Friday, September 30, 2011

Having A Good Time?

Time flies when you are having a good time!
Everything flows when you are feeling fine!
Life is harmonious when we are in tune!
Every day is fun, safe and easy when love leads the way!

When we fill our lives with Goodness, there is enthusiasm.
When we fill our minds with Light, there is enthusiasm.
When we fill our hearts with Joy, there is enthusiasm.
When we live with appreciation for All That Is, we are enthusiastic.

I Am happy to be alive and full of life!
I Am awake and aware of the Good I see.
I Am enthusiastic about living abundantly.

It is not only possible to be full of IT!
It is essential to fill our mind and heart, our thoughts and words, with joyous activity.
The activity of Spirit is to be inspired and inspire others with our inspiration.
We learn to say YES to the calling of our Hearts and the visions held in Mind.

To be filled with Spirit is to allow inspiration and enthusiasm to guide our way.
To be filled with Spirit is to empty out the distractions and disappointments that delude us.
When we are deluded, we lose our joy and forget our path of Good.
When we are distracted, we are detoured into minding other’s business or defending ourselves.

Ask yourself when you can stop and listen to your heart.
Set a time and place daily…a divine appointment with your Higher Self.
Give your Higher Self  time to speak with you and ask your ego self to be still.
Sit a while with no interruption and write down exactly what you hear.

You will know if your writing is encouraging, gentle, loving and healing.
This is the Voice within, your Higher Self, your inner guidance system.
You will know if your writing is fearful, defensive, blaming or demanding.
This is the voice of your judgmental ego, trying to get your attention.

Enthusiasm, Abundance and Fulfillment come from listening to the Voice of Love, for Goodness Sake!
When you are willing to trust in Love, your life works easily and effectively.
When you are willing to take time to live with Joy, your life  is filled with gratitude and fun.
When you are willing to believe you are free to create what you want, you are blessed abundantly.

Stop listening to the voices of doubt.
Suspend all hesitation to live with faith.
Cease believing the habits of defensiveness and victimization.
Erase all need to allow the world to guide the choices you make.

Live your life, as if God in all life matters…because it does.
Give your Self, as you want to be given to….and receive All you give.
Honor you inner wisdom, as the Inner Light that guides your way…..because it does anyway.
You see…You Are the One You Seek.

Blessings of joyous wisdom and gratitude,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Is Your Power?

There is power in practicing and exercising and strengthening your faith, confidence and Trust.
There is power in remembering to clear all the distractions, detours, disappointments and delays.
There is power in relinquishing all negative perceptions, judgment, fears and resentments.
There is power in taking your foot of the breaks and being wholeheartedly willing to go for it.

Do you want to be powerful?
Do you want to be responsible?
Do you want to be capable?
Do you want to make a difference?

This requires giving up all your excuses, justifications, explanations, demands, complaints and wishes.
This requires letting go of all the fears you have of making mistakes, failing and being judged by others.
This requires a willingness to focus on what you want and ignore what you are avoiding.
This requires a laser-like intention and attention to what has heart and meaning for you each moment.

You see the power is within us, but we have been schooled to rely on external authority, the power of an external God, government, priests, leaders, doctors, lawyers, therapists, judges, parents and anyone other than ourselves.
The age of gurus is past. 
See yourSelf, your God Self, your Higher Self, your Holy healed Self, as the expert in your life.
Take time to watch the out-picturing of what you really believe about yourself and your world.

You will not be disappointed because you cannot see other than what you have believed within you.
When you clear your own inner dialogue, erase the archived history in your mental computer and chase away the clouds of despair, you will see clearly and create easily the life you want.
When you know what to do, just do it.
To know you must practice inner knowing by stopping and listening within.
To know you must forgive all the external voices and stop taking others’ advice as being true for you.

Yes, even my Loving Reminders are the Highest Truth I know.
Do not buy them as the only truth, the ultimate truth.
They are my best attempt at offering what I hear from within my Higher Self (some call it Holy Spirit).
When they resonate with you, receive them as my gift of Love, freely given as a Loving Reminder.

If you do not resonate, let them go.  
Spend no energy on refuting other’s expressions or projections.
Simply stop and listen to what is true for you.
Always ask for the Highest Truth for you.

