Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Begins in You!

Love Begins in You!
Peace Begins with You.

Joy Begins in You!

Love, Peace and Joy are your natural state!

Are you loving you?
Do you choose peaceful thoughts?
Are you living in gratitude and happiness?

We learned to love ourselves the way our primary role models loved themselves.
The way our primary authority figures loved themselves was the way they loved us.
If they scared and threatened themselves to do the right thing, they used those tactics on their kids.
If they were respectful and loving to themselves, they were loving and respectful to their children.
In general we become like those with whom we associate.
We take on mannerisms, expressions, behaviors and even think alike.
Children naturally take on the beliefs, myths, behaviors and words of their parents.
The thoughts we think are usually quite similar to the thoughts of our parents.

What would “loving you” feel like?
How would you act if you were really loving you each and everyday?
What messages would you be saying to yourself?
How would you think, speak and treat yourself, if you chose to truly love you?

  • No more threats or intimidation.
  • No more scare tactics,
  • No more “if you don’t, then….”
  • No more name-calling.
  • No more poor health habits.
  • No more putting yourself down.
  • No more diminishing your talents.
  • No more passive behavior.
  • No more self destructive behavior.
  • No more ignoring your own needs.
  • No more martyrdom to get love and approval.
  • No more “you can’t”.

Forgive yourself and your role models for not knowing how to love you or love themselves.
Forgive the world and human authorities for using fear to motivate and get respect and attention.
Forgive yourself for not knowing a better way.
Forgive humanity for using methods that are ineffective and limited at best.

Take responsibility for loving yourself well.
Make choices to give yourself the best in thoughts, words and activities.
Honor yourself with small acts of loving kindness.
Be gentle, patient and appreciative of yourself.
Treat yourself like the most precious and important person in your care.
You are a role model for all those you encounter in life.
There is no better time than NOW to begin.

Loving you loves me and all, since we are One.
Betty Lue

Sharing a stool. Yes, this is where I give my best.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Living Love is Giving Love

Giving love is Effective Loving.
It works.

Give to what gives to you.
Contribute time, money, energy and appreciation to what gives blessings of love and inspiration to you.
Tithing, appreciation, conscious contribution benefits both giver and receiver.
We are strengthening that which blesses our lives when we are appreciative and willing to give.
Giving to the source of our Good expands, increases and sustains the Goodness being received.

Waste not, want not.

Why waste your energy on what is a bottomless well.
Giving to what drains you, takes you for granted and is unappreciative is disrespectful to yourself.
Give to those relationships, experiences and projects which inspire, prosper and fulfill you.
Giving to those who cannot be satisfied only yields their complaints, resentment and whining.

Wanting more yields wanting more.
Giving more yields receiving what you give.

If you want more love, give more love to yourself and the other.
If you want more respect, give more respect to yourself and the other.
If you want more trust, give more trust to yourself and the other.
If you want more commitment, give more commitment to yourself and the other.

Charity and Love begin at home.
When you are kind and generous with yourself, you will feel the kindness and generosity of others.
When you are giving to get from others, you will get what the others have.
If they have abundant love, they will give abundant love.
When they have only neediness, they will give you’re their neediness.

Give All to All to Have All.
When we are equal opportunity givers, we may receive from unexpected sources.
Never rely on needy or dependent ones to return the favor.
Give expecting that the return on your investment may come from within, from Spirit or from others.
Freedom in giving for the sake of giving begets the gift of recognizing the Limitless Love within.

Having Rests on Giving.
Only in giving will we make room to receive more.
Only in abundant giving will we recognize how much we have.
Only in unconditional giving will we experience Goodness and God giving through us.
Giving what we have teaches us to fully appreciate and increase what we have.

Love is our Natural State.
When we are not Giving Love, we are off purpose.
When we are not being loving, we have blocked our life energy.
When we are not showing Love, we are in fear.
When we are not Being the Love We Are, we have forgotten our Essence.

Fear is always a call for forgiveness.
Fear is always a call for more Light.
Fear is asking that we remember the highest Truth.
Fear is an inner request for more Love.
FEAR=False Expectations Appearing Real. Relinquish setting yourself up with expectations.

Loving you and loving me as we remember to Give Love,
Betty Lue

“Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
It is only in giving yourSelf that you realize the Gift You Are.”
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Effective Loving

Love is freedom and trust.

“Love” is seen by the ego’s personality as limitation and suspicion, under the guise of protection and caution.
When we are afraid, we are jealous, careful and doubting.
Some believe in closed, fear-based and emotional relationships because of learning from their dysfunctional family systems and on the media.
Drama feels like caring.
Passion is passed off as intense loving.
Yet under this type of love is always the “fear” of losing, the fear of not getting the Love we want.
Fear-based or egoic love is always about “getting” something we think is missing, getting from our loved ones what we want.
When we seek to complete ourselves with another’s love, support or help, we are content as long as they are capable and comply,
but when they are unavailable or unwilling, we become angry and punitive with withdrawal or criticism.
Our loved ones learn from us what we call ”love”.
This form of neediness is not love but a selfish way of getting another to complete ourselves.
It may work for short periods of time, but then is undone with fatigue, hostility, disappointment and failed expectations.

Real Love is a giving Love.
Real Love seeks to understand.
Real Love seeks to listen and respond.
Real Love comes from a place of inner fullness and Self Fulfillment.
Real Love endures all things and does not quit or fail.
Real Love is effective in healing past history and woundedness.
Real Love forgives all mistakes and begins anew.
Real Love is a choice, not a product of attraction or chemistry.
Real Love is a respectful healing and inspiring way of living.
Real Love is trusting in the other’s learning process.
Real Love is patient and kind through life’s challenges.
Real Love is freeing so that both people grow to their highest and best selves.
Real Love is a call to remember we are responsible for the quality of our thoughts and our feelings.
Real Love is supporting and uplifting, encouraging and affirming, appreciative and open-minded.

Love is our natural state.
Love is the willingness to see beneath the worldly personality stuff,.
Love forgives, erases and releases learned limiting beliefs, false expectations, past projections.
Love is open and willing to return to respect, appreciation and loving kindness, no matter what.

If only we would love like this, our relationships, families and world would be free of conflict and war.
If only we chose to treat one another like this, we would be powerful healing presence to all we meet.
If only we were willing to love ourselves like this, we would be happy and at peace within.
Love is the return to our natural state with the willingness to undo what is not true and loving.

Blessed be,, setting us free,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 28, 2008


Inner Peace is a condition of Love.
Inner Peace is a condition of trust in a Higher Power whose only purpose is our Good.
Inner Peace is a condition of a forgiving Mind.
Inner Peace is a condition of seeking only the Highest Good for All.

Where we judge, we are feeling fear and separation.
Where we judge, we see from a limited perspective.
Where we judge, we perceive our own rightness.
Where we judge, we limit our loving kindness.

When we forgive, we feel compassion and communion.
When we forgive, we see things differently.
When we forgive, we perceive a bigger picture.
When we forgive, we expand our capacity to love.

When we seek to be truly helpful, we let go of our own neediness.
When we choose to be truly helpful, we ask for spiritual guidance.
When we are willing to be truly helpful, we reach out with love and trust.
When we are truly helpful, we are confident, spirit-guided, appreciative of All that Is.

Peace comes when we are willing to extend peace.
Peace comes when we suspend our own limited thinking.
Peace comes when we choose to love no matter what.
Peace comes when we know Love is the Answer.

In Peace with You,
Betty Lue

“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart,
I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.
I will not be afraid for you.
I will not give up on you.
I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.
I will remember first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.
I will be patient with you.
I will have confidence in you.
I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.
I have only good feelings in my heart about you.
I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.
Your way may not be my way, but I will trust the Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love you!
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!
(author unknown)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


What we believe we perceive and receive.
Faith is believing in something greater than ourselves.
To believe in something more than our individual selves gives us confidence and hope.
To trust in the intrinsic Goodness and perfection of our amazing Universe inspires us.

Take a look at what and Whom you believe.

Whether you call it God or Love, it matters not.
What matters is that you believe.
Whether you have a religion with a Holy book and Holy teachers or simply listen in the quiet,
believing in some Source of Inspiration and Healing is essential to feeling safe and happy and free.
Whether you have a formal spiritual practice or simply practice everyday Loving kindness, it is essential to Inner Peace.
Whether you “know” or “pray” for that which you want to be true for humanity, you are choosing to believe.

As a young child, I was called a “True Believer” and indeed, it still remains to be the Source of my Faith.
I “know” and believe in the Goodness in All creation.
I see our Creator, the Unlimited Power in our living, as creating perfection.
Yes, our Creator, gave humanity the freedom to believe or not, to choose or not, to create or destroy.
And Yes, Humanity has made many mistakes including stepping away from our natural Goodness and our Creator.
Yes, in judging our separation from what Is called God, the natural Goodness that is our inheritance, we have begun to mis-create and build defenses against what is our birthright, an experience of Goodness, Abundance and Love.

I believe all original “faiths’ were trying to remind their people of Love, of right living, and creating what is Good for All.
And I also see that we have forgotten, corrupted and misused our beliefs for our selfish benefit, often to defend against what we fear.
Attack begets attack.
Judgment begts judgment…person to person and faith to faith, nation to nation.

We are here to heal.
We are here to be helpful.
We are here to drop the barriers of hatred and history.
We are here to remember we are One People and One planet.

Reunion Ministries is called to help humanity, one person at a time, to come into right relationship with themselves,
with their loved ones and with the Source of All That Is.

When we can love and respect ourselves, we will love and respect others.
When we love and respect ourselves, others will love and respect us.
When we love and respect ourselves, we teach, model and inspire others to love and respect themselves.
When we love and respect ourselves, we show others how to love and respect others.

Faith begins within.
Find what you believe in.
Give all your heart and mind to what you believe and see it change your life.
When our faith is doubted, we go nowhere because our energy is saying YES and NO at the same time.
Give your belief to what matters to you, to the Highest Vision you hold and watch your life work for you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Regrets, Complaints, Stuckness

Are you feeling that you are stuck in a relationship, stuck in a job, stuck in location, stuck in a contract?
When we feel victimized and stuck, we complain, feel resentful and suffer.
When we think of ourselves as victims, we feel weak, incapable and ineffective.
When we are regretting, complaining and feeling stuck, we lose energy with our lack of courage.

Complaining and judging leak energy and brings fatigue.
Forgiving and appreciating strengthen energy and brings joy.

Learning to stop the same old story, after it has been told once is the art of forgiveness and choice.
Learning to let go quickly of what is ineffective is the science of willingness and choice.
Learning to play the game of win-win, instead of lose-lose is the lesson of conscious choosing.
Learning to be willing and happy to do the work to keep oneself on purpose is the mastery of fulfillment.

Complaining yields more complaints.
Regretting without the completion of forgiveness yields depleted energy and wishful thinking.
Being stuck in the same old ruts may feel comfortable with familiarity, but empty in joy.
We all make excuses for where we find ourselves when we become aware.
Only the conscious, self-loving, courageous and wise are willing to make the changes needed.

Give up excuses.
Stop blaming anyone.
Live life as though is was a gift.
Give yourself the highest and best you know everyday.
Realize that you are responsible and able to respond to whatever comes your way.
Play life everyday like a musical instrument, practicing, learning from the masters and giving your all.
Be willing to do what it takes to make music that you enjoy day after day with everyone everywhere.

I always do exactly what I want to do and I do it with appreciation and Love.
I am responsible for the quality of my life energy.
I use my energy wisely and well.
I appreciate what is Good for me and let go of what is not.

Loving you, everyday.
(When I forget, I am not happy, so I choose again to see things differently!)
Betty Lue

Would you like a purple “no complaint bracelet” as a reminder to stop the complaining habit?
It comes with a card to help us break the habit of complaining.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Love Begins Now

You can have a happy and loving life.
You can recreate your childhood memories.
You can undo what is not true of you.
You can stop telling limiting and painful stories.

You are born from love.
You were born to love.
Your Essence is Love.
When you think you are not Loved and Loving, you are mistaken.

When you listen to “your” thoughts, you hear parental voices.
When you listen to your mind, you hear what human minds were thinking.
What you believe about yourself is really what you were taught to believe.
What you attract to yourself is what you learned to attract.

Until we take full responsibility for our mind, body, emotions and our Truths, we believe others.
Until we disown unloving thoughts, destructive patterns and limiting beliefs, we are stuck.
Until we can forgive the past, people and programming, for their ignorance, we are not free.
Until we stop telling and reviewing our negative history, we continue to reprogram ourselves.

When we forgive others for not loving and respecting themselves, we are free to forgive ourselves.
When we forgive ourselves for buying negative unloving stuff, we can forgive others.
When we forgive the world’s fear, judgment, defensiveness and attack, we can forgive ourselves.
When we forgive ourselves for being unkind, restrictive and doubting, we free ourselves to fully be.

We are the ones.
We can begin now.
We are called to remember.
We will set others free.

Forgiveness and Affirmation Works!
I forgive the ignorance of those I was born to be with.
I forgive myself for living out their programming and limiting beliefs.
As a child created by love for the purpose of loving, I choose to love myself and love them too.
I know we all remember We Are Love, we will all love one another!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time for What?

Make time to say, ”I am sorry.”
Make time to reach our with a touch or smile.
Make time to breathe in the fresh air and sunshine.
Make time to smile at a little child.
Make time to give your blessing.
Make time to call or write those you love.
Make time to say, ”I love you” and mean it.
Make time to really care.
Make time to be still and thank God for the Goodness.
Make time to clean up your house and car.
Make time to smile at yourself in the mirror.
Make time to enjoy your drive to the store or back home again.
Make time to read a good book or listen to a meaningful story.
Make time to listen to some really inspiring and happy music.
Make time to enjoy life’s little blessings.
Make time to appreciate your past, your present and your future.
Make time to focus on the one with whom you are in conversation on phone or in person.
Make time to laugh at little humorous moments.
Make time to eat slowly with full enjoyment.
Make time to appreciate your whole self: mind, body and spirit.
Make time to create something beautiful.
Make time to be happy about today.
Make time to forgive everyone’s mistakes, including yours.
Make time to stop wishing it were different than it is.
Make time to let go, laugh, learn and love again.

Life is really a fun and worthy exercise utilizing time for what really makes a difference.

Making time to love me and you and our intrinsic ReSource, every morning,
Betty Lue

Off to the home of Mommy and Daddy, Lila and Harper (33 months and Beckett almost 15 mos. Until 6PM.
Relationships Coaching Circle this evening.
What a wonderful full and loving life!!
This is Harper in her purple tunnel. See what makes me happy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keep It Simple

To be effective, keep it simple.
To be productive, keep it simple.
To be understood, keep it simple.
To be happy, keep it simple.

The more complicated, the more difficult.
The more complicated, the more confusing.
The more complicated, the more problems.
The more complicated, the more wasted energy.

Whatever we do in life, keeping it simple makes our intention clear.
Whatever we say to others, keeping it simple makes more sense.
Whatever we have in life, keeping it simple makes the cost less.
Whatever we want in life, keeping it simple makes it more effective to believe and achieve.

Keeping it simple is simple solution to many problems, pains and uncertainties.
What do you really want?
To be happy?
Keeping it simple, simply eliminate experiences, thoughts, feelings and relationships that are not happy.
Do you want to belong?
Keeping it simple, simply do what it takes to fit in with what is needed and wanted.
Do you want to be free?
Keeping it simple, simply let go of limiting thoughts, restrictive relationships and let go of stuckness.
Do you want to feel healed and whole?
Keeping it simple, simply focus on and appreciate what is healed and whole in you and in your life.
Do you want to be rich and prosperous?
Keeping it simple, simply identify and appreciate all the things, people and opportunities you have.
Do you want to be connected with God, Source, Creator?
Simply give time each day to talking with and listening to God within and write down what you hear.
Do you want to clear fear, anger, guilt, hurt and blame?
Simply forgive every day everything that offends you and interferes emotionally in writing.
Do you want to love, trust and respect yourself?
Simply write and say and tell yourself in the mirror 20 times daily, ”I love, trust and respect myself.”

Keep it simple.
Do the work.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


On this full moon and harvest day, moving into Aquarius and time of humanitarian and expansive visioning, let us remember to give thanks.
There is no more fun, safe and easy way to live than in gratitude for all we have, who we are and what we have created.
With the “attitude of gratitude”, life works.
When we focus on the Good, and only Good, we generate good thoughts, good feeling, good relationships, good health, happiness and more of the Good we are appreciating.
Life works with gratitude and appreciation.

Yes, it is simple.
The Good life is simple.
The fun, safe easy life is a life of ease and joy.
The simple life is the life of no fear and lots of Love.

It is fear that begets complexity.
Complicated defenses and pretenses again all that is feared.
It is Love that begets simplicity.
Simple thoughts, feeling, words and deeds filled with natural and effortless loving.

The message is clear, said many times and many ways.
Love is the Way, the Truth and Life ItSelf.
Love is the real deal.
Love is all there really is, when all the rest is laid to rest.
Love is the path of peace and happiness.

So why not try it for a moment, a day or a lifetime.
Give Love an opportunity to make your life better and brighter today.
Give Love a chance to heal and grow You and those around you.
Give Love and let Love give to you.

We are rich in Love when we let it flow.
We are healed in Love when we let it bring sweet release.
We are strengthened in Love when we trust the Truth it brings.
We are inspired by Love, when we allow it to enlighten our minds and open our hearts to the Infinite

Love is All there Really Is, when the rest is laid aside.
Blessed be Love,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 21, 2008

More On the Mark!

(Following yesterday’s reminders.)

An excellent archer has a teacher and/or a role model from which to learn.
Do you have someone you allow to teach, guide, encourage and support you?
An excellent archer uses his success to teach model and inspire others’ potential.
Do you share your spiritual wisdom, confidence, experience and enthusiasm with others?
An excellent archer keeps on improving and using his skill or craft to expand his expertise.
Are you willing to keep on challenging yourself with targets that appear more difficult?

What are the symptoms of being on purpose?
How are you on the mark for healing and forgiveness?
How are you on the mark for your life Purpose?
How can you be ever more vigilant for being Love in the world?
What are the signs you are living your highest Truth, in integrity with universal law?

Remember a time when you were “in love”. You may have experienced some or all of these symptoms.
Imagine that Being In Love is your natural state. And when we are on the mark we are “In Love”.

Signs of Being in Love (Taken from “Symptoms for Inner Peace” written in 1984)
  • Feeling safe and content and happy.
  • Talking, thinking and acting spontaneously.
  • Lack of self- consciousness or self concern.
  • No judgments, comparisons or analyzing.
  • No need to interpret others’ behavior or assume we know others’ motive.
  • No interest in conflict, arguing or winning.
  • Freedom from worry and concern.
  • Often caught smiling for no apparent reason.
  • Feeling connected with nature, people and all life.
  • Lots of spontaneous appreciation.
  • Letting life happen without the need to control.
  • Uncontrollable urge to love everyone.
Are you willing to be an archer for the Love of God?
Are you willing to make Love your life’s work?
Are you willing to do what it takes to be on the mark for Love?

Loving you as I am living on the mark for Love,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Mark

From the archers of old we have the phrase being “on the mark” or hitting the bulls-eye.
When we are on the mark, we are effective and on purpose.
When we are on the mark, life works because we are doing the work.
When we are on the mark, we feel capable, valuable and successful.

When we are off the mark, we have “sinned”.
In ancient Greek, to “sin” meant missing our target.
So to err is to sin and miss the mark.
So the sinner must first have a mark at which to aim.

What is your Mark?
What is your North Star?
Where are you focused?
What guides and directs your life?

To be successful and effective is to be on purpose, living your mission and true to oneself.
To be on the mark is to live in integrity with one’s values and life purpose.
To feel in alignment with the flow of life, we must clear away the obstacles to our Highest Truth.
To experience “safe, fun and easy” is to be right with oneself and the Goodness (God) within.

How to begin?
An excellent archer has the right equipment.
Are you prepared with what you need?
An excellent archer knows and sees his target.
Do you keep in mind where you are going?
An excellent archer practices with commitment and consistency.
Do you continually remember your goal, the purpose of your life?
An excellent archer knows the correct posture and stance.
Are you grounded and centered in your highest Truth and values?
An excellent archer is focused on the bulls-eye, draws back is bow and lets go.
Are you focused on your desired outcome and willing to do the work it takes?
An excellent archer trusts in the path of the arrow without managing its flight.
Are you willing to do the work with a focused vision and let go with full faith?
An excellent archer steps back from a missed mark and simply aims and shoots again.
Are you willing to forgive all sin, (missed marks immediately) and simply choose again?

What are you aiming for?
How will you know you have hit the mark?
What are the rules of success for you?
What do you need to do to get ready?
How do you support yourself in being on purpose?
Are you willing to clear all distractions, detours and delaying tactics and exceuses?
Is now the time for your to go for what really matters to you?

I forgive myself for judging any error, for limiting my choices and for not going for it.
I now choose to do what it takes to be committed and consistent in living “on the mark”.
I am on the mark everyday in every way with everyone.

Loving you in remembering to Love!
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Vision, Then Change!

We can be the change we want to see in our world!
What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.
Life works when we are happy and willing to do the work.
Whatever we see needs to be done, it is ours to do.

However you say it, it all says the same Truth.
It all begins in me and with me.
Imagining what we dare too dream and desire, we hold the Vision.
Clearing the interfering doubts, worries, questions and “how to’s”, we trust.
Trusting in the Highest Good for All, we move forward, acting with gratitude and joy.

I am happy to be the change I want to see.
I am willing to give my very best.
I forgive all thoughts that interfere with judgment and questions.
I lift my mind to certainty and confidence that there is a Power and Presence that does not fail.

How can anything but Good be the outcome when we persist with faith and Love?
How can we fail if we keep on keeping on until we succeed?
How can we give up on the spiritual Vision of healing and wholeness when we are willing to learn?
How can we doubt when we have the Inspired End in mind?

With inner happiness, certainty of purpose and confidence in those who walk with us, we cannot fail.
Life is a team project, waiting for the teams to clarify what is a win/win for all.
Life asserts that our work is to undo what is not true and Loving, fair and giving.
Life gives us infinite opportunities to find the inspired path of fun, safety and ease.

Life is our classroom wherein we begin to learn what we are really learning.
No more victimization and playing ignorant, weak, inept or lazy.
Life strengthens us through its obvious and subtle lessons.
Recognizing that we are learning through experience, we begin to awaken to our choices.
When we discover everything that happens is a response to our request, we choose with wisdom.
When we appreciate our willingness to learn and undo (forgive) what is not valuable, we get IT!

Loving you in the vision of our awakening!
Loving you in our willingness to be responsible!
Loving you in our desire to be and bring the change we want to see!
Loving you and me as we all are free to see and be!

Betty Lue

My Friends, Readers of these Loving Reminders,
If you have thought about giving to Reunion Ministries or the work we do in these Loving Reminders, your financial gifts would be most welcome.
Some share with us on occasion, some give monthly, some send their appreciation and referrals.

The contributions we receive are used immediately to pay rent in our two non-profit centers (one opens in next weeks).
We rely on our own income to initiate our community counseling, healing and spiritual growth centers, but depend on free will offerings and the rents of practitioners to support and maintain the monthly rent and minimal expenses.
We have no employees and rely totally on volunteers, with much depending on Robert and myself.
The everyday Presence is dependent on the holistic practitioners who serve with classes and individual services.

We realize that what we do is solely sourced by Faith and Trust in Good and God.
We listen within and serve in the ways we are called with our time, energy and money.
We invite you to become a partner with us in serving a more caring and conscious world.
With respect and appreciation,
Betty Lue

Friday, January 18, 2008

Very Full Time

Really Busy?
Count Your Blessings!
Appreciate everyone and everything.
Give your best.
Do What is Essential.
Ask for a little latitude from yourself and your friends.
Enjoy the fullness.
Fill in the blank spaces. (With calls, food, planning, quiet.)
Sleep well.
Value what is valuable.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Love each one well, including yourself.

How do you do it?
This year we have chosen to be ever more conscious of our expenditure of time energy, resources and to give what has value and to let go of the rest.
To take impeccable care of oneself requires: Assessment, Planning, Activity, Review
To make effective changes requires: Assessment Preparation, Activity and Review
To be productive in creation and manifestation requires: Assessment, Planning, Action and Evaluation

Needs Assessment:
We look at what needs to be done, where Spirit is calling for us to serve, what appears to be the more essential areas to address, what seems to be the underlying issue or problem.

We prepare ourselves to give our very best by taking good care of our essential needs for physical vitality, mental and emotional willingness and spiritual enthusiasm. We bring together the resources, time, money and energy needed and ask for spiritual and worldly help from others.

We take the steps one by one, quick or slow, moving around obstacles, never lingering or analyzing, simply flowing with the fun,safe and easy ways to accomplish and do what is needed.

Before evaluation we appreciate who we are, what is done, how we learned and our willingness to receive the rich reward of gratitude for All That Is, Was and Will be. In the evaluation, there is a moment of looking for anything else that is needed. Responding to needs without being requested is the proactive calling of those who see beyond the obvious and hear beneath the verbalized requests.

We are moving into our new Center tomorrow with a success business meeting first. Continuing our other activities with more efficiency or letting the non essential items go for a few days, or simply completing what is needed in travel time, on email or in between.
Always grateful, usually laughing and enjoying and experiencing the fullness of life as it is, We are love expressing and experiencing itself.

Loving you, loving All,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A “Spiritual” Life

What is it to be spiritual?
Where and how do I begin?

To be spiritual is to be inspired.
To be spiritual is to care.
To be spiritual is to feel connected.
To be spiritual is to seek to know the Authentic Self.
To be spiritual is to follow the path of Goodness and Light.
To be spiritual is to be willing to listen within for the High Way.
To be spiritual is to heal whatever fears and judgments are blocking inner Peace.
To be spiritual is to forgive the barriers and interference to Love All equally, including one Self.

To begin, we must be willing.
To begin, we must be open.
To begin, we must be grateful.
To begin, we must choose.

I am willing and open to be Inspired and spiritual.
I am grateful to consciously choose to begin a spiritual path.

The high way is a way of freedom and trust.
The enlightened way is a road of ease and flow.
The work of the seeker is to be willing to drive.
The relinquishment of the chooser is to let Spirit be the navigator.

Good and loving folks are living spiritual lives innocently and naturally.
Good and loving people are allowing their conscience and ethics direct the course.
Good and loving ones are clear that peace and joy, safety and trust, come from giving their best.
Goodness and Love are accurate and wonderful spiritual guidelines for living a healing and holy life.

So this is where to begin.
Clean up your thoughts. No negatives, put downs or ugliness within.
Clear up your words. Speak forgiving and healing words which inspire and illuminate.
Clear up you activities. Do your best and keep your agreements. Live a happy healthy lifestyle.

“Easier said then done.” Perhaps?
But what better place than to prepare oneself to meet Eternal and Mighty Goodness face to face.
No guilt or defenses when we know our life is clear.
We feel free to listen within to All Love without fear.

Good Work this is. And life is uplifted and energized in our willingness.
So be it.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are You Employed?

Employed by Whom?
And For What Purpose?

Who is your employer?
What is your work agreement?
What do you earn?
How do you feel about what you do?
How much do you work?
How are you supported?

Whether employed by a company, institution, another individual, yourself or God, the same applies.
Answer these questions for yourself: (Change your answers if they do not inspire you!)

Who do I work for?
I work for Love. To give Love, to encourage Love and to be a Loving Reminder.
What is the work I do?
I do Good work. I am employed by God for healing and Holy work.
What do I earn?
I earn a feeling of peace and happiness inside.
What do I feel about the work I do?
I feel energized, inspired and grateful for what I do. This is my work, my play and my life.
How much do I work?
As a self-employed, God-employed person, there is no time off.
(Even on “vacation”, there is inner listening and visioning and responding to those who call.)
Whether, creating, affirming, caring for our simple needs, communicating, listening or offering counseling, coaching, teaching and healing, I am available 24/7.
How am I supported?
The contributions I receive as inspirational (spiritual) therapist and coach, provide for our living costs.
The contributions Reunion Ministries receives for classes, workshops these reminders and free will support the Centers expenses, outreach and those who cannot pay for the services provided for by Robert and myself. We turn no one away, while encouraging everyone to make a contribution in some way, empowering the fair exchange of energy and resources.

The greatest source of support is the Spirit within that supplies my needs through your appreciation and validation of effective and inspired living. My enthusiasm and physical energy support me in going forward with appropriate rest by in a fast moving pace with a fullness of heart. The world I want to see and leave for all children is being built and sustained one person at a time. Your heartfelt appreciation and love, both seen and felt from what you share with me, and from the energetic soulful connection we have, is the wind beneath my wings and the song in my heart. You matter because you are a part of me. In you I see all humanity and it inspires me to listen and follow and go forward with enthusiasm and confidence that God is all there is and Good is our true and Essential Nature.

Ask yourself how you can apply these questions and inspired answers to cleaning a bathroom, changing a diaper, being a salesclerk,
washing cars, going to school, writing a poem, preparing a meal, balancing your checkbook, answering the phone, writing an email.

Just one little change in attitude in all you do, will change your life!

Be employed by Goodness (God) it Self for the purpose of doing Good.
Earn a feeling of being Good and feeling Good about your life.
Work everyday with everyone to feel good about the healing and helpful encounter.
Know you are supported by the Good world, your Good work and the Good you are giving one moment at a time. Trust you and your whole life are a Good work.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Beginnings

Distracted by what is undone, we must complete, forgive and bless as we let go of the past.
Inspired by our inner vision, daring to hope and dream, we must concretize and put into form.
Willing to have faith, having written down what we dare to conceive and believe, we commit.
Having decided to follow through with what comes to us, we begin to listen and follow step by step.
As we prepare, plan, participate and build the process of creation and manifestation, we are act.
Action with enthusiasm and inspiration, yields more energy and the momentum builds.
With gratitude and a fullness of appreciation for ourselves and All Good, we come to know God.

It is possible that we have been denying ourselves the fun, safe and easy way.
It is possible that we ourselves our the great limiters of all that is possible.
It is possible that there are no barriers for the richness of success when we release doubt.
It is possible that the only forgiveness is to forgive limiting ourselves.

Now is the time let go of limits.
Forgive all barriers to freedom of choice.
Be willing to unleash the vision of Greatness within.
Begin with today choosing to be happy with yourself.

Life works for us when we don’t get in the way.
Love works for us when we remember to trust.
Letting go works for us when we release with blessing.
Laughter works for us when we enjoy the whole show.
Lightness works for us when we shine our Light on secrets.

There are no limits except in our thinking.
There is no sacrifice except in our choices.
There is no pressure except that which we impose.
There is no lack, except when we believe we have not enough.

And so it is.
Time to free our minds of the constraints of mass consciousness and faulty thinking.
Time to let go and know we are free to choose again and yet again.

Let us begin anew each day with trust and freedom, the Love We Are.
Betty Lue

Monday, January 14, 2008


Yes, We have seen it all before.
Because it all comes from us and through us, the Greater One.

Yes, We do have enough time.
Because we created the experience of time and can expand it with our consciousness.

Yes, We are whole and Holy.
Because the experience of being less than whole we generated from our own myth.

Yes, We are the ones we seek.
Because there is only the forgetting of the One We Are.

Yes, We can do what we choose to do.
Because we are free and unlimited with only our selfmade limitations holding us back.

Yes, We are awesome and wonderfully made.
Because we continue to undo and renew ourselves with our every thought, word and activity.

Yes, We can forgive all things.
Because our forgiveness opens the way for creating the Good, Beautiful and Love we want.

Yes, Life works for us.
Because we are making up the rules and experiences as we go.

Yes, Loving Yourself and staying awake and response able is the key.
Because when you Love you, you take care of your whole self and are able to respond consciously.

Yes, I am loving You.
Because you are part of me, just as I am part of you. And I love the One We are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Here is the face of a beauty, inner and outer. Sofia is only 26 mos. And a great joy for Grandpa and I. Her big sister Gia (9) is her hero and best friend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Has Anyone Told You?

Has anyone told you how precious you are?
Has anyone let you know how much they care?
Have you been acknowledged for the giving you do?
Have you been really appreciated for your love and your care?

And how about you?
Have you given yourself the gift of full open-hearted appreciation?
Have you said out loud looking in your own eyes, ”I Love You.”?
Have you touched yourself gently, holding your face while you sleep?
Have you given your self the attention you deserve?
Have you acknowledged your accomplishments and acts of love?
Have you held only the highest and best thoughts about yourself?
Have you cried tears of healing forgiveness and laughed out loud with joy?
Have you danced through the day with a natural trust in whatever you choose?
Have you fed yourself with healthy food, sights, sounds, activities and relationships?
Do you give yourself the very best because your love your whole Self for the Gift You Are?

Isn’t it time you learn to love you?
Aren’t you the one to make your dreams all come true?
Isn’t it best to love you the best?
Aren’t you the one to know, love and respect Who You Are?
Isn’t your life the one you are here to tend to with conscious loving care?
Isn’t this about you loving you first and then loving others with the same attention and care?

When you love you and you love them, maybe they can learn how to love themselves and you too!
When you really care for you consistently, maybe your example will teach them to be conscious too?
When you really let go of self neglect and ignorance, you will stay awake and be the teacher you can be.
When you really own and honor this life you are given, you will find the keys to abundant living.

Life works when we do the real work of loving ourselves right where we are right now.
Follow the path of forgiving the judgments, correcting the errors, honoring the right choices and being at peace now.

When we are loving ourselves, we feel loved.
When we are loving ourselves, we feel free.
When we are loving ourselves, we laugh at mistakes and learn.
When we are loving ourselves, we appreciate and enjoy the life we have.
When we are loving ourselves we choose and contribute the very best.
And so it is.

Life is Good and we are Loving!
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Definitions..Philosophy.. Beliefs

Betty Lue is Reunion Ministries and Reunion Ministries is Betty Lue.
I have spent my whole life loving people and helping them love themselves.
I believe that is what makes us happy and healthy and giving and creative and effective in life.
When I because spiritual “conscious” and woke up to my Real Life, I saw it was the same.

I easily and naturally love myself.
I never learned to judge, criticize, hate or distrust myself.
I was treated with respect in all my loving ways, and so always have respected the Love in me.
I believe Love is my Path, Love is my Essence, Love is my Gift and Love is my Source.

I grew up understanding the God is Love.
From this I deduce that Love is God.
I learned, saw, felt and experienced that God is Good.
Therefore, I am The Goodness and Love of God, expressing itself.

So I never saw God as a person or personality.
I never believed in a religion that taught fear or evil or unloving ways.
I only saw Love creating like itself for the purpose of more Love and Goodness.
And from this I can only imagine we are here to unlearn false beliefs and untruth.
We are here to be helpful to one another in remembering Love is Who We Are.
We are here to undo everything that is untrue about me and you.

I have seen and experienced that much of humanity has been falsely taught.
I notice how people seem to always give external authority the right to tell us who we are.
I have watched people consistently behave as though their parents and teachers were correct.
I have observed that until we forgive and undo our faulty thinking, we cannot change our behavior.

It appears that over the eons of history, humanity has come to the false conclusion that its judgments about one another are correct and must be corrected with punishment, criticism, penance and pain.
It would seem that we have built and maintain a belief in a God of evil and sin, limits and lack, suffering and death as well as a God of Good and Forgiveness, magnificence and abundance, healing and eternal Life.

It seems that the duality we experience is knowing there is the Original Blessing of a God of Goodness and Love which created only Goodness and Love and realizing our own error in begetting a mythical God of Evil and Fear, which begets Evil and Fear. And so we have in inner struggle between right and wrong, Good and Evil which originated from our own mistake which seeks only to be forgiven.

Questions I ask you:
What do you believe?
How do you live what you believe?
Are your beliefs what you want to teach your world?
Do your beliefs create a better world of more Love and Goodness?
Do your behaviors teach the world to love away the belief in Fear and Evil?

There is much more for me to ponder on this weekend workshop of Living Ministry Training in Whole Life Integrity and Balance.

We are each teaching our world and those with whom we associate by how we live and give, talk and behave toward others and ourselves.
Each one of us is ministering to others and to our world.
Each one of us is demonstrating what we believe by how we live.
So let your “Ministry” be a light unto your world today, I pray!
Betty Lue

Friday, January 11, 2008

Everyone is Learning from You!

You are teaching your world.
You are teaching everyone how to treat you and how to treat themselves and how to treat others.
They are watching you.
They are listening to you.
They are feeling you.
They are seeing your achievements, your emotions, your state of health.
Everyone is listening to your tone of voice, the words you say and the quality of your communication.
Everyone is learning from you everyday.
There is no privacy in this teaching learning stuff.
Those who are closest can feel our feelings and hear our thoughts.
The others experience the ripple effect from our living.
You are teaching all the universe with everything you think and say and do.
Teach what you want your world to learn by thinking, speaking and affirming the Good you want to see.

The more I love and respect myself, the more I love and respect others.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect me.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect themselves.
The more I love and respect myself the more others love and respect others.
And so it is that my choices at teaching my world.

The change begins within.
Begin by living in the way that makes you happy and proud.
Behave as if all the world were watching and learning from you.
Think the thoughts that you want others to think about you.
Speak words that affirm and bless and heal and teach the Highest good.
Live life as though it really matters, because it does!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finish Up First

When feeling things are unsettled or upsetting or confusing or uncertain, it is because they are.
Before we get on with a New Year and a New Life and New Agreements, we must complete the old.
The ghosts that haunt and scatter our thinking are requesting to be finished and filed appropriately.
“Done with ease, excellence and appreciation.”

Look around you; in closet and drawers, your car and your office, your finances and relationships, your body and health, your plans and projects, promises and agreements.
Whatever is undone, unfinished, not communicated and unfulfilled is sapping energy and consciousness.
Now in January, today, this week and this month is the perfect time to finish what is undone.

It appears that the New Year’s resolutions and promises we make to ourselves get bogged down.
The past mistakes, misgivings, and miscommunications cloud our clear view.
Judgments, guilt and resentment block freedom of action.
Seeking to be right, getting approval and the support of others cause hidden feelings, nondisclosure and defensiveness.

To be free we must have no blocks.
Unfinished business waits for us and weighs heavily on us.
Make a list of what you need to do…before you can begin anew.

Mostly you will find, it requires…
Letting go of stuff, grudges, unforgiveness, unhappy memories and more stuff.
Stop unhealthy habits and addictions.
Let go of draining activities.
Release sucking or depleting relationships (or transform them into renewable energy.)
Forgive, release and bless your past for what you have learned and received.

Time to move on into the new when you really and finish the past with “Job well done.”
Blessed Be.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bad Weather

When we run into bad weather on a flight, we trust in the pilot, the radar and the plane.
When we run into bad emotional weather, we must forgive ourselves, trust our inner guidance and commit to inner peace.
When we experience difficult physical weather (sickness or pain), we can find peace in faith, listen to our intuition and have confidence in the body’s natural healing power.
When we become afraid or in conflict about what to do, we cause distraction and delay in our natural healing and peaceful response.

Life is full of bumps and potholes.
How we navigate determines the ease of our journey.
When the road gets bumpy or precarious, slow down.
Choose wisely the course that provides the greatest safety and ease.

Difficult weather occurred this week for many.
Power went out for thousands and after holidays flus and colds for some.
Yet when we simply trust all will be well, we take it in stride.
Slow down, count our blessings, do what is easy and natural.

Because life is unpredictable, it serves us to develop our flexibility, trust and willingness to let go.
And with adaptability to life’s changes, we can become more comfortable with whatever comes our way.
So let us today be willing to release attachment to control and demanding life be our way.
Let us forgive our judgments, relinquish our fear-based attacks and trust in the underlying Good.

Only Love prevails.
Only the Eternal Truth is true.
Essential Goodness created us to be the happy, free and Good Beings we are.

So let it be and know that it Is.

Loving you, Loving me, Loving you.
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 06, 2008

What Do You Value?

It is important to value what we value.
It is important to utilize what we value.
It is important to strengthen what we value.
It is important to appreciate what we value.

Do you value these loving reminders?
Would you prefer them weekly or not at all?
I send them to the hundreds who have requested them.
If they inspire, heal, guide, encourage and support even one, they are valuable.

Do you value receiving our 2008 Newsletter?
Or would you prefer not receiving this information?
They take about 20-30 hours to write, edit, publish and mail.
If they are valuable to only one recipient, they are worthwhile.

Do you value our on line workshops which we have begun?
The link on web:
Let us know if they are worthwhile to be offering and available to everyone.
If they make a positive difference in even one life, it is worth our energy.

Do you value the classes, workshops, retreats, holistic health tools and counseling we offer?
Our life work is to be “On call for the Good of All”, to “freely give what is All Good and only Good.”
Our intention is to teach, model and inspire inspired and spirit-guided Living.
We are here to consistently give our very best to everyone who comes our way.

Do you value our relationship, as we give with the best we know?
If even one is blessed, know it is well worth the highest and best I share with you.
If our relationship allows an expanded experience of the Love of God, it is a blessing.
If we mutually inspire, respect and bless one another with gratitude, all are benefited.

Sometimes in life we may be giving our best, but it is not being valued.
Or we may be giving our most precious gifts and they are taken for granted.
Or we may be sharing our sacred thoughts and they will be dismissed.
It is important that we create, maintain and ensure respectful value for one another.
Our world needs us all to give our best to those we encounter in life.

You see, for me, these loving reminders are what works.
I share them because they are the best I know for all humanity.
I value you and want to give you my very best.
I love you by giving you the best I have.

What more can I do?
Let me know how I might love, serve and respect you better.
I trust you to give your gifts to those people and places where they are valued.

Giving the best we have for the Good of All.
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Make No One Special or Make Each One Special!

Specialness is difficult for the personality and ego.
We fall in love with someone special.
We have a special love for our children and friends.
We want others to make us special.

The positive side of specialness is when we get the good stuff…the appreciation and extra loving attention.
The negative side of specialness is when we get the yucky stuff… the criticism and dumping of negativity.
When we are loved by God, we are loved equally with all the rest of creation.
There is a neutrality, forgiveness, and peace in knowing that Love loves everyone equally.

What has special love done in your life?
How have you been treated unfairly because someone else is more special than you?
How have you taken sides or been extra hard or easy on someone because of special love?
How have you interfered with natural consequences in relationships because you take sides?

As parents, teachers, professionals, we know we are to treat everyone equally.
We understand there are personality difference.
We know we have emotional preferences.
We resonate with some people, cultures, ages, and communication styles more than others.
We have prejudices, opinions and emotional filters that tend to color our preferences.
And we know what this encourages- envy and jealousy, competition for attention, anger and fighting
and cries of unfairness and injustice- in our families, our business, schools and nation.

So how and when and who do we treat them all in a way that is fair and loving and healthy?
Grandchildren and children, we love equally, however circumstances call us to be with one or another.
Clients and students, co-workers and friends we can love, respect and serve equally.
However, we are with one or a few at a time.
When we invite Spirit to guide our lives, we can speak with and treat each one as guided.
When busy with attachment and attraction to some more than others, we forget to listen.
When feeling guilty, inadequate, busy or distracted, needy or dependent, we forget.
When happy, on purpose, forgiving the past and choosing to bring love now, we remember.

So listen today.
Love the one you are with.
Stop withholding Love.
Forgive the past.
Give the Love You Are.

Everyone benefits from whole Love and True Love.
So give Love and Love will give to you.
Remember, we are not giving anything away.
We are giving and receiving the gift of the Love given.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in freely giving Your whole Self and True Self that you realize the Holiness of Your Self!

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Lots of new stuff and new beginnings!
Join us in person and in spirit.
Say “Yes” to Life!
And Life will say “YES” to you!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Our Circle of Influence

How are you influenced?
What is the result of what you read and see and who you hear and hang out with?
What have you taken into your mind and body since coming into this world?
What you believe and how you treat yourself are based on what you have heard and felt and seen.

We are all more sensitive that we know.
We can endure tough times and difficult relationships.
However we grow and blossom to our fullest only with the greatest of love, respect and positive regard.
It is our response ability to give to others the Goodness we want to receive.
It’s our salvation to forgive and heal the past by clearing away the shadows and lingering doubts.
It is our job to undo what is not true of God and the Goodness and Love in which we are created.
Consequently, life is about remembering the positive, affirmative and appreciation we have experienced.
Our bodies are collectors of energies and we must clear them of residual pain and sorry, neglect and fear.
Our psyches attract and attach to what we believe is true about us.
So we have the work of clearing our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Inside each one of us is the influence of our mother and father (or those who played those parts.)
Our mother represents our self image and esteem based on what she thought about us and herself.
Our father represents our confidence in the world and what he thought about himself and about us.
To undo the faulty thinking and projections of our parents onto us, we must forgive their beliefs.

Forgiveness is the initial world I invite most of my clients and students to do to set themselves free.
Our healing requires that we stop projecting our pain and negativity onto others.
Our healing demands that we cease criticizing, blaming, feeling pity or resentment.
Our healing invites us to be the ones to clear the pain and lack of love and limitation for all.

What we live with influences our thinking, our feelings and our behavior.
For parents to blame their children and loved ones for behaving a certain way is futile and foolish.
Parents (People) must correct their own unconscious projection onto their children and others.
Who we live with influences our feelings, our reactions and our thoughts.
For loved ones to blame others for treating us with disrespect or lack of love is silly.
It is we ourselves who must choose to change our thoughts, behaviors and emotional responses.

The more we love and respect ourselves, the more we love and respect others.
The more we love and respect ourselves, the more others love and respect us.
The more we love and respect ourselves, the more others love and respect themselves.
The more we love and respect ourselves, the more others love and respect others.
And thus, we build a family, a community and a world of love and respect.

Are you willing to be the One who clears the world of what is not?
Are you willing to be the One who changes you life?
Are you willing to be the One who demonstrates the Love within?
Are you willing to be the One to change the world you see?

Beginning anew each day with the Goodness and Love I Am,
Betty Lue

If Children Live With………. (Remember we are all Children !)

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with: criticism, hostility, fear, pity, ridicule or jealousy,
They will learn to: condemn, fight, be apprehensive, feel sorry for themselves, feel shy and feel envy.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and those around them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


This is the tenth year I have been writing and sending these daily Loving Reminders around the world. This is the tenth year I have been connecting daily with Spirit within and sharing with you.
This is the tenth year I have been getting up at or 4 or5AM because I am committed to our Re Union.
This is the tenth year I have found my day is more conscious and focused because I choose to do this.

This is discipline.
I am a teacher and learner of listening, learning and following the Highest and Best I know.
I am willing to laugh and let go of any blocks to trusting and freeing these inspired opportunities.
I find peace and ease, safety and trust, enjoyment and delight in listening within for guidance.

Discipline is to be the student, the consummate learner of what is Good for All.
Discipline is being willing to persist, even when there are seeming difficulties.
Discipline is the act of following the high road when others take another route.
Discipline is always remember to love oneself well and in this always be loving of others.
Discipline is being response-able for my relationships, my agreements and correcting mistakes.
Discipline is learning and applying what is healthy and positive and contributes to the Good of All.
Discipline is never quitting on my commitments and keeping to the most ideal path.
Discipline is encouraging others to follow their Highest Good and letting go of distractions.
Discipline is enjoying the journey and the experiences along the way.
Discipline is seeking and finding All Good and only Good.

I am disciplined in my commitment to inspire, affirm and celebrate All Good and only Good.
This is my intention and choice for 2008.
I cannot call it a goal, because I already am this and continue to be that which I choose.
And so it is.

Loving you with a steadfast commitment to All Good and only Good.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Healthy Happy New Beginnings

What is healthy for you?
Are you worth taking the time for you?
Is it valuable to do what is best for you?
Can you give yourself what is right for you?

Let’s start with loving you.
I love myself just the way I am.
Now value your life.
My life makes a difference in my world.
How you care for yourself is a model to others.
My whole life health sets an example for others.
Be willing to do what is best for you.
I am happy and willing to take impeccable care of me.

To be respectful is to stop “guilting” ourselves into change.
I forgive all past mistakes and shortcomings.
To be gentle is to encourage oneself to do what is needed.
I honor my best self with actualizing the changes needed.
To be kind is to appreciate and value the best me.
I truly support and appreciate being All I can be.

Life can be fun safe and easy when we do the work to be conscious, happy and alive.
I trust myself to do what is needed to be whole and happy and free.
Forgiving the past, appreciating the present and looking forward to the future are gifts to the Self.
I am peaceful, grateful and delighted with All Good that was, is and will be.

I am loving you and me with a heart that is true.
B’Lue Joy
This is how I am loving you as we ride through life together!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thank You!

Gratitude is the Greatest Gift to Give and Receive.
Are you remembering to say, “Thank You”?

Have we forgotten to say Thanks to our parents?
Have we neglected to say Thank You to our children?
Have we missed saying “I appreciate you” to our partners?
Have we lost the art of saying thanks to those who work for us?
Have we ever said “thank you” to ourselves for the gift of our lives?

Prayer is Praise for the God and the Good in our lives.
Appreciation increases that which we are valuing with gratitude.
Appreciation increases our ability to see the Good and the God.
Appreciation is our way of fully receiving and giving the Love we Are.

Where we remember to be grateful, we are more likely to enjoy the experience.
When we give our gratitude for what life bring, life will be more prosperous.
When we acknowledge the gifts that show up, we can better create more of the same.
Where we are thankful to those who love, respect and support us, we love and support them.

Life returns to us that which we give.
In our appreciation we are creating what we value.
In our perceptions, we are strengthening those qualities in us.
In our active acknowledgment we are spreading light and delight.

Life works when we are willing.
Life works when we are happy.
Life works when we are committed.
Life works when we do the work.

This year my intention is to inspire and celebrate All Good and only Good.
My work is to lighten up,
Lighten up physically
Let go of 20-25 # of waiting (weighting) with more movement and less sitting.
Let go of any extra stuff.
Use for the new Center of Light, give to those who can use it, and let it go to orgs who can sell it.)
Lighten up mentally.
Release any complaints, negativity, doubts and holding back.
These are clouds in my inner view, blocking the Light and Delight in me.
Lighten up spiritually.
Share my natural joy and enthusiasm with those who come my way everyday.
Be a light bearing the Good News in all I think and say and do.

What is your goal this year?
Keep it simple.
Keep is real.
Keep it obvious.
Keep it True.

So grateful for you and the inspiration you give me in receiving and actively benefiting from these reminders!!
I AM Loving you,
Betty Lue