Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is It Time?

Is it time to clean up that closet?
Is it time to lose excess weight?
Is it time to finish that project?
Is it time for forgive that regret?

Is it time to say what you mean?
Is it time to laugh and sing again?
Is it time to praise the Good in life?
Is it time to really Love yourself well?

Is it time to say good-bye to hurts and sorrows?
Is it time to flush the cosmic toilet?
Is it time to undo the gossiping habits?
Is it time to forgive regrets and grievances?

Is it time to wake up smiling?
Is it time to begin each day anew?
Is it time to plant some flowers?
Is it time to say “I love you.”?

Is it time to feed yourself well?
Is it time to get off the couch?
Is it time to speak encouraging words?
Is it time to stop unhealthy habits?

Is it time to stop judging and comparing?
Is it time to focus on the good?
Is it time to do what is meaningful?
Is it time to enjoy our creations?

Is it time to love one another consistently?
Is it time to clean up our conversations?
Is it time to choose what is best for all?
Is it time to let go and let God?

Of course, today is the day to begin again.
Of course, we can change even one small thing today.
Of course, we are ready, willing and able.
Of course, it is time.

I am willing to undo what isn’t best for me and all.
I am willing to forgive where I judge and compare.
I am willing to begin again where I am.
I am willing. Are you?

Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 29, 2009

Practical Spirituality

What is this concept that I teach and repeat?
What are these Loving Reminders?
What is it that can make life fun, safe and easy?
How can we find a better way to live?

“Practical spirituality” is the practice of inspired living.
Practical spirituality is living with joy everyday.
Practical spirituality is how to live, love and give your message to your world.
Practical spirituality is learning to let go of negative thoughts, words and activities.

“Practical” means useable, effective and reasonable.
“Spirituality” means everything that is good, healthy, inspiring and loving.
It refers to coming from Spirit within, those ideas that inspire and uplift your spirit.
When we engage in practical spirituality we incorporate into our daily lives what brings happiness and fulfillment, comfort and inner peace.

Here are some practical tips for living and inspired Life!!!

Breathe in the beauty that you see around you.
Let it fill you up with gladness.

Take some time each day to really appreciate yourself and the life you have created.
Even a few minutes of reminding yourself how very good your life is gives great satisfaction.

Forgive all mistakes quickly-yours, others and your world.
Dwelling on the wrong-doings or injustices you see strengthens it and weakens you.

Respect everyone by giving others your blessings and encouragement.
When you give others what you want to receive, you are uplifted and open to receive only good.

Clean up after yourself and as you go through life.
Apologize, make amends, acknowledge error and ignorance and begin again with enthusiasm.

Remember, mistakes are learning opportunities, not measures of our worth or intelligence.
When we judge mistakes, they stick to us. When we forgive mistakes, we free ourselves to learn.

Life is good to us and for us, when we are willing to see it as Good.
The blessings and gifts, the value and enjoyment comes to those who erase negative judgments.

Loving us all into a practice of inspired and spiritual living.
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Simplicity at No Cost

What would it take to create a life of simplicity and ease?
How little would it take to undo the complexity?

How easy would it be to make you truly happy?

Is it possible you are going in the wrong direction?

Do you remember the enjoyment of a homemade popsicle in the freezer?
Have you waded in a fresh stream or lake recently on a hot day?
Do you ever play a simple game of crazy eights with your family?
Can you read a good book while lying in the shade?
How about watching little children splash in a pan or washtub of water?
You can water your garden by hand, letting some of it splash on you.
Did you run through the sprinklers or walk in the grass with bare feet?
Can you watch the sunrise even if you go back for a morning nap later?
How about whistling or humming your favorite songs while you do your chores?
When was the last letter you wrote to someone you remember with love?
Can you take the time to mend a hem or seam or sew a garment?
Have you gone through your old photo albums or put together a new one?
How about throwing a sheet over a table to build a secret hiding place or fort for grandkids?
Could you delight in baking some special pie from scratch, crust and all?
How about picking your own fruit and eating it with juice running through your fingers?
When was the last time you went to the beach, just to walk and hear the ocean waves?
Let’s lie on our backs and watch the clouds roll by, making up the shapes we see in the sky.

What could you bring back into your life that would bring you a smile?
Who could you hang out with to really appreciate the afternoon?
What could occupy your time that would see absolutely easy and fun?
What could cost nothing, except giving up what costs too much?

Let’s take this summer and make it our own.
Let’s appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
Let’s step back and pause to choose what feels good.
Let’s stop trying to please anyone else and please ourselves.

Choose what is fun, with no concerns.
Choose w
hat is safe, with no risk.
Choose what is easy, with no complication.

Choose what is free, with no expense.

We really don’t need anything more than what we already have.

Loving the simple joys in life,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

Do what you love.
Make every day a holiday…a holy day.
Give yourself a daily vacation.
Remember to enjoy what life is.

Everyday is an opportunity to do what you really love to do.
Every moment is a moment to love what you are doing.
Every choice you make can be your preference to be valued.
Every aspect of your life is a choice to be happy and enjoyed.

No matter what you are doing, it feels better if you are willing to see it as your choice.
No matter how small the task, it is your choice to want to do it or to resist.
No matter what you are experiencing, change your “have to’s” into “wants”.
When you give yourself the freedom of choice, you will notice how life works better.

To make your own holidays, make every day holy and special for you.
Create time at the beginning of the day to focus on what you want to experience.
Put energy into remembering to be grateful for each encounter.
Pay attention to clearing away any resistance with forgiveness and return to enjoyment.

Give yourself a daily “vacation”.
This means you can vacate the usual schedule and routine.
Pause and do something especially relaxing…a bath, a walk, a quiet moment experiencing peace.
Create places, spaces and activities which you enjoy and make them into your daily vacation.

Remember to enjoy what life is by looking for the beauty and the goodness everywhere.
Take a moment to simply say and feel thankfulness.
Be happy with the little things, the smell of flowers, the preparation of food, the cleaning of a closet, the sound of music, the laughter of children, the hug from someone special, making someone smile.
Life becomes what you imagine it to be and the energy you put into it so infuse it with Joy!

Loving you and all that is,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Do It!

100% commitment yields 100% result.
When you want something enough, you will not quit.
When it really matters to you, you will persist.
When you stop worrying and doubting, you will succeed.

Worry contracts flow and depletes energy.
Doubting sabotages the best laid plans.
Fear shuts down love in your heart.
Judgment leaves you never quite good enough.

When we are schooled in the world, we learn to judge.
When we listen to the learned mind, we will compare.
When we try to be the best, we experience limitations.
When we focus on what is missing, we increase our lack.

If you conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.
So envision what you want to experience.
No, not the thing or person, not the form,
But feel the experience you want to have.

Peace and ease and trust…….
Lasting happiness, ecstasy, gratitude……
Perfect Love with no fear no doubt, no insecurity…
Confidence, inner strength and higher power guiding your life.

Or perhaps friendship, easy teamwork, harmonious partnership..
A life of service, caring and inspiring, loving others well…
Contribution, philanthropy, freely and joyously giving all….
Creativity and Beauty, planting and growing Goodness in the world.

Whatever is envisioned, Begin to conscientiously eliminate what interferes.
And use the time, money and energy to increase what supports and sustains the vision.
Forgive the habits of worry, doubt, fear and comparison.
Appreciate the focus, inner direction and joy you feel when living your dream.

When the world or your home or workplace is filled with happy campers, life is good for all.
When we bring our own satisfaction and appreciation to others, they are inspired and blossom.
When we live what is in our hearts with a fullness of Spirit, we are provided with all things needed.
When we give our All to be our All, we receive the gifts of All who are awake and willing.

Loving you and me, as we step forward with confidence and conviction and
Betty Lue

Love is freedom and trust.
When you love yourself, you will free yourself to do what you want.
And you will trust in your process, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Just Do It!

100% commitment yields 100% result.
When you want something enough, you will not quit.
When it really matters to you, you will persist.
When you stop worrying and doubting, you will succeed.

Worry contracts flow and depletes energy.
Doubting sabotages the best laid plans.
Fear shuts down love in your heart.
Judgment leaves you never quite good enough.

When we are schooled in the world, we learn to judge.
When we listen to the learned mind, we will compare.
When we try to be the best, we experience limitations.
When we focus on what is missing, we increase our lack.

If you conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.
So envision what you want to experience.
No, not the thing or person, not the form,
But feel the experience you want to have.

Peace and ease and trust…….
Lasting happiness, ecstasy, gratitude……
Perfect Love with no fear no doubt, no insecurity…
Confidence, inner strength and higher power guiding your life.

Or perhaps friendship, easy teamwork, harmonious partnership..
A life of service, caring and inspiring, loving others well…
Contribution, philanthropy, freely and joyously giving all….
Creativity and Beauty, planting and growing Goodness in the world.

Whatever is envisioned, Begin to conscientiously eliminate what interferes.
And use the time, money and energy to increase what supports and sustains the vision.
Forgive the habits of worry, doubt, fear and comparison.
Appreciate the focus, inner direction and joy you feel when living your dream.

When the world or your home or workplace is filled with happy campers, life is good for all.
When we bring our own satisfaction and appreciation to others, they are inspired and blossom.
When we live what is in our hearts with a fullness of Spirit, we are provided with all things needed.
When we give our All to be our All, we receive the gifts of All who are awake and willing.

Loving you and me, as we step forward with confidence and conviction and
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Body Stuff Responses

Another perspective for a friend (ACIM teacher and Ministry student) who wrote:
"I definitely need to explore my options for "seeming" limitations and pain I am experiencing.
I trust where Spirit is leading in this, as I continue seeking healing for all aspects of my perceptions."

Remember, you are not your body.
You are as God created you, whole and happy and free.
Your body has limitations.
What would you do if your car stopped working?
Would you buy a new car or take it to the repair shop or use it to until it stops being useful?

Remember, the grass is always greener elsewhere when we are judging where we are and who we are.
Most choices for change are based on an inner lack of gratitude.........

Our friend also writes: "This seeming human body frustrates me. These human limitations do not display God's presence in any way, shape or form. I have felt that if I were living as my True Self, there would NOT be any limitations in my physical body as well....as there can not be a separation.
Obviously, that is not what is appearing in this world. I show many "problems'.
That frustrates me and shows my impatience with.....well many things."

The body is not who we are.
We abuse our body with our unloving thoughts and use it in unloving ways.
Anytime we judge or criticize anything or anyone, we are attacking.
When we are unhappy, complaining, critical, demanding, we are attacking ourselves and our creations.
Our life is ours to create or destroy. The body is a communication vehicle for communicating Love.
To heal our minds, we must Love it or forgive it (and ourselves) and choose again.

There are many who have body aches, pains, unexplained illnesses, even chronic diseases.
There are many who have mental and emotional concerns and difficult experiences.
There are those of us who in our aging process experience limitation of physical mobility and strength.
There are those of us who have released ourselves from fixing, curing and covering the physical stuff.

Is it possible that there is spiritual life that must be attended to with our positive regard and appreciation?
Is it possible this is a time where conscious beings, light workers and those who serve need to use our healed minds, rather than our physical doingness?
Is it possible that with the absence of judgment on what is, what appears to be, we can find more effective ways to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God and Good?
Is it possible we are learning all healing comes from the mind and is of the mind?

We know the body vehicle is laid aside when it has served its holy and healing purpose.
We know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
We know that forgiveness erases everything that is not of God.
We know that we are here to remember to give and receive Love no matter what.

So let’s let it be so with all appears to be and all that is,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Forgive?

The grace of God rest gently on forgiving eyes, and everything they look on speaks of Him to the beholder.
He can see no evil: nothing in the world to fear and no one who is different from himself.
ACIM text 492

Life is a source of fear when we have not forgiven.
We are ruled by our emotions until we forgive.
We cannot see the gifts and the blessing without forgiveness.
There is always the danger we will be attacked with our judgments.

To know inner peace, we must first forgive.
To have an inspired and creative mind, forgiving the past is essential
Defenselessness is a state of perfect self-forgiveness.
We cannot remember and realize the Truth without forgiving the untruth.

With judgment in our minds, we strengthen what we judge.
With attack thoughts, we are in constant fear of being attacked.
With unwillingness to forgive, we weaken ourselves and our ideals.
Judgments, opinions and beliefs we hold limit our perceptions and keep us in the dark.

To forgive is to realize there is nothing to forgive.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
It clears our mind of negativity, blame, guilt, anger, hurt and fear.
Forgiveness is a path to freedom and appreciation.

When we believe there is no harm, we experience no harm.
When we know there is only Love and the lack of love, we receive and give only Love.
When we are willing to see things differently, we perceive the blessings and opportunities.
When we look beneath the surface appearance, we begin to realize the play is to learn to love.

Forgiveness is selective remembering.
Forgiveness is seeing the gift in all things.
Forgiveness is undoing what is not true.
Forgiveness is giving to another what we would want to receive.

Forgiveness is playing the part which strengthens our capacity to heal and bless.
Forgiveness is seeing ourselves in another and giving our blessing.
Forgiveness is recognizing the part we play in the encounters and dramas of life.
Forgiveness is realizing “Awareness with non-judgment and love is healing.”

Forgiveness is healing.
Forgiveness is blessing.
Forgiveness is love.
Forgiveness is holy.

Blessing us all with forgiveness,
Betty Lue

PS From personal experience.....the faster you forgive, the happier you will be!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice and Father’s Day

Is your Light shining bright?
Is your love flowing free?
Is your voice speaking Peace?
Is your heart filled with Joy?
So it is when we can fully BE!

Summer solstice celebrates the time of greatest Light and longest days.
Summer solstice represents a time to play and sing and dance and be.
Summer solstice offers freedom to express our highest Truth and holy vision.
Summer solstice brings warmth and growth and spiritual wisdom.

Aboriginal and native peoples celebrate this time with great appreciation.
The Sun provides sustenance and warmth.
Abundant Light is essential for our mother earth and her provision.
As we recognize the Source of growth, warmth, pleasure and plenty, let us also give thanks.

And within each one of us, the sons of the Earth, let us recognize the Source.
As we realize our own mighty Light, let us celebrate and appreciate.
Our inner Light provides sustenance and warmth, inspiration, vision and Love.
Our extended Light offers hope and clarity of purpose and willingness to be.

On this bright beginning for the summer months, let’s give our gratitude to our Father.
Let us realize the “yang” energy of the masculine is creative, light and confident.
May we celebrate our elder males, the pioneers who have gone before us to create.
And let us today honor our fathers and father figures who protect and provide.

With forgiveness and a willingness to see and remember only the goodness, we honor them.
With respect for what were their thoughts, beliefs and history, we appreciate their sacrifices.
With open-mindedness and appreciation we can truly love them in their ways of giving.
With confident hearts, we too can open ourselves to trust and be guided by the inner Light.

On this Father’s Day and the first day of summer, may we each find our own path to be grateful.
We thank you Father for your Light.
We thank you Mother for your gift of Life.
We do receive your blessings.
And we love You. (lyrics by Robert Waldon)

To all the fathers, here and beyond the veil:
We thank you for all you have done to build a world of peace and freedom, safety and respect.
For the rest, we humbly forgive, erase undo and let go what is not.

Loving you as you are, as you were and always will be (beneath the variable body and persona),
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Am I Writing This to You?

Maybe?? You will know!
Everything I write is for me first.
Every message anyone sends verbally, mentally or in writing is first for the messenger.
Too often we assume that all messages are for all for us.

When a feast is set before you, don’t assume you need to eat anything or everything.
When the world offers you unlimited opportunities, don’t believe you need to try them all.
When we read a book or hear a respected speaker, don’t buy into all he teaches and preaches.
When a friend or family member gives you advice, don’t automatically believe its “right” for you.

There are an infinite number of rays of the sun.
There are an infinite number of paths home to the Source.
There are a myriad of opportunities and choices to make.
There are lots of possible courses of action to take.

Each one of us must learn to discern what fits for us.
Listen to our heart song.
Be honest with ourselves about our biases and beliefs.
Be willing to open our viewpoint and see things differently.

When I sit at the compute each morning for the last ten years, I simply wait quietly for a topic to come.
The date and title are written and the words simply come.
As I type, the message is revealed to me.
I own the pieces of truth that come through as what works for me in my life experience and those I Know.

When I send these Loving Reminders to now thousands around the earth, I know they touch lives.
When I write these Loving Reminders for myself, I know they remind me and I feel blessed.
Now the choice is yours…….If the message reminds you, teaches you, touches you, it is for you!
And to let go of what does now belong to you, simply press the delete button.

Just as in life, most messages are for the egos who write them, speak them, and demonstrate them.
Most messages are not meant to inspire, teach, remind, love and lift up humanity.
So why eat food and messages that are not healthy and life-giving for you?
Become a conscious chooser and learn to discern what is really Good for you.

So many choices.
So many voices.
When will I learn.
I need to discern.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Judgments Mean Nothing

Judgments, opinions and beliefs get us stuck.
We try to be right and make others wrong.
We think we know what is best for others.
We want to get agreements from others.

Judgments, opinions and beliefs become stronger.
We tend to see, imaging and defend against what we believe.
Our fears and righteousness separates us from the Truth.
They put blinders on our vision until we choose to see things differently.

We cannot possibly see from a high viewpoint (as God sees.)
We are not open to other points of view.
We cannot understand the history of everyone nor their choices.
We do not know what gifts are present when our beliefs are limiting.

When we know our judgments do not work, we need to let them go.
When we realize they separate us from others, we must open our hearts.
When we see judgments condemn or build a dam, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we recognize that judgment shuts down love, we can be willing to see things differently.

A brilliant exercise for anyone lost in the judging mind and the judging world, is to remind yourself.
Every time you or anyone casts their limited “judgment”, say… "My (your) judgment means nothing.”
Once you are constantly aware that almost all thoughts are judgments, you can begin to clear them.
The quiet mind is open to simply perception of what is. (That’s interesting. Ahh! I see.)

Life teaches us to judge to protect ourselves from what we fear.
School teaches us to judge, evaluate and compare ourselves with others, seeing better and worse.
Parents teach us to see ourselves as being good or being bad.
Work teaches us to evaluate ourselves based on who is best.

What if we recognize the job of our minds is to judge, but we can see beyond what our mind judges.
What if we know the Essence of life is perceiving Goodness and drawing it forth.
What if we see our real work is to offer freedom and trust so others can explore fully Being themselves.
What if we undo our need to place demands and duties on ourselves and others based on our judgments.

Is it time for you to love yourself fully and freely, always trusting you are living the best you know?
Is it time for you to accept and respect others simply because they are living what they know?
Is it time to give everyone a nonjudgmental and safe space in which to heal and learn and grow?
Yes, all our judgments, opinions and beliefs really do mean nothing when we see what really is Real!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yes, the world is full of judgments which offer encouragement and praise...but when we judge negatively..how it hurts and shuts down our energy and theirs.........The pictures below, show how much little people simply want to be helpful and try new things to make us all happy.

Amazing what two 4 yr. olds and their 2 1/2 yr old brother can do to make Mommy’s car new again. Supervision is doing the squirting. Giving them a buck and small rags and sponges and lots of cheering and “Good work” and “ wow”. “You guys are great!”
And Yes, we helped too, to get the missing spots and up high!!.

This was Lila’s idea.
She said Mommy would love it. And we could all work together on a team!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Which Way Are You Looking?

It is dangerous to move forward when you are looking backward.
It is difficult to find light in the darkness.
It is foolish to believe what others what others are saying to please you.
It is crazy to keep doing what you have always done and expect a different result.

We can only see where we are going by looking in that direction.
If we are going toward the light, we will be guided by the light.
To buy into what is said to avoid our disapproval or unhappiness encourages surface conversation.
To continue behaving, acting and believing the same and expect others to change is foolish.

So what can we do to look, act, think and speak in ways that produce happy results for all?

Let go of backwards thinking, historical beliefs and defending against what happened in the past.
Let the past go. It is not here. The past only repeats itself when we keep it in our mind.
Our defensive behavior keeps what we are avoiding in the forefront of our thoughts.
Whatever we focus on, we strengthen and increase. So focus on the vision, the goal, the future.

When we want help, support, encouragement, seek counsel from those who are in the light.
When we want to see where we are going, we must cast light on the subject. Think positively.
When we walking into the light in our mind or our world, we cannot see shadow unless we turn away.
Learning how to see only light to achieve pure delight is a spiritual practice.

To believe the words someone speaks and neglect to look at their behavior, we are naive.
Even little children learn to some what is acceptable to others and even wanted by others.
Adults rarely know their own deeper truth, because it has never been safe to look.
If we want to assist others in knowing and speaking what is really inside, their inner truth, we must offer a consistent safe and accepting place of non-judgment and respectful listening.

To have a different outcome, to affect change in a relationship or situation, we must change.
To hope, pray, demand or expect others to change just because we want it, will yield disappointment.
We can only control our selves. We must be willing to change our minds and our behavior.
Letting go of our demands and expectations of others and focusing on shifting our own consciousness will always produce positive results when we our willing to do the Work!

All healing, transformation, change and success begins within us.
Change your mind and you change your life.
Change your words and you change your relationship.
Change your behavior and you change your world.

Blessing us in our willingness to be the Ones,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do the Work!

Prayer works when you do the work!
Healing works when you do the work!
Affirmation works when you do the work!
Counseling works when you do the work!

Talking about it helps to clarify the problem and find the solution.
Praying about it sets aside time to reflect and open to a solution.
Wishing and hoping gives you the awareness of your desire.
Mking decrees, affirmations and writing goals works to help your focus.

When all is said and done, you still have to do the work.

There is no magic pill for losing weight.
There is no healing to clear the lack of peace.
There is no external fix to change your mind.
There is no special prayer that will cleanse you heart.

It is the change of mind, the opening of the heart, the willingness to forgive and the choice to let go.
The work we do provides the lasting healing and transformation.
When facing a lingering issue or repeating problem, ask yourself, ” What can I do?”
And more importantly, “What am I willing to do or undo?”

The real work begins.
When we are remembering and thinking about an issue, it will remain in our consciousness.
When it is stuck in our thought, it will be stuck and repeat itself in our experience.
The real work is to release the past and return to full focus on the present.

Where are you now?
How did you get there?
Where will you go from here?
What can you do to make the journey more fun, safe and easy?

Do the work.

Undo your fears by releasing your judgments of what was.
Forgive your “mis-takes” and the “missed takes” of others.
Trust that everything has been and is in your own best interests.
Give yourself the appreciation you need to move on with confidence.

Life seems to be about learning to prevent and defend against difficulties and problems.
This is based on our painful history of judging what has been and fearing it will repeat itself.
Life is really about letting go of our judgments of the past, so we can look forward to future adventures.
When we see everything as a blessing, a gift of learning, loving, and letting go, we can live with Joy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Prosperity

What is our true prosperity?
When most talk about spiritual prosperity and abundance they often get it confused with world assets.
When we say someone is rich, we are usually referring to their car, house, jewelry and bank account.
When we think about getting wealthy, we usually visualize having lots of stuff and access to more.

Having lots of things is a weight a burden and a responsibility.
Having excess things is not without a price, for it demands attention and care.
When we place our attention on having or not having, we lose sight of “giving” and “true gifts”.
When we are concerned with losing what we have, we cannot give with love and gratitude.

There are those who are here to learn about managing what they have with respect and responsibility.
There are some who have chosen a path of losing and finding a way to take care of what they have.
There are those who let go easily and receive even more with no effort, simply trusting.
There are those who find themselves lost, confused and scared, needing to strengthen their faith.

Each one of us has many roads from which to choose.
Each road will have lessons or messages we can learn, some wise and some foolish.
Life is the place where we are learning to ”wise up” about what is valuable and what is not.
True Prosperity if discovering what is truly good for you….on every level, mind, body and Spirit.

So let’s discover together what really is good for you.
Consider doing a “Values Sort”.
Write on separate cards the top 10-20 values you hold. See some ideas below….
Friendship, Health Love, Faith, Kindness, Service, Wisdom, Integrity, Wealth, Purpose, Achievements, Spiritual Development, Peace, Creativity, Security, Family, Beautify, Harmony, Godliness, Generosity.
Compare two values at a time and choose one you prefer.
Keep sorting through with forced choices between two each time until you find your top 3-5 in order of priority.

Design your life to support and sustain what you really value and you discover TRUE PROSPERITY.

True Prosperity is having what you need to give as you are called.
True Prosperity is being happy with yourself and your life.
True Prosperity is being at peace and feeling blessed everyday.
True Prosperity is knowing you are on purpose and living your life well.

Are you healthy, happy and fulfilled?
Are you grateful for who you are and how you live?
Are you content with what you have and how you give?
Are you loving with yourself and those you encounter?

This is True Prosperity.
It’s your choice to have or not to have, to be or not to be.

I am grateful to experience true prosperity each day,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 15, 2009

Planning and Scheduling

Summer Plans

The best plan is to listen to Spirit moment by moment and follow on the High Way.
Second best may be to plan events, activities and gatherings that feel happy.
Third best is to get things done and appreciate yourself with the rewards doing what you enjoy.
Last, victim stance is to let the time pass by being consumed with mistakes, problems and emergencies.

When we fill our lives with Good stuff, there is no room for messes and catastrophes.
When we leave no time for difficulties and contingency plans, life is fun, safe and easy.
When our minds are filled with creativity, fulfillment and appreciation, we cannot imagine upset.
When we live on purpose, off purposes do not occur.

What could you create in your life that would be so fulfilling and joyful that you could do it forever?
How could you live your life so that you would have no space to be unhappy, scared and upset?
When have you been at peace, truly happy and in love with yourself and your life?
How could you recreate your whole life to live in the ideal way every day?

Are you willing to undo the events, people and circumstances that distract, disappoint and delay you?
Are you open to letting go of what doesn’t work for you and only indulge in what is Good for you?
Are you honest about how you allow yourself to be victimized and at the effect of others?
Can you release the need to please others, to belong, to fit, to hang in there, to make it work?

Are you ready to be true to your whole self and give yourself the circumstances that heal and grow you?
Can you honestly reveal what keeps you stuck in serving outer cirumstances rather than inner peace?
Is there a possibility that you are living someone else’s expectations, demands and scheduling?
Would you be willing to design a life plan that is truly highest and best for You?

Life calls us to release (forgive) and choose again.
Life invites us to be willing to let go of yucky stuff.
Life encourages us to be our own person and let those who want to be with us to come.
Life is a process of easily and gently letting go of everything that isn’t life-giving and inspiring.

Summer is here.
Time for new beginnings.
Commit to give yourself what is best for you.
Remember what is best for you is best for others…….
Because it support you being happy healthy and helpful.

Loving You for being willing,
Betty Lue

Fun at the beach. Sofie is our very wise, conscious and caring 3 1/2 yr old grand daughter.
Make up your own fun games.
No toys, no tools, no instruction, no interference.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

School’s Out

(Notes for my talk at Unity on the Delta this morning!)
This was written Saturday eve.

Are we done yet?
Have we finished with the hard part?
When can I just watch TV and play?
How about a snack and a little time on the internet?
Can’t I just be done with all this growth stuff?

What will graduation look like?
What will life be when we are finished?
Are we willing to do the work?
What’s the payoff for doing all this spiritual work?

Let’s consider this.
Life is a university, a school of learning.
We are here to unlearn what is made up.
We are here to remember what is real.
Life gives us the opportunity to go along with the standard program or to choose a higher education.

What are our choices?
We can conform to what those around us aspire to be and do or we can choose the high way.
We can agree to the beliefs that are promoted by those around us or we can listen within.
We can serve the needs of humanity or we can honor the will of God and follow the path of Love.
We can pass on the mistakes of our forefathers or forgive them all and choose again for the Light.
We can see life as a burden and suffer with the gravity of it all or we can live free with delight.
We can approach the problems that appear to be as serious and difficult or decide to breathe with trust.
We can let every crisis be a crossroads of choice for the old way or choose a new path of faith.
We can let ourselves down with disappointment or lift ourselves up with appreciation.

Life is a schooling.
When we look forward to each learning, we enjoy the process.
When we resist or fear the lessons, we feel besieged with burden.
When we appreciate each person and situation as our teacher, we listen and learn with ease.
When we resent the teachers and the lessons, we are stuck with painful consequences of ignorance.
When we compete to be the best or get there first, we lose the opportunity to learn teamwork.
When we try to be the teacher’s favorite, we miss the student teachers who may have more to teach us.
When we look forward to the playground, we may miss the lessons at lunch.
When we can’t waste time sharpening our pencils and getting ready to learn, we may need a pen.

How long does it take?
Did you get it yet?
What does It look like and feel Like?
Can it be that there is nothing to get and we are here to get that there is nothing to get?
Can it be that we already have what we are here to be and do and have?
Can it be that life is a merry-go-round where enjoying the ride is the graduation?

Let’s be amazed and amused and see what gratitude and inner peace bring.

This morning I wrote the following .....When I actually give the Sunday talk, I let go of my notes and let the inner teacher teach what is being called forth by all of us who choose to listen. Much the same as I write these reminders. I let go and allow my inner voice to write these words to you and me and those who are called to read them. Loving us all!

Are you willing to be willing to let go of the false lessons you have been living and teaching?
Are you ready to recognize what you have been teaching with everything you think, say and do?
Are you aware of the difference between the fear of humanity and the Love of God?
Are you understanding the need to forgive, release and undo everything that is not true?

How does a good student learn?

Are you willing to hear God’s Voice within you?
Are you Open to God’s Will? (for Goodness sake!)
Are you receptive to God? (worthy of only Good Stuff!)
Are you patient with yourself in learning? ( no more self-criticism_
Are you trusting in your inner teacher? ( believing there is spiritual wisdom in you!)
Are you honest with yourself and your teacher? (no self deception or pretending!)
Are you holding no defenses or barriers between you and your Teacher? (fully self disclosing!)
Are you appreciative of all you are learning? (grateful for all the lessons in illusion and truth)
Are you faithful and consistent in listening within? (Regular time to listen to your inner voice)
Are your happy and willing to learn? (like an innocent and curious child!)
Are you gentle and kind with yourself and others in the learning process? (Learning is fun, safe and easy!)

Resistant students will eventually get it and learn the lessons of Love, but the process may seem to take longer (maybe lifetimes) and have more bumps in the road. Those who depend totally on themselves and the limitations of the fear-based egoic personality and physical body and the world we see may be frustrated with the variability of results in their flailing attempts at mastering this temporary condition.

It is in our modeling of being an attentive and appreciative student that we best help others.
When we are willing to acknowledge our mistakes and forgive them easily and quickly, we demonstrate the simple process of effective learning. When we are happy willing learners, we are the best teachers.

I love to learn.
I am willing to listen and follow my inner teacher.
I am open and trusting of the Good that is ours.

Betty Lue

Saturday, June 13, 2009

School’s Out

It is the perfect time to take the time to really learn something.
School’s out, summer is here.
Time for vacation from business as usual.
It’s time to relax and reflect.

What are you learning?
What have you accomplished?
What needs to be undone?
What calls to be done?

When we are busy with our schedules and agendas, there is little time to assess and evaluate.
We are often in jet lag with our own spiritual development, because we are to busy to see.
When we are preoccupied with everyone else’s needs, requests and demands, we fail to listen to our own.
We are often consumed with fulfilling the promises, agreements, expectations of others.

School in the worldly sense has breaks from the required activities of everyday life.
When we step away from our daily schedule, we have a hiatus in which to relax and renew.
However in the spiritual life, there is no lack of learning.
As awakening and conscious beings, we are here to observe, forgive unconsciousness and choose again.

The continuum of learning and growth shows up mostly in the undoing of the false.
When we find a path that leads to unhappiness, pain or resentment, we are called to step away
When we think, speak or act in unkind ways, we feel guilt and need to forgive and choose again.
When we step into situations which are destructive, negative or hurtful, we learn to stop ourselves.

Often we are captured by the competition of being better than another.
Or we seek to get more attention, approval, money or rewards than others.
Perhaps we seek for more excitement, more adventure, more happiness, more of whatever we value.
We will learn over time, to expand the value of what we have with full appreciation.

It is in valuing that we reclaim and renew the value.
It is in appreciating that we expand and increase the Good.
It is in forgiving that we undo what is not really True and claim what is.
It is in choosing that we claim our natural inheritance of Beauty, Harmony Goodness and Wholeness,

So every grade and every graduation becomes another opportunity to see where we have been, how far we have come and still to appreciate exactly where we are.

School’s out, but the learning and unlearning never ends.
Beginning again and enjoying every moment,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Do You Count On?

Do you depend on your body?
Do you depend on your bank account?
Do you depend on your parents?
Do you depend on your friends?
Do you depend on doctors and medicine?
Do you depend on media and books?
Do you depend on fairness and justice?
Do you depend on being rescued and saved?
Or do you depend on your Self?
There is risk in depending on others.
They may be ill or gone or simply needing to step away.
There is the disappointment of trusting someone to be there and they cannot or will not be.

Do you depend on your intuition?
Do you depend on people being honest?
Do you depend on nothing and no one?
Do you depend on being hurt, disappointed and scared?

We all have our dependencies, attachments and sometimes addictions.
When we can identify where we are leaning, we can assess whether it is reasonable.
When we own our neediness, we can begin to free ourselves and find a better way.
When we recognize our weakness, neediness and helplessness, we can choose to heal and grow.

Is it time to forgive mistaken dependency on quick fixes and short term relationships?
Is it best to trust what you hear and know and feel inside?
Is it helpful to depend only on God and the intrinsic Goodness in humanity?
Is it best to depend on yourself to give only the best you have and trust it will come around?

Are you ready to seek the Good by seeing the Good?
Are you willing to give all you have so that all will have?
Are you open for depending on your right relationship with your world?
Are you trusting that you can listen within to learn what is highest and best for all?

To depend on God, Goodness and Love is to trust that there is meaning to the world we see.
To give ourselves to that Divine or meaningful plan invites us to listen and respond with love.
To be grateful is to appreciate, accelerate and expand the Good that we know and see and be.
To depend on the power of undoing with forgiven and choose again to create with wisdom is key.

Remember you are at choice.
Choose wisely and you will appreciate your choices.
Choose with dependency and you will question your choices.
Bless you for choosing the high way.
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Beginnings

Every birth is a new beginning.
Every day is a new beginning.
Every breath is a new beginning.
Every choice is a new beginning.

When we attach the past to the present, we are delivering the new with the old attached.
Love is the opportunity to being again.
Love is the choice to trust in what is new.
Love is the place we are free to be without attachments.

When we “for give”, we return to love.
When we “forgive” we erase the past.
When we “forgive” be experience a new beginning.
When we “give for” the sake of love, we are free and trusting in new beginnings.

Life is meant to be an ever renewing creation.
As we learn to refresh and renew by releasing the old files in memory, we can create what is new.
New Beginnings can only happen when we forgive the old “used to be”.
Ask yourself if you are attached to what was, because it was familiar, comfortable and manageable.

Often we resist starting over, because we fear erasing the good from our memory.
Sometimes we resist beginning again because we believe we won’t make better choices.
And many stick with the same old program, because they are too lazy to choose and change.
Yet, new beginnings give you the opportunity to choose again for what you really want.

Consider the freedom you have to choose again.
Trust your ability to make better choices.
Explore the creative potential within you to create what is best.
Bless the past for giving you the tools and courage to choose a new beginning.

Each day in every way, we are better and better, and more capable to choose wisely.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue

Here are a few more Alaska pictures.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victim or Empowered?

Do you play weak and needy?
Does it work to get the love you want?

Do you act helpless to get the support you desire?

Are you in the habit of looking for how your are cheated and mistreated?

Does the “poor me” position work for you or a
gainst you?
Does getting sick become the excuse you need to say “no” or just to rest.

Are you
r quitting on life because you are afraid or exhausted from being fearful?
Are you tired of playing sick and tired and ready to do life differently?

Are you up for undoing the past complaints and choosing again?

Have you connected your self abusive thoughts and feelings with the abuse from others?

Have you r
ecognized that judgments, fears, self image and perceptions are creating our experience?

Are you ready to choose for a better way, a more effective and fun, safe and easy way to live?
How about forgiving false learning from the teachings of the world, your family and those you admire?
How about letting go of efforting in the world and just cleaning up your thinking and beliefs?
Are you willing to change your self perception and see you potential and unlimited power?
Are you ready to stop being angry, hurt and afraid and choosing to be clear, calm and conscious?
Are you capable of taking impeccable care of yourself and your life?
Will you get to work on cleaning up all past messes and mistakes?
Can you take responsibility for the choices you have made without guilt?
Are you open to stop blaming anyone for anything and simply learn from it all?
Will it work for you to establish a few goals, priorities and then reward your daily accomplishment?
Can you take credit for how far you have come and how much you have learned and created?
Can you begin to see the power is in your mind and your words and your actions?

What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.
What you imagine (hold an image in your mind) and believe (trust in your heart, you will experience unless you interfere (allow fear to hold you back.)
Life is a creation of our inner thoughts, beliefs and images put into form with our words and deeds.
When we take full response-ability for being the “chooser” ,there is nothing we cannot do.

Begin imagining yourself as powerful, unlimited and totally capable and deserving.
Erase every thought or feeling that seems to doubt, fear or judge this truth.
Live life every day as a beautiful powerful ad good person, for such is the Truth about You.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

A little more of the Alaska cruise stuff which left from San Francisco and returned to Vancouver BC, stopped in lots of little towns along the way. More photos later for those who like them. If you don’t care, simply delete. It is all perfect. We loved nature and the native people and culture!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Simple Reminders to Remember

  • Forgive anyone who taught you falsely. Love them anyway.
  • Look in the mirror and see the light within. Love yourself truly.
  • Feed yourself only with “good stuff”. (The best food, the best media, the best thoughts, the best friends.)
  • Give yourself a beautiful clean, orderly and harmonious environment. (no ugly messes or stresses)
  • Treat yourself and others with kindness, respect and appreciation.
  • Let go of judgments and opinions quickly. (They get us stuck in narrow-mindedness.)
  • Allow fears to invite you to seek the higher Truth where there is nothing to fear.
  • Learn to love everyone equally with respect and appreciation for their journey.
  • Be appreciative of what you have and use it well for the highest Good.
  • Utilize your gifts and talents by sharing them joyfully with others. It builds self esteem and prosperity.
  • Heal the past simply by letting it go. It is not here and cannot touch you except in your mind.
  • Enjoy the world you live in by being respectful and environmentally conscious.
  • Be creative (not destructive) by creating what is good, beautiful and holy.
  • Seek always and only the highest, most loving, healing and inclusive Truths.
  • Pay attention to those you admire, how they live and give. What perceive, you strengthen in yourself.

When you forget, go to the one who remembers. Let not the worldly unconsciousness deceive you.
Listen within and trust what your heart know. Follow your loving intuition and inner guidance.
Be clear that you are a blessing. Your True Presence is the Gift.
Shine brightly in a world that needs Light.

I am loving you and me in remembering.
Betty Lue

Monday, June 08, 2009


What is the purpose of relationships?
What is their value to me?
How do I know who to choose and how long to stay?
How do relationships work to benefit me and the other?

Everything is an excuse to be in relationship.
Relationships are for the purpose of healing or the return to wholeness.
The work in relationships is to heal your perceptions so you reveal the goodness in yourself and the other.
Every encounter has healing potential; therefore every relationship is holy.

Some people choose a relationship because of physical attraction and chemistry.
When the attraction fades or is covered with the worldly reality, the relationship ends.
Here the value is to see that the physical stuff is temporary, like gold paint on a frame.
When we love what will be hidden by criticism, disappointment and pain, the love fades over time.

Some choose relationships where they can get the love and approval, help and support they want.
When needs are satisfied, the relationship works and continues with giver and taker.
When the needy one is no longer pleased with the quality or quantity of help, love and care given, the relationship becomes demanding or ends with resentment.
When the giver feels used or abused, there may be confusion, blame or a withdrawal of love.

Some relationships are to learn lessons and heal parts of ourselves.
There is an opportunity to become aware of unforgiveness, comparison, neediness and to heal within.
There may we experiences which elucidate what is needed to heal oneself and become appreciative.
Where there is self forgiveness, open-mindedness and appreciation there is healing.

Some relationships are simply for a fellow spiritual traveler, a companion and co-creator.
Along the way, unhealed past patterns emerge but are treated with compassion and understanding.
The relationship is valued as a tool for each person to continue their spiritual development.
There is little or no attachment to the form of relationship for both see it as helpful to the journey.

There are many forms of relationship.
The personality which feels lacking uses its relationships to fulfill the need.
The need may be to heal, to forgive, to fix, to support, to grow, to be loved, but the underlying need is to remember to give and be and teach the Love we are.
All of us are here to remember to Love, to trust and free ourselves and others in the return to wholenss.

Whatever the relationship (lovers, married partners, parent/child, co-workers, friends), we all have much to share (teach and learn) with our life experiences and expressions.
No matter how long we are together ( brief encounters or lifetime), there is always healing value.
When we remember the beauty, the goodness, the blessing of loving one another, there is healing.

Let go with Love and appreciation and there is healing.
Continue on with Love and gratitude and there is healing.
Think of, speak about demonstrate Love and gratitude and there is healing.
The healing intention of all relationships is the return to Love (trust and freedom) and the remembrance of our intrinsic wholeness and holiness.

And so it is. Blessed be all relationships, for they are all a blessing.
Betty Lue
The Butterfly Garden and Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC (our May trip to Alaska)