Friday, March 31, 2017

Using One Another

Everything is a valuable resource to be used well.
I offer gratitude and respect to all I receive.
The more I give, the more I receive.
I utilize all resource for the highest and best outcome.

Use Your Resources with Respect.

We all “use” one another.
We are born “users”.
We use food to eat, beds to sleep, and TV to entertain.
Children use parents and parents use children.

People use one another.
Our interactive relationships are for the purpose of healing, learning, growing, providing, enjoying.
No matter what or where or how you live, you are using others and your environment.
We do not survive without our dependent, co-dependent and interdependent relationships.

We may seek independence, but we cannot exist alone.
We are dependent on air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and all we seek to stay alive.
In our dependence on others, we must learn how to give and receive mutually.
With our dependence on our resources, we must learn how to respect and be grateful.

When unconscious people take each other for granted, we feel unfairly “used”.
When awakening, we notice how much we need .
When we fear doing without, we often get greedy in our fear.
Begin to see and feel how much you have and often ignore.

Do you take your family for granted?
Do you neglect being grateful for your own body and mind?
Are you aware of how you depend on the basics of everyday survival?
Do you contribute to others welfare with appreciation?

Reciprocal relationships come naturally when we recognize our dependence on one another.
We are actively grateful for having what we have.
We often do not know where the food comes from, but we know we depend on the growers.
We may not believe in a Source for our land, weather, clean water, electricity, but we are dependent.

We can begin appreciating all that is.
We can enjoy what we have and use it well.
We can show our gratitude by contributing our best.
We can demonstrate our appreciation with respect and kindness.

Using is what we do to live.
It is only abusing when we give nothing in return.
Simply acknowledging our gratitude balances the giving.
Being willing to say YES when we are asked for time, money and energy opens the flow.

Consider how much you depend on others.
Notice how much you count on good water and air, health care and education.
Allow yourself to love and appreciate our leaders, teachers, bankers, farmers, workman and more.
Everyone is a gift and with our appreciation, we all receive more.

Give your Best and you will receive abundant resources with joy and gratitude.
Appreciating all you give,
Betty Lue 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Be Happy!

I easily let go of worry and choose to be happy.
I give my energy focus to gratitude and enjoyment.
I have what I want and enjoy what I have.
I am happy with my life.

Don’t Worry!  Be Happy!!

Do you know how to change your mind?
Can you stop worrying just for this moment?
Are you willing to learn how to choose happiness?
Can you set aside your negative thoughts and feelings ?

What we learn in life is often an “Adulteration” of feeling alive.
We may believe that being an adult is serious and difficult and even unsafe.
I know that life can be fun, safe and easy.
However, we need to choose the life we want to have and commit to it,

Life will follow our direction.
But we must believe and know what we want.
We need to find the inner feeling and vision of what is our choice.
Then with words and actions as well as faith, we can commit to what is our choice.

Only the individual can actively on a daily basis choose what is our preference.
If you want milk but are offered water, you must learn to say “no”. and choose again.
Often we learn to conform, comply, give in, and let others choose for us.
The universe will follow our direction when we are willing to be clear and take action.

When we learn to be obedient, we often are imprinted to believe we must accept what we get.
When we learn to be free and responsible for our choices, we simply acknowledge what we want.
We speak out with clarity and confidence and choose what is ours.
When we understand the power lies within us, we can use it in a way that creates no resistance.

We have power tools we are born to have and use consciously.
If we have learned to avoid pain, by stepping back and letting others control us, we may not believe we can.
It is ours to practice and learn to be responsible for our lives without guilt or blame.
We can easily step out of our limited thinking and choose another way.

Stop and ask yourself what you want right now.
Choose what you want and give it to yourself.
Wait for no one to affirm or confirm your choice.
Give yourself the freedom and permission to be happy.

Begin to trust you can have what you want.
Notice how good it feels to make your ideal real.
Stop denying what you really want and have happiness now.
Have the heart to live what is highest and best for you.

It is never too late to loving and care for your own happiness.
It is time to allow the belief in the limitation of adulteration shut down your inner joy.
Give yourself opportunities each day to be happy and free with gratitude and laughter.
Enjoy what is naturally present for you every moment with the choices you make.

Having fun, because I am choosing to enjoy my life.
My life is a gift and I use it well.
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Little Things That Count!

Life works when I remember to love.
Love is the answer.
I choose to do the little things that matter.
I always feel good when I remember to be truly kind.

“It’s the little things that count.
The touch of your hand and mine.
That mean far more to the fainting heart.”

Remember the Little Things!

Life offers us the choice to live or not.
We can fade away into nothingness.
We can stop caring and sharing.
We can grow away from the light.

Everyday we can step into action or distraction.
We can choose to win or lose or share the gains.
We can make others wrong or cheer them on.
We have the opportunity to encourage or discourage.

I choose what feels good and even great!
I choose to do what I can and know it is enough.
I choose to be present rather than disappear.
We can show courage and live in our hearts .

We can tell what is working because we feel better.
We can feel what is right because we have more energy.
We can do what is ours to do because it all works better.
There are simple ways to know the high way for us.

Take time to do as you are guided.
Listen to the still small voice that inspires you.
Do unto others as you would have them do.
Be the one who is open-minded and willing.

If you see something to do or give, just do it.
It takes so little to give so much.
You will be remembered for the little things you do.
When you have less, your little bit make a bug difference.

It is time to write that ”thank you” note.
Put the tip in the waitresses’ hand and make it personal.
Really say “thank you” to others for services rendered.
Give every little think a really BIG meaning.

See and feel the eye contact you share touches their soul.
The hand you hold is like loving them into self-realization.
Everyone matters and you matter more when you feel it.
You are the One to reach out and offer what is real

I love you everyday in the best way I know.
In words or silence, love the one you are with—especially yourself!!

Loving you,
Betty Lue 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I am here to make a difference.
I am here to live with Love and Joy.
I am willing to be wholly responsible for my life.
I am awakening into the awareness of my worth.

Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten why you are here?
Do you remember why you came to be?
Are you willing to wake up and remember?
Are you open to your true calling?

Start simply and look around you.
Can you imagine you are more than you see?
Are you ready to take responsibility?
Do you think this is all a big mistake?

Consider what you have and where you are.
Consider the people living with and around you.
Notice who needs you and who you seem to need.
Uncover what you want down deep inside.

You may already know you came to give and receive.
You may see you want to be helpful and kind.
You may be actively teaching and learning.
You may have work where you care and share easily.

 Is there something special about you?
Do you feel the connection inside?
Are you aware of the feelings you have?
Do you notice the smile and gratitude you give?

Everyday wake up and ask:
What is my purpose today?
How do I teach and touch others?
What can I do to awaken my family?
How do I share my profound Love?

As you begin to be more conscious, you will see others wake up too.
As you share more genuine love, others seem to share theirs too.
As you express you tender feelings, others respond with more honesty.
As you come alive, you love and light and full appreciation shines through.

Life begins today to be more real, more meaningful.
People see to be looking at your and listening to you.
The light seems brighter and everything is more real.
Love seems to be shared deeper and even guides your way.

Yours is a real life of goodness, kindness and sincere connection.
You are the center of a new feeling that inspires others.
Your sharing and sharing open hearts and inspire minds.
You are the Love leading the way.

Begin today.
We Are here to Remember Love and Return to Wholeness.
Betty Lue 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Believe in What You Want to Be

I believe in Love.
I seek to be love, extending Love.
I recognize thoughts create.
I choose to think Love and create what is Good.

Believing Is Seeing

Most have learned to believe what they see.
Many learned to have what they have been taught.
Science tends to trust what can be seen.
We believe what we can prove in the physical.

We are perceiving what we are believing.
If we cannot prove it beyond doubt, we discount it.
And yet what if our beliefs make it so?
What if we have it all backwards?

When two agree it is so, we tend to believe in them.
Our guessing and second-guessing is how we get what we have.
When we believe we will get well quickly, we do.
When we know we are well, we don’t need to get sick.

Our elders often pass on cures, prophecies and healings which we believe in.
When we return to what many agree on, we may join their belief.
When we doubt what others believe, we need to find our own “proof”.
Our lineage often imprints us with belief.

When we doubt the past, we often turn to the current experts.
When we fully believe them, we join their faith.
When we doubt them, we may live in fear or seek something else.
When we may learn “By our own faith, we are healed”, we have the experience.

Miracles occur naturally.
Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.
With freedom and trust, we choose what to believe.
Within us, we can forgive the fear and choose again.

Wholeness and Abundance are ours to choose.
By our faith, we can see what can be ours.
In our Love, we learn to trust in the unlimited.
In trust, we experience and explore what to believe.

Ask Your Self what you truly want.
Believe with all your heart and mind.
Clear the fear and disbelief.
Choose the highest and best to Be.

Our path is to learn to believe.
Live our dreams of wholeness.
Free ourselves from doubt.
Seek always what is Good.

And so it is we choose to believe what we want to see.
Loving us all as we grow in our willingness to believe.
Betty Lue 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Keep It Simple!

When it gets overwhelming, I look within.
When I feel fear, I do what is good.                            
When lost, I follow the joy.
When alone, I trust in Love.

You Are Here On Purpose!

There are no accidents.
When you find your desired outcome, you will know your Self-assigned Purpose for Being.
It is not what you are supposed to be, but rather Who You already Are.
Give your Self a lifetime to ponder what it is you came to be and do to really discover the Joy of YOU!

Yes, when you know, you can let go and simply Be and Do what is yours to Be and Do.
Give up trying to be what someone else wants to be.
Let go of attempting to live up to what you want to do.
Learn to relinquish complaints, excuses and setbacks.

Recognize everything is yours - mistakes, challenges and all.
Value it all as you respect the undertaking and choose again.
What you begin to see as inner delight shines as true in you.
You are always learning, growing, healing and knowing You.

The experience can be painstaking and even disappointing, when you follow fixed plans.
The experience will be revealing, when you invoke the principles of healing in it all.
You can gain wisdom and insight, understanding and compassion, love and courage.
You will seek more, until you realize you have just uncovered what has always been true.

You are the One you seek.
No one else like you.
You are essential to us all.
You came to be You, fully You.

Life shows the way, as you light the path with your Light.
Love shows us how to engage and connect with your Life.
What is, is your Truth, the highlights of miracles and awakening.
Fall asleep, when you are tired and awaken, when you are ready.

Find ways to laugh and enjoy the mystery.
Be gentle, when there is pain and hesitation.
Contribute freely, when you are full.
Receive the Abundance in its overflowing.

Enjoy the Refreshing Goodness in all sharing.
Clear the fear and caution in our natural caring.
We are here to proclaim the freedom and trust in the doing.
Our nature is to Love God and all our brotherhood and sisters too.

You came, because you are already the One You Seek.
Baruch Bashan.
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Circles of Influence

I choose peace instead of this.
I trust I am enough.
I see all things with forgiving eyes.
Light reveals and Love heals.

Circles of Influence

You are the center of your circle of influence.
In you there is energy radiating from you to influence those around you.
Consider the influence you choose to extend to others
It is by your thoughts, your words and your interactions that you teach others.

Consider from what you see and feel, hear and know, that you extend your influence.
When you influence yourself in the ways of your choosing, you will observe what is radiating from you.
We cach must tend to our own inner life to come to a place of sincere integrity and live our best Self.
When we are showing up as one who is authentic and consistent, others will be moved and inspired.

Always begin within.
Be at one, united with your whole self.
Live in peace and tend to your own thoughts, words and deeds.
Be aware of how you are influencing yourself and with how you live everyday.

Imagine there are no secret thoughts or activities.
Imagine that everyone is receiving your imaginings, your judgments and hidden activities.
Imagine that you are projecting and teaching your world with what you think, say and do.
Imagine that you are leading us all to see and believe what you are emanating.

Imagine your world is being influenced by you and what you want us to believe.
Let us begin to take responsibility for how we live and what we share.
Let’s recognize we have a circle of influence which is ours to contribute to daily.
Let us begin to influence ourselves always with what we seek to learn and experience.

We are taught, imprinted, seduced and programed by the world around us.
We can delete, undo, forgive, deny and transform whatever we choose.
When we see, feel, receive anything that is not of value, we can choose again.
Our responsibility it to conscientiously transfer on what we see benefits.

We can learn to discern.
We can undo what is untrue.
We can change our mind.
We can breathe and release.

Allow what you value.
Contribute what is good.
Let go and flow what heals.
Influence what benefits all.

Be grateful for what influences our world in positive ways.
Reinforce what you know is good.
Amplify the ways you influence those around you.
Notice and enjoy all that is good, healthy and life-giving to our world.

Loving you and all of us as we learn together.
Betty Lue

Friday, March 24, 2017

Please with Pleasure

I please myself when I am happy.
I am a pleasure to others when I please myself.
I observe and learn how to please myself and others daily.
I encourage us all to be happy everyday in everyway.

Do What Pleases You

Do what pleases you and pleases those you love.
Do what brings you Joy and brings joy to others.
Do what makes you smile and offers smiles to others.
This is Loving and Life Giving for All.

How do you know what gives you pleasure?
What makes you smile?
What makes your heart sing?
What inspires your life?

Sometimes the Light diminishes and you forget.
At times there are dark clouds or foggy days.
Problems and challenges may distract you.
Remember to look for the ”delight” in your life.

Who do you love to please?
Do you feed others with depression or joy?
Are you aware of your influence on those around you?
How do you create more happiness in your life?

Life can be simple with peace and happiness.
Life can be complicated with conflicts and complaints.
We can give what we long to have and hold.
Or we can neglect and ignore what is most important to us.

The Choice is ours.
When we confuse what seems to be with the riches we desire, we get lost.
When we awaken to what is really good and joy-filled, we find our way again.
There is such ‘simplicity’ beneath the distracting ‘apparency’ for us to regain.

Return to the feelings of wholeness, goodness and gratitude.
Open the heart to observing and serving what is Good for all.
Align the mind with what is kind and helpful and true.
Join with OneSelf and seek only what bring Joy.

What pleases us will please others when we are honest.
What heals us will heal others when we share the wholeness.
What inspires us will inspire others when we live with our joy.
What prospers us will prosper others when we are generous in our giving.

Our best is always best for others, because we are related.
When we live with our authentic inner truth, we are connected.
As we join with ourselves, our families, our communities, we realize our gift is the best we have.
Let us deny none of our blessings, and celebrate all the Goodness we recognize.

Life is Good when we live our highest and best NOW.
Loving you with Pleasure!
Betty Lue