Saturday, July 31, 2004

Give Voice….Share the Message

There is so much to share.
How do I dare say all I hear and know from within?
I write to me and to you, to remember what is Real and True.
Each one who comes and presents their problem, their fear
Inspires me to clear my mind, my hopeless thinking and remember…
The Truth….the Peace…the Way..

The message is always for the messenger.
And yet, so many do not hear their highest truths.
We often are busy giving them away before we have hear and follow our own wisdom.
Do you hear and know what you say and what it means?
If not how can it mean very much to anyone else?
And so I heed the words I write, the words I hear when I am still and listen.
And as I receive the words I remember what I have always known and remember still.
Be quiet and let go. Rise beyond your thoughts and see what is Real.
Let the energy of your emotion be calmed as you watch yourself return to the most powerful flow of life.

When we are upset we are victim of our judgments, drowning in our feelings, distracted by our need to survive, to conquer, to be right and make wrong, to maintain our best face, to win at all costs.
And sometimes our tantrums and rages have worked for us.
Sometimes our tears and our fears caused others to take heed and listen to us.
Sometimes we felt better in the release of the pent-up energy.
Sometimes the emotional puking and pooping cleansed our minds so we could feel alive again.
And sometimes other joined us in our sickness.
Sometimes people we love were hurt and rejected us.
Sometimes we were left alone to sulk and shiver in our own pain.
Sometimes we just lost all hope and wanted to die.
And so it is the feelings we name can cause us pain, as we lose hope and fight to regain our dignity.

When sick with emotion, find a private place…the bathroom or a quiet corner… a place to be alone with our little selves.
Rather than seeking agreement from an outside source, we can listen within to what we really want.
No one wants only to rage and express emotional pain.
Every one wants something to come from our antics, our passionate verbage and our angry demands.

Ask yourself: Listen profoundly and write what you hear.
What is the real reason for my upset?
What do I really want to feel, to think, to be, to share?
What am I willing to do to have the experience I want right now?

Upsets often have worked to distract us, to control others, to be right about what we believe, to engender fear, continue to detour and delay our real call to be happy and at peace.
What if we trusted peace will bring promise?
What if we trusted letting go will allow Wisdom to be let in?
What if we knew we are never alone, except when we look only without?
What if we rest in Love and protected our rest by loving?

What would our world look like if there were less drama and more peace?
We would be able to hear our child’s cry.
We would see the homeless man shiver.
We could feel the unuttered moan of the aged and frail.
We would know our body’s need for real nutrition.
We would honestly listen to the real call for comfort, support and reach out with love.
We would give from our heart.

Crying “wolf” must not distract what is real.
Let us listen and respond to the unanswered cries of those who need us at home.

Loving you now,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 30, 2004

Life Philosophy

Have you noticed we all have difficult times and good times?
The difficulties are unique with each person.
What is good for one may be difficult for others.

How we judge our life often determines how we experience it.
How do you think of your life?
How do you perceive what happens every day?
How do you define the rich fabric of learning and gratitude?
How do you value what you experience?

Where we judge we linger and often get stuck.
Where we notice and move on, we easily let go with blessing.
The less time we spend evaluating and comparing, the more time we can fully appreciate and enjoy.
When we try to convince other, we may be talking to someone who sees the world totally differently.
What we see is related to our filters, the blinders of history, judgment and expectations we wear.

If I do not know you thoroughly and see what you see, how can I dare to think I know what is best for you?
I can share with you what is best for me, as I share how I perceive what is in from of me.
I do not know your soul’s journey.
I cannot live from your emotional bank account.
I do not see your history.
I cannot understand your defenses and coping skills.
I will not value how hard you have tried to live well.
I cannot discern what is missing or different in your thoughts and emotional processing.
I cannot know unless you tell me.
And you will not tell me until I am a safe place where you will be heard without judgment.

Therefore, my life philosophy is to judge no one.
My life purpose is to learn to be a safe place where everyone may discovery who they are, what they believe, what choices they can make to effect their own destiny.
I will not interfere with my fear.
I will not judge with my false expectations.
I will not shut you out with my lack of understanding.
I will be the sacred space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.
While I am not perfect in all I say and do, it is my intention and commitment that I am true.
I will remember to love no matter what.
My experience tells me.... This is healing for me, for you and for everyone.

Loving you and me as One.
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Expanding Consciousness

Life is ever expanding consciousness.
When I am willing to open my view with the release of what I formerly was attached to seeing as Truth, I see more.
Our Universe appears to be the ever expanding vista of unlimited possibility.
As within, so without.

When I re-experience what I have experienced in the past, it is always a new opportunity to choose again.
When I perceive and judge my experience in the same way I did before, I am stuck in my view of the apparent truth.
I am keeping my reality stuck by my judgment of it.
My perception or consciousness is stuck in a closed loop.
When I see and judge ‘you are selfish’, I will continue to look for false evidence appearing real.
I will continue to perceive that which supports my viewpoint.
Thus, I am stuck and we are both limited in our relationship.
I have labeled, diagnosed and judged you according to my pre-conceived notions .
When a diagnostician judges that the patient is sick in a prescribed way, the patient is condemned to be seen as sick until one or both choose to seek their wellness.
When I judge that my pink paint is poorly done, I will continue to seek and find evidence that my perception is “true”.
Our judgments condemn our experience to that which we judge to be true for us.
This is a closed circle of consciousness which limits our growth and begets a sense of hopelessness and futility.
How can we ever get out of this?

When we are open to expanding our consciousness, we will perceive a repeated event with interest and curiosity.
I wonder what I can learn this time.
How I wonder how I might respond in a new way.
I wonder what else I am being called to see and understand.
I wonder how I can see this experience differently.
When we are open to a new perception, we expand our consciousness.
We see what is from a broader perspective.
We grow in love and the capacity to heal.
We are open to change and to miracles.
We begin to see an expanded view of reality, where there is no absolute.
We are called to claim we know nothing, because everything is changing and evolving.
When we are committed to judging nothing that occurs, we become aware that our judgments are like blinders on our vision.
When we are committed to forgiving and undoing our fear-based judgments, we see that all things can work together for Good.
We come to a greater understanding of the evolving nature of all that is.

I am open to the next moment of evolution which is expanding my consciousness.
I am grateful to free myself from stuckness and limitation.
I now easily forgive and release the past, trusting in the enlightenment of Now.

Loving our evolution,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

What do You Know?

What do you know in your heart?
What do you believe in your mind?
What do you teach with your words?
What do you seek with your deeds?

How you live and give represents your values.
How you relate and create builds your world.
Are you willing to be responsible for what you are building in your world?

I am here to build a world which is safe and offers freedom for all beings.
I am willing to represent my values in my everyday life.
I am willing to be a place of safety and non attack for those who come into my physical presence as well as into my mind.
I am willing to listen fully to those who would share their alike-mindedness as well as their differences.
I am willing to speak honestly about my perceptions without judging others points of view.
I am willing to step away from my position to see what others see.
I am willing to express the value of listening and learning from others.
I am willing to honestly ask how can we both co-exist in a respectful supportive community?
I am willing to trust, respect and love you as you are.
I am willing to let go of my judgments and limiting perceptions to free us both.
I am willing to befriend those we call ‘foes, so that I might understand the call for love.
I am willing to make no one “evil”, for then they and we are stuck in fear, separate and sick at heart.
I am willing to seek for Love and see the call for Love.
I am willing to encourage Union rather than division.
I am willing to respect all life, rather than get rid of or avoid what I find wrong or distasteful.
I am willing to acknowledge where I am afraid because I do not understand.
I am willing to encourage forgiveness rather than continue to attack.
I am willing to make peace rather than to try to wipe out with war.
I am willing to do this and so much more.
I am willing to ask for inner guidance day by day and relationship by relationship.
I am willing to acknowledge that I do not understand.
I am willing to accept that I alone can choose how to live and give, to heal and create.
I am willing to vote for what I believe in, rather than against that which I fear.
I am willing to be true to the Highest values and spiritual principles I hold above all things.

I am willing....
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Politics and Spirituality

A dear friend and spiritual teacher shared with me:

Politics and spirituality cannot be separated -- believing that there is
such a thing as a spiritual life that is not political is just disempowering
oneself. It means not seeing the huge impact how we conduct our lives,
how we treat our friends and families, has on the world.
How we work with fear is very central to any spiritual path, and also how
we raise our children, how we conduct our business, how we raise ourselves,
for that matter.
Bottom line, I think that what you're doing is profoundly political.
How we transform ourselves, and support our friends, and create
community, is politics.

I am aware that everything I do and say, think and create makes a difference and affects my world.
Therefore I am a political being. As such I am called to be totally obvious without guile or guilt, without blame or criticism.
Yet I find myself in the middle of a conundrum of making wrong, comparing and making excuses rather than simply acknowledging and correcting our errors.

We can forgive our limiting and fear-based judgments and choose again. We can make different choices without attacking the past. We can wakeup and take responsibility for falling asleep. Currently I am making the choice to awaken to what is.
I know that this is the time of awakening.
What we see is a product of our unconsciousness and unwillingness to take responsibility.
We allowed our comfort to lull us to sleep.
With the shock of 9/11, we became terrified and terrorized by fear, and accepted no responsibility for our experience.
We believed we were helpless victims of attack and fell into a childlike dependency on our leaders.
We allowed the reign of fear to hypnotize us fall victim to our fear.
How we perceive our world determines how we respond.
A world of “terror” will result in fear. Naming ”evil” feeds it.
As fearful children we react by hiding under the covers or by shooting at whatever we are convinced is “evil”.

What would we do as conscious awakened beings?
We would seek inner peace.
We would seek to understand.
We would listen deeply.
We would answer fear with Love and respect.
We would teach by example.
We would live our principles of equality and justice for all.
We would accept responsibility and our ability to respond.
We would take impeccable care of ourselves.
We would be honest and keep no secrets.
We would set the goal of peace on earth and good will for all.
We would do what is fair and beneficial to all people.
We would commit to give our very best to everyone both friend and foe.
We would communicate without blame or guilt.
We would ask ourselves, “What can I do?”
How can I accept responsibility for my mistakes and make amends?
How can I be responsive to the mistakes of my government and make correction?
How can I participate in building a true democracy?
How can I support a governments of the people, by the people and for the people?
How can I vote for Love and not promote more fear and hatred?
How can I be a Love finder and a peace maker?

What are you called to do to respond with Love?
Loving All and Remembering “Awareness without judgment is healing.”
Betty Lue

Monday, July 26, 2004

True Responsibility

How do I respond with Love to what I am experiencing?
How do I choose to listen to the Voice within to know what to say?
How do I honor that place of Goodness in me to see what is real?
How do I encourage Spirit to lead the way rather than my ego?

Awareness is the first step to consciousness.
I must see and feel what is my current state.
I affirm: I am willing to see and know what is present now.

Acknowledgment of what I observe in myself and around me.
I must confess my responsibility in the experience I am having.
Affirmation: I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, judgments and perceptions.

Allowance is third, as we forgive and undo what is not True.
I must let go of my judgments so that I might see what is real beneath the apparency.
Affirm: I forgive, release and erase my judgments, so I might see the call for Love.

Aha! is the place of stillness and quiet mind in which I hear the Voice for Love.
I must let go of filling my mind with fear and doubt, separation and lack.
Affirm: I now open to the call to Love God and Goodness with all my heart and mind.

Affirmation is the next step in which we affirm what we know to be for the Highest Good.
I must relinquish any call to attack and give 100% to what is healing and transformative.
Affirmation: I now affirm and create what is good and beautiful and holy.

Acceptance is the step in which we clear the obstacles to the awareness of the Presence of Love.
I must be open to receive all the Good I Am, the Love I have and the gift of Giving in me.
Affirm: I wholly accept the Goodness, Love and Beauty that is given through me.

Appreciation is the fulfillment of my responsibility to respond with Love.
I must fully appreciate and enjoy the blessings and miracles of giving the Love I Am.
Affirm: I totally appreciate the Love I Am, the Love I give, and the Love I receive.

In this and all that comes from Love, I am truly responsible and fulfill the calling of my heart.
I am part of the Divine Plan,as Loves returns to my awareness.
As I fulfill my part, I experience the wholeness and holiness of God’s plan through me.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 25, 2004

What I Value

I value inspiration…
I am lifted and energized by inspirational people, words and events.
I value respectful relationships...
I seek intimacy, connection, authenticity, honesty, communication.
I value caring and sharing the best…
I choose to give my open heart and my forgiving mind to those I reach out to with prayer and compassion.
I value beauty…
I celebrate and give thanks for the sunrise, nature around me, richness of color and natural sounds.
I value touch.
I receive touching with eye contact, casual handshake, special reaching out to say I care.
I value good nutrition….
I enjoy organic wholesome and homemade foods, media and books that educate and encourage.
I value spiritual guidance…..
I listen for the daily loving reminders for me and you. I follow the voice within.
I value contribution…
I give the best I have in wisdom, work, caring and financial support.
I value life itself…
I easily let go thoughts, words, activities and stuff that blocks the flow of full aliveness.
I value creativity.
I create altars of physical beauty in my home and create new ways to share Goodness with all.
I value appreciation…
I say “Thanks” often and easily, as I respect and appreciate kindness in my fellowman.
I value words.
I affirm with written, spoken words and thoughts as I consciously choose the world I seek.
I value energy.
I support the flow of “chi” as I release obstacles to flow and let go easily of what blocks my freedom.
I value You.
I see you and know you and love you as I see and know and love my Self.

Physical life is the great opportunity to choose what we experience by what we value and take into our consciousness.
We are all choosing. We are choosing our focus. We are choosing our values. We are responsible for our experience.
What are you valuing?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 24, 2004


What matters to us is what we want to promote and increase.
What we value is what we give our attention to.
What we perceive, show interest for and relate to is what we strengthen.
Where we focus our thoughts (worries and judgments), words and activities demonstrates what we value.

I invite us all to notice where we put our focus.
Recently I did my own time clock noticing how I spent my time, a precious commodity.
Often I keep a running ledger of how we spend our money, even the pennies.
In my relationships I listen to my words as I counsel, teach and even in casual conversation.
In meditation, I track the thoughts that run through my surface mind.

It is what we value that we are building in our world.

What I see is up to me.
What I build I am responsible for.
What I affirm, I experience.
What I feel, I make real.
Who I Am becomes the role I play.
I make it all up everyday.

So I am choosing. And so are You!

Up at 3AM five mornings/week to drive an hour to be with our granddaughter and take her to school.
Her Dad leaves for work at 4:45AM. Grampa and I take turns in spending the mornings with her.
Gia comes to our home for quality time on Fridays, rather than to summer camp.
I spend time on Daily Loving Reminders, usually about 30 minutes writing and sending them, about 1+ hours answering emails and another 4 hours on business, phone and correspondence, about 3-6 hours daily with clients and groups, 3 hours on self improvement and inspiration, 2 hours/day on household management and family time and 6-8 hours of sleep. My life is rich with relationships, learning, responding to the call and being fully conscious. On the weekends, I seek more recreation and creativity. Playing at work and playing in life gives me a sense of freedom, creativity and joy.
I am rarely stuck in seriousness and so rarely get fatigued.
Fatigue is caused by judgment and efforting rather than flowing with enjoyment.

My intention is to model how to live by spiritual guidance and faith, where life is fun, safe and easy.
When it is not, I have made a detour or allowed myself to be distracted by my world.

Focus on what matters to you.
Being true to B’Lue,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 23, 2004

Every One Is Special

Every child is special, just as everyone is special.
We are living in a world where the TV screen often becomes more special than conversation.
We seem to take for granted that people would prefer to observe rather than converse.
Faster is better. Say less to say more. Take care of yourself. Don’t expect to get the help you need.
Even in retail stores there is often a lack of help to locate product or answer questions.

I have noticed in Gia’s summer camp day care that the adults usually are uninvolved with the kids.
No one greets the children as they come in for the day or says goodbye when they leave.
The adults seem to watch over the kids but have little interaction with them.
There is almost an ignoring of the children, as though they were not needing human connection.
Sometimes people come for counseling and coaching simply to have real relationship and friendship.

This is so much in contrast with the school year program, that it was startling to me.
I notice that Gia is ‘saved’ by her best friend being there to share friendship, conversation and support.

What has happened to our social skills, etiquette, and ability to relate?
How can we teach compassion, trust and respect, if the adults are not modeling for the children?
What would it take to have interested family members be involved and make quality time?
Is there as call to turn off the television, computer and video games?
If we see violence and rudeness on the screen, are we not learning it is the norm?
When are we going to turn around what is not working for ourselves and our children?
How can we teach our world to live in peace and harmony when our homes allow disrespect?
How can we teach fiscal responsibility, when our nation is again in mega-debt?
How can we expect to be role models, when our own relationships are not healthy?

We are models for the future.
What we want for our kids and grandkids must begin with us.
So I ask myself:
How can I wake up and give more attention to what I value?
How can I create more impeccability in my relationships?
How can I be more responsible for my use of time, energy and money?
How can I be more respectful with my family and everyone I meet?
Am I willing to greet everyone with sincere interest and kindness?
How can I be more cooperative and patient with my fellowman?
Am I willing to speak up about what is not working and seek better relationships for all?

You light up my life,
Betty Lue

PS I know that the most important relationship for every child (even our inner child),
is the one who lights up when they see us come into the room.
It is sooooo important to be greeted with sincere affection and love.
Try it and see the results.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Respect and Responsibility

What do I offer in a world of seeming disrespect and irresponsibility?
I have multiple experiences of people who are not present for their commitments,
fail to perform their contracted agreements, arrive late or not at all, appear not to care about their tasks,
deceive about their intention to get rather than give.

If I give the benefit of the doubt and let it go, how many times before I speak up?
If I leave their services or association behind, have I not broken my own agreement to tell the truth?
If I simply judge and defend, am I not caught in the web of continuing what is not working?

We seem to live in a culture which allows, supports and even encourages people falling asleep on their responsibilities.
If a brother is sleeping on the job, is it respectful to wake him up and remind him?
If a brother is not communicating, is it respectful to open communication?
If a brother is hurting obviously, is it not compassionate to offer help?
If someone is behaving insanely, do we ignore or encourage sanity in him?

While some media, education and politics seem to foster what is not fair, honest beneficial or promoting good will,
we do not have to choose to follow the path of least resistance.
While our family may complain about the wakeup calls and requirements to put some responsibility and accountability back into our relationships, I don’t have to be deterred by their complaints.
When there is irresponsible behavior or disrespect on my part, I can easily acknowledge my ignorance and make amends.

Life is a process of learning.
It is guilt that makes us seek the comfort of blaming others.
It is the comfort of denial and ignorance that keeps us stuck in repeating the habitual errors of our past.
It is fear of being attacked that keeps us from being truly responsibly.
I am my brother.
I am the quality of relationships I see.
Therefore I choose to speak, to act and to forgive, so that I may choose a healed perception.

Do I dare do nothing and allow my world to forget what it means to love with respect and gratitude?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Building Families

True family is two or more people who claim to nurture, protect and support one another.
Sometimes true families are blood related, but more often they are related by commitment to one another.
Some families live in the same household, but many often live in separate states, towns or homes.
Some families are quiet and formal, and others are raucous and informal.
Some families are passive in their affection, and others are assertive and demanding of demonstration.
Some families are loyal to all, and others gossip and take sides.
Some families vow to stay together forever, and others leave the nest to seek adventure and independence.
Each person has the right to form their own unique family that suits their needs and preferences.

What you choose can be changed.
How you live can be rearranged.
Who you choose can be undone.
Creating your own family can be fun.

Some recommendations to families:
Share your Love, not your worries.
Give your Presence, not your presents.
Give your time, not your money.
Give encouragement and support, not discouragement and concerns.
Give your preferences, not your demands.
Give your genuine listening, not your unwanted advice.
Give your friendly feedback, not your stoic silence.
Share your appreciation, rather than your hurt feelings.
Share real wisdom, rather than wishful thinking.
Be your authentic self, rather than try to play a role.
Share your caring allegiance, rather than divisive gossip.
Give freedom with responsibility, rather than guilt and covering others’ mistakes.
Be apologetic and make amends for your own errors, and ask the same of others.
Be respectful of others time and energy, rather than demand more than your fair share.
Give credit for what is given, rather than taking family help for granted.
Respect your family members as much as you would an honored guest.
Be loyal to principles, rather than people.
Seek the best for those around you, without martyring yourself.
Inspire Goodness in those you Love, and turn away from evil.
Maintain your hope and prayer, and trust everyone learns in their own timing.
Deny no one your inner spiritual wisdom.
Be brief in your discourse, and let the few words sink in.
Wait to talk, until others acknowledge they are available.
Make appointments and maintain a private space and respect.
Turn off the TV and phone, when you want to really connect.
Look for what is important, rather than focus on petty annoyances.
Create an environment of fairness, honesty, benefit and goodwill for all.
Everyone will thrive in a family where all are learning to love as God loves.

Healthy families build healthy communities and nations.
Build from within what you want our world to be.

Loving you endlessly,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To Love God

What does it mean to love God?
Especially for those who don’t know who or what “God” is?
What does it mean to “Love”?
Especially for those who have never known Love without fear and Love without conditions…

To love God is to look for the Good in life.
To love God is to see the Good within your fellow human beings.
To love God is to value the Good within you and All creation.
To love God is to believe there is a Power, Purpose and Presence greater than you.
To love God is to trust there is an underlying force in the Universe that creates magnificence.
To love God is to appreciate what you have.
To love God is to take impeccable care of the gift of your own life.
To love God is to use the life you have for creating Goodness.
To love God is to enjoy life.
To love God is to value the real creation of beauty, Goodness and wholeness.
To love God is to remember there is something more than the world of duality.
To love God is to listen within for answers.
To love God is to let go of our pettiness and complaining.
To love God is to seek Higher Ground on which to build our hopes and dreams.
To love God is to rejoice in healing and miracles.
To love God is to use your time and money and talents wisely.
To love God is to surrender what is not wholly Good and Loving.
To love God is to forgive the past and build the world of love in your heart.
To love God is to live an exemplary life.
To love God is to seek Godly associations and activities.
To love God is not to forsake or betray what you know is Good.
To love God is to value freedom and justice for all.
To love God is to stay awake and choose with Love and respect for all creation.
To love God is to do no harm to anyone, including yourself.
To love God is to teach Goodness and mercy.
To love God is to make decisions which are honest and fair.
To love God is to care about Goodness.
To Love God is to reach out with compassion and forgiveness.
To love God is to answers prayers with your own contribution and actions.
To love God is to offer help when needed.
To love God is to be happy and free.
To love God is to see the requests even when they are not verbalized.
To love God is to fully be you.
To love God is to ever be true to what you know from within the core of your being.
To love God with all your heart and mind is the true healer and provider of all riches and glory on earth and in heaven now and always.
So love God in your perfect way today….
Loving God in You,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 19, 2004

Impeccable Care

I have noticed this last week or two not giving myself enough time to take impeccable care of my personal self, mind, body and Spirit. When this happens and my inspirational tank is not on full and overflowing, I feel more easily bumped by others’ distresses. So as I draw back and do the first things first, I will take stock of how I am spending my time and energy.
Have I taken my daily walk?
Have I gone to work out?
Have I taken time for T’ai Chi Chih daily?
Have I stopped to eat sitting down with peace and gratitude?
Am I enjoying my home?
Am I reading the inspirational material I have selected?
Have I written the notes of thanksgiving and love?
Am I in right relationship with my Inner Voice?
Am I writing in my inspirational journal?
Have I stopped to listen for myself personally?
Am I grateful as I look out on the beauty of this earth?
Am I creating something wonderful in my life each day?
Am I getting the rest I require?
Am I remembering to breathe deep with full appreciation?
Am I loving my body with the food I deserve rather than desire?
Am I enjoying this time alone with a smile?

It is easy to get too busy.
It is easy to complain about the added chores.
It is easy to wish things were different.
It is easy to judge my life in comparison with the past.
It is easy to work too hard.
It is easy to give too much.
It is easy to worry about lack.
It is easy to blame someone else.
It is easy to distract and delay.
It is easy to forget about me today.
It is easy to get caught up.
It is easy to keep going on a comfortable path.
It is easy to join the world I see.
It is easy to agree with complacency.

Yes, it may seem difficult or uncomfortable to choose differently.
But if I don’t rectify my path, who will?
If I don’t listen within, who will?
If I don’t light my way, who will?
If I don’t forgive and choose everyday, who will?
If I don give up fear, who will?
If I don’t take impeccable care of the whole and holy me, who will?

I am here to live what I teach, to practice what I preach.
And remember this.......
If I didn’t go astray, I would have nothing to learn or say.
I judge no one because I recognize you in me.
It is forgiveness and trust that set us free to choose again..gratefully.

So you see, it all is perfect just as it is...
Loving you and me..perfectly...
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 18, 2004

If Money Were Food

If money were food, would we not share it freely with those who are hungry.
If money were food, would we not receive it with conscious gratitude and joy.
If money were food, would we not bless it with appreciation whenever we partake of its value.
If money were food would we not give it with respect to those who asked.
If money were food, would we not ask for it, when our families had need.
If money were food, would we not trust it would be available as we had need of it.
If money were food, would we not conserve it to last through times of drought or in winter.
If money were food,, would we not cease to hoard it and withhold it from our starving neighbors.
If money were food, would we not stop trying to use it for false purposes or pollution.
If money were food, would we not plant seeds and let it grow naturally, trusting in the harvest.
If money were food, we would see it as a gift from God to be shared
If money were food, I can imagine that we would all be wiser and more respectful in its use.

Today I am seeing a world hungry for what is good and whole and beautiful.
Yet I see a culture that chooses the empty calories of fast food and quick fixes.
The best nourishment and wealth I have to offer is Who I am and All I Am given by Spirit Within.
You have the same to offer those you encounter today and everyday.
Share and you will be well fed and replenished.

We teach by how we live.
We teach by what we give.
We teach by how we learn.
We teach by what we earn.
We teach by when we share.
We teach by how much we care.
We teach by when we pray.
We teach by everything we say.
We teach with what we know.
We teach when we let go.
We teach by how we love.
We are teaching right now.
We are all teaching by Who we are.

Reach out today and share the real sustenance of life.
Leave no one hungry or alone in shame or in pain.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
We build a new world, the Real world together. One by one.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


What is criticism?
How do we handle it?

This morning I awoke with the awareness that the world is made up of our judgments.
Where we judge we are stuck with our perceptions.
Where we forgive, the perceptions are transformed into Love.

Where I judge myself, I am stuck.
Where I forgive, I am free to choose again.

It is with judgments that we are designing our perception of our world.
It is with forgiveness that we erase our faulty picture and create what is Good.

When I am judged and criticized, attacked and blamed, I can feel hurt and offended.
If I feel hurt and offended, I either agree with the attack and create more pain.
Or I disagree with the attack and blame the other person.
Or I can forgive the mistaken judgment and free both myself and the other.

So when given a diagnosis, or when labeled or when seen as limited, we can choose to be hurt and take it personally or we can acknowledge, thanks for sharing that part of you and thanks for sharing what you see in me. I am willing to forgive, release and undo it all for both of us and set us free.

To free the world of judgment and attack, forgive it all.
To let go of what we cannot understand for its insanity, forgive it all.

I value button-pushing because it shows me where I have buttons.
When I get upset, I know I have buttons.
While I can cast blame on the button pusher or feel guilty for those I still have,
My buttons are my responsibility to clear.
When I have truly forgiven, I am neutral.
When I am neutral, I am free.
When I am at peace, I am not upset.
When I am enjoying my life, I am creating, the good, the beautiful and the holy.
I value the opportunity to remove my own buttons with my forgiveness tool.

Thank you Spirit for the simplicity of practical spiritual tools.
Loving you all,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 16, 2004

Do Something Good

When you don’t know what to do, just do something good.

I see people who are depressed, disillusioned and defeated.
They have shut down and retreated from their world.
They have given up on life because of disease, distress, negative circumstances, loss and limitation.
They may be angry, afraid or feeling victimized by life’s circumstances.
They have quit on life, quit on love and quit on hope and faith.
This is a psychological death if not a physical one.

When we feel stuck, we can move.
When we feel depressed, we can write about it.
When we feel alone, we can call someone else who is alone.
When we feel loss we create a photo album and create memorials.
When we feel pain, we can rock and bring ourselves comfort.
When we feel angry, we can write letters of complaint.
When we feel afraid, we can go be with people who need our assurance.
When we feel lacking, we can give our time, energy and knowledge.

Loving heals fear.
Peace heals conflict.
Helping someone heals self pity.
Connecting heals loneliness.
Giving heals neediness.
Joy heals pain.

All of us have something to give.
It is in giving that we return to living.
It is through living fully each day that the way is shown.
When we find our way, we know we have a path and a purpose.

"It is only in giving who we are that we can see why we came.”

Loving you as you give today the best of YOU,
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 15, 2004


What does integrity look like?
How does integrity feel?
Where does One find true integrity?
How do we make integrity real?

When I live in integrity with my inner Truth, I am confident, strong and True.
When I am living integrity with my values, I live and give what I feel.
When I am following the path of my heart, I know I am whole and Good as I Am.
When I am honest and fair, seeking Good Will for All, I am at peace and in Love and in Joy.

Few have learned the art of being true to the Source within, so start over and simply begin.
Begin to be honest first with oneself.
Begin to tell the truth in a journal, if not to a friend.
Begin to share your secrets with God and ask for healing and peace.
Begin to quit lying and simply release, what is not true in You.

Write down all the lies that you tell.
Write down all the wishes you make up are real.
Write down all the ugly feelings you feel.
Write down all the unkind acts you imagine in your mind.

Then let them all go.
Forgive, undo and burn.
Release them and bury them, asking for healing and grace.
Face them and undo them with a wave of your hand and a change of your mind.
Then do it again and again until there is nothing left.
Of the manure and the confusing clutter you have collected from humanity.
If you want to be free, at peace and in Love, It is time to let go of the muck and the sludge.
You must face it to release it. Poop and let go.
Flush the toilet to clear it and get up, move on.
Say Yes instead of “No”.

Yes, when we are living a lie, when we are afraid and in hiding,
our energy shuts down and light is limited, help is negligible and we start dying.

Integrity feels clear and strong and true.
Integrity feels obvious, not subtle and you love being You.
Integrity feels clear, natural and free.
Integrity sees Oneness in you and in me.

When I am living in Integrity.
I am One Self, at One with my Creator and Source.
I am unlimited in Power and in Peace.
When I am conflict and confused,
I am divided against my True Self, am limited by uncertainty, doubt and fear.
When I am limited by fear, my perceptions are distorted and my choices unclear.

I am willing to find peace within.
I am willing to know what is True.
I am willing to be with my Real Self.
I am willing to see everything new.

Integrity is the power of a seamless life.
Integrity is living what you say you know is True.
Integrity is being who You Really are.
Integrity is to Thine Own Self Be True.

I am Loving You and Me with integrity,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

In Sickness and in Health

What do I do with pain and dis-ease?
What do I do with disability and fatigue?
What do I do with economic deception and distress?
What do I do with aging, infirmity and death?

I am to love and to cherish no matter what.
I am to listen and learn no matter what.
I am to let go and move on no matter what.
I am to reclaim peace in my Soul no matter what.

Yes, life offers challenges…more for some folks and less for others.
Yes, my life too has pain, loss, hard times, disability and distress.
What may seem bold in my positive attitude is my path to healing and health, wholeness and holiness.
What may seem denial is my focus on where I am going rather than where I have been.

We all have moment by moment choices we make.
We can choose to ignore or put in right perspective what we want to extinguish or eliminate from our lives.
My Grandma said, “We don’t need to put the manure pile in front of our picture window.”
Some spend a lifetime collecting, investing and cherishing their manure.

Pain is part of the human dilemma.
For me. pain is a wakeup call to choose another path.
If I focus on the pain rather than a new path, I will suffer.
When I choose to suffer, I am stuck in pain and refusing to receive help.

The real source of all pain is inner conflict or refusal to listen within.
The place that most needs healing is my willingness to know and trust the Good within.
Peace heals. Love heals. Joy heals.
When I avoid, ignore or deny my right to peace and love and joy, I am stuck with pain, disease and problems.

How do I find peace?
I must let go of the world I see.
I must see beneath the apparency.
I must release the judgments I have learned.
I must relinquish my need to attack or blame, anyone, including me.
I must forgive and release all things.
I must be willing to be at peace with what is.
In acceptance there is peace.
In neutrality there is peace.
In the peace of trusting again, there is love.
In love, there I AM.
Where I Am, there is God.
And In God I know the Good in All That Is.

I Am Loving,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

All Volunteers

I come from a family of volunteers.
I remember volunteering to help neighbors, to baby sit, to help my Mom with cooking, ironing and cleaning.
I have always known helping others to be a joyful way to share my time and energy.
I look for ways to be helpful.
I always feel satisfaction in helping others and I always learn.
I still give the vast majority of my time to serving others and the Greater Good.
This is my function and my life.

Since I am the sole provider for our family, I do “need” to receive money to pay our bills. And I trust the money we need will be given as we have need. So I continue to counsel, coach, teach and facilitate on a contribution, honorarium or volunteer basis. I turn no one away who has not the financial resources to pay. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, because giving is a blessing to both giver and receiver.

Volunteers are those who give willingly of their time, energy and money.
When we give unwillingly we feel victimized, obligated, and demanded of.
A simple change of mind will change one’s experience.

I believe we are all volunteers here.
We volunteer for the parts we play in our family.
We volunteer to do well in school or to distract or to fail.
We volunteer to give with excellence or with carelessness.
We volunteer to work and play with enthusiasm or with unhappiness.
We volunteer to enjoy our life or to hate it and wish it would end.
We volunteer to contribute to others or to take as much as we can.
We volunteer to make ourselves a beautiful home or to live in a mess.
We volunteer to share what we have with others or to withhold and keep for ourselves.
We volunteer to tell the truth or to deceive.
We volunteer to share good news or to complain and whine.
We volunteer to be truly helpful or to interfere and sabotage.
We volunteer to appreciate others or to gossip and criticize.

What do you volunteer to do?
What do you willingly and knowingly use your time for everyday?
TV, gossip, complaining, useless arguments?
Or do you use your time to learn, to encourage, to create positive solutions.?
Do you volunteer with those you know and and friends?
Or do you volunteer with others like the grocery clerk or in a nearby nursing home?
There is much to be learned from volunteering consciously. Everyone is our teacher.
Every bit of love and joy and wisdom you give is your to be given again and again.

If you are waiting to receive, it is likely you will become tired and drained.
If you receive the highest and best you give as it is given you will always be fulfilled and refilled.

Volunteer to love everyone who comes into your life, including your parents and you will feel great freedom and joy.
It is our withholds that keep us stuck and attached to what we are wanting to avoid or change.
In Loving we set ourselves free.
No more conditions, no more limits on our lives.

Volunteer to Love… Free yourself by Loving…
Betty Lue

Monday, July 12, 2004

It is All My Choice

How I wake up is my choice.
How I feel today is my choice.
What I think is my choice.
How I speak is my choice.
What I do or don’t do is my choice.
What I read or watch is my choice.
What I eat is my choice.
How I dance through life is my choice.
With whom I associate is my choice.
What I do with my time is my choice.
What I focus on is my choice.
What matters to me is my choice.
My goals and priorities are my choice.
My happiness and well-being is my choice.
My consciousness is my choice,
My helpfulness is my choice.
My creativity is my choice.
My compassion is my choice
My self care is my choice.
The quality of my relationship is my choice.
My use of money and time is my choice.
My willingness to learn and grow is my choice.
Letting love lead the way is my choice.
Forgiving judgments and fear is my choice.
Honoring the Good in me is my choice.
Being grateful for each day is my choice.
Never quitting on love is my choice.
Remembering to trust God and Good is my choice.
Being happy and at peace with my life is my choice.
Creating what is good and beautiful and wholesome is my choice.

I choose what I want to experience.
I give what I want to receive.
I create what I want us all to have.

I am at choice.
And so are you.
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Simple Things That Count

When all is said and done at the end of the day, it is the simple things that make the difference.

It is the beauty of this earth, as I look at the sky or watch a bird play in the birdbath.
It is the gentle touch of a loved one’s hand on my face, as I hear “Thank you.”
It is the made up song of a little child, as she sings to herself in play.
It is the warm breeze flowing through open windows, as I sit and give thanks.
It is a healthy meal of vegetables and rice prepared with care and love.
It is completing the laundry with enjoyment, as I fold and put away the clothes.
It is changing the sheets on this Sunday morning, feeling blessed by the love in my home.
It is coming upstairs to my loft studio/office to say “hello” to you, my friends, both inner and outer.
It is drinking water with appreciation for its purity and cleansing of my body and mind.
It is valuing each contribution I receive for the fulfilling work I do for the sake of love and joy.
It is reading the words of someone who calls for help and prayer and hope and guidance.
It is rejoicing at the opportunities of this day to say “Yeah” and “Thanks be to God and Goodness in All.”

It is the simple things that count, when I polish mop my floors or empty the garbage or peel the carrots or put up clean towels.
It is remembering to be grateful, not greedy.
It is seeing my life as full, not empty.
It is counting my blessings rather than focusing on how much there is to do.
It smiling at the good times, the good friends and the good future, rather than dwelling on missed opportunities.
I need no more but to share all I have been given.

You know each one of us can be grateful.
Life is a simple choice really.
Am I willing to be happy and grateful today?
Or do I choose to dwell on what I regret and fear?
Can I give myself to love and let love give to me?
Or must I focus on fear and let defense be my guide?

I have always and will continue to know that the simple things count in your life and mine.
It is my free will to choose how I will spend today and everyday.

This is my day and I choose to rejoice and give this day to Joy.
Betty Lue

Friday, July 09, 2004

To Judge or Forgive

All children are taught to make judgments from early childhood and on.
We are called to use our feelings and conscience, our observations and foresight, our learning and values to judge right and wrong, better or worse, being good or bad. We learn to read other’s behavior as well as our own to see whether someone is telling the truth or using deception. We learn to listen to our own feelings, when making decisions about what is fair and honest or unfair and dishonest. Our minds are programmed to learn what is good art, the right answer, the fair decision and the honorable deed.

If we are spiritually called to let go of our judgments and trust in our inner voice, how do we decide what to believe?
If we learn from great teachers that love forgives all things, how do we know what to forgive and overlook, when to realize the truth and take action?
How can we tell what the underlying intention and motivation, beliefs and values, are of an individual?
How do we know what and who to believe and what and who practices to deceive?

Am I to stay separate and in denial from my culture and social values, when I practice loving everyone?
Or do I love enough to share the truth, the perception, the beliefs and values I hold?
And do I honor and encourage others to share their viewpoint, though it may be in opposition to mine?

Spiritual greatness is found in encouraging everyone to share. We need not make others wrong to share our viewpoint.
In daring to share we expose our own biases and blindness to ourselves.

An experiment has been done with individuals continuing to share their judgments for hours, until all that was left within was, “I love you.” If you were encouraged to share it all—both positive and negative judgments—can you imagine coming to the experience of only LOVE?

My judgments of my behavior and others is limited.
It is based on what I currently know or hold in my awareness.
When I have limited awareness and knowledge, my judgments and decisions are limited.
When my mind is already valuing or believing a certain viewpoint, I will unconsciously block out of my awareness contradictory evidence and information. The more strongly I hold my own prejudice and viewpoint, the more blind or limited I become in my openness to see things differently or even to acknowledge the validity of others.

Forgiveness is the great mental cleanser that opens my mind to see things differently.
Forgiveness is the opportunity to lay my limited judgments and narrow perspective aside and look beneath the apparency.
I have strong viewpoints both politically (What is the Highest Good for All People?) and spiritually (What is the direction of Divine Will or my inner voice?) Still I am called to listen to everyone’s viewpoint who would share their story with me. As I listen I find that each one of us is strongly effected by our family of origin…as well as our emotional history.
What happened when someone didn’t tell the truth?
How did the members of the household discuss?
How were people rewarded or punished?
Who won the arguments?
What was “fair”?
How were decisions made?
Who held the “right” answer?
What were the power struggles?
How was the family effected by the authority of one?

When I forgive my own surface judgments and open to my inner knowing and spiritual guidance,
I can hear and know, feel and respond with what is helpful, healing with certainty and confidence.

I can respond to those who hold views different than mine with respect and value their shared perspective.
I can still be true to what I know and feel within, while maintaining respect for those who see differently.
Positions are meant to be held for as long as they have value to educate, inspire and transform.
When they begin to antagonize, divide and create rigidity, I forgive and let go.
I trust the most conscious individual to make choices to be open-minded, appreciative and respectful.

Loving us all as we learn from one another,
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 08, 2004

“No” or “Yes”?

How do you know how to answer a request?
Am I too busy?
Do I know what to do?
Am I afraid to lose your love and approval?
Am I a nice guy who doesn’t know how to say “No”?
Do I believe people should do for themselves?
Do I believe we should always help one another?
How do I tell which is the most honest and loving response?

When making a decision, listen within.
When making a choice about how to respond, stop and observe.
Gather the facts and the true request being made.
Ask, “How can I give what is fair and honest?
How can I do what is beneficial for all and promotes good will?”

Spirit always guides us so that no one loses.
When we sacrifice or martyr ourselves, we are being unfair.
When we withhold or avoid giving, we are being untrue.
When we feel sorry for the other and give what we don’t have, we are cheating ourselves.
When we judge the other’s neediness, we are not honoring the inner call.

Many brothers and sisters on this planet are in need of education, inspiration, cooperation and community. To offer these precious gifts we must take responsibility, respect what is asked and contribute.
In our society, many do not understand how to assert their rights, how to access information, how to request the assistance they need. While there are many resources available, there is little understanding about how to access and utilize them with effectiveness. We assume they know because we know.

When people are turned away , there is a tendency to believe the denial of services and quit.
When we have the information, the resources and the support, we may be busy, preoccupied or unable to be of help.
How do I respond to every request with a spiritual answer?
How do I turn people away only if I am guided by offering other alternatives?
How do I listen to requests for help by asking myself, “Can I be of help and/or support?”

I am willing to listen within and follow as I am guided. When I do, I am at peace.
I trust in the responses I give, for they are respectful, responsible and encouraging.
I give as I would want given to me if I had need.
I say” No “ when there is a better possibility which I share.
I acknowledge when I have not cared well for myself so cannot give without doing harm.
I trust that what is best for me is best for others.
I am aware that what I give to another I am giving to myself.
I am loving us all with every conscious choice.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

On Purpose

“I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.”
When I am claiming this truth, I will be more likely to experience it wherever I Am.
When I am claiming this truth, I will be more likely to choose what is Highest and Best for myself.
When I am claiming this truth, I will most likely transform my circumstances to work for me.

When we affirm our purposefulness in all we are and do, we reclaim our willingness to be awake and consciously choosing our thoughts, words and actions.
When we are fully present with our current activity or relationship, we are on purpose, being the gift we are with every thought, word and deed.
To be present is to be listening within.
To be present is to be a fair witness.
To be present is to be forgiving of our judgments, resistance and avoidance.
To be present is to bring trust and freedom.
To be present is to be on purpose.

Some think that purposeful living is finding a certain job or place or relationship.
Some spend their lives looking for the “right” ONE or the “right” place or the “right” livelihood.
Finding what is “right” will ceaselessly change as do the cycles and seasons of life.
Choosing what supports you in being fully present is what is “right”.
Being distracted, judging, comparing, comfortable, victimized and being lazy is not “on purpose.”
Being grateful, happy, conscious, at choice, creative, “in love”, at peace are always on purpose.
These are all mental states which a spiritual master can choose no matter what the circumstances.
Most of us want the conditions of our lives to support these states without distraction , detour and delay.

So ask yourself: “What is my purpose in life?” (Here are some answers which may be true for you.)
To be happy and creative.
To listen to the voice of Spirit.
To contribute to the Greater Good.
To live, love, laugh and be happy.
To be inspiring and inspired.
To fully appreciate the life I have.
To love everyone equally.
To learn the lessons of life.
To be all I can be.

Then ask: “How can I best support myself in living my holy purpose, in living ‘on purpose”?
Living in a more conscious culture….
Living with a spiritual partner or friend….
Meditating daily…..
Having a job which inspires me…
Remembering the Love I Am
Reading Holy books…..
Being in nature often.
Listening and following always the path of Love.
Remembering to appreciate every moment.
Living the vision I have for myself and my life.

While I have made up some answers for you, I trust you to do the work to live purposefully everyday.
Our world needs conscious light bearers, those who are willing to be filled and radiant with the Light of Joy and the Love of Good.
If you are reading this reminder, this means YOU!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Loving Everyone Always

Am I loving me? How? Let me see.
Am I loving you? Is it totally true?
Am I loving all? That seems to be the call.

If fear is the absence of love, wherever there is fear, I must remember LOVE.
If lack of Love is a call for Love, wherever I am not loved must be calling for LOVE.

Where I am not at peace, I must be in conflict about Loving.
When I am not happy, I must be forgetting to Love it All.
Where I am not trusting, I must be doubting the Love I AM.
Where I am stuck, I must not be giving myself the freedom to Love.

I am here to remember Love.
I know the Love I am.
I was created in Love by Love for the Holy Purpose of Loving.
I was created by a Loving Source, the energy of Love. And so were You.
You are here to remember Love.
I know the Love You Are.
You were created in Love by Love for the Holy Purpose of Loving.
You were created by a Loving Source, the energy of Love Itself. And so are we all.

Everyone of us is created in the likeness and image of our Creator.
Everyone of us is created to create.
Everyone of us remembers or forgets the Love we are.
Everyone of us is meant to awaken all to remember the Love that lives in us.
Love is creative.
Love is patient.
Love extends itself.
Love is joyous.
Love is Good.
Love is responsible and response-able.
Love is energetic.
Love is forgiving.
Love is healing.

Yes, You are all of that Love and so much more.
Even those we seem to call “evil” or misguided” or ”crazy” or “fanatic” are Love itself.
Have you ever noticed when you are afraid. you cower and hide or attack to defend?
Have you ever noticed when someone you love is hurt, you want to get even?
Have you ever noticed when you are taught to hate, you do?
Have your ever noticed when people hate you, you fear them?
Have you ever noticed when you are afraid, you resist, avoid or attack?

How can love end the reign of fear? One by one.
You loving you. You loving me. Me loving you and We loving All.
Start where you are.
Loving you today.
It becomes easier to love each one who comes your way.
Love is letting go of fear.

Betty Lue

Attached is Louise Hay’s simple and thorough piece on Loving Yourself. Begin now.


Criticism never changes a thing. Refuse to criticize yourself. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Everybody changes. When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative. When you approve of yourself, your changes are positive.

Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts. It’s a dreadful way to live. Find a mental image that gives you pleasure (mine is yellow roses), and immediately switch your scary thought to a pleasure thought.

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself as you learn the new ways of thinking. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved.

Criticism breaks down the inner spirit. Praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can. Tell yourself how well you are doing with every little thing.

Self hatred is only hating your own thoughts. Don’t hate yourself for having the thoughts. Gently change your thoughts.

Find ways to support yourself. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. It is being strong to ask for help when you need it.

Acknowledge that you created them to fulfill a need. Now you are finding new, positive ways to fulfill those needs. So, lovingly release the old negative patterns.

Learn about nutrition. What kind of fuel does your body need to have optimum energy and vitality? Learn about exercise. What kind of exercise can you enjoy? Cherish and revere the temple you live in.

Look into your eyes often. Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Forgive yourself looking into the mirror. Talk to your parents looking into the mirror. Forgive them too. At least once a day say: “I love you, I really love you!”

Don’t wait until you get well, or lose the weight, or get the new job, or the new relationship. Begin now, and do the best you can.

Louise Hay 1988

Monday, July 05, 2004

Time To Speak Up

Can friends disagree and still be friends?
Can people stay in love when they have different beliefs?
Can families tolerate values’ differences?
Do our differing choices cause us to judge one another?

When did we get the idea that by holding different viewpoints, we were somehow at war?
When did we learn that believing in different politics would cause us to hate or fear?
How did we get the idea that different religions and cultures were evil?
How did we make up that to be on two different sides we could n’t continue deeply caring about one another?

Is there a call for differing politics, differing religions, differing cultures and lifestyles?
I s there a purpose for debate and discussion, for airing our choices and convictions?
Is there a way we can agree to disagree?
Can we learn to respect and value those who don’t have the same viewpoint we do?
Can we separate the thoughts and feelings of those we love from the person themselves?
Are we ignorant because we see the world different than others?
Is the majority always right?
Is the voice that is loudest or most powerful the most honest and fair?

Politics and preferences reflect what we believe.
What we believe is learned from others, from life experience and from media.
What we believe is based on programming not on facts.
What we perceive is based on what we want to see.

I have noticed that at this time of greatest light, around Independence Day, strong thoughts and feelings are experienced and expressed.
It is my hope that we value the freedom to express more that we value what is expressed.
It is our freedoms that must be upheld.
It is the right to believe, the right to speak, the right to choose, the right to pursue happiness, the right to live and love in our own unique way that is inalienable to all..
It is the rights of everyone who live in this country that must prevail to be true to our heritage and constitution.

Freedom is a value that most who live in this country seek to uphold.
Let us give one another the freedom and trust we all deserve.
In freedom I trust.

With trust and freedom I love.
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Selling Freedom and Liberty and Justice for All

Let us all sell-ebrate our freedom,

Everyone is selling something.
Songs, writings, movies, books, speeches, ads, political decisions, even gratitudes.
I look at the underlying intention, values and investment of each individual.
Each one of us must be honest with ourselves to see what it is we are really selling.
I sell love and forgiveness.
I sell freedom for all and trust in what is Good for All.
I sell Joy in giving.
I sell a delight in being awake.
I sell remembering what is Good and Beautiful and Holy.
I sell letting go of fear.
I sell honoring and respecting the rights of everyone.
I sell believing in a higher power, God and Goodness.
I sell successful relationships.
I sell honesty and fairness.
I sell equality and good will towards both enemies and friends.
I sell possibility and opportunity.
I sell peace at all costs.
I sell letting go of what is false and destructive.

I sell with my writings.
I sell with my life story.
I sell with every relationship.
I sell by how I live and give myself.
I sell with the thoughts I think and the words I use and the actions I take.
I sell what I value.
What I value may not be what you value.
I value freedom more than I value what I am selling.
Therefore I encourage each one to find what it is they value.
I encourage everyone to be honest with yourself about what you are selling.
Make sure what you truly value is what you are selling.
I request that you be responsible for the world you are creating with what you are selling.
Being patriotic is being free in expressing what you value without fear.
We have the right and responsibility to express our Truth, as long as we do no harm.
I am selling freedom and justice for all.
I am selling forgiveness and love as the cornerstone of freedom.
Freedom is the prerequisite for fully realizing God and Good.
I am open and willing to hear the heart of everyone’s story to know the real need inside.
There is always an inside story which calls for Love or to receive their abundant gift of Love.
I am willing to listen, forgive my judgments and learn to love everyone.
I remember that one’s behavior is not who they are.
How people behave is usually based on what they think they need to sell.

Loving our freedoms, Betty Lue
Thank you for being real.
Thank you for taking the time to feel.
Thank you for loving you.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for setting us all free.
Thank you for being willing to see.
Thank you for being You.

Always willing to hear your Truth.
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 03, 2004

What Do You Want To See?

Are you open to all viewpoints?
As a therapist and counselor, I must be willing to hear many perspectives.
As a writer and consultant, I must be willing to share from a broad perspective.
As a spiritual being committed to love, I must open my mind to forgive it all.

What we believe influences what we perceive.
What we want to believe influences what we choose to let into our awareness.
What we are seeking causes us to connect with what supports our frame of reference.
What we see will be interpreted according to our values, beliefs, history and choices.

I encourage one and all to see this Michael Moore movie no matter your political persuasion.
I invite you to be open to the possible total truth of this documentary.
I found the documentary to be tasteful, respectful and even subtle in its approach to many issues.
And Yes, MM has his own bias as all of us do.

I kept noticing how many intuitions and concerns I had the last three+ years,
but dismissed due to business, distractions, feelings of impotence and apathy.
When I am moved deeply by anything, I ask spiritually, “WHAT AM I TO DO?”
After seeing this documentary, I must ask again and again……

I am to wakeup and stay awake, no matter what.
I am to awaken others through honest expression, even when unpopular.
I am to encourage you to question what doesn’t feel “right” or “honest”/
I am to bring those who are caught up and unconscious to ask, “Is there something more?”
I am to encourage the sleeping masses to wakeup and make a difference.
I am to initiate voting, discussion, action, education and inspiration.
I am to speak up and speak out when it feels important.
I am to ask for spiritual support in promoting what is honest and fair.
I am to remind us all that decisions must be made for the benefit of all.
I am to honor and respect those who have no voice or have not yet been heard.

I am not a political person.
I see myself as clearly promoting the call for Love.
The promotion of fear paralyzes and distorts what it true.
Each of us can begin by asking ourselves,
“Am I promoting fear or love?”
Am I encouraging healing or pain?
Am I creating goodness, wholeness and beauty in my world or are my actions destructive?”

Here to awaken by staying awake,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 02, 2004

Self Cultivation

Whenever you are feeling in a bad place, uncertain and confused, go within.
Whenever you are afraid, feeling distressed or sick, go within.
Whenever you are agitated, bored, feeling at the effect of the world, go within.
When you are needing some relief, some peace of mind, a spiritual focus or direction, go to the place of stillness or seek counsel from someone who is awake and will guide you to go within. Stop..Look...and Listen for your own inner guidance.

Cultivate your own garden first.
Rather than looking at what others are doing or should be doing, always mind your own business.
Seek to live your life cultivating your own good works.
If there is an opportunity to share with others, know it is best done by emanating good “chi” through self cultivation.
The law of attraction works best through fulfillment rather than neediness or wanting something outside to happen.
When we have filled our own cup to overflowing, others always reap the benefit.
When we have loved ourselves well, we teach others to love themselves well with our example.

It is a time for self cultivation, renewal and loving reminders for those who would work their own soil, plant seeds of consciousness in their own garden and pull the weeds of discontent and discouragement.

So often we seek to attract something or someone to fulfill ourselves.
The rewards of life are found in being full, seeking for nothing and giving all to all.
Therein lies the secret law of attraction.
That which is called to those who are fulfilled will yield a rich harvest for all.

I am cultivating my own garden with great joy and enthusiasm.
I notice that the rewarding results are immediate in the peace and contentment I feel and the natural responses I receive.

In Self cultivation, I am free. I am independent. I am responsible. I am present. I am satisfied.
In Self cultivation, .I am awake…I am aware…I am responsive. I am creative…I am helpful.
In Self cultivation, I am grateful… I am peaceful…I am delighted…I am connected. I am home.

Enjoy your day… Know that the seeds spirit planted in the garden of your soul, need your loving attention and nurturing.

Loving you by loving me,

Betty Lue

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Freedom Is Joy (for me)

Can you imagine that for some freedom causes fear?
For those who are uncertain, structure and rules are security.
For others freedom is a joyous opportunity to create whatever is inspiring and beneficial.
The same experience can be perceived and judged and experienced so differently.

How do we know what is needed?

Love is defined according to our past experiences.
Love can be a full belly. (except when we are on a special diet.)
Love can be a gentle touch or warm hug.(except when we have negative experiences with touch.)
Love can be laughter and play. (except when we are feeling sad and separate.)
Love can be serious listening. (except when we don’t want to talk.)
Love can be sharing some adventuresome stories. (except when we are bored.)
Love can be special attention and appreciation. (except when it makes us embarrassed.)

Indeed Love is a natural gift from my heart to yours which responds to the need in the moment.
Joy is most easily shared when all parties are receptive and willing to be happy.
Peace is a gift for those who are ready to lay conflict to rest.
Freedom is especially valuable for those who know what to do without limitations.

When relating to anyone, we must respond to the inner call, our intuition. When wanting to be with another, we must ask what is wanted or listen within to what we hear to offer. When beginning each day, we must be ready to be present with the people and experiences that come our way. I do not know what anything is for. I do know that I have given my life for the Highest Good of All. I am willing to be an instrument of peace and joy and love. I am willing to be the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored. I am willing to express what is given to me to share with no attachment for outcome. I am willing to listen within and share what comes without fear or guile.

I am willing to love you and the Presence of Love within me,
Betty Lue