Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Playing with Life

When life is play, there is no harm, no judgment and no regret about seeming failures or missed opportunities.
When life is a game, there are no losers.
When life invites joy and gratitude for everything that comes our way, we simply smile and fully experience what is.
When our judging mind is set aside, we can sit back and appreciate whatever comes our way.

One of my favorite phrases is: "This is interesting." It invites natural curiosity and leaves out evaluation.
With all the travel glitches, airports closed, flights cancelled, changing airlines, 3 hour delays and then a scheduled layover overnight in Chicago, I simply acknowledged "I really want to be home" to the agent on the customer service line.
I suggested they route me into Oakland airport instead of San Francisco late Monday night.
With courtesy and respect, rather than impatience and insistence, I was given a first class seat.
My trip home was easy, quiet and comfortable.

Life enjoyed and responded to with appreciation is its own reward.

Loving life and its interesting experiences and opportunities to grow in love and gratitude,
Betty Lue

I want to thank my friends in Kalamazoo, MI.

What a joy it continues to be to return to these wonderful spiritual travelers, where we all have committed ourselves to learning from life, to remembering Love is our True Identity and Happiness is our path. Each and every relationship reminds me to see more clearly the holiness in everyone and to love more purely the perfection in all.
Life is a joy for those who are filled with gratitude.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Glitches in the Road

Brief Loving Reminder.

Just returned from Michigan at 1:00 AM this morning.
Weather stuff along the way prevented the travel schedule from working.
A little bonus was being booked on first class on the way home from Chicago.

Arrived safe and sound. Suitcase will appear sometime today.
Always loving.
Always listening.
Always looking for the ways of peace to be truly helpful.

Remember no matter how it looks:
You are wherever you are to bring peace and love to all people and circumstances.

Listen within and follow your heart.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Off to Kalamazoo

Off to Kalamazoo at 4 AM for 3 days of fun and spiritual family.
I will be seeing folks with whom I have shared much love, letting go and laughter for many years.
Life is Good.

Make sure everything you do supports your loving you and living your highest purpose on this Earth.
Then every relationship and life experience has meaning and value.

Love what you do and do what you love.
Back late Sunday.
Always loving you.

I don’t have computer when I travel.
But I always know my Source and Re Source.

Betty Lue
Remember you can reach me by calling 800-919-2392.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


It is the responsibility of parents to be responsible for teaching their children to be responsible.
But…if the parent never were taught to be responsible, how can they adequately teach their children?

It seems we have an epidemic of irresponsibility, lack of respect and cooperation.
I have wondered why?
The answer has appeared in this (for me) rather shocking realization:
Our children, youth and young adults, have never been taught to be responsible for themselves.

We are imprinted by our parents behavior, words and thoughts.
We learn by what we are taught.
If no one is responsible for teaching our young to be responsible, the results are vast and diverse.
  • Great anxiety and confusion about how to live in this world.
  • Uncertainty about growing up.
  • Depression, anger, disrespect.
  • Joining gangs, jail and the army for structure and rules.
  • Wanting to do nothing, lethargy and laziness.
  • Dependency on parents.
  • Entitlement,…thinking the employer, spouse or parents should provide.
  • Wishing they were not here, not born, not alive.
  • Drug use, prescription and street drugs.
  • Health problems.
  • Addiction
  • Escape into fantasy, video, internet, isolation
  • Thinking parents and grandparents should pay and pay for everything.
  • Investing in lottery, future inheritance and wishful thinking
  • Lack of enthusiasm about challenge, adventure, living fully
  • Divorce and decay of the family system and cultural mores

How can we rebuild a society of confident capable young people who take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their elders? How do we build respect, responsibility and cooperation as the norm?
How do we turn around our education, political and religious institutions to focus on doing Good rather than punishing, protecting and getting enough money?
How do we recreate a culture to support true individual responsibility in every man, woman and child?
How do we teach simple etiquette and ethical behavior?
How do we engender values that lead to realization of greatness in every person?
How do we support a world where everyone is healthy, happy and fulfilled?

I let go of everything that is not for the highest good in my life.
I choose again to live the model I want to see in my world.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Be Flexible and Yielding

Different times require different responses.

The most flexible among us often experiences the greatest success, ease and happiness.
When we are stuck and stubborn, rigid in our responses to life, we often get bumped the most.
The tougher and more righteous we are, the more we meet with resistance.
Learning to respond with "Thank You for caring and for sharing" can give the other enough to let go.

So how do we become willing to be flexible?
Choose to be willing.
Recognize we can only win when no one loses.
Be willing to state your position, once effectively, and then let it go and listen.
Give up arguing for all time.
Making another wrong builds resentment and pay back.
Learn that everyone's perspective is the compilation of their life experiences.
Notice that the truth is in the mind of the believer.
Let go of fear and trust in Love.
Forgive yourself and others for their judgments, opinions, and negativity.
Believe in the Power of Love, Freedom and Trust.
Give everyone the opportunity to be heard and respected.
Be confident in the part you play.
Take nothing personally.
When you have nothing good to say, say nothing.
Keep your eye and mind on the highest outcome for all concerned.
Let Goodness, Kindness and Respect lead the way.

Enough for today.

Loving you in being open and willing,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 19, 2007

Speak Up or Shut Up?

Have we become a generation who thinks that speaking the truth is impolite?
Are we so afraid of hurting someone's feelings that we have stopped speaking at all?
Are we so careful about being nice to get approval that we no longer are honest?
Is it possible that we wait too long to say what needs to be said?

People (children and adults) learn in their relationships with one another.
When we are too busy, too hurt or upset, too scared of consequences that we no longer talk,
we cannot learn how to heal and grow, how to communicate and relate.
When the anger or hurt builds from lack of expression, there can be explosion or depression.

Much of the lack of respect, responsibility and cooperation that seems to be right now,
is only because no one is teaching or modeling how to be in Real Relationship.
Make a list of all the communication withholds you have with someone.
Choose the one communication that seems to be most important.
Ask for an appointed time.
Take time to express and then listen.

If you have completed communication authentically, there will be forgiveness immediately.
If you are not harboring a history of upset, there will be a complete letting go and new beginning.
If you are honest in your communication, there will be an ability to listen to the other express.
If you can conceive of what you want when you have erred, you will be respectful.

I Often forgive and move on without speaking up.
I know it is complete with nothing to do, because I do not think of it again.
If I have a memory or am haunted by an experience, I need to say or do something.
I usually listen within by asking, "How can I heal and clear, teach and learn from this experience?"

Speaking up does not mean attacking, blaming, belittling.
Speaking up means stating your feelings and stating the facts.
Speaking up means making a request for the highest outcome.
Speaking up means owning your own responsibility in the apparent problem.

I feel …when I see….because I ……..
Or I feel….I want ……I am willing………

I am loving you and learning too.
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Loving Your Whole Self Well

How do you love the Essential You really well?
Develop your own practical and accurate list.
Remember each one of us has our own unique journey.
Listen inside!! And Love Your Self Well!

Here is my list>>>>
I come home to a beautiful and peaceful, orderly home.
I drive an efficient comfortable and safe vehicle.
I eat very simply home-prepared foods: Primarily rice, pasta, veggies and fruits.
I take time to settle down before bedtime and sleep really well.
If I am awakened in the night, I get up and listen to Spirit.
I breathe consciously and practice taking life lightly.
I surround myself with loving and inspiring reminders.
I keep my stuff simple, practical and useful.
I have few attachments and let go easily.
I live simply, pay all my bills ahead of time and save money too.
I contribute over 25% of my time and 25% of my income.
I keep my agreements with myself and others.
I give myself permission to leave circumstances that are not healthy.
I do what I love and love what I do.
I go only where I am wanted.
I never give advice or counsel unless specifically requested.
I mind my own business.
I forgive within minutes every judgment, opinion or stuckness I have.
I acknowledge and learn quickly from my mistakes.
I ask no advice from others, unless I truly respect their inner wisdom, experience and Source.
I never argue with anyone.
If I have a fear, worry or concern, I stop, breathe, look and listen within and let go.
I am grateful for all I have and all I give.
I choose happiness above all else.
I hold no position. When opposed I let go and learn.
I never quit on Love.
I listen within and follow the path of inspiration.
I create partnerships which are truly helpful, healthy and cooperative.
I build community with those who are happy willing learners.
I give praise and credit to the Power of Love within that inspires and leads my life.

Peace is my goal.
Happiness is my guide.
Love is the Way.
Forgiveness is my work.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stress or Distress?

How do you de-stress when you are distressed?

Breathe deep into your belly.
Pray for guidance and encouragement.
Choose peace for yourself and your world.
Sing a song in your mind that lightens your thoughts.
Extend love to someone with a smile.
Bless the world around you.
Be grateful for who you are and what you give.
Lay your body down and relax.
Trust God in all things.
Forgive all judgments, fears and past hurt.
Lighten up your intention by enjoying what is.
Dance, walk, move and breathe.
Clean up so part of your life, your house, car, closet, desk.
Plant a garden or water your plants.
Play with children or pets with full appreciation.
Seek beauty in nature and give thanks.
Watch or ready something warm and loving.
Love yourself and your whole life.
Take a warm shower or soak in a tub.
Read something inspirational.
Create something new and fun.
Write a thank you note.

Life can be stressful.
How we handle it is our choice.
Love yourself by learning how to respond with peace and be happy.

Loving you, Betty Lue

This makes me laugh with gladness in my heart!

Before we walk. We try another approach...

Yup. We already just love to shop like Mommy.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Whether you believe in mercury in retrograde or not…..glitches sometimes happen!

Have you noticed communications getting messed up?
Has any technology stopped working?
Has there been confusion in messages being missed or misheard?
Have your plans been disrupted or experienced interference?

Whenever we experience things not working, rather than blaming someone or feeling guilty,
simply choose again to be clear, concise and direct.
Remember negative emotions cause more interference and block the flow of healing and positive energy.

Be responsible by being able and willing to respond with forgiveness and respect.
Be responsible by being open to being mistaken.
Be responsible by choosing again for the highest and best you know.
Be responsible by staying at peace and extending Love.

Trust Love is the healing Power.
Trust forgiveness clears the Way.
Trust Peace is the way to Joining.
Trust Happiness is our natural state.

Give your best to everyone all the time.
Especially give yourself the very best you know in thoughts, emotions and inspiration.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Enjoying every moment!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do You Know How to Love You?

It often takes a lifetime of exploration to discover what works.
And then again what loves you this day may not love you tomorrow.

"Are you willing to ask and listen to your whole Self to discover what loves you right now?"

Every expert has an answer.
Every self help book knows the right way.
Those who need quiet recommend sitting in stillness.
Those who need exercise tell you how to sweat.
Those who have a spiritual practice will recommend it.

To know you is to love you.
To find your right way is your life project and the gift you give to yourself.
Explore. Experiment. Discover. Enjoy.
Listen inside to your mind, your body, your emotions, your Spirit.

Mostly I need to work and move and do things quickly and effortlessly.
Mostly I benefit from being loving and happy.
Mostly I value eating and living a very simple, clean and conscious life.
Mostly I like lots of time teaching, coaching and inspiring.
Mostly I like silence and focus at home.
Mostly I enjoy and appreciate every minute of my expenditure of time, money and energy.
Mostly I listen within and honor exactly what I hear.
Mostly I take impeccable care of my whole Self.

Sometimes I forget.
Sometimes I overdo.
Sometimes I underdo.
Sometimes I have a wakeup call.
And I learn.

That's it. That is me loving me. Right here and now.

Loving you too,
Betty Lue

Holistic Day Spa on Saturday will be fabulous.
Come if you can.
Sending blessings always works for you and for the recipients.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Is Every Day!

While we seem to set aside special days to remember special events, everyday is the day to Love!

Life is for Giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving your Authentic Self that you recognize the Gift You Are.

We can diminish or exalt ourselves.
We can say our Love doesn't make a difference and belittle our part in the grand scheme of Life.
We can make ourselves the special One and claim powers of extraordinary proportions.
The ego will play both parts and then judge others for doing the same.

The Truth is each and every One is important to the Whole.
When any cell is not fulfilling its function, the body is impacted.
When any individual is withholding their Love or pushing their Greatness, no one benefits.
Yet, when we claim our authentic and essential part to play in the Good of the whole, all are blessed.

Yes, You are important to me.
Your warm smile touches my heart.
Your thankful words bless my life.
You make a difference in my life.

You are a teacher.
You teach by how you live and love and give.
You teach with words and in silent thoughts of forgiveness.
You teach by what you do with your time, energy and resources.

You are creating are world.
Your vision, your hope and dreams make a difference.
Your thoughts create.
Your responses to the worlds events engender healing or fear.

You are a mighty beautiful and bountiful presence in our world.
Your Presence makes a difference to everyone everywhere.
Trust this and live the best life your know giving the best that you have.
You will see and feel, hear and know you are making a difference.

I love you and bless your life.
Thank you for blessing mine.
Betty Lue

Don’t forget to love yourself really well, as you reach out with Love to others.
Whether you are 21 months or an ageless wonder, you are making a difference!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Benefit Those You Love

Our greatest gift to those around us is to teach by example.
Words are meaningless when we forget what we are teaching.
Words create resistance when we do not live what we preach.
Words are barriers to real relationship when we neglect to give our best.

Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation are the key needs in all relationships.

How do we teach respect?
Treat everyone with equal respect.
No matter how they behave, treat all with the kindness you would give a guest in your home.
No matter who they are, remember simple courtesies, like please and thank you.

How do we teach response ability?
By being responsible…always giving our best.
Take such good care of yourself that you are available for the requests of others.
Be on time, be clear and concise.
Respect others' time and timing.
Make appointments to talk with no interruptions.
Give the other your full attention.
Set aside other tasks or ask to talk later when you have time.
Keep your agreements or change them ahead of time with apologies for the inconvenience.
Acknowledge that every9one's time is important.

Cooperation is best taught and practiced after establishing a trusting and respectful relationship.
Life is a classroom with everyone a teacher and everyone a student.
Take time to assess the needs of all participants.
Honor the language, the current state and willingness of all parties.

When you are not experiencing the level of relationship you want, forgive all and choose again.
New beginnings are helpful to return to the basic awareness state.
Check out both inner and outer cues.
Listen within to get clear about how to proceed.
Always respect yourself and others.
See beneath the surface personality.
Focus on the Good that wants to shine through.
Give everyone credit and appreciation for their level of willingness.
Begin again with the desired outcome in mind.
Create an inner vision of the highest Good for All.

Holding you in the Highest regard.
Taking responsibility for the quality of our relationship.
Cooperating with God in you and me and seeing us loving one another endlessly,
Betty Lue

This is how I love you and you and you!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Why not just give your best to everyone?
Would your world change if you extended Love to everyone you encounter?
Would you not teach everyone you meet to extend Love as well?
Can you see that our Real Work here is to Love everyone?

Now what is this thing we call Love?

Not infatuation.
Not romance.
Not commit to care for.
Simply seeing the Goodness and Beauty within All.

Spiritual Love is Trusting.
This is the trust that believes in and supports the Presence of Love in all.
This is the trust that encourages people to learn from the consequences of their choices.
This is the trust that believes life is a learning lab where we all are healing and growing.

Spiritual Love is freeing.
This is the freedom that supports letting go, choosing again and moving on.
This is the freedom that invites exploration, transformation and renewal.
This is the freedom that encourages ourselves to be authentic and to live in integrity.

I love you.
I trust you to choose what is best for you.
I free you to follow your heart without my clinging or expectations.
I trust you without fear or worry for your wellbeing.

I love you.
I give you my best in each moment.
I forgive myself when I forget to take impeccable care of myself and our relationship.
I choose again to be the Real Me, the authentic, loving freeing and trusting me.

I wish you a happy Loving Reminder's Day!
May this and every day be an opportunity for you to remember the Love is in you now!
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Peace Is Our Goal

Peace is our Goal.
Our life purpose is being truly happy.
And our function is to forgive everything that is not peace and happiness.

Full day today and the 22 month old twins just had their first overnight with us.
Yeah! What fun and exploring..

All is well for sure. The sun in shining in my heart!

Off to talk at Unity of Antioch on Relationships: The Path to Awakening.
Then back to Alameda for Miracles and Master Mind.
Then a Day spa logistics meeting.
Then some clients in my office in Pleasant Hill.
What an awesome and wonderful spirit-guided and inspiring life.

This is my Joy, so this is what God gives me.

Loving you in living your Joy!!

Betty Lue

Happy Girls!
Life is so wonderful when we know we are loved!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Peace in the Present

What causes overwhelm is past-future tripping.
What creates fatigue is judging, comparing, evaluating.
What makes us crazy is trying to analyze, figure it out and decide.
What is right and wrong, better or worse, true or false, good or bad?

God goes with us wherever we go.
Love is within us now.
Peace is just a breath away.
The gift is in the present moment.

I can think my way into heck or hell.
Or I can forgive my way into peace and heaven.
I can choose for myself, making up that I know.
Or I can let go, listen and trust, there is Good in me that knows.

What would life be like, if we learned to listen within?
What if we can be as a child and let Love lead the way?
How fun, safe and easy would life be, if we trusted there is a Voice in us that knows!
How can we remember God and Good and Love are with us wherever we go.

The Gift is in remembering the Good is right here.
The Miracle is perceived when we realize Love is Present.
The Joy within inspires us to do and say what is healing.
The Light we radiate lights our way and inspires others.

Meditation, breathing, walking, cooking, singing, living is returning to the joy of right Now.
In the present moment, miracles of healing, peace,joy, creativity and laughter await you.
Staying present without judging anything is the freedom and trust of pure Love.
Give yourself a moment today of fun, safe and easy…life in bliss.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

You are created by Goodness, therefore You are Good.
You are created by Love, therefore, You are Love.
You are created by the Unlimited, therefore You are Unlimited.
To think less of yourself is to believe your Creator is wrong!
Pretty silly!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Awareness without Judgment is Healing!

Awareness with forgiveness is healing.
Awareness with peace is healing.
Awareness with Love is healing.
Awareness with acceptance is healing.
Awareness with neutrality is healing.

All things change.
Change works together for Good.
Where we judge, we block the flow.
Where we judge we stop change.

Judgment literally stops the movie and holds the frame in place in our minds.
What we fixate on, we experience more of until we breathe, relax and allow life to move on.
When we are willing to must get on with living, we support the natural healing process.
When we are open and trusting, transformation happens and change heals.

When you get stuck….simply Forgive and choose again.
Betty Lue

Here is the simple and effective 7 step process, I was given by Spirit in the mid 70's!

Seven Steps to Awakening

Notice what is working and not working in your life. Let every upset be a wakeup call.

Confess your conscious and unconscious errors of omission and commission.

Forgive yourself for forgetting your values. Forgive the past mistakes of self and others.

With a quiet mind and open heart, listen within for what is Real and True in Loving you!

Say "yes" to your inner guidance and clear away your doubts and fears.

Consciously receive All Good the Universe has in store for you.

Respect, value and honor all that is given to you with gratitude and joy.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Relationships' Responsibilities

What are we responsible for in our relationships?

Responsibility means our ability to respond.
If we are not present with our best, we are limited or unable to respond.
Our responsibility is to take impeccable care of ourselves, so we can respond with our best.
When we have erred in our impeccable self care, have neglected or abused ourselves we feel guilt.
Our guilt causes us to blame those with whom we are in relationship or withdraw our love.

So I ask myself: "How can I be fully responsible and able to respond with love?"

First, I can communicate directly, effectively, simply and without blame or guilt, what is true for me.
"Right now I am feeling….and I want (prefer, choose, commit, etc.)….and I am willing to ….in order to facilitate having exactly what I want."

My example in this moment: "Right now I am feeling rushed, focused and commit to giving the best I have from within my highest self.
I am willing to breathe, trust and know that all is perfectly provided for in this and every moment. "

Second, I can choose to give the best I have knowing that Spirit within me will fulfill my needs.
I can rest and trust and freedom. I can freely give the best I have. I can trust that my love will shine thru.

Third, I can listen within. I can listen to you. I can trust that my choice to love with full communication, and a willingness to give my best is exactly what is my responsibility.

When I am consistently giving my best to those around me, blame and guilt fade into nothingness.
I realize I am a gift of Love.
I fear nothing.
I encourage everything good and beautiful and loving.
I create meaningful communication.
I simplify my interactions.
I have a peaceful mind and an open heart.

Are you giving your best to your loved ones?
Or do they get what is left after you have given the best away?
Is there anyway you could give the best to those you live with?
Is there a way you can give the best to yourself?

To love everyone equally, with the best you have, eliminates, guilt, blame and fear.

Loving you consciously,
Betty Lue

You matter to me.
You matter to God.
Your matter to your world.
Make sure you matter to yourself.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Aging…Maturing…Getting Older…

"You only hurt yourself when you're not expanding and growing.
Many people can't stand the thought of aging, but it's the crystallized thought patterns and inflexible mind-sets that age people before their time. You can break through and challenge your crystallized patterns and mind-sets.
That's what evolution and the expansion of love are really about."
Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart

Is it possible we have so attached to the commercialization of youth and physical beauty that we have disowned the value of wisdom, maturity, experience, and the healing power of our elders?

Is it possible that you are participating in the mass conscious beliefs without realizing that you are losing value rather than gaining anything?

Is it possible that our culture is like the teen who thinks he knows it all and can do it all on his own, making the wise ones seem superfluous?

Is it possible that we are throwing away the richness, the abundance, the unlimited resource of infinite intelligence, unconditional love and true hope of greater things yet to come?

Is it time to be pleased with our mellowing, ripening with age?

Is it possible that the best and easiest times are those as we grow in faith and generosity and kindness?

Is it possible that our families will work once again when we bring them together with the elders?

Consider these things and we may begin to lose our fear, resistance and separation from one another.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Needing Your Support

Prayer, Vision, Inspiration, Participation and Affirmation for the Highest Good of All!
Together in love and faith, all things are possible!
Since we have worked together learning to better love ourselves, our family and our world,
I invite you to join with me in this manifestion of joyful co-creativity!!
This is a gift to me and to ourselves.
Joining for the Highest Good is what we are here to remember and realize.

Creating a Fabulous fund raiser with over 25 people participating as producers, promoters, presenters and personal services providers for Home of Truth Spiritual Center on
, February 17 from 9-4 PM.
"Loving You Well"
is the theme to Nurture Mind, Body and Spirit.

With just 11 days to go, we need participants to be excited to register and do it now!
The Center will be ready. The staff is excited. The food is planned. The program is abundant.

Now we need You to send us your friends, your family, those you know living in the Bay Area.

I recognize that this is a little piece in the grand scheme of things.
Beginning with our family housekeeping chores and peaceful conversations with everyone we meet
This is the way we begin to co-create peace on Earth and Good Will among humanity.
We all need to give and receive with the grand expectation of learning the joy of giving for the pure joy!

True prosperity is established one moment at a time.
The Peace of God extends from one heart to another.
Valentine's Day is not just for lovers but for all of us to remember to love one another.
Let us always say YES to those who ask for joining (unless it does harm to anyone.)

I thank you and bless you for being my happy willing partners!
I am blessed to have you in my life in cconsciousness, in prayer and in happy cooperation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Please share this information and the flyer (menu bar to the left) with those you know.
Also personally invite those you might think would benefit, including yourselves.
And know…no one will be turned away due to lack of fund.
We are here to serve the highest and best in everyone, one person at a time!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Love is giving without conditions.
Love is sharing the best you have.
Love is forgiving others before they ask.
Love is letting go of resistance and defensiveness.
Love is taking good care of you
Love is saying the highest truth.
Love is releasing guilt and resentment.
Love is taking responsibility for any upset.
Love is being patient and kind.

Love is what we are here for.
Love is the healing of past, present and future.
Love is more than a feeling.
Love is Who We Are.
Love is healing.
Love clears the way to compassion.
Love is respectful.
Love cooperates.
Love enjoys.
Love is grateful.
Love is expansive.
Love does not discriminate.
Love is loving All.
Love is simple and natural.

I am loving you for loving me,
Betty Lue
And this is Love! Two really good friends, Grandpa and Sofia!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where Does Your Time Go?

Time is a gift to be used like money.
The way we use our time, money and energy demonstrates what we value.
How we spend our time either opens the flow of prosperity in our lives or depletes the flow.
When we give time to negativity, worry and fear, we shut down our joy, peace, abundance and Love.

First things First.
Fill your life with what you Love. (or find some way to Love it!)
Spend your thinking time, your speaking time and your doing time on what inspires you.
Give yourself to Love and Love will give to you.

What are your priorities, your life purpose and mission, your goals.
Give all you think and do and say to what you believe in.
Train your mind to look at what y ou want. (not what you don't want!)
Train your self to keep track of how you spend your time and give to what is Good for you.

I spend 23 hours/week with children and 5 hours in transportation to and from their homes.
During that time I make phone calls and write thank you notes. (Robert drives!)
I spend about 15 hours/wk at the Home of Truth Spiritual Center , plus 10 hrs doing business for them.
I spend about 10-15 hours with clients on phone and in person, and 10 hrs with groups.
I care for my other Center for Conscious Living only 1-2 hrs/ weekly (Get organized and keep it simple!)
I give about five hours/week to these loving reminders and another 5 responding to email.
I only do 1 hr/wk on bookkeeping and business, about 4 on house chores and errands.
My personal care time 5 hrs/wk, inspiration and recreation about 10 hrs. and sleep with naps 50 hrs.
That all adds up to my full time job—balancing my life with what I love, what loves me and great Joy!
(PS I get paid for about 20 hrs/week in a financial way, but I get paid abundantly for every hour I spend!)

My use of time has varied a lot over my 64 years.. I find when I do too little or sit too long, I am not as energized or joyful. I find all I do, inspiring and creative. I may find some time later to paint and songs.
For now I am in love everyday and share the love and spirit guided inspiration I feel.

Each life, your life is your own creative. Design it to reflect what is highest and best for you.
Never let a day go by feeling you are stuck. Life is constant choice.

Give yourself the gift of know you are free to choose how you spend this moment.
In love or fear? In joy or pain? In freedom or limitation? In peace or in conflict?

Choose to use each moment well…..

Loving you,
Betty Lue

See the "Day Spa" button in the left menu column for one of the places I give my time:
This is a fun and fund raiser for THOTSC!
Let me know if you want to play as participant, presenter or provider!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life is For Giving

When we are not forgiving, we are not giving our Essence, our Love, our Highest Truth.
When we are forgiving, we are present in a new moment giving our highest and Best.

When we are telling the "truth", we are dumping and purging the critical fearful truth we have learned.
When we are giving what and who We Are for higher and Holy purposes, the Truth we tell is always to Awaken and Love us all into remembering.
When we recognize the all criticism, blame, built, resentment, withholds, hurt and furt blocks Love, we are willing to truly erase the past and remember Love.

Remember Love and Return to Wholeness.

One "trick" to healing mind, body and spirit is to look for someone or something to Love with All your heart and mind and soul…..a baby, a sunset, a creative expression, a song, someone who needs you!

When you free the blocks, forgetting your separate self, you remember that Loving is your natural State.

Loving is the reason for your being.
Loving is Life itself.
Remember to Love.
It is the way to remembering the Self, the Source and the One We aRe!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Some of the added principles from our readers for Loving relationships!
  1. Support those in partnership, relationship with through honesty, integrity and unconditional love.
  2. Listen without advising.
  3. Be willing to be your authentic Self in all you do, with all to whom you relate.
  4. Live love, be love and it will expand your consciousness, your love-light immeasurably, in both tangible and non-tangible ways.
  5. Listening and hearing what is said verbal and nonverbal. (including myself)