Thursday, September 30, 2004

Are You Ready?

Have your healed your relationships?
Have you forgiven your past?
Are you free to go, when you are called?
Is your house in order?
Are you willing to travel?
Are you committed to the Highest Good?
Are you available to love and serve?

Have you made the bed in your life?
When I end each day, I find peace in knowing all is done that truly needed to be done.
I can literally leave on a moment’s notice.
It takes me about 15-30 minutes to pack for a trip, if I am called to take clothing and reading material.
If I am to share with workshop, coaching and counseling, I take another hour to prepare materials.
And when I return, I unpack, do laundry and get ready for my day as though I have never been gone.
I am “on call” for God for the Good of All.

I ask myself today, ‘Have I left the important things undone or unsaid?”
Have I given my very best to each one with whom I met?
Have I told you, “I love and appreciate you.”?
Have I given myself the spiritual and nutritional fuel I need to be at my best?
Am I forgiving, loving and respectful to those who need my gifts of love and spiritual wisdom?
Is there anyone to whom I must apologize or make amends?
Is there anyone I know who needs a friend whom I may have ignored or avoided?
How can I stay in integrity without being true to the best in me?
If I am to be free to live with no blame or regret, I must give my most conscious Self in each moment.
Am I connected with God, the Highest Good in me and All That Is?
How can I love and serve and remember the Good within everyone today?
How can I share what is in my heart without fear and without doubt?
How can I live as though each day were my last?
How can I strive to treat everyone with the love and respect I desire to give me?

Are there projects started and incomplete?
Are there plans made and abandoned?
Are there agreements made and disregarded?
Are there promises left unfulfilled?
Are there communications left unspoken?
Are there wounds left unhealed?
Is there disarray in my life today?
Have I totally forgiven myself for mistakes I have made?
Have I released judgments on others for ignorance and lack of love?
Am I free of pain, doubt and fear?
Have I found joy, certainty and peace within?
Am I connected with the Creative Power of Love within?
Am I directed by the Inner Light which guides my way?
Am I ready to be All I Am here to be Now?

Ready and Willing,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Time to Move On?

What are you waiting for?
If you “know” it is time to go, what keeps you holding on.
To delay, detour or distract yourself may cause you pain, hardship and forgetfulness.

Clear the fear. Trust in the Good that is waiting for You.
Clear your doubts. Learn what faith is about.
Clear your fear. Let love lead the way.
Clear your own fear. Find true happiness today.

When is it time to move on from your home, your job, your friends, or your focus in life?
How do you know when it is time to let go?
How can you tell if you are moving to avoid what calls for healing or what calls for new creation?
How can you release what is comfortable, known and apparently safe when you are called elsewhere?
To move too soon just to escape the learning and healing needed will simply set you up to repeat it.
To delay because you are afraid will set up to have unrequested help (nudges and pushes) from life.

Complete you relationships each day.
Leave your house in order when you close the door.
Leave your finances with bills paid and no debt each month.
Do your job at work with gratitude and respect.
Say ‘good-bye’ as though you mean it, when you leave those you know.
Give yourself the freedom to listen to your inner voice and follow your heart’s calling.

You will never be caught in a disaster, financial crisis, unhappy divorce or firing from a job, when you are completing your daily life with freedom, respect and gratitude.
I am free to listen within to what is highest and best for me.
I am free to go wherever I am most needed to offer the gifts I am given.
I am open and willing to release my habits of comfort and unconsciousness to be alive and delighted in the joy of living and fulfillment of giving.

How do you know where to go? Follow the Light and delight.
Look for the path that opens the door to more happiness and fulfillment.
Leave the conflict, stress and obligations behind and choose for peace and ease and heartfelt giving.
Imagine the possibility to living carefree, creative, delighted and totally grateful for everyday blessings.
You can have it all.
Be clear on what really matters to you.
Discover what is truly the life you desire.
Give up trying on someone else’s clothes and following others’ dreams.
Look deep inside beyond what is popular, acceptable or idealized in our culture.
Find your own heart and follow your own joy.
Your life will be a light unto your world and those you love.

In freedom I trust.
Betty Lue

Note: Coaching with Spirit on Saturday 10/2 and Coping with Grief and Depression on Sunday 10/3.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

How Simple Can It Be?

You choose.....

Life is a an obstacle course.
Life is a shopping spree.
Life is a workshop for healing the soul.
Life is a game to be played to win.
Life is a learning laboratory with lots of experiments.
Life is a slow boat to heaven.
Life is a great mystery ever-unfolding.
Life is the greatest story ever told.
Life is a scavenger hunt looking for clues to come home.
Life is a demonstration of our fear and our faith.
Life is a chance to do penance and serve time for past mistakes made.
Life is suffering until we are saved.
Life is waiting for a special Someone or Something to lift us into rapture and joy.
Life is whatever I choose it to be for me.

We cannot imagine how each individual is choosing to see and experience their own life.
However, we can take a moment to realize how we have been living ours.

As we are awakening, we begin to see there is great value in being present, paying attention and sharing our experiences.
In being attached to expectations, desires and our way to live, we may experience suffering.
In being conscious we have the realization of choice, life purpose, direction and focus.
We see that we are responsible for the quality of our thoughts.
We can give our minds to misery and lack or…
We can celebrate our lives with gratitude and abundant opportunity.
When we listen to our outer world, we often hear thoughts of victimization, suffering and impossibility.
When we listen to our loving heart, the voice of Goodness and God within, we hear encouragement.
We realize conscious choice and infinite possibilities being offered by an ever-loving Universe and Creator, when we forgive our judgments.

What are you choosing for your life?
How simple can you make your everyday journey?
Find a simple mission or purpose statement for yourself.
Live it every moment in every relationship.
Coach yourself to support you life focus with all you do and within all your relationships.

Life is truly a product of your openness and willingness to learn.
The metaphysics of your life is a wonderful study in learning practical guidelines for fulfillment and love.
Appreciate and celebrate your life.
It is teaching you and loving you now.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Kalamazoo this past weekend for Betty Lue was a gourmet feast of opportunities to awaken, inspire and play in freedom and joy.
The infinite field of love is open for me and you, as we join in gratitude and celebration of what is.
And when we look together with appreciation and open-mindedness, there is only wholeness, goodness and Love.
Isn’t that fun, safe and easy!!!
Invite me again to come and play.

Loving you all,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 23, 2004

We're in Michigan for 4 days

Off to Kalamazoo, MI for four days, returning on Monday September 27.
Offering Coaching with Spirit September 26-27! Call 800-919-2392.

Don’t forget: you can still join us in Hawaii for our Spirit-filled retreat from October 16-23 .
Retreat cost is only $250/person. Good travel and lodging packages are available.

Travel with Gratitude and Purpose

Whenever I leave my Home, I am filled with gratitude.
Wherever I go, I make my new home and I am filled with gratitude.
Whomever I meet, they are my traveling companions and I am grateful.
Whatever I do, I acknowledge as my purpose and I am grateful.

LIFE WORKS when I am grateful and on purpose.
LIFE WORKS because I choose to be at home.
LIFE WORKS because I live and give in gratitude.
LIFE WORKS because I remember how life works.

Loving you, loving me, loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Autumn: Time for Letting Go and Gratitude

This time of year is the season of letting go. As the leaves change color and fall from the trees, as summer fades into cooler weather and kids go back to school, as we begin to feel the rains coming in California and the shortened days of autumn, we may look forward to the warmth of family holidays or dread the darkness of winter. Each one on us has a different response depending on our memories and our stories about the autumn. Seasons and weather changes, holidays and family gatherings, inviting our historical review of what has come before as we anticipate what is yet to come. The ease with which we let go will allow more graceful changes.

Do you let go with grudges or gratitude?
Do you let go with guilt and regret or with resentment and pain?
Whether releasing people, things, jobs, homes or memories, experiment with your letting go attitude?
Explore the emotions and residual feelings of letting go with love and gratitude.
If your usual response is to resist and linger in the aftermath of grief and longing, try letting go with full free expression of your love, respect and gratitude for the value received.
Try writing the fullness of your love and desire to continue to remember the gifts and blessings of each person, place and thing that you have left or seems to have left you.
Let go and still retain the blessings of what has been.
Let go and value the remaining learning, experiences and gifts of the past.
Let go and keep the flame of love alive in you.

The deepest pain we ever feel is when we shut down or limit our capacity to extend love.
So return to the letting go moment and fully give the love you feel, the love you are, the love that was needed, the love that still lives in you.
Give love and letting go will be a greater gift to both giver and receiver.

Letting go with love and gratitude,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Issues Confronting You?

What do we do when crises, healing and financial needs, life’s issues confront us?
What do we do when destructive storms rage, political fires burn and hateful words are spoken?
What do we do when tragedy strikes, when our friend is dying, and someone we love is afraid?
What do we do?

What is our spiritual strategy for salvation?
What is our spiritual model for healing?
What is our spiritual process for choosing?
What is our spiritual agenda for living?

When the problem seems to be worldly, we usually seek a material solution.
When the crisis seems to be physical, we often seek symptomatic relief.
When the issue seems to be emotional controversy, we often get logical.
When the tragedy seems to be great loss, we usually feel grief and despair.

Perhaps the only problem is our lack of trust and hope and love.
Perhaps the real issue is separating ourselves from the Source of All Good.
Perhaps when we fall into fear, we fall out of Love.
Perhaps when we believe in evil and bad, we suspend our faith in Forgiveness and Good.

Changing our minds heals and transforms our lives.
Letting go of limiting myths about lack, loss and impossibility opens the door to infinite Good.
Letting go of fears of what bad might happen undoes the dam that blocks unlimited Goodness.
Releasing our past with forgiveness leaves only infinite gratitude and love for perceived blessings therein.

Today I choose a new strategy to save me.
I choose to have faith, trust in Divine Outcome and love for All.
Today I choose a new strategy for healing.
I choose to trust in the path of healing with gratitude and love.
Today I choose a new process for deciding.
I now decide with love in my heart and gratitude for all I perceive.
Today I choose a new agenda for living.
I choose to live freely, love endlessly and laugh openly.
I am happy, grateful and in love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 20, 2004

Make Agreements You Can Keep

In relationships, families and communities, there need to be conscious collective agreements made, so all participate have a clear understanding of their role, function and purpose within the greater whole.

Experiences as coach, consultant and therapist have shown me that with clear guidelines and commitments from all players, the community will be successful for everyone.
It is the responsibility of the designated leadership to ensure that all participants are in alignment and equally committed to the success of the whole.
Sabotage, both conscious and unconscious, are the result, when any individual feels their rights, privileges and responsibilities are not respected and valued. Therefore, all members must participate in creating a safe environment where everyone’s needs are heard and respected.

Areas of needed agreement:

Leadership and Membership
How is the leader chosen? Who shall lead and by what method?
What are the requirements for participation in the community?

Decision-Making and Agreements
What is the decision making process?
How are agreements made?
What are the terms of those agreements and how are they to be changed?

Finances and Fiscal Responsibility
Who is responsible for the finances and the accounting?
How are the members to contribute or be assessed?

Division of Labor and Roles
What are the functions that need to be filled to maintain the community? (no part is too small to consider.)
How is is decided what roles to play?

Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution
How are problems resolved?

Space and Domain Rights, Responsibilities and Privileges
How is space usage determined?
What are the rights and responsibilities of those using space and resources?

Remember that assumptions will create misunderstandings.
The clearer and simpler the agreements, the more likely they will be honored.
Everyone must participate in the agreement process.
Periodic re-evaluation of the effectiveness of the community functioning is essential.
Continuous education, inspiration and improvement must be made to maintain the successful community, family and relationship.

And remember, it is dependent upon the most conscious person to remind the others of what is good, healthy and essential for the benefit of all concerned.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Healing Begins Within

Before we can have the wholeness and well-being we desire, we must heal from within.
Just as peace begins within, so does the healing from whence peace and wellness are born.

How do you heal what is not real?
To heal, be aware of what is calling for attention, forgiveness, correction or right perception.

Wherever there is upset, there is a healing need.
Wherever there is a physical, emotional, mental, financial or relationship crisis, there is a call for healing.
Wherever there is judgment, there is a call for forgiveness.
Wherever we experience unloving feelings, there is a call for love.
Wherever we feel conflicted, there is a call for clarity.
Wherever there is fatigue, there is a call for rest.
Wherever there is hunger and thirst, there is a call for satiety.
Wherever there is a lack of kindness, give the kindness you seek for yourself.
Wherever there is lack of faith, be willing to believe in a greater wisdom and power and love.

Yes, it is this simple.
Give yourself the help you need.
Do not wait or procrastinate.
Do not blame or condemn the past.
Do not distract or try substitutes.
Give yourself what you really need now.

What confuses is the belief these experiences are calling for external cures.
When we believe in external causes (parents, past, politics, pollution, etc.) we rely on external solutions.
When we know we are responsible for our responses to what we experience, we choose differently.
When we accept responsibility for our whole lives, we choose to encourage our learning and wisdom.
When we realize we are teaching with our words and actions, we choose to heal and find the good.
When we understand peace begins within each one, we accept the call to extend only peace.
When we commit to live our faith and give our love, no one and nothing is exempt from our blessing.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When we find our way home, everyone is blessed with a conscious living example.

All are healed when we heal our own mind.
Beginning now and now again,
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Vision for Community

True Community is a family, partnership, business or group that provides a safe place in which each individual is respected, is responsible for their contribution and cooperates for the good of the whole. Community = coming together as One.
I have known true community in all these circumstances. I know it is possible where there is trust and freedom, as well as a willingness to communicate and learn together.

As a community and team builder, coaching couples, families, churches and business partnerships, there are several keys and building blocks for success. While I will explore some specific tools, know that each community requires healing its own areas of dysfunction and unconsciousness and strengthening its unique values, and vision, function and focus.

Keys for Successful Relationships (Community)

Common Goal or Vision. There is agreement within the group as to where the community is headed (desired outcome).
Some goals for communities (families)- to service and contribution, to comfort and financial stability, to successfully raising one’s family, to providing a home of faith, to increasing one’s economic strength in the market place, to bringing more people to God.

Honesty. There is open communication with no withholds, secrets or gossip. Everyone shares the truth they know to provide a bigger picture of the whole. Community members seek for the highest form of truth that is constructive, helpful and benefits the greater whole.

Equality. Everyone is encouraged to share the best they have regardless of age or ability. All contributions are received with respect and gratitude. Equality is non-comparative and comes from the intrinsic worth of each individual.
Commitment The community members commit to what is for the highest good of all, rather than simply their personal needs .
Letting go is an act of love and trust, when it is for the good of the community. Agreements are changed openly, as changes are required to maintain the greater good. When one loses, all lose. When one wins, all win.

Responsibility. The ability to respond to whatever life and relationships bring is increased by taking impeccable care of oneself. When the members are committed to the greater good, they each take responsibility for any unconscious or conscious error of omission or commission. Each is capable of responding with forgiveness and understanding, education and wisdom, helpfulness and service, encouragement and inspiration. Each one care for everyone.

If you have known successful viable community, family, marriage, business or partnership, it is far easier to learn and grow in building true community. If you have never known what works, much is learned through trial and error with happy willing learners. With those who are unwilling, unhappy, or stuck in dependence or self-sufficiency, creating true community will be difficult and discouraging. For success, always assess the potential of the current circumstances and participants.
Be honest, clear and affirming. If those who join you are unaware or unwilling, it is time to choose again.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

I am in Kalamazoo Michigan September 23-27 officiating a wedding, a Reunion Ministry Reunion, Coaching with Spirit Weekend Workshop and a Reunion MasterMind Gathering. Much fun for all.

Friday, September 17, 2004

What Do You Serve?

We all serve…
We serve a cause, a belief, a lifestyle, a person, our living God.
We serve life-affirming causes as well as those which are life-negating.

Do you serve your fears?
Do you serve your neediness?
Do you serve your hungers?
Do you serve your family?
Do you serve a rule or commandment?
Do you serve what is right and wrong?
Do you serve a charitable cause?
Do you serve a believe in being positive or loving?
Do you serve your country or your faith?
Do you serve your doctor, your minister, your lawyer or your parents?
Who and what do you serve?

Who you serve reflects your allegiance, your loyalty and your fear or faith.
What cause you serve reflects your beliefs, your purpose and your choice?
How you serve reflects how much you respect and take responsibility for your service.

We are all choosing daily.
Our lives reflect our choices.
Our mental, physical and financial state reflect the power of our choice.
Only we can choose the cause, the allegiance and the role we play in our service.
Love and fear may look similar, but the outcome will be totally different.
Serve what you love and you will know great peace and joy.
Serve what you fear and you will know more fear and uncertainty.

What you serve grows in power.
Who you serve you become more alike.
How you serve becomes your fulfillment.
Choose well and you serve well.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Loving and serving God (Goodness) with all my heart and my mind.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Daring to Dream

To vision your highest good, you need to heal your judgments, fear and disappointment.

When I ask “What do you really want?”, many respond with “I don’t know.”
To dare to dream requires healing.
When you have wanted, have your been disappointed?
When you have asked, have you been told “NO”?
When you have gone for your dream, have others been skeptical?
When you have succeeded, have friends been jealous?
When you have tried, have you quit?
When you have worked hard to accomplish, have you failed?
When you have prayed, have you felt unheard?
When you have dreamed, have you judged it was too big for you?
When you have been inspired, have you discouraged yourself with practicality?

As little children we imagine and pretend.
We practice for what we want to be, to do to have.
When the world of adulteration mocks, limits, and discourages us, we quit on ourselves.
We learn to compensate for disappointment by dismissing our dreams and denying our creativity.
We compensate for our lack of inspiration with short term gratification and temporary pleasures.
We have a list of excuses, justifications and reasons for not going for it.
We simply get comfortable in less than true and lasting joy.
We take solace in comparing ourselves positively with others.

I forgive myself for quitting.
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive myself for making excuses.
I forgive myself for holding onto past failings.
I free myself from the past and choose to live with joy now.
I trust my life purpose and follow my dreams.
I live in love and know what and where and with whom I am to be present.
I live with full trust in the Essential Goodness and creative potential and energizing Joy in me.
Life works for me as I live my Highest vision for the Good of All.

It is never too late to begin again.
Listen within to your Trusted Friend.
Know you are loved as you Love the One You Are.
Know your life is valuable as you realize your value.
Know you are a gift of Joy and Love as you give yourself the happiness and Love you seek.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Life is For Giving

Yes. Your life is forgiving and for giving.
And You are the Gift to be given.
It is only in giving the gift of Your Self that you realize the Gift You Are.
So Give Your Whole Self to Love today and Love will give to You.

For many years this has been my theme song. Even chants and songs have been written and these words used to conclude talks given. They are prayerful affirmations of the Truth…Our sacred Truth.

Only when we cease focusing on getting anything can we realize the infinite value of our giving Self.
Only when we give All to All can we follow that inner call home to Eternal Peace and Love and Joy.
Only when we really know the perfection of our Love can we see the Light of our Healing Presence.
Only when we rejoice with each opportunity to give and live from the Source within can we begin.
To Realize our Holiness is the fulfillment of our heart’s longing and the homecoming we seek.

We are that which we seek to Be.
And we can only see what is, when we are giving what is given to us.
In gratitude and Love for Being, we find our purpose and our Source.
In sharing our inner light we can see the path before us is lighted for us to follow.
In living from a place of Divine Wisdom, we hear from our own mouths, the words we long to remember.
Our lives are divinely guided with each freely expressed act of Love and Faith.
We are the gift of prosperity abundantly given, when we give our All to each humble call.
Changing baby’s diapers, comforting the fearful child, encouraging the new parent, thanking the helpful salesclerk, forgiving the unconscious act of disrespect, sending peace to the conflicted, singing lullabies of peace to the weary, giving food to those who hunger, being present for the one who needs to speak. These humble calls ask only that we be present with our loving heart and grateful mind.
In each one we remember what is of God.
We know our own Holy Good and we are free to love unconditionally, to serve from the heart and to remember God.

This is our Gift.
Our lives are the sacred gifts in which we only must be present to be the Gift We Are.
This is Good. This is God. And so it Is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Coaching for True Vision

If you don’t know where you are going, how can you get there?

Have you ever noticed that when you have accomplished your goal,
It may not be enough and you seek something else?

So often people are going for specifics…a place, person, property or income.
Often people vision for what the mind can measure and direct.
Often people compare what they have with what others have.
Often people believe their value lies in what treasures, goods and investments they own.
Often people vision and affirm getting something that requires money and time.
And sometimes we follow the direction of the world, and fulfill someone else’s dreams.

These visions may elude you, if in acquiring them you lose your integrity, your loved ones, your health or Life Purpose.
To fully align with the Universe, the God of All Being, the Goodness and Perfection which lies within you, your vision needs to be what is True for You.
You can get what you work for.
You can have what you want.
You can earn the recognition and wealth you seek, but you may be called to let go of your true inner call.
Some want to have it all….both worldly dreams and spiritual fulfillment.
Some may even have the opportunity to experience both, but rarely are they found in the same moment.
What is of this world pales in the face of that which is Eternal.
What is of God cannot compare to worldly gains.
Along life’s way many learn how to choose by having and losing what they think they want.
Learning to let go of what is valueless is a key to finding your True Prosperity.

I recommend you look deep inside.
I encourage you to go deep within.
I invite you to learn to listen to the Greater God and find the truest Good.
Within you lies everything that is Whole and True and Loving for You.

Go to the ocean shore, the riverside, the still pond and listen to what is Essential.
Go to the forest trees, the desert Sun, the majestic mountains, the golden fields and ask.
Go to your open mind, your gentle heart in the still of the night and wonder aloud.
Be still and listen…..
Who is it That I AM?
What am I to do here?
Where am I to go?
With whom am I to be?
And How shall I live?

Know you are each one guided perfectly from deep within.
Only when we ignore the external voices, the distracting sounds, the detouring pleasures, the chaotic world, can we find our Real Self and the calling of our Heart,.... to Be of God, to share our Good and to know the Great I Am.

Loving you with a Heart that is True B’Lue

Monday, September 13, 2004

Healing Reminders

In the next few months I will be writing and putting together past reminders for our health, healing and well being.
Healing Reminders will be offering some clues to our overall natural state of wholeness.

Humanity often seeks outside solutions for problems we have blamed on external causes.
Stress is the cause of a diminished immune system mentally, physically and spiritually.
When we allow more tension, stress and uncertainty that we can easily accommodate for our defenses break down.
When stress goes up brain integration (the ability to think both creatively and analytically) becomes impaired.
When we have so much stress that our ability to respond easily with the reserves of energy and consciousness needed to return to our natural state of balance and wholeness, we challenge our natural immunity.
When we are vigilant for an extended period of time, it takes a toll on our overall physical and mental health.

Quick fixes are the uses we have for people, prescriptions and even prayer to temporarily handle our stress filled lives.

How would life be if we sought only to live in peace, harmony and happiness.
How would our lives be if we looked at what really lifts ours energy to be, do and have?
How would our health be if we only had as many duties as we could easily manage>
How would our health be if we lived within our means?
How would our resilience be if we sought to find harmony and happiness within our current circumstances?

Only when we are in harmony with ourselves and our lives can we make fully conscious decisions.
When we are stressed or fearful, we have decreased ability to think both expansively and practically.
I recommend finding inner peace first.
I recommend taking care of our survival, security and safety needs first.
I suggest that people find a place, a time, a person and/or a method of returning to a state of love and gratitude.

In our natural state of love and gratitude (inner peace), our resources, inner guidance, clarity of vision, direction and focus are all available.
Creating more simplicity and peace for me and you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Do You Remember How to Play?

Gia’s first soccer game was yesterday, so Grandma Betty Lue and Grandpa Robert were there.
Family support was delightful…her Papa, his Mom and her husband, three aunts, one uncle, and six cousins, including one on her team. Indeed her family made up the majority of the cheering section for her coed team, the Firecrackers. All were five and six year olds, learning about the rules, teamwork, listening to a coach and enjoying the play for itself. With only five minutes at a time on the miniature field with two players and one goalie for each side, everyone took turns as goalie and played with all teammates at various times. (Only six kids on each team.) Only encouragement and simple direction was given by the coaches and all of us cheered for everyone. It was simply delightful watching the hard work, focus, and active learning. The coaches were Dads who knew how to love and encourage each child uniquely. Yes, plenty of “mistakes” happened, like going the wrong direction, being distracted and forgetting to tend the goal, blocking your own teammates kick, being afraid and backing away, someone getting his hand stepped on and coming off the field temporarily in tears, but everyone had a great time. Everyone felt successful. Every player left feeling like a winner, as they all congratulated each other at the end of the game. After the forty minutes of play, we all were appreciative of the hard work, concentration and confidence it was building in every child. Gia had made all three goals and was tired and happy, but immediately took time to run to the playground for some time with her friends.

When we cheer for all, everyone is a winner.
When we are encouraging rather than comparing, everyone feels happy.
When we come together as a family of support, we provide security, safety, comfort and love for all children.
When we are happy and helpful, it always works.
When we play at life with focus, determination and hard work, giving it our best, we always succeed.
When we know that how we play the game and have fun is what matters, we follow the helpful rules of kindness and respect.

How do you play?
Do you learn and build your confidence, when you play at life?
Is life a game of winning for all?
Do you help everyone to do their best?
Are you appreciative of the learning and growing we are all doing?
Are you encouraging with your words and actions with children and adults?
Do you notice how your thoughts make a difference in how you feel about yourself and others?
Can you clear your consciousness of negative, comparative and unkind thoughts?
Are you willing to be a positive, encouraging and supportive coach for yourself and others?

What a world this could be, when we all give our best to everyone!!!
Love and Gratitude for the Essential Goodness in You and me,
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Everyday is a day to remember…Love.

In meeting yesterday with gathering of women friends from Santa Rosa, I asked the question:
“In what do you trust? Where do you find safety and peace in a fearful world?”

Each one has a unique answer which suited their life experience and beliefs.

“I ask myself, What can I do? Recently, I started a large democratic discussion club where issues are presented and discussed without bashing others’ viewpoint. I invite those who are negative to speak.”

“I go to the person who appears to have fear, judgment, resentment, hurt and share my intention to be a friend, listen, do nothing that offends them. I make amends and apologize when I have erred. I have the courage to initiate communication and I listen.”

“I allow myself to feel the feelings we call ‘fear’ without making up a story about WHY I am having them, and simply allow the sensation to dissipate, which it usually does fairly quickly.”

“I breathe and invite myself into prayer and reflection. I listen to my inner voice and breathe in PEACE.”

“I don’t experience fear or conflict. I am kind and respectful to everyone, so I receive only kindness and respect. My life is good. I have no complaints.”

“I speak up about my opinions and feelings. I express them and usually find a way to make myself and others laugh,”

“I create new thoughts by doing something fun, loving or creative. I write a thank you note, clean my house with joy, try a new recipe, help someone in need, or simply express gratitude for all I have.”

“I know we are safe. Our safety lies in our faith, our belief that we can do no harm nor be harmed. I know that when I criticize, blame or judge another, I am adding to their fear and to my own. Therefore, I forgive my judging and fearful mind. I erase the thoughts that seem to scare me and cause me to withhold my love. I recognize that when I am attacking anyone for anything I am adding to the problem rather than seeking a solution.”

What do you do to feel safe and guild a safe and trusting world?

Trusting you and me to set us free from fear.
Betty Lue

Free Workshop on Sunday from 2-4PM Learning Difference, Not Disabilities: Enhance Learning and Memory with Brain Gym.

Friday, September 10, 2004

How do I live my vision and find my way home, when I love others who don’t support my choices?

If you look at your whole life, see how you are not willing to follow the Spirit of God in your heart.
When you look at your life, you may see times you have taken the steps to follow and judged you made a mistake. You may see how your fear of making another mistake is interfering with your inner knowing and willingness.
You may see how you have spent much of your life blaming and/or waiting for others to take you or lead you or hoping they would take the risk for you.
You may see that you are more concerned about how it looks to others than giving others your Godly example to follow.

When the world is going in the wrong direction, it is Christ that leads us in the right direction. The one who follows God never fits with the worldly path.
God asks us to be willing to listen and follow.
Ego is constantly doubting, questioning and trying to figure out how.
Begin with taking responsibility for where you find yourself today.
Forgive your self for judging your “on and off the path” life choices.
Respect your creativity.
If you want to change your path, simply forgive and choose again.
Look for how God has used your whole life, mistakes and all for Good.
Then co-create your life for the Highest Good of All.
Let the Universe align with your choice to serve the Greater Good, which always supports everyone, even if they do not agree.
Holy Spirit directs us so that no one loses.....
Yes, most may resist and some may stay behind, but that is their choice, not yours.
It is time to totally support your freedom and trust your choices.
Listen to the Voice for God. Listen to the Joy within.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Some obvious and not so obvious truths about vision fulfillment.

Forgive yourself for waiting, delaying and distracting yourself.
Take responsibility for how you have created your life until now.
Give yourself permission to simply let go of it all and choose again.
“From the field of infinite possibility, what do you choose for the good of all?”
The ask God and yourself, how and where can I begin? What is my first step.
You are called to not make up what others will think or say or do.
Your call is to share your joy and trust in right outcome.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

What Have You Created?

Some folks are good at creating wealth.
Some folks are good at making love.
Some folks create loving families.
Some folks create good prayers.
Some folks are good at creating adventure.
Some folks are good at making trouble.
Some folks are good at creating things and people to fix and change.
Some folks are good at creating opportunities for fun and freedom.
Some folks are good at creating ideas and vision.
Some folks are good at making dreams come true.
Some folks are good at stirring the pot and rocking the boat.
And some are good at calming the storm and soothing ruffled feathers.
Some folks are good at argument and debate.
Some folks are good at starting wars.
Some folks are good at tooting their own horn.
Other folks are good at making others feel good.
Some of us create beautiful words or songs or stories.
Some dance and move with grace.
Some can cook up a storm.
Some can paint or clean or repair.
Some folks spend their lives complaining about not doing anything.
Other folks spend their lives doing whatever they want.

What is the life you have created?

One key to creativity and fulfillment is taking responsibility and appreciating the life you have.
If you don’t like your life, forgive your judgments and accept responsibility for what you have.
If you do like your life, accept responsibility and appreciate your creativity.
To honor and respect your creativity in creating the life you have is to empower yourself to create again.
To complain about your life and criticize and blame others, is to dis-empower yourself and deny your creative potential.

Even in our unconsciousness, we are creating.
Even in our blame, we are creating.
Even in not choosing, we are creating.
Even in following others, we are creating.
Even in letting things go, we are creating.
Even in playing weak and small, we are creating.
Even in being needy and afraid, we are creating.
Even in whining about what we don’t have, we are creating.
Even in running away, we are creating.

What are you willing to create now? And how???
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Can You Bloom Where You Are Planted?

Do all flowers bloom where they are planted?
Some wither and die.
Some can barely find enough energy to create one blossom.
Some bloom profusely.
Some keep on generating new blossoms endlessly.
Some struggle just to stay alive.
Some propagate many other flowers.
Some are picked and shared with those who need some love.
Some are simply mowed over by the unconsciousness world.

Where are you planted?
Are you blooming with health, energy, contribution and creativity?
Have the conditions of your environment become less healthy or nourishing?
Who provides for your food and water?
Who loves and appreciates you?
Who reminds and encourages you?
What gives you strength to carry on?
Who knows what is best for you?
Who have you empowered with saving your life or taking care of you?
Whose lead do you follow?

If an orchid listens to a water lily for the right conditions to thrive, who is making a mistake?
If a wife asks a husband to give her what she needs, how can he know more than what he chooses?
If a spiritual being follows a worldly being into making money to survive, who is right?
If we listen to a dying flower to learn how to live, might we not be confused and angry?
If we follow the path where most folks go and see them not very happy or healthy, we might think twice.
If we find ourselves hungry and thirsty for real food, fresh air and pure water, we need to find the Source.

Transplant yourself when needed into a natural setting which values your presence and offers favorable conditions.
Give yourself the respect and love to assess your current conditions, favorable or not.
Blame no one for the choices ( or the choice not to choose) that got you where you are or kept you stuck.
Be willing to move on in ease and grace for the Good of All.

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing.
For you are more sensitive than you know.
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers.
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light.
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still.

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity.
A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

No, we are not moving.
Yes, we are open and willing to create a sacred space where all may gather at the river for sanctuary and solitude.
We are willing to build a community of those who wish to live their potential abundantly and contribute joyfully.
Freedom and trust are the keys to following the calling of your heart and your spiritual vision.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Expanding Vision

Projecting our wishes or fears onto our own dreams or others’ visions and dreams
may distort or distract us from their true intention and value.
Being free to move, to change, to listen and follow, may not mean we do anything physically.
Letting go of attachment to outcome and to our current comfort is the key to freedom.

When we are free, we are connected with the Infinite.
When we are free, we listen to our own inspiration.
When we are free, we live in trust.
When we are free, we know all is Good.
When we are free, we are unafraid.
When we are free, we are creative.
When we are free, we encourage freedom.
When we are free, we are not dependent or attached.
When we are free, we live in JOY!

As we have recommitted many times in our 20 year marriage, Robert and I are following the calling of Spirit, to follow the joy within.

The vision is a community space, a place in nature, where people come to share and explore, to work and to play, to teach and to learn, to receive and to give. This retreat place will likely be within three hours of the Bay area, where we can “gather by the river” and experience “peace like a river”. With practicality it will be near an airport to welcome visitors from everywhere, easy access to quality food and needed amenities. It is likely to call people to come to live nearby and to visit whenever they are called.
It is a spiritual oasis, shared in community…with music and movement, healing and creative wellness, relationship communion and group communication, creating beauty through all media, healing practices and practitioners, workshops and classes, meditation and silence, building family and community.

We are called to share this creative space with all of you——a space of inspiration and homecoming in which each person comes to find themselves, to listen within to their own needs, to honor their own inspiration.
Everyone’s unique gifts will be honored.
Those who are able will share financially.
Those who can will share physical labors of love.
Those who can will create beauty.
Those who can will garden.
Those who can will make music.
Those who can will help clean and prepare nutritious food.
Those who can will laugh and love and lift.
All will be honored for the gifts of the heart they bring, for such is the Glory of God and Good that lives in each one of us and calls to be expressed with Joy.
This retreat will be about attitudinal healing, creative wellness, finding your passion and living your purpose.
The sacred space will offer simplicity, solace, silence and serenity to heal hearts and open minds to universal truth, understanding and inspiration.

We are not new to beginning again. We are not new to creating with Spirit.
With total faith and joy we have been inspired to create a gathering place for healing and Reunion in Santa Rosa in 1985,
spiritual wellness retreat in Asheville, NC in 1986-87,
a three month healing and transformation intensive in Pleasant Hill in 1987,
a spiritual print shop and communal living in Bozeman Montana in 1988,
several centers for holistic health and spirituality in the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek both in our home and office spaces,
an attitudinal healing and learning center in Bloomington, IN in 1992-93,
Reunion whole Life Center in Kalamazoo, MI and Living Ministry Program 1994-98.
We continue to build community and facilitate healing and transformation through spiritual and educational programs wherever we are called.
This is our gift and our own inspiration and reason for being.
However we are called to serve, it will always serve us well.
There is no sacrifice in serving the Highest Good by listening to the Voice Within and to follow the calling of your heart.

Loving you by listening faithfully,
Betty Lue

We will not be leaving our loving service here in Walnut Creek.
We have committed to Robert’s Mom and Gia, our granddaughter.
We have committed to build spiritual healing community here where it is needed.
We will also be using this retreat space to encourage you, as well as ourselves, to set aside time to seek peace like a river, to find joy like a fountain and to listen to the movement of Spirit in your soul.
More as it all unfolds in due time……

Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor of Love

When you only work for Love, everything you need for Love is perfectly provided.
When you work for money, you will measure the value of your work on the money you receive.

Vision Fulfillment

To easily fulfill your spiritual vision, listen for what “inspires” you.
Immediately notice what signs, help and guideposts are provided.
Act in faith on what you hear, feel and see from within.
Calm your ego’s questions, doubts and fears with reassurance.
Proceed with enthusiasm and full consciousness.

Spiritual guidance will always inspire you and fulfill your heart’s desire.
When you act immediately on your inner guidance, the result is fun, safe and easy.
When you delay, detour, distract yourself with fearful question and caution, you slip out of divine timing.
Things change every moment and so it is necessary to stay very present with your inner voice.

On Friday I was sent an email “out of the blue” about a riverfront property in Oregon.
Having never received real estate on email before, I was surprised and then inspired.
I read it all, made some initial calls and invited Robert to check it out.
This week we had just returned from Asheville NC, where life is simpler, slower and more intimate.
We had talked about what would be the most healing and happy environment for Robert.
We had looked at our past vision for ourselves and our worldwide friends.
This was an invitation and a response.
So we completed or changed our agreements for the next 48 hours, drove 468 miles to Eugene, OR, stayed overnite and met with a substitute realtor at 8AM on Sunday morning. Saw four properties in four hours on the river. Received several tips which expanded our vision and began to travel back through Ashland, another of our favorites, through Yreka, another favorite and kept looking, listening and following our joy. There will be a follow up adventure to share when we are clear where you will be invited to share the peace with us as we “gather at the river.”

This afternoon I will share at a Labor Day potluck with a Practical Spirituality group many of the synchronicities, the signs and the symbols of Spirit as we went on our 48 hour Vision Quest. My hope is that you will join us in Spirit or in person for our Vision Quest Program the next 12 weeks on Tuesday evenings. Come to Hawaii Oct. 16-23 or to the weekend Nov. 27-28 for your own Vision Quest. There is preparation, so please let us know so we can facilitate you fine tuning of your inner awareness, so you can respond in Divine timing.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Telling the “Truth”

What do we believe?
Whose truth is true?
How do we know?
What do we do when our truth is different from their truth?

In politics, religion, legal issues, education, science, metaphysics, there are many truths.
Sometimes the ‘truths’ coincide and are complementary.
Sometimes the “truths” are opposing and in conflict, polarizing and causing defensiveness.
Differing opinions, perspectives and beliefs either invite fear and anger or peace and understanding.

Peace of mind is more important to me than being right.
Inner peace promotes communication, openness and understanding.
Inner peace invites dialogue, sharing and opportunities for seeing things differently.
Inner peace is a path to clarity, connection and communion.

With a willingness to understand, rather than resist another’s truth, I see their point of view.
With defenselessness about my belief or viewpoint, I can declare my position and then let go.
As I let go of my righteousness, I am better able to hear and accept the other perspective.
No one right and no one wrong…just two differing viewpoints.
Yes, that is your truth and yes, this is my truth.
Both can co-exist without making the other wrong.

What I seek is peace within.
This is a peace that is beyond understanding.
This peace is healing, forgiving, gentle and merciful.
I know that peace of mind is my greatest gift to my world.

Seeing others without judgment opens my world view to one of understanding and willingness to educate where invited.
Seeing differences invites an expansion of vision, a forgiveness of judgment, release of fear, and a willingness to be clear about my priorities.
I would rather maintain open relationship than create obstacles to love.
Everyone is free to choose.
Everyone will learn to listen within and trust their own inner knowing.

Peace is an inside job.
Inner peace comes from a choice to honor who I am and what I know.
I need no confirmation nor agreement to be at peace.
I choose peace now.

At peace,
With infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Vote from your own inner knowing rather by the ‘truths’ of others.

Friday, September 03, 2004

If We Were Not Afraid

If we were not afraid, we would not be angry and blaming.
If we were not afraid, we would have no call to judge anyone.
If we were not afraid, we would live in harmony and peace.
If we were not afraid, we could be creative and playful.
If we were not afraid, we would see goodness in everyone.
If we were not afraid, we would seek win/win solutions.
If we were not afraid, we would know our brothers as ourselves.
If we were not afraid, we would laugh, love and let go.
If we were not afraid, we would heal mind, body and spirit.
If we were not afraid, we would be happy and free.
If we were not afraid, we would build community naturally.
If we were not afraid, we would discuss everything openly.
If we were not afraid, we would see differences not enemies.
If we were not afraid, we would negotiate not eradicate.
If we were not afraid, we would help and heal, not threaten and attack.
If we were not afraid, we would give, not withhold.
If we were not afraid, we would be listening and understanding.
If we were not afraid, we would be positive and response-able.
If we were not afraid, we would be at peace.
If we were not afraid, we would not need to defend ourselves.
If we were not afraid, we would share what we have easily.
If we were not afraid, life would be simply fun, safe and easy.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Creating Your Own Reality Again…..

Just saw “What the Bleep!!!!”, a kind of underground movie about science, quantum physics, meta physics and emotions.
It is yummy. Will buy the DVD when available to share.. Encourage groups to see it and share their perceptions. Funny to see it listed as science fiction, because in my perception it is a scientific/spiritual documentary on the latest discoveries about the mystery of life.”

So how are you doing on your life path?
Have you discovered or uncovered your life purpose?
Do you know your mission here?
Have you acknowledge responsibility for your life experiences?
Do you understand and accept your life experience?

Some truths I embrace:
Remember Love and return to Wholeness.
We are One, All life is inter-connected.
Each one of us represents an aspect of the Infinite.
We are each unlimited in power and in peace.
Our emotional energy influences our health, happiness and perceptual experiences.
We are at choice about how we respond to what we experience.
Our thoughts, words and actions influence and teach all others.
This apparent physical life is a learning laboratory.
We learn best when we are curious about the mystery, delighted with possibilities and grateful for the learning opportunities.
Everyone and every experience is our potential teacher, just as we are influencing all others.
Awareness without judgment is healing.
Neediness creates dependency and attachment. Impeccable self care sets us free to be without expectation.
Thoughts and emotions generate the life we have.
Thoughts of victimization and fear create an experience of weakness and harm.
Thoughts of conscious choice and empowerment create experiences of confidence and helpfulness.
The more we let go, the more we can grow in self realization and fulfillment.

What are the truths you know or want to believe and live?
I know I am loving you and loved by all I love.
Life is a reflection of my own consciousness.
Therefore I choose to express and extend infinite Love and Gratitude.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Awake, Aware and At Choice

Are you awake?
Sometimes we experience upsets or wakeup calls when we have fallen asleep on our lives.
To be living on purpose we must notice when we are on the “high way”, the “free” way.
To drive at high speeds, we must recognize that any bump in the road is a wakeup call.
Life is meant to be fun, safe and easy. When it is not filled with Love, something has gone wrong.
The bumps at the edge of the road are meant to remind us to stay awake and stay on our path.

Are you aware?
When we make a mistake, we often feel guilty and ashamed and make excuses.
When we feel guilty about our mistakes, we often blame and criticize others.
When we attack others or ourselves, we shut down our capacity for full awareness.
Consciousness is limited by fear and judgment.
Clarity is clouded over with confusion, regret, justification and explanation.
Commitments are focused on defending ourselves rather than choosing again.
Awareness with non judgment is healing for mind, body and Spirit.

Are you at choice?
True freedom to choose from infinite possibilities is available only with full awareness.
We must drop our fears and regrets, blame and criticism, our blinders of judgment and justification.
We must be open, respectful, faithful, responsible, honest and willing to make mistakes.
We must give up our need to be “right” by making others “wrong”.
We must focus on what works for the good of all, without telling others what is “right” for them.
We must pay attention to all points of view and listen within to find what is true for us.
We must be willing to choose and be at peace with our choices.
Ambivalence and self doubt, seeking approval and agreement from others, providing explanation and justification to convince others confuse our clarity and commitment to choose for ourselves.

The more I love and respect the choices I make, the more I love and respect the choices you make.

In this nation built on the rock of freedom with responsibility, it is important that we each take advantage of our birthright.
Choose what is right and true for you without needing to humiliate or condemn others’ right and freedom to choose.
Give voice to what is right and true for you.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue