Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Real Work

The Real Labor is the Labor of Love.
When we are loving, we are happy.
When we are loving, we are healthy.
When we are loving, we are trusting.
When we are loving, we feel free.

When we are unhappy, we have work to do.
When we are unhealthy, we have work to do.
When we are distrusting, we have work to do.
When we feel limited, we have work to do.

Every day, we have work to do.
This work we have to do is to Love.
Do what you do with Love.
Be with those who come with Love.
Give what you have to give with Love.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

How does Love Look and feel and sound and taste?
Love tastes juicy and nutritious.
Love sounds harmonious and clear.
Love feels flowing and gentle.
Love looks radiant and alive.

The qualities of love are portrayed in 1 Corinthians of the Bible very well.
“Love is patient. Love is kind..
Love does not envy and is not puffed up.
Love does not behave rudely and does not seek its own,
Love is not provoked, and thinks no evil.
Love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.
Love bears. Love believes all things.
Love hopes all things, Love endures all things.
Love never fails.”

Diagnosis of work to be done.
When I am impatient, unkind, jealous, rude, greedy, upset and focused on wrong-doing,
I have forgotten Love.
When I feel hurt, disillusioned, discouraged and like giving up, I have forgotten the power of Love.

I may be tired. I may feel childish. I may feel lazy. I may feel weak. It matters not.
Where I have forsaken Loving I must acknowledge, forgiven myself and choose again for Love.
When I choose what is True and Godly, health and happiness, patience and power emerge.
I am set free, when I forgive myself for letting the world get to me.

You may ask:
“Why do I have to be the one to do the work of remembering to Love?”
The answer will always be: “Because you are the One. You are the one who is conscious and caring. You are the One willing and listening. You are the One reading this reminder.”

“If I see something that needs to be done, it is up to me to do the work!”
Today is the day. And I am the One.
I am willing to listen and learn.
I am willing to show up and pay attention.
I am willing to forgive and love again.
I am willing to trust and respect the learning process.
I am willing to speak up and do the work.
I am willing.”

Remembering to Love,
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love in Action

When you care, how do you show it?
When you love, how do you give it?
When you believe, how do you know it?
When you create, how do you manifest it?

You are Love in a body.
Your everyday activities demonstrate either Love or fear.
You are Love with a voice.
Everything you say to everyway teaches either Love or fear.
You are Love in your imagination.
Every thought and image you hold creates more Love or fear.

No matter how we dismiss our thoughts, they are powerful tools for creation.
No matter how we deny our words, they are powerful teachings to those who listen.
No matter how we hide our activities, they are powerful examples for others to follow.

There are no secrets.
Everyone hears (feels) the energies of our thoughts words and actions.
Everyone is learning from one another.
Everyone is either blessed or bumped by what we think, say and do.

Being true to the Love you are brings inner peace.
Living in integrity with our values gives us security.
Aligning for the highest Good of everyone grants us true happiness.
The rewards of Living Love in Thought. Word and Deed are profound.

Bring the Love you are to everyone in all situations and watch Love grow.
Give the Best you know to everyone every where and experience true Peace.
Hold loving thoughts and prayer for all the peoples of the earth and fear will pass away.
You see, it really is always your response ability that holds the key for your Happiness.

I am loving you, loving me, loving you and All as One.
Life works when we do the work of Loving All and All ways.
Betty Lue

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

Yes, in desperate times, we need hope.
In fearful times, we need change.
In stressful times, we need peace.
In angry times, we need listening.

The voice of change is definite.
The face of change is different.
The action is change is challenging.
The gift of change is renewal.

This is the time for our country and all humanity to stop, look and listen.
The busy traffic of everyday life has consumed our ideas, our chatter and our business.
We have been caught up in the fear of falling behind.
And in our fear, we have contracted, lost ground and gotten stuck in hanging on.

It is time to stop and still our busyness.
It is time to look at what is happening around us.
It is time to listen within to the voice of love and reason.
It is time to choose for something better than what we have.

Change brings progress.
Change offers healing.
Change inspires courage.
Change invites creativity.

