Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Love the Ones You Are With

Let us walk together.
Let us talk together.
In love forever.
You and I.

Love Really Love

Stop Denying Love.
Stop Withholding Love.
Stop Fearing Love.
Start Loving.

Start freeing Love.
Start trusting Love.
Start Being Love.
Start Loving.

Sounds so simple.
Do you know how to Love?
Are you open to Love?
Are you willing to Love?

Open you mind to choose Love.
Open your heart to give Love.
Open you life to show your Love.
Open you attitude to share Love.

Love is fun.
Love is safe.
Love is easy.
Love really is the most natural thing in the world.

Love is fun, safe and easy.
Love is simply being who you really are.
Love is letting go of the blocks to love.
Love is relinquishing your fear of loving.

Consider loving with all your heart and mind and soul.
Consider letting Love in and extending Love out.
Consider just being someone who loves with no conditions.
Consider simply allowing yourself to be the Love You Are.

Love is Real.
Love you can feel.
Let Love in.  
Give Love out.

Walk with Love.
Talk with Love 
Always know.
You are Love.

Loving you, now and always.
Betty Lue

“Give yourself to Love.
And Love will give to you.
Live your life with Trust.
And Trust will see you through.”

Monday, June 29, 2020

What Is the Price You Pay!

I choose peace instead of pain.
I relinquish the grievances that block my love.
I undo what no longer has value.
I forgive myself and others for doing harm.

What Price Do You Pay?

What is the cost of yelling at your kids or partner?
What is the price of cursing and attacking?
What do you lose when you lose other’s trust?
What are you willing to give up to lose your temper?

Do you realize what your anger does?
Do you understand what you destroy?
Are you aware of your lack of self-control?
Are you willing to learn a better way?

Most don’t stop to think.
Most let their emotions win.
Most think what you feel is true.
Most believe they cannot control reactivity.

How can it be that your feelings control you?
Is it possible that you are a victim of what you feel?
Are your emotions in charge of you and your life?
I encourage you to stop and think about the consequences.

Our feelings are usually reacting to what you have been taught.
Emotions are Energy in Motion.
When energy is blocked, it builds up.
When feelings are withheld, they may become polluted and toxic.

Stop acting on your current state of emotion.
Pause and reflect on the outcome you seek to achieve.
Direct your thoughts and consideration to your preferred response.
Use you energy with conscious consideration and focus.

When you have strong feelings, they are meant to be a wake up call.
Stop dumping your toxic thoughts and feelings and behavior on others.
Be aware that your "Poop and Puke "are to be eliminated in private and flushed.
Stop analyzing what is unhealthy and placing the blame on others.

The past unhealed stuff comes up throughout life.
Your work is to heal, forgive, learn and choose again.
To project your “woundedness” on others simply promotes more pain.
 You are responsible for healing yourself.

Consider the possibility of ending the cycle of attack and violence.
Consider stopping the negative and harmful language and behavior.
Consider changing the world around you by eliminating the toxicity in you.
You are capable of undoing what was done to you.

Unlearn what is harmful to anyone and everyone, including YOU.
Love the one you are by healing what is calling for Love.

I am loving you, 
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Just Do It!

I know what I want and I go for it.
I trust the choices I make.
I free myself to do what is best for me.
What is best for me is best for others.

Dare Yourself to Just Do What You Want!

If it feels right, do it!
If it makes you happy, just do it!
If it inspires you, do it!
If you want to try, go ahead and do it?

Life is what you make it.
Love is why you take it.
Joy is how you show it.
Begin is how you grow it.

Life waits for you to say YES!
Life asks you to invest.
Life is the place you show up.
Life is how to enjoy living.

Why not now?
Why wait for tomorrow?
Give the best you have.
Receive the best there is.

Show others you can do it.
Show yourself you can choose it.
Believe you can and you can.
Learn each day how to live life.

Breathe fully and freely.
Love yourself totally and absolutely.
Enjoy what you experience because you chose it.
Be responsible and appreciate all you learn.

There are no limits in an unlimited world.
No one stops you except you.
So, set yourself free to be.
And You will see you can just do it.

If everyone were happy and free…..
There would be no more wars.
There would be exponential happiness and health.
There would be a celebration of all great good for everyone.

If you were doing what you really want to do…..
You would be happy and healthy.
You would be forgiving and kind.
You would be creative and responsible.

If we together create a world that is just what we want…..
Everything would work together for good.
Miracles and true prosperity would abound.
Love and Joy and Peace would flow to everyone.

Let’s just do it now.
Think it now.
Feel it now.
Share it now.

Loving you and me in being free.
Betty Lue 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Do It Now!

I use my time efficiently.
I value the time I have and use it for Love.
I enjoy how I spend time.
Every day I use what I have for the Good of all.

Do It Now!

If you see something that needs to be done, do it now.
If too much to do now, make a list.
If you want something from someone, ask them now.
If you wait for a better time, you may lose the incentive.

When you need to think and plan, it may take days, months or years.
When you need to prioritize, make a list of priorities and begin with #1.
Start where you are and keep your agreements with yourself.  
Give yourself generous timelines and reward yourself when completed.

There is no time like the present to do what you want to do.
This moment, right now, is the time you have, so use it well.
When the idea comes to you, let it flow to fruition for you.
 Use your ideas and your choices when they come through you.

What really matters to you?
Do you like having a long “to do” list?
Are you willing to finish what you start?
Do you know how to use time efficiently?

Often people develop habits which interfere with success.
People may become accustomed to procrastinating or waiting.
When people don’t keep promises to themselves, they lose self-confidence.
When they are not accountable to others, they lose others trust.

Time is a valuable resource.
You can waste time.
You can use your time wisely.
Get done what you need to in a timely manner.

Some people plan.
Some people schedule their time.
Some like a lot of “do nothing” breaks.
Some use every moment to get lots done.

We all learn our habits from those around us. 
Consider what you really value.
Do first things first.
Do important matters first.

You can always fill up your time and never get to the truly important matters.
You can be distracted by whatever comes up at the last minute.
You can spend extra time on face book or phone,
You can ignore what you don’t like to do until it is overwhelming.

Perhaps now it is time to do what matters to you.
Demonstrate how to manage and organize your time.
Make sure you commit to show how much you love those around you.
Be good to yourself by giving yourself quality time for self-care.

Now is the time to learn to use it wisely and well.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Friday, June 26, 2020

Is It Love?

I give the Love I Am to both foe and friend.
Everything I give I receive.
Love is the Truth of who I Am.
The more I give Love, the more love is awakened in everyone.

How Do You Love?

How do you show you love someone?
How do you show you care?
What are the ways you express your love?
How do you demonstrate you really feel for others?

Is it Love or need?
Is it Love or worry?
Is it Love or lust?
Are you desiring to give Love or get Love?

Learned personality-based Love is often based on fear, restriction and suspicion.
When we are doubting or jealous, we are afraid of losing.
When we are judging and criticizing we are desiring to fix and change.
When parents and partners are complaining and not appreciation, they are not loving.

Love is kind and patient.
Love demonstrates and teaches.
Love shows the way.
Love trusts and allows.

Love is sharing and caring.
Love listens and is present.
Love believes and gives encouragement.
Love seeks only to please and give joy.

Love is not abrasive or mean.
Love forgives and forgets.
Love is gentle and allowing.
Love heals and seeks the highest and best.

Love is honest and trustworthy.
Love receives and gives equally.
Love is responsible and able to respond.
Love commits to what is best for both.

Love joins with others happiness.
Love is peaceful and does not complain.
Love continues during struggles and strife.
Love remembers only Love.

When we fall into the drama and trauma, we have forgotten to Love.
When we let ourselves judge and compare, we have become a critic.
When we hear ourselves gossip and complain, we have separated from Love.
When we talk about past mistakes. we have withheld forgiveness and Love.

Seek only to Love, 
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Choose Peace

I choose my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
I choose peaceful responses to have more peace.
I live in a peaceful home and work place.
I choose no harm with my thoughts, words or choices.

Choose Peace.

If you want Peace, Choose Peace.
If you want Quiet, Be still.
If you want Love, Be Love.
If you want Fun, Safe and Easy, Be Happy, Loving and Peaceful.

Are we ready to understand we create our own experience?
Do we know how we affect others and how they relate to us?
Can we see the ways we teach others to be in our presence?
Perhaps now we can align with our own choice and make it so.

What do you believe about the life you have chosen?
Have you enjoyed conflict and arguing?
Do you like noisy chaotic experiences?
Are you a drama-lover and creator?

Look around you.
What do you see?
What do you hear?
How do you react?

You can change it.
You can see beauty.
You can hear quiet.
You can choose peace.

Peace is an option.
Your mind can seek peace.
Your emotions can be calmed.
Your breathing can be even and quiet.

Some fear peace will bring lethargy.
Some avoid peace and what may happen.
Some define peace as lifeless and empty. 
Some recognize peace as healing and renewing.

From the depths of you there is peace.
In the quiet there are answers.
Within the stillness there is wisdom.
Listen within and know you are love.

I can choose peace instead of pain, chaos and conflict.
I choose peace.
I find great love, freedom and wisdom in Peace.  
My single goal is the Peace of God (Goodness).

I value the Good in us all.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fun, Safe and Easy!

I love to have fun and be happy.
I am at peace when I live safely.
I relax when life flows with ease.
I choose a fun, safe and easy life.

Fun, Safe and Easy Living

The freeway is fun, safe and easy, if you are paying attention.
Life is fun, safe and easy if you are paying attention.
If you are staying on path and on purpose, life is fun, safe and easy.
If you are following your inner guidance system, your life will be better than you imagine.

When there are bumps or obstacles, slow down and pay more attention.
Seek out the safe and easy way.
Trust what your GPS is showing you
Avoid the pitfalls and danger zones.
When you get off track and things become difficult, stop and ask if there is an easier way.
When you lose your trust and confidence, stop and ask for direction.
If you feel in a dangerous situation, seek protection and provision.
We are here to learn to take care of ourselves by what is around us.

The sights and sounds and experiences are showing us.
We can see what works best.
We have warning signs.
With attention, we can see what is fun, safe and easy.

If we want challenge, danger and serious adventures, we can have those as well.
It we are unwilling to change our choices, we can continue to have obstacles.
We can continue to do life our own way and hope for a different result.
But if we want a different outcome, we must learn and choose again.

Are you listening within?
Do you want an easier life?
Are you willing to undo what is not good for you?
Can you learn to let go?

If you do not know it can be better, you might do things the hard way.
If you do not want things to change, you may continue with the same.
If you prefer the challenge and difficulty, you may seek the tough choices.
If you have made up your mind to do it your own way, you may never learn.

I suggest you let love guide you.
I know joy can light your way.
I see peace as the ideal outcome.
You can choose what you want.

You can make your life easier.
You can have lots more fun.
You can move in safe ways.
You deserve to have what you want.

Let’s choose wisely and well.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue