Thursday, September 22, 2005


Off for 9 days on our Hawaii Retreat. Mahalo.

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you'll help them to become what they are capable of becoming.

Untapped potential for goodness, growth and creativity lies in everyone. Our work is to access our own potential for goodness sake, to grow in loving kindness and create what is helpful and beautiful in our world. When we can do this for ourselves, it becomes natural to share it with others.

For those of us who naturally trust, we expect to be trusted. We see the world from a place of trust.
We give our trustworthiness, openness and honesty and expect it in return.
If we experience dishonesty, we seek to understand, forgive and trust again in what was confessed.
For those who have learned distrust, they expect to be lied to, cheated and betrayed.
They see their world from a place of distrust. They are doubting,suspicious and look for being right about their belief in untrustworthiness of their world and their relationships.
When they find they are right, they usually defend their position, yielding greater distrust.

When people behave with the fearful ego or learned personality in charge, they may appear intimidating (blaming and critical), interrogating (doubting and suspicious), withdrawing (aloof and withholding) and/or victimized (needy and poor me). All these behaviors are symptoms of feeling unsafe and needing to control their situations. The ego believes its position is right and tries to control others to feel safe.

Our Essence is Love. Our authentic Self seeks always to love and be loved.
It is our life purpose and our holy world to dissolve the barriers to Love.

Love is trust and freedom.
I trust that the real You, the authentic Self, is under your fear and defensive need to control.
I trust that with enough Love you will remember what is true and loving, whole and Good.
I trust that with safety and warmth and light, you can and will heal your fears and grow in Love.
I trust the process of life is within you now, seeking to heal and free you from limitation and lack.
I trust the Good in me to be unharmed by your fear.
I trust the only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

Love is Trust.
I am trusting you and me in our healing process.
Betty Lue

By amending our mistakes, we get wisdom.
By defending our faults, we betray an unsound mind.
-The Sutra of Hui Neng

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On Retreat

Retreats are really inspirational advances!
Every year we take a group on retreat with us to the Kona Coast of Hawaii.
Next year, you wanna come?
Start saving just $100-$150 each month and you will have plenty of resources to pay for it all.
And if that seems like too much, ask yourself what you want more?
Life is choice.
Choice is taking the time to value what you value.
Daily Latte's or a weeks' vacation?
Having your nails done or a monthly massage?
Using an upper, downer or recreational alcohol or taking time to meditate and walk daily?

Taking impeccable care of you is your gift to Life.
Taking the best care of you cares for everyone with your best.
Taking good care of the Ones you love includes loving you.
What is really highest and best for you is best for everyone.

When you are whole and happy, feeling your best, you give your best to others.
When you are full of love and peace, you naturally share your love and peace.
When you are inspired and enjoying life, others receive your inspiration and joy.
When you have forgiven yourself, you are more likely to forgive others and love them.

We are gone until September 30, with a small group to the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.
We will be practicing the gift of mindfulness and fully enjoying the beauty and peace of each moment.
Water, warmth, wind and waves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, soothing music, sound of birds, flowering fragrance and children's laughter enrich our experience of "Living in Joy".
Simple living, with few things, positive interactions, inspirational concepts and nutritious live foods will be on our menu together.

You can choose your own retreat….for free. (It does take time)
Go to the ocean for a 30 minute beach walk and 30 minute meditation.
Climb to the top of a hill and be alone for an hour to write in your journal.
Sit in a bathtub with fragrant herbs, candles and soft music.
Awaken in early morning, listen to your inner voice, and write down what you hear and feel.
Take a walk under the stars and contemplate who you are in this world.

Life is your place to learn to be fully able to respond.
When you are responsible for you, you are able to gratefully respond to others.
When you are full of love, you respond with love.
When you are empty, you are limited in your ability to give.
Life is for giving.
Bless, nurture and appreciate the giver and the giving in you.
Give to yourself first.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

You can always reach me by calling the 800-919-2392 # and leaving a message!
And you can call my cell phone for urgencies at 925-324-2409!
See future Travel schedule on menu bar to the left.

I am Loving you right now with a heart that is True B’Lue!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Too Much and Too Many

"It is just too much!"
Too much work to do, too much junk mail, too many phone calls, too much spam, too much pollution, too many taxes, too many problems, too much traffic, too much to think about, too much food, too many pounds, too many bills, too much violence and too many words to read, you say.

Sounds like "abundance gone wild" to me.
Our culture often seems to want more.
And the more you want, the more you get.
The question may be what is the more you want.
If you want more stuff of this world, you get more stuff.
But with the stuff comes good stuff and bad stuff, whatever stuff happens to be circulating.
The fads and the ads support buying and having, displaying and wearing more stuff.
With more stuff is more cost and more care, more problems and worry, and a need for more.
An abundance of stuff often creates clutter, materialism, jealousy and envy, need and greed.

What if we valued an abundance of simplicity and ease?
What if we valued freedom and flow?
What if we valued short and sweet?
What if we valued true and loving?
What if we valued peace and harmony?
What if we valued beauty and order?
What if we valued just what we really need?

When I offer these Loving Reminders, this serving bowl of possibilities, you have the opportunity to take exactly what you need.
You need only take what you will eat which will benefit your health, happiness and life purpose.
When we are hungry for inspiration, we may over indulge and want to absorb every word.
When we fear getting depleted, we many hoard and save for the day we are needy.
When we can't be selective for fear we may miss something, we have to take it all and sort it out later.

Life is like these Loving Reminders.
A few of you have asked that I send them weekly and put you on a diet.
A few of you print them out and save them in a file (in a drawer or on computer.)
Some of you only read when you have time, because you are busy with urgent and important matters.
Some delete them easily.
Some fill your mailbox and then ask me to take you off my email list.

How do you handle the too much in your life?
I choose to keep only as much and as many as I can care for well.
I choose to value beauty, goodness, wholeness and the Highest Truth.
I choose to easily and gratefully, with forgiveness and blessing, release all that is not what I value.
I choose to let go of yesterday’s meal trusting it blessed me and others.
And then I can fully receive and share what is given me today.

My life becomes more simple.
With simplicity comes clarity.
With simplicity, clarity and gratitude comes peace.
I want peace. I choose peace. I give peace and I appreciate Peace.

Have some Peace, Please!
Betty Lue

Monday, September 19, 2005


How sensitive are you?
Some believe that is not good to be thin-skinned.
Some don't like being sensitive to too much sun.
Some judge those who cry or feel other's pain.
Some feel bad about being easily moved emotionally.
Some believe that as you grow up, you should be able to "handle things better."
Some believe that those on a spiritual path are less influenced by humanity’s suffering.

The more aware, the more one notices.
The more present, the more one sees.
The more open, the more one receives.
The more conscious, the more one hears.
The more available, the more one is asked.
The more loving, the more one is needed.
The more sensitive, the more one feels.
The more feeling, the more one cares.
The more one care, the more one responds.
The more one responds, the more one is truly helpful and healing.

I prefer to be aware and responsive.
I prefer to be sensitive and respectful of myself and others.
I prefer to be inspired and spiritual with a caring heart and a gentle mind.

If we all just numb out by witnessing so much violence, death and loss, who will care enough to respond?
If we all learn to protect ourselves and not feel with others, how will we heal our world?
If we don't notice the pollution and pain, it will increase and overcome us with darkness and despair.

The sensitive ones are bringers of Light and keepers of the flame.
We must be vigilant for God and Good and the intrinsic Goodness in the innocence of humanity.
We must foster and respect the tender-hearted and the sensitivity in men, women and children.
We must open our hearts and respond to the cries for hope and the calls for help.
We must, because we care.
We must, because we can.

Loving the sensitivity in YOU.
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 18, 2005


The choice to love leads to lasting happiness
Happiness built on dreams and hopes, myths and fantasies will be temporary.
Love based on conditions of fidelity, longevity and commitment may yield mixed results.
Anytime we count on another to fill our expectations, we are depending on the changeable personality.
Feelings change with the weather, hormones, physical health, the moon cycle, economics and a whim.
Those who depend on feelings and emotions will experience a roller coaster ride, unless numb.
Those who depend on the call of Spirit can experience the lasting commitment of Divine Love.

Difficult to understand for the ego who sees things as good and bad, romantic or passionless, abundant or lacking, freeing or limited, right or wrong. The Love of God or divine Love is eternal and endless.
This Unconditional Love does not end with change in form or function.
This Unconditional Love does not turn to hatred or resentment when disappointed or distracted.
This Unconditional Love does not turn to another lover or child because one misbehaves or leaves us.
This Unconditional Love, like the prodigal Son, sustains its love and faith, its hope and courage.

Total forgiveness is the human choice to clear away the barriers to the awareness of Love's Presence.
True forgiveness turns away from the apparent wrongs and seeks peace.
True forgiveness experiences the call to continue Loving, to reach out in Love and to extend Peace.
True forgiveness may receive the Light of understanding the mistakes made and the path chosen.
True forgiveness is the key to lasting happiness and inner peace.

To withhold love hurts the one withholding.
To limit love limits our happiness and inner joy.
To hold past resentment puts up a barrier to trust and freedom.
To remember what no longer is, as a defense against it happening again, recreates it in our minds.

To fully freely love clears the mind and opens the heart.
To fully and freely love lifts the Spirit and inspires our aliveness.
To fully and freely love opens the doors to full appreciation.
To fully and freely love invites in more Love and more delight.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
The ego may believe withholding Love protects us from being hurt again,
but withholding love keeps us from ever really loving and being loved again.

So let the past go.
Choose to fully trust in Love.
Choose to totally free your Love.
Choose to fully give and receive the Love.
And know total happiness. Now.

Happy in loving, because Love is Who I AM and Who You Really Are..
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The full moon often tweaks areas of unconsciousness.
Good friends may tweak us with their honesty.
Life offer tweaks to help us pay attention and stay on course.
Loving relationships tweak our intention to give our best.

"I enjoy being tweaked."

Can you imagine what a difference that attitude could make in your life?
If you hate being "tweaked", you might feel pain, anger, guilt, fear and quit on the "tweaker".
If you love being "tweaked", you might see "tweakers" as teachers, true friends, and appreciate their reminders.

If life were totally comfortable without "tweaks", it is likely you would fall into unconsciousness.
Your contentment might lead you to take it all for granted, forget to be grateful and generous.

When you enjoy the wake-up calls, you receive their messages easily and gratefully.
When you invite honesty and authenticity, you value those words which fine tune your contributions.
When you include those in your circle who won't just agree with you, you expand your perceptions.
When you look through other's eyes at life, you begin to see as God might see.

Life is not about playing to win or be right.
Life is about enjoying the play while remembering to be loving and giving.
Life is not about resisting and avoiding the difficulties, but rather transforming them into strengths.
Life is about becoming a conscious and conscientious listener to your spiritual inner Voice.

Let's value tweaks and fully enjoy and contribute to a world of loving, laughing and letting go.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fun, Safe and Easy

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

When seen as a game, an adventure, a challenge to learn, life can be fun.
When we take life's challenges seriously, we contract and lose our enjoyment.
When we are in grief, judgment, comparison or resentment, nothing seems fun.
When we perceive the possibilities and know our own joy will transform our experience, we have fun.

When we look for all the dangers of everyday life, we can believe that we are an endangered species.
When we scan our world for potential problems, we will find them all and create even more.
When we search for how to protect ourselves from what might go wrong, we help create our fear.
When we stay in fear, we perceive danger everywhere.

When we believe that pain brings gain, we look for the hard way.
When we are convinced those who struggle are rewarded better, we make sure we work hard.
When we don't want to make others look bad, we may even exaggerate the efforts we have made.
When we want to do less, we may make it seem like more so we can coast a little.

Our leaders, teachers, parents and authorities may convince us life is serious, dangerous and difficult.
When you believe it is, it will be.
What you believe you perceive.
What you perceive you strengthen.

Some would see fun, safe and easy as blasphemous. I see it as effective living.

Listen within.
Follow your heart.
Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.
Stop what no longer works.
Seek the path that flows with ease.
Fill yourself with forgiveness and kindness.
Take time to smile and reach out to others.
Answer the inner call with enthusiasm and gratitude.
Look for the sunshine, even in the rain.
There is always light behind every storm cloud.
There is an opportunity to bless and love in every disaster.
Disintegration and undoing begets the possibility of integration at a higher level.
The creation cycle begins from love and ends with appreciation.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when I am willing to perceive it so.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fear Interferes

Fear contracts.
Fear lies.
Fear distracts.
Fear separates.
Fear judges.
Fear withholds.
Fear blames.
Fear limits.
Fear doubt.
Fear quits.

Fear distorts what we know and feel.
Fear creates what appears real.
Fear is "false expectations appearing real".
Fear is judging and then seeing what you judge.
Fear is the ego's tool to gain control.
Fear is forgetting the Love within.
Fear is believing there is a Power greater than Love.
Fear is humanity's excuse for not fully Being.
Fear is a myth that is passed on through generations.
Fear is the enemy of the conscious mind.
Fear is the temporary absence of Light and De Light.
Fear is an invitation to remember Love.
Fear is an opportunity to strengthen your faith.
Fear is a call to listen within.
Fear is what keeps us stuck in limitation and lack.
Fear is the excuse for war, hatred, violence, and ignorance.
Fear is nothing but a habit of choosing to be a victim.

Letting go of fear is fun, safe and easy.
I erase past fearful beliefs and stories.

I now choose to remember only what is true and loving.

Remembering Love,
Betty Lue

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Habits Undone

Are you in the habit of worrying?
Do you stress yourself about petty things?
Does your mind get stuck on meaningless matters?
Do you have habits that render you unconscious?
Are you in the habit of over spending, over eating, over doing?
Do your habits get you in trouble?
Do you have habits of eating, doing or thinking what does harm?

Wherever you have a negative habit, you can choose to undo it and change it.
Undoing lifetime habits may take longer than undoing a recent habit pattern.
Undoing habits requires a willingness to change.
Undoing negative habits takes practice and persistence.
Make up your mind that you can and will do what is best for you.
Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
Be patient and kind to yourself.
Remember, that the rewards of the familiar old habit may require rewards for doing something new.
Give yourself at least thirty days of conscious effort to change your mind and your choices.

Envision and imagine what your life will be without the negative habit.
(You can write down a list of the positive qualities you will experience.)
Determine your level of desire, motivation and need to make the change.
State your confidence in yourself to ask for and receive help from Higher Power.
(Make a statement of your desire, confidence and commitment.)
I trust that the positive changes I am making in my life are guided and supported by the Highest Good.
I believe that I am meant to be the best I can be.
I choose to make these changes to benefit myself and everyone I encounter.
Listen, whenever tempted, to the spiritual answer…"What is for my Highest Good right Now?"
Commit to take the high road and let Love for yourself, your creator and your calling lead the way.
Do whatever it takes to stay on path.
Be grateful for whatever steps, small or large, that you accomplish.

Guilt does not work.
Criticism does not work.
Negative reinforcement only holds negativity and failure in your mind really want.

Life is a process of pruning away what is not truly helpful or healthy or healing for you.
Life is a journey, exploring many possibilities, to find what is highest and best for you.
Life is an opportunity to experiment with undoing whatever is not true and loving for you.
Life is the canvas on which we become the master creator of what is good and beautiful and holy.
Begin now.

Loving you and me in all our creations, mis-creation and recreation.
We are learning to create only love with only love.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


You are the One Who forgets what is not Love.
You are the One Who remembers what is Love.
You are the Gift and the Giver.
You are the Teacher and the Teaching.
You are the Healer and the Healing.
You are the Light wherever you are.
You are Love that is needed now.
You are the Blessing and the Blessed.

When I am coaching and counseling, I am often asked, "Why am I the One?"
My answer, "Because You Are."

It is highly likely that in every relationship and situation,
You are the most conscious One.
You are the most willing One.
You are the most loving One.

Those reading these loving reminders are usually the most willing to be conscious and loving.
Yes, there are others, but the likelihood of them showing up in your life is not very great.
Light workers and Loving Reminders are sprinkled throughout humanity, so all can be touched.
You are a Holy Sprinkle, the salt of the Earth. (maybe even God's tenderizer.)
You volunteered, probably beyond your memory, to be Love and teach Love.
You accepted an assignment to play the part you are playing.
You said, "Yes", to this spiritual employment.
Your relationships are an opportunity to wakeup and remember.
Your career path is a place to love, serve and remember.
Your journey through this physical life is a time where you are called to listen within, teach and heal.

Who are You?
Why are You here?
What do you really want?
To remember and fulfill your Holy Purpose here?
What keeps you from remembering?
A world of distraction, disillusionment and despair can cloud your memory and contract your Vision?

Use these and all Loving Reminders to stay awake and accept your sacred assignment with Gratitude.
You are a gift to me and all who have eyes to see your Light and ears to hear your Love.

I am She Who Remembers.
I will never forget You.
I will never forsake You.
Betty Lue

Look beyond the body and you will see the Light.
This is the Light that shines in you.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Rest in Love

To rest in fear causes stress and contraction.
To rest in love creates relaxation and expansion.

To terrorize ourselves fearing tragedy and disaster will shut down our capacity for creativity and Love.
To focus on what awful has happened or could happen generates defensiveness, separation and Fear.
To imagine what could happen in the future diminishes our potential for creative problem solving.
To seek creative solutions for what is happening with open-mindedness and appreciation expands.

The prayer we seek in times of disaster and family turmoil is to remember to trust.
To find peace within, rather than fixing blame on God, Government or people, opens understanding.
The peace of a quiet mind and a trusting heart is creative, expansive, generous, honest and responsive.
To rest in the Love and Goodness that lives in you allows us all to give more and to feel hope and faith.

When you want to experience healing, rest in Love.
When you need to find answers, relax in silence.
When you seek to understand, listen within in peace.
When you are called to respond, ask, "What is best for me to say or do right now?"

When we are upset, angry, afraid, hurting, lost or confused, we are calling for this Love I speak of.
When we are conflicted, seeking, ill or out of balance, we need to regain our center.
When we are complaining or judging, doubting and suspicious, we want to reclaim our inner Peace.
When we are lonely, discouraged and feel separate, we need to stop, look within and listen.

There is a friend living within you. This friend, higher Self, soul Self, Spirit Guided, Inner Teacher is there for you. However, if you are unwilling to free yourself from the distractions of outer authority and demands, you cannot hear and will not respond.

Spend time forgiving yourself for forgetting about the Inner Truth.
And forgive yourself for remembering to hold grudges and hurts as your earplugs from inner listening. Take time to stop and listen.
Take time to stop and love you.
Take time to be alone with your True Self.
Take time to hear and respond to what is given in quiet.

Rest in the Love that lives in you.
Protect that rest by loving You and All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Never Too Late

It is never too late to begin again.
It is never too late to forgive what you judged.
It is never too late to heal what you feel.
It is never too late to speak your mind.
It is never too late to remember to be kind.
It is never too late to return what is not yours.
It is never too late to love again.
It is never too late to say "thanks" to a friend.
It is never too late to say "good bye".
It is never too late to let yourself cry.
It is never too late to answer the call.
It is never too late to say, "That's all!"
It is never too late to truly let go.
It is never too late to learn to say "No".
It is never too late to let your heart lead.
It is never too late to find what you need.
It is never too late to live what is true.
It is never too late to be the real you.
It is never too late to know what you seek.
It is never too late to have inner peace.
It is never too late.

Time is the illusion we have chosen in which to wander away from fully living each day.
Time is the stretching out of our eternal moment in which to explore possibilities galore.
Time is our choice to freely give voice to what might help us find our very own mind.
Time is a place to join the human race and make up what's "real" with all we feel.
And when we find ourselves in the place just right, there is no difference in day or in night.
When we are fully in alignment with all we know and can be, it is only this which we can see.
Present moment living, without beginning or end, just happens, when we are being our very best friend.
We know God and Good when we are being all we can be, the Godness and Goodness in which we are free.

It is never too late to listen to your heart.
It is never too late in this place and time you can start.
Listen within and you will find….The One you have been seeking to heal and be kind.
Dear Ones, Begin again now.
Each day and each hour is the opportunity to have the powerful gift of NOW.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

All fear ends when you know your inner friend.
Call me for a little coaching time to learn to listen to the true you.
You can find your way again by owning and honoring the wisdom in you.

God is smiling on us doubletime!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Gift of Peace

When in conflict, seek peace.
When in an argument, walk away and cool off.
When in doubt, be quiet.
When upset, breathe deep.
When blaming, practice forgiveness.
When judging, be open-minded.
When critical, choose to appreciate.
When at war, offer mediation.
When withholding, speak clearly one time.
When scared, choose to trust in the Highest Power.
When lost, look for the High Way.
When feeling separate, find similarities.
When lonely, reach out with Love.
When busy and tired, stop to rest and enjoy.
When angry, let go of being right and righteous.

Remember, everyone see through their own filters.
Remember, perceptions are colored by emotion not fact.
Remember, there is not one right way.
Remember, first extend peace, then you will understand.
Remember, love will prevail after all is said and done.
Remember it is up to the most conscious one present to bring peace and healing.
Remember, you are the most conscious one in every situation and relationship.
Remember life works when you do the inner work.
Remember, laughter dissolves fear and melts anger.
Remember to come closer when you feel separate.
Remember to create a safe non-judgmental space where others can share their fears and their truth.
Remember to offer peace in times of struggle and strife.
Remember, inspiration and insight come to a quiet mind.
Remember to give yourself "time out's" when you forget and lose it.
Remember, forgiving yourself for forgetting to Love is the only real forgivenss.
Remember, teach Love not fear.
Remember, you are a messenger of Good news and Peaceful Reminders.

At peace during turbulent times,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 09, 2005

How Are You Loving You?

How love others, is predominantly determined by how you love you.

Do you know what keeps you healthy? Do you give yourself what you really need?
Do you know what keeps you happy? Are you willing to do whatever it takes?
Do you know what keeps you out of stress? Do you give yourself those conditions?
Do you know what to do when you are distressed? Are you willing to provide what brings comfort?
Do you accept your mistakes with good humor and learning?
Do you bless and appreciate who you are and all you do?
Do you go for the highest possibilities or accept compromises with complacency?
Do you speak up when you have something to say and value what is given?
Do you enjoy the rewards of life without attaching to greediness and envy?
Do you turn off the scary stuff and fill yourself with the inspiring stuff?
Do you smile at yourself both in the mirror and in your heart?
Do you enjoy you company and value the quiet inner times of reflection?
Do you make time to do what you love and truly love what you do?

Loving you is just as needed as loving others.
Saving you is just as important as saving your world.
Serving yourself is just as needed as serving everyone everywhere.

It all begins with me and you,
Betty Lue

I will hold your hand
when you need to remember how to love you!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Media and Mental Focus

"As an engineer, I often look at situations statistically. Every day in this country
approximately 12,245 die of natural causes., but that's not news. Everyday, in
this country, approximately 150 people die in car accidents; but, that's not
news (if 150 people die in an airplane accident, its front page!) Everyday,
approximately 50 people in this country die of hand guns, but that's not news.
If we lose 3 soldiers in Iraq, that's news! Things like the plague of the
1300's, or the Romans crucifying 50,000 followers of Sparticus along the Appian
way have been going on for all of history. i prefer to believe that things are
actually better than they have ever been, but that's not news. It seems to me
that the "problem" is one of focus. This episode in the South is one of the
great catastrophies of our generation in this country, but pales to the flu
epidemic or 1918 (3,000,000 dead in America alone!) The way we focus on the
news today is the biggest part of the problem in my mind. The ongoing march of
history is normal - not always fun, but normal." RN

You actually are sound like my Dad who also was an engineer. And I agree.
The problem is one of media presentation, political response and the people's mental focus.
'What we focus on we increase. What we attend to, we expand with focused power and presence."
Each of us can send blame or blessings.
We can give money or fear.
We have an opportunity to support more responsive governmental policies or keep what is in place.
We can join with effective organizations to tend to the immediate needs of the people or watch a movie.
We can hope things will get better for the displaced half million people or join the building process.
We can be glad we are safe and comfortable and wish the best or we can send food and clothing.
Humanity will respond to humanity when we can see "that could be my family."

The response from the private sector seems to be improving steadily, as we have more resources of time, energy and money. Depending on our current economy and our global/national focus, governmental responses to the poor, sick, uneducated may be temporarily at a standstill or deteriorating or actually be more immediate than ever before. Delay, distraction and detours are not OK with those of us who are light workers, here to move humanity to greater awakening and responsibility. Normal is what normal is. But the extraordinary and miraculous is possible here and now.

We are the ones to awaken those who are sleeping, complacent and frankly too selfish to reach out to their brothers. When we complain about terrorism and fear those who do harm, we need to look at cause rather than kill the symptoms. The extraordinary is only possible for those who place their consciousness on the highest vision. There is a spiritual revolution , an awakening of humanity to the greater Good for all people. There are those who sound the alarm. There are those students who seek to learn. There are those teachers who are to give their best for the benefit of all.

When the classroom is viewed on a screen, students lose a sense of compassion for what appears to be a movie. In one sense the non-attachment can free us to see life in a clearer light with less drama. In another sense the detachment from the suffering of humanity from a media perspective can leave us separate, lost and confused about our place on this earth.

Each one of us has a response. Our response is our response-ability. What we give we receive. What give our brothers is what we want if the same were our plight. How we respond determines our experience. No matter how we are being influenced by statistics, media, the suffering and fear, or the love and compassion we feel, we are able to respond. The choices we make personally affect everyone on the planet.

Choosing to respond with love and kindness, appreciation and vision,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cause and Effect

"I am confused. When I look at the world and what is happening down South, my heart breaks, and I cry for them. However, there is the part of me that knows there are no accidents. How can I put blame ,when I think that if there are no accidents, have these people chosen to leave in this way? Perhaps the people that did leave when told were not supposed to be there? If things happen the way they are supposed to, then how can we question that someone did something wrong? As Greg Braden says, we control the weather with our emotions. Is this perhaps emotions from the wars that people are putting their consciousness into? I just know there are no accidents, and if I feel that way does it make me a cold person? Just wondering out loud to someone who might understand my thoughts. If you can help me understand please do." AL

Our world has missed the mark. Humanity has erred. We are lost in our own mistakes and defenses against more mistakes. Now we need a wake up call loud enough to awaken the sleeping masses, the misguided leadership and the unconscious folly of denial. Those who volunteer for the wakeup call are to be blessed, loved and appreciated for bringing us to consciousness. The canaries in the coal mines are dying. The impoverished and forgotten were left hungry without transportation, shelter, water or medical care for days, dying on the streets and in their homes, while government officials worried about the fuel supply.

Sometimes, when someone cries, we cover our head with a pillow.
Sometimes we have another beer or turn up the volume on the TV.
Sometimes we get mad and make them cry harder.
Sometimes we focus on the really big problems.
Sometimes we say, "Shut up" or stick a temporary pacifier in their mouths.
Sometimes we feed them candy just to make them be quiet.
Sometimes we ignore them or send them to their room.
Sometimes we just leave and abandon them.
Sometimes we feel their feelings and reach out with compassion and loving kindness.

Are we being selfish and focusing on our own comforts?
Are we willing to see our brother as ourselves?
Are we willing to own that terrorism is not the problem? It is the symptom.
Are we willing to see government and politics is not the answer?
Are we willing to put our greed and need aside and reach out to those with real need?
Are we willing to trust that until all are fed and sheltered and educated, no one is safe?
Are we willing to be the solution, not caught in the judgment and fear of the problems?
Are we willing to not just speak out, but reach out with genuine love in our hearts?
Are we willing to open our pocketbooks and our homes to "strangers"?
Are we willing to be forgiving of our own arrogance and ignorance rather than judge others?
Are we willing to trust in the natural consequences of a world at war?
Are we willing to right the wrongs and give up our justifications and hypocrisy?
Are we willing to choose again together to find a better way to respond to what is needed at home?
Are we willing to spend our resources to send our kids to excellent schools with well-paid teachers?
Are we willing to provide all our people with quality healthcare?
Are we willing to clean up our water, our air, our food supply, our city streets, our flood control, our highways, our environment, our education and medical care?
Are we willing to recognize that while me may HAVE, the majority of the world does not HAVE?

Perhaps the violence and "terrorism" is the result of not having access to what we have.
Perhaps the looting is the desire to feed their families and have shoes on their feet.
Perhaps the drug use and addictions are to cover the pain and frustration of not knowing how to change.
Perhaps disasters are due to our not taking responsibility to love, educate and help all the family of man?
Perhaps we are so used to sending them down into the mines we forgot about danger and disaster/
Perhaps we are so comfortable in our safe, fun and easy lives se forgot we are One people on One Planet.

It is through working together as a team with all equal players with equal rights and equal benefits that we experience true safety, ease and enjoyment in life.
We are awakening and beginning to make a difference one mind and heart at a time.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue

Remember to Love EveryOne, as you Love the most precious One in your life!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look Toward the Light

From a new reader, a college student, who called me "accidentally" when he was worried about his mother.
"Thank you so much for these loving reminders. I would highly appreciate a weekly reminder.
You are so right about the first quote "looking toward the dark, we see only the dark".
That is how I feel. How do you get over it? That is my problem".

My response:
Life is like exercising. To get strong we have to practice and workout regularly
Our minds become weak and lazy with lack of discipline.
To be willing to get over our lethargy and lack of motivation, we must be aware of what is not working.
We must be honest about our responsibility in the problem. And then we can choose what is best for us.
To develop a new habit of mind, we must commit to practice daily and even moment by moment.
When we forget, we must forgive ourselves and begin again with open-mindedness and appreciation.
It gets easier when you develop the habit of looking toward the light, even when others seem to be looking toward the dark side...

Affirmations work: Say and write them 10-20 times daily.
My mind easily lets go of everything that is not wholly true and wholly loving.
I now seek the Light and see the Light in All that Is.
I am willing to forgive my negativity, judgment and fear and see the gift, the blessing and the love.
I forgive myself for withholding the Love I Am and the Peace I have from anyone for any reason.
As I see Light and the Love, I radiate Light and the Love and give the world another possibility.
And when there is darkness, fear and despair, I am called to offer Light, Love and Hope, and this I do.

Life is for giving. We are the gifts. It is in giving ourselves that we realize the gifts we are.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Now is the time and you are the One. No one else is here to give what is your to contribute.
Bless you and your willingness to fully be and freely give.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 05, 2005

Am I Your Family?

Excerpt from a Loving Reminders' reader and spiritual seeker:
"Am I really part of your family? I need a person, not even a whole family, at least one person, who will call ME and have a truly meaningful conversation with me on a regular (and frequent) basis and will want to connect their life with mine. "

My personal and inspirational response:
I write to you everyday from the Love I know and the Love I AM.
I express the Highest Truth I know, because you are my family.
I respond to your emails from my heart, because I care.
I care about you, because you are my family.
If you needed shelter or food, I would help, because you are my family.
I do not call you everyday, because I do not call anyone everyday.
No one calls me everyday or even every week.
I do not ask for others to plan my birthday or invite me to dinner, because I am busy serving.
When I am not serving others, I am being still and restoring my body/mind.
When I want meaningful conversation, I plan a group or class.
When I want a family feeling, I observe how humanity reaches out in times of need.
When I need Love, I give Love.
When I want comfort and assurance, I give comfort and assurance.
When I want company, I keep company with someone who is lonely.

Family for me is choice, not obligation or duty.
Family for me is spontaneous, not scheduled or expected.
Family for me is easy, not a chore or necessary.
Family for me is giving, not getting something back.
Family for me is everyone, not those who are related by blood.

I am called to give to those to whom I am called.
This is the first time in many years that I am called to serve my blood "family".
Gia was the first call. Some see her as my Soul Essence Twin.
Gia's Dad is also a significant calling for me.
I am called to support my daughter, Hilarie and her husband, because they are providing excellent parenting for their babies.
I am called to be with the babies because my inner voice said, "Give them two days a week."
If I had let myself question the call to serve, I would not have seen a way to provide for Robert and I and our ministry with all of our "family" commitments.
However, as always, the more I give, the more I have.
The more I share, the more I have to share.
Life works, because I respond to my inner voice, the call to Love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God.
I see everyone as myself, the Holy One, the God within all that is.
While I cannot be with everyone physically, I can see each One as the only One.
I can love each one as the Holy One. I can behold the Good, the Beautiful and the Whole in every One.

Friendship for me in a social sense is not a part of my life or my mission here. Therefore, I do not relate socially. Friendship in terms of talking on the phone or having a walking partner or going out to eat is not a part of my life, because it is not what I am called to do with anyone… Robert is my God given partner to support me in doing the spiritual work I am called to.
I believe each one has a life path which we are to embrace, value, enjoy and fully utilize for the Good of All. Our life path can be personal or impersonal. It can be to serve, to heal, to teach, to create, to enjoy, to demonstrate, to lead, to actualize, to experience to challenge ourselves, to grow, etc. If you can see you life as a whole, you probably can identify your path, as whatever experience you have been experiencing. When you resist your life, you will be unhappy and discouraged. When you embrace your life as it is and appreciate all you are and what you have, you will enrich your life experience.

I value your expressions.
I appreciate your calls for understanding.
I honor your experiences.
I invite you to look again (respect) what you have.
I encourage you to appreciate. Enjoy what you have done and been and have created.
I celebrate your gifts of courage, creativity and commitment.
I am loving you by wholly embracing my life and appreciating my path.

This is my truth and my profound love and respect for your truth is in every word and the loving intention with which I write to you as my Sister in Spirit.
Betty Lue

I am Loving you right now with a heart that is True B’Lue!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


I am shocked at our government's response to the disaster in Mississippi and Louisiana.
I am dismayed by reports of turning away help from other countries.
I am surprised at the slow and no response to what was predicted days ahead.
I am grieving that people with black skin and no money are treated so poorly.
It is a national disgrace that we are more concerned about gas and oil prices than about the people.

Now with my upset comes a wakeup call……
Wakeup Betty Lue.
Wakeup all of us who are upset.
Wakeup and face what is.
Wakeup and see what you can choose or change, correct or commit to do.
Wakeup and give what you would want to receive.
Wakeup and tell the truth.
Wakeup and contribute Good.
Wakeup and stay awake.

Let us do what is right and good and loving.

Are we doing what is fair?
Are we responding with our genuine care?
Are we giving all that we have to share?

There will be time to assess and learn from this tragedy…later.
But now we are needed to place all of our energy into helping.

What can we do to respond?
When we expect others to take care of us, do we forsake our responsibility?
When we trust the government to do the work, where have we placed our trust?
Are we so stripped of time, energy and resources that we cannot take care of our own people?
Are we so focused on terrorism that we must prosecute looters before we feed babies?
Are we so selfishly concerned about ourselves that we focus on gas prices rather than on the dying?
Are we so caught up in summer fun and school shopping that we forget to care about our brothers?

What can we do?
Send money to the American Red Cross.
Volunteer to help and rebuild if you have the calling and the ability.
Urge your government to get going on their commitment to protect the people.
Support everyone with prayers of provision, comfort and hope.
Love the ones you are with.
Appreciate what you have.
Give wherever your giving benefits others well-being.
Choose leaders who are conscious and responsive.
Be responsible for the problems that come your way.
Trust in the creative solutions that are heard in quiet inner peace.

Loving you is the best for me to do.
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Suffering or Gratitude

Looking toward the dark, we see only the dark.
Looking toward the light, we see only the light.
When we are focused on the pain, we suffer.
When we are focused on the hope, we are expectant and hopeful.

Life on this earth is may seem to be about building defenses against disaster and pain.
Life in a body may seem to be about preventing bad things from happening to our families.
Life in this physical reality may appear to be about defending against trouble and trauma.
Life as a human may be advertised to be an obstacle course designed to avoid problems.

Life happens. How we judge it colors our perceptions.
Life happens. How we handle it depends on our perceptions.
Life happens. How we respond to it creates our experiences.
Life happens. How we forgive it determines our suffering.

We may step in dog poop, but we don't have to stink.
We can hate dogs and those *&%#* owners who don't clean up their dog's stuff, and feel angry.
We can sit and cry about the pain and suffering of our experience.
We can feel righteous and walk the same path again, expecting a different result.
Or we can take a shower and watch where we walk.

Many build their lives on shaky ground, choosing to stay with what is familiar and known.
Many spend a lifetime of guilt and regret suffering over past mistakes.
Many are busy projecting their guilt by blaming, God, the government, their parents and other authorities. Many are unwilling to take responsibility for learning a better way, listening within, appreciating what is.
Many deny help to others in times of need and then fear not being helped when it is their need.
Many sit on their hands, close their hearts and avoid trouble or pain, hoping it never happens to them.

What can I learn from life's experience?
What can I give to be truly helpful to one and all?
What can I do to be more grateful and respectful of what I have?
How can I respond with peace-filled prayer, with loving kindness, with happy work and generous giving?

How can I remember to look on life itself and the human family with love, appreciation and open-mindedness?
Everyone is here learning something.
Even those rebellious or resistant students who seem to know it all are learning.
Everyone here is teaching by example through their thoughts, words and actions.
It is my responsibility to be responsible for my thoughts, my words and my deeds.
Therefore, I forgive myself for judging (evaluating, criticizing or comparing) others words and deeds.
I take responsibility for consciously choosing healing thoughts, affirming words and helpful activities.
What can you do?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 02, 2005

Simple Courtesy

We each are teaching are world and everyone in it by our everyday example.
The way we smile at strangers teaches people to trust one another.
The habit of saying "please" and 'Thank you" teaches appreciation.
Holding the door for others teaches helpfulness.
Slowing down for someone who is older or slower teaches kindness.
Asking for good service when traveling teaches integrity.
Maintaining emotional calm in times of stress teaches inner peace.
Focusing on the person with whom you are talking teaches honor for the individual.
Taking time to really appreciate the good deeds done by others teaches the increase of goodness.
Remembering to be helpful and courteous with family members teaches no taking for granted.
Really listening and responding when someone expresses a need teaches value for caring.

Can we remember that each one is the Holy One?
Can we relate to family members as though they are honored guests?
Can we give each one the BEST we have in thought, word and deed?
Can we respect and appreciate ourselves for giving our best daily?
Can we give time, energy and money to those who contribute and do good as well as to those in need?
Can we openly express our love, appreciation and value for one another?
Can we make the world is a little better and brighter each day by polishing it with our loving kindness?

I love remembering to say "please" and "thank you".
I know it is teaching all of us to remember to give our best.
It all begins with you and me.

Gratefully and with much Love,
Betty Lue