Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What To Do?

When everything is happening what do you do?
What comes first?
How do you keep your peace?
How do you handle so much?
How can you be so happy?

I have no kitchen for about three weeks (new cupbards)…We are eating raw vegetables and juicing or cooking in a toaster oven and microwave in the dining room. Most kitchen stuff is in bags and boxes in the garage, storage and laundry room. The vegetables and dishes are washed in the bathroom sink.

I am coordinating the kitchen being put together correctly since both job bosses are on vacation this week.

My Mom arrived last night for a week’s visit. She is very flexible and fits in beautifully with the flow. She sleeps on the sofa bed in Robert’s office/den.

My younger daughter, Hilarie, is getting married this Saturday in an awesome formal wedding at the American Music Hall in San Francisco. Rehearsal dinner Friday eve and family celebration brunch Sunday at her Dad and stepMom’s home. Blessedly, we are guests and not needed to entertain, since my cup is full. My son in law is a perfect mate for my daughter and I am delighted.

Gia is our joy every morning (we get up at about 3AM to drive one hour to her home, so her Dad can leave for work and we take her to kindergarten.) My mornings are Monday and Friday usually and Grandpa Robert covers T.W, Th.

There continue to be a growing number of clients, classes and groups, community service and outreach, and future programs to prepare. All of which I do with joy. It is a gift to be so fully alive and contributing where I am needed.

How do I do it All with Ease and Joy?
First, I enjoy what I do. Where you resist, everything takes longer and is more difficult.
I take care of the essentials first everyday..clean house, good meals, order and organization.
I take impeccable care of my Whole Self spiritually, physically and mentally.
I manage my affairs on time and with gratitude, so my foundation is strong.
I appreciate what I have and who I am. I value my life and those with whom I associate.
I stay busy with positive focus and loving intention. My mind does not entertain worry or fear.
I stay focused on one activity or relationship at a time. Being present make every moment a gift.
I use all my resources—time, energy and money—to serve the Highest Good.
I stay connected with Spirit for guidance and direction, for inspiration and energy.
I trust what I need will come to me as I need it. I live in faith and give with joy.
I keep my agreements with myself and with you. I am confident in the choices I make.
I look for miracles and I celebrate the healing, growth, beauty and goodness I see everywhere.

I am encouraging you to put your own life in order, clean up distractions and resistance, enjoy what you have and freely be who You Are. Take the time to make a list for yourself of how you best handle changes, surprises and potential roadblocks.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

See new photos on or click on "Some Pictures" in the left menu of this screen...more of the wedding next week.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Projects and Projection

Life may seem full of projects, if we need to be doing and accomplishing.
Life may seem to be filled with struggle and strife, if we feel burdened and unlucky.
Life may seem to be a place of adventure and challenge, if we are seeking exploration.
Life may seem to be an opportunity to play and enjoy, when we are childlike and trusting.
Life may seen to be a test of hard work and courage, when we want to commit and strive.
Life may be a place of abuse and suffering, when we don’t know how to get out of the way.
Life may seem to be an opportunity to learn and grow, when we assign ourselves to research and study.

Our individual lives are a projection of our choices, based on our history, karma, beliefs, spiritual lessons, and assignments for which we volunteer.

All projects….people., places, situation and challenges…..are but projections of our inner thoughts (often subconscious).

When we believe we are here to be helpful, we will see, attract and even create people and places and ways to help.
Our life becomes a life of helpfulness.

When we believe we are here to repent for our sinfulness, we will see, attract and even create people, places and events to punish and make amends for our self-judged misdeeds.

When we believe we are unworthy and deserving of a live of pain, we will see, attract and even create experiences in which we are treated as we believe and expect and invite into our lives.

When we believe that this world is filled with doom and gloom, will see and reinforce our own belief in doom and gloom.

Those who see this world as a grand adventure will experience all things as part of their adventure.
Those who see the world as a playground will experience life as play.
Those who see the world as hard work will experience life as working hard.

And when we find what we don’t expect, we often move away immediately, translate our experience into terms we can understand or forgive and erase immediately.

Life is a projection of what we believe and expect.
How we respond to our projects is a product of our spiritual learning and faith.

Interesting concept……

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, March 29, 2004


What are we waiting for?
Often I see that we physically gather weight as we wait. We seem to collect and hold energy in many forms when we are waiting for a place and time to express, experience and create. And likewise when we are freely expressing, experiencing and creating from our inner vision, our bodies slim down to ideal size and shape, our minds are clear and focused, our Spirit’s are light and free and our finances are flowing and provide us with what is needed.

Our soul demands that we “begin with faith”. We are called to step out with willingness and courage, to live our dream with certainty that all things will come as they are needed. What we conceive and believe, we can achieve. The only mistake we make is when we forget to love with all our heart and mind and soul. Life offers many opportunities to let fear convince us otherwise. We are distracted, detoured and delayed by finances, research, opinions, health and family issues, practicalities, historical failures and self doubt. Yet none of this is real when we allow our spiritual vision to lead us by the heart. Give your hand to God and let Love lead the way.

What is your vision?
What do you see in your heart, yet have waited for time, money, support or associates to act on?
What inspiration have you been given that you still are saving for a special revelation to admit?
What longing and inner calling do you feel that you are afraid to make real?
What failure and self doubt have you allowed to hold you back?

There is no greater Joy than allowing your innocent faith in Divine Inspiration to lead you.
There is no greater Peace than trusting in Divine Abundance to provide for you.
There is no greater Power than giving your life purpose and direction to God.
There is no great Love than offering your life and all you possess to Spirit.

In this there is total Freedom. In this we know God.

Why wait for heaven? Listen within and choose the “high” way with your eyes on the way.
Whenever you are not happy, peaceful and in love, you have lost the highway.
Forgive and choose again.

I am willing.
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Listen Within

There is a place in you that outshines the sun.
There is a purpose in you to love everyone.
There is a presence in you to give all you have.
There is a possibility in you to abundantly live.

Within each one of us is a calling to Joy and Freedom.
Within each one of us are gifts to be shared.
Within each one of us is a yearning for loving.
Within each one of us is a sacred place to live.

Peace is found within.
Joy and freedom lie there, too.
Real Love is not learned or learned, but realized and shared.
Your sacred Self is the Real You.

My daily loving reminders are for you, to remind us to live faithfully, forever free.
They come from deep within the part of me that is True B’Lue, connected always with Spirit.
Your daily reminders lie within you, too, if you would but listen, moment by moment.
Your reminders lie in the beauty you see, the songs you hear, and the voices of those you love.

Listen with your heart and you will hear your calling.
Listen with you head and you will strive to be something more.
Listen with your soul and you will learn to live in abundance.
Listen with your mind and you will fear for lack.

I invite you to sit quietly everyday in the same place and at the same time.
Give your body and mind a chance to be comfortable with your Divine appointment.
Bring with you a pad of paper and a pen.
As you breathe and trust, as you enjoy the silence, write everything that comes to you.
Make note of your questions and listen for the answers, too.
Pay attention to the breeze, the subtle touch with no one there.
Make note of a song, a verse, a poem coming through.
And when you are done, be glad for taking the time to listen within.
God wants to speak to you and through you, too.
As you get comfortable with your willingness, you may not understand, the word that comes or the thought that keeps replaying. Just write it down.
You see, often the personality ego will erase immediately.
With the writing, you can read it and remember. Read it and understand. Read it and weep.
Read it and feel the love.
Let God speak with you all through your day, beginning with your Daily Divine Appointment.

I am encouraging to listen within.
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 27, 2004

True Partnership

True Partnership is always giving the best you have to each one with whom you partner.

Are you giving your very best to yourself everyday in all ways?
Are you giving your very best Self to your Creator and All-loving Source?
Are you giving the very best of yourself to your employer and co-workers?
Are you giving your very best Self to your family and mate?
Are you giving your very best to your world and those you meet along the way?

True Partnership is the call for interdependence.
True partnership does not withhold, or evaluate its giving.
True partnership gives all to all to have all.
True partnership experiences no guilt nor blame.
True partnership takes total responsibility for the quality of the relationship.
True partnership does not judge, compare or quit.
True partnership is honest and open, defenseless and forgiving.
True partnership creates a safe place for the others to be their best.
True partnership is willing to be present, aware and authentic.
True partnership is the call for holy relationship and sacred living.

Dependent relationships usually lean on employer, government, parents to give more.
Dependent relationships are based on the belief that there is inequity and one has more.
Dependent relationships foster more dependence to perpetuate the security of both.
Dependent relationships have their place when we are incapacitated or unable to care for ourselves.

Independent relationships are dependent on oneself for sustenance and support.
Independent relationships allow for competition and comparison for motivation.
Independent relationships foster self-sufficiency, confidence and strength of conviction.
Independent relationships have their place as we grow toward true community or interdependence.

Are you ready for true partnership?
If so, give all you have to each one you encounter.
Teach others by living what you want to give and have.
When others lean on you, show them what they can do.
Foster independence in those who are dependent.
Call for partnership from those who have mastered self-sufficiency.

True communion and community arise from partnership.
We build heaven on earth with authentic realization of our interdependence.
Nations and families heal when their people come together with love, respect and contribution.
Institutions and businesses prosper when all join and work together for a common goal.
Individuals find spiritual vision, faith, compassion, and commitment in their partnership with God.

Your true partner,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 26, 2004

Vision, Intention and Will

Where do you see clearly?
What do you know to be True?
Whom do you love dearly?
How can you really love You?

Imagine the world at Peace.
Imagine your life in Joy.
Imagine humanity in Love.
Imagine freedom for All.

Live everyday with attention.
Give every gift with intention.
Share your words with reflection.
Honor your life with perfection.

For as you believe, so shall you live.
As you live, so shall you give.
As you give, so shall you receive.
As you receive, so shall you believe.
And so is the cycle of creation.

Our life experience is the result of our vision, our intention and our will.
Clarify you Highest Vision.
Give your life your full intention.
Commit to live with all your heart and mind and soul.

Your life blesses us all,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Prayer Works

Love makes all things new again.
Seeing only wholeness makes wholeness a reality.
When we remember what is essential, we see what is real within the temporary illusion.
Affirming the highest and best for others and for ourselves brings what is best into focus.
Realizing that we are each precious, important and holy raises our willingness to be here.
Letting go of what was and being willing to enjoy what is creates more of what we enjoy.
Laughing at the fear clears the clouds of doubt so we can see the sun and the Son shining.
Wherever we are living in trust and giving freedom to life process, we open all possibilities.
Having meaning and purpose in life makes life worthwhile.
Knowing we are loved and valued makes us really present.
Prayer is the assurance that there is something greater than ourselves.
Asking for what we want may not get it, but helps us get clear about what we want.
Miracles are natural to those who love and trust.

All your prayers, your fullness of love and appreciation, and your respect of all life experiences create the space of infinite healing and miracles.

I believe in miracles because I believe in love and I believe in You.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yes, we had a great trip teaching and sharing wisdom, healing and joy in Indiana.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Planting Your Garden

Spring is full bloom here in CA and just budding out in IN.
Now is the time to plant the garden in your soul.
We each get infinite opportunities to plow the fields of our consciousness and plant again each spring whatever will yield what we would harvest.

What is your crop of choice?
Power and prestige,
respect and support,
joy and freedom,
love and intimacy,
inspiration and creativity,
simplicity and peace,
ideas and accomplishment,
knowledge and wisdom?
Pick your crop. Anyone you choose.
Yes, you can even choose resentment and revenge, lethargy and laziness, envy and greed, disappointment and depression.
We are totally at choice about what to plant, to nurture and harvest in our lives.

The work is to choose what you really want.
The work is to pull the weeds of your former habits.
The work is to intend and focus on the outcome you seek.
The work is to hold the vision and keep the faith.
The work is to commit and persist in doing what it takes.
The work is to work and enjoy the work.
The work is to appreciate the growth each step of the way.
The work is to learn from the difficulties.
The work is to accept all kinds of weather.
The work is to not waste energy on complaining or wishing things were different.
The work is to take good care of yourself in doing the work.
The work is to love, respect and support your work as a gardener in life.
The work is to give yourself the associations and the activities your need to continue the work.

I am loving and believing in the gardens we are each choosing to plant this spring.

Loving you, Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Gratitude and Service

Being here to experience the wonders of life is a great blessing.
Being awake and willing to listen within is a great joy.
Being able to teach and offer healing opportunities to others is a gift.
Being alive and sharing the good news of forgiveness and Love is an honor.
Being partnered with someone who loves and respects me is empowering.
Being present and fully connected with those who come my way is a privilege.
Being supported by hundreds who receive and practice these Loving Reminders is amazing.
Being Who I Am and Where I Am is a gift from God.

How could we feel gratitude and not serve others?
How could we wake up each day with joy in your heart and not give?
How could we accept the goodness and beauty of each day and not share it?
How could we breathe in this Abundant Love and not breathe out our profound gratitude?
You and I are blessed and it is our blessings that will awaken our sleeping human family.

With every thought you are teaching others.
With every word you are sharing your Love.
With every deed you are serving your brothers.
Life is for giving. And you are the Gift.

Each moment is a present.
Each relationship is precious.
Each interaction is healing.
Each opportunity is a blessing.

Every thanks is remembered.
Every smile is an awakening.
Every touch is a healing.
Just one blessing is enough.

Let us forgive the criticism, the missed opportunities, the fault-finding, the trying to get, rather than give.
Let us release the discourtesy, the rushing too fast, the unconsciousness and lack of gratitude.
Let us undo what was never true and give the best we have, instead of the leftovers.
Let us forget the unholy past and remember the blessings and joys.
Let us be fully present to recycle our memories with loving kindness, humor and thanks.
Let us take notice of what is calling for our love and faith and forgiveness, so we leave a mighty blessing.

It takes just one to change the world. You are that ONE.
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Gone to Bloomington, IN from March 18-March 23!

Happy Spring Equinox! (Friday evening)
Use this time to listen within for the seeds you are to plant in the garden of your soul.
This is a fertile time to create what you and the God in You want your life to be.
Remember always you are forgiven.
Remember always you are loved.
Remember always you are blessed.
Remember always you are here to create.
Remember always Creator wants your happiness.
Remember always that only you can deny yourself anything.
Remember always to come Home and listen within.

Trusting Love,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy wearing of the green!

Use this and any excuse to have fun and remember Love.
Green and blue primary colors of this planet Earth.
Colors of the heart chakra and the throat chakra
Remind us to extend Love with every thought, word and deed.

Only Love is Real. Everything else illusion.
This world is a teaching device to bring us home to ourselves and our Source.
This world is a laboratory in which to explore what works.
This world is a canvas on which to create beauty and goodness and wholeness.
This world is a reflection of what lives within our own heart and minds.
This world is a stage with all of us players in a soul guided drama.
Tragedy or comedy? We choose how we judge and resist or let go and flow.
This world is a university in which we all graduate when we are complete.
This world is a job in which we each have our own valuable work to do.
This world is a playground on which we can freely express our joy and creativity.
This world is a test in which we constantly practice and strengthen our life skills.

Whether we succeed or fail is a result only of our perception.
Reward or punishment? Blessing or curse simply depends on our response.
Everyone succeeds in the end. Everyone graduates. This is a failsafe universe.
We all are loved and blessed no matter what. We our essence cannot harm or be harmed.
Trust in this and we live in peace.

Our inner guidance system, our spiritual mentor, our teacher and coach is always present.
We often stop listening within to the Voice that is with us throughout the illusion of time.
We often discount and dismiss our intuitive notions, the gentles urging of Spirit.
We often forsake and forget our True Selves and our Source.
We often choose to follow the path of ego and live in human struggle and strife.
We often tune out the inner knowing and tune into outer authority.
Only then do the lessons become stronger.
When we will not heed a whisper, we may be urged with a shout.
When we ignore the shout, we may experience a strong jolt.
The wakeup calls simply become more obvious, until we cannot fail to notice.

The world we see is in crisis only because its people have failed to listen.
The world we see is struggling with violence and war only because we have failed to respect Peace.
The world we live in is hungry only because we have failed to love our neighbors as ourselves.
The world we live in has disease and poverty only because we choose to live in the stress of striving.
The world we see invites us to forgive our neighbors and ourselves and extend Love to All.
Life is teaching us. The more willing and open we are to learn, the easier the lessons.
The more close-minded and suspicious we are the more obvious the lessons.

Love God and Good with all our heart and we experience the Good in everything.
Love our brothers as ourselves and we realize our brother is our Self.

Human life is an awesome opportunity to wakeup and undo what is not true.
Worldly experience is a miraculous place in which to be wholly present to know the Presence of God.

Enjoy the moment, for in it lies everything good and whole and beautiful for YOU!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Life Is Different Now

This is an open letter to Loving Reminders readers. (Spirit invited me to share the following with you.)
Loving Reminders was begun for spiritual friends, clients and students over five years.
It has grown to now include hundreds if not thousands of those whom Spirit brings together electronically.
This is personal stuff, so let it all go, if not important for you to know.

After an 18 year dynamic spiritual partnership and wedded union, co-creating a powerful healing/teaching presence with clients and students with my husband Robert, we have been experiencing a dramatic change. Robert’s body and mind are dramatically changing due to an atypical neurological problem (Parkinson’s or ??) causing problems with balance, primarily lower body muscle use, memory and decision-making, slowed reaction time, interference in thinking with any stress or pressure, less energy and ability to focus.
(Remember all problems have a spiritual solution—the Peace of God and Love for One another.)

Life has changed dramatically for me and for us over the last two years. It changes still daily. I find my flexibility is a necessary gift, for which I am grateful everyday. No, I don’t always stay patient and peaceful but most of the time, I find I am. This prose piece may be a reflection of where I live. My own life of joyous living and abundant giving is full and rich, and still growing by the grace of God, as I reach out , counsel, coach, teach, write and inspire…. slowly building a coaching and counseling practice here in our community, a new class in Transitions and Spirituality at the Walnut Creek Unity plus three others weekly on Positive Living for Seniors, Professional Development and a “Do Good” support group. Wanting to begin a Positive Living Sunday Fellowship, but need to find more “fellows” committed to join with me over the long term. Currently distracted and delighted about my younger daughter’s (Hilarie) wedding on April 3, our coming trip to IN which may be a swansong, a loving completion, for Robert’s teaching TFH and Brain Gym, a kitchen remodel to take out the 20 years of heavy smoking in the cupboards, my Mom’s upcoming visit, the beautiful blossoming spring trees and flowers and more. I am grateful everyday for the life we all share on this bountiful planet.
I am grateful for you. Loving you, Betty Lue

Life Is Different Now.

Where we used to run, we walk.
Where we collaborated, we talk.
Where we sang, we smile.
Where we kept moving, we stop awhile.

Friendship changes, when life rearranges itself.
Partnership becomes caring for basics and remembering essentials.
Having a good day together is quiet time at home or a walk in the sun.
Sharing responsibilities means doing what is left to be done.

When one changes, everything is in transition.
One day at a time is being aware of what today needs from me.
Dancing and romancing are exchanged for deep snuggling.
Sorrow and depression are replaced by comfort and appreciation.

With a slower body and a confused mind, everything takes extra time.
I learn patience, kindness and willingness to wait.
Where we were walking hand in hand, now we come together in balance to stand.
Where we laughed and played, now we pray, “Thank God for showing the way.”

Even when I do not understand the plan, I can and will accept what is.
Even when I do not know which way to choose, I can and will listen within.
Even when I do not know how best to love, I can and will remain happy and at peace.
Even when I do not know what to say, I can and will speak words of Love and trust in All.

Life is different now.
I see its perfection.
Because I am at peace.

If what is written sounds like I refer to myself, it is.
Where two are united, there is union of heart and mind.
Where one is in pain, physically and emotionally, both look for peace.
Where one is struggling with balance in life, there both must seek to find the way.
Where one is uncertain of purpose and meaning, there both are searching for what is Real and valuable.
My brother and I are not separate. Indeed none of us are.
Everyone on the planet is our brother. Everyone everywhere is one with us.
No man is an island. When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
Know I am One with you as you are One with me.
All of us are in this life together, learning to totally love one another.
This is Good. This is God.

Loving you and all as One,
Betty Lue

Monday, March 15, 2004

Do We Crucify Ourselves?

Our ego will never be happy or feel safe in a world where there is much fear and self doubt, giving to get, working to earn money and not listening within.
When we are not doing our job, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we make mistakes, we need to forgive ourselves,
When we expect what others cannot or will not give, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we fall asleep our on our connection with Source, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we try to get more of what holds us separate, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we make the excuse of just being human, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we blame God for our own unconsciousness, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we allow others to hurt us, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we believe that salvation comes from outside, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we make excuses for our limited and negative thinking, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we forsake our own principled living, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we justify not being responsible for our experience, we need to forgive ourselves.

This world has very few conscious awakened beings.
When we trust in those who are asleep, we are making a mistake.
When we blame others, we are convincing ourselves that we are not responsible.
Our ego seeks to confirm its horror story that God has forsaken us.
Our ego believes in victimization, crucifixion and death as the final punishment and escape.

Actually we have forsaken God.
We have fallen asleep and allowed the world to crucify our egos.
We can shut down our light and get lost in our own shadows.
We can forget and forsake our True Self.
We can ignore, distract, delay and detour our practice.
We can judge, punish and prevent ourselves from being happy.
When our egos appear to be harmed or crucified, know our Essence and our Spirit does not die.
What is Real cannot be harmed.
The Love we are cannot die.
When we fall asleep, life may seem to be dangerous, serious and difficult.
When we fall asleep on the job, we might seem to get hurt.
When we allow the Voice within to direct our lives, life is safe, fun and easy.

All apparent upset and injury is merely a wake up call.
Let’s wake up and live, love, laugh and let go.
Wake up and take responsibility.
Wake up and listen within.
Wake up and love and care for yourself.
Wake up and let God and love lead the way.
Wake up and trust.
Wake up and learn.
Wake up and give the best you have to everyone in all circumstances.

No one and nothing can harm our Spirit.
Our job is to stay awake and in love.
Our job is to remember We Are Spirit.
Our job is to keep reminding one another.

I am loving YOU and ME!
I am always reminding us to stay awake.
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Abundant Living

I get paid by the Universe when I do my job and fulfill my purpose and my function here.
I have volunteered to contribute to this world and those in my life.
I am committed to keep my agreements and to complete my assignment.
When I fulfill my function and live my purpose I am abundantly paid.
And so are you.

When I insist on getting paid for doing a job based on the economy, or someone’s evaluation of my work, my pay will fluctuate according to the state of our national consciousness and the state of mind of my employer and how hard I work.
When I am a spiritual volunteer, I acknowledge that my purpose is to serve universal Good and I live conscious of my function.
When I remember I am here to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember always God and Good, I am paid abundantly on every level.
When we love unconditionally, we have no fear.
We extend more of what is Good.
We give our best to everyone.
We live in an expansive state.
The flow of all that is good and whole is abundant.
When we serve from our heart, we enjoy life.
We give fully and joyfully.
We are guided and directed as to what to do, where to go and how to serve.
When we serve from our heart, everything we give is given to ourselves.
When we remember god and Good, we are awakening all other minds.
We open the flow of abundant Joy and peace in their lives. We enrich our world.
When we remember the Good, we see and remind others of the Good both within and around us.
When we remember the God in what is, we believe it and see it, we live it and give it.
Our life becomes our riches and we are paid everyday by who we are, all we give, what we believe and see and appreciation.
Love, Joy and Peace grow within us and around us.
This is Abundant living.

I am sharing these reminders that everyone might live abundantly.
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 13, 2004

What Is My Job?

My job is to mind my own business.
My job is to give my best.
My job is to practice, practice, practice.
My job is to forgive my mistakes.
My job is to never give up.
My job is to go to the highest Source for knowledge and wisdom.
My job is to keep flowing and keep going.
My job is to forgive and forget.
My job is to be grateful and giving.
My job is to be respectful and honest.
My job is to see and seek the highest Good.
My job is to trust all is well.
My job is to listen within.
My job is to be the light.
My job is to live in cooperation with Spirit.
My job is to be an inspiring example for others.
My job is to hold the light in which we all can awaken.
My job is to be at peace where there is conflict.
My job is to bring Love where there is fear.
My job is to remember to laugh, when the world gets stuck in seriousness.
My job is to enjoy life.
My job is to believe in miracles.
My job is to let go and love.
My job is to be fully present.
My job is to trust I am provided for when I am doing my job.
My job is to live what I know.
My job is to learn, laugh and let go.
My job is to affirm, accept and appreciate.
My job is to see only wholeness and Holiness.
My job is to Love you and me and All creation.

I Am.

What is your job?
Betty Lue

Friday, March 12, 2004

What to Expect

Expectations may cause sorrow, disappointment and frustration.

When we are conscious and connected, we can expect a consistent experience of kindness, honesty,
fairness, joy, openness, willingness, curiosity, respect, gratitude, acceptance, and inner peace.
When others are connected with Spirit we can expect the same thing.
However, most people think they are human, limited, separate, lacking, limited and disconnected.
They have forgotten their source, their inheritance, their Creator, their inner Guidance system.
Most people are lost, confused, conflicted, fearful, and often despairing.
They are seeking to either conform and blend in with others or numb their fear and pain with addictions (including TV, computer, sugar, fantasy and the usual popular addictive substances). Those who are caught in the illusion of their own confusion and made-up world often are agitated, manic, depressed, in pain, sick, deceitful. They often make and break their agreements, have ideas but don’t follow through, try to “get” what they want , but neglect to give what they have, , hate and blame themselves and others, and fall into lethargy and depression.
The signs and symptoms of those who are having a human experience are easy to spot in ourselves and others.

Those having a spiritual experience, those who are connected with God, within are also obvious.
The conscious and awakened ones are filled with joy, energy and enthusiasm.
They have creative ideas and share them freely with those who are receptive.
They seek to participate, to co-create, to partner with others.
They are at peace with themselves and their lives.
They live what they believe, and listen within to their inner authority.
They are trusting and freeing of themselves and others.
They enjoy the adventure of life and don’t get caught in judging “what happened?” with “who did it?” and “why did it happen?”
They love unconditionally without quitting on themselves.
They give for the sheer joy of giving the best they have.
They are both inspired and inspiring, filled with vision and ideas for collective fulfillment and loving community.

Two different worlds the conscious and unconscious live in.
Two different views from a loving person and a fearful person.
Two different energies with someone who is awake and one who sleeps.
Two different directions from someone who is clear and focused and one who is confused and lost.
Two different lifestyles from one who is committed to giving and one who is trying to survive.

I cannot expect another to be awake just because I Am.
I cannot expect another to be thinking, feeling and acting in love when they are afraid.
I cannot expect another to be giving their best when they have forgotten their Source and themselves.
I cannot expect another to be living with energy and enthusiasm, when they are running on empty.
My expectations may cause disappointment and frustration in me and guilt and resentment in them.

I can only stay connected and on purpose.
I can be awake and in love.
I can be filled with joy and enthusiasm.
I can remember my Source and stay connected.
I can be kind and generous.
I can forgive myself easily and quickly when I forget.
I can be a living loving reminder.
I can remember that the spiritual journey for everyone is unique and is their responsibility.

I am, therefore, I can.
I can therefore I Am.
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Support for New Beginnings

This was a big week for five year old Gia. It was time to move on from her Montessori experience. It was time to move into a new space of expression and learning. It was time to start her “big girl school”.

Complete and having mastered several challenges with her teacher and resultant “no choice” experiences within certain settings, Gia had ceased enjoying going to school. We watched and listened and heard whe was complete. We responded with what would be best for all concerned. And when it was discerned and agreed by all the grownups and Gia, she began this week. Wow!

Can you imagine what it feels like to be supported by you Papa, your Grandma and Grandpa? All there with you on your first day, meeting all the teachers, sitting in the classrooms, walking around the school, buying your own snack and talking with your new friends. Yes, all of us came together to share in the experience. We all learned to feel safe and at home. We all helped in the inclusion. It takes a village, or at least a family, to successfully raise a child.

How would your life be different if you had the support of your family and friends when you need to make a change. How would it be if people who loved you took at active interest in your new Doctor, your new job, your new home, your life changes? How would you feel if people who know you the best and love you the most were with you when you went off to some new adventure, especially when you are anxious and uncertain? How would you respond if others were so genuinely caring that they took time off work , asked questions and spent time listening to your concerns? How would it feel if someone special bought you an ice cream cone and took you out to dinner after you special day?

Can you love others this much in their new beginnings?
Can you love yourself enough to include others in your new beginnings?
And when you are alone in a new place, can you give yourself the special listening and care you would give a little child?

We all deserve to hold hands together when we are doing something new and unfamiliar.
Thanks for remembering to love and give your very best.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Can you believe the morning school called Gia’s Dad on the second day to let him know she was having a GREAT day? This is what sharing and caring yields.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Inside Job

It all comes from within.
Joy comes from within.
Peace comes from within.
Love comes from within.
Power comes from within.
Salvation comes from within.
Purpose comes from within.
Truth comes from within.
Goodness comes from within.
Creativity comes from within.
Healing comes from within.
Wisdom comes from within.
Vision comes from within.
Strength comes from within.
Courage comes from within.
Direction comes from within.
Commitment comes from within.
Action comes from within.
Gratitude comes from within.
Forgiveness comes from within.
Renewal comes from within.
Inspiration comes from within.
Abundance comes from within.
Confidence comes from within.
Everything worth having comes from within.

So where does pain, conflict, fear, punishment, meaninglessness, despair, desceit, cruelty, disease, ignorance, blindness, weakness, judgment, lethargy, criticism, resentment, giving up, depression, insecurity come from? Who cares? When you see trash, throw it away. Waste no time trying to figure out who to blame or how it got there. Throw it away.

Want to live with the treasures in life?
First clean out the trash in your mind.
Anything you picked up along the road of life that is not good enough for God is not good enough for you.
You are not meant to be a garbage collector.
Take your past attachments, negative beliefs, resentments, fear, guilt and limiting self-images to the dump.
Let go with a blessing of joy and gratitude.
Next, take time to visit the sanctuary of your Place in the Divine Plan.
There is a place in you where only Holiness and Love abide.
Visit your inner shrine daily.
Pay attention to the treasures and messages of Love that are waiting there for you.

This is your place of refuge, safety, wisdom and peace.
Within you is everything whole and good and beautiful.
Take the time to discover the gifts within.

Everything you seek is within you NOW.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

What We Believe We Perceive and Achieve

When we believe in lack, we see it.
When we believe in lack, we generate it.
When we believe in lack, we make sure we are right about our belief in lack.
The more we complain, worry and struggle with our lack, the more we make our lives a struggle.
When we believe in our limitations, we see how limited we are.
The more we talk about our limitations, the more we convince ourselves and others of how limited we are.
When we believe we are limited in what we can do, we are right…we are limited.
The more we grieve our loss, the more we believe we have lost.
The more we regret our past, the more we see to regret.
The more we suffer from what was, the more we fear what will be.
When I believe I am not enough, I convince myself and others I am not enough.
When I believe I do not have enough, I make sure I do not have enough.
When I believe I cannot get enough, I limit how much I have and how much I give.

I am only as limited, lacking and little as I believe I am

Our mind works to prove we are right about what we believe.
There is no one to convince and nothing to overcome.
There is only changing our mind and thus, changing our life.

Life at its best requires letting go of the needy self and supporting the giving Self in living abundantly and giving freely. Life, when we are needy and frightened is a balancing act between giving just enough to maintain our security needs and getting what we need to survive. Life, when we are fulfilled and happy, is a wondrous opportunity to share our abundant joy, creativity and love with everyone.

To have All, give All to All.

Wow! This is an awesome truth!
I am always willing to see and believe you and I are unlimited and free.
I know with God all things are possible.
I recognize that clearing our minds of limited and lacking and belittling thoughts is our responsibility.
I realize that I am creating my experience with my thoughts, words and deeds.
I now choose to create a beautiful, loving life with the abundance of joy and creative energy I have.
And so do You!
Betty Lue

Monday, March 08, 2004

Fun, Safe and Easy

Life is fun, safe and easy….. when I Am.

Life can be fun, safe and easy. This has been one of my life themes. I now see how when I am fun, safe and easy, I am creating the life I want. When I am not fun, not safe and not easy for myself and others, I am not creating the life I want.
Aaaah! Such a simple and awesome realization. How fun, safe and easy to undo and let the True B’Lue through.

My life has been a joy, even in the midst of sorrow. After my Dad died within the Asheville Hospice, my Mom, Robert and I went to the movies to see Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams. My Dad would have loved that. When there is tragedy in life, I seek to restore my sanity with appreciation of the natural beauty all around me, and look for signs of kindness within my human family. I know how to play at work and always leave my clients and classes feeling uplifted, hopeful and usually smiling when they leave my office.
Life is fun….an amazing and miraculous adventure.

My life has been safe, even in the midst of danger. Even with a near death experience, with a fearful and violent person or close calls in traffic, I am protected by my seeing myself and my world as safe. I am awake and conscious. I am vigilant for the possibilities of how to support safety for everyone. I seek and find the safe way to go and am grateful to be reminded. I listen within for direction and follow my inner guidance. I notice what happens when I forget and am gently reminded what works.
Life is safe…a failsafe opportunity to learn what works, Who knows the best course and which direction is good for all.

My life is easy, even in times of hardship, loss and lack. With limited resources, apparent health issues, family problems, many moves, giving all for the sake of all, I have consistently been amazed at how easily life always works when I do the work of trusting and freeing myself and my limiting thoughts with faith, hope and love. Ease comes from trusting in the Power and Presence and Purpose that lives within me and letting it be fully free to express itself with my joy of being. There is no absence, no lack, no limitation and no difficulty that cannot be easily undone and overcome with my willingness to listen within and allow God to guide me.
Life is easy when I suspend all judgments and fears and live in the moment with faith.

When I forget to be this space of fun, safety and ease, I do not see this world around me. When I become convinced by mass consciousness or the voice of those nay-sayers and purveyors of doom and gloom, I lose my joy and hide my light from myself.
I forgive myself for forgetting to be fun and have fun.
I forgive myself for forgetting to be safe and to know we are safe.
I forgive myself for forgetting to be easy and giving that easy acceptance to all that is.

Life is fun, safe and easy, when I AM.

So be it and so I Am,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Respect and Happiness

When I respect my Self, I am respected and happy.
When I forget and use or abuse myself, I am overlooked and unhappy.

Ways of disrespect are often accepted in our culture as the norm. We may even be encouraged to disrespect ourselves.
Let’s see what we can see, as we look again deeper. Re-spect = to look again.

Disrespectful ways:
Deny our own happiness.
Forget about our needs.
Take care of others first.
Listen to our egoic fear.
Talk negatively to ourselves.
Limit what we can do.
Doubt our dreams and vision.
Let money be our leader.
Think in terms of lack.
Not take time to dream.
Not know what we want.
Hide our gifts from the world.
Betray our commitments to ourselves.
Let our senses distract, detour and delay us.
Waste our time, energy and money.
Feed ourselves energy–sapping foods.
Watch TV and read negative stuff.
Work without inspiration.
Live without enjoyment.
Forget to be grateful.
Never tithe to the source of our inspiration and Good.
Deny ourselves the faith, hope and love we need.
Believe we cannot achieve or have our heart’s desire.
Distrust there is a Power and Presence that loves and supports us.
Live unconsciously.
Give only to get something in return.
Neglect to pray or affirm.
Set aside what is ours to do for the sake of others.
Complain and whine.
Wish, but no action.
Never quiet our minds to listen within.

Our anti-Life habits of mind lead us into lethargy, discouragement and self limitation.
This often yields anger, depression, disease and violence toward self and others.
These signs and symptoms are merely a call for forgiveness and a return to love.

I now love honor and respect my whole and Holy Self.
The more I love and respect my Whole Self, the more I love and respect Your Holy Self.
The more I love and respect my Self, the more you love and respect Me.
The more I love and respect my Self, the more you love and respect your Self.
The more I love and respect my Self, the more you love and respect others.
The more I love and respect my Self, the more my world becomes a place of love and respect.

So be it, always and in all ways,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Be True To You

You are Unique.
Your gifts are unique.
Your calling is unique.
You are here to serve a Holy Purpose.

There is no one like you in all the universe.
The family to which you were born offered you the perfect opportunities to heal and be healed.
The friends with which you have shared yourself have been the perfect ones to learn and grow.
The adventures which you have given yourself have been the ideal experiences to expand your awareness.
Your jobs, education, partners, homes and travels have all given you the opportunity to see and know you and discover your unlimited capacity for creating, enjoying, and contributing.

Yes, your whole life is your creation.
What you experience and how you hold it in your consciousness is a product of your judgment.
What you remember and believe about life’s effect on you begets your magnificence and strength or your weakness and victimization.
Everything you have known is a gift or a curse depending on your chosen judgment and perception.

It is up to you how you choose to see this and every moment.
To undo the negative effects of past experiences requires only that you forgive the limiting stories of harm and inability and choose the blessing of healing and infinite love.
The miracles of life come in the form of transformed perception.
The miracle of You is seen in your resilience and determination, your forgiveness and Love, your courage and strength, your capacity for healing and growth, your creativity and generosity.

Set yourself free from withholding.
Set yourself free from judging.
Set yourself free from limitation.
Set yourself free from lack.
Set yourself free from belittling.

Forgive yourself for shutting down.
Give yourself permission to give all to all and you will have All you are.

Life is for giving and you are the gift.
It is only in freely giving the gift of yourself that your fully realize the gift you are.

Believing in you always,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 05, 2004

When You are Stuck

What do you need and want?
Opportunity to express your own thoughts and feelings…..
Connection with Spirit……..
Other perspectives…..
Creative solutions…..
To be seen and heard….
To be known and loved……
To be invited to heal……
To be seen whole and Holy….
To be given ideas and inspiration……

Therapists, counselors, psychics, doctors, healers, and friends are all different in approach and training.
Some are trained to listen deeply.
Some evaluate, diagnose and prescribe.
Some treat the symptoms.
Some look for your sickness and see what is wrong.
Some look for your strengths and see what is working.
Some encourage your own process and some provide you with new processes.
Some tell you what to do and some listen to what you are willing to do.
Some treat you like a patient and some treat you like a friend.
Some align with your highest Good and some see only your personality flaws.
Some give you inspiring information and some give what they have learned.
Some coach and mentor.
Some counsel and advise.
Some are focused on doing their job and getting paid.
Some are focused on being of help and treating your fairly.

People often call me for counseling and coaching after being disappointed or turned off by long term counseling/therapy.
Their counseling experience and the expense was not helpful or failed them.
Their unhappiness is healed almost immediately by a willingness to listen and help them clarify what they do want.
Everyone wants something unique.
The first step of any helpful relationship is to be joined in purpose and process.
Many times the clarification of what we do want is enough.
You need to choose what works for you.
Interview (ask for free time for your questions).
Seek out someone whom you can trust.
Choose someone who wants to be with you.
Do not be dissuaded by the cost. Find someone who treats you “fairly” financially.
You deserve to have the most respectful, loving presence with you, as you walk through this life adventure.
Give yourself the very best. Persist until you find what works for you.
Be not discouraged by healing relationships that are not what you want.
Your choice of counselor, advisor and friend is just as important as your choice of a mate.
Choose wisely and with a willingness to educate them in what you really want and need.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Are You Loving You?

You are the Gift of God.
In all the Universe there is no one who can take your place.
You are an integral piece of the Whole cosmos.
You are needed.
You are wanted.
You are valued.
Fully being You is the piece (peace) of God you are here to be.
Without you we are incomplete.

No matter what you have heard of felt from your family of origin, your teachers or even from you ego’s voice, you are more important than you know.
Only when you fully love and appreciate your worth can you fully give and be the gift you are.
To find this gift you must commit to cherish it.
To know you worth you must agree to honor it.
To live this gift you must choose to love it.
Without end…….

If you saw yourself as your Creator sees you, you would weep with the exquisite beauty in you.
You would be overjoyed with the awesome goodness in you.
You would marvel at the infinite creativity and possibilities in you.
You would laugh at the amazing adventures you have chosen for you.
You would be mystified by your lack of value you place on your own life.
You would encourage the impeccable nurturance and profound love for you.

You are the most precious gift of God you could possibly imagine.
Awesome and infinite, bountiful and beautiful, precious and sensitive……
Take care of you.
You are God’s most precious Gift to You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Return to Love

When you are sick, return to love.
When you are resentful, return to love.
When you are lonely, return to love.
When you are grieving, return to love.
When you are hurt, return to love.
When you are misunderstood, return to love.
When you are judged, return to love.
When you are betrayed, return to love.

Love is your natural state.
When you are in love you will understand and be healed.
When you are in love you will see the gift and be blessed.
When you are in love, will you know the need and be able to respond.
When you are in love you will know the Peace of God.
When you are in love, you will keep on giving.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Whatever the need, Love is the way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

PS No more email problems. Thanks for your Love and mine.
Whatever the problem or question, Love is the solution.
Remember, LOVE is TRUST and FREEDOM.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

When Things Go Wrong

Who do you blame?
What is your response ability?
How do you get back on course?

Judgment, blame, guilt and shame get us stuck in doing it all again.
We are taught to judge every situation and relationship as good or bad, right or wrong. When we find fault with what happens,
we see something or someone to blame to justify or explain the wrong-doing.
When we judge what happens, we fear and defend against it happening again.
Our energy and unconscious focus will actually recreate a similar experience.

Oops! To see what is without judgment is to free ourselves to choose without fear.
To be free to choose is to trust in the highest outcome.
To trust in the outcome is to see all things as working together for us and for the Highest Good of All.
To see all things as working together for Good is to place our energy and focus on the Good that is to come.
When we are focused on Goodness and Wholeness, that is what we experience.

When we judge things have gone wrong, there is no one and nothing to blame.
Our ability to respond with forgiveness of our judgments and fear will open the way for us to experience the perfection and learning opportunity and loving reminder intrinsic within each moment.

When I believe there is a mistake, I am called to Stop my judging mind.
Look at what is with a neutral mind and Listen within with an open heart.
(This includes our government, those who commit crimes, our internet service!)
I cannot be of real and lasting help, with judging thoughts words and actions.
I cannot hear what is fair, honest, beneficial and promotes good will when I am in fear.
I cannot be a voice for healing and transformation of consciousness when I feel victimized.
I cannot undo the shame and blame game when I am feeling hurt and resentful.

I must appreciate this moment and every moment as an opportunity……..

I am happy and at peace within myself.
I am on purpose with forgiving everything and everyone.
I am on course with seeing and experiencing the miracle of Love.
I am a living example of the teaching of all great spiritual teachers.
I am teaching peace on earth and Good will for all humankind.

Always remembering and reminding the Highest Truths,
Betty Lue

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Loving you with a heart that is true B’Lue

Monday, March 01, 2004

Love Invites the Call For Love

People often bring their worst behavior to those who are loving and forgiving.

If you ask why bad things happen to good people, you may be asking, “Why are good people called upon to forgive and love again?” These earth angels, or innocents, or giving people are often called to love more, to forgive and give more, to go beyond the ordinary and be truly extraordinary.

As I have learned to love without condition, to love without judgment, to love and not criticize, I have been given opportunities to challenge my choice, to strengthen my commitment and to demonstrate that Love heals.
Love works every time without fail.

There is only Love and the call for Love. Among humanity there is an apparent need for the remembrance of what is True and what is loving. I am here to remember and not forget and so are you.

If each one of us will choose to remember to love, we can change our world.
Only Love begets Love.
Fear begets fear.
Love heals.
Love forgives.
Love washes away the “sins” of the world.
Love erases all errors so we can choose again.
Love can make new again.
Love is the redeemer.
Love is the only power.
Love shines away darkness.
Love opens doors of possibility.
Love is endless giving and forgiving.
Love is abundant life.

I am calling for you.
I am calling be True.
I am calling You to be the Love You Are.

When we Love enough, we know the Peace and Power and Presence of God.
Betty Lue

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