Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Love is Enough!

I choose Love and feel inspired.
I feel clear and strong when I am loving you.
All of Love leads me home to health, happiness and inner peace.
I give my life to Love and know I Am Good.

What Do You Do?

When you cannot be there, Love is enough.
When you don’t know what to say, Love is enough.
When you are alone, Love is enough.
When you didn’t know, Love is enough.

When you want to help, ask Love to show you how.
When you want to heal, Love bring peaceful healing.
When you seek to learn, let Love teach you.
When you ask for answers, listen to loving solutions.

Love is trust, so trust in the Love in you.
Love is freedom, so free yourself.
Love is truth, so tell the highest truth.
Love is strength, so be clear and assertive.

Love is Goodness, so be your best.
Love is flow, so dissolve the blocks.
Love is creating, so create beauty.
Love is remembering, so share loving reminders.

Love is work, so work with gratitude.
Love is giving, so give with Joy.
Love is generosity, so give freely.
Love is learning, so listen and learn.

Love is peace, so relinquish your conflicts.
Love is light, so shine away the darkness.
Love is appreciation, so express your praise.
Love is laughter, so enjoy opportunities to laugh.

Love is consciousness, so awaken to the possibilities.
Love is clarity, so forgive the clouds that hide your Love.
Love is commitment, so give your all for what inspires you.
Love is communication, so share only what brings Love to all.

We know when it isn’t Love, so why wait.
We understand how it feels to be afraid, lost and defensive, so let go.
We see the difference between light and dark, so why would we get stuck in darkness.
We can choose to be happy in love and unhappy without Love, so choose to be happy and loving.

Love is our Source and ReSouce, so tap into what is good for you.
Love is the way we live in Joy and Peace, so let Love lead us.
Love is the Gift of Living our Best, so give freely and fully.
Be the Love You really are.
Betty Lue


There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Your Best Gift!

I am happy to be happy.
It brings me happiness to see happiness in others.
I feel healthier, more energized, helpful and creative when I am happy.
I know I am better in every way when I am happy.

Be Happy!!

“The best thing you could do for anyone that you love, is be happy!
 And the very worst thing that you could do for anyone that you love, is be unhappy, and then ask them to try to change it, when there is nothing that anybody else can do that will make you happy.
If it is your dominant intent to hold yourself in vibrational harmony with who you really are, you could never offer any action that would cause anybody else to be unhappy.”

Do you know how to be happy?
Do you understand it is an inside job?
Are you aware of what you need to choose happiness?
Are you responsible for your own happiness?

Do you realize that happy people attract happy people and events?
Unhappy people attract more unhappy people who complain about being unhappy.
Most happy people don’t want to catch unhappiness from unhappy people. (It is contagious!)
Some suggest: “Fake it (happiness) until you get into your own stream of happiness.”

When kids learn to get attention by crying and complaining, they do it as adults to get attention.
When kids are ignored or even challenged by others to be unhappy, they often choose to be unhappy.
Adults may forget how to create their own happiness or depend on others to make them happy.
People seem to think that others determine their own emotions and state of mind.

When we depend on anyone for our happiness, we may feel victims of others’ choices.
When we neglect to be responsible for ourselves, we tend to feel needy and easily disappointed.
Our work in life is to grow up and be responsible for our own responses and/or reactions.
Judging others is a primary way of feeling hurt, afraid, depressed, angry and hurt.

We often are copying the emotional state of those around us plus what we see and hear (media).
We allow ourselves to be victims of the environmental influences at home and work.
We tend to take on the energies (empaths) of those with whom we associate,
Happy people inspire people to find their own happiness.

The positive energy you exude inspired health, inner peace, gratitude and seeing things differently.
Continue to generate your own happiness and share it with your thoughts, words and activities.
Your Goodness, Gratitude and Joy will make the world a better place.
The positive ways you Love will always benefit those around you.

Be happy. Be Well.
You are the Gift.
Give your Joy freely.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

I choose to remember the Good!
I support what I want to be.
I remember with gratitude and joy.
I appreciate what is loving and helpful to all.

What Do You Remember?

Remembering Love Heals.
Remembering Fear hurts.
Remembering Good inspires.
Remembering Bad depresses.

What you remember determines your thoughts and your emotions.
What you hold onto can either clear pain and disease or cause pain and disease.
When you erase the past knowing it is no longer here, you can free yourself of stress, resentment and pain.
Memorial day is to celebrate the Good, Grateful and Generous memories.

This weekend we have six grandchildren with us to enjoy, learn and teach, give and receive our best.
If I remember what mistake a child makes, do I hold a grievance?
If I experience what they did last year, am I helping them learn?
If I wish they were as cute as they were at 5, am I holding them back?

It is time we remember what is true right now.
It is helpful to forgive the past and remember what is real right now.
It is supporting to erase the negatives and only remember the positives.
Memories need to be encouraging, inspiring, nurturing to heal and grow the best.

So often we learn to foster the repeat of what is not healthy by remembering and retelling old stories
Much talk about kids is how they were in the past.
Most stories are about what was extraordinary about past experiences, failures and accomplishments.
Emphasizing what was often gets kids and adults caught in the past and comparisons with now.

People, young and old, see to get attached to getting noticed and getting approval and appreciation.
When people try to do what got them attention and approval or disapproval, they get stuck.
When people hear stories about what was noticed and admired, they often try to do it again.
When children and adults are trying to impress and win favor, they often do what is not theirs to do.

How do we remember and not influence a repeat of the same
How do we share what inspires us?
How do we remember what expresses gratitude and love?
How do we remember what heals and inspires others?

Stay present with each individual as they follow their journey.
Be aware if what you want to repeat by giving it positive energy.
Tell the highest truth consciously knowing you are helping to recreate it.
Let go of the need to encourage or make it happen by living the high road for you.

Awareness with love and light is healing.
Focus on what now and let it be with love.
Enjoy each helpful, healing and helpful moment.
Love the One You are with right Now.

I am loving you right now.
Betty Lue

Insightful story from which I learned.
I have seen my 7 yr old grandson hurt himself over and over in his life by being daring and careless.
Many accidents, purposely challenging himself to get hurt and overcome the pain and create drama.

I asked him if he would be willing not to have accidents, injuries and stop hurting himself.
He told me “I need to hurt myself or I wouldn’t be brave.”

He has learned from the concern, approval and encouragement he gets from his adults to get injured to get admiration, approval and special attention.

This is a clear example of what we all have learned to do to get what we want.

How have you learned to be confident or meek?, happy or sad, brave or afraid?, strong or weak?
Where have you learned to see yourself and be as you are? What do you remember you must be and do?

If you want to erase that limiting picture and identity, choose to remember what you want to enhance and strengthen in yourself!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Live Your Purpose!

I was born to happy, healthy and prosperous.
I am willing to give and receive my very best.
I release whatever keeps me off purpose.
I know what makes me happy and I do it!

Live Your Purpose!

Why are you are here?
What is your purpose?
What are you learning?
What can you do?

How can you learn more?
Who do you admire?
What do you want to be?
How can you live with gratitude?

What do you want to achieve?
How do you want to give?
How have you betrayed yourself?
What has stopped you from living your way?

What is your greatest desire?
What brings you joy?
Who do you trust?
How can you trust more?

How do you limit yourself?
What will make you free?
How do you want to see yourself?
Who are you trying to please?

Life seems to be copying others behavior.
Sometimes you copy those you admire?
Sometimes you copy those you fear?
Sometimes you copy where you want praise?

People seem to want to be special.
Who do you want to impress?
From whom do you seek Love?
Parents, heros, elders, God?

Is it time to be what you want to be?
Are you ready to reach for your own dreams.?
Do you approve of and appreciate who you are?
Do you dare to have positive stories about your own accomplishments?

Are your values for yourself clear and true?
Do you claim to be the best your know how to be?
Do you live in integrity with your own purpose?
Are you ready and willing to enjoy your own life 100%?

You inspire me by living on purpose.
Loving you,
Betty Lue 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Forgive Your Self!

I forgive myself for trying to be right.
I forgive myself for being unhappy and making others unhappy.
I forgive myself for forgetting my purpose in remembering to Love.
I forgive myself for neglecting to forgive myself.
Forgive Your Self!

When you are hurtful, forgive yourself.
When you are hurt, forgive yourself.
When you are angry, forgive yourself.
When you feel triggered, forgive yourself.

When you are negative, forgive yourself.
When you are resentful, forgive yourself.
When you are depressed, forgive yourself.
When you are unhappy, forgive yourself.

When you stop caring, forgive yourself.
When you stop being kind, forgive yourself.
When you stop being honest, forgive yourself.
When you stop being grateful, forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for hurting and for being hurt.
Forgive yourself for being angry and being angered.
Forgive yourself for triggering others and being triggered by others.
Forgive yourself for being righteous and making others wrong.

Forgive yourself for being negative.
Forgive yourself for holding resentments.
Forgive yourself for not living your truths.
Forgive yourself for being depressed and unhappy.

Remind yourself of the truth.
Remember to be Love.
Renew your commitments.
Realize you can do better,

You choose your thoughts, negative and/or positive.
You choose the words your speak and what you create.
You chose what you do or don't do.
You are responsible for your life, your health, happiness, relationships, finances and experiences.

You are here to forgive all mistakes.
You can undo what doesn't work.
You are able to stop doing what is harmful to anyone.
You are able to change your mind and your behavior.

It is time we all stop doing what is unhealthy and unkind to anyone
Start with what undoing what hurts and depressing you.
Notice what does not work for the good of everyone.
You can heal yourself and be fully responsible for your life by forgiving.

Loving us all in our awakening.
Betty Lue

Friday, May 26, 2017

Guilt Doesn't Work!

I forgive myself for blaming and making others feel guilty.
I respond to other’s lack of love by loving them.
No one and nothing can harm me when I remember to Love.
Love is the only way to heal myself and my relationships.

Forgive and Move On with Love!

Guilt is one of those man made emotions that doesn’t work.
When we feel guilty because we have made a mistake, we usually do it again.
When we feel guilty because we have neglected ourselves, we often deny ourselves more.
When we feel guilt because we have lost our way, we behave even more out of integrity..

We clear our guilt when we forgive ourselves and others and love again.
We clear the guilt when we have made amends for our lack of integrity.
When we know better, we must learn to do better.
When we neglect the call to always learn and do better, we hurt ourselves and others.

When we do not do what we know is the highest and best, we have made a mistake.
When we live in a way that does harm and is destructive, we have guilt.
When we feel guilt because we are not doing what is healing and helpful, we project our guilt.
When we project our guilt, we tend to blame or withdraw from others.

Blaming others is our projection of guilt.
Trying to hurt others or blame them is the ego’s way of getting rid of our guilt.
When we hurt others, say unkind things, abandon or deny others, we are projecting our guilt.
Guilt is often used in relationships as our way of trying to get rid of our own lack of love.

Remember that the one criticizing or blaming, is usually talking about themself.
What we see in them and accuse is a projection of our own error to be healed.
We tend to divert our attention to what others are doing or have done wrong.
We are here to recognize our own wounds and to heal them within ourselves.

Guilt is rarely recognized, and often projected with blame.
People rarely apologize or make amends.
Usually guilt produces anger and rejection.
We can heal only with forgiveness and love.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves.
Forgiveness awakens our awareness.
Forgiveness heals unconscious triggers.
Forgiveness makes us whole.

Blame and criticism are projections.
Withholding love will always hurt.
When we learn to stop trying to hurt ourselves and others, we will forgive.
When we remember everything unlike love is always a call for love, we will forgive and love again.

Doing harm always hurts us.
Denying love always hurts us.
Hurting others always hurts us.
The healing is through returning to love.

Stop making others feel guilty and you will free yourself to let go and Love again.
Always remembering to Love,
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How Do We Love One Another?

Every time I love one, I am loving all.
When I remember Love, I return to wholeness.
I choose to listen to how I can respond with love.
I forgive myself for ever reacting with fear.

How Do We Love Each Other?

If you love yourself well, you have plenty of Love to give.
If you feel loved by others, you have lots of Love to share.
If you know you are loved by Source, Creator, you feel inspired to Love others.
If you listen to your heart, you know how to love others well.

Everyone wants to feel safe
Everyone wants to be heard.
Everyone wants to be valued.
Everyone wants to be trusted.

Underneath anger, pain and fear, there is always the desire to feel loved.
So why not simply love?
When you feel triggered, why not respond with love.
Perhaps we have forgotten to trust, value, listen and to one another?

It seems so obvious when we watch animals who are hurt, sick, lost, afraid who withdraw or attack.
In humans it seems we tend to become fearful and defensive rather than loving and helpful.
How many parents take the time to simply listen without judging and punishing or ignoring?
How many folks slow down and really listen to our elders without demanding or withholding love?

First we must fill our own mind and heart and body with love.
First we must have the time and caring to share with those in need.
If we are needy, greedy, fearful, demanding or threatening, we cannot give what we don’t have.
So it is essential that we love ourselves well with self-care, appreciation and gratitude.

When we feel guilty because we have not been kind or loving, we tend to blame or withhold love.
If others feel guilty because they have denied loving kindness. they tend to blame or reject us.
The way to truly provide safety, security, kindness and trust is to first love ourselves and listen within.
We are all called to forgive our errors and others’ mistakes as well.

We must begin by forgiving ways that we withhold our love and blame others.
We must learn from all mistakes and see the call for love.
We must choose to see things differently in our relationships.
Let us let go of past misperceptions and mistakes and see things differently.

This is our time to let go and love again.
It is time love ourselves as we want to be love.
It is time to love others as we want to be love.
It is our time to find a healthy and healing way to Love.

Where you feel guilt, blame, anger or sorry for another, it is a call for us to love, really love.
Where we feel fear, comparison, separate and resentment, it is a call for us to love ourselves.
There is no better time than now.
WE are being called to forgive ourselves and bring love where it is needed.

Always Loving you, and me, too!
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whatever You Want?

I treat myself with loving care.
I trust my “wants” are leading me to serve.
I know I am worthy of Good.
I create and manifest Goodness for myself and others
What Do You Want?

What do you really want, when you say “I don’t Know”?
Are you afraid to want?
Do you allow yourself to want what you want?
Are you so used to not having what you want, that you don’t let yourself think about wanting?

Have you grown distrusting of yourself and others?
Are you passive and accepting?
Do you put others’ “wants” first?
Do you think your “wants” are less important?

It is possible that you are meant to teach.
It is practical for you to lead and show the way.
It is your highest work to live your life following your will.
Perhaps your wants will inspire others to be honest, open and willing.

I find that desire (“from the Father”) may be listening to your inner guidance.
Your desire may be guiding you to follow a higher path to fulfillment.
Your inner voice may be showing you how to heal and live in integrity.
Consider that you have only wanted when it felt safe to helpful to others.

When you let other want for you, you may lose your inner signal.
When you spend years denying yourself, you may not even know.
When you allow the world of seduction and sensation to lead, you may neglect your “real true wants”!
Those worldly pleasures and treasures offer are the fake substitutes rather than what is true.

Spend time every morning listening to what is your real desire.
As you say “YES’ to yourself and fulfill that which is before you, you gain clarity and confidence.
Giving yourself that fulfillment, will expand and deepen that which is yours to choose,
You are here to contemplate, create and celebrate the life of true fulfillment.

Your wants and wishes will deepen to include that which is for the highest Good.
Your acceptance and appreciation will increase and enhance what is Good for you.
Your Joy and health and peace will inspire, support and sustain you .
Life will become fun, safe and easy for you.

We are created to create.
When we deny our create intention, we forget Who We Are.
When we allow what is ours to have and be and do, we remember what is true.
This is our time to begin.

Even this moment….
Sleep when you are tired.
Eat when you are hungry.
Do what yours to do with gratitude.
Live well and prosper.

When you know what your Authentic Self is calling forth, you will be energized and given the resources.

I trust in our willingness to say “YES”.
Betty Lue 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Change the Channel!

I choose what is inspiring and good for me.
I easily change what is not healthy, happy and true.
I value what is positive and beneficial.
I quickly erase what is not my best choice.

Change The Channel!

Choose what program to watch.
Choose what voice to listen to.
Choose what music to hear.
Choose what thoughts to entertain.

You are the one choosing.
You can change the channel.
You can choose again.
You can turn it off.

What will you choose today?
What are you reading right now?
Where are you going today?
Whose advice do you take?

Are you listening to what inspires you?
Are you thinking what keeps you motivated?
Do you follow the angry commentator?
Do you believe the negative teacher/preacher?

Your mind can be filled with negativity, if you choose.
You can see and listen to the dark side if you want.
Your life can be filled with positivity, if you prefer.
You can look on the light and bright side, if you wish.

It really is up to you.
What do the experts say?
Do you believe in the disheartening and doomsday messages?
If that is all you hear, why not?

But if you dislike being depressed, choose again for what you believe
We all have choice in what voice we believe and remember.
Every moment we have the opportunity to listen to our negative mind.
We can make the choice to have the experience we want to remember.

There is no right or wrong, if it is our song.
There is no need to choose, if we want to go along.
There is only what we wish were true, when we choose our good will.
Indeed, we have the opportunity to choose the channel to fit our desire.

Be willing to decide.
Be open to choose or change.
Be grateful for what you like.
Be happy to make it your right.

Loving you as you change the channel.
Betty Lue

Monday, May 22, 2017

Say What You Want

I speak the best I know.
I think, speak and behave with integrity.
I forgive making assumptions and holding the past.
I say what is positive and respectful of myself and others.

Say What You Want!

Most say what they don’t want.
Most complain and whine about what is not good.
Most think threat and punishment gets good response.
Most are misinformed about what works to create more good.

We all tend to hold onto the negative.
We often are sharing the negative gossip.
We don't understand why no one listens.
We keep repeating the bad, angry, fearful and ugly stuff.

The mind does not easily discern or figure out what is wanted.
The upset adults words are difficult for child, partner or friend to get what we do want.
People keep hearing the negative stuff repeated and so they too repeat it all.
We need to state clearly the positive, simple direct message of what we DO want.

What you prefer is to have what you want heard.
What you prefer is to be heard and respected.
What you prefer is to have your child or mate do what you want.
Learn to say only the positive and affirmative in a simple clear way.

I want the TV off for the next hour before dinner.
I really love when you make your room clean and orderly.
I want your help putting the kids to bed.
I would appreciate a hug right now.
I love you to ask me for help with a please and thank you.
I am grateful we trust each other to do our part.

I affirm my body is healthy and my mind is positive.
I remember to say what I want in a clear and kind way.
I now eliminate my past negativity and speak with respect.
I talk with and treat others in the way that works for all.

Remember to always clearly state what you prefers is key to getting results.
It is essential that we stop using negatives when we make requests.
I want you to help me with dinner by setting the table.”
“Please play in the yard, so I feel you are safe.”

Remember that everyone needs to be reminded.
Everyone needs you to ask with respect.
Everyone needs you to speak clearly at a time they can hear you.
Everyone needs you to believe in them.

Give love to others in the ways that you want them to give love to you!!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Unhealthy Communication Habits
Do Not:
Interrupt or chime in without receiving permission.
Judge what others are saying.
Believe your ideas are more important.
Disagree or correct what others are saying.

Toxic thoughts, words and actions must be dumped in safe ways.
Never puke and poop on people.
What is hurtful and makes up sick must be released in private dumping grounds.
Learn to flush the toilet, write it and burn it, let it go to do no harm.

Most Destructive Blocks to Healthy Communication
1) Nagging and Criticism (Use constructive requests and be specific.)
2) Defensiveness (Listen and make no excuses.)
3) Contempt with Name-Calling, Belittling and Shaming (No using guilt or blame.)
4) Stone-Walling, Ignoring and silent treatment  ( alk or write when calm.)
5) Belligerence, Threatening, Demanding 
Forgive yourself for using power to get your way.
Successful Communication Keys:
Calm tone of voice and be on the same level.
Ask permission to speak
Tune in to where they are with desire to understand.
Give what will create the greatest safety and respect.
Talk with kindness and in private.
Step away until both parties are calm.  Use time-outs as needed.
Defuse the stress, urgency and upset, before attempting to talk.
Be clear when you don’t have time or patience to listen.
Write communication to avoid confrontations and arguments.
Allow all parties time to think about their needs and possible equitable solutions.
Encourage using “I feel….., I want…… and I am willing………
Seek cooperative agreement, rather than punishment, threat or demand.
Open your heart to understand (“Walk in their shoes”)
Choose an outcome where everyone wins.

Healthy Habits
Listen with an open and quiet mind.
Wait your turn to speak.
Appreciate what others say.
Honor all differences.
Respect everyone’s communication.
Seek to understand before being understood.
Put first things first.
Choose being Happy before being Right!