Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Is Your Story?

Have you been crucified and then renewed in Love?
Have you been hurt and then healed with faith?
Have you been betrayed and then forgiven and been inspired?
Have you been mistakenly identified with your body or personality and forgotten your Holy Purpose?

Let us resurrect Holiness.
Let us learn from everything.
Let us heal the past.
Let us reveal the Light within.

Perhaps it is our identification with the body and personality that creates forgetting.
Perhaps it is our need to convince others of what we seek that causes us to judge.
Perhaps it is our fear of others convincing us falsely that we need to be righteous.
Perhaps it is our lack of trust and faith that causes us to defend and pretend.

You have a body. You are not your body.
You have emotions. You are not your emotions.
You have a mine.  You are not your mind.
You are spirit, life energy, flowing and creating that which you experience.

You have a name. You are not your name. 
You have a past.  You are not your past.
You have experiences, You are not your experiences.
You have fears, pains and problems.  You are not your these things with which we identify.

Consider the possibility that you are unlimited.
Consider the truth that you are Love ItSelf.
Consider the belief that you are creative.
Consider there is power in your thoughts and words.

You are more than your thoughts, your words and your deeds.
When you identify with your story, you may believe the limitations with which you identify.
When you tell your story again and still again, perhaps you are addicted to the drama.
When you live your life believing you are that which you are not, you are living a lie.

We die to the old self, so we can choose again.
We forgive the past, so we can create a new beginning.
We erase the script we were taught, so we can write a new story.
We allow what was to be completed with honor, so we can free ourselves to choose again.

Life offers endless opportunities to rise up.
Love gives us renewing options to resurrect.
Gratitude shows us how to increase always and only the Good.
Forgiveness is the constant reminder to lay all grievances aside.

When we clear the fear and relinquish all attack on ourselves and others, we are free.
Let love and light lead the way.
Resurrect your Holiness.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Handling Criticism

Every upset is always a wakeup call.
All wakeup calls are invitation to get on purpose.
Our purpose is to live in integrity with our mission and principles.
When we are fully being  true to our authentic self ,no one can upset or hurt us. 

Every criticism is always about the critic.
We can listen and be grateful for them telling their truth, their belief, their projection.
When we take it personally, we are acknowledging that we have some guilt.
When we are offended, we are confessing that we are not wholly on purpose and at peace.

When my buttons are pushed ( when I have a reaction) to what has been said, it is mine to heal.
When I am hurt or offended, I need to stop and listen to how I can respond to myself with love.
When I am defensive, attacking, upset, I need to take stock of what is the truth for me.
Always I can be aware that the critic is talking about their own need and I can forgive them.

When we hear a criticism or what we judge to be an attack, we can best forgive it all.
When we feel attacked or criticized personally, we can simply apology for the upset.
When we listen within for how best to respond, we can hear what is really needed.
The critic is always describing themselves and expressing their own need to heal.

What we give to another is given to ourselves.
When we offer forgiveness and healing to a brother, we are offering healing to ourselves.
There is no harm in doing no harm.
There is continuing upset when we try to be right.


Where we have guilt, we will be vulnerable.
When we are not true to ourselves, we can be hurt.
When we have blamed another, we will fear being blamed.
When we are afraid of someone or something, we have not yet forgiven.

All upsetting experiences are lessons, reminders or wakeup calls.
All difficulties are challenges which we can learn from.
All seeming offenses are opportunities to realign our principles and purpose.
In our defenselessness, our safety lies.

When we have nothing to hide with no secrets and no fears of being judged, criticism is a call for help.
When we are free from judging, blaming and making anyone wrong, we respond always with kindness.
When we are willing to give what we want to receive, we respond with respectful listening and love.
When we are open to giving what will bring peace and harmony to all, we forgive and love again.

And so it is, we learn and expand our capacity for Loving Kindness,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 30, 2013

What are you Selling?

We all are selling something.
We are selling Love or selling fear.
We are selling Truth or selling lies.
We are selling Forgiveness or vengeance.

What are you selling?
Some are selling themselves.
Some are selling achievements.
Some are selling righteousness.
Some are selling ideas.
Some are selling beliefs.
Some are selling hope.
Some are selling faith.
Some are selling pretense.
Some are selling service.
Some are selling happiness.
Some are selling suffering.
Some are selling do it my way.
Some are selling be careful.
Some are selling step away.
Some are selling fight.
Some are selling buy what I am selling.
Some are selling trust yourself to know.
Some are selling let go.
Some are selling keep grabbing more.
Some are selling trust.
Some are selling distrust.

Each one of us is selling something that we want for ourselves.
When we buy what we are selling, we can relax and trust others to buy what is right for them.
Listen to your own story to see what you are pushing…..
The latest drug or idea or miracle, or threat or problem or lifestyle or judgment or rule or……..

If we had nothing to sell and were content with our choices, there would be no need to convince.
If we have no need to convince or convert, we would not be bothered by others’ different choice.
Consider living life your way and letting go of trying to change others.
Consider allowing everyone to learn in their own timing and direction.

My choice is to be silent, unless invited to speak, to share, to learn and teach.
My choice is to enjoy what I have and give and be and do and let you find your own way true.
My choice is to trust that each one in their own time and way will let happiness guide them.
My choice is to free us all to live, love, laugh, learn and let go in our own unique way.

I am selling freedom and trust,  what I call LOVE, in the best way I know.
Mostly I simply am willing to be the Love I am.

Mission and conscious intention: I am the space of trust and freedom, where Love is remembered and Holiness restored.
Trusting you to be true to you.
Betty Lue

Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Do You Grieve?

Good Friday

Do you grieve for the loss of a loved one?
Do you grieve for the good ole days?
Do you grieve for your own loss of innocence?
Do you grieve for the freedom your denied yourself?

Do you grieve for the love you never shared?
Do you grieve for the good deeds you withheld?
Do you grieve for the life you have not been living?
Do you grieve for the one you never held?

Do you grieve for neglecting to say, “Thank you.”?
Do you grieve for not listening to the stories that they told?
Do you grieve for the way you never travelled?
Do you grieve for the fear of growing old?

Who grieves has not fully given.
Who grieves but those who have not freely loved.
Who grieves has held on and limited another.
Who grieves but those who have not opened their heart.

It is time to give all you have to all those you encounter.
You are here to waste no time.
To give all to all, including you in every moment.
Make sure you touch the heart of all you find.

You see there is no grief in loving.
There is only grief in fear.
There is no loss in finding.
There is only sorrow in feeling so unclear.

When the light has come, we see things lightly.
When love has come, we know there is nothing to fear.
When light has come, we know the way.
When love has come, only blessing do we say.

Love shows us the happy ending.
Light shines within our mind.
Love leads us on paths that lift us higher.
And light fills our hearts with joy each and every day.!

I love you brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers.
I love you holy friends.
Let us remind one another,
We are together now and always.
With Love there is no end.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue

May all Beings walk in Beauty.
May all Beings live with Grace.
May all Beings share their Wisdom.
May all Beings give with Faith.

May all Beings hear their message.
May all Being teach with respect.
May all Beings learn their teaching.
May all Beings forgive to resurrect.

May we all remember our own Heart Song.
May we all remember to be true.
May we all remember to give with humility.
May we all remember You are Me and I Am You.

Betty Lue, February 13, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Have You Ever Had a “Judas Experience”?

Have you experienced being blind-sided?
Have you felt misunderstood and falsely judged?
Have you been betrayed by someone you trusted?
These are what I am calling “Judas experiences”.

The experience may have little to do with facts or “truth”, and much to do with misperception.
We find in human interaction, false beliefs, fear-based emotions and past patterns emerge.
People believe and do what they are unconsciously “programmed “ to believe and do.
I do not pretend to understand what is going on or what clues to look for.

I simply know that we must live true to our own principles and values.
Each one of us can easily conform and comply with others and those in authority.
Each one of us can pretend to be what others think we are.
But we would be so out of integrity that we might wish to quit or die or fight.

We need to think and speak and live our Truth.
When I see others project their own motives onto me, I must say “no”.
When I experience others attempt to criticize or control, I see their need to criticize themselves.
When others are jealous, vengeful or angry, I know they are projecting what is theirs.

The one judging is always judging themselves. 
The one expressing envy or jealousy feels needy and lacking.
The one seeing ulterior motives has their own.
The one teaching fear and threatening is afraid.
The one trying to be friendly and issuing demands is using kind words to get control.
The one who is limiting and restrictive, is afraid of freedom.
The one who challenges another’s integrity is not trusting their own.
The one who doubts is seeking faith.
Anyone who judges is calling for LOVE.  (Love=Freedom+Trust)

Those who step above the conflict and confusion may be falsely judged.
Those who are forgiving may be falsely accused.
Those who choose a path of Love may be doubted and feared.
Those who seek to serve and give always their best may be maligned.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
We may not know, but when we are true to ourselves, we can be a true friend to all.
Take time today to trust yourself and support your own real values.
Believe in the truth within you and be faithful to your own intention.

Do not allow others to shake your highest principles and values.
Allow no man to lead you astray from the path of Love.
Fear will try to have its way with you, but hold steady to your choice to serve only the Highest Good.
You need not try to change anyone’s mind when you know your own mind and your own God.

We are here to clear the fear and learn to forgive and Love anyway.
Always remembering to love the Love in me and You, 
Betty Lue

Hymn I sang as a kid.. It is still true today for me.

I would be true, for there are those who trust me;
I would be pure, for there are those who care;
I would be strong, for there is much to suffer;
I would be brave, for there is much to dare.

I would be friend of all-the foe, the friendless;
I would be giving, and forget the gift;
I would be humble, for I know my weakness;
I would look up, and laugh, and love, and lift.

I would be faithful through each passing moment;
I would be constantly in touch with God;
I would be strong to follow where He leads me;
I would have faith to keep the path Christ trod.

Who is so low that I am not his brother?
Who is so high that I’ve no path to him?
Who is so poor I may not feel his hunger?
Who is so rich I may not pity him?

Who is so hurt I may not know his heartache?
Who sings for joy my heart may never share?
Who in God’s heav’n has passed beyond my vision?
Who to hell’s depths where I may never fare?

May none, then, call on me for understanding,
May none, then, turn to me for help in pain,
And drain alone his bitter cup of sorrow,
Or find he knocks upon my heart in vain.

Do It Anyway

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.  
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.  
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies.  Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.  
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy it all overnight.  
Build anyway.  

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous.  
Be happy anyway.  

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.  
Do good anyway.  

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.  
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.  

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God.  
It was never between you and them anyway.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Judgments Stick

What you see in another is also in you or you could not see it.    
We are all in this together, you and I.
How you respond with Love or react with fear determines your healing or condemnation.
What we see is a quality to be forgiven or erased with Love or to be appreciated and encouraged.

What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.
What you give attention to in your friends or family will be increase by your focus.
We feed and increase what we talk about, judge, condemn, punish.
We feed and encourage what we appreciate, praise, enjoy and celebrate.

We grow what we give attention to.
We strengthen what we perceive.
We increase what we feed with our thoughts, words and behavior.
We are creating and growing the garden of humanity in which we live.

When we judge, criticize, punish and blame, we actually perpetuate the behavior.
When we try to fix, change, avoid and make wrong, we are actually emphasizing that experience.
Weeds, mistakes, ignorance, illness, prejudices, are continually reinforced with our focused attention.
To extinguish and eliminate, we must fill the space, with gratitude, appreciation and positive attention.

Guilt does not eliminate the error.
Guilt is held in the body/mind.
Guilt will either create repeated behavior, revenge or withdrawal.
Guilt is an erroneous deterrent or method of correction.

Seek out the good you want to encourage.
Look for behaviors you wish to feel.
Create the garden of goodness with honoring the Good.
Live with full positive attention and appreciation.

All people of all ages and backgrounds are benefitted with positive attention.
Everyone is encouraged with a smile, a hug, a thank you, a note of thanks.
Allow yourself to seek and find all the good in you and in others.
Stop the insanity of negativity and grow the good in everyone.

The pain and shame of negative feedback lasts long.
The joy and gratitude for positive feedback may be obliterated by one criticism.
Choose your words kindly and wisely so they increase what you really want.
Give yourself and others the best you have in all your interaction.

Remember your attention is strengthening the behavior you see in yourself and others.
So choose to acknowledge only the Good, the whole and the Loving and forgive the rest.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue 

The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing

1.       The essence of our being is love.
2.       Health is inner peace, healing is letting go of fear.
3.       Giving and receiving are the same.
4.       We can let go of the past and of the future.
5.       Now is the only time there is, and each instant is for giving.
6.       We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than by judging.
7.       We can become love finders rather than fault finders.
8.       We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside, regardless of what is happening outside.
9.       We are students and teachers to each other.
10.    We can focus on the whole of life, rather than the fragments.
11.    Since love is eternal, change need not be viewed as fearful.
12.    We can always perceive others as either extending love or giving a call for help.

Attitudinal Healing affirms that we are responsible for our thoughts and whatever feelings we experience.
Attitudinal Healing encourages us to re-examine our relationships, bringing them into the present by releasing past judgments and grievances.
Attitudinal Healing reminds us that perception is a mirror of what is in our mind.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It takes work to let go of clutter.
It takes work to let go of the past. 
It takes work to clear away all that is not true. 
It takes work to undo unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs.

It is easier to stay asleep at the wheel and let life happen to you.
It is easier to complain about what they did instead of what you need to do.
It is easier to stay in bed, deny and whine, rather than get up and do something good for you.
It is easier to neglect, ignore and fantasize instead of facing the consequences of being unwilling.

It is work to practice forgiveness.
It is work to clean up your mess.
It is work to take responsibility.
It is work to do the work to make your life good.

Laziness is really hidden fear.
Unwillingness is really resistance to correcting your errors.
Procrastination is really pretending you can’t, wont’ or need to get ready.
The time for cleaning and clearing, simplifying and choosing again is NOW.

Courage is needed to overcome fear.
Willingness is needed to step forward in faith.
Initiation and inspiration is needed to overcome inertia.
Gratitude is needed to know there is a better way for you to heal it all.

Begin today.
Cluttered minds shows up as cluttered houses, cars and closets.
Confused thinking shows up as ambivalence, doubt and endless research.
Inner conflict shows up as procrastination and hesitance.

Focus on your preferred choices.
Forgive others for teaching and demonstrating what is mistaken and limited.
Forgive yourself for believing and following what they taught and choose again.
Choose consciously for what is highest and best for everyone, especially you.

Give yourself rewards, appreciation and respect for making new and better choices.
Give yourself plenty of love for what is good for you and others.
Honor your new choices by working to make it your new daily habits.
Appreciate the work it takes to make your whole life new again.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
Your work is to honor and appreciate the Gift you are.
Take impeccable care of your whole self everyday in everyway.

Loving you as you do what it True for You.
Betty Lue

Do It Anyway

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.  
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.  
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies.  Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.  
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy it all overnight.  
Build anyway.  

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous.  
Be happy anyway.  

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.  
Do good anyway.  

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.  
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.  

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God.  
It was never between you and them anyway.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Abandonment Is An Inside Job

A reader asked, “Please address how those of us with abandonment issues could avoid having them our future decision making with respect to relationships.”

All abandonment issues are about abandoning ourselves.
All rejection is about rejecting ourselves.
When we are loving ourselves consistently, there is no abandonment.
When we are connected with the Love within, we do not feel left.

Our personality gets attached to having someone else fill our needs for love and closeness.
Our human self may seek approval, companionship and agreement.
Our training as a child may have been the withdrawal of love when we were disobedient.
Threats to be left alone may have been how parents and partners have controlled us.

The withdrawal of love or the loss of a loved one without understanding may feel like abandonment.
When someone or something to which we are attached is taken away, we may feel left and bereft.
When authorities remove someone’s source of comfort and safety, it may feel life threatening.
It is essential that we find an inner Source and resource on which we can rely for comfort and safety.

Take the time to find a place within that you know will not betray you.
Still the voices of criticism, demands and hatred and listen deeper for the voice of Love.
Calm the storms of self judgment, fear and profound grief for the loss of love and see the place of Peace.
Clear the mind by forgiving everything that is not wholly loving and reassuring for you.

The thoughts we think determine the feelings we have.
When we think, “I have been abandoned”, it becomes our belief.
What we believe, we make true by reinforcing it with other thoughts.
When we judge what we believe and see, we feel left, bereft and unloved.

What is the truth?
The other may not be capable of staying.
The other may be denying themselves.
The other may be afraid of commitment.
The other may not like how we smell.
The other may be immature in their relationships.
The other may be afraid to love.
The other may want many to be with.
The other may be playing a part that is similar to our past.
The other may not know why they are leaving.
The other may prefer freedom or drugs.
The other may need to follow their inner direction.
The other may want to make new choices and travel new paths.
The other may have a history or pattern of leaving when too close.
The other may not be right for us.
The other may not care how we feel.

Usually we do not really ever know, so why make up what will hurt like hell?
Betty Lue is always loving you, me and all as One.

 Remember: Every upset is a past similar……Usually from early childhood. (or past life?)
Every upset is a replay of what we did not  understand or we allowed to hurt or scare us.
It is replayed on our life screen and in our relationships until we heal the fear or hurt.

Use forgiveness and affirmations:
I forgive your Mom and Dad for abandoning me, physically or emotionally.
I forgive myself for withholding my love from you and from myself.
I love you Mom and Dad and I know you love me too.

I forgive myself for letting anyone or anything hurt me.
I forgive myself for withholding my love from myself..
I now allow myself to love where there is a call of love.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrate Today and Everyday!

This is one of my most inspiring days of the year. (Laughing since I am happy everyday!!!)
Palm Sunday is the celebration for me of forgiveness and helpfulness and Love.
Palm Sunday represents the change of climate ecologically and spiritually.
Palm Sunday is the beginning of hope, faith and unlimited Love for one and all.

We each can choose today and every day to read our “palms” and see our happy purpose.
We each can undo whatever faulty programming and scary history we may remember.
We each can change our minds, our habits and our choices.
We each can make today matter because we choose to make this day Good for one and all.

I love to celebrate by loving and giving.
I love to join with others who claim responsibility for their happiness.
I love to forgive humanity for choosing to cling to resentment and pain.
I love to breathe deep, listen within and follow the guidance of my heart.

To follow the examples of those who always were helpful, I seek to be helpful too.
Sometimes being helpful is offering physical or financial support and encouragement.
Sometimes being helpful is offering words of encouragement and appreciation.
Sometimes being helpful is letting people to figure our their own answers and solutions.

Creating dependency by always being there may not be truly helpful.
Giving handouts again and again may teach dependency instead of self reliance.
Letting yourself be used may teach people they are weak and incapable.
We must learn to give when it is truly helpful for all concerned for win/win outcomes.

When we live our lives celebrating the good we have, the good increases.
When we give freely without loss, we feel blessed for the good we have to give.
When we give expecting return on our investment, we may find sometimes there is no return.
When we learn that our giving from joy and gratitude blesses giver and receiver, we freely give.

Happiness runs in a circular motion.
Love is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everybody is a part of everything anyway.
You can have it all, if you let yourself be.

What will it take for you to be a winner?
What does it take for you to give your all?
How can you be a happy giver and receiver?
Are you willing to forgive and have it all?

Life, everyday, is your 24 hours to use for your good.
This day is one in which you can celebrate or complain.
One way gives you joy and the other offers pain.
You are the chooser so read your heart and do what works for you!

Loving you everyday in every way I know…….and I begin with me!
Betty Lue

May all Beings walk in Beauty.
May all Beings live with Grace.
May all Beings share their Wisdom.
May all Beings give with Faith.

May all Beings hear their message.
May all Being teach with respect.
May all Beings learn their teaching.
May all Beings forgive to resurrect.

May we all remember our own Heart Song.
May we all remember to be true.
May we all remember to give with humility.
May we all remember You are Me and I Am You.

Betty Lue, February 13,  2013

 Helping, Fixing, Serving
--by Rachel Remen (May 29, 2000)

Service is not the same as helping. 

Helping is based on inequality, it's not a relationship between equals. 
When you help, you use your own strength to help someone with less strength. 
It's a one up, one down relationship, and people feel this inequality. 
When we help, we may inadvertently take away more than we give, diminishing the person's sense of self-worth and self-esteem.
Now, when I help I am very aware of my own strength, but we don't serve with our strength, we serve with ourselves
We draw from all our experiences: our wounds serve, our limitations serve, even our darkness serves. 
The wholeness in us serves the wholeness in the other, and the wholeness in life. 
Helping incurs debt: when you help someone, they owe you. 
But service is mutual. 
When I help I have a feeling of satisfaction, but when I serve I have a feeling of gratitude.
Serving is also different from fixing
We fix broken pipes, we don't fix people. 
When I set about fixing another person, it's because I see them as broken. 
Fixing is a form of judgment that separates us from one another; it creates a distance.

So, fundamentally, helping, fixing and serving are ways of seeing life
When you help, you see life as weak; when you fix, you see life as broken; and when you serve, you see life as whole.
When we serve in this way, we understand that this person's suffering is also my suffering, that their joy is also my joy and then the impulse to serve arises naturally - our natural wisdom and compassion presents itself quite simply. 
A server knows that they're being used and has the willingness to be used in the service of something greater. 
We may help or fix many things in our lives, but when we serve, we are always in the service of wholeness.
--Rachel Remen, from Zen Hospice

Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living
1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions,rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
6. Create and maintain an environment that nurtures me.
7.  See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
8.  Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative, knowing all thoughts are creative.
10.  Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Can Heal It All

Whenever there is an upset, you are responsible. (“response able” or able to respond)
Whenever there is a misunderstanding, you can heal it.
When you are angry or hurt for any reason, you can respond with love.
When you don’t’ know what to do or say, step away.

When you are trying to defend yourself,  it just makes the other more defensive.
When you are blaming yourself or the other in any way, it will not heal.
When you are feeling attacked, stop attacking back and step away.
When you are trying to get approval or understanding, you may make matters worse.

The key to healing is inner peace.
The key to responding with Love is forgiveness..
The key to success in relationships is joining, honesty, equality, commitment and responsibility.
The key to a healthy relationship is for each party to take full responsibility for healing the upset.

All healing is done within our own minds.
All forgiveness comes from clearing the past with erasing it with Love.
Clarity comes from awareness without judgment.
To be aware, we must clear our emotional attachments.

When we take responsibility for our inner peace, we have stepped into the realm of healing.
When we are willing to do the work, we bring peace to every mind and every situation.
When we recognize the powerful tool we have within us, we can use it at anytime.
The work then begins with us, by stepping away and doing our own work.
Self Healing Exercise:
(use liberally for any upset!)
When either person is not at peace, confused, upset in any way....
Stop talking immediately, excuse yourself and step away to a private place.
Sit by yourself and write at the top of the page:
The real reason I am upset is because:
Begin writing everything that comes in your mind.
Repeat the statement each timeThe real reason is:”
Do not stop until you have no more mental responses and even then say again: “The real reason is

You will both discover all the reasons have nothing to do with what is real. 
They are made up in our minds by past similar experiences.
They all belong to our own beliefs and history.
We seem to keep repeating until we begin the process of deleting.

You do not need to share with each other your writings, but you may if you wish.
You do not talk about them. 
You do not engage in further connection or conversation until you are clear.
You return to the relationship having cleared, forgiven and come to peace with yourself.

If there are residualbeliefs you are holding against yourself and each other, there is a need for more.
See below one tool you can use mightily for the rest of your life.
Using affirmations for forgiving the origin is always effective.
“I forgive you ____ of not telling me the truth.
I forgive myself for believing you and feeling betrayed.
I love you ___ and I know you love me too.”

All upsets are past similars. 
They are all invitations to forgive.
As long as we blame others or feel guilty, we are not clear.
As long as we are seeking the other’s forgiveness or approval, we are not clear.
As long as we want to defend or explain ourselves or get their explanation, we are not clear.

Our work in every relationship is taking full responsibility for being happy, in love and at peace.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
I highly recommend. the 30 day process below to begin practicing daily.
I highly recommend that you begin to use the “Real Reason” process above for every upset. 

Loving us all and always encouraging everyone to come together in peace and love in each new moment.

Let’s Stop making each other sick by spreading the germs of upset and discontent.
We are to share the gifts of high level wellness, peace and joy and love, 
Betty Lue

30 Days to Healing and Seeing things Differently!
This exercise has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform your life
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:

Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind. 
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within. 
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.
Make the sound “AAAH” for 1minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.
Now write and say 30 Choices. 
I choose to be happy. 
I choose to be free.  
I choose to do what I love. 
I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the  sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1 minute.

Even a few of each is better than none.  
Do what you can and trust it is working.
Even when you are driving to work, you can do this process aloud.
The key is your willingness to DO THE WORK!

Loving You always, Betty Lue

Friday, March 22, 2013

Where Are You?

It is spring and time for planting the seeds that we want to harvest.
It is spring and time to create the next phase of our lives.
It is a time of visioning and believing and trusting in the new growth.
It is time for letting go of whatever no longer serves us and our Good.

Where are you?
Are you waiting for someone or something to give your new life?
Are you still in winter trying to hang on and stay comfortable?
Are you hoping someone or something will give you the inspiration you need?

Are you breathing fully and freely?
Are you cleaning up yesterday’s mess?
Are you filling up the emptiness and empty nest?
Are you lethargic and depressed after too much drugs, TV, sleep or complaining?

Life is what we make of it.
There is no magic answer or specialist that can change your mind and ways.
You are the captain of your destiny and the navigator for where you are to go.
You are the one seeking and finding what it is you claim you want to be and do and go.

To sit and wait for someone else to change is to deny you self.
To use excuses of not enough and not knowing is to interfere with your happiness.
To blame and resent, to sue and plan revenge, is to fill your mind and body with poison.
To try to fix, to analyze and paralyze your self with “Why?” is to go in circles.

Only you and I can choose to change, to take back our lives and make them matter.
Of course you don’t want to be here if you have chosen to suffer in “hell” and live in confusion.
I know the world of “broken dreams” seems like a loss when you judge it all as failing and stupid.
And yet there is gain, when you claim the learning value, the blessing in what did not work.

·     Write down what you have learned.
·     Take inventory of what you have.
·     Appreciate the support you have given and received.
·     Celebrate how much life you have to live and give.

Stop crying and denying this is your mess and you are responsible for cleaning it up.
Get busy with the project and clear the debris so you can see what really is still good.
Make a vow to you to love you well today with food and sleep, work and play.
Give yourself the day every loving parent would give to their happy child.

Only you can make your dreams come true.
Only you can give you the life you really want.
Only you can forgive and love you well in everyway.
Only you can make you happy each and every day.

Take back your life and seize today.
Betty Lue