Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Life is Creative

I am choosing to use my life to heal the past or create each moment anew.
I am choosing to focus on what was or what is now.
I am choosing to judge what I have created or fully enjoy what I am now experiencing.
By my choice, I get stuck in fear of making a mistake or the adventure of seeing what comes next.

Wherever I place my attention, there I see what it is I have judged.
Judgment is the filter through which I see my world.
When I have forgiven and released my judgments, I can see the whole world anew.
When I behold with forgiveness and love, I fully appreciate the goodness, wholeness and love.

Judgment creates more of what I judge.
Forgiveness creates from the heart of Love.
Finding fault with me creates criticism of what I see.
Love in me creates Love in All I see.
Depression in me paints my world with a frown of grays and browns.
Happiness in me paints my world full of wonder and possibility.
Complicated plans and strategies create complicated outcomes.
Simple focus with freedom and trust creates easily what I love and value.

So you see, I am creating the world I see.
I am creating the life I enjoy.
I am responsible for my creations.
I can change, rearrange, undo and choose again for what I want to create by changing my mind.

I am willing to love me, love my creations and love the experiences I have.
I am willing to create with love and joy and peace in my heart/mind.
Betty Lue