works and more.

Where there is a problem or conflict, pain or disease, lack or limitation, there is a constriction of flow.

Basic reminders to open the flow:
Breathe fully and freely into your belly with full attention and appreciation. (whenever feeling stress)
Move gracefully and naturally without effort or caution. (T'ai Chi, dance, yoga, walking or swimming)
Eat foods that digest easily, give your energy and move through your body naturally. (vegetables, water)
Share your positive feelings with those who receive and appreciate your love and gratitude.
Release your negative feelings where they will be flushed.(e.g. journal, energetic release, friend who lets go)
Spend your money on what lifts you up, what you value and what you truly enjoy. (Bless expenditures.)
Spend time and energy on activities that energize and inspire you. (Sing, create, beautify, laugh, enjoy)
Bless your relationships with thoughts, feelings and deeds,
Give your very best and appreciate what you give.
Think about how much you have rather than what you lack.
Notice what you value and fully appreciate it.
Open your heart to those who call for your love without judging them or feeling guilty.
Honor your preferences with kind attention and a willingness to give yourself the best.
Let go of what scares you, guilts you, judges you or is disrespectful to you.
Forgive yourself for letting anyone or anything hurt you.
Forgive yourself and others for taking on the negative feelings and criticisms of the world.
Be selective about what you believe.
Share your sacred Self where you know you will be honored and valued.
Listen to your heart first, then respond with the loving way.

Develop your own reminders to open your flow.
Put your list on your frig or inside your medicine cabinet.
Remember you are responsible (able to respond) for your own life.
Choose today to remember to take impeccable care of you and your life energy.

Loving you with a flow that is True,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 18, 2005

What Is It Worth?

What is your life worth to you?
How do you invest in your own life?
What is your happiness worth to you?
How do you invest in your happiness?
What is your health worth?
How do you invest in your health?
What are your relationships worth?
How do you invest in them?

In this society of quick fixes and short term gratification, we often miss the opportunity
to create our lives with happiness, health and fulfilling relationships.

Investment requires vision, faith, desire, commitment, planning and action as well as appreciation.
Investing positive energy (time, money and resources) in what we want reaps what we envision.
Investing negative energy (worry, doubt, resentment guilt and fear) in what we don’t want reaps more negative energy and often what we fear.
If you want happiness, spend time, money and energy with happy people doing happy things and learning how to choose happiness everyday.
If you want health, spend time, money and energy being healthy (nutrition, movement, meditation, flowing your energy) rather than worrying, contracting, stressing and then taking drugs to handle the pain.
If you want harmonious relationships, learn about honoring differences, effective communication, conflict resolution and creative teamwork rather than waiting for crisis, conflict or irreconcilable differences.

We have an opportunity today, NOW, to choose for what we want.
Spend time, money and energy learning how to have what you want,
rather than waiting until you have lost your happiness, health and harmony.

Choose today.
It is your life.
Invest in it.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring is Coming!

The Light comes with the dawn of each new day!
The warmth of Spring comes with the sun (Son) shining in my heart.
The healing Love of God (Goodness) comes with heartfelt forgiveness and appreciation.

Spring is our seasonal reminder of renewal and rebirth.
Easter is a holy reminder of the resurrection of our True Self from the limitations of the body.
Every time we let go and lay to rest, we allow the birth of something new.
Clinging to our identity, our history, our institutions, we limit the natural process of renewal.

Attachment causes pain and suffering.
Trying to keep something status quo shuts down the flow of chi.
Life force is creative and flowing, ever-changing.
This is the nature of physical life.
(Our Spirit lives forever in many forms, times and circumstances.)

Our attachment "to be right" limits our happiness.
Our conviction that we have found the "Truth" for everyone limits our growth.
Our certainty that there is only one way limits our awareness of alternative possibilities.
Our decision to always follow custom and tradition limits the opportunity for exploration.

When life changes, we can be angry in our resistance or curious in our acceptance.
When our body changes, we can be fearful in our dependence or awakened by our freedom.
When our finances change, we can distrust our choices or allow ourselves to learn.
When our relationships change, we can hate the unfamiliarity or rejoice in the discovery.
When the light comes, we can close the curtains and retreat into darkness or open our eyes to new life.
(When light comes, we see the incompletions, missed opportunities and unforgiveness.)
When love is present, everything is seen with welcoming and wonder.

I choose to embrace the spring with a fullness of appreciation, enthusiasm and expectancy.
Thus I am rewarded with a happy outlook, a richness of Spirit and expanding consciousness.
Some say this is Enlightenment. So let us Be It!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

"Time to clean house, mentally and materially"
My talk for the Metaphysics Club in Walnut Creek, Wednesday, March 30 10:30AM

At Home with Spirit, Friday, March 18, 7PM our home. With music, meditation and Joy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Regarding Illness

Note: This is from my husband, Robert.

How could someone wise and spiritually awakened, become sick?
How could a healer succumb to illness?
How could someone of your level of awareness fall under the spell of the world?
If it's all illusion anyway, why can't you just change your mind?
How could someone who has helped so many find their own healing now appear to need help?

These (and many other related wonderings) are all ways of asking the age-old question,
"Why do bad things happen to good people?"

In many ways, the very fact that these questions are being asked suggests that there may be more to what is going on than meets the (worldly) eye. It also raises the very real need to ask another question: "How can I be truly helpful?" Even better, "What is truly helpful in this circumstance, for this person?" The answers are not always what the world, our experience and even our teaching may suggest.

If I were a musician, there would be music to the refrain that echoes in my mind:

He who looks like "disabled" or "broken"
May know guidance unheard and unspoken.
For this life's not of body, but of soul.
He who seems to be broken may be whole.

Does that mean that the "guidance" is consciously heard or known? Probably not.
Does that imply that the guidance is of divine or holy origin? Not necessarily. Many times, that "different drummer" which is being danced to is egoic and not at all spiritual.

It has been said that it is not what happens to us, but how we respond to or handle what happens to us that is the true value of any experience and defines or determines our character. That's true. And it also, conveniently, lets us off the hook. After all, given that world view, we are still victims and separated from experiencing our true power, which comes only from acknowledging our creative responsibility for the circumstances we experience.

The misapplication or misinterpretation of this is the world's number one metaphysical guilt trip. It is used against us by others who feel superior to us (or want to make sure they can continue to feel superior) and it is used by us to keep ourselves victimized and limited, or because we don't know any better. There is only one antidote to this particular form of guilt (and probably all others) that I know of. Very simple stated:

Awareness without judgment is healing.

This opens the possibility of choosing again (and, perhaps differently) so that we can experience a future which is different from our past and present. It was Einstein who said something like: "The problems of our world cannot be solved by the level of thinking which created them."

Play a little mental music again and listen to the second refrain going through my mind:

How to be in the world, yet not of it?
The only way to survive is to love it.
To be fully immersed, yet above it
Is to be in the world, yet not of it.

So enough philosophy. Let's get to a little truth about me personally.

I have spent this lifetime (so far) being very much in the world, yet maintaining enough detachment to be a very good teacher and leader-by-example for those looking for a better way to relate to themselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience. I have taken that train about as far down the track as it will go.

Many years ago, I wrote in "The Tao of Robert":

It is wise to come to the orchard
When fruit is plentiful.
In this way, one is filled.
The foolish remain beyond the bearing season
And are diminished,
Attempting to feast on what is no longer present.

To hire appropriate transportation
To take one to his chosen destination
Is wise.
To remain in the coach once one has arrived
Is foolishness or fear.

What was I to do when the bearing season was past and when my coach had arrived? I have to admit that I had become rather attached to all of the abilities, tools and techniques that had gotten me so far and so comfortably. I was also aware (very consciously, I might add) that as long as I still had the ability to be the person I was, I would choose to—even if that was not who I was called to be any longer.

Did I deliberately choose MS and frontal lobe syndrome and whatever else the world says I have? No, not the form, but I was definitely aware of the underlying spiritual intention. Be clear here (it will help me greatly): It was not and is not "God's Will" that I experience the physical and mental problems I am experiencing. What I currently experience is my personal spiritual choice, which I am temporarily using to support myself in following my life path, until I am willing to follow that path even when I have the ability to do otherwise.

How you can help:
Don't wish me healing. I am already whole.
Don't want me to be the way I was. It is no longer appropriate or healthy.
Don't offer me magic (drugs, vitamins, diet, therapeutic/holistic practices, etc.) which reinforces the perception of illness.
DO see me happily living my life on purpose and don't begrudge me the crutch I am temporarily using to help me stay true to my soul.
Know that I am, and will always be, Robert. Nothing has essentially changed (i.e. my essence has not changed). I would like to think that I am now able to be even more present with you and for you.

To the extent that this may also apply to others in your life, and even to you, personally, take this to heart.

Once more, the refrains (to help me remember):

He who looks like "disabled" or "broken"
May know guidance unheard and unspoken.
For this life's not of body, but of soul.
He who seems to be broken may be whole.


How to be in the world, yet not of it?
The only way to survive is to love it.
To be fully immersed, yet above it
Is to be in the world, yet not of it.

With gratitude and respect,

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Short Parenting Tip

Note: If the Christian flavor is not your cup of tea...simply translate. The message is sound. Betty Lue

The Hidden Benefits of Obedience

Some of us have grown up with mixed ideas about authority and submission and frankly, we find ourselves confused at times when trying to decide whether to ask our children to obey.

But obedience is bigger than a parenting issue. It's a life skill. When children learn to give up their agenda or sacrifice their activity to do what someone else says, they are learning how to live successfully with others in life.

You are training your child for the future. It's not enough to simply change a child's behavior to conform to your present desires. Look long term. Things like obedience, submission, and honor toward God and others are attitudes learned as a child and practiced throughout life.

One verse that reminds us that our present discipline has long-term ramifications is Proverbs 22:6. It says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." Our kids are in training.

It's good to tell your children why they need to obey. Share with them your motivation and goals for them. Tell them that they need to learn to obey your words so that when they grow up they will know how to obey God and work with others. Poor habits and selfishness are hard to deal with in children, but the older the child, the harder it is to break these patterns. Disciplining our children effectively when they're young will save them much pain later on in life.

This idea was taken from the CD or audiocassette series, "Eight Secrets to Highly Effective Parenting," by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN.


For more information on Effective Parenting, check out our web site at

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Moving On

Personal Note: I am in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Hammond, Indiana the next four days. Leave at 5AM Thursday and home midnight on Sunday.
Always available by voicemail/pager 800-919-2392 or my cell 925-324-2409. Don’t hesitate to call or email. Loving Reminders again on 3/15.

Moving On

Are you stuck?
Are you waiting for someone?
Are you comfortable where you are?
Are you uncertain about what to do?

If you are complete with your relationship, your job, your home or the community in which you live, it may be time to move on.
If you are too comfortable, content and lazy in your personal growth and spiritual development, it may be time to move on.
If you are stuck in pain, in upset, in frustration or resentment, it may be time to move on.
Life offers wakeup calls and opportunities to move, change and transform. If we ignore, deny or don't get quiet enough to listen, the calls become stronger and more obvious.

Are you here to live or to vegetate?
Are you here to grow or just hang out?
Are you here to contribute or take advantage of other?
Are you here to create or just maintain others creations?

Doubt and fear are the ego's tricks to stop you.
Confusion and uncertainty are the tools of fear.
Love is confident and committed.
Love is clear and definite.

When in doubt and fear, what do you do?
Do you analyze, seek approval, get expert advice, open your intuition, trust your past, wait and see?
Do you distract yourself, delay taking action, create other options, find a fallback position?
The paralysis of analysis is asking for facts and proof endlessly.
Procrastination is waiting through distraction.
Stuck in seeking approval and the opinions of others is fear.

We are afraid to move because…
We might fail.
We might appear foolish.
We might be different than others.
We might succeed beyond our wildest dreams.
Everything might change.
We might grow and leave those we love behind.
We are afraid of the unknown and comfortable with the known.

Just ask yourself…
Is it time for me to move on?
If YES, ask "How can I make a change in the most positive, loving and appreciative way for All?"
If "No", ask "How can I more fully and freely open to the love, gratitude and possibilities present?"
Let us move on the highest possibility for each one of us.
Let us encourage one another to follow our dream.
Let us all do our very best and give our very best to others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't Go Back

I just received a poster, stating “Don’t Go Back”, given to me 13 years ago in Bloomington, IN, and left in the Kalamazoo Whole Life Center of Reunion Ministries. The Center is now closed and all the ministers and practitioners have moved on to their next sacred assignment.
Yet I am going back to Kalamazoo, Michigan on Thursday for four days. Why am I going back?

Why go back? Why revisit the past?
To wish for what was or what might have been?
To rekindle old passion and stir up memories?
To savor the special meal or relationship?
To experience former glory or hardship and pain?

Why go back?
When we are on path and trusting what learning life brings, why go back?

Perhaps to say thank you with an expanded perception.
Perhaps to notice unfulfilled promises to acknowledge.
Perhaps to see how perfect it all was and the blessings it brought.
Perhaps to open the door to some future adventure which it offers.
Perhaps to notice regrets that need to be acknowledged and healed.
Perhaps to acknowledge how we all have grown and appreciate the beauty.
Perhaps to finish work once begun and now calling for ccompletion.

The past is a road back to what led us to where we are now.
When we compare, judge and regret what we no longer have, we bring pain to ourselves.
When we are resentful about what could have been, we bring hurt to ourselves.
When we feel grateful for all the blessings we received, we bring joy to ourselves.

As I go back, I see all life as moving forward into the mystery of love that never ends.
I see friends that will last a lifetime or more.
I see places that make my heart sing.
I see opportunities for rekindling vision grown cloudy.
I see joyous reunion with myself, Spirit and with those comrades who have walked with me.

And yes, Love never ends, it just changes form.
So as I take these four days in Michigan and Indiana, I reconnect with old friends and spiritual partners.
I make new friends and inspire lives, as I am inspired.
I see the Spirit of Love make all things new again.
I reclaim a new life and a new spirit and allow all Good things to come to me.
I go forth with an experience of excitement, trust and expectancy.

I am going back and forward with joy, gratitude and love, open and willing to give and receive from the abundance always available.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, March 07, 2005

In Trouble or Distress?

What do you want when you are in need?
Sympathy, compassion, listening, questions, caring, sharing, empathy, solutions, advice?
Each one of us wants something unique to our situation and familiarity.

“I want to be seen as whole, not to be helped or taken care of, not to be questioned or advised.”

Some people want to receive sympathy, when there is a difficulty.
Tell them how sorry you are and offer your condolences and join them in feeling bad.
Some people want your help and support, feeling better knowing that you are there.
Give them your phone number, let them know they can call you anytime for help.
Some people want to be able to talk about the distress.
Ask them questions and listen attentively. Give them your time and your concern.
Some people want advice and solutions.
Take time to find out the symptoms and give them the best information you have gathered.
Some people want you to let them know you care.
Just be present, if they want to share and pay attention with faith and hope and love.
Some people want to be held in high esteem, believing in their courage, commitment and choices.
Just see them with respect, admiration and appreciation and they blossom in your trust and Light.

Some people love to compare their troubles with others.
Some use others’ troubles to talk about theirs.
Some people want to be let off the hook by gaining sympathy.
Some people want to be seen as special and get attention.
Some people want someone to take care of them.
Some people are desperate for a solution.

Be careful, before you give what you would want.
Stop yourself, until you find out what they want.
Take time to listen and hear what they say.
Ask directly, before you give unsolicited advice.
Recognize that our life experiences are not accidents, but unconscious choices.

Each upset, trouble or distress is a challenge from which to learn and grow.
Everyone has a right and an opportunity to learn in their own way and own timing.
It is best to mind our own business, unless we are invited to assist by an inner call or by the person.
It is respectful to honor the privacy and particular needs of those for whom the trouble seems great.
Remember what seems difficult to one may not be hard for the one who is experiencing the problem.

Listening and loving,
Betty Lue

I usually wait until I am asked for help.
I then listen to what is being asked for.
I respond always with love and faith in the Highest Outcome.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Men and women are very masculine in our culture. We are all out of balance.
The focus is on doing not being, getting not giving, striving not serving, efficiency not effectiveness, saving time and money not relationships and health, fixing not healing, providing not nurturing.

There is a need and greed for more, working harder and smarter, trying to get and do.
There is a competitive striving to achieve, to excel, to perform, to defeat.
There is an intensity making things happen faster and better.
There is a mental analysis of how things work, so that we can make them work for us.
There is an aggressive need to dominate with focus on provision and protection.
There is an intention to defeat nature rather than respect with nature and its resources.
There is an entitlement to use up the earth’s resources rather than preserve the bounty and beauty.
There is increasing noise and media pollution rather than desire for quiet serenity and inner peace.

We are a masculine adolescent society, trying to win through power and verbal justification.
We pay our men more and demand that they out-produce the competitors.
We push our fathers and husbands to work harder and longer to acquire bigger and better.
We expect our boys and men to be strong and courageous in protecting and defending.
We allow little time or opportunity to feel, to express, to relax, to be alone and quiet.
Both men and women are taught to compete, achieve and make things happen.

Spiritually, we are out of balance.
Our religious traditions have been created, built and led by masculine energy.
Masculine energy emphasizes mental understanding of Spirit rather than everyday integration.
This energy pushes for competition among spiritual groups and encourages fighting for dominance.
There is striving to win at another’s expense rather than seeking what is good for all.
There continues to be religious wars and propaganda, rather than living spiritual principles.

There is a call for the feminine spirituality to emerge.
This is a time for receptive, contemplative, listening responsiveness.
The Divine Feminine is cooperative, respectful, inclusive and life-affirming.
Feminine spirituality is gentle, nurturing, healing and appreciative.
The Divine Mother provides Love and faith, forgiveness and acceptance for all creation.
There is room on this planet for all expressions of faith serving the good of All people.
We can awaken within us the willingness to love one another as we are loved by Creator.
We can let go of our need to prove ourselves by letting go of our judgments on what we do.
We can release our judgments of others by accepting our differences and nurturing our Oneness.
We can respect and embrace all children with love, rather than using fear to divide us.
We can begin today to reach out to others with love, appreciation and open-mindedness.
We can drop our fences and defenses and extend Love and Peace to all as the One We are.
We can share fully what we have, what we know, who we are and how much we care.
We can appreciate the beauty and bounty of our lives openly and with joy.
We can be pleased with ourselves for being without need to prove or improve on what is.
We are the emerging Divine Feminine in all beings, young and old, male and female.

Be the gift of Love and Gratitude You Are,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a Wonderful Life I Have!

I just finished my loving reminder for today and feel inspired to write this one for tomorrow.
Sometimes I write three or four in a row, because I am in the flow and the ideas want to be written.
I just love to share with you the best I know.
You inspire me to open my heart, to listen within and give all that is there for me and you and everyone.
I feel so privileged to be who I Am, where I Am, giving what I have.
Sometimes I really want to do so much more with my life, because I feel the limitlessness inside.
I am aware of the abundance of wisdom and love, compassion and confidence, inside this heart/mind.

Do you realize how easy it is for me to sit down at the computer and write these loving reminders without a forethought or an afterthought with no correction or outline, no judgment or concern?
Can you imagine how fun, safe and easy it is to do what comes naturally through me?
Do you know how free I feel to share my whole self with you and everyone?
Do you sense how very much I love you and believe in you and know how limitless you are?
Can you tell how happy I am to be alive and to fully enjoy the good life I have?
Have you guessed how blessed my life is with love and learning, with harmony and beauty?
Do you get how easy it is for me to clean toilets, arrange flowers, comfort the dying or change a diaper?
Do you realize I rarely judge and totally appreciate what I do, where I am and those who are with me?

I smile at babies in the grocery store.
I look for beautiful skies full of all kinds of weather.
I find beauty everywhere, in nature and in people.
I encourage displays of love and celebration.
I look for excuses to smile, both inside and out.
I like to hear what comes out of my mouth.
I totally enjoy what I write and appreciate what I learn.
I value my relationships with all people.
I experience everything and everyone as my teacher.
I see life as a sacred adventure which holds mystery and surprise.
I seek opportunities to learn and grow, to heal and be healed.
I encourage people to ask for help and insight, so I can learn.
I am kind to myself when I am tired, sad or upset.
I recognize myself in everyone and appreciate us all.
I know we are all in this together, because there is only One of us.

What a wonderful life with tears and fears, hope and disappointment, challenges and rewards.
What a wonderful life with novelty, diversity, opportunity and creativity.
What a wonderful life with so many choices and cycles, responsibilities and relationships.
What a wonderful life with wakeup calls, comforting lullabies, inspiring words and healing prayers.
What a wonderful life with joy and peace, sorrow and conflict, love and kindness, fear and rejection.
What a wonderful life to be lived well or wasted, to be given freely or grasping for more.
What a wonderful life to be utilized or thrown away, to be celebrated or hated.
What a wonderful awesome and miraculous life!

I live it well. I give it well. I value it well. I celebrate it well. I am awake.
This makes all the difference. ENJOY LIFE. It is your Gift.

Betty Lue

You can too. Life can be a joy for you.
Call me for WHOLE LIFE COACHING. #800-919-2392.
My calling is to inspire, educate and encourage and it fulfills me.
Remember every life is significant. Every life matters.
I will work with you as friend, spiritual mentor and guide.

Friday, March 04, 2005

What’s It All About?

Life for each one of us is a journey to grow up.
Some people are babies, focused only on getting enough of what they want.
Some people are just young, trying to please or learn the rules to win.
Some people are adults, grown up enough to strive, to achieve and excel, to win fame and fortune.
And some people are old souls here finishing their journey with healing and service.

Each person is on their own path with unique learning issues, healing needs and life focus.
When we are minding our own business, there is nothing to judge or compare.
When we are focused on our own life, there is more than enough to keep us occupied.
When we are tending our own issues, we have little time or energy for criticizing others.

Judging our journey slows us down.
Criticizing our mistakes creates more errors.
Feeling ashamed and guilty interferes with our healing.
Hiding and pretending limits our learning and growth.

When we compare, evaluate and judge ourselves, we waste energy and time.
When we hurt ourselves with criticism, cruelty and lifetime pain, we are paralyzed with fear.
When we withdraw from others and withhold love and respect from ourselves, we feel unworthy.
When we treat ourselves with pain and shame, we teach others to treat us with disrespect.

The key to healing is forgiveness.
Forgiveness of ourselves sets us free to see life is our sacred journey.
Our choices create experiences from which we are to learn.
When we make mistakes we can choose to quickly and easily choose again.

In school most of us made mistakes.
If those mistakes were cause for shame and guilt we may have stifled our learning and achievement.
If those mistakes were an opportunity to learn, we celebrated every correction and moved on.
Mistakes are a healthy sign of someone who is willing to learn from life’s experiences.

When we develop in life, there is a usual progression from ego-centered, to pleasing others, to wanting information from which to learn and make decisions, to being responsible, living our values with integrity and then to seeing the unity in all creation.

Wherever you are in your life is where you are.
The more you accept your place in life and the roles you have chosen, the easier your path will be.
The more you are aware of where you are going, the more likely you will get where you want to be.
The more you enjoy the experiences you encounter, the more you will heal and learn and grow.
The more you love who you are in the process, the more you will love those who travel your way.

This is your life and mine as well. We are in this together to love, serve and encourage one another.
Sounds fun and safe and easy.
And so it is when we forgive and live to enjoy it all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Your Life Purpose

Your goal is inner peace.
Your purpose is to be happy.
Your function is to let go of whatever blocks your happiness and peace of mind.

You are here to be happy and fulfilled.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are at peace.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are on purpose.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you give your best.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are honest and real.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are at home.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are in love.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are abundant.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are naturally giving.
When you are happy and fulfilled, your whole life is worth living.
When you are happy and fulfilled, everything works together for good.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are healed and a healing Presence.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you are living your ministry, your loving service.
When you are happy and fulfilled, you attract right opportunities to love, serve and remember.

So where do you begin to live on purpose?
Let go of activities that do not serve your happiness and fulfillment.
Let go of reading material and media that drain your energy.
Let go of conversations and thoughts that distract you from being happy and fulfilled.
Let go of judgments and fears that take away from your happiness and fulfillment.
Let go of whatever distracts, delays and detours you from choosing happiness now.

Your creator wants you happy and free to extend peace and love to every other mind and heart.
Your work is to forgive everyway in which you have resisted, withheld and denied happiness for yourself.
Your choice is to be willing to consciously and consistently choose happiness and fulfillment now.

You can forgive, release and undo everything that is not loving and true for you.
And then you can choose again. Life is your choice.
Live your purpose and find inner peace as you release what is not yours.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


If you are inquisitive and committed to spiritual growth and enlightenment…
If you want to be naturally happy, healthy and fulfilled….
If you are open and willing to do the work with patience and persistence….
If your life and your world enough to want to be of heartfelt service…
Read on.

Here are a few of my favorite things to inspire my life.
A Course in Miracles
Lost Language of God, Greg Braden (10 CD’s available through Nightingale-Conant)
Prayer of Jabez, Dream Giver, Beyond Jabez, by Bruce Wilkinson
Hour of Power, Sunday mornings on Lifetime and Discovery with Rev. Robert Schuller
Spiritual Cinema Circle, monthly DVD’s sent out
Jesus as CEO, Laurie Beth Jones
Jesus and Buddha: Parallel Sayings
The Tao of Leadership
False Fat Diet, Elson Haas, MD
The Maker’s Diet

Love Your Self. It is your primary responsibility to heal, love and grow your whole and Soul Self.
Develop new habits in eating, sleeping hours, nature, creativity, contribution and service.
Sit in a sacred place and listen within daily. Write what you hear/feel with your heart.
Minimize media and bring at least one hour of silence into your life daily.
Keep your home environment beautiful, orderly and harmonious. Start with one room.
Life Coaching (weekly or monthly contract) on the phone or in person. Essential to be accountable.

You are more important than you know.
Your life is your soul’s responsibility.
Make sure you are giving yourself the very best each and every day.
Your life will dramatically improve starting when you make the sincere choice.

If you want to know more specifics, call or email.
I live what I teach.
I explore and experiment to discover what is best for myself.
I learn and teach as I go, offering the best that I know.
Each one of us is different, so know your own plan must be individually designed for You.
There is no one like you. No one can take your place. Your whole and holy self is needed.
Step up and say YES to what you know heals, inspires and expands you to be your very best now.

Loving and Believing in YOU,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Interruptions and Interferences

What do you do with what seems to get in your way?
What do you do with the obstacles that come up every day?
What do you do when interrupted in what you are about to say?
What do you do when your own thinking seems to block your flow?

Let go and choose again.
Forgive, release and keep loving.
Trust all is in Divine order.
Know what is experienced is an out-picturing of your inner process.

Are you patient with the delays?
Have you delayed yourself in fulfilling your agreements?
Are you distracted by life’s interruptions?
Have you detoured yourself with following another’s path?

In time, we can encourage ourselves to be patient and keep going.
In time, we can give ourselves permission to experience the feelings.
In time, we have the opportunity to look for the hidden value.
In time, we may want to see it all as being ”on purpose”.

If there are no accidents…
If you are always in the right place..
If life is about remembering to love…
Maybe everything is an opportunity to remember.

Sometimes there is an awareness of an unfulfilled need that has remained unconscious until you get upset.
Sometimes there is a self respect issue that has gone unnoticed until you feel your frustration.
Sometimes there is a loss of purposeful focus, so that your distractions can interfere with fulfillment.
Sometimes there is a need to stop what you are doing, look at where you are and listen within.

Use every moment, every distraction, interruption, detour and delay as a wakeup call.
No need to get stuck in the judgment or fear.
Feel the feeling.
Love yourself anyway.
Choose again.

Loving you as we move right on through,
Betty Lue