Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heaviness Into Light

Gravity or Lightness?

Do you fall into melodramatic seriousness or lighten up with blessing and learning?
Do you dread what life has in store for you or await tomorrow with enthusiasm and expectancy?

When the heaviness of everyday responsibilities get to you, think light. Think light, be light, live light and give light.

Inspiration= inspiring yourself and one another=inspiring your children and your friends.

Inspiration means being full of spirit, full of joy and fun and play and happiness and possibilities.

Think about how you can do everything more lightly with more joy and gratitude.
Think about how you can remind one another with more smiles and hugs and words of praise.
Think about how you can change your whole family simply by remembering to smile at everyone.
Think about how it feels to have someone say, I really love you and appreciate all you do.
Think about how good it is to make someone happy, rather than criticize.
Think how distraction and entertainment sometimes can dissolve the crisis.
Think about the power of touch, song, happy sharing, silliness and a moment of quality time.
Think about how you can make each day a little brighter for yourself, and then for everyone you meet.

We are each one of us far more powerful than we know.
Our thoughts, words and deeds are teaching not only our childrenbut everyone everywhere.
Mellow the drama.
Stop being in crisis mode.
Give time to those things which you enjoy.
Offer healing words of kindness and appreciation.
Be spontaneous and generous in your smile.
Value every glorious moment and watch your world value you more.

Better to do your light worker stuff anonymously, so no one knows who or how or when or where the goodness might appear!

Loving you lightly,
Betty Lue

I know you can and will do your enlightening home work everyday to lighten your way.

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Free Fung Shui Seminar, Sunday 3/5 1-2:30 PM my offices.

Dr. Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D., MFT PsychoSpiritual Therapist, Life Coach, Holistic Health Educator, T’ai Chi Chih and Feng Shui Teacher, ACIM student/teacher
Dr. Robert M. Waldon, N.D., Ph.D. Natural Health Consultant, Ayurvedic Consultant, Touch For Health and Energetic Life Balancing Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher.

Babies teach how to lighten up quickly and easily, if.....we are willing to learn.
We adulterate our lives with serious and heavy thinking.

Cookie face and all, I am in de Light!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Calls for Help

Do you know where and when and how to respond?
What is the response you give?
How do you respond to anger, betrayal, deception or resentment?

Where there is fear, love dissolves the fear with reassurance.
Where there is anger, love offers compassion for the underlying hurt.
Where there is deception, love tells the truth.
Where there is resentment, love offers forgiveness.
Where there is betrayal, love gives understanding.

When you are not experiencing love, there is a call for love.

Love is listening within and following the voice for Good.
Love is letting go and offering true freedom.
Love is offering kindness and respectful help.
Love is given by telling the highest truth we know.
Love is strengthened by loving ourselves well.
Love is trusted when we make our own course corrections.
Love is received in loving another, as we want to be loved.
Love is honored, when we treat each other with respect.
Love is valued, when we appreciate another's contributions.
Love is healing, when we see only wholeness in one another.
Love is freeing, when we want only for another their best.
Love is transformative, when we forget what was and see what is.
Love is awakening, when we value and learn from every wakeup call.

Remember Love through all life's experiences, and you will know greatness.
Remember Love. no matter what happens, and you will know inner peace.
Remember Love, even when others walk away, and you will know Spiritual connection.
Remember Love for everyone equally, and you will realize God.

Calls for help call us to strengthen Love within.
Calls for help invite us to remember what is Real.
Calls for help teach us to forgive all limited judgments.
Calls for help give us opportunities to realize the Gift we are.

Remembering to Love,
Betty Lue

Love and innocence
Cookie face and all, I am in de Light!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time to Quit?

Have you had enough?
Are you angry and upset?
Are you giving your all and getting "nothing" in return?
Sounds like time to quit…..
But wait……
You may not be finished yet!

The project, assignment, relationship, job, contract, agreement is not done until …..
you have listened and heard, learned and taught, given and received, been responsible and responded.

And, if you leave too soon, you just have to do it over again someday with someone else…..

Look for clues to what is really upsetting you.
It may not be apparent to most observers, (even your closest confidantes and therapists.)
Get very clear on what the "matter", myth, fantasy, wish, attitude and limiting beliefs you may carry.
Be willing to see the prejudices, judgments, fears, opinions, resentment, concerns and hurts you hold.
Where you hold guilt or blame, you are not finished.
Where you remember disappointment or fear, you are not done yet.
Where you hold negative beliefs and unkind thoughts, you are incomplete.

To be complete, there must be closure with honor and dignity for all.

Now what is our holy assignment here with everyone?
To remember Love.
To forgive all things.
To know our judgments are limited.
To realize our full power and healing Presence.
To never allow blocks to our awareness to Love's Presence.
To see every unloving experience as a call for Love.
To be fully able to respond to all calls for Love.
To make no one special, especially bad or good.
To suspend all assumptions, expectations and limiting beliefs.
To listen within and follow inner guidance for the Highest good of All.
To stop comparing, analyzing, regretting or attacking with our minds.
To stop pitying, denying, excluding, or ignoring anyone.

Calls for help are everywhere. Who do you respond to and how? This is a core issue. More later. Whenever you quit on a brother, you quit on yourself and on humanity.
If you cannot forgive and learn to love without sacrifice, remove yourself until you can.
Sometimes we are unable to live with and work with another, until we heal ourselves.
To be responsible, we must confess our difficulty, unforgiveness and lack of self love and change our circumstances until we can return to love.

Love is the healing power.

Loving you with a love that is True,
Betty Lue

Within you is the love you seek.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Speak up or Stay Silent?

Do you know when do be quiet?
Do you know when to share your thoughts and feelings?
Are you really good at communicating?
Are you effective at really listening and understanding the other?
Are you able to have your message received?

Respectful communication is a fine art.
Get clear about exactly what you the outcome to be.
"I want us to come to a mutual understanding and both feel heard and respected."
Ask for permission about when and where to communicate.
"When would be the best time for us to share with one another?"
Declare what you want to discuss to prepare both yourself and the other.
"I am concerned about…and want to come to a decision after understanding both our perspectives."
Suggestions for helpfulness shared ahead of time.
"To be helpful, I am going to reflect and write down what I think might make the best decision for all."
Be grateful for the consideration of the other.
"Thanks for agreeing to meet with me and taking some time to get clear so we can make good decisions."
"If you have questions or concerns about how best to do this together, please share with me."
To be clear, concise and committed to a positive outcome is essential in creating a good result.
Allaying fears, defensiveness and resistance help make the way smoother.

Always listen first.
Wait until the other is done, before speaking.
"Are you complete?"
Let them know you have heard.
"What I think I heard you say was….Is this correct?"
If there is interruption or distraction, ask to reschedule or set some guidelines ie. 5 minute each to talk.
"This may be a difficult time for us to listen to each other. How about if we reschedule when it is better?"
State your feelings and wants and willingness.
"I am feeling………about ……..and I want …..to be the outcome. I am willing to……… to resolve this."
Then ask, "What are you feeling? What do you want? What are you willing to do to have it?"
Seek first to understand. Do not interrupt. Drop your position and listen with your heart and mind.
Look for places of agreement. Listen for the underlying messages.

If there is anger, resentment, complaining, it is not time to make the best decision.
Stop and be sillent. Listen inside for guidance.
Clearing negative emotions is essential to find places of unity.
Listen and flush. No need to respond with words. Forgive and let go.
Let nothing hurt you. Be defenseless. Focus on desired outcome.
Be silent and listen when the other is defensive.
Stop all postures or words of attack.
Drop all attempts to manipulate, convince or try to be right.
Defending your viewpoint will lead only to arguing.
Listen and diffuse the resistance.
Look at the decision from the other's perspective.

Remember this perspective on effective communication comes from someone who believes arguing and fighting is a waste of energy and leads to loss rather than peace and mutual respect.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

"Whatever your brother asks, do it, unless it does harm to him or to you." ACIM
Remember you are looking for the outcome which is beneficial to all. No one loses……

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You will get a as much info as you would in a day long workshop! Let me know.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Who Do You Judge?

Have you tried walking in the shoes of those you judge?

Judging your parents?
Have you imagined what they might have been thinking and feeling as parents?
Have you considered their background and ancestry?
Have you looked at the times, their friends and financial situation?

Judging politicians and your government?
Have you considered taking on a position of leadership?
Have you imagined leaving your private life and being fully in the public?
Have you tried on their backgrounds, their culture, their beliefs, their responsibilities?

Judging your children and teens?
Have you imagined what living in your home and in today's world might be?
Have you listened to the media exposure and peer group influence?
Have you tried out thinking and feeling about what our kids are offered?

Judging your partner, spouse or those in intimate relationship with you?
Have you looked at what they receive from you?
Have you honored what their intention, attitude and needs may be?
Have you considered their childhoods wounds and future vision might be?

Judging yourself?
Have you been kind and encouraging to you?
Have you been forgiving and appreciative of yourself?
Have you listened to your own heart rather than seeking other's approval?

Perhaps it is time to become accepting of humanity, as a key to healing and actualizing full potential.
Perhaps it is time to let go of the habit of judging and develop a habit of respecting and accepting.
Perhaps it is time to believe in the best which lies often hidden inside waiting to be received.
Perhaps in fully knowing and honoring you, you can more fully trust in the best in others.

Judging others is judging ourselves.
Judgment gets us stuck in that which we judge.
Judgment blocks the flow of loving compassion and genuine kindness.
Judgment interferes with loving.
Judgments are defenses against the Truth.

Forgive your judging mind.
Learn to motivate with appreciation.
Learn to encourage and validate.
Learn to give your best to all, including yourself.
Learn to fully and honestly LOVE.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Here is purity and innocence, wisdom and grace!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Do You Understand?

Everyone is different.
We all come from very different family backgrounds.
Our ancestors traits have an influence on our personality and lifestyle choices.
Each of us learns habits to cope with the family circumstances in which we are nurtured.
Ancestral traits plus learned habits program and build our unconscious patterns of behavior.
To discover more about why you are the way you are, you may want to explore your past in detail.

Now to male and female differences…
In general, men are more linear, rational or mental, trained to be self-defended, definite and competitive.
In general, women are more multidimensional, emotional and care-giving, trained to be more expressive, nurturing and concerned for others. From primitive times, men were sent out to fight and hunt, to protect and provide for the tribe. Women were charged with nourishing and nurturing the entire group over long periods of time, using whatever the men provided.

The languages of men and women are different.
Their defenses, and coping mechanisms are different.
Recently I have noticed that women expect men to be capable, courageous and strong.
When men let their uncertainty, fear and vulnerability show, women often withdraw their love and express anger, disappointment or demand more.
When women demonstrate strength, certainty and courage, men often are intimidated and step back.

To truly discover the inner essence of one another, men and women must drop their expectations, assumptions and projections. Both must be open to listen and share with respect and compassion. With revelation of the true inner being, there is opportunity for deep intimacy, true and lasting love.
Most personality traits are the individual's best effort to find a safe and productive way to relate.
We must be forgiving and understand that the personality covers up the tender heart of each person.

Do you want to be understood?
First you must attempt to understand?
Listen with your heart.
Make not judgments, comparisons.
Stop trying to fix or change the other.
Be a healing and loving presence.
Spend time open to learning.
Through your forgiveness, the other may heal themselves.
Through your true and lasting Love, the other may come to love and respect themselves.
Through your gentle understanding, the other may become vulnerable and open to understand you.

Do you understand?
Give to each other what you want to teach them to give to you.
Look beneath the cover-up of personality, ancestral traits and learned habits.
Seek the desire to Love and be loved within yourself and everyone.

Learning from everyone.
To know you is to Love You.
Betty Lue

“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart, I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.

I will not be afraid for you.

I will not give up on you.

I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.

I will re
member first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.

I will be patient with you.

I will have confidence in you.

I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.

I have only good feelings in my heart about you.

I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.

Your way may not be my way, but I will trust th
e Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!

(author unknown)

Where am I? (I’m hiding.) Here I am!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tired of Being Used?

"I'm tired of serving the interests of others.
That's what I have done all my life, and
I'm still doing it. No one else is changing.
Where there is no honesty, how can you love another"?

Thank you for being honest with yourself.
Now face the current reality....life right now is full of deception and dishonesty.
Deception and dishonesty, disrespect and dependency is the world where we live.
Most men work in circumstances of posturing, bravado, and pretending to be.
Most kids go to school where they see and hear disrespect and dishonesty.
(The latest in grade school with second graders was badgering and begging for money.)
Our celebrity images are full of lies and cheating, gossip and glamour.
Authentic love and intentional kindness is unusual and sometimes misunderstood or ridiculed.
Abundant compassion and care-giving is sometimes abused and taken advantage of.
We don't have to go along with the undoing of our values and ethics.
We don't have to join takers to teach a lesson.
We don't have to protect ourselves by withdrawing our love.

We get to decide:
Do we stay or do we go?
Do we laugh or do we cry?
Do we join the world and be liars too?
Do we change our judgments and stop being negatively affected?
Do we teach and undo what is not true or wise or loving?

We must be strong in faith and in love.
We need not give more to be taken without respect.
We must not do more to empower others with entitlement.
We must teach strongly and firmly how to give with joy.
We must show others how to receive with respect and appreciation.
We must not give in.
Be strong in your faith and committed to show the way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Clues: Listen within and honor what you hear.
Sometimes speaking up makes the other clear.

You may need to step away and allow the other to fall.

Just remember to honestly love one is to love all.

We used to sit in this and now we stand and walk around!

We’re pretty big now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Every Day is Special

Everyday is a holiday. ("holy day")
Everyday is important.
Everyday offers happiness.
My experience is created by my perception and languaging.

In the shower (one of my favorite inner listening classrooms), I heard I am to begin to put together Happiness Reminders (already have published Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders and Relationships Reminders, with both Healing Reminders and Healthy Reminders awaiting printing).
"What is the key for my happiness?" I make everyday special.

There is no day or job or relationship I dread, hate or resist.
I get up looking forward to all 'I get to do' that day.
What most people do is say to themselves, what "I have to do", "I should do", "I must do", "I need to do."

That's probably the secret to my happiness, to my accomplishment and the many activities I do easily.
There is no stress, but joy in seeing life as an opportunity to do what I want to do.
Today, I get to see my clients and then walk with Robert, prepare rice and veggies, watch Olympics and finish writing the 2006 newsletter to let you know all the stuff we can do together.
Monday, a holiday, I get to finish and put together a national newsletter for about 500 people.
We get to have a mailing party while watching Olympics. We get to go to the reservoir for a long walk and an afternoon movie.
Tuesday I get to teach a Positive Living class in the community where I live and see clients in my office.
Wednesday I get to take Robert to the airport at 5AM, have quiet time to write to you, see awesome people for coaching and counseling, have a semi private art class, phone coaching appointments and watch American Idol and Olympics.
Thursday, I get to drive to Petaluma at 6AM to be with Gia and Jenni and Sofia for the day and listen to kids read for the morning in Gia's classroom and prepare a salad and take care of a beautiful cooing baby who loves to talk to me and play cards and do homework with Gia and laugh and talk with Mommy Jenni who just loves her new family. Thursday evening I just love my Conscious Healing Class at the local Unity Church where 20+ people meet to explore a wide variety of concepts and tools for truly healing mind, body and Spirit.
Friday I get to go to Alameda at 7AM to spend the day with the twin babies, now almost 10 months old, who will entertain me until their parents come home at 6PM. I get to do laundry, take walks, prepare formula and organic baby food and listen within.
Saturday I get to walk around the reservoir, clean house, do errands, see my clients, write and paint.

Can you imagine how different your life will feel when you see it is all your free will choice.?
Can you get how good it feels to see your whole life as a privilege and honor, to value everything you do?
Can you believe that there is no pressure for you to be or do or have except in your own perception?

Eliminate all "Have to's", "should's", "must's" and "ought's".
Change your words into 'I am choosing', 'I prefer', 'I really want to', 'I get to'…..
Notice the difference in your attitude when you are grateful for the opportunity to do what you want.
Loving y ou,
Betty Lue

PS. To be happy with your life requires that you take responsibility for the life you have. To be content with your life requires that you give up blaming anyone for the life you have. To be at peace with your life requires that you forgive yourself believing others' regrets and complaints. To be joyful with your life requires that you fully enjoy it all, even the stuff you may have disliked. To really love yourself demands that you give yourself the very best in perception, attitude and language. You will be glad you did.

My sister taught me to make a fierce face!

Can you do it too?
Grandma laughs and laughs when I show her my fierce face.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bottom line Reminders

Yes, I write and say the same thing over and over and over again in these reminders.
The message is clear and concise and certain.
You can get it all in one reading or take a lifetime to analyze and understand.
You can just "do it" or find ways to wait, to distract, to forget and regret.

Love one another.
Love yourself, as Creator loves you.
God allows us to learn with Trust and Freedom.
Love everyone, including you, with trust and freedom.
Forgive all things.
Forgive your thoughts and feelings.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Let no one and nothing harm you.
Release all judgment.
Listen within.
Let Love lead the way.
Honor only the voice of Love.
Forgive all other voices of fear, judgment and separation.
Life is for giving, and you are the gift.
Give your best Self with Joy.
Be grateful for the opportunity to give.
Life is a temporary learning laboratory.
Forgive all mistakes.
Enjoy learning and you will learn more easily and quickly.
Laugh, learn and let go of what you no longer value.
Travel the high way with ease by following Spirit within.

What else do these Loving Reminders say to you?
What can you do to realize they are true?
What is your message to the world?
Are you living your message?

Loving you,
True B'Lue

Are you called to join me in Michigan next month?
Or maybe gather with a small retreat group in HI in August?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Flavors of Love

What is your favorite flavor of love?
It would appear that human beings love to be loved.
Yet, each person longs to be loved differently.
Egos seek to satisfy physical needs, emotional and mental needs and some seek spiritual satisfaction.

Where there was a lack in our childhood, we see healing and completion of the unfilled needs.
Where there was fulfillment of needs in childhood, we may expect and only be satisfied with duplication.

People seeking physical fulfillment may need affection, sexuality, cuddling and physical closeness.
People seeking emotional fulfillment need listening, intimacy, sharing secrets and emotional expression.
People seeking mental fulfillment may need discussions, arguments, co-creations and mutual learning.
Those seeking spiritual fulfillment need joining, commitment to Spirit and willingness to co-create.

Often egos seek to get something in return for their giving.
Egos quit on relationships in which they seem to always give.
Egos compare and evaluate, sometime sacrificing for others.
Where there is judgment, they is criticism and resentment.

When spiritual interests are foremost, egoic needs take a backseat.
The Authentic Self seeks to give to strengthen and fulfill one's purpose in being.
The Authentic Self serves the interests of others while losing nothing.
The Authentic Self knows that giving to another is giving to oneself.

Much as a loving mother gives selflessly to a child, spiritual beings seek to love everyone equally.
Seeing only the holiness of the relationship, the authentic self is fulfilled by giving their best.
The spiritual essence is strengthened and receives blessings of happiness and peace in extending love.
The spiritual Self is committed to forgive and heal all blocks and barriers to the full realization of love.

When we love without quitting on love, we always know success.
When we love forgiving all lack of love, we experience the fullness of forgiving Love.
When we love giving our best no matter what is given by the other, we feel freedom and gratitude.
When we love one as an expression of love for Source and God, we realize God in all creation.

Are you seeking to receive a certain kind of love?
Is there something missing in your life that needs to be healed?
Are you conscious of the type of relationship that will fulfill your needs.
Have you clarified with others what you want for yourself and are willing to give to another?

The conditions from which you choose to love another are the same conditions that may bring its demise.
With unconditional love, there is only the commitment to love no matter what.
This love cannot fail because it has no end.
Do you invite conditional (judgmental) or unconditional (forgiving) Love into your relationships?

You create the outcome with your own input.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Have you seen the True Blue LOVE stamp with two bluebirds?
My family nickname is “True Blue.”
“Let the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose.” Johnny Carson
And twin love birds are part of my logo for Lovingreminders.org.

Look for ways you are being loved and recognized.
Remember, everything you say and do is teaching all the universe, whether you recognize it or not.
Everything, you think and say and do makes a difference, whether you notice it or not.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

True Happiness

A learned Buddhist teacher and friend asked me to clarify this point on happiness.
All those who suffer in the world do so because of their desire for their own happiness.
All those happy in the world are so because of their desire for the happiness of others.

My father often said his lifetime of volunteer service was a selfish act, since it made him happy to make others happy.
He was the kind of guy who worked directly with the people themselves, always seeking the more effective ways to empower and encourage people to be independent, productive and fulfilled.
Even a trip to the grocery store turned into an event of listening, laughing making someone smile and feel better.
For him life's meaning was found in making others happy.

I was raised in a family of volunteers, meaning we all contributed to those who are "less fortunate". From infancy, I was called "Mommy's little helper". At nine months, I learned to walk, so my Mom (bad back and pregnant with my younger brother) would not have to lift and carry me.

Of course I helped with diapers and bottles and soothing him when he was born. I spent some summer time with a family of 7 and learned from their farm Mom to care for the new infant and younger children. At 10 I spent the summer as a Mother's helper daily taking care of the infant daughter and helping teach the 2 year old cerebral palsied child to walk and feed himself. As a Girl Scout and church youth group leader, I worked with the elderly, the disabled, mentally and physically challenged, in hospitals and in the "slums" of Wilmington, DE.

I always felt deeply for others, compassion and a profound desire to help, to serve, to make their days a little brighter and their opportunities a little greater. Never did I feel pity or look down on those I served. I was grew up feeling and thinking and "knowing" we are all equal. To this day, I see everyone as equal to me with no one less and no one more. Some of us are born into lives of difficulty, danger and seriousness.

Humanity is one family.
We are One People and One Planet.
When we reach out, we must know we are caring for our own brothers and sisters.
Love is our natural state.
Love is not rescuing or providing for others.
Love is helping others to help themselves.
Love is giving a child a chore to earn money for a special purchase.
Love is teaching a man to plant corn so he can feed his family.
Love is providing education and jobs so people can learn how to support themselves.
Love is having compassion for others to eliminate needless suffering.
Love is giving the best we have to serve and encourage the best in others.

We all have gifts of love and happiness to give.
When we give freely and unconditionally, we always experience more love and joy.
Life is forgiving…….Forgiving our judgments, fear and separation.
Life is for giving……..Giving our creativity, service, encouragement and love.
We are the gifts……..When we give our talents, wisdom, nurturing and inspiration, they increase.
It is in giving that we realize and strengthen the gift we are.
In full appreciation, all things and people grow and expand.

Where are you giving and to whom?
If you experience sacrifice, martyrdom and loss when you give, fill yourself with whatever you need first.
What are you giving and what is the price?
If you seek what you can get from your giving, you are not giving but exchanging.
Give only that which you would value receiving, your very best.
Know that in exchange, you will sometimes be disappointed.
Your worth is not measured by what you receive but rather by what you freely give.
What you give must be given with a full heart and your gifts become your investment for true happiness and a blessed life

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Forgiveness Sees Things Differently

We have a sleep over with the twins tonight, while parents have a birthday celebration. So no emailed loving reminders tomorrow. Always loving wisdom flowing your way.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Forgiveness erases.
Forgiveness heals.
Forgiveness washes.
Forgiveness undoes.
Forgiveness sets free.
Forgiveness clears the clouds of illusion.
Forgiveness sees the gift.
Forgiveness shines away darkness.
Forgiveness releases guilt and blame.
Forgiveness sees only Love.

Are you willing to wash away what is not Real with forgiveness?
Are you willing to see beneath the surface?
Are you willing to stop believing in temporary thoughts and feelings?
Are you willing to clear away the illusion of learned helplessness?
Are you willing to look for the highest Truth?
Are you willing to see upsets as wakeup calls?
Are you willing to see the Goodness in yourself and others?
Are you willing to trust others do the best they know?
Are you willing to have faith in a Higher Power?
Are you willing to realize all things work together for Good?
Are you willing to let go of fear and return to Love?
Are you willing to release guilt and blame?
Are you willing to let go of wishes, fantasies and fairy tales.
Are you willing to accept people as they are?
Are you willing to release expectations and assumptions?
Are you willing to seek for LOVE until you find it?
Are you willing to suspend your need to be right?
Are you willing to be happy?

With a willingness to forgive all things, we free the clouds of judgment.
With a willingness to forgive thoughts and feeling, we open our selves to inner knowing.
With a willingness to forgive our guilt and blame, we experience opening to more light in which to see.
With a willingness to forgive our limited perceptions, we can begin to see the deeper Truth.

Everything is either Love, inviting out gratitude and enjoyment or a call for love, inviting our extending love and peace.
Both Love and the call for love invite us to give and receive more Love to everyone and to ourselves.

Choose to forgive and love again,
Betty Lue

Always fun and forgiving. Always seeking to love and be loved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Gift of Love You Are

When you are healed, you are not healed alone.
When you remember, you remind others.
When you are learning, you are teaching.
When you trust, you become trustworthy.

Life is a circle with no one left out.
Love is a lesson that keeps being learned.
Source is forgotten and remembered endlessly by all.
Joy is rekindled when we realize we cannot fail.

Each act of loving kindness becomes a beacon of hope.
Each word of patient forgiveness is life's healing balm.
Each touch of gentle persuasion soften the aching heart.
Each prayer of profound gratitude awakens sleeping minds.

Within you lies everything whole and good and beautiful.
You are seeking the One You Are.
When you turn your focus to salvation within,
You find unconditional and everlasting healing, wisdom and Love.

You are the Gift of Love waiting to be given.
You are the radiant healing Light seeking only to shine bright.
You are the glorious voice of angelic choirs sharing God's Song.
You are the teacher and wise One you have sought so long.

There is nothing to do, but forgive you.
Listen within and you will know
What to do and where to go.
You are the Gift of Love.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

(We have a few more spaces in our Hawaii Retreat this summer. See menu bar to the left. Rather than listen to your mind, try listening within......)

“Searching for Truth? Maybe it is right in front of you in everything you are and do?
Here's Lila enjoying a little "T" party.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You Are My Valentine!

Did you know, I love you?
Do you realize, I value you?
Are you aware, I am here for you?
Can you imagine, I do this for you?

Love is Our Natural State.
When we are not in love, something has gone wrong (off purpose).

Why would anyone sit at their computer at 3-4-5-6 AM in the morning to send their inspirational guidance to now hundreds of spiritual family around the world? (They actually reach thousands with the way some of you forward to your email lists and special friends.)
I write these, because I love YOU.
I value You.
I believe in You.
I support our awakening.
And I want loving companions to play with as we co-create a beautiful world of goodness, kindness and love for everyone everywhere.

In November 1998, when I moved back to California to support my partner's chosen career change, I didn't know what Spirit was calling me to do.
I am fulfilled and inspired when I love, give and remember God and the Goodness here on earth.
I began to care for our infant granddaughter Gianina, 2-3 days/week.
Around Christmas, I heard from spirit that I was to begin an email ministry, sharing my inner guidance.
Since I was computer phobic and user "unfriendly", this was a real challenge.
Luckily I knew how to type!
It seemed natural the moment I put my fingers on the keyboard.
I had been writing and following inner guidance everyday since 1977, when A Course in Miracles and rebirthing activated my commitment to Spirit.
Sharing practical spirituality has been my life as therapist, coach, teacher, grandparent, partner and friend.

It is my joy and my privilege to serve in this way.
It is my inspiration and my loving reminder to write everyday.
It is my prayer and my vision that we are awakening together.
It is my inner peace and my practice to love and remind you today.

You are my reason for being.
You are my hope and my teacher.
You are my Self and my student.
You are my partner and my friend.

With every Loving Reminder, I am loving you with the best that I know.
With every Loving Reminder, it is my affirmation that we all can grow.
With every Loving Reminder, I am giving to myself the healed world I long to see.
With every Loving Reminder, I am remembering what can and will always be.

On this day of remembering Love, let us love one another and learn to love All.
In our Love we will be healed and remember the intrinsic holiness in all creation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 13, 2006


You see into the heart of me.
I share with you all of me.
In my intimate sharing, I am trusting in your love.
And trusting you, you know I can be trusted, too.

Intimacy is really seeing into me.
"In to me see."
When you let me see into you,
I feel honored and validated.
When you respect and accept what you see in me,
I know I am safe and can trust in your unconditional love.
True intimacy is a precious gift to be given, when we can trust.
Women, hear this please.
The intimacy between men and women is compromised anytime we judge what men share with us.
When women seek to change, fix, manipulate and compare men, they are judging what is precious.
When women remember and remind men of their private sharing, men feel violated and disrespected.
When women talk to other women about their relationships, men feel belittled and betrayed.
Men withdraw, keep private thoughts to themselves, or go to their "cave" to protect their vulnerability.

Men, please hear this.
Intimacy between men and women is compromised, when you judge women weak, irrational or useless.
When the woman needs to express her feelings and men try to make it better, she may feel unheard.
When men feel guilty and responsible for women's happiness, they feel unable to share their feelings.
When men get angry for what isn't working in the woman's life, she feels more dependent and helpless.
When women just want to talk, men may get impatient and reject her feelings.
Women seek comfort and intimacy with their friends and children and may feel overlooked by their men.

If you want more intimacy, be more intimate.
If you want my honesty, be more honest.
If you want more affection, be more affectionate.
If you want more quality time, give more quality time.
If you want more flowers and gifts, give more gifts.
If you want more help, give more help.
If you want more non-judgmental listening, give more loving and listening.
Instead of asking for what you want.
Give what you want.
Creating comes from within not from getting the other to give it to us.

Create conditions of confidentiality (Never talk to others about your relationship without permission.)
Choose times of focused conversation. (No distracting music, TV phone call or side conversations.)
Make quality time together. (Choose activities and timing that are ideal for both of you.)
Give conscious words of appreciation and love in written notes, cards, phone calls, and sweet moments.
Listen for exactly what is wanted and valued. Accept and affirm what your partner wants.
Give all you can without sacrifice or resentment. (Take impeccable care of your own needs.)
Forgive all errors of conscious and unconscious omission and commission. (Value all learning mistakes.)

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
It is in giving your authentic Self
That you recognize the Gift you Are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Remember, You Know

Remember, you are here to heal.
Remember, you are here to learn.
Remember, you are here to love.
Remember, you are here to let go.
Remember, you are here to forgive.
Remember, you are here to bless.
Remember, you are here to enjoy.
Remember, you are here to create.
Remember, you are here to appreciate.
Remember, you are here to remember.

Did you Know that you always Knew, until you forgot?
The distractions of physical life draw us into believing what we see is IT, the real deal.
The demands of special relationships call us into serving the needs of others.
The thoughts and feelings, opinions and beliefs, teach us others know what we want to know.

When you want to KNOW, be still and listen beneath the thoughts and beyond the feelings.

A helpful tool is to become first aware of you thoughts and feelings by journaling and writing them down.
What I am feeling about this is..
The real reason I am upset is…
What concerns me about this is…

When your mind is empty,
Ask, "What is the Truth?
I am open and willing to know."
And be still and listen to any and all feelings, ideas, pictures, and knowingness that comes through.
Make sure you write it all down or you might miss what you Know and have always Known….

Remember, Knowing comes in many ways…Uniquely to each one of us.
Some Know with deep listening within their heart.
Some Know with a kinesthetic experience in the body.
Some Know with an experience of Truth that simply dawns on them.
Some Know through a mystical awareness.
Some Know in communion with nature.
Some Know with an inner Voice.

Honor your Knowing and you will be open to Know more.
Discount your Knowing and you will by pass and forget your Knowing.

To Love is to Know!
To Know is to Love!
I am Knowing and Loving All,
Betty Lue

This week
Monday Eve. Coaching Circle (committed group)
Tuesday Morning Positive Coaching Group in Rossmoor (open group)
Thursday Evening Conscious Healing Circle at Unity-Topic Inner Listening and Spiritual Healing- (Open group)
Saturday Afternoon 2-6PM -Free Holistic Healing Clinic Call 800-919-2392 for appt. with Robert and B’Lue

She knows life can be fun, safe and easy.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nothing to Prove

There is nothing to prove to your Source.
There is nothing to do to establish your worth.
There is nothing to teach or make or accomplish.
You are worthy. You are valuable. You are enough.

The very experience of being created by the Infinite, Unlimited and All-Loving is enough.

To please those who themselves feel unworthy, we may have take on their need to prove something.
To fulfill the unfulfilled dreams and visions of our parents and ancestors, we may try to be the best.
To make a place of fame and fortune in the world, we may be driven to succeed with wealth and glory.
And still the old old story is you cannot take what is not important with you.

You may acquire tools and tricks, gimmicks and gadgets of a temporal life in this earthly school.
You may enter the sweepstakes of life and win or lose, but in the end it is what you learn that matters.
You may build fantastic homes and huge fortunes but you only find happiness in truly living Love.
You may strive and sacrifice to get awards and acclamation, but only your inner Voice tells you True.

You already are all that you seek to become.
Take off the layers of unconscious limiting beliefs.
Unwrap the gift of beauty and goodness and see the Light that is inside.
Dissolve ancestral fears and doubts and let the True Wisdom come out.

In you is everything radiant and beautiful, magnificent and All-Good.

Life is a grand Un-Doing.
Love is letting go of fearful withholding.
Enlightenment is uncovering your eyes.
Salvation is returning to your Source.

Yes, life can be simple and natural and good.
Yes, life can be fun, safe and easy.
Yes, love can be gentle and kind and respectful.
Yes love can be openness, willingness and appreciation.

"To be as a child" invites innocent (non-judgmental) wisdom (knowing from within).
Forgive your doubts, fear and judgment and you shall know.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Another Loving Reminder. Look into her eyes and you can see the Light. Look at her smile and you can know the Joyful Love of our Creator... Sofia Grace is Gia’s sister. She is now 3 months old. She talks with me, smiles easily, holds her head up and loves her big sister and her Grandpa Robert. Another Gift of pure Love from God. Let us remember to love one another.
Betty Lue

Friday, February 10, 2006

Give Yourself a Valentine's Gift!

If ideal parents nurtured and nourished you, how would your confidence be?
If the best teachers taught your throughout school, how would your attitude be?
If God gave you the life He wants for you, how would you feel about your life?
If you were raised perfectly loved and loving, how would you live each day?

Why not….give yourself the best?
Why not …imagine the best?
Why not….treat yourself with the ideal?

To have the best past, you need to first imagine and pretend…..
To have the best present, you need to love and be loved….
To have the best future, you need to remember the Highest Truth..
To have the best You, You must act like the Best You.

Your parents loved and respected themselves and each other.
You learned to love and respect yourself and all others.
Your teachers taught you to always do your best and it was enough.
You learned to be your best and feel really great about yourself.
Your creator (True parent) gave you the best of ItSelf.
You realize the unlimited love and creative Power within You.
You were raised with real love, trust and freedom with responsibility for your whole life.
You remember everyday how to live and give, love, trust, freedom and responsibility to your world.

You laugh, learn and let go of little mistakes or misunderstandings.
You enjoy the richness and value of each loving relationship.
Your Presence is healing and helpful with the kindness and compassion you feel.
Your creativity and inspiration fill your life with abundant joy and love and peace.

Whatever you dream of doing, you can do.
Whatever inspires you to give, you give.
Whatever calls you to help, you are helpful.
You fully enjoy your life as an adventure of Loving Service and Joyful Creativity.

Think of yourself as you are called to be.
See yourself being what you want to be.
Speak to yourself and others what is True.
Give to yourself and everyone the best You.

Happy Love Day!
Remembering only and always to Love,
Betty Lue

Inside you lives what you see below.
You are waiting for someone to love You!
Now is the time and you are the One.
This is the place and you have begun.
(If you need some help reminding, email me.)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Less Fear Is More Fun

Are you stuck in seriousness?
Are you consumed by fear?
Are you caught in struggle?
Are you immersed in difficulties?
Are you distracted by problems?
Are you resisting simplicity?

Life can be fun, safe and easy….especially for YOU!
You are willing to be happy.
You are willing to learn.
You are willing to let go.
You are willing to love you.

Try filling your life with what you want more than what you have.
If you are too serious, give yourself More Fun.
If you are too fearful, give yourself more reassurance.
If you are too overwhelmed, live simply.
If you are too tired, give yourself more rest.
If you are too giving, try giving first to you.
If you are too lonely, find fellowship with people you value.
If you are too stuck, do something novel and new.everyday.
If you are too fragile, strengthen your body and mind with exercise.
If you are too sensitive, work with infants and young children.
If you are too distracted, do only one thing at a time, no background noise.
If you are too emotional, stop listening to or thinking about others' problems.

Give yourself what you really need.
Believe it or not with simple changes, life can and will become more beautiful, good and healthy.
You can feed yourself a life of toxic thoughts, sounds and sights, or you can give yourself goodness.
Stop treating yourself like the world.
Start respecting yourself like the precious Gift you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
I am giving myself what is valuable to my aliveness.
My life works for me, so I can awaken and remind you.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What Attracts and Repels You?

There is something to learn or heal where we are attracted and repelled.
Attraction and resistance are wakeup calls to stop and listen within.
Where there is neutrality, therein lies peace and completion.

What we avoid or resist, we often are judging and fearing.
What we resist persists in our consciousness as a block to the flow of endless chi (perfect Love).
What we resist is a call for forgiveness and love.
What we resist may be a past experience calling for healing.
What we resist may be a false teaching which must be undone.
What we resist is a clog preventing total and lasting peace.
What we resist is a worldly opportunity to free us to live in Love.

What attracts us may be a call to give or serve or express.
What attracts us may be to learn how better to love ourselves.
What attracts us may be the next step in our spiritual journey.
What attracts us may be the temptation of our physical senses.
What attracts us may be the duality of desiring and fearing. (a foot on the gas and brakes simultaneously)
What attracts us may be the fulfillment of an inner vision or longing.
What attracts us may be to the infinite, the mystery of the unknown.
What attracts us may be a detour, delay or illusion of the ego, leading us away from the Truth.

So how do we proceed with attractions and repulsions?
How do we know what to do, to say, to think?
How do we avoid the pitfalls of desire for pleasures and follow those leading to spiritual treasures?
Addictions, obsessions, lazy habits of mind, unconscious patterns of cultural programming….
How do we respond to the bombardment of what disgusts and terrorizes us?
How do we respond to the inspiration of what encourages and lifts our spirits?

Life is choice. You and I are the choosers.
When we leave it up to our family, friends and culture, we are doomed to be like sheep.
We dis-empower ourselves and learn only weakness and victimization.
When feeling caught, confused, conflicted, it is our stop sign.
Time out to be still.
Drop worldly conditioning.
Forgive emotional resistance.
Recognize how thoughts and emotions can mislead.
Open to Higher Power, Master Teachers, the God Forces within.
Request honestly: "Not my will but Thy Will". Ask for the Highest Good of All.
There is a way to be True to your Journey with an open mind and healing heart.
There is a sacred place in you which knows how to heal your fear and your temptations.
Be at peace and let Love lead the way.

Trusting and freeing us all to let go, learn and Love more purely,
Betty Lue

This invitation may attract you.... Or it may scare you.....
Listen within and you will Know.
Click on Hawaii Retreat under "2006 Programs" on the left menu bar.
Is this part of your sacred journey at this time?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What Can I Trust?

An email from a friend and reader is inspiring this Loving Reminder.
"I want to ask you about your statement--"You can learn to be trusting and free." Does that apply only to trusting myself or to other people? Men promise more than they intend or are willing to do. That is his issue and I don't know if he plans to work on cleaning that up. Do I believe what he says or wait and see if he his actions match his words? I feel I've trusted him and have had my trust betrayed. Is it his job to ask for my trust? I like to trust people--if they show me they can't be trusted and I don't stop trusting them, then isn't that harming myself to think they'll be different? I'm confused. To me love and trust and respect go together."

We can trust another to the degree they trust and respect themselves. Most people are so busy trying to find someone to trust, they neglect their own self trust. When we find what we think we want, we are in the business of "getting" it. We may compromise our integrity to "get" what we want. We may lie, cheat and steal another's relationship to "get" what we want. We may say what the other wants to hear. And then of course we fear we will be found out, because of course we know we will. How can I trust anyone else if and when I am not living wholly in integrity myself.
People give us clues every time they change their minds, forget what they said before, tell us what we want to hear, withhold some fear or judgment they may have, be nice or conciliatory, etc.
If others give in to our desires to make us happy, that is a clue that they might not be loving themselves.

"I trust you are always doing the best you know to be safe, to get what you think you need to be safe.
Your intention is to love you and love me. I can trust that.
Your way of loving me may be to try not to hurt me or disappoint me.
Or your way of loving might be to lie to me or keep your feelings to yourself, so you won't make me unhappy and angry.
You want to be loved and avoid rejection, abandonment, guilt and punishment."

These are very human thoughts and feelings and there are many more that learned from early childhood.
Remember you cannot trust thoughts or feelings. Not yours or others.
Thoughts and feelings are temporary, learned and changeable.
You can only trust inner knowing, the Truth within...
Thoughts and feelings are created by the personality, ego or learned self.
Both change according to the circumstance and relationship.
These thoughts and feelings are designed to protect the ego self from harm.
They are our best attempt at self preservation.
They are choices each person makes early in physical life.
While they may no longer fit current circumstances, they often stay in place for a lifetime.
Thoughts and feelings simply tell us when we are in fear and not in love.
Thoughts and feelings create our behaviors. They tell on us.
They show others where we need healing and love.

It is the work of the most conscious partner to recognize when and where Love is needed. It is the function of the most conscious partner to forgive any perceived harm and Love again. It is the practice of the most conscious partner to practice not taking anything personally. It is all our work to seek for what is True, Loving and Good for All. The Truth can only be found through inner KNOWING.

Let’s let go of thinking we know until we really Know.
Betty Lue

We are all trying to find the Truth and chew on the Truth.
“Is this what they mean by a T (tea) party?”

We might find the T truth more easily by simply having a cup of tea together??

Monday, February 06, 2006

Make It a Good Day!

This is your life.
It is yours to create as you wish.
It is yours to experience as you choose.
It is yours to make of as you will.
This is your day.

You can do it yourself and experience mixed results.
You can call on your friends and experience a conglomerate.
You can make someone else responsible and give them the praise or the blame.
You can call on the Master Designer and experience beauty, Goodness and Wholeness.

This is the day you have been given.
Life is your gift.
Be grateful and use the gift well.
Be resistant and hate the giver.
It is your choice.

It seems people like to judge and evaluate their gift.
It seems people want to figure out why the giver has given the gift.
It seems people are deciding whether they want to have the gift.
It seems people cannot figure out how to use the gift they are given.

If only we knew the gift is truly a gift.
If only we accepted the gift for what it is.
If only we believed the Giver really loves us.
If only we enjoyed the gift that is given.

Let us assume you know, accept, believe and appreciate the gift of your life.
Let us assume that you do not know how best to use this gift.
Let us return to the Giver and ask for instructions.

"I know you love me and want my happiness.
I trust you know how I can best experience a Good life.
I believe you can and will offer me wisdom and Love.
How can I best use my life, the sacred gift you have given? "

Some of us will go to His Holy Book, a guide to living.
Some of us will look at the holiest of holy for models of living.
Some of us will listen inside to our inner guide.
Some of us will pray everyday for guidance and wisdom.

This is your life.
If it isn't as you wish it to be.
Maybe you can stop and ask for the instruction manual.
It is never too late to begin again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

This reminder took about 15 minutes to write, no editing, no judging, just listening and writing from within.
I love listening and writing for you and me. It exemplifies how a guided life is meant to be, happy and free. I have no fear, no regret, no sacrifice, no pain. I simply come to the keyboard and welcome what is given.
You can undo what fear and resistance you may have. You can learn to be trusting and free.

See the babies below!

This is a wash your face party after lunch. We get to grab the wash cloth away from Grandpa. Then he pulls it away from us and we all laugh alot.
What makes you really laugh?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Changing Your Agreements

If you were a frog born into a pond that became polluted when you were an adult, would you stay?
If you were a colt born to a loving family and sold to neglect and abuse, would you stay?
If you were a spiritual seeker and found a teacher who became an arrogant preacher, would you stay?
If you were a devoted spouse and your partner left for alcohol and other diversions, would you stay?
If you were a loyal employee of a company that became corrupt, would you stay?
If you were a teacher whose classroom became disrespectful and demeaning, would you stay?
If you were a beautiful flower and the warmth and rain ceased, could you survive or be transplanted?

All of us have made agreements with parents, partners, employers, churches and communities.
These agreements were made with the conscious intention of fulfilling our commitments.
When the climate, circumstances, people, beliefs, and attitudes changed, we have the right to change.
Life is change and renewal.
Life is forgiveness and new choice.
Life is release with blessing and gratitude.
Life is transformation and fulfillment.
Life is willingness and service.
Life is healing and growth.

Listening daily for your calling.
Ask faithfully:
"Where am I to go?
To whom shall I speak?
What am I to say and do?"

Often we stay in our comfort zone by continuing agreements that no longer serve the Good of All.
Often we continue to do what we know how to do, even when it may not be healthy, happy or fulfilling.
Often we cling to relationships that do not love, respect and support us in being our Best.
Often we want to stay loyal, dedicated and belong to what may have turned away from the Light.

Yes, give your very best.
Yes, tell the whole and highest Truth.
Yes, invite honesty and integrity from All.
Yes, know your honorable closure will ensure healing.

Be aware that your life is a holy and sacred gift to you from your Source.
To keep your agreement with yourself and your Creator is to love your whole Self well.
To live your life as an example and model for all to see is your message.
To nurture and nourish yourself to blossom and offer the blessings of goodness and love is your function.

Be conscious of what works and no longer works.
Acknowledge to yourself what is true for you.
Forgive and let go of what no longer serves the Good in you.
Listen within in the stillness of an open mind and trusting heart.
Affirm your life as a gift to be nurtured and given to love and serve.
Accept the support and love that is offered to you both within and without.
Appreciate your willingness to be All you are created to be.
And know it is Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 04, 2006

You Are What You Think

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) What you do and say begins with what you think and believe. In the pursuit of perfect health, it's important to remember that the mind greatly influences the body and spirit. The human mind is a complex and wonderful "machine," sometimes referred to as the most powerful computer ever built. Like computers, we can process, store, and share information. And like computers, the information we put out is only as good as the data we put in: Garbage in, garbage out. In most cases, the things we say and do begin with what we think. We can choose which information we accept and allow to become part of our way of thinking. In fact, we create many of our own problems through negative thinking, bad decision making, and poor dietary choices. By choosing positive, enriching ideas over negative, damaging ones, we significantly improve our mental health. These choices, both positive and negative, directly influence our bodies and our spirits; a fact that reinforces the role the mental process plays in our overall health.
From the Maker's Diet, Dr. Jordan Rubin

I am participating in a T'ai Chi Chih Teacher's Retreat this weekend, commuting one hour each way.
Lots of time to look at how I/we, our society is thinking about life, health, wealth, and one another.
This week I taught a class on Practical Feng Shui as part of a series on Conscious Healing.
Tomorrow I offer a free seminar on Healthy and Healing Relationships: How to Forgive and Love Again.
I teach the power of the inspired mind.

I live and teach by changing my mind and cleaning out all fearful and judgmental thinking.

With full enthusiasm, I put God and Goodness into my experience.
I do not ingest anything I cannot embrace with thoughts of goodness.
I spit out, forgive, erase and let go of everything that does not serve me well.
My function here is to forgive what does not support my happiness and inner peace.
I am here to love myself as my Creator loves me.
By giving myself the very best, I am loving my Source.
Be letting go of what is not valuable, I am clearing my world.

There are many ways we support what is not healthy and whole.
We have learned bad habits which can easily be forgiven and undone with conscious commitment.
We don't have to eat everything on our plate.
We don't have to stay with the circumstances that no longer work for us.
We don't have to lie in the bed we have made.
We don't have to stay in unhealthy jobs or relationships.
We don't have to do anything to prove our worth.
We don't have to be nice to avoid hurting anyone.
We don't have to obey external authorities.
We don't have to believe what does not resonate with out inner Truth.
We don't have to be still or speak up.
We don't have to always look good.
We don't have to preach our philosophy.

We can choose to forgive our judgments of what we see.
We can choose to release our fears of what might be.
We can choose to undo our expectations and simply love.
We can choose to follow the most loving Truth we know.
We can change our minds if what was no longer is true for us.
We can support what supports us, so that we really are supported.
We can serve the Master that is for the Good of All.
We can, simply by choosing…

Loving you,
Betty Lue

We can be transformed by the renewal of our minds.
We can forgive everything and be new again.
We can remember to Love with innocence, freedom and trust.

Sit in the presence of pure love itself and remember.....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Conscious Helping and Healing

When in doubt, give what you would want to have. Respect others' privacy. Trust others' learning. Appreciate others' strengths. Believe in others' choices. Give others' benefit. Share only your Best. Forgive and forget the rest.

Etiquette for Being Helpful

If you haven't been asked, don't suggest.
If you butt into others' conversation, you are interrupting.
If you tell others what you would do, you are interfering.
If you make others believe they know less than you, you are demeaning.
If you worry and feel sorry, you are disempowering others.
If you criticize and give advice repeatedly, you are meddling.

All in the name of LOVE.

Remember the messages you give come through your tone, your posture, and your words.
It is never helpful or healing to see limitation, lack or littleness in anyone.
It is healing to trust others can and will learn.
It is healing to forgive all judgments, so others will feel safe with you.
It is healing to believe in people and bless their journey.
It is healing to allow others to learn from the natural consequences of their behaviors.
It is healing and helpful to respond when requested with open-mindedness, willingness and appreciation.
It is healing to extend love and peace.
It is healing to dissolve your own fear.
It is healing to realize where you are withholding love.

It is helpful to take impeccable care of yourself first.
It is helpful to learn what others really want before offering what you want them to have.
It is helpful to stop making others dependent on you to boost your own self esteem.
It is helpful to take responsibility for your self to teach by example.
It is helpful to follow your inner guidance as well as listen carefully to others' requests.
It is helpful to hear what is being said beneath the words.
It is helpful to remember your thoughts are being heard telepathically.
It is helpful to be the conscious reminder of faith, hope and forgiveness.
It is helpful to believe in the best in people and to let go of the rest.
It is helpful to be reassuring, encouraging and empowering.

My favorite conscious healing tools are:
Forgive and erase any thoughts and feelings which do not believe in and support the best in others.
See only the wholeness and holiness in others and all circumstances, no matter what it may seem.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

We are always here for you!
A mother’s total Presence....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Right Time

When is it time to show up?
When is it time to speak up?
When is it time for Spring?
When is it time to do your thing?

When is it time to listen?
When is it time to share?
When is it time to answer?
When is it time to care?

The groundhog, so the stories say,
Comes out on this very day.
When the sun shines and shadows fall,
The groundhog retreats until spring weather calls.

Do you know when to come out?
Can you tell when the weather is fair?
Do you sometimes want to talk so much you will not listen.
Do you seek attention so much you won't wait your turn.
Do you know so much you have all the answers.
Do you love so much you just have to push your hugs?

The sensitive and genuinely loving person needs nothing.
The authentic giver seeks only to serve the highest Good.
Sometimes silent, sometimes leaving well enough alone.
Sometimes sharing and always caring that all will benefit.

Because human emotions change like the weather,
Because our economic and health conditions are unpredictable.
Because relationships, responsibilities and our reactions wax and wane,
We must all be conscious and aware of what is being needed by everyone everywhere.

It starts with you and me.
We must live in integrity.
We must take impeccable care,
So when we show up we are really there.

With a full heart and quiet mind,
Knowing nothing and feeling loving and kind,
I can be with you, I can hear you.
I can feel you and I can love you.

In the safety of my non-judging Love,
I can listen inside for messages of forgiveness and peace.
We both feel the joy of instant and loving release.

Show up with an open heart and quiet mind.
Pay attention to the call for Love and the gifts of Love.
Tell the Truth of greater gifts of forgiveness and Peace.
Detach from the outcome by letting go of your fantasies and expectations.

Love needs nothing.
Love is the healing remedy.
Love shines away darkness.
Love soothes away fear.
Love dissolves barriers.
Love reminds us we are the same.

Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Love Know No Boundaries

When we are truly "in Love", this Love is not limited.
When we are in Love, we love everyone and everything.
When we are in Love, we are in a state of joyous grace.
When we are in Love, we are loving ourselves.
When we are in Love, life is an adventure.
When we are in Love, we are grateful to be alive.
When we are in Love, we are rich beyond compare.
When we are in Love, this Love extends to all corners of the Earth.

We are in Love, when we are freely giving the Love we are with no conditions or withholds.
We are in Love, when we see the world through forgiving eyes with no judgments or comparison.
We are in Love, when we feel free to express the unbounded joy we feel.
We are in Love, when we reach out to all races and creeds, to those people who have and have not.
We are in Love, when we seek nothing for loving.
We are in Love, when we are lifted on angel's wings and our Spirit soars.

Mothers sometimes fall into Love with their newborn babies.
When worldly responsibilities occupy their time and energy, it may cloud the Love.
Youth may fall in Love with a special someone.
When problems or comparison enter their thoughts, they may fall out of Love.
Artists may fall in Love with a project or simple creation.
When critics, buyers or connoisseurs enter their thinking, they may lose the joy of Love.

Love is easily forgotten in this time/space dimension, where everything is judged according to its value. Love is often dismissed in this paradigm of comparison and defensiveness.

What if- Love is all we valued.
What if- being in Love was known as our natural state.
With if- everything else a mistake.
What if- falling in Love everyday was as natural as breathing.
What if- our Lovingness was our most prized possession.
What if -only we Loved………
We would be happy, holy and fulfilled.

Remember…Love Is Who You Really Are.
Remember…Love Is Why You Really Are.
Remember…Love Is How You Really Are.
When you forget Love, you become confused, lost and afraid.

I am loving you Really!
Betty Lue

Do you see the Love light in their eyes? Can you feel them loving you?
In each moment of unadulterated Love, there is only perfect Love.