Monday, August 31, 2015

Where Are You Going?

I know what I want and I go for it!
I choose to live my life my way.
I easily release the chains that bind me.
I free myself to be myself.

Where Are You Going?

What are you doing with your life?
What do you think you are doing?
What do you want to go and do?
Where are you going anyway?

Why are you allowing your life to run you?
What made you a victim of your circumstances?
Why have you allowed yourself to be a slave to others?
How can you set yourself free to be and do and have what you want?

Put a frog into a cool pot of water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will cook to death.
Are you in your own pot of water and is it getting hotter?
Do you see yourself in circumstances which are shutting you down and putting you to sleep?
Are you really living or existing or just surviving?

It is time to set aside the complaining and blaming, existing and surviving.
It is time to wake up and get up and choose what you want to be and do and have.
What will it be today: lethargy and complacency, hiding and pretending?
Let’s get real and see how your inner child feels!

Are you loving you today?
Do you have time to dream and play?
Are you proud of the work you are doing?
Are you happy at the end of the day with all you have created and celebrated?

Healthy meals?
Peaceful conversation?
Cleaning up after yourself?
Making plans for having healthy fun?

Stop procrastinating.
Start doing what you really want to do.
Stop using those bad habits to cover-up your pain.
Regain your sanity and choose the life you really want.

Make a list of everything you always wanted to do and have never done.
Make a list of everything you always wanted to be and have never been.
Make a list of everything you always wanted to have and have never given yourself.
Speak an affirmation. And set them aside to percolate in your unconscious for manifestation.

“May everything I want to be, do and have be fulfilled for the Highest Good of all.”

The beginning of your real life is today, the day you choose what is Real for You.
The start of all Good and only Good is the day you realize you are responsible for your life.
The origin of the vision and empowerment is within you to actualize.
The fulfillment of your hopes and dreams come through what you do and say, have and give to you.

Loving us all in living the life we are called to live.
Choose with wisdom and love and you will be happy and fulfilled.
Betty Lue 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Self Knowing

I forgive any and all the ways I have forsaken my self,
I no longer doubt, fear, judge and limit my self.
I love myself just the way I Am.
I trust and free myself to be all I can be.

Know You!

You are strong.
You are wise.
You are free.
You are whole.

Within you lies everything you have dreamed could be.
When you see it in another, it is also within you.
The One that you seek, is the One You Are.
Do not neglect the shining star in you.

Stop comparing and start daring to be the Greatness within.
Stop blaming and complaining and see what You Can Do.
Stop resenting and begin presenting always and only your Best.
Stop withholding your gifts and step our into the Light.

Letting go of our self-made obstacles and excuses is our healing work.
All unforgiveness is like a weight in our being free.
All attacking thoughts create the fear of being judged.
Surrender your fear and doubts and come out of your own closet.

Be courageous and let your heart lead the way.
Be wise and allow your inner guidance to show you how.
Be free and play what you want to be like an innocent child.
Be whole and love all parts of who you seem to be.

Live the adventure of Life.
Give yourself the joy of living.
Respect  your choices however they seem.
Appreciate the chances you take and how much you learn.

We are here to let go of fear.
We are here to discover our limitlessness.
We are here to explore where our guidance takes us.
We are here to undo everything that is untrue.

Listen deeply to what is inside of you.
Respect tenderly the call for love.
Understand you profound need to forgive you.
Appreciate fully you are here to know and love YOU!

When you give yourself to Love, begin with YOU.
When you desire to be loved, know your need is for You to Love you.
When you feel judged, hated, bullied, rejected,  it is for you to stop judging, hating and bullying you!
Your experience of yourself comes from what your do to you and what you do for you.

Give Yourself to Love!
Betty Lue

Those Who Know

To “know” is to “love”.
For when we fully know, we have an experience of acceptance, understanding, trust and love.
In working with this list of levels of consciousness, we can easily substitute “love” for “know”.
Perhaps, this will simplify and clarify where you are in your own Self-Knowing process.

· Those who don’t know and don’t know they don’t know.
· Those who don’t know and don’t care.
· Those who don’t know and don’t want to know.
· Those who don’t know and wish they did.
· Those who don’t know and seek to know.
· Those who are coming to know.
· Those who know and are afraid of what they know.
· Those who know and are afraid they don’t know.
· Those who know and hold back what they know.
· Those who know and share what they know in order to know.
· Those who know and know they know quietly.
· Those who are what they know.

or with substitution:
( to “Know” is to “Love”.)

· Those who don’t love and don’t know they don’t love.
· Those who don’t love and don’t care.
· Those who don’t love and don’t want to love.
· Those who don’t love and wish they did.
· Those who don’t love and seek to love.
· Those who are coming to Love.
· Those who Love and are afraid of Love.
· Those who Love and are afraid they don’t Love.
· Those who Love and hold back their Love.
· Those who Love and share Love to realize their Love.
· Those who Love and share Love quietly.
· Those who are Love.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Clean up!

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Love is letting go of fear.
I choose to clean up my life now.
My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly true and loving.

Time to Clean Up!

Feeling tired and lethargic?
Feeling overwhelmed and anxious?
Feeling angry and resentful?
Feel sad and depressed?

Every limiting emotional pattern can be improved easily and quickly.
We have burdened ourselves with too much stuff.
We have buried ourselves in negative memories and stories.
Start by cleaning up your life!

Clean up your thoughts and feelings.
Clean up your words and activities.
Clean up your home and your car.
Clean up your interactions and relationships.

Some say “there is too much to clean up.”
Others say “it is too late to start letting go.”
You may be thinking “where do I start.”
Do you know where to begin?

Celebrate every letting go. 
Empty your garbage everyday.
Stop talking about how bad it is.
Start creating how good it can be.

You see, it is our garbage dump in our lives that stinks up our lives.
It is what you keep around for no good purpose that weighs us down.
It is how be commiserate, gossip and complain that gives us pain.
It is the temptation to sit rather than get up and do something good that depresses us.

Consider beginning with where you are.
Clean up the space around you.
Start with the room you spend the most time in.
Let go of everything in that space that does not bring you joy.

It is ok to have less.
It is good to have minimal.
It is healthy to live simply.
It is inspiring to have space.

When you do something good everyday, you have room to play.
When you let go of toxic thoughts and words, you have room to peace and joy.
When you give away all you don’t need and use, you find appreciation for what you do have.
When you release the stuff that brings you grief, you can celebrate with new creations.

Give yourself time to heal.
Give yourself room to grow.
Give yourself space to create.
Give yourself moments to love you.

Loving us all in letting go.
Betty Lue 

Friday, August 28, 2015

What To Do?

I take the best care of me so I can serve others with my best.
Doing what is best for me is a gift to others.
I celebrate my life by choosing what is good for me.
I seek and find the love, joy and peace I deserve.

What To Do?

When there is trouble ahead, what do you do?
When you are lost and alone, what do you do?
When you are frustrated and bored, what do you do?
When you feel sad and afraid, what do you do?

What is the prescription for peace?
How do you find holy release?
Where do you go for solace and comfort?
How do you find wisdom and guidance?

Hopefully, we have our own keys to the inner door of peace.
Each one of us must learn what is right and true for us.
Being effective at knowing ourselves is key.
Practicing faithfully our own answer allows us to trust.

Some find peace in prayer.
Some find comfort with their pets.
Some seek answers in a special book.
Some go to their most faithful friend.

Where do you go?
What do you do?
How do you learn?
What do you seek?

Some walk in nature.
Some sit under a tree.
Some help a friend.
Some entertain themselves.

Write thank notes.
Call someone who is alone.
Sing your favorite songs.
Create something beautiful.

Write in a gratitude journal.
Take time daily to listen within.
Create a treasure map or vision board.
Clean your home or closet.

Practice the 30 day program for forgiveness, choice and gratitude. ( see below)
Exercise until you breathe and sweat.
Forgive everything and see things differently.
Love them all anyway.

Detox your mind and body.
Clean up your own thinking.
Listen within for guidance.
Be aware of all your choices.

There are unlimited resource within you.
Do what you can do to bring you back to Love.
Extend peace to everyone and to our world.
Trust in knowing: “All things work together for Good.”

Loving each one of us as, we return to Love.
I love the One I see when I see you looking back at me.
Betty Lue

30 Days to Healing and Seeing things Differently!
This exercise has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform your life
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:

Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind.
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within.
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.

Make the sound “AAAH” for 1minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.

Now write and say 30 Choices.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to be free.  
I choose to do what I love.
I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.

Make the  sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1 minute.

PS Even a few of each is better than none.  
Do what you can and trust it is working.
Even when you are driving to work, you can do this process aloud.
The key is your willingness to DO THE WORK!

Loving You always, 
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Letting Go!

Love is letting go of fear.
Life is for giving and I Am the Gift.
I free myself to look for the open door.
I learn to listen to the path of delight.

When One Door Closes…..

When it is time to let go, holding on only hurts.
When it is time to forgive, telling the old stories replicates the past.
When it is time to create anew, looking at old pictures blocks our vision.
When it is time to move on, stop ruminating, let go, seek de light and go for it!

Grieving comes from incompletion.
Hanging on comes from fear.
Limited vision comes from looking back.
Dancing in the light comes from turning our face to the sun.

There is nothing to judge, but judgment itself.  (Even this, we must forgive.)
When we are stuck in our own judgments and others’ opinions, we lose our way.
When we cannot hear our inner voice, we are listening to the outer voices and negative noise.
When we do not know which way to go, we are afraid to remake the mistakes we have not forgiven.

The innocence of a child allows us to follow the path of love.
The path of love shows us the beauty and goodness in what already is.
The beauty and goodness we seek lies within each one of us.
It is our healing work to only seek what is good and whole and beautiful within ourselves.

In remembering Love, we return to wholeness.
In remembering our purpose, we return to happiness.
In remembering our freedom, we return to creativity.
In remembering our True and Authentic Self, we trust, respect and honor the One We Are.

When a door closes, stop knocking.
When something ends, look for the next beginning.
When we are done, it is always time to go Home. (to Source within ourselves!)
When something is finished, there is no need to wait for understanding or figure out what happened.

Life is a journey in exploring the creative power of the mind.
Life is a celebration of the moments of insight, wisdom and expanded vision.
Life is a joyous reminder of the invincible resilient of life itself.
Life is the Eternal expression of God and Good and Goodness ItSelf.

Enjoy freedom today.
Release suffering and let go.
Listen to the desires of your heart.
Follow the path of joy and delight.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Count Your Blessings!

I am blessed to have this life to live.
My blessings are unlimited in their abundant grace.
I know the lessons I am learning are blessings for me.
I am grateful for the blessings of life, liberty and inner happiness.

Count Your Blessings!

When you do not understand, count your blessings.
When you forget who you are, count your blessings.
When you lose what you value, count your blessings.
When you feel confused and alone, count your blessings.

When we feel grateful, we return to our natural state.
When we feel happy, we know our natural innocence.
When we feel loving, we remember the Love inside.
When we feel Good, really Good, we are free to Love no matter what.

And so it is, we reclaim the purpose for which we came.
The source of all good lies within each one of us.
When we rediscover what is always there, we find inner peace.
Count your blessings and you will remember what really is true.

Sure we have hard times in this world of night and day.
Sure, we  may get lost and lose our way.
Sure, we may misunderstand the ways of the world.
And then again, we may sort out the difference between foe and friend.

Life shows us what we have to learn.
When we keep listening, we gain the opportunity to find wisdom and insight.
When we own the parts we play, we take responsibility for choosing it all.
We learn to enjoy the paths we take and with forgiveness and love, we count our blessings.

What does it take to remember gratitude?
What do we earn and learn by giving thanks?
How much to we increase in wisdom when we appreciate?
How easy it is to find true happiness when we count our blessings?

Let’s wake up to see the sun behind the clouds.
Let ‘s look on the bright side and see what is there.
Let us polish away our comparisons and judgments.
Let us shine our own light to see with delight and appreciate.

Counting our blessings increases our delight.
Counting our blessings inspires others to count theirs.
Counting our blessings allows us to appreciate.
Appreciation grows the bounty of blessings to share.

Love yourself well, by appreciating Who YOU Are and All You Have created.
Betty Lue

Ten Keys to a Good Life:

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.
Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.