Friday, October 22, 2004

Values and Vision Into Action

(from our Hawaii retreat)

Vision without values is empty.
Vision without faith will not manifest.

Only when we know what we really value can we claim a vision for our Authentic Selves.
Only when we live our unique values can we experience the fullness of our personal vision and mission.
Only when we forgive our doubt, fear of failure and success can we actualize what we dare to dream.

Most people are living the human values of their past and their parents, their culture and community.
Most people are living worldly values of accomplishment, physical health and wealth, acquisition, giving to get, security in relationship, worry and self doubt, having enough, . values of fear-based egoic defensiveness. These values are temporary and change as we evolve spiritually.
When asked for ideal values that support your Whole and Holy Self, qualities of freedom, trust, loving kindness, peace, joy, contribution and integrity may show up. However in everyday living these ideals are often forsaken and replaced with what takes care of our learned neediness and seeming lack and limitations of bodies and personalities.
Humans seek for what they believe they do not have. What we are valuing we create.
Humanity strives to accomplish that which they believe will get them approval or affirmation.
When we are not living in integrity with our highest values, our lives will display what we currently are valuing. Often we experience not having what we are fearful of not having.
When searching for your current values, look for that which you spend time, money and energy on.
Money, self image, being right, worry, criticism, getting the love you want, satisfying your appetites, pretending to be what you wish you were,, wealth and power, getting even, etc.
To being our current values, look at your life and you will see what you have been valuing.

When looking for your ideal values, do a values sort. Look for your optimum 1-3 lasting values.
Write down on cards your top ten values. Comparing pairs of values find what really is your top choice. If you have to choose between the top two, which will you choose as your preference? Using your top choice, compare with the next value. Let go of those which are not chosen, until you have one left for your top priority. Begin again to find the second priority, etc.

When you locate your top three values, ask yourself:
Is this how I live?
Is this how I think and speak and act in all circumstances?
Is this what I give myself?
Is this what I give to others on the highway, in the store and in my family?
After clarifying our top three values, next to prune or let go of everything that interferes and interrupts you living your values daily. As you let go of what no longer serves you with forgiveness and loving kindness, allow yourself to remember what is profoundly True for you.
Then ask yourself what you need to support yourself in living a values-centered life.
What people, activities and reminders do you need to instill into your daily life to support what matters?

Our Highest Vision is to be Who We Really Are.
We are not here to be a human doing, but rather to actualize our Spiritual Beingness.
Once we discover and declare our true values, we come to see our Real work is to live and give our Being unconditionally to everyone. This is our joy, our salvation and our whole life.
Our Highest Vision is to live our Essential Beingness.
The fable says that God gave us the secret of Eternal Life in a place where we look last. Deep within us lies everything perfect and Good and True for us to Be. Discover and live this Truth and we will know Everlasting Happiness and Peace.

Blessed be in our discovery,
Betty Lue

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