This is our time to make a difference.
This is our nation’s time to change our ways.
This is our planet’s time to undo its mistakes and choose again for what is Good for All.
This is our leader’s time to step into meeting the honest needs of all people.

I am encouraged by what I see and feel.
I am inspired by those who are giving their all.
I am challenged by my own participation.
I am called to give time, energy and money to what brings greater harmony, creativity and peace.

When the people are fed and have their health and family needs met, we need not fall asleep in complacency , but rise up in gratitude and generosity of Spirit.
Now is the time and we have a wave of renewed Spirit and transformative thinking and inspirational leadership and enthusiastic possibility showing up to give us HOPE.

Let us together meet the challenges of the time with our own participation and hopeful joining with respect for the Good of All.

Blessing us all as One.
Betty Lue

Let’s build a world in which our children can grow and know the power of Faith, Hope and Love.
“Yes, It works to build and knock down and build again. Eventually we will all learn what works.”

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Making the World a Better Place

How do you make the world a little better each day?
Are you adding to the mental, physical or emotional pollution or cleaning it up?
Are you sharing the gifts you have been given or saving them for a special few?
Are you encouraging freedom of expression and trusting in each individual’s journey or stifling it?

Life is not about us individually winning the game or getting the most toys.
Life is not about surviving when the odds are against us or who lives the longest.
Life is not about making others obey or ensuring conformity and mediocrity.
Life is not about playing it safe, so that we can make our parents and teachers feel good.

What is life about for you?
Have you really thought it through?
Have you gained any insights along the way?
Have you found true fulfillment every single day?

Do you know how it feels to create something beautiful and real?
Do you understand the gift of holding someone’s heart in your hand?
Have you given your all for a cause justly held?
Have you taught by your example to inspire and encourage?

Life is a gift, to be appreciated, utilized, values and enjoyed.
Life is an opportunity to make something more that others might enjoy.
Life is a place of adventure and risk where we learn our limitlessness lies between our ears.
Life is a fun, safe and easy when we listen within to our own guidance and heart.

Yes, in relationship with parents, partners and friends we must learn when to say when.
In relationship with others there is a path of common goals and outcomes that build trust.
In relationship with our creations we learn what we value most and hold dear.
In relationship with others we find when to help, when to advise and when to stand clear.

For me:
Making the world better is simple and true.
I love myself and I love you.
I mind my own business.
I clean up my own messes.
I set an example I want others to follow. I practice what I teach.
I respect each individual’s unique path and place in life.
I give advice only when asked, respected and appreciated.
I forgive mistakes and see them as learning opportunities.
If I see something that needs to be done, it is usually mine to do.
I make no assumptions, take nothing personally, keep my agreements and give my very best.
(Read: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz)
I clear ways I limit myself .
I seek and find the wholeness and holiness and Love within everyone I see.
I trust and respect my true self and set myself free to express the Highest Truths I know.
This is how I am loving you and me and the world we see.

Betty Lue
Feel free to add to my list. How do you make your world a better place?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


To Love You is to Love All.
To learn the lessons of Love is to let go of the lessons of fear.
To be an expression of Love is to Love everyone equally all the time.
To live the Truth of Love is to know Life can be fun, safe and easy in Love.

What is Love?
Love is Powerful.
Love is Creative.
Love is Conscious.
Love is Eternal.
Love is Present.
Love is Real.
Love is Trusting.
Love is Free.
Love is Goodness.
Love is God.

Love created you as an expression of Love.
As an expression of Love,
You are Powerful.
You are Creative.
You are Conscious.
You are Eternal.
You are Present.
You are Real.
You are Trusting.
You are Free.
You are Goodness.
You are a piece of God.
You are the peace of God.

When you forget and believe otherwise, you have disconnected and disassociated from the Love You Are.
When you feel weak, you have pulled the plug on source.
When you think you are lacking, unconscious, limited, anxious, fearful, bad and little, you are lost.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget we are Love.
The only correction we need to make is to remember to Love.

You are created by Love as Love for the Holy Healing Purpose of Loving.
Love is the Healer.
Love is the Truth.
Love is the Way.

Loving you all the way Home,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Life is a circle.
Everything that seems to interrupt the natural flow is but a reminder that something was missed.
Our errors in our life journey seem to be from following others, being detoured or delayed by fear or judgment or simply our inattention to what is before us.

Choose to use each day as a teaching or reminder.
Choose to honor your experiences as opportunities to heal, to forgive, to undo what is untrue.
Choose to give your best and let the rest go, undoing itself effortlessly.
Choose to focus on where you are going rather than on where you have been.

The past can wake us up.
The present is here to appreciate.
The future will come without trying.
Our real work is to let go, to enjoy and to trust.

When I am really present, I know what is right and true.
When I am present am in love and Joy.
When I am present, I receive and give the Gift.
When I am present, Life is fun, safe and easy.

Wholeness and balance come from honoring the life I have created and loving the Being I Am.
The blessings already are when I am present to receive and enjoy them.

Loving you and All,
Betty Lue

Monday, August 25, 2008


Where we feel judged and do not erase it with total forgiveness, we begin to withhold and defend.
Where we have judged (attacked) anyone for anything, we fear being judged by others.
Where we stop children from expressing, creating and exploring, we teach them to limit themselves.
Where we stop ourselves from being All We are with doubt and fears, we teach ourselves to be limited.

I feel sad when I realize how our species has programmed itself and future generations to be afraid.
I feel guilt when I know that our parenting has stopped full free Self Expression with our children.
I feel limited when I see how each little piece of judgment, gossip and negativity impacts my free will.
I feel encouraged when I know that forgiveness of all of this everyday will set me and all free to be.

Judgment creates fear.
Fear creates judgments.
Fear and judgments teach humanity to withhold and block our Love, our Power, our freedom to Give.
Our withholds teach others to withhold and stifle their Loving expression and givingness.

Wow! Bigger than I realized.
Wow! We are doing it to ourselves everyday in everyway.
Wow! Every piece of gossip, every criticism, every harsh word is teaching humanity to not BE!
Wow! It’s up to you and me to set us all Free.

So here and now I affirm, I am willing to forgive myself for letting anyone or anything limit me.
Here and now, I give myself full permission to give all I am to everyone.
Here and now I forgive myself for anytime, I have shut you down or given fear-based messages.
Here and Now, I love, honor and respect you and me for weathering the storms of life and washing away all limitation, all lack, all pretending to be little or less than.

We are each and all important.
We are each a precious piece of God.
We are each one here to fully express the Love We Are.
We are part of the healing of the Whole, the One.

This is our time.
Be free.
Make freedom and trust be the way you love yourself and All That Is.
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 24, 2008


When we have forgiven, all that remains is a blessing.
“Those who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.”
From A Course in Miracles which teaches only forgiveness and Love.

The true test of our forgiveness is our willingness to fully and freely Give.
“Life is for giving. And we are the gift.”
When I am fully giving the gift of myself, I am in a state of Love and Joy.
When I am withholding the gift of myself, I will feel lacking, limited and guilty.

You can see by fully Being the You you are created to be that life works and Love flows.
You will feel unlimited in Power and in Peace.
You will know God’s grace and true prosperity in your life.
You will enjoy and appreciate all you have and give.

When we have forgiven, we see the Holiness in ourselves and those around us.
When we have forgiven, we living in the Present and enjoy the Beauty of Now.
When we have forgiven, we experience no fear and are clear in our perceptions.
When we have forgiven, we have a fun, safe and easy life moving around the obstacles.

Remember: the only mistake we every make is when we forget to Love.
So let’s forgive ourselves for forgetting to love everyone and everything all the time.

I am remembering to Love Me and You and All That Is.
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Innocence of Youth

Our Three Grandchildren are Here for the Weekend
Lila and Harper (3 yrs. Old and Baby brother Beckett ( 22 mos and bigger)

Their Mom is off on a relaxing reunion with her high school friends.
And Daddy is working through the weekend. So I will keep this short.
So far pancakes we made into animal shapes for breakfast and sidewalk chalk drawings on the patio, a trip to local orchards for fabulous fruit picking and wagon-pulling. Then we went to the county park and beach by the river for sandy play and discovery, and home for quick bath and yummy lunch. Then we went off to the indoor pool for a quick swimming lesson with Grandma and Grandpa and now napping. They are bright curious and opening every drawer and closet to inspect and discover. Happy carefree, independent and willful: These are the signs of high self-esteemed children.

Are you happy carefree, independent and willful?
Do you explore your world and enjoy every minute of every day?
Are you willing to hug and smile and freely love the people who love you?
Do you eat with enjoyment and sleep long and well?

What if you were innocent and in love with life again?
What if you wanted to have fun and learn about everything?
What if you paid attention to people and really listen to them?
What if you loved being alive and woke up each day with joy?

Yes, life is fun, safe and easy when we are certain we are loved.
Yes, everyday is joyful when we feel safe and protected and at home.
Yes, we are at ease and relaxed when we know our needs are provided.
And who better to rely on than our Creator, the universal Parent of All Humanity.

Take a look around and see what is missing in your life.
Take a look within and see what you believe that makes you feel unsafe.
Listen to the workings of your mind to see what you hold that makes your life seem difficult.
These are the thoughts that bring us upset, fear and defensiveness.

I love being with the children (even though physically tiring) because…
They are honest in their expression,
Bold in their demands.
Gentle in their healing touch.
Open-minded when they ask for information.
And so trusting in their love.

They believe in Love.
They trust their needs will be met.
They are free in their exploration and expression.

I am loving the Child in me and You,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 22, 2008

Changing Our Minds

Did you know that changing your attitude effects your physiology?
Did you know that changing your thinking changes your emotions?
Did you know that changing your mind changes your perceptions?
Did you know that letting go of limited thinking changes your life?

When I get stuck with an unhappy experience, I change my thinking.
When I feel upset or afraid, I change my focus.
When I lose my way and feel unloved or uninspired, I affirm the Truth.
When I believe something that is negative, I let go and believe in Goodness and happiness.

Our perception follows our thoughts.
If we are thinking badly about something, we seek and find evidence for our thoughts.
If we are feeling angry and upset, we focus on what is wrong and bothering us.
If we are believing and expressing our worries and liming beliefs, we make ourselves right.

Happiness is an inside job.
Choosing to be happy requires a positive attitude, happy thoughts, letting go of yucky stuff and knowing we can have what we value.
Choosing to be helpful invites us to believe in ourselves, know we are loving and capable and giving without seeking anything in return.
Choosing to have a good life, one that is fun, safe and easy, asks only that we seek the Goodness in our lives, that we enjoy and appreciate all the Goodness we see around us and celebrate sharing our Goodness with others.

I am always willing to change my mind.
The result is healing.
The outcome is happy.
The experiences are unlimited.

Loving You and All That Is.
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fight, Flight or Step Aside?

Yesterday I experienced three incidents which felt hurtful to my personality (ego).
One was direct confrontation.
One was an email with emotional dumping.
One was a request made through another person.

I have many choices available to me.
I can listen and learn.
I can forgive and heal.
I can deny and ignore.
I can take it in and feel offended.
I can let it make me sick and then resent.
I can feel guilt and withdraw.
I can feel hurt and feel resentment.
I can judge in return and seek vengeance.
I can justify and defend myself.
I can laugh and let go.
I can criticize myself and be careful.
I can read holy books and seek spiritual answers.
I can feel confused and seek therapy.
I can listen within and find peace.

Which sounds best to you?
Inner Listening:
So what is vulnerability, Betty Lue?
You know consciously that all attack is really in defense of the one making the attack. When your brothers are afraid, they often react with judgment of another. And when you are hurt by another, you are called to forgive yourself for being vulnerable.
You see, whatever is said or done to you or another is either a loving act (to be received with gratitude) or a call for love (to be invited to give forgiveness and Love).
Yes, it is simple. Yes, it is easy and much more fun than the usual approach to run, to fight or to simply pretend you have nothing to give.
And how does one respond, you ask. Yes, forgive your self for letting anyone or anything hurt you. Yes, give yourself the opportunity to respond to you and to them with spiritual forgiving Love.
Now is a time in your life of developing deeper sensitivity and compassion and strengthening your trust in Goodness and God. Much as an innocent and naturally loving child feels what is needed and attempts to respond, so you have requested to “Innocentize” yourself. And so it is…

You are given and giving opportunities to forgive the hurt and choose again for Love. You are asked to interpret others’ behaviors in the most simple way. Is this Love or a call for Love?
You are here to be the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and Wholeness and Holiness revealed. So be it!

I remember,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This word means "To look again”.
To respect is to see with new eyes.
To respect is to gain a new perspective
To respect is to see beneath the apparent behavior.
To respect is to forgive and see things differently.

To respect our elders means to see beyond crankiness or limitation or forgetfulness.
To respect our children means to look for the underlying message they are giving.
To respect our life partners means to wake up each morning with no history.
To respect ourselves means to stop telling the same old stories and believing in limitations.
To respect our environment means to see it with gratitude for the life-giving bounty it provides.
To respect our fellow earth travellers means to see others’ fear and anger as calls for Love.
To respect our work means to be grateful for the work we do and stop making it hard or bad.
To respect our home means to care for it with appreciation and attention to order and beauty.
To respect our body means to prepare and eat nourishing energy-giving foods.

How do you respect your self in your world?
Are you willing to give up your preconceptions and limiting beliefs?
Are you willing to stop thinking, speaking and acting unconsciously?
Are you willing to forgive what was and see things differently?

To be inspired and positive about every activity, every relationship in everyday, see it all anew.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Being kind to yourself is Love.
Being grateful for what you have is Love.
Being peaceful in the midst of conflict is Love.
Giving your best even when you don’t feel well is Love.
Speaking words of appreciation is Love.
Noticing the beauty and goodness in your life is Love.
Feeding yourself and others food and ideas that are nurturing and empowering is Love.
Stopping yourself and others from doing harm is Love.
Taking a deep breath to calm any stress is Love.
Taking good care of your environment inside and outside is Love.
Smiling at friends and strangers is Love.
Giving without conditions is Love.
Remembering the Goodness within even when the behavior looks negative is Love.
Actively acknowledging all acts of kindness is Love.
Apologizing when you make mistakes is Love.
Being polite and extending courtesies is Love.
Being patient with those who are slow, confused and afraid is Love.
Taking time to listen to the Spirit of God in your heart is Love.
Letting go of petty judgments, attachments and grievances is Love.
Filling your own neediness is Love.
Trusting your own inner knowing is Love.
Being free to choose the Highest and Best way for you is Love.
Extending Trust and Freedom to others is Love.

How does Love look, sound and feel to you?
Are you willing to be, to do and to have what is Loving for you?

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, August 18, 2008


All things work together for good.
It is a time for changing what no longer works for you.
It is a time to reevaluate your way of loving yourself.
It is a time to transform your special relationships into holy ones.
It is a time to shift your attention from analyzing and figuring our and simply listening.
It is a time to let go of what you thought was true and allow the Truth to unfold.
It is a time to undo whatever is false, limiting, lacking and setting you up for unhappiness or failure.
It is a time to make your path your own by letting go of allowing others to guide you to theirs.
It is a time to breathe deep, connect with Source within and let your life begin anew.
Yes, this is the time for healthy and healing change and transformation.

Are you willing to let go?
Are you willing to not know?
Are you willing to trust what is?
Are you willing to be the one who gives?
Are you willing to extend always and only love?
Are you willing to release everything to God and the Good?
Are you willing to know the blessings already are?
Are you willing to be as light and bold as a star in the night sky?
Are you willing to stop asking why and simply ask how?
Are you willing to release time and live in the now?

These are the questions to ask and answer with Yes.
Life is an opportunity to let go and grow.
I am willing.

Loving you and All That Really Is,
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 17, 2008


“Forgive us for being so intolerant.
Forgive me for forgetting to Love.
Forgive humanity for missing the mark.
Forgive us for not loving ourselves well.”

Who is this we are asking to do the forgiving?
Could it be that there is no external judging force?
Maybe it is only we ourselves that we need to forgive?
Perhaps it is solely our judgment of ourselves and others that we must forgive?

Tolerance comes from seeing that we are all in this together.
Young and old, rich and poor, educated and ignorant, saintly and sinful,
Every one of us makes mistakes.
And every one of us seeks to feel safe and loved.

When we see and hear those who are negative, worried, resentful and confused,
we know that within there is a lack of love and a need to be loved, to belong and feel safe.
When we see those who are sullen, defensive, critical and attacking,
We realize there is a deep and abiding call for tolerance, for healing, for forgiveness and for Love.

The only need is to clear my own fear.
The real undoing is to let go of my assumptions and expectations.
The real call is to remember to Love everyone no matter what.
The real gift is to give the understanding (tolerance) and respect (Love) we want to receive.

This is the healing and holy moment in which I give the Love I Am.
Now is the opportunity to love everyone even as I am loved.
This is the relationship in which I am to let go of fear and concern and return to Love.
The One True Gift I have to give is the Love that lives in me.

May everyone be blessed with my presence.
May everyone be healed with my touch.
May everyone be reminded with my words.
May everyone be awakened with the Love we share.

This is my affirming prayer that we might live in Peace with All Beings.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life Is Sacred

We are precious.
Time is an opportunity.
Adventures are lessons.
Thoughts create experiences.
Everything works together for Good.

We are free.
We are choosing.
Life gives us feedback.
Relationships offer healing.
Forgiveness brings happiness to all.

I am important. (Each one of us is important in the healing of humanity.)
I am invited to forgive, love and respect myself.
I will love and respect others, when I give myself the love I deserve.
I am here to be healing and helpful with the forgiveness I give to everyone.
Forgiveness, an eraser filled with Love, is the way to inner peace.

Gratitude is the way.
Being grateful for my life teaches me respect for Who I AM.
Appreciating our sacred journey invites me to see Who You Really Are.
When I live with appreciation and open-mindedness, I see the world with Love.
We are One and in our Unity lies our healing and salvation.

Peace is our goal.
Happiness is on purpose.
Forgiveness is our function.
Living Love is what we are doing here.
I am grateful we are free and remembering to forgive and see All Life as precious.

Always loving you and me and all humanity with the Truth I know and Love I Am.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue
aka “B’Lue”

Friday, August 15, 2008

Birth Day Eve

On this, the eve of my birth (8.16.42 at 11:51 PM), I am aware of how much we choose (or is chosen by our Soul Self, God Self that directs and guides our whole life. To look at our life from the perspective of being on purpose, filled with learning and letting go, both auspicious and challenging experiences, special relationship assignments and projects, opportunities love and serve hundreds of folks, both long term and
brief encounters, we can see patterns of healing and creation.

Take the time to really scan the beautiful tapestry of your life.
Value every moment and see how full of wonder it really is.
Enjoy the blessings both given and received.
Savor the richness of those cosmic events that inspire and guide you.
Realize how really significant your life is and was to so many others.
Appreciate your healers, teachers and guides, both seen and unseen.
Honor You and the important part you are playing on this physical stage.

We really are all the same.
We do matter to one another.
Our words make a difference.
Our smiles really brighten the world.
Our thoughts and vision inspire.
Our deeds, both good and bad, make an impact.
Make today the day you give credit where it is due….to YOU!

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Kindness begets kindness.
One kind deed teaches the recipients and those who observe the kindness.
Begin with being kind to yourself.
Take time to appreciate who you really are.
Smile at yourself in the mirror and in your mind.
Give yourself credit when it is due.
When you do a good job, enjoy the moment.
Celebrate yourself on special days and time.
Value your time and energy by giving when it is valued.
Know yourself to be a good, kind and trustworthy person.
Be accountable for all your commitments to yourself and others.
Keep a kind countenance. (Smiling always helps.)
Use a tone of voice and words that sound kind.
Give yourself encouragement when you feel discouraged.
Give yourself reassurance when you are frightened.
Give yourself time and space when you need quiet reflection.
Give your best to yourself and see that others benefit.

Kindness begins within.
When you are kind to you, you will be kind to others.
When you are kind to others, they learn to be kind as well.
You see kindness is respectful love that always begets more Love.

Thank you for your kindness, respect and Love.
Together we are building a kinder and more respectful world.
Blessings of gratitude and joy,
Betty Lue

For those who wish to join us (not in person) on line on our website, we will be taping our classes so that you have access.
We will give you password access and ask for a small contribution to support Reunion Ministries.
Let me know if you wish to participate. Loving you in every way we feel guided. Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life Is What You Make It!

When Love is you intention, everything you think and say and do is a blessing.

When Happiness is your choice, all experiences become opportunities to appreciate the gift.

When Peace is your path, every apparent difference invites seeking for the Unity and essential Truth.

Through the process of living, loving, giving and learning, letting go and laughing, we realize we are all coming Home together.

No one is left outside the circle of Love.
No one is less important than another.
No one is to be neglected or abandoned.

In the final outcome, we will laugh at how long it took us to realize, we are all really One body, one Being, One… and we only give to ourselves, the whole and the Holy.

I am loving the One We Are,
Betty Lue

Monday, August 04, 2008

What is the most loving way?

Yesterday, I spoke at Unity on the Delta about Healthy Changes and Healing Choices.
And Yesterday I wrote my loving reminders about the same topic which you received by email.
However, when I speak I often am given simply to share what spirit spontaneously gives me in the moment. It’s value to me is perfect, purposeful and poignant.

The bottom line is this.
No matter what the change or choice that one is making,
there is only one guide to follow-What is the most loving way?
In all decisions, What is the most loving decision for all concerned?
In every relationship, What is the most loving way to relate with each person?
In every health choice, What is the most loving choice to make?
What is the most loving thought to think right now?
What is the most loving words to speak right now?
What is the most loving activity to do right now?
What is the most loving song to sing?
What is the most loving food to eat?
What is the most loving way to spend my day?
What is the most loving greeting I can give?
What is the most loving way to live?

The value of the Loving Way is that it returns all Good and only Good to you.
The giver receives what is given.
Anything less than the loving way gives a return on investment that is less than the Good You deserve.

No matter what, the simplest and most helpful guide is to follow the Loving Way!
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Healthy Changes and Healing Choices

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life!
It is true that only we can change ourselves.
Changes come from changing our choices.
How we respond to what is changes our experience.

If we are resistant, we may feel defensive.
If we are fearful, we may feel submissive.
If we are definite, we may feel obstinate.
If we are judging, we may feel frustrated.
If we are uncertain, we may feel ambivalent.
If we are mistaken, we may feel guilty.
If we are tired, we may feel weak.

How we see ourselves often determines how we feel about life.
The self image we hold paints our emotional and physiological picture of ourselves.
How we think and treat ourselves teaches others how to treat us.
How we are treated by others is often used as justification for our self evaluation.

To create healthy choices and changes, we may need to see what is less than wholesome for ourselves.
To create healthy changes, we must determine our goals and priorities.
Often we underestimate our worth and our ability to choose and change.
To transform our lives requires us to renew our minds.

The Creator’s Will for us, the “Children of God”, is for perfect happiness, health and inner peace.
When we see anything less for ourselves, we must begin by forgiving and cleansing our thinking.
When we are living less that the Highest and Best way for All, we must forgive ourselves.
Life is a choice and we are the choosers, so why not choose the way that gives us greatest happiness.

Most humans are re-enacting their past programming in order to heal unhealed experiences and history.
When we live and relive the past without conscious choice, we are doomed to confirm our self perception.
When we forgive and live our newly created image and life experience, we give ourselves to God. (Good)
Life is meant to heal all unhappiness, fears and failures.

So how do we change?
First we change the pictures in our minds.
Imagine how you want to feel, think, and what you want your life to be.
Second, we can change our words.
Begin to speak as if what you imagine is already true for you.
Third, we can change our feelings.
Choose emotions of happiness and inner peace.
Simply breathe in the feelings of gratitude and abundant joy and radiate those feeling to others.
Fourth, we can change our lifestyle.
Live as though what we envision were already so.
By acting as if we were radiantly healthy, abundantly happy and truly prospered and fulfill, we make it so.

Life is a kaleidoscope of color, light and sound, an ever-changing canvas on which we learn to heal, grow and create our own unique experience.
We are healing addictive emotions, limiting beliefs, faulty perceptions and unhealthy habits.

When we fully take responsibility and embrace our own creation, we feel powerful and fully alive.
So be it.
Be the One who takes the brush on the canvas of today and paint the way you want your life to be.

I am reminding you, as I am reminding me of the power of Love in us All.

Blessings to us all,
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Too Much

If you are worried about the future, you cannot see what is right here now.
If you are judging the past, you cannot receive the blessings you have received.
If you are busy watching others’ lives, you cannot live your own.
If you are focused on what they did to you, you cannot see what you are doing to them.
If you are hurrying up to get somewhere fast, you cannot enjoy the journey.
If you are wishing you were different, you cannot love Who You really are.
If you are want more, you cannot fully appreciate what you have.

You see, to really see and know what is true, you must be present.
When we are in fear, lack, judgment of anyone or anything, our perception is limited.
When we are not seeing with forgiving eyes and a loving heart, we really do not know the Truth.
When we are complaining or worried, we are lost in comparative view of loss, lack and limitation.

The ego cannot see.
The ego cannot know.
The ego cannot be.
The ego imagines its own illusions.

Fear distorts.
Judgment distracts.
Comparison detours.
Only Love is the simply and straight line to Truth.

When we tell out stories about future plans and past failures, we are not present for what is revealed now.
When we speak about others’ choices and behaviors, we are not present for our own life lessons.
When we busy ourselves with trying to make things change for our benefit, we are not open to change.
When we conveniently forget to take impeccable care of ourselves, we cannot expect positive outcomes.

In the beginning, we have been given our own life to love and nurture into peace and happiness.
And in the end, we will judge our life on the basis of what we have given not what others gave to us.
And right now, we can know the quality of our lives by how freely we give love to everyone.
We are blessed simply, because we are.
And we receive the Blessings we have been given, because we deem ourselves worthy.

Life is given and received exactly as we have asked and invited life to be.
Simplicity comes from being focused on simply handling each moment with love and gratitude.
And so we experience a simple life of love and gratitude.
Such is the Truth of One Who sees and knows and is.

Loving You and loving all parts of me and the One,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 01, 2008

Why So Personal?

Thanks for all the blessings, prayers, well wishes and Love Energy!
Believe me we are all living on Love, far more than we know.
It is our Love Energy that sustains, nurtures, heals and creates through each one of us.
I am loving you and you are loving me.
We indeed are a happy family! (Just as Barney says!)
Betty Lue
Giggles erase the fear “gazoobies” for sure!

Yesterday I shared with you some of my personal journey this summer without the “yucky” details.
I share myself and my life with you, because these Loving reminders are one of my daily connections with Spirit, my daily connection with you and an opportunity to remind myself of the Love we are.

I ask that you delete, ignore, let go and forgive all that is not inspiring you to Love.
I invite you to receive the love, inspiration and wisdom shared as benefits and blesses your life.
I open the way for you to smile, open your heart, be grateful and even laugh when you are moved.
I encourage you to share you good news, your blessings and miracle of Love with others.
I urge you to take impeccable care of yourself so you can be a reminder for others.
I enjoy every note of affirmation, healing, gratitude and transformation that is happening for you.
I realize it is only together that we can awaken our world to the wonders of living in Love.
I celebrate the happening one person and one moment at a time.
I appreciate the changes, transformations and renewals that are occurring with each breath we take.

Remember that life is for the purpose of Giving.
And You are the Gift.
Your were given the Gift of life.
If you take good care of it, it will shine like the sun and be abundant in Joy.
And when you receive your whole Life as the Bountiful Gift it is, you can only feel fulfilled by sharing it.
So Give the Gift You Are with Joy and Gratitude and you will be filled with Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue