Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Treat?

Is your life a trick or a treat?
Are you pulling a fast one on yourself and others?
Are you out to get as much candy as you can?
Are you busy giving unhealthy rewards to others?
Do you seek to fill your life with surface pleasure?
Are you indulging in what is addictive?
Do you feed others temptations to keep them from being upset?
Do you seek to “treat” yourself with what does not serve your best self?
Are you enjoying a life of temporary “highs” only to fall into depression?
Are you busy avoiding real life with your real Presence?
Are you aware that life has loving and learning value?
Can you give yourself real treats?

Do you even know what a treat it is to give your best?
Is it possible your withholds are making you sick?
Is it possible that avoiding failure is really keeping you stuck in non-success?
Is it possible that the costume you are wearing is a fantasy or mocks the real You?
Is it possible that you are hiding from the real essence of you?
Is it possible that the trick in your life is to take off the mask and look in the mirror?
Is it possible that the real treat will be living and giving the Authentic You effortlessly?

This “Trick or Treat” world has confused many into thinking we are here to masquerade,
as what we think is valued and important and will be rewarded with the most treasure, candy or money.
The trick is to realize what we no longer value and let it go.
The trick is to recognize you already have what you need.
The trick is to remember you are here to give everything good and loving and holy.
The treat is to find your real life of joy and peace and love.

Take off your mask.
Give up your addictions and self-defeating habits.
Forgive your self made and learned limitations.
Undo your mistaken beliefs and behaviors.
Discover your True values.
Wakeup and choose what you Value.
Live with courage and conviction.
Trust in the Goodness and Creative Power within You.
Honor and Respect Who You Really Are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue