Thursday, October 31, 2019

Play Your Part!

I choose to be my authentic self.
I live, love, work and play with my real self everyday.
I enjoy the way I am.
Life is a delightful kaleidoscope of color, sound, and play.

What Is Your Chosen Part to Play?

Everyday you play many parts.
You can choose the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly.
You judge what is the best and worst of you.
You have parts you prefer and parts you dread.

Roles within your family are most familiar.
Nurturing or disciplining  parent…..?
Obedient or contrary child……?
Devoted or absent partner and friend……?

You may believe that the part is chosen and scripted for you
You may have adopted what others convinced you to be.
You can believe them or choose for yourself.
How do you prefer to live and give and share?

Each day you put on a new attitude and costume.
Each morning you look at the new face of you.
Each encounter you choose to greet or ignore.
Each conversation is open and welcoming or grouchy and evasive.

How can you possibly ignore what you choose daily?
Why would you want to keep doing what is not right for you?
Why continue what is unhappy, unwelcome and untrue?
Stop wearing the same costume and try something new.

The trick is that you can change roles you play.
The treat is that you will find what is just right for you.
If at first the new is uncomfortable, try it for a day.
Or you can adjust it in your own unique way.

You may be surprised by how others respond to you.
You may inspire others to change their costumes too.
Your new attitude may change their mind about you.
Your different part you play may bring out the best in you.

Consider your own freedom of choice.
Experiment with what seems natural.
Let go of the false and be real for a day.
Enjoy being what feels just right for you.

Life can be like Halloween every day of the year.
You may be tricked or treated depending on what others prefer.
Perhaps the way you really are is what is best for you.
Be yourself and enjoy feeling free.

Loving you as you truly are,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


I learn from everyone and everything.
I enjoy my life and so life is full of joy.
All that I give is given to my Self.
I see in Life, Abundance overflows with my appreciation.

Halloween = Hallowed or Holy Evening

While Halloween is seen in many different cultures and times to celebrate and honor, to play tricks and get treats, perhaps we can learn something that is helpful to us all.

In the Hawaiian people the sunset is a time to let go of the day gone by with gratitude and blessing.
The sunset is a simple sacred ceremony of watching the sun go down into the sea with respect.
Consider the possibility of creating the “evening” being a time to “even out” or balance one’s day.
We may need to find some rituals that create for us, a quieting of our lives to really appreciate it all.

Life may be full of tricks and treats.
It is how we perceive and handle what we experience that makes all the difference.
If we feel victimized by life’s unpredictability, we may feel hurt, defeated, powerless.
If we feel challenged and surprised by life, we may be awakened, curious and even inspired.

is not what happens to us: it is was happens through us and for us
It is not that we are “just human” and bad things happen.
It is that we are Spirit having a human experience, to learn, to remember, to overcome, to serve.
Often we are given the opportunity to choose how we perceive our experience to awaken ourselves.

Take the time on Halloween to see each child as the beautiful, capable, happy child they are.
Every evening take just a moment to pause and appreciate the day that has been experiences.
Every morning when you awaken allow yourself to imaging the best in the day to come.
Use your mind and heart to give yourself a reason to be inspired, happy and contribute to life.

Often we let the richness and value of life pass us by.
People squander their time together and forget to enjoy.
When we waste what we have, how can we possible value having more.
And so it is, we have less than we want when the day is done.

The abundance in life comes from enjoying, appreciating and using all we have for Good each day.
The value of life is increased when we see the sacredness, the blessings the wholeness in all things.
The prosperity we assert we want to experience is in valuing and utilizing what we have not.
When every day , every moment and every encounter is meaningful, we experience true prosperity.

Some have said : “Waste not, want not.”
And for certain this is true for those who live making everything important.
When we use all that is given, we find there is more to be shared.
Always plenty, “a great sufficiency” for all that we need.

Put your best into each moment and pause to receive the Best from what you have given.
Life works when we take time to enjoy the many gifts and blessings, the tricks and the treats.
You can choose to receive all Good and only Good from all that is yours.
Make sacred this and every moment with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Loving you with a love that is "True B’Lue”
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Be True to You!

I pay attention and honor to my own needs and wants.
I am responsible for living true to Who I Am.
I continually learn more about my purpose here.
I trust, respect and appreciate my Whole Self.

Know Your True Self.

Do you know what you really want?
Do you live your own principles?
Are you aware of your True Self?
Are you living your ideal?

We exhaust ourselves by going against ourselves.
We feel false and uncertain when we pretend.
We struggle with decisions when confused.
We go along to get along when living out of integrity.

The real work in life is to seek our authenticity.
Find out who you really are and what you really want.
Spend time daily seeking what is your true path and purpose.
Enjoy standing up for your True Self.

There is a shining star, the presence of Greatness within you.
There is nothing your cannot do, when you are aligned.
All you seek to be and do really lives within the real you.
Nothing to fear and everything is clear when you live with courage.

Do not deceive yourself and fantasize.
Do not confuse yourself trying to be what others may want.
Do not delude yourself and sugar coat what you really are.
Give your Self a chance to blossom, by washing away the mud and whitewash.

Get real and feel so you can heal what is mistaken.
Take time to ask and answer your own meaningful questions.
Look in the mirror and see who you really are, waiting for you be.
Make an effort to spend time loving, listening and respecting YOU.

Life is for giving the best of you.
You are the gift waiting to be received and given.
Light is within you so you can see what you are meant to be.
Love is the inspiration that calls you to show up and share.

This is your time to rise and shine.
This the door you have been waiting for.
Open up and see who and how you can truly be.
Trust what is waiting for you is good and beautiful and true.

This is your time to find the REAL YOU!
Loving you,
Betty Lue