The ego, fear-based and personality truth is louder and has more power until you get it to be still and know.
The ego’s advice will seem more powerful, because we have given it power.
The ego’s fears, judgments and projections will seem more real because we have confirmed them with others. The ego’s misperceptions will be proved again and again to be “right” because the ego seeks to evidence.
(FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real)

We came to learn to live in Love, in appreciation, in Joy and Inner Peace.
We came to create the heaven or paradise we choose for ourselves.
We came to find ourselves in a place just right for us to fully be and express.
We came to know the Power and Presence of Creativity within with thought, words and activities.

When we take full responsibility for what we have and are and will create, we are powerful!
Loving us as one in power and in peace.
Betty Lue
The power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine.--Ephesians 3:20

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Prayer?

An email prayer circle is being formed by me and now has over 35 folks included.  
Do you want to join us?
You can request prayer or join in praying for others’ prayer requests.
We will be sending forms of prayer everyday for those who want some new or more effective ideas.

Why Prayer?

I do not pretend to be an expert or practitioner or offer traditional prayer treatment.
However, I see you and everyone whole, happy and free, as your are created to be.
I know that when two or more are joined in a vision, affirmation or truth, it is created.
I recognize that love, joy, abundance and wholeness are our natural state.

I have learned that all prayer is about the pray-er, the one offering a prayer, being clear in their vision.
Many forms of prayer exist and are for the level of spiritual awareness of the Prayer practitioner.

When we practice the prayer of supplication coming from neediness, we are picturing the problem.
When we join with the reality or form of the problem, we maintain its existence and help it stay.
When we join a higher view of goodness, wholeness and true prosperity, we lift the clouds of unconsciousness and stuckness.
We open the door to everything is possible…..if we only believe,…..if we only live as if…..if we only trust….if we only are willing to see things differently.
Often I see the origin of “prayer” as coming from the act of “praiser”.  
To pray is to praise for the blessings that already are.

When I live and give from a place of pity or sympathy, I am agreeing with the impotence and victimization of myself and others.
When I pray that an external God or Divine Entity intercedes for me, I am denying my own capacity to envision and co-create change.  We can and do pray without having a religion or faith.
In denying the power of anything other than what I agree to, I affirm my own power to forgive, to undo, to delete and erase, what is no longer valuable and true for me.

There is a place for all forms of prayer.
There is a spiritual healing and growth process that occurs for us all.
As we begin to take responsibility for the world we see, we can choose to feel guilt or blame.
We can complain and hope that things will change OR we can be the change we want to see.

The Ho o pono pono healing comes from the practitioner healing their own mind.
A Course in Miracles says “All healing comes from inner peace.”
I know “Healing is seeing beneath the apparency and recognizing the wholeness and Holiness within.”
I recognize that each one of us finds our own path to healing and seeing things differently.

However you “pray”, think or affirm with Love and respect in your heart, you are offering a blessing.
Whenever you “pray” with a desire to benefit all, you are doing Good for yourself and others.
Whatever you do in “prayer” with the intention of Goodness for all, you are serving us all.
The ways you give and live with a conscious inspired mind and loving heart, you are benefitting humanity.

When we join in seeking a “better way” for all of us, we are joined in prayer.
We let it be and so it is.
Loving you, loving you and me and all humanity,
Betty Lue
How do you pray?  
Share with me and I will send it to our email prayer circle.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Are You?

Relationship Workshop II tonight, 7-8:45PM at Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill. Also Available on line and CD.
Topic: Values Clarification, Mission and Purpose, Agreement and Guidelines, Handling Differences Effectively.
Everyone is invited and will learn what you need.

Who Are You?

You are Essence of all that is perfect and pure Love!
In this we are all One, equally and perfectly Loved as the Love We Are.
You show up as personality, body, psyche, of your learning, history, genetics, astrology, ancestry.
In this we are each unique, complex, expressions of what needs to be healed as well as our gifts, talents, resources, quirks and eccentricities.

Few recognize their Divine Self and their perfection and unconditional Love.
When we know this Truth, we are peaceful, happy, confident and trusting.
Most human see their Ego or Personality or Learned self as their truth.
When we attach to our unique identity, we express it with all its beauty and its challenges.

In attachment, we tend to repeat the issues we have held from our parents and past learning.
We tend to use our problems as excuses and limitation.
We tend to defend, protect and build barriers to healing our woundedness.
We tend to believe everything our loved ones have told us or the ways they treated us.
We tend to take responsibility for others pain and problems.
We tend to use guilt and blame against ourselves and others as a way of not taking responsibility.
We tend to identity with our wound, issues, fears and failures.
We tend to be addicted or habituated in our thinking, emotional expression and behaviors.
We tend to deny our ability to clarify, choose, change, commit and communicate effectively.
We tend to act as if we are limited, lacking and less than others.
We tend to defend, blame and be victims of the external world.
We tend to try to change, correct or fix everything outside ourselves, neglecting our own needs.
We tend to live unconsciously with little compassion, understanding and forgiveness.
In waking up to infinite possibility and choice, we realize our limitlessness and our power of choice.
We no longer use excuses, justifications, or self-made limitations.
We take responsibility and are willing and able to heal ourselves.
We recognize the false beliefs and fearful thinking of others and let them go quickly and easily.
We trust others to learn their own lessons and handles their own problems without our interference.
We freely and easily forgive the judgments and grievances we have held against others.
We identify with our power to renew our minds and surrender always to the Good.
We acknowledge our addictions and destructive habits and learn  helpful tools to clear them.
We use the power tools of clarity, choice, change, communication and commitment to take responsibility.
We think, speak and behave from our intrinsic freedom, abundance and magnificence.
We recognize that we are at choice and can easily forgive mistakes and choose again.
We transform our lives by  changing our thoughts, our words, our behavior and relationships.
We take impeccable care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially.
We live consciously with compassion, patience, understanding, forgiveness, joy and gratitude.
We fully appreciate our selves and our life and our life loves us.

Life works for you when your works are meaningful, positive and joyous.
Give always and only what you want to see and be and have in your world.
Loving us all as one in being fully able to respond with Love.  
Betty Lue

You Are A Flower in the Garden of Life
If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer

Monday, September 26, 2011


What are your responsibilities?
Are you willing to be responsible?
Are you able to be responsible?
Are you ready to consistently respond with Love?

To be response able is to respond with Love?
To be response able is to respond without our blame or guilt.
To be response able is to respond without duty or obligation.
To be response able is to respond with respect, gratitude and joy.

Often we think of responsibilities as heavy burdens, duties and obligations.
We tend to respond to others with trying to fix, correct, oblige, demand, blame.
Or we react with fear, judgment, advice, threats, punishment or withholding Love.
When we turn our relationships into negative interaction, both parties are injured.

Give up the responsibility of fixing, changing, correcting and advising.
When you are invited or asked to be helpful.
Listen to what their true need is and respond with respect and kindness.
Listen to your heart and inner guidance and respond with insight, inspiration and information.

When someone asks you to give to them, do for them, share what you can with love and ease.
When another does not ask for your opinion, keep it to yourself.
When you are not asked or invited, mind your own business.
Correct your own thinking and undo your own misperceptions and judgments.

To see the best, invite, encourage and facilitate the best in another.
Let go of finding fault, looking for mistakes and seeking what is wrong.
What you look for you will find or make up or exaggerate or increase.
To see the worst, judge, resist avoid, discourage, demand and withhold, opens more of the same.

I am responsible for  everything I see, and everything that happens to me. 
I experience as I have asked or invited consciously or unconsciously with words or silently, with wishing or resisting.
When I can respond with forgiveness and love, freedom and trust, kindness and respect, it is easy to change my request and my experience.
When I react with judgment and fear, restriction and doubt, anger and impatience, it is impossible to see things differently.

I am here to learn to be truly helpful.
Being truly helpful is learning to respond in a way that is loving and effective.
When what I do or say or think comes from love and respect, it is helpful.
When what I do or say or think comes from fear and judgment, it is not helpful or effective.

Choosing to make my business, the work of being able and willing to respond with Love,
Betty Lue

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spirituality and Religion

This reminder is in response to your implicit questions. 
Someone asked me explicity, “Do I only work with those who have a religious belief?” 

Am I spiritual?
I am spiritually inspired.  My life is filled with Joy and gratitude.  I create always and only with the intention of filling my life and our world with more love, hope, faith and contribution to the Good of All. I intend daily to give my very best, to pray (send only the most affirming thoughts I know) unceasingly, to forgive and undo whatever is not the truth I want to be, to give myself to Love and allow the Good that comes from Love to be my guide.
This is what I call “spiritual living”.  This is the reality I choose for myself. For me it is life-giving, healing, growthful, truly helpful and healthy and offers hope and positive regard to everyone I encounter.

What guides your life?
Are you inspired or depressed?
Do you follow any guidelines, path or principles?
Are you committed to serve only yourself or create a better world for others?

Am I religious?  
Yes, I minister, teach, facilitate, counsel and coach many directly and indirectly.
While my primary training Protestant Christian tradition, I have explored most of the major religions and philosophies of the world. When I listen within to translate their meaning for me, there is a unity and consistent principles which reveal themselves.  I am guided to respect all religions and honor all peoples with or without a faith. I trust that the inner guidance in each individual presents experiences in which each can best explore their own learning in this life.  Therefore I do not preach, coerce or teach a certain way.
I encourage people to find their own path to a “fun, safe and easy “ life of effective living.  When we are on purpose in our lives, I have found people to be happy, healthy, helpful, effective and fulfilled.  Their life has meaning and purpose for which they are grateful.  Therefore I support people in finding their own highest and best place to be, work to do and people with whom to associate.

Are you happy and healthy and at peace?
Is your life filled with meaning and purpose?
Do you do what you love and love what you do, being true to You?
Do you associate with people who support you in being and doing your best?
Are you living and working in a positive encouraging environment where you are inspired?

My definitions of Spirituality or Religion:
Spirituality is living by what inspires you as you grow in your Self and creative understanding.
Religion is living according to certain religious or philosophical principles, in which you believe.
Everyone defines these two words very differently, often comparing and judging one or the other.
I see that they both have value, since the real question is “Does love or fear direct your Life?”

Some other questions might be:
Do you believe in Higher Power rather than the worldly power of need and greed, envy and jealousy, lust and gluttony, pain and punishment?
Do you protect yourself from scarcity and pain or project your love with generosity and joy?
Do you give wholeheartedly the best you have with gratitude or do you withhold your gifts until you get your financial and emotional needs met?
Do you believe in a bountiful and beneficial Source or in a punitive and fear-filled Universe?
What is Reunion Ministries?
This non-profit founded in 1977 came from a group of 40-50 people, mostly parents who were taking a DVC Family Life Education class on Positive Parenting. It was a spontaneous gathering, learning about ourselves and loving one another well.  As the group developed, they saw the need for inspiration and renewal on a weekly basis.  Thus the programs through Reunion Ministries, Reunion Center and the many other holistic community centers were born in Michigan, North Carolina, Indiana, Montana and California. I have been the founder and director of now over 16 centers in five states, always non profit and serving everyone by contribution. All centers were funded through our own professional income and supported by the donations of those receiving the holistic services.
Reunion is about people remembering to and connect with Self, Source and others.
It has no formal program, and helps people find themselves and their own right path and purpose.   
Reunion inspires people to believe in themselves and their own unique life purpose. 
It is in being true to our own unique beliefs that we grow in confidence, in faith and in service.
Here to be truly helpful,
Betty Lue

Saturday, September 24, 2011


People seem to think “chance” is what makes or takes away the quality of your life.
They seem to believe things happen “accidentally “rather than “on purpose”.
People often give credit to themselves and blame others for their “luck” in life.
Are you willing to consider that you and your thoughts are accountable for your life experience?

When you keep having the same experience over and over, it is time to change your mind.
When you keep being disappointed or disillusioned, it is time to wake up and become more aware.
When you keep feeling lied to and betrayed, it is time to become a safe and trusting place for all.
When you keep having a physical experience, it is time to listen to the messages you are getting.

There seems to be a story told that we can defend against and avoid having what we have.
There seems to be a myth that we are victims of the world’s evils and must suffer at their effect.
There seems to be a belief that we are objects of attack without first attacking in some way.
There seems to be a theory that sometimes we can forgive the other without forgiving ourselves.

Successful relationships are created when we take full response-ability for everything that happens.
Successful living occurs when we own our experience and learn to respond to everything with love.
Successful people are those who prosper because they give freely and joyously to others Good. 
Successful people understand and accept that everyone is here to learn and find a better way to live.
Sometimes I see how “successful” I Am and want to encourage, help, teach and facilitate others to feel and think and act and live successful lives too.  
Then I realize that others see success differently.  
I cannot really be truly successful until we all are at choice and choosing the highest and best for ourselves; 
Happy, healthy, creative and fulfilled in our life journey of loving All, including ourselves. 

I recognize that each one is in their own stage of development. 
Some are attached to winning.  
Some are focused on healing the past.  
Some are fixated on getting others to do it “right”. 
Some just want everything to be their definition of “perfect”.  
Some are trying to get revenge or retribution.  
Some are here to serve and give.  
Some are just out for themselves.  
Some are trying to get as many toys and as much pleasure as possible.  
Some are avoiding pain.
Some are trying to make others happy.  
Some are caught in the addictions of numbing the pain.  
Some feel helpless, hopeless and lost and are waiting for a rescuer or savior.  
Some are judging and criticizing others, but denying their own needed corrections.
Some want to be their best and don’t care about the rest.
All may be on the path of self discovery, successful living and fulfillment.

It seems the only way out is through or around the obstacles.
But if we could forgive, erase the clouds of faulty thinking, we would see the way to success is by thinking, acting and speaking in a focused way that yields the goals we want.
When we have what we truly want, we are happy, whole and fulfilled.

Our response-ability is to GIVE WHAT WE WANT TO HAVE.
Our response-ability is to LIVE THE WAY WE WANT TO BE.
Our response-ability is to APPRECIATE EVERYTHING WE DO.
Our response-ability is to THINK GOOD THOUGHTS, 
                                                SPEAK GOOD WORDS, AND 
                                                        DO GOOD DEEDS 
                                                                ALWAYS TO EVERYONE!

When we can be what we expect in others, we will be their teacher.
When we can be patient with others learning process and timing, we can be patient with our own.
When we can be kind in our relating to others life choices, we can be more accepting of ours.
When we can love others no matter what as they heal and grow, we can love ourselves as we grow.

Success is an inside job.
Taking full responsibility for our own process and progress is ours alone to do.
To be all that you want to be focus on fully being whole and happy and free.

Loving you and loving me as we all set ourselves free to fully be,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 23, 2011

Discovering You….the Real You!

Everything you think, say and do is teaching you about you.
Every word you speak is a message for yourself.
Every thought you think comes from your True Self or your learned Self.
Every action you take and choice you make is a gift (or curse) for you.

Yes, your life is an ever-changing backdrop or movie just for your viewing.
When we take responsibility for our life experience, we discover amazing wisdom and limitlessness.
When we blame, criticize or judge our life as it is, we learn dependence, fear and limitation.
When we claim and act on the freedom to learn, release and choose again we discover the joy of living.

You are here to uncover and discover your essential Self, your authentic Self, your Whole and Holy Self.
Sometimes I call this Spirit or Essence or the Real You with is unlimited, abundant and naturally free.
Our Essence is an ever flowing identification with All That Is, the creative Power of the Universe.
When we live and love and give from Essence, there is nothing to do, nothing to fear, nothing to protect.

The false self, the learned self, the Ego self, the constructed self is afraid, defensive, and judging.
This Ego or personality self experiences life as limiting, uncertain and restrictive.
Our Ego identifies with being “human”, and often emulates or dislikes parents (care-givers) for what was modeled and taught.
We seek someone to give us what we did not receive from our family of origin, and rarely look within.

Life as we perceive it is a reflection or a projection of our inner mind, thoughts, beliefs, memories, etc.
What we see is who we think we are, or fear we might be or try to become.
What we see is also within ourselves or we could not and would not see it.
How we respond to what we perceive is our healing and helpful or condemning and punitive choice.

When we learn to love all as they are, we are reminding ourselves to love ourselves unconditionally.
When we fear, blame and judge others, we are teaching ourselves to criticize and condemn ourselves.
When we forgive others mistakes and “sins”, we are forgiving ourselves and our errors.
When we divorce, abandon or withhold from others, we are denying and excluding parts of our behavior.

The personality or Ego (Edging God Out) seeks to “get” the Love it needs and wants.
The learned self tries to manage and control, manipulate and bargain, to “get” the life it thinks it wants.
When the learned self does not “get” what it wants, it usually blames, withholds, avoids the other.
When the Ego gets its needs met, it feels secure, valued, content and whole temporarily.

The problem is that every thing in the world is temporary, ephemeral and does not last.
We cannot count on the economy, the government, jobs or careers, physical health  or our homes to last.
We cannot count on people to always be there, or always to be willing and able to care for us.
Minds change, bodies change, finances change, people change and circumstances change.

Everyone is changing and evolving.  
Everything is flowing with expansion or contraction. 
Attitudes and emotions and energy changes direction and intention.
We can discover our own spiritual course and focus, and journey and destination.

When we forgive our own errors, we can love ourselves again. 
When we realize all we are learning, we see our life has purpose. 
When we recognize our ability to change by releasing the past and choosing our future, we trust ourselves.
When we forgive ourselves and others for everything, we understand there is only Love and Freedom.

Life is am amazing school, a learning laboratory in which we come to Know Our Essential Self and Be True to our Real Self.  When we discover our own Essence, we realize we are unlimited in Power and in Peace.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love,
Betty Lue

PS Forget about trying to effect change in others.  
Learning to wholly know, love, trust, respect and free yourself is a path that will benefit all others.

My Parents and My World Are Mistaken 
My parents are mistaken and I forgive them. 
My value is not based on money and worldly values. 
My value is not based on what I do or how much I do or how well I do. 
My value is not based on getting approval or money or commitment or status. 
My value is not based on being better than others or helping others. 
My value has nothing to do with worldly comparison or judgment. 
My value is inherent in my Being. 
I need not become something more or greater. 
I am simply here to BE All that I AM.
I need do nothing to be loved.
I am infinitely loveable and supportable. 
I love and support me. 
My world loves and supports me. 
I recognize and appreciate my inner riches and resources. 
I freely give of my Self in love and appreciation. 
My generosity blesses me and my life and everyone is richer, happier and more generous.
My parents were mistaken. 
I am willing to forgive myself for believing their mistaken beliefs about me. 
I am loveable and supportable. 
I deserve deep, loving, lasting relationships. 
I deserve to feel happy and healthy every day. 
I deserve to learn easily, express freely and give generously. 
I deserve to play as well as work, laugh as well as cry, and to love openly and honestly. 
I am willing to receive and accept all this and more. 
I deserve the best from now on. 
I love and support myself in being the best, having the best and giving the best. 
I support myself in seeing, forgiving and releasing what no longer is best for me.
I love, honor, trust and respect myself today and everyday.
I am here to learn. 
I am willing to learn. 
I recognize the learning. 
I accept the learning. 
I value the learning. 
I am a happy learner. 
I share what I learn. 
I am a teacher as I learn. 
I enjoy sharing my learning. 
I learn as I teach what I'm learning. 
As I value my learning, others value my learning and their own learning
It is all good!.
Betty Lue, 1978

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding Peace

Peace is found within.
We often seek peace outside ourselves and never really find it.
Peace is a state of mind that is not attached to what others say or do.
Peace is a gift of grace where we live with love and gratitude in mind.
Peace is a song we sing when we are alone and in love with our lives.
Peace is a sweet safe knowing that we are always loved and cared for.

I can hear and feel when I am seeking for something or someone to give me peace.
I know when I have become attached to a condition or situation or person.
I feel when I need someone or something to go my way.
These mental conditions always yield unpeace or uncertainty.

It is through choosing peace that I find my way home.
It is through releasing my attachments that I feel peace.
It is through forgiving my fears and judgments that is feel love.
It is when I practice the fine art of letting go that I know peace within.

The condition of peace seems rare for most people.
Often people search endlessly for medication, substances or a person to give them peace.
The practice of quieting the mind and living a purposeful or joy-filled life brings peace.
The gift of gratitude for everything often allows us to see the blessing in all that is.

When we breathe fully and freely, celebrating the life we have, we can see what peace offers.
When we realize peace is a dynamic creative state rather than boring and empty, we choose peace.
When we open the door of our mind to simplicity and quiet joy and gratitude, we know peace.
Peace is a gift that comes with practice….the practice of letting go of our needs and demands.

In the complexity of the world, with its distractions, emotional distortions and detours, we are dissuaded from living a fun safe and easy life.
We often need to find a teacher, a role model, an example of how to live and love unconditionally.
We may need to feel the unconditional love from another to know the possibility of true love.
And when we know we are loved no matter what with no conditions, we can rest in the knowing.

Love and peace and joy all go together.
When we know and live with all three in our minds and hearts, we feel safe and secure and are at peace.
So be it.
You are the peace of God.
You are the blessing of peace in our world.
Thank you for your willingness,
Betty Lue 

These keys will help and lead you to the Peace you seek!
Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living
1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions,rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
6. Create and maintain an environment that nurtures me.
7.  See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
8.  Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative, knowing all thoughts are creative.
10.  Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving On

When we are stuck with judgment, fear, pain or confusion, we need to let go to move on.
Letting go often is facilitated by forgiving or erasing and releasing our attachments.
In our need to be right, our need to protect, our need to correct another, we can get stuck.
It serves no one to hold a position which limits our freedom of movement and change.

What does it take for you to move on?
What will it take for you to let go?
What is accomplished by clinging to the past?
How can you find the freedom to live your best life?

When we believe we need another to change, apologize, return or come with us, we are limited.
When we try to make something happen for or to another, we are fixated on another’s business.
When we keep clinging to a hope for someone else to make things right, we are dependent.
When we forget our own needs and focus on another’s life choices, we lose our way.

Freedom and trust are the key ingredients of unconditional love.
When we love ourselves unconditionally, we free ourselves from limitation and trust our life choices.
When we love others unconditionally, we trust they are living their lives the best they know and we let go.
When we are committed to a life of freedom and trust, we are not dependent on another’s choices.

How do we maintain respectful and responsible relationships with freedom and trust?
Listen to your own inner voice, your guidance, your mission, goals and purpose.
Respect and respond to what you know if best for you.
Inform those who may be dependent on you and ask for their support.

Listen to the needs and wants, mission, purpose and heartfelt desires of the other.
Respect and respond with support to what they know is best for them.
Ask them to let you know when they choose or change their direction, so you can be supportive.
Communicating responsibly with others is key to cooperative relationships.

As we travel through life, we encounter many teachers, in partnership, in families, in everyday life.
When we are relating with others, we are teaching and learning.
When we are interacting with others, we are communicating through our thoughts, words and deeds.
When we relate and communicate, we are teaching others what we want the world to be.

These teaching-learning relationships are most often temporary, some brief and some for a few years.
All these relationships have healing value.
All the upsets that come up are past experiences (often very early childhood) that need healing.
Only by revealing where the wounds or hurts are can we really know what and how to heal.

So all relationships have the potential for healing.
Healing comes with forgiveness.
Healing yield letting go with peace.
Healing is being happy.

Let go and be happy and free,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 19, 2011


Don’t forget tonight is Relationships and Communication Workshop #1 in Brentwood.
Unity Center for Inspired Living, 50 Sand Creek Rd. #140, Brentwood, 94513
You can hear my talk on Families at Unity yesterday at
Click on recorded talks on the menu.
How Do You Serve Your Families?
How do you bring, love, peace, wisdom and joy to your families?

This is your domain.
These families are your spiritual kitchen.
This is where you can protect and provide.
This is where you can nourish and nurture.

What are your Families?
Your immediate family.
Your family of origin.
Your extended family.
Your work family. 
Your neighborhood family.
Your church family.
Your family of choice.

a family (from Latin > : familia) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity , affinity  , or co-residence. In most societies it is the principal institution for the socialization of children.  

How can you serve your families?
Respect yourself and your values.
Respect your words, your thoughts, your feelings, your body, your talents, your inspiration.
Give honor and dignity to your whole Self.
Treat yourself as the Good and Godly person you are.
Let no one disrespect you as you age or change. 
Speak directly for you want.
Step away if you are not heard or honored.
Respect everyone around you with as much and more respect as for yourself.
Respect your needs for silence and privacy.
Respect your call to pray or be of service.
Respect your inner guidance.
Respect others needs for silence, for help, for different lifestyle, drama, differing lessons to learn.
Respect others’ privacy and do not meddle or interfere.
Demonstrate by your example to be respectful and live with dignity and grace.
Be responsible for your self and your affairs.
Take impeccable care of you.
Expect no one to take care of you. 
Manage your own affairs.
Keep your needs simple.
If you cannot do for yourself, request help with full appreciation.
Be willing to respond with love.
Apologize if you react with fear.
Apply spiritual principles to all family affairs.
Remember God is everywhere present. 
Speak and live like you are God’s messenger.
Know thoughts create.
Forgive the thoughts you don’t want to create.
Live the spiritual principles you know. 

Be willing to serve.
Silently and passively or with direction and actively.
Teach others as they are willing.
Build a team mentality.
Set an example for the children and grandchildren.
Listen and learn.
Allow everyone to learn their own lessons.
Stop correcting and start accepting. 
Observe and enjoy the difference in people.
Inspire and facilitate each one to be their best.
Help others be tolerant and patient, Open-minded and generous.
Recognize levels of teaching and learning.
Let go and let God be.
Trust Trust Trust.
Freedom is the key to full expression. 

These are some loving reminders for you to remember in your everyday practice.
Your life will be fun, safe and easy when you live the highest way and give your best!

Loving you,  
Betty Lue

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference 
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake. 
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest 
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox