Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time to Care and Share and Be Fair

When we move through life with spiritual maturity, we learn to grow beyond our petty demands, our selfish needs and seeking to outdo others. In infancy we focus on basic survival needs. As toddlers, we assert our little self and our need to get attention. As young children, we try hard to please, following rules and being obedient to make everyone happy. And in adolescence in our struggle to emancipate, we seek independence, gathering information and experiences from which to choose on our own. These are usual developmental stages where some get stuck for their entire lives and some outgrow.

When we grow into adulthood, we begin to realize what is fair for all. We care about those around us and share what we have that everyone might feel safe and secure and valued. At this principle-centered stage of development, we seek win-win solutions without competing for “one-upsmanship” or taking more than our fair share of credit, reward, acknowledgment. We recognize on this planet what works is “one for all” and “all for each one.” We reach out with service, volunteerism, being friendly to strangers and forgive other’s apparent wrong-doings. We seek to find better ways to live which protect the environment and create a better world for future generations. Life becomes an opportunity to expand goodness among all people. We give for the sake of giving rather than trying to get what we think we want. We take care of our own needs so we can truly give unconditionally to others. Life works easily because we give what is fair wherever we go.

Where are you in your spiritual growth?
Protecting, defending and looking out for your own survival?
Wanting to show off and prove to others how “right” you are?
Willing to do whatever it takes to please those around you?
Trying to be self sufficient and not need anyone’s help or ideas?
Or ready to develop teamwork with respect, responsibility and cooperation?

Know life is challenging us to grow.
Growth is easiest when we are not judging ourselves or others.
Where you are finding fault, forgive, let go and trust everything is for learning.
And be kind to yourself and others as you learn and let go and return to love again.

During these times, judge no one and you will experience inner peace.
During life’s challenges, trust in the highest outcome and you will not be afraid.
During upsetting or confusing times, be quiet and wait for inner understanding.
During serious and difficult times, you can bring the voice of reason and appreciation.

Life is Good when we seek only Goodness for ourselves and All.

Loving you and All,
Betty Lue

Add a little levity to your life. It takes away the stress.
What Daddy taught us (and our Grandpa encouraged).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stay Awake

Staying conscious is the key to satisfying relationships, success in business and being happy.

How do you stay alert and aware of what is around you?

Let every upset be a wakeup call.
For every emotional reaction is inviting you to pay attention.
Paying attention requires that you find inner peace.
So breathe deeply, count to 10 or simply sit and be still.
Whatever method you use to find inner peace will enhance your consciousness.
Know when we are emotional or upset, our perceptions are distorted and our creativity is thwarted.

To be conscious is to show up fully awake.
To be conscious is to pay attention to what is inside and out.
To be conscious is to speak only the Highest and most helpful truth.
To be conscious is to let go of attachment to our desires and dependencies.
To be conscious is to be willing to learn from everything and everyone.
To be conscious is to seek and perceive the blessing in all things.
To be conscious is to know from within what is for the Highest Good of All.
To be conscious is to be free from limitation, lack and negativity.
To be conscious is to let go and let Goodness and God be.

There is no one outside ourselves to heal, to fix, to blame. to change.
We are solely responsible for forgiving our stuckness, opinions and fears.
We are solely responsible for undoing what is not wholly true and loving.
We are solely responsible for giving our best and living with joy.
We are solely responsible for our state of consciousness.

PS. If you haven’t noticed, this is a full time job….tending to our own state of consciousness.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teachers and Lessons

Teachers teach the lessons they want to learn and remember.
Teachers teach what they want their students to learn and remember.
Teachers are creating the world in which they want to live.
Teachers are responsible for teaching what they really want to see.

Yesterday, I taught a seminar on Understanding Differences in Conscious Relationships.
I was reminding myself that awareness without judgment heals unconsciousness.
Where we are judging we get stuck with the judgment we hold.
When we accept the apparent differences among people, genders, cultures and religions, we heal.

Underlying everything I teach are some primary messages about our relationships.

1) Dump your emotional waste in the toilet, written on paper, in private, but never on people.
2) Bring love, acceptance, patience and understanding to your loved ones to create more love.
3) You choose how to handle ever encounter.
Treat everyone, (including children, elders, partners) with respect and appreciation and we will build a world we can trust.
4) Love begins within. No matter our personality and past history differences, everyone wants to love and be loved.
Love is our natural state. We were created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
5) Teach only Love. For Love Is Who You Are and Why You Are here. We were created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.

Every incident where there appears to be a lack of Love is always a call for Love.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Whatever the problem or question, Love is the answer.

When we are conscious, we remember to create words, thoughts and actions that are loving for all.
To be conscious, we must forgive ourselves and our history of all unconsciousness.
To be in relationship, we must see what is REAL in our REALationships.
Look beneath the personality and ego’s reactivity and you will see the One within reminding you to Love.

These are primary lessons which we are learning and teaching daily with everyone and everything including ourselves.

Loving you and loving me as we learn to realize the Love we are and extend that Love to everyone,
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What now?

What did you expect?
When we expect an outcome, plan and prepare, affirm and encourage, we usually eventually get what we want.
When we dream of an outcome, hold it secret, sacrifice, save, and wish, we often are disappointed.
Life is a cycle of seeming ups and downs, wins and losses to handle all climates.
Life offers challenges and plateaus to strengthen and restore us to our highest Truth.

Just like higher education…..we are here to learn how to learn, not what to learn.
We are here to discover our creativity, not the right way.
We are here to forgive mistakes, not stop making them.
We are here to walk with those who we can engage with, not those who simply agree.
We are here to enjoy the journey with all its detours, not be so cautious we never meander.

Life is a smorgasbord of experiences and opportunities.
Life gives us a potpourri of choices, each with its own fragrance.
Life can be boring or exciting, flatline or eventful, depending on our choice and ability.
We each give ourselves exactly what, when , where and how we need to get it.

WE are choosing just for our own edification and experience:
Isolation or involvement?
Find fault or learn something?
Contemplate or become impatient?
Keep going or quit?

If the choices you see before you seem disheartening, breathe deep.
Look for places where you have been inspired.
Find sources of celebration and gratitude in what is here and now.
Give yourself credit for what you have done.
Be considerate of everyone who is doing the best they can.
Give up the useless task of asking why or who or what is to blame.
Look for what can you do now…immediately and directly.

You begin to see…..
There is a never ending series of learning opportunities (crises and challenges).
There is always a chance to redeem your losses with greater wins than you can imagine.
There is a way to affirm, encourage and accept the Goodness that Is into your life right now.

Loving you and me and all of us in the most inspiring way I know.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Different Kinds of Love

(Very important reminder!)

In reflecting, contemplating and listening within for this Saturday’s seminar on Conscious Relationship: Understanding Differences,
a new realization came through. (You see I am constantly learning.)

There are three types of motivations for relationships.
1) Those seeking Love.
2) Those giving Love.
3) Those being Love.

Is your life currently about getting the Love you need?
Is your life about giving the Love you have?
Is your life about being the Love you are?

These are three very different reasons for being in relationship.
These differing motivations are totally missed when we deeply express, “I love you!”.
And the recipient of our “Love” may be really confused by how we express our Love.

Yes, our underlying and often unconscious motivations change as we grow, mature and evolve.
Yes, we can only know what is true for us. We cannot know what is true for another until they are clear.
Yes, we all seek, give and be “LOVE” according to our own unique definition.
What matters is that we discover and clarify our underlying motivation.

Some learned definitions of the Love we seek, give and be:
Love = Power, Fear, Restriction, Need, Freedom, Respect, Obedience, Trust, Attachment, Surrender, etc.
While these varieties of Love sound contradictory, they fit for those who have experienced them as Love.

Now what do we do with all this stuff?
To know, respect and love oneself is key to successful relationship.
Joining in a unified goal is key to successful relating.
Being honest with ourselves and others, without pretense or withhold, eases the mystery and tension.
Being willing to learn and receive as well as teach and give is key to equality.
Being committed to the relationship goal and to what is truly best for everyone is key.
Being responsible for what we think, say and do, erasing all judgments of ourselves and the other matters.

Come on Saturday, if this has piqued your interest…or listen to the audiotape on line after the seminar.
Let me know and I will tell you how to get the on line audio….
I am excited too, to hear what we have to share.
There is always something new to learn and remember!
Loving you and me in our learning about Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Relationship Issues

Whether you have issues respecting and loving your parents, your partners, your children or your employers, the issues have their origin within us. Therefore, The solutions are also within ourselves.
Where you have conflicts,, resentments, hurts or fears represent the externalization of what lies within.

The Good News: When you are at peace, happy and loving yourselves, all problems disappear.
The Truth: Every upset is a wakeup call, inviting us to Do The Work!
The Work: To forgive and heal every unloving thought and Be the Love You Are consistently.

This morning’s guidance:
“What is really important is that we be happy within ourselves. To please others gets us out of integrity and separate from God and Good within. The Inner Voice is our choice to honor the One We Are, to know God and respect God within. When we chose to honor external voices we made the choice to handle the cries and complaints of those externally seeking to confirm their own confusion amidst their lostness. Live is meant to be lived internally-referring to the Highest Good within. Honoring only what our heart guides us to be and do Anything else is untrue.
Let your heart lead the way.
Live life every day.
Be willing to shout hooray and amen.
Time to begin again.”

Yes, it is true that all we really need to do is love ourselves well. Learn again to listen within. Follow the voice that only leads to happiness and inner peace. This is the highest and best way to love everyone, including ourselves. Everyone wins when we are truly Happy.

If you observe your mind, it is your unkind and unloving thoughts that lead you into pain, judgment, fear and anger. If you watch your thinking, you will see that you feelings come from the very thoughts you are thinking. If you listen to your feelings, they lead you to speak the unkind or judgmental words you have made real. If you pay attention to your behavior, you realize that you attitude in each moment determines how you act and interact. All our relationships come from how we are perceiving them.

Only when you are totally loving you and happy within yourself can you find the loving words and creative solutions to begin to build the bridge to true and lasting love.
Begin today. And shout “Hooray”. You are willing to do the work. Rewards, both inner and outer follow.

Come on Saturday to our Conscious Relationships Seminar….or listen on line. (Ask me how.) And do the following exercise for 30 days or forever. Know that as you move along your spiritual path of healing, the smallest things will invite you to remember to do the Real Work everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes, You Can

Thank you for sending Love and your happy healing energies my way.
I have been down in bed for a couple of days, but clearing the yucky stuff on all levels.
Love is the Healer and the Most Powerful Force in the world.
So thanks for sending Love to me.

In my life I have experienced and observed family issues, health issue, economic issues, environmental issues and global war and peace play themselves out in our collective lives. In the beginning I saw it as “my” problem and then I saw it as “their” problem. Now I realize it is “our” problem. In owning that we are all in this together, we must take impeccable care of ourselves, so we can reach out and help our brother. When we truly give and help one another, we realize we are serving all humanity.

Not one will be left outside of God’s love.
No one will be kept away from the healing Love.
None will be separate when all is said and done.
For We Are One.

When you are loving me, you are loving you.
When you are loving me, you are loving all.
When you are loving me, you are expanding Love for everyone.
And when I am loving me and You and All, there is no one left out.

We all have our healing and loving assignments.
Notice who and what is calling for you attention.
Is it your health, your happiness your home, your family or finances that needs you now?
Is it your community, your country, your workplace, your neighbors or your inspirational place?

Wherever you hear the call, give as though you are giving to yourself.
Wherever you are called to give, give as though you are giving to the Source of Goodness for All.
Whenever you are called to serve, serve with an open heart, receiving the Joy and Love you give.
Whenever you are called to contribute, give without condition or pity or resentment for you give to us all.

You see when we are each and everyone full of happiness, and health and abundant Joy, there will be no lack and no one left out. This is the end of all suffering and sorrow…when we know we are one in Love.

I am loving you as you are loving me,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 19, 2008


The power of integrity is found in 100% living in the Highest Truth you know.
The power of integrity is created with giving 100% of yourself to the Highest Good for All.
The power of integrity is manifest when you live your best and give your best to life.
The power of integrity is unlimited and available when your are in right relationship with your Self.

Life is a practice ground for learning how energy works.
Life is an experimental laboratory for discovering the effectiveness of being single minded in Truth.
Life is an adventure in trust and freedom when you realize you are always choosing your experiences.
Life is a grand opportunity to give and receive the Highest and the Best in all ways.

When we believe one thing and do another, you split focus, intention and effectiveness.
When you are in conflict, energy leaks and is lost.
When you are aware of being out of integrity and dishonest with yourself and others, you feel stressed.
When you are not in alignment with the thoughts, words and behavior you value, you will feel fatigue.

Life is a constant lesson in how to succeed, win, benefit, be happy and fulfilled.
Life gives us constant feedback about what works and doesn’t work.
Life demonstrates easy ways to discern our right path.
Life offers the freedom to explore and find what is True for us.

When you seek the Highest and Best for yourself and others, you will see a simple and narrow path.
When you value what will benefit all with no one losing, you will experience the joy of living well.
When you remember You are a Gift of Love, you can give every moment to Goodness for All.
When you know what you give is received in the moment of givingness, you give only Good.

Life works when we do the work.
Integrity is living what we believe.
Integrity is giving what we want to receive.
Integrity is being True to ourselves consistently.

Integrity is honesty.
Honest is to trust ourselves always.
Integrity is living our agreements.
Living our agreements builds trust.
Integrity is focus.
Focus is for creating a positive intention.
Integrity is power.
Power is for realizing Good for All.

Our world is calling for integrity.
Teach only Love.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Serenity Prayer

God, grant me
the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.
or (“the wisdom to see options when I thought there were none.” from Robert)

Oh how fun to use a new font.
See, I changed something I could change!
I can write these reminders for myself and share them with you.
I can tell the highest truth I know.
I can live the principles and ideals that feel beneficial to all humanity.
I can remember to treat myself and others with respect.
I can give appreciation to people, institutions and ideas that I want to grow.
I can be responsible for everything I think, do and say and all the choices I make.
I can cooperate and move in harmony with what will awaken, educate and inspire.
I can…..and so I do.
You can and you can do, too!.

I accept that I cannot change your mind, your behavior, your beliefs and your ideals.
I accept that the world and its people will awaken one at a time when souls are willing.
I accept that life is a failsafe venture in which we will all remember Love one day.
I accept that my life is mine and your life is yours.
I accept that I can touch and teach and inspire those who are called to be with me.
I accept that each one has their own right time, right place and right teachers and teachings.
I accept the way life is perceived differently in our individualized perceptions and beliefs.
I accept the current state of humanity and the level of fear and separation from Goodness and God.

And I ask for guidance each day and now with these reminders about how I am to relate.
How am I to proceed?
What can I do this day to leave my world a little better?
What can I do with this phone call to offer a little positive input?
What can I do with this writing to inspire the actualization of Love?
What can I do to love and respect myself and all beings so that we expand the realm of Love on Earth?

What I can do is remember.
What I can do is visualize.
What I can do is behave respectfully.
What I can do is love you, One and All.
What I can do is treat myself well.
What I can do is to forgive the world and its apparent mistaken perceptions and behaviors.
What I can do it forgive myself and return to Love, all abiding and unconditional Love.
What I can do is to stop judging, fearing, fixing, criticizing and Love it all anyway.
In Love I remember and see only Love.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Wasted or Time Well Spent?

Perhaps the question is: “Do you love You?”
When we love ourselves, all time spent is spent well.
Whether we are resting, educating, entertaining, serving, growing, healing or simply being, we have chosen to engage in positive and inspiring activities for our benefit when we are loving ourselves.

Every moment is of our choosing.
Worrying is not a useful or loving habit.
So time spent on worry could well be seen as wasteful.
Healing our worry is a useful and valuable use of our time.

There are many habits, addictions, busywork in which we engage which have no real value and may even be experienced as detrimental to our well=being, physically or financially, mentally or creatively, emotionally or relationally.
Take a look at your daily life and ask what enhances your whole life.
What gives you energy, inspiration and a feeling of well-being?

Look at eliminating what no longer serves you.
Look at using those activities in which you engage routinely by seeing them differently.
Look at feeling pleased by everything you do with no feelings of guilt, worry, fear or fatigue.
Look at forgiving your past for giving yourself unhealthy or unhappy experiences.

You life is yours to be lived as a gift of Love to you and for you.
When you are truly “Loving” you, you will feel good and loving towards others.
You will wish them well and encourage them to do what is loving for them.
The circle of love grows each moment that we lovingly give each moment to loving ourselves.

Loving you and me and all as one,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 15, 2008

Make Your Voice Be Heard

Are you willing to speak up?
Do you say what you mean without attack?
Are you clear in your intention?
Do you have an end in mind?

Conditions for respectful dialogue.
Ask for the best time to share your piece.
Set the stage with optimum conditions.
Be clear about your desired outcome.
Speak what is for the highest Good of all concerned.
Listen intentionally to the response from the other.

Make sure you have the best conditions of non distraction, confidentiality, no interruption and willingness of the other to be heard.
Respect the other’s time, energy and interest before entering into a dialogue.
Make sure that you know the outcome you desire.
Give clearly the goal for the communication
Be specific about what the parameters are for the dialogue: ie time, energy and focus.
Be non-attacking and own your own perceptions (facts according to you), feelings and preferences.
Be non-demanding, and make requests.
Give yourself and the other adequate time to state your differing perceptions.
Remember that everyone deserves respect and the right to believe, choose and live their way.
After you share your truth (experience, ideas, perceptions), invite them to share theirs.
Give adequate time for them to have their reflection and response before saying more.
Really listen to what they see and say and feel and want.
You are more likely to be heard when you can real hear the other’s difference.

Life works when we give respect to ourselves and to one another and our differences.
There are many ways to share and listen, to dialogue and disagree without attack or name-calling.
There are many ways to harmonize, negotiate, relook at what works for everyone without fighting.
There are many ways to live, love and give to one another without causing separation and negativity.

Mature people step up in their dialogue.
Mature people remain open in their communication.
Mature people are respectful and responsible in all relationships.
Now it the time to lead the way and speak up in ways that will be respected and heard.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Voting is a right and a privilege.
Remember to vote and encourage everyone to register and vote!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

How To Be Helpful

In times of trouble, disaster, and tragedy what can we do?
Prayers of Peace for those who are serving.
Prayers of Faith and resourcefulness for those in fear.
Prayers of Kindness for those who are angry and impatient.
Prayers of Generosity for those who can share from their Goodness.
Yes, Prayer serves when there is action following our prayer.

When we give more Faith, Kindness, Generosity and Goodness to those within our family system wne community, We are giving to one and all.
As our attention and intention flows, there our energy goes.
We are creating the experience we share with our thoughts, words and activities.
It serves us to serve those in need.
It brings us into a state of peace and faith and Kindness when we serve.
It leaves us fearful, angry and impoverished when we withhold the Love within.
To give is to receive.
To give prayer, we receive the prayer.
To give faith, we experience more faith.
To be kind, we feel kindness within and for ourselves.
To give generously, we realize how much we have and feel fulfilled.
To be helpful benefits everyone including ourselves.

This is our purpose: To be happy and helpful with one another.
This is Love.
This is the Golden Rule: To Love one another as we would have others Love us.

Where do we begin?
How do we love our neighbors, our fellow man?
What can you and I do?

To begin, we must be ready, willing and able to help.
To be ready is to have our own lives in order.
To give from emptiness or neediness does not serve and will further deplete us.
To be willing is to open our hearts to giving what will truly benefit and bless others.
To withhold ourselves and our natural giving nature is to deny that we are abundantly blessed.
To be able is to take impeccable care of our own family, community and function right where we are.
To be unable is to sacrifice those around us to perform some “more urgent or noble task” for others.

There is an abundance of all things necessary to serve the needs of all.
The problem economically is distribution, some say.
The problem may also be our unwillingness to trust.
All our needs will be met when we give generously that which we have for the Greater Good.

Let us remember in times of great need (personal, national or global) that serving One, serves all.
Each one of us has a part to play in serving the Greater Good.
Be ready, willing and able right where you are.
When you hear the call within to travel to help, to send money to help, to pray faithfully to help or to give your Love, faith generosity and kindness right where you are, follow your heart and Give.

Loving you and all those who need these words to remind us to respond with Love,
Betty Lue
Love is our response-ability.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We need to remember to respect one another in all ways.
And what does respect really mean to each one of us?
Think of someone who you respect highly.
Look at how you would treat that person, if they were a guest in your home.
Consider how you would speak with that individual.
Notice how you would see them, serve them, appreciate them.
Now give to yourself and others at that high level of respect.

Notice how your view of the world changes which you are living with respect.
Give to others, as you want to be given to.
Speak with others, as you want to be spoken to.
Honor others, as you want to be honored.
Remind everyone with the highest level of respect.
Treat yourself with that same respect.

This evening some moving people came into my home .
I heard them speak with loud and disrespectful voices with my husband.
I knew they were hot and tired and perhaps frustrated because we did not have the cash they wanted.
However, it was clear I first needed to speak with them respectfully.
I requested that they speak with respect to my husband.
I stated, “This is my home, a place of peace and respect.”
I requested that they speak without shouting.
I offered them cool water.
I watched how they shifted when I called them, “gentlemen and lady”.
I noticed he quieted. even though he said he always spoke loudly,
I asked that they be respectful in the presence of my mother.
They responded and things became quiet.
Solutions were found.
Everyones” needs will be met.
I trust that with good will and respect, all are benefitted.

It is time to for all to be reminded.
It is time to acknowledge our errors.
It is time to apologize and make amends.
It is time to treat everyone as we would treat a guest in our homes.
It is time to take impeccable care of ourselves, so we can treat everyone with respect and love.

Now is the time.
Our global family needs to remember to treat one another with respect and dignity.

Blessing us all in our willingness to be respectful and responsible.
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Have We Learned?

Let us build a world of greater peace and understanding.
Let us stop interfering with other’s choices.
Let us free ourselves from fear by not attacking.
Let us learn the spiritual lessons that come from loss.

My Dad was a pacifist and left his young family with an infant and toddler in the care of his capable but 23 yr. old wife.
He told us that he might not return since they placed him in the infantry.
He was clear he would not kill another man who might be the father of another young family.
As my Dad put it…..”Wars are never between the soldiers with the guns.
The disagreements are between nations and their leaders.
The soldiers are usually young men and boys who are taught to hate and kill.”
And so I learned to find better ways to win the war on hate and violence.

The history of mankind appears to reveal that warring never brought peace into men’s heart.
The healing of humanity seems to come through working, playing, talking and sharing hope and dreams.
When we learn about one another, we find similar hopes and dreams, beliefs and desires among all simple people.
When we remove the lust for power, the greed and avarice of the leadership, among ordinary people there is the deep and earnest desire for peace and safety, living simply and giving our families the opportunity for education and health care.

While I still have some visual memories of 9/11 and its horrific toll and aftermath of terror, I have strengthened my faith in finding a better way.
Many more than the number killed on that day have been killed in battle, in Spirit, and in suicide, plus the thousands of families destroyed by the pain and economic devastation of injury, death and psychological stress. For me, war is always an option, but there are better ways.
Taking the high ground is the call for great and enlightened leadership.

Now to those who have given their lives in duty to the leadership of our country, I
am deeply indebted and seek to give them everything we can to restore their lives to peace, harmony and health.
I mourn the loss of peace in our nation.
I mourn the loss of trust.
I mourn the loss of Christ-like ideals.

Remember, my Dad was a pacifist. a conscientious objector.
However, his beliefs were disavowed by the government and he was sent to the frontlines of France with a gun in his hands.
He was unwilling to hate and kill “the enemy”, even though he knew he would likely be killed.
With prayer, the war ended while he was in a boxcar on the way to the frontlines.
And my Dad came home physically safe and whole.
However, my father was never the same.
He would never talk about the war.
He held what we saw inside and desired only to find peace.
His life was devoted to making international friendships through American Field Service, an exchange student program, and through their personal travel to 85 countries as ambassadors of peace. Staying the homes of those they knew through AFS.
Seeking to always find a better way, he chose to work on mediation panels in his community and to mend any broken bridges.
Yes, I applaud my Dad and Mom for being willing to be leaders in simple and ordinary ways.

Taking the path of Peace is often not celebrated or appreciated.
Taking the path of peace means giving up the need to fight to be right.
Taking the path of peace means listening first and seeking to understand the others viewpoint.
Taking the path of peace gives everyone a greater perspective on the equality of all people, rich and poor, young and old, believers and non believers, educated and ignorant.
Yes, the path of peace may be lonely, but someone must step up and call for all leaders to find a better way.

I am loving and serving the Highest Good of all humanity the best I know.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There is power in focus.
There is creativity in focus.
There is peace in focus.
There is healing in focus.

When we are distracted by interruptions, we lose focus.
When we are delayed by other concerns, we lose power.
When we are drawn in multiple directions, our creativity is diffused.
When we are called to serve many masters, we are not unified in focus or intent.

Who do I serve?
What do I intend?
How am I called to live?
When our focus is clear, we easily succeed.

I serve the Highest Good for All.
I intend to offer peace and extend Love.
I am called to live with Gratitude and Joy.
My focus in all activities, words and imaginings is this, and so I am fulfilled.

When experiencing distress, know there is detour, delay and distraction.
When feeling upset, know you have lost your focus and purpose.
When things are not going well, be still and remember what it is you serve. intend and live.
Remember that life can be fun, safe and easy when we focus on the Good.

Loving you in Remembering!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Personality or Principles

Do you look at someone’s age, gender, clothes, make-up to judge them?
Do you look at their past to judge their present?
Do you watch how they handle their emotions when under stress?
Do you listen to their criticisms and gratitude for sincerity?
Do you see what matters most to them in how they make decisions?

Remember you cannot judge a book by its cover.
You cannot find a person’s heart in their rhetoric.
You cannot know how someone will behave under stress.
You cannot see what motivates and inspires them by the outer appearance.

Look at how and who they love.
Look at who they choose as advisors and friends.
Look at what they choose to do with their time.
Look at how they apologize and make amends for mistakes.

Are we looking within to find the Love within others?
Are we seeing beneath the apparency to see what guides another’s life?
Are we taking the time to respect all that made each person what he is today?
Are we believing what we hear or read or can we read with our intuitive hearts?

It seems we have made mistakes on who we have chosen to lead our country?
It seems we have made mistakes on who we counted to be helpful in times of need?
It seems we have made mistakes in choosing our financial dependencies?
It seems we have made mistakes in counting on quick fixes to mend our ills?

Maybe it is time to stop and look and listen.
We are at in intersection in our history, a crossroads.
Everything has changed dramatically: education, weather, environment, foods, health care, and more.
These are changing times.

Change requires reflection and response-ability.
Change requires flexibility and creativity.
Changes invites listening to the needs of all people.
Change asks that we acknowledge our mistakes and choose again.

Yes, I am talking about our leadership, but more importantly I am looking at how we live.
Each one of us makes daily choices about who to trust, who to befriend, who to believe.
After 66 years of experience, I know that I do not know by the surface stuff.
So I listen to our history. I see how we live. I pay attention to what we give and to whom.
I notice what our lifestyle is. I see how we handle our emotions.
Mostly I am seeking to rely on those who are mature and coming from a place of fair-care and share.
Choose what is fair. Care about the welfare of all. Share freely what you have that is of value.
This is principled living.

There are some other clear guidelines:
Seek out those who are willing to learn, those who give respect to other’s voices and input, those who give without demanding and receive with gratitude.

Take the time to see,
Are you a trusted friend for others?
Are you leading with principle and compassion?
Are you making decisions with the highest Good of all people in mind?
Are you willing to acknowledge your mistakes and choose again?
Are you appreciative of what you have and always willing to share the best?
Are you open to always doing what is fair for all?

Change always begins within.
I am again willing to “clean up my act”.
I am willing to take impeccable care of me, so I can be fair in caring and sharing with You!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 08, 2008

What does “Love” mean?

In human terms, love is very different than the Love I speak of.
When I write about remembering Love, I am encouraging you to find that place within
which inspires and fills you with joy and profound gratitude for All That Is.

Love is energy, not an emotion.
Love is creative energy, not a position we hold.
Love gives freedom and has no conditions.
Love expands us, and does not contract.
Love builds connection within and does suffer loss.
Love is natural and comes with no judgment.
Love nourishes and does not deplete.
Love has no fear, no guilt and no blame.
Love is a way to fully live and freely give.
Love generates inner peace.
Love is healing and truly helpful.
Love controls nothing and offers everything.
Love gives us lasting happiness.
Love brings people together.
Love creates no boundaries.
Love sees no differences and finds the Unity in all life.
Love says “hello” and never ends.
Love is a power that heals and creates and has no limits.

So how do we act with love?
Step away when you feel fearful or unkind.
Clear your toxic thoughts and feelings in private or with someone who will forgive and let go.
Do not share negativity or yucky stuff with someone who will agree with you or remember it .
Make a commitment to love the Good in you first, last and always.
Heal your own fear and negative or hurtful past history.
Practice the art of meditation or breathe and count to 10 before dumping.
Give yourself constant praise for patience, resilience and the willingness to learn.
Look within at what you are being asked to learn: to set rules to keep yourself and others safe,
or to remember to say “Please” and “ thank you” to everyone in your home and out in the world.
Love looks for an invitation to contribute, to reach out, to inspire and to share the best.
When we have forgotten and learned to withhold our Love, we must first forgive ourselves.
Our work is to be filled with forgiveness and gratitude, so we feel creative, inspired and loving.

When I write or say “I love You.”
I am saying I see the Good and the God in You.
I am seeing what is whole and beautiful and true about You.
I am identifying that you and I are the same.
We are here to heal (fill) all the places where we (humanity) has forgotten to Love.

When we become aware of our blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, we can easily let go.
When we release our attachment to our past errors in perception, we are free to see the Truth of Love.
When we forgive our errors and mis-creations, we can realize the perfection in All things.
When we undo what is not and was not true, we can see the Light and Love that always Is.

Life seems to be a journey of undoing what never was, but appeared to be.
Our history of fear and defenses against the Truth is being undone one by one.
Thanks to you and me, we are the willing ones.
And our joyful work has just begun.

I am loving and so are you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Everything is a Lesson and Everyone a Teacher

This could easily be written:” Everyone and everything is a reminder to Love.”

Where we are attacked or criticized, we are called to Love.
When we are afraid, we are invited to Love.
When we feel discouraged, we are being shown where we have forgotten.
When we want to quit, we are being asked to Love no matter what.

This world has a multitude of challenges.
Every one of them is simply a mis-creation based on a lack of Love.
Our relationships offer opportunities for forgiveness and healing.
Every one of them is an invitation to learn to love no matter what.

Where we see a problem, in love we can easily find or create possible solutions.
Where we are afraid and judgmental, we contract in our thinking and see only the past.
When we hurt, discouraged and disconnected, we act with defensiveness, justification and reactivity.
When we remember to forgive and love again, we are open, listening and trusting opportunities to heal.

Life brings us challenges, to strengthen our faith.
Life pushes our buttons, so we recognize and heal our wounds.
Life offers difficulties to encourage our resilience and flexibility and limitlessness.
Life brings us together with those who need our forgiving love and patience and kindness.

When we learn to fear the world and its inhabitants, we are taught to attack or avoid. (Fight or Flight)
When we run, we increase our fear and want to keep on running from the slightest problem. (anxiety)
When we fight, we increase our rage and look at every difficulty as something to attack. (anger)
Whether we withdraw into an addiction or live judging and attacking others, we need to heal.

Handling the pain of disappointment, abuse, criticism, jealousy or just plain insanity is important.
Each one of us must find our own way to unlearn destructive habits and undo unhealthy dependencies.
Each one of us must give ourselves credit for surviving and making the best our of our difficulties.
Each one of us can find a way with faith and willingness to learn a better way to live and teach.

In the end, it always begins within you and me.
In the beginning it always starts within my home and heart.
In the middle, it always calls for my patience, forgiveness and kindness to myself.
Always in all ways, you and I are remembering to love no matter what.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Can You Bloom Where You are Planted?

When we plant ourselves in unfertile soil, we will not be nourished.
When we are growing in a limited pot, we will be constricted in growth.
When we are over watered, we will drown in too much of a good thing.
When we are ignored and dry out, we will wither and die.

Are you planted where you can bloom?
Are you staying because you made an agreement?
Are you noticing the conditions of your environment?
Are you willing to take impeccable care of you?

What is your commitment in this life?
Are you here to give your life for the sake of others?
Are you here to leave a legacy for those that follow?
Are you here to make a big presentation and then slip into the shadows?

Some plants need bright sunshine.
Some plants need the shade.
Some plants need some light or filtered light.
What is the place you will bloom into the Beauty God intended for you?

Are you overgrown and calling for pruning?
Are you withering due to lack of sun or rain?
Are you being ignored and neglected by those around you?
Is it time for you to listen to your own needs and choose again?

Sometimes we have the role of background.
Sometimes we stand in the spotlight and shine.
Sometimes we are the mainstay of all those around us.
Sometimes we are here to stand alone.

All roles we play are magnificent and right when we can grow where we are planted.
When we are supporting ourselves to live fully and freely, happy and abundant, we are in the right place.
When we are playing a role assigned by others because we are afraid to move, we are limiting our growth.
Take time to assess your environment and whether the conditions support your abundant Self.

You can take the risk to move into the conditions that will benefit your growth.
Be inspired to live fully and freely that you might share abundantly the beauty that is You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 05, 2008


Underlying all anger is fear.
Under all distress is fear.
Under all guilt is fear.
Under all blame is fear.
Under all resentment is fear.
Under all upset is lack of Love.

Under all lack is fear.
A lack of understanding is fear.
A lack of approval is fear.
A lack of protection is fear.
A lack of provision is fear.
A lack of initiative is fear.
A lack of willingness is fear.
A lack of forgiveness is fear.
A lack of kindness is fear.
A lack of generosity is fear.
A lack of caring is fear.

So what on earth are we afraid of?
What do we fear?
We fear what we have done being done to us.
We fear what we have given to be given to us.
We fear the punishment we administered to be administered to us.
We fear the criticism with which we criticized others.
We fear the unkindness we have been to others.
We fear what we have done to others will be done to us.

We may have not killed, but we may have paid for killing with our taxes.
We may not have imprisoned or tortured but we may have allowed it or even agreed.
We may not have denied others food or shelter, but we may not have made an effort to give to shelters.
We may not have been critical to others, but have criticized ourselves or institutions harshly.

You see, when we agree with those things we fear, we are building a world of fear.
When we fear abandonment, we must forgive any abandonment of ourselves and our ideals.
When we fear retribution, we must forgive all the times we hurt ourselves or sought to get even.
When we fostered “teaching someone a lesson”, we must forgive the fear that it produced.

There really is no excuse for withholding love, except that we are afraid.
And it is fear that causes us to withhold Love.
So maybe it is time to clear the fear and simply choose to love.
Peace, Happiness and a sense of safety and love are the result.

So why not forgive and choose to Love?
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Concern and Request

I prefer to step away from politics within my Loving Reminders, as well as in counseling and coaching.
I asked for guidance this morning about my concerns and what I wanted to share.
I heard that in this position of respectful influence I am to share the Highest Truth I know and trust that it is Good.
Each one makes their own decisions based on their beliefs and other subtle and overt influences.
Trust your brothers to choose and encourage them to be enlightened choice-makers.
And so I do trust You.

This is a critical time in the world’s history.
National politics needs to be seen as a piece of the greater whole.
This is a time of the emergence of a global and universal perspective.
What is good for all people, all nations, all religions, all flavors of humanity.
We are One.
Whenever any brother is hurt or ignored, all are effected and fear increases.

This is a time for a renewed sense of honesty, authenticity and genuine concern for all people.
We need leadership of peace and wisdom, reflection and consideration, principle and policies which take into consideration all people on the planet.
I believe the choice is obvious and clear to those who are thinking without prejudice and reactivity.
I believe the contrast is blatant and only one choice seems respectful, thoughtful and healthy to me.
However, It may not be clear to those who are afraid and caught up in party allegiance or nationalism or feminism.

Some speeches rely on negative emotion to carry the message.
Other speeches rely on content to inspire the listener.
Even the convention responses were obviously different (boos/cheers or listening respectfully.)

This time my prayer is that all people who are able take the time to listen, learn and vote for what they want in their leadership.
I know our country needs a change and now is our tie.
Please step up and be counted.
Care enough to vote with wisdom and knowledge.
Listen within and vote for the Highest Good of All.

For the first time I made a contribution to the candidate which I am wholeheartedly supporting.
I am inspired and uplifted which I hear him speak.
I have great hope for a big and obvious turnaround with forthcoming advances in the economy, education, health care and our international reputation.
I am hopeful and I want us all to hold a vision for a world of peace and well-being for all.
Quality home life, health care and educational opportunities for all children in the world.
We must begin at home.

Enough for now and thanks for listening.
Know that even when we disagree, we are loving one another.
Loving and blessing you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Where are we living?
We are now living in Trilogy at Rio Vista on the Delta, just 2 miles from the Sacramento River.
Trilogy is an active adult community (over 55 yrs) with single homes (discounted recently by over 30%,!)
The amenities are wonderful for all of us, but especially Mom and Robert. Huge indoor pool and out door pool, lots of fitness programs (yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, spinning, personal trainers, naturopath on staff, massage, and more). Shea (the builder) is environmentally super conscious with new homes being built with solar panels and the latest in conservation. The community is divided into active neighborhoods that look out for the needs of everyone and social interaction to keep retirees as busy as they want. Lots of dances, drama, music, and learning lab with classes on line available to all. Yes, a golf course (we don’t play, but love the space around our home.) Because it is new, we miss the trees and birds, which will come with time. All in all, after living in this community for less than a month, I highly recommend this builder and the Trilogy communities which have their intention a holistic health consciousness in their homes and all programs. Amazing! (PS prices are very low right now…a good time to buy.)

Now what about us?
Big changes for us all!
Mom, my 87 yr. old mother lives with us as of August 11. She has some special needs since she had a sever car accident in March and can no longer drive. However, with inner peace and some quality exercise, she will regain more strength and balance. Both she and Robert work well together. Her stuff got delayed in the moving van, so still isn’t here. She has all new furnishings for her bedroom and sitting room. Her artwork and clothes and important papers ( all she chose to bring), will hopefully arrive late this week. After 30 yrs in Asheville, NC and living on her own the last 12 years in her condo, this is a big and needed adjustment. I commend her honesty and willingness to choose what is best for her maintaining the quality of life at the highest level. (Today will be our first day of water aerobics…all three of us.) This is her favorite form of exercise.
Robert is now full time spiritual leader and minister for Unity on the Delta, in the nearby little town of Oakley, He is primary supporter and care giver with Mom with great respect and understanding. He handles some of our admin tasks and the home front, and is taking impeccable care of himself physically.
He comes with me into the Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill on Tuesdays where he does errands and sees an occasional client and co facilitates our Tuesday evening class on Inspired Living.
His life will be come simpler (by choice) as we finish the remodeling and making it our own. Still in process with Mom’s tub converted to a shower, adding fountains and patio cover for some outdoor living. Lots of wind and sun out here. It is our need and intention to live here permanently. (Robert has lived in 59 homes in his 60 yrs.) We are creating a home sanctuary of simplicity and beauty, peace and ease.
Two gifts we give to others is to take impeccable care of ourselves and to show up with respectful interaction and peace in our hearts.
Betty Lue is creating her new life, still full with meaningful and inspiring service to others. I am beginning to feel settled and at home in our new space. With each expression of beauty in color and sound, with each addition of order with organization and routine, with each inspiring activity and helpful relationship I am finding my new rhythm and balance. For me life is a dance…and I am learning a new dance with new partners (my Mom, plus contractors becoming friends and service people and who live and serve the residents of Trilogy.) There are some new steps to learn like driving 40 minutes instead of 2 minutes to my offices in Pleasant Hill. The grandkids in Alameda see us on weekends or Saturday mornings. And we still go to the grandchildren in Petaluma every other Friday. I see clients in the afternoons three days a week and some Saturdays. I continue teaching classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with monthly seminars. As Associate Minister with Robert, we have a growing spiritual family with lots of programs defined and more to come as we have space available. And to get me moving on my own fitness, I will be teaching T’ai Chi Chih weekly at Brentwood Trilogy community and substituting here when needed. I will be adding some other monthly programs as the holistic needs arise. (New employee for Trilogy, teaching part time classes) Yes, I like to be busy loving, giving, inspiring and serving. It is my life work and play.) My home is super important to me… a place to reflect, renew and stay connected spiritually. We have much silence here in our sanctuary. All three of us like alone time and space. We live easily together because we keep our needs minimal. We share quality foods, quality time together (meal times) and a quality lifestyle focused on service. We laugh, learn, let go and love easily with a commitment to harmony and inner peace.

Wow! Sounds pretty idyllic. And it may be, but it certainly is achievable by everyone.

I am loving you by loving me and everyone who comes into my field of awareness.
Life is good, because I choose to see it Good and treat it well and expand the Goodness in myself.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Teach As You Go

All of us are teachers.
We are teaching by how we live.
No matter what the world does around you, you can choose the “right” way for you.
It is in our living example that we benefit others by our choices.

What do you want our world to be?
More patience…Be patient.
More kindness… Be kind.
More forgiving…Forgive All.

What do you want for your children and their children?
Clean air and water…Conserve and care for it now.
No war and violence…Stop all fighting and angry words.
Responsibility and Respect….Honor your responsibilities with respect for All.

What is needed right now?
Better government…Vote with knowledge and inspiration.
Quality education…Support teachers and schools by volunteering and voting.
Information and Inspiration…Be informed and inspire others with your attitude and wisdom.

Dare to care and share.
You see, you are the One who is leading the way.
Without you and your support, the world would just go the easy, lazy way.
Everyone would follow everyone who doesn’t care.

I am willing and I know you are too!
Loving you,
Betty Lue
We teach because we dare to care!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Holiday or Busy Day?

What makes a day a “holiday” is when you make it “holy”.
We can make any day a holy one when we see our lives as Sacred.
We can make every day holy when we give our day to living Joy.
We can make each moment holy when we remember to give Love.

So what about today…Labor Day?
End of the summer for many school kids……
Last weekend of summer vacation……
Honoring the workers in our country…….

Take a moment to give thanks to those who serve you.
Give a special smile or hug to those you live with.
Say “ I love you” to someone who needs to know.
Remember to appreciate yourself for who you really are.

Take an hour or two just to relax and do what you want to do.
Sometimes reading a book, watching the US open, taking a walk, putzing in the garden.
Let it be something a little special, just for you, that brings you rest and renewal.
Remember always to really love, appreciate and take impeccable care of you.

Take some time today to value what matters to you.
Wash the car, take the dog for a walk, clean your garage and/or donate something to a good cause.
Say a prayer for our country, in times of environmental, weather and political crisis.
Now is a good time for us all to choose how we want to live and the people we trust.

Look at your ability to lead your family, friends, co-workers.
Make choices that are for the highest good of all.
Acknowledge you mistakes and learn from them.
Give your very best and keep your agreements.
Treat everyone with respect and make no assumptions about others’ character.
Give to others in times of need and help others to take responsibility for their lives.
Keep on learning and surround yourself with opportunities to expand your understanding.

We are blessed. Appreciate and Share your blessings and they will grow.

Loving you,
Betty Lue