Sunday, December 31, 2006

End 2006 with Honorable Closure

How do we close the year gone by?
  • With Forgiveness of our regrets and disappointments.
  • With acknowledgement for what we have learned and taught.
  • With appreciation for what we have given and received.
  • With validation for what we have accomplished.
  • With blessing for what is released, finished and completed.
  • With our gratitude for having been present with the Best we knew.

And how do we begin the year to come?
  • With quiet inner listening for what is to be.
  • With enthusiasm about the vision we hold.
  • With commitment to the priorities we set.
  • With support for what we hope to accomplish.
  • With appreciation for our willingness to go for it.
  • With trust in our God, our Source and our inner spirit.
  • With freedom to be happy and on purpose.

And how to we spend the day?
  • With consciousness of our value in simply being present.
  • With appreciation for showing up and being aware.
  • With willingness to handle, heal and learn from our feelings.
  • With choice to take impeccable care of ourselves.
  • With honesty about our Higher Truth and inner calling.
  • With respect for our Selves, our Source and all those we encounter.
  • With acceptance of what is here now, fully responding with Love.
  • With commitment to give our very Best in everyone.

By now you are aware, my life is based on serving the Highest Good for the One We are.
No one is special, or for the egos who resist, "All are equally special in the sight of God."

Every one of us is here for a holy and healing purpose.
Each one of us can easily awaken to our value when we know it is safe to be the Love we are.
Each one of us is willing to share the Truth we know, when we feel appreciated for our inner Light. Begin with yourself.
Write the Truth you hear when you listen in stillness.
There is no sin.
All mistakes are experiences we have judged.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
All upsets are wakeup calls to look again.
All judgments are a call for Love.
The time is now to let go and let the Good in You be known, loved and given to your world.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Time to Forgive

Life is for giving!
When we are giving the gift of our Love, we are living Love!
When we are contributing our joy, we are happy!
When we are offering are peace, we are peaceful!

When we forget to give, we are in stuck.
When we are stuck and not giving ouselves, we experience pain and dis-ease.
When we are withholding the Love we are, because we fear or judge, we cannot see clearly.
When we are unhappy and in conflict, we offer confusion, distortion and upset.

Life is for giving.
Dump the toxic material in the toilet of life.
Do not puke or poop on others or on yourself or God, but let it go with ease and gratitude.
Clear the way to be giving only the highest and best by letting go of the rest.

Life is for giving.
It is in giving ourselves fully that we really recognize the Gift we are.
When we are withholding, defending or resisting Loving, we experience of lack, littleness and limitation. In the experience of lack, littleness and limitation, we are afraid, separate and disconnected from Source.

It is fun, safe and easy to forgive.
It is fun, safe and easy to Give.
It is fun, safe and easy to Love.
It is fun, safe and easy to receive Love.

Life is fun, safe and easy when we are willing to undo and release what is un true.
Life is abundant, magnificent and miraculous when we let go of our fear of Loving.
Life is Spirit-guided, inspired and inspiring when we live the Love we are.
Life is joyful, loving and peace-filled when we freely express the Highest and Best we know.

Let us commend ourselves to Spirit and commit ourselves to Love.
We are the Ones to remember Love is our Natural State, the reason for our Being Here.
When we are living our Purpose and giving our Best to everyone always, we are whole and happy.
Life is for giving. Let's go for it Now!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 29, 2006

Relax and Let Go

Someone asked if I was having a relaxing and restful holiday this year.
I thought you might like to know how a peaceful and loving spirit-guided me experiences the holidays.
Just for a little piece of my everyday peace.

This holiday has been event-filled. My 85 year old mother has been with us for the last 11 days. It is a blessings that she is not only very well, but happy and fulfilled in her rich life of service in Asheville, NC. We have spent almost seven full days with family, either in their home, (Fresno, Petaluma, Alameda) or ours in Pleasant Hill, plus several days of inspiration at the spiritual center in Alameda, Friday Fellowship in Pleasant Hill and caroling locally on Christmas Eve and attending a candlelight service at our local Unitarian Church, which of which Mom is a member in Asheville.

Pumpkin, apple and chocolate Pies and my special sour cream coffee cake, all from scratch, turkey and homemade stuffing, salads and veggies, and much more, since I totally love to cook (a meditation for me.) Beautiful music, lots of card games (hand and foot is a family tradition), three movies (Pursuit of Happiness (GREAT), Nativity Story (Good), and Who Killed the Electric Car? (Ugh, hard truth to get, but we have a fabulous Prius so that helps!) and Monk (Mom's favorite). Still with all that everyday loving reminders, several emergencies and lots of appreciation and good news too! When viewed rightly everything can be seen as a blessing.

As we near the New Year, I am reevaluating the year gone by, taking note of all the accomplishments, gifts of learning and blessed events. I am forgiving, where I have over-given or under-appreciated what has been. I am giving thanks for the Spirit of Good that lives in me and through me. I am so honored to be available to share, as I receive and teach what I am learning, remind everyone of what I am here to remember. This is especially a time to choose wisely the direction of my next days and years, by letting go of those things, people and thoughts which hinder the full free expression of God and Good within me. Where I am critical, doubtful or fearful, I am called to either change my attitude or forgive and choose again. God, the Infinite Source of Power, Presence and Love, wants us all happy and free. So I choose happiness and freedom, trusting only and always in the Love I Am.

May this be the gift you give yourself this New Year's as well.

Loving and reminding us all as One,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 28, 2006

All Are Special

Holidays seem to be a time of friends and family, those nearest and dearest to us.
Holidays seem to be the time of forgotten memories emerging from the archives of the past.
Nearing the end of 2006, we may need to sort through inner photos and let go of those unhappy ones.
So much of life is spent on remaking what didn't work, instead of simply moving on.

Every relationship is a holy and healing encounter.
Every being holds an opportunity to find more love.
Every holiday is a time to renew the holiness within.
When we reclaim our holiness, we can begin anew.

With those near or far, known or unknown, simply send them the message of their wholeness.
With those experiences in history, bless them for revealing the places of needed healing and love.
With those encounters that seem less than perfect, simply return with your own spiritual paint brush.
White out with forgiveness and paint in the profound love and respect love holds for all beings.

Life is our opportunity to choose the paintings we wish to live with.
Those who are attached to everything, find their inner walls cluttered with meaningless mistakes.
Those who let go with ease and gratitude, find their inner field sparkling with the highest and best.
Those who are confused about their worth may even see what is received as reflecting their value.

Take time to release from your inner gallery anything that does not please you and lift your spirits.
Take time to clean out the storehouse of your mind what brings dark feelings of fear and guilt.
Take time to say "NO" to all unwanted clutter of limiting beliefs, mistaken choices and dark deeds.
Take time to expunge from your spiritual history whatever was limited, lacking and belittling.

Love yourself into the New Year.
Trust your spirit-guided and Love-based choices.
Free your Whole and Holy Self to live abundantly with joy and gratitude.
Love Your Self Well today.

Loving you and Me for the special creative and unlimited Beings we are.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Quiet time

This is a quiet week for many.

This is time to reflect on the year gone by.
Time to let go with forgiveness everything that does not serve you.
Time to appreciate the lessons learned, gfts given and received.
Time to honor the blessings of your life as it is right now.

When we give ourselves stillness, it is for listening within.
When we give ourselves quiet, it is time for prayer and praise.
When we give ourselves alone time, it is for valuing our whole life.
You are a gift and life reflects the gift you give in being fully alive.

Forgive and let go.
Forgive and undo.
Forgive and release whatever is not true.
Forgive and learn to receive what is valuable and erase the valueless.

Appreciate and celebrate.
Give thanks for the blessings you have.
Give thanks for the blessing you are.
Give thanks for the willingness to live life abundantly.

Breathe and envision your future.
Breathe and fill yourself with inspiration.
Breathe and open to the infinite.
Breathe and listen to your inner guidance.

Life is forgiving and you are the gift.
It is in giving the gift of yourself that you realize the gift you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Where I learn, I celebrate.
Where I resist, I hurt myself.

This life really is a university.
There is always learning going on.
Where we are attached, protective, fearful or judging, we feel upset.

Just when I think I know what the world will do with my gifts, I am surprised.
Everyone feels blessed by the gifts I give. (Good affirmation to heal and clear.)
The gifts I refer to are not material, but are gifts of Spirit. (Happy labor in birthing new ideas and vision, positive labor in clearing, cleaning and renewal, inspired labor in inviting, encouraging and blessing.)

Why does the world fear Love?
Why do people judge what is given with Joy?
Why does humanity resist change?
Why do folks fear new growth, adventure and the unknown?

To better understand, I begin with myself…
What allows me to enjoy, trust and even look forward to new beginnings?
I embrace the unknown…
I am certain God is present in all things created in Love, by Love for the purpose of Loving.

Then I ask, how might I be different than those who resist and resent?
Many others seem to fear the unknown….
They seem to doubt and distrust the Presence of Good in what is given and created by Love and Joy.
They seem to resist and resent the giver, the gift and the experience of receiving what is given.

Then I look deeper.
What is the reason for doubt, distrust, resistance and resentment? For making the Good seem bad?
When anyone feels guilt for any reason (self judgment, comparison, withholding love, blame or shame), they either criticize the giver or withdraw their own gifts of Love.
When others feel guilty or less than, they may seek to diminish the other rather than lift themselves.

So what can I do?
This is always the final and best question to ask myself!!!!
I can stop letting anyone's lack of love hurt me (personal self or little girl inside)
I can forgive myself for letting other's fears stop me in any way.
I can forgive our world for teaching that change is dangerous, difficult, or bad.
I can replace fear thoughts with love thoughts, dark thoughts with light thoughts.
I can extend love and peace where there appears to be a lack of love and peace.

I am grateful for this loving reminder of how to respond always with Love,
Betty Lue

Kona Coast, Hawaii Spring Retreat
March 25-28 "Living On Purpose" with Betty Lue and Robert
This would be a great gift to give yourself this year. Another retreat with us in July as well!
Life changing, fun, safe and easy with lots of loving, laughing and learning.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Blessings

My sincere wish for all of us is that we forgive what is not Love and awaken to the Love within.
In condemnation, we are stuck.
In Innocence, we are free.
In fear, we are diminished.
In Love, we are magnified.
In regret, we are self-concerned.
In Joy, we are selfless givers.
In conflict, we are restrained.
In Peace, we are unlimited.

Each child is a holy child.
Each child's Love can awaken us All.
Each child's gifts are precious.
Each child's expression must be encouraged.
Each child lives in everyone.
Each child's Peace can bring Peace to our world.

From simple and humble beginnings the Great Ones have come to teach us the riches lie within us All.
From those willing to release the past and Love in the Present, we find our way to Goodness and Light.
May you love, appreciate and enjoy the Innocent Child within You and EveryOne.
May you know the Peace of God this day.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Here is one Innocent child wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in the lap of his 85 year old Great Grandmother. (my Mom).

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas Prayer

Dear One and All,
Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Sufi, Jew, Moslem, Hindu and whatever else you may call your faith.

By whatever name or path we come together, every encounter is holy.
Whatever excuse we use to engage in dialogue, celebration, or even arguments, all encounters are holy.
However we say prayers of gratitude, forgiveness, request or just plain crying out, our words are holy.
Whomever we see as brother, friend or foe, the family of man is holy.

Holy is another word for whole, good and beautiful.
Holy is the way we see through the woundedness of history to the holiness inside all.
Holy is the password to healing. As we love, we heal. As we reveal, we heal.
In our healing, we see all are created whole and holy.

My prayer for us is that we let go of our apparent differences and see our oneness.
We are united in our divinity and humanity.
We are here to heal our fearful perceptions.
We are called to remember forgiving corrections.

As we stop seeing our differences, we can claim:
United we stand, divided we fall.
Forgiveness heals anything and everything.
Our history does not define our future.

I know we all see safety and security for our children.
I know we all want to belong and contribute.
I know we all want to love and be loved.
I know we all want freedom to express and care.

This is enough for me to know, we are brothers and sisters.
Young and old, rich and poor, simple and sophisticated…Underneath the apparent surface differences there is One call to fully and freely be who we are here to be.

May this season symbolize the birth, the new beginning of a conscious recognition that humanity is all seeking the same Peace, the same Love, the same inner Joy and the same Freedom to be.

I am loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue,
Betty Lue
Wishing you a wonderful holiday of inner quiet and outer appreciation.

These two little 19 month old girls are learning to share the joys of working and playing together.
Everything we do is so much easier when there are two or more of us.

If they can learn to work together, even with laughter and the tears of frustration, so can we.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth begins with Peace in me.
So I am laying down to breathe, reflect, rest body and mind.
Here it is two hours before family arrives and I am called to rest for 20 minutes or so.

What is it that is my real gift?
The Peace of God.
The Peace that is a quiet mind.
The Peace that is my inheritance.
The Piece of God that I AM.
The Peace that brings hope and joy.
The Peace that follows forgiveness.
The Peace that awakens us to gratitude.
The Peace that make us feel safe and secure.
The Peace that gives us understanding.
The Peace that reminds me there is only Love.
The Peace that heals.
The Peace that we are here to reclaim.

May I remember today and in every gathering to represent the Peace of God I AM.
May is give myself to Love and give the Piece of God I have been given to Live.
May we, you and I be united in this simple offering to the Light and Love within each one.
I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 22, 2006

Spirit of the Season

Everything you think, say and do is teaching everyone everywhere.

Ask yourself:
Is my life an example of what I want my world to be learning?
Is my life representing the spirit of Love in which I believe?
Is my life inspiring me to live abundantly, speak gratefully and act joyfully?

We are the LIGHT of the World.
This is our only function.
We represent the Love of God and God's Goodness.
This is our true calling.

Everyone is welcome in our spiritual family.
This season is an opportunity to reclaim our natural innocence and inner joy.
Winter Solstice
With the dark and the cold, we can rekindle the light and the warmth inside.
The true gifts remain how we love, appreciate and care for one another.
Nativity Story
A miracle of Love, faith and courage to remind us how much we are loved by God.
Singing invites togetherness, breathing and inspiration to lift our minds and open our hearts.
Remembering those who have been forgotten is a spiritual remembering "all are precious."
Feasting and Festivities
Celebrate with moderation in all things to respect those who have nothing. Be grateful.
Self Care for Over-givers
Take time to be still and listen, be grateful you are able and receive the gifts you give.
Self Care for the Lonely and Depressed
Reach out to others who have greater needs than you by phone, card, or visit. Help someone else.
This is the greatest healer for our world of illness, suffering and fear. Forgive yourself and your past.
New Year Preparation
To be ready for a new beginning let go of everything that is not wholly helpful and truly loving.
Letting Go
Release all stuff, all emotional baggage and all memories that are not inspiring and life-giving.

Life is a gift we can receive gratefully, give joyfully and live lovingly.
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why Resist Christmas?

Saw the Nativity Story yesterday….Very well done and as true to the original story as they could know.
Read the piece written below by an astrologer…clarifying his position on Jesus.
Learned some fundamental Christians are teaching no Santa Claus for children. I still believe!!
Am contemplating and writing my Christmas Eve talk for Sunday morning service.
I will be reading The Littlest Angel, written in the 40's and read by me every year at least once.
And noticing that I am recovering from a cold/cough and exploring the "giving with resistance" factor,
I have some thoughts for me (and You!).

When you want to sleep you turn away from or turn off the lights.
When you don't want to hear, you may plug your ears, wince or growl at the noisemaker.
When you feel bad about not giving, you may resist receiving or compete in over-giving.
When you feel guilty about negative thinking, words or actions, you may criticize the givers.
When you feel lacking, limited or inadequate, you may withdraw, sulk and resent what is given.
This time of year can and will bring up all kinds of yucky thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

Christmas is a time of joy.
If you are the "bah humbug" type, you may try to squelch others' enthusiasm.
Christmas is a time of Love.
If you fear love, afraid to give and receive love, you may try to deny and negate the one loving you.
Christmas is a time of peace.
If you are conflicted about what to believe and practice, you may get stressed, argue and be angry.

Christmas is a time for you to give birth to the Real You, the natural innocence within.
Christmas is a time for you to remember the Love you Are, and to shine it like a star.
Christmas is a time for you to experience the joy of giving unconditionally, to share the Love you feel.
Christmas is a the remembering of natural joy, innocent love and the Peace (piece) of God You Are.

When you realize you are resisting your own birth, you can relax and be gentle with your Labor.
When you recognize you are turning away from de Light, you can polish your Light with Joy.
When you notice others' stress and fear and resistance, you can and will Love them anyway.
Nothing you can do can change Eternal LOVE….Always and forever true about you and All.

There are no solutions…just patience, balance, trust and freedom.

Love the ones you are with…Yourself, your pets and plants, your memories, your creations, your neighbors, your teachers, your students, your critters outside, your music, your family and friends.
Happy Holidays and let the labor commence. Abundant life happens when we stop resisting.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

By astrologer Rob Brezny

Fundamentalist Christians send me hate mail. Religious zealots in ten
cities have banned one of my books. Along with meditation, yoga, and sex
for fun, the Vatican has declared astrology, one of my occupations, to be
dangerous to your spiritual health.

All of these haters would be shocked if they learned that Jesus Christ is
one of the Main High Dudes in my pantheon of gods. They seem to believe
that people like me -- goddess-worshiping tantric sufi Qabalist Buddhist
pagans who hang around with zen trickster witches and espouse a
socialist libertarian political philosophy -- couldn't possibly have an
intimate relationship with the cosmic hero they claim to own. They must
think they have commandeered the trademark of one of the sweetest
avatars in history!

But I do have an intimate relationship with Jesus. How could I not? He was
a champion of women's rights, a threat to the established political order,
and a radical spiritual activist who worked outside religious institutions.
The dude owned nothing and was a passionate advocate for the poor and
underprivileged. He was uncompromisingly opposed to violence and war.
Besides that, he was a master of love and he devoted his life to serving
the Divine Intelligence. I want to be like him when I grow up!

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle," he said,
"than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." That's a pretty
clear statement of his position towards rightwing accumulators of
property and wealth.

"Love your enemies," he said, "do good to those who hate you, bless
those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." How any
militarist promoting global arms sales and pre-emptive war could claim an
affinity with Jesus is incomprehensible.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter Darkness

Note: My Winter Newsletter is now available. (See menu bar to the left.)

Does this time of cold and dark bring depression or enlightenment?
Do you brood or feel gratitude?
Are you reflecting on the past or envisioning things to come?
Are you finding fault or gaining favor?
Do you reflect with resentment and guilt or with forgiveness and appreciation?
Each moment offers choice in how we use the day: to extend love and buy into fear?

Let's begin with practical possibilities!
When your mind feels, dark, dull, conflicted and confused, fill it with light.
A mind full of light sees only light, reflects light and radiates light to other minds.

Ways to fill your mind with light.
Close your eyes and let sunlight (or lamplight) shine on your forehead for 1-2 minutes.
Breathe fully and freely. (Fearful thoughts and judgments cause us to hold our breath.)
Take time to focus on those ideas, sounds and sights that bring inspiration and joy to mind.
Create something beautiful, inspiring and healthy. (painting, thank you note, meal, craft)
Find someone who needs your kind of loving, listening, and care for them with all your heart.
Watch, read and listen only to good news, movies and music.
Spend time with children, seeing the world of wonder through their eyes.
Contemplate the meaning of your life: what you have learned, given, created and enjoyed.
Plan at least one special adventure (something you have never done) to be taken in the coming year.
Make a list of simple experiences you want to have and give in the next twelve months.
Write a letter of forgiveness to someone from whom you have separated in your lifetime.
Talk to yourself in the mirror about how much you love you.
Find something to make you laugh everyday. There is now laugh therapy. 10 minutes daily......

Literally our job is to clean out the dark and negative archived files in our minds.
We have a responsibility to ourselves and future generations to develop the habit of cleaning the clutter.
We can do the work by making time daily to do our own inventory and choosing again.
Forgiveness is the cosmic eraser and what remains is the Love in which and for which we are created.
Light up your life with Love!

Reminding you to love all by loving you, as we together clear out everything unlike Love,
Betty Lue

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together.
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Is True?

What we believe we make true for ourselves.
What we believe we are teaching others is true by our belief.
Our joy is to believe only those things which are good and wholesome and beautiful.
Our work is to forgive and erase those things which appear bad, unhealthy and negative.

"By their faith they will be healed."
Life is the opportunity to remember what we have forgotten.
Life is the experience we have given ourselves to atune with our spiritual nature.
Life is the opening of mind and heart to listen and follow Spirit within.

While it may appear we are victims of our circumstances or relationships, they are teaching devices.
We are here to remember, learn and teach what is wholly good and wholly loving.

We may let the darkness teach us to be dark, rather than bring our light to the darkness.
We may let fear teach us to be afraid rather than call in the love within from our spiritual Self.
We may let limitations teach us to be limited rather than choose for freedom of belief.
We may let apparent lack teach us to believe in poverty rather than be grateful for our Abundance.

Every circumstance is an opportunity to see it with judgmental 'endarkened' filters or see it differently.
The same circumstance can be perceived and received as curse or blessing, problem or solution.
What we do with life is our learning experience.
Knowing when to "hold 'em, fold 'em, raise 'em or laugh"…is our choice.

In this time of long nights and short days, we are given the option to stay in the dark,
wait for the dawn, or simply listen within and live as the Love and Light we are.

My prayer for us all in this season is to believe in our reason for being here now.
My prayer for us all in this time in history is to consistently live our purpose.
My prayer for us all in our own place in being is to give ourselves the respect we deserve.
My prayer for us all in this moment is to love yourself well and share your love with all others.

We are here to create a world of teaching and learning, giving and receiving the Love We Are.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 18, 2006

Holiday Season

Whatever your reasoning, this is the season of busy shoppers, kids needing something fun to do, lots of last minute urgency and over-spending and over-eating for most folks.

You could do it differently than most folks….
Spend less on gifts and give more in appreciation.
Focus on where you can give and not on what you will get.
Set an inspiring intention for each gathering of the holidays and follow through.
Give your attention to each individual you meet, family, friends and strangers.
Simplify your diet, your home, your activities.
Take time each day to practice something inspirational.
Each evening before falling asleep, give thanks for all the blessings of the day.
Choose one unhealthy habit to stop or minimize.
Start your new healthy lifestyle during the week after Christmas, rather than in the New Year.
Take a true vacation day, doing nothing except what pleases you and gives you joy.

Everyday is an opportunity to begin again.
Where you fail to meet your goals, simply forgive any judgment and choose again.
Perseverance always succeeds.

Life is a process of doing what is true and undoing what is false.
Life is the exploration of discovering what is meaningful and letting go of what is meaningless.
Life is a university of Truth to learning, remembering and teaching what is True and Real for you.
Life is yours and mine to use for our Holy, healing and healthy purposes.

Let it be our everyday Homework to practice, practice, and practice!!

Blessings to one and all,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Light Is In You Now!

The joy of your innocence shines through, when you have forgiven and wholly loved you.
We may be like garbage collectors who have forgotten to take it to the dump.
We may be like "Pigpen", collecting the negativity in the world and forgetting to take a shower.
We may be an empathy who takes on others' pain to heal it in ourselves.
We may be self medicating with numbing substances to hide the inner fears and suffering.

Whatever may be the dim paths we have tried, nothing can erase the Light inside.

Look within to see what is there.
Where you find clutter, clean it out and get clear.
See what you have judged in dark corners of your mind.
When you have forgiven, only Light will you find.

The only mistake we ever make, is when we forget to Love.
The only correction we need to do is stop withholding the Love we are.
So we can be honest and true.

In Love we are created,
By the Love of God.
Love is our life work,
The path on which we trod.

Love is our guide.
It will set us free.
Love brings healing laughter.
In love we're meant to be.

Sounds simple, but it is true.
In love we need to live.
It will always light our way.

Loving you on this and ever holy day,
Betty Lue

Go to my web site for holiday and 2007 schedule of events.
Or call my voicemail at 800-919-2392

Every child deserve to be loved and adored like this.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sage and Simple

At the wedding reception an elderly gentleman offered this simple advice:
"If you are wrong, admit it. If you are right, shut up!"
This will save relationships, stop fighting and create an environment of love and understanding.

The human ego tries to defend, protect and excuse itself when wrong.

Rather than admit error, ignorance and wrong-doing, the fear-based personality often accuses, justifies or blames someone else.
The most effective way to correct relationship stresses is to acknowledge within oneself:
"I feel…..…I want…….. And I am willing to change this in myself…….."

The least effective way to affect change in another is to blame, accuse, punish and make the other feel guilty.
Guilt intimidates, interferes with conscious choice and sets up a repeating pattern

Therefore when we interact and want change, healing and transformation, give the space and mirror of loving kindness with silence.
This allows the other to see and hear themselves without interference.
In this silence there is opportunity to forgive oneself and choose again.

Loving you in the simple way today.
Betty Lue

I will be emailing and posting our calendars of events both in Alameda, Pleasant Hill and travels to NC, MI and HI in 2007.
Let me know if you wish a hard copy via US mail!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Each Day That You Forgive

"Each day that you forgive, the effects of all the world's mistakes are melted as snow into a burning fire. No more guilt, no more karma, no more fear of what may be. For you have met yourself and declared your innocence, and all that follows is as natural as God.

No more birth, nor old death; these were just ideas. If you should come again to help a few more to find the way, so be it; but you are not a body, you are love, and it matters not where love appears to be. For being love, it cannot be wrong. The day will come when pain is impossible, love is everywhere and truth is all there is. You've longed for this forever, often silently and without knowing it. The knowledge of what you are is more certain now, and love has forgotten no one.

The day will come when the world will sing the song of spirit instead of weeping tones that hide the voice for truth. The day will come when there is nothing left to forgive, and celebration with your sisters and brothers is in order.

And then the day will come when there is no more need for days. And you will live as one forever in the holiness of your immortal reality."
(sounds like ACIM . Sent to me by a friend.)

If you attune to these words, soak them up and let them play through your life like the lyrics of the great tabernacle choir. You are all this and more. In you, the Son shines forever and ever without end.

If you do not attune to these words, know this…….
In the greatest darkness, a light must come to show the way.
In times of trial and tribulation, a song must be sung that will awaken the hope of the people.
In times of suffering and sacrifice, someone must prepare a great feast in which all will remember the abundance of Goodness that is theirs.
In times of forgetting, we can be the voice of remembering.
So let it be said, you are that light.
You are the song.
You are the preparer of the feast and the one who remembers.

This is your time.
Be glad you are here to be the One.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Prayers of the Heart

It is not your words that are received and believed, but the prayer of your heart.
Words are simply symbols of symbols, our best representation of our thoughts.
Our heart is expressing its desire for an experience of more love and joy, peace and harmony.
Our ego may be seeking to control the specific outcome, getting more of something for ourselves.

When we are conflicted wanting this and wanting that, we are affirming some of both.
Contradiction in our desires often cancels out results or generates mixed results.
"I want change, but I don't want the uncertainty of changes or to control the changes."
"I want this, unless it causes that…."
Yes, but …what about this…"

It is essential that we recognize when our desire is an avoidance of pain, lack or limitation.
Within the prayer of defensiveness is the experience that we seek to avoid, thus affirming its reality.
The Truth "What you resist, persists", recognizes our creative power to create what we don't want.
When we seek to prevent an experience, our mind pictures that experience we seek to avoid.

Thus prayers of the heart come from a forgiving mind, clear of fear and anger, hurt and defensiveness.
Prayers of the heart come with an enlightened mind which hold no judgments, doubts and uncertainty.
When the mind is quiet, open and receptive, we hear and receive the guidance of Spirit within ourselves.
When we have forgiven our past and are fully present, we can affirm what is True and Whole and Loving.

"My mind automatically erases everything that is no wholly True and Loving."
"I now receive the word of God and Goodness throughout my day.
"Everything I receive, I give and it returns to me multiplied in Goodness and in Peace."
"My life works as I give it to God and the Abundant Love and Wholeness that is my inheritance."

Prayers of the heart need no words.
Prayers of the heart are filled with freedom, faith and Joy.
Prayers of the heart seek only to give a world of Love and Light to All.
Prayers of the heart sing with gratitude for what is, was and always shall be.

Love God and goodness with all your heart, all your mind and all your life…
And that Goodness and Godness shall be yours always in all ways.

Blessed be all creation. The blessings already are.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's a Good Day!

Make this a every day good for you.
Be giving yourself a Good and Godly Day, you will be gifting all others as well.
Choose the best thoughts filled with love and gratitude.
Choose the best words filled with respect and trust.
Choose the best activities filled with joy-filled creativity.
And you will know the perfect happiness that comes from inner peace.

Life is forgiving and you are the gift.
Wrap yourself in beautiful wrapping paper.
Wear you joy with dignity and self respect.
Polish your gift of Self so you shine bright in a world often dimmed.
Share your inner beauty with the realization that is ti God shining through.

By revealing the Love in you, you are a living Loving Reminder of what awaits everyone.
It is only in refusing the Gifts within us that we cannot freely give them to our world.
It is by feeling guilty and withholding our love that we become sick with despair.
It is with total forgiveness of all errors, past, present and to come that we receive what is ours.

Forgive and remember your wholeness.
Forgive and turn up your inner light.
Forgive and freely share the Love You Are.
Now it the time and You are the One.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nothing to Do

When there is nothing you can do, what can you do?
Pray. Affirm. Bless. Forgive. Choose. Appreciate.

Pray for the inner knowing to respond with Love.
Pray for the inner healing to see what is whole.
Pray for willingness to forgive and trust.
Pray for the faith to know all is well.

Affirm that all are healing and awakening
Affirm there is a Power greater than ourselves.
Affirm we are all in this together.
Affirm that all we give we receive.

Bless everyone and everything.
Bless the experience from which you are learning.
Bless the opportunity to heal and awaken.
Bless your willingness to be present in Love.

Forgive any blocks to your awareness of Love.
Forgive all judgments fears and failures.
Forgive your misperceptions of error and sin.
Forgive your world for teaching you falsely.

Choose Love no matter what.
Choose freedom from fear.
Choose proactive responses.
Choose to honor and respect everyone's journey.

Appreciate your willingness.
Appreciate your spiritual reSourcefulness.
Appreciate the learning and growth.
Appreciate the opportunity to strengthen your faith.

Even when we cannot "DO", we can do something.

Loving you in being spiritually powerful,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 11, 2006

Anger Is Never Justified

Anger is a wake up call.
Anger tells me I have not forgiven.
Anger makes me aware that I am judging.
Anger is energy I am using to destroy rather than create.

Because anger is not a usual habit of mind and emotion, it gets my attention.
Anger, irritation, frustration and impatience are all forms of anger.
I allow them to teach me where I believe that my upset will make a change.
I recognize that they merely demonstrate where I am not healed.

Yes, anger yields more fear and guilt.
More fear and guilt feed energy to continuing those situations.
Forgiveness yields peace and healing.
Forgiveness and healing dissolve fear and guilt opening the door to change.

As a teacher and student of Good and God, I am called to heal all fear and guilt within.
When I have healed my own judgments by forgiving my errors, I mistakes differently.
Mistakes are calling for forgiveness and love, seeing and responding to the holiness within.
When we act like others are bad, wrong, sinful, stupid…they are reinforced in believing it.

Sin is an archery term in Greek, meaning off the mark.
Archers cannot be judged or told how to aim straight.
They learn by watching with total peace and holding the perception of on target.

We can hold the peace for and with our brothers.
We can hold the perception of holiness and wholeness.
We can acknowledge," I trust you can and you will.
We can know, "I free you from my judgment, fear and doubt."
We can believe so that our judgments no longer deceive.
Today I am choosing to correct the errors of my judging and comparing, my fearing and doubting mind.

This is the best gift I have to give.
I love you and forgive any judgments I have made on you and your life.
I Love you and free you from my comparisons, doubts and fears.
I love you and trust you will choose what is highest and best for You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tidiness in Life

Peace, order and harmony are all essential for fun, safe, easy and abundant life.
Moving can be tidy.
Relationships can be tidy.
Your workplace can be tidy.
Your life can be tidy.

When you want clarity and focus, create your whole life tidy.
Disorder and chaos are but a symptom of inner confusion and lack of focus.
Peace, order and harmony come from doing the essential things first.
Peace, order and harmony come from clarity of focus and desire for simplicity.

Robert and I have moved 15 times in the last 21 1/2 yrs.
While we have a system that works well for us, we had a natural system in the beginning.
Spirit was our guide and Peace was our goal.

Whether moving or simply choosing to transform your life, there are a few simple guidelines.
  1. Let go of everything that does not bring your joy, inspiration and positive energy.
  2. Give a blessing to every box, piece of clothing and activity or relationship you release.
  3. Live only with those things you actively touch, value and care for at least annually.
  4. Fill your closets and schedule only with what you truly need to have. Excess drains us.
  5. Repair anything broken or in poor condition. If not repaired within one month, let it go.
  6. Unfinished projects need to be given away if not complete within a max of one year.
  7. Manage all your relationships with love and gratitude.
  8. Choose the life you seek to live and live it faithfully every day.
  9. Choose the way you work, play, create and rest and live true to your highest ideal.
  10. Clean you house and car, your office and bathrooms at least monthly personally.
  11. Remember the attitude with which you move determines your willingness to transform your life.
  12. Everything has a place. Keep it where you can find it.
  13. Keep your house ready for your most honored guests at all times.
  14. Honor yourself by always coming home to a house you feel good about.
  15. How you maintain your space and things represents how you feel about yourself.
  16. Your clarity of thinking and peace of mind are profoundly influenced by your environment.
Everything you own, owns a piece of your energy.
Fatigue and drained energy are often due to too much stuff and too many projects or relationships.
If you cannot take good care of your space, your stuff and your relationships, you have too much.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy when you know it will bring your joy and ease and freedom.

Loving you one step at a time,
Betty Lue

See Calender (in menu column to the left) for Holiday Special Events with Betty Lue

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Guilt Clouds Your View

Life is filled with darkness when we block the Light with our judgments.
Those who are guilty experience attack.
Those who are innocence know only love.
Forgiveness heals all judgments now.

Within you, is Light, the Light of the Sun (Son).
When you judge yourself, a cloud of illusion is created that blocks the Light from your awareness.
When you forgive yourself, you dissolve the clouds with Love and light shines on all things new.
When you remember you are the Light, you know your single work is to forgive all things.

The only mistake we can make in this human paradigm is to forget to Love.
The only mistake we perceive is to block the Light from our awareness with our judgments.
The only mistake is to forget the Light and Love is our natural state within everyone and ourselves.
The only mistake is to believe in the darkness our judgments and attack thoughts perceive.

We make real what we feel.
When we feel guilty, we make sin real.
When we feel resentful, we make others bad.
When we feel forgiven, we make our world new again.

Experiment with judging everything you see.
Be merciless in your evaluation, comparison, making others less and more than yourself.
Notice how sick and afraid, upset and defensive you become.
Only a few minutes is enough to turn a good day into one of hellish proportions.

Then experiment with changing your mind, your thoughts and words and deeds to Light.
Be merciful in all your perceptions,
See everyone and everything as healed, whole and holy.
Know everyone is innocent and forgiven.
Recognize no sin in anyone including your self.
Notice the freedom and joy you feel as you are healed in your holy perception.
When you are shining only Light, you see only Light in your world.

Let go of all guilt for all humanity.
See with forgiving eyes and your world with be transformed in your sight.
Bless everything you see with the Light within.
Love makes all things new again.

Enjoy the gift of innocence,
Betty Lue

In you lies everything pure and innocent, like the Son (sun).
In you shines a light so bright that the world is healed.

In you is the innocence of a new born babe.

In you is the precious creation of Pure Love.

This is Baby Beckett at one month old.
His 19 month old twin sisters, simply adore him...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Abundance or Lack, Peace or Conflict?

What you Ingest and think about helps create your dreams.
With my usual experimentation, I have discovered that what I eat and watch and talk about in the few hours before bedtime creates my dreamtime. A restaurant meal or meat or processed food holds energy that negatively affects my dreams as well as my digestion. Watching a movie or discussing a human problems also sits in my consciousness to be "worked on" through my sleep time. As a result, I am very selective about what I eat (simple, home cooked easily digestible foods) and conversation, reading or movies that are inspiring and loving is my pre-bedtime diet.

The same in true in the waking dream of everyday life…..
What you focus on, you strengthen in yourself and receive more of in your life.
Therefore, I highly recommend that you pay attention to how good your life is.

Pay attention to all the love you see.
Pay attention to how beautiful the colors and flavors are.
Pay attention to how much you are blessed every single day.
Look for the Good in everything all the time.

Make it a habit to strengthen what you want to receive.
Make it a prayer to give thanks for all you have.
Make it a practice to only give the best your know.
Make it a ritual to visualize how peaceful, loving and happy your life can be.

This is a simple and accurate teaching and universal principle.
It works, when you DO THE WORK!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Questions and Doubts

Off to Petaluma, (one hour + north) to spend the day with Gia (8yrs ) and Sofia (13 mos) and their Mom and Dad. Time with our grandchildren is precious to us. They are the future. They represent the Love and Innocence from which we have all come. They remind us of Light and joy and simplicity and play. They are a place where miracles obviously happen every day. Through a child's eyes we can see what is real. Take time to extend unconditional Love to a child today.

Be where you are.
Be what you are.
Be who you are.
Know All is well.

The ego is the doubting, fearful mind.
The ego is a learned protective personality.
The ego accumulates false evidence which appears real to confirm its beliefs.
The ego separates you from Source, Self and others.
The ego imagines the world is a survival camp or competition.
The ego works to maintain its control over everything and everyone.
The ego creates blocks, blinders and evidence to prove God and Good are not real.
The ego provides physical experiences and emotional disturbances to prove it Self.
The ego is tricky, clever, manipulative and deceptive in its approach to life.
The ego is life like a fearful, feisty and demanding child or plays weak, helpless and victim.
The ego uses both pretended power and feigned helplessness to get its own way.
The ego is sometimes the only self we remember and think is us.

To explore who is running your life….Ask yourself……
Do I believe my negative and fearful feelings?
Do I protect myself by withholding Love?
Do I always question my choices?
Do I let my fear lead me to avoid possibilities in life?
Do I sit back and wait for others to give me what I want?
Do I get mad at the world for not being better?
Do I wish things were different but never make changes myself?
Do I let my mind talk to me in unkind and disrespectful ways/

This is all ego.

How about asking your learned impudent and disrespectful little self to take a time out.
See within the pure, loving, forgiving, respectful and Higher Self waiting for you to listen.
Take time beginning today to faithfully listen and follow the guidance of who is always there with you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Anxiety or Depression

Now is a good time to plan a getaway or Hawaii Retreat with Betty Lue and Robert
March 25-28 "Living on Purpose" or July 17-21 "Freedom with Responsibility"

Anxiety is often the build up of unexpressed emotional energy held in the body.
Depression is often the buildup of unexpressed tension, hurt and anger held against oneself.

Shutting down our natural and free expression results in physical, mental, emotional, relational and financial distress. While stress is the natural dynamic tension of living in this world of every changing situations and relationships. Distress is the discomfort that comes from not having appropriate coping skill for the increasing tension during difficult times.

All upsets, emotional reactivity are past similars, ie. experiences from early childhood for which we did not understand or having coping skills and loving support.

We need to forgive our past hurts, fears, and not knowing how to take better care of ourselves.
We need to forgive the attachment we may have to making things right for everyone.
We need to forgive any need to have a specified outcome.
We need to forgive our judgments of ourselves and others.
We need to practice the serenity prayer.
God give me the courage to change the things I can,
to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.
You can add, "the inner guidance to see possibilities when I thought there were none."

Begin a dialogue with yourself, preferably in writing.
What do you see and hear around you?
What are your judgments of what you see and hear and feel?
What are you feeling about your perceptions?
What are your emotions telling you?
What is your body telling you?
What are you withholding or trying not to say?
If you gave yourself permission, what would you do for the holidays?
In an ideal world, how would you create the holidays?
Ask yourself, what can I give my body and my mind that will bring peace?
Can you forgive your judgments?
Are you willing to change your perceptions?

Run, walk, breathe, fresh air.
Simplify, focus, meditate, be Present, help someone, stop thinking.

What if you give these holy days the respect they deserve?
If we were not commercializing Spirit, we would use this time to be still and give thanks.
If we were not going along with the crowd, we might be thinking of how to help mankind.
If we were not wanting to get happiness from others, we might spend quality time with loved ones.

Many years ago, I gave up giving presents and receiving presents on special holidays.
If someone has a need during the year, I give.
If I have a need, I take care of it now
I prefer to be happy and giving all year round.

The kind of giving and receiving I value is serving others when there is a request.
The kind of celebrating I value is giving attention to the meaning of Love and living from Spirit.
The kind of holidays I enjoy are ones in which there is family sharing their love for one another.
The kind Christmas I like is with familiar sights and sounds, smells and tastes that bring happy memories.

Let go and let God.
Be honest with yourself about the origin of your anxiety and/or depression.
Take care of it at its origin.
Give yourself the authentic Holiday experience you really want.
Honor what is true for you, and know everyone will be blessed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Circle of Life

Each of us has a place in the circle of Life.
Each of us makes a difference to those walking with us.
Each of us are integral to the healing and the whole.
Each of us stands hold a sacred place with all of creation.

Are you comforter and healer?
Are you Teacher and guide?
Are you awakener and transformer?
Are you leader and servant?
Are you nurturer and supporter?
Are you observer and learner?
Are you light bringer and cheerleader?
Are you mentor and believer?
Are you provider and doer?
Are you God Being and Abundant ReSource?
Are you warrior and hero?
Are you needy and grateful?
Are you prayerful and affirming?

All paths are perfect places to be right here and right now.
And yes, of course, there are infinite more from which we come and go, yet to return again.
Life is a circle with each holding the space for which they have come.
No need to try being in another's place for yours is waiting for you.

Without You, God, the Good, the Universe and all Humanity waits incomplete.

So step up and listen within.
Wake up and own your place in the circle.
Look out and declare Who you are.
Speak up and give what you have.

All are blessed.
All are healed.
All are happy.
When we fully be All we are called to be right here and right now.

Loving you, the Real You, with the happy willing heart and mind.
Betty Lue

Do you know our connection has everything to do with the spiritual calling of the heart...
Not blood or human relationship, not duty or obligation, not need or reasoning can match what God has ordained.
So follow the bliss within and know you have said YES to God.

Grandpa’s first time holding Baby Beckett (3 weeks)!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Afraid to Give

Do you know a gift, when you receive one?
Are you judging what is given, before appreciating it?
Are you withholding your gifts, because you judge givers?
Are you treating your world, as you judge it to be?

Where we see lack of gratitude, we may cease giving.
Where we see criticism of what is given, we may avoid giving.
Where we expect a happy outcome and see only pain, we may question our gifts.
Where we once gave with innocence, we may grow disappointed with being devalued or ignored.

To teach my world, life is for giving, I must remember the lesson……
To offer others the real gift of giving, I must receive the gift myself…..
To authentically give of myself, I must see I give to my Self, the One I AM.
To enjoy the opportunities to give, I must recognize the Giver Within who gives through me.

As I watch my world remember the blessing of giving, I realize how many have been hurt.
As I awaken those around me to love, serve and remember only Goodness, I meet with resistance.
As I dare to call out those who have slumbered with selfish defensiveness and protection, I see fear.
As I love all into remembering the gift is in the giving without condition, I know Spirit will prevail.

Yes, love without conditions.
Yes, serve with all your heart.
Yes, remember the unlimited Good in You.
It is in awakening the unlimited energy of giving only Goodness and Mercy that we remember God.

I love you for giving.
I love your forgiving.
I love all of us for forgiving the blocks that have kept us from realizing our lives are for giving.

Pray without ceasing.
Love without withholding.
Give without expecting.
Enjoy without judging.

Abundant Life is the gift we receive as we give freely and joyfully.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Abundant Love!
Abundant Joy!
Abundant Peace!
This is True Prosperity.

With Abundant Gratitude for the Love, Joy and Peace within our lives comes enough energy, friends and finances
to have what is needed to do the good work in our lives.

Entitlement is a belief in simply being here we deserve more.
Spiritual Arrogance is believing that we can have simply by asking.

Lack comes from living in lack, fearing lack, being stingy and withholding of love, joy and peace.
Littleness comes from making little of ourselves and others with our thoughts, words and deeds.
Limitation comes from buying the false teaching of restriction, protection and doing life alone.

With enough Love there is nothing we cannot do.
With enough Joy, there is no limit to our energy.
With enough Peace, all conflict is resolved.

Life challenges us to meet our enemy and know it is us!
The block to full prosperity and provision is the unconscious conflict and false beliefs within.
Our barrier to freedom, happiness and abundance is our self-made defenses to the Truth.

When we become aware of the blocks to Love, we can easily forgive ourselves and limiting beliefs.
When we awaken to the limiting life we have mis-created we can laugh and feel only gratitude.
When we remember and trust in the Goodness of God, we are free to give, no longer seeking to get.

"And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work….II Corinthians 9:8

Giving creates Joy.
Forgiving creates Peace.
Joy and Peace Expands our Natural Loving.

Give freely of the Love You are and be grateful for the True Prosperity you have!
Life is for giving and You are the Gift.
It is in giving the Gift of Yourself that you realize the Gift you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

You are always welcome to join with me in any event that calls to you!
You love, prayer, gratitude and contribution are a blessing to you and to me!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Work Always Prospers Us!

Come play with me tomorrow.
Sunday Service in Alameda at 10:30 AM and Free Workshop on Stress in PH at 1:30PM

Life is our play!
However we show up to work, we are paid.
Whether volunteer, entrepreneur, or employee, we are paid in full.

We receive what we give.
Give with joy, you receive joy.
Give with resentment, you are paid in resentment.
Give your highest and best, you receive the highest and best.

The faulty notion that money is the reward for a job well done, comes from a world that has forgotten spiritual principle and universal law.
What we sow, we reap.
What we give, we receive.
The universe returns to us what is given.
When we prosper others, we are prospered.

If you prosper yourself and others with kindness, your life will be filled with kindness.
If you prosper yourself and others with criticism, your life will be blessed with criticism.
If you prosper yourself and others with advice, your life will be filled with advice.
If you prosper yourself and others with questions, your life will be filled with questions.
If you prosper yourself and others with laziness, your life will be filled with laziness.
If you prosper yourself and others with indecision, your life will be filled with indecision.
If you prosper yourself and others with trust, your life will be prospered with trust.
If you prosper yourself and others with accomplishment, your life will be blessed with accomplishment.
If you prosper yourself and others with Highest Truth, your life will be blessed with Highest Truth.

Such is the nature of reality as we are experiencing it.

I am prosperous in generosity solelty because I am generous.
I am prospered with honesty, because I am direct and honest.
I am blessed with joy, because I give joyfully.
I am prospered with accomplishment, because I give my accomplishments freely.

Life works when we do the Work!

Loving and Blessing You and Me joyfully,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 01, 2006

End Stress and Holiday Anxiety and Depression

This time of year is filled with a wide array of emotions for many.
More deaths, suicide, hospitalization, more psychosomatic illnesses, etc.

Stress, fatigue, depression and grief stress and depress the immune system and the resilience of the personality to overcome the holiday stressors. So it is a time of increased conscious and conscientious care of one's whole being, beginning with your thoughts.

Create a plan of whole life balance.
Forgive past holiday experiences.
Create a clear intention (vision) of your desired holiday experience.
Choose what, with whom, and how you wish to spend your energy.
Choose your limits for food, spending, shopping, celebrations, etc.
Choose how you wish to end each day, i.e. "with gratitude and peace".

Vision your holiday experience with your ideal in mind.
Continue to erase and forgive negative experiences.
Develop an affirmation to speak which will create more consciousness.
"I thoroughly enjoy my holiday experience by giving the love and peace I have within."
Act and move in ways that are graceful, simple, beautiful and express the Love you Are.

Our work is often to undo past habits of mind and body.
Our work is often to learn to breathe and release what is complex, effortful and unpeaceful.
Our work is often to transform what others taught us to do into our own spirit-guided creation.
Our work is to bring love, joy and peace to what is meant to bring love, joy and peace to others.

We are willing to undo what is no longer valuable and true for us.
We are willing to give naturally ad joyfully from the Peace of God within.

Loving and blessing you,
Betty Lue