Monday, January 31, 2022



I think with a mind filled with Goodness and Love.

I speak with words that inspire and encourage.

I act with creative solutions so all can benefit.

I seek only to give the best I know to everyone.

Are You Willing?

When you question, you create doubt.

Where you doubt, you block success.

When you have fear, you hesitate.

When you judge, you get stuck.

What you think creates success or failure.

What you imagine creates positives or negatives.

What you say encourages or discourages.

How you live demonstrates what works or doesn’t work.

When you look at life, you can bless it or judge it.

When you listen to your words, you can be inspired or depressed.

When you watch your friends and family, you can be filled with hope or depression.

Inspire, encourage, imagine and live with willingness to succeed.

Everything is listening.

Your body listens to you.

Your family listens to you.

Humanity listens to you.

What you think and say and do has creative power.

When you are positive, you create positively.

When you are appreciative, you create with gratitude.

When you are happy, you create more happiness.

When we understand the power of our thoughts, words and deeds, we will create all Good.

Change your words and you change your experience.

Change your mind and you change your life.

Change your behavior and you change others.

Gratitude for Goodness gives you more Good.

Praise for health and happiness, gives you more health and happiness.

Willingness to believe it before you see it, bring about amazing results.

Miracles occur naturally when your thoughts and words are loving and grateful.

Your willingness to change your thoughts and words will change your life.

Forgive all negativity, fear and doubt again and again.

Choose to think, feel, say and believe all Good and only Good.

Live as thought everything matters.

Be grateful that everything matters…

Because it Does!

You matter!!!

I am thankful we are together!!

Betty Lue

Ten Keys to a Good Life: 

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.

Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.

Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.

Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.

Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.

Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.

Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.

Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.

Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.

Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.

Sunday, January 30, 2022



I join with others to support the Highest Vision.

I release all blocks to support Freedom and Trust.

I honor differences and seek the positive agreement.

I seek opportunities to join for the Highest Good of all.

Join with Purpose

When you are on purpose, the power of connection is amplified with two or more.

When you focus on a goal, the possibilities expand with agreement with others.

When you want a positive outcome, it is far more likely with agreement. 

With two or more joined with similar goal, focus and purpose, all things are possible.

In partnership, business or family, the more goal-focused agreement, the more likely the outcome.

When you are joined in Purpose, there is respect, responsibility and cooperation.

When two people are focused on the same goal, there is cooperation.

When people are cooperation on what is right and good for both, they agree.

Where there is agreement, there need be no conflicts of wasted energy.

Relationships are for revealing and healing.

Relationships are for teaching and learning.

Relationships are for discovering Your authentic Self.

Relationships are a Gift to be treated with respect and kindness.

When you are focused on what will work for both, you heal, learn and grow together.

When two are purposeful, you can heal differences.

When two are joined, you encourage one another.

When two are joined, you listen and learn better.

Where there is conflict, there is wasted time and energy.

Where there is disagreement, there is lack of love and understanding.

Where there is confusion, there is loss of focus and commitment.

Where there is guilty, there is withdrawal and blame.

In all relationships, there is the possibility of magnificent success and devastating failure.

Within families, organizations, communities and nations, there is a call for joining with purpose.

When people see for the Highest vision and goals, there is higher potential for agreement.

When people are connected with a higher purpose, they find where they are joined.

With disagreement, seek for the highest place of joining.

With challenges, go to the place of agreement.

With negativity, focus on what is working.

With disappointment, forgive the past and seek the positive possibilities. 

See where you agree.

Set aside past conflict and confusion.

Eliminate negativity, criticism and blame.

Join where all can succeed.

Value the relationship.

Commit to positive possibilities.

Support one another work together.

Walk together to reach your goals.

Where two or more are joined, all things are possible.

I know this is so.

Trusting and believing in You, 

Betty Lue

Keys to Successful Relationships/Partnerships 

 Joining-Create a common vision or shared goal.

 Honesty- Communicate your true intention without secrets or withholds.

 Equality-Each is giving the best they know in each moment.

 Commitment- Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.

 Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond consciously to all relationship needs without guilt or blame. 

Be respectful and forgiving of mistakes made.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Stay Inspired!


Life is ours to use for inspiration.

I remember I am here to be inspired to inspire.

I know who I am matters.

I trust my life is my gift to use for expanded giving.

Stay Inspired!

How do you inspire yourself?

Are you learning and growing?

Are you healing and living healthy?

Are you loving and feeling loved?

Are you living and fully enjoying?

Are you giving and valuing your gifts?

Are you connecting and receiving trusting the connection?

Are you receiving wisdom and awakening available?


Everything is available to you.

All of life is yours to have and use and live.

When we share what we are learning, we stay inspired.

When we give what we are receiving, we stay inspired.


All that inspires us will inspire others.

Our life is flow and flow is both letting go and receiving.

The flow of life energy in us and through us is enlivening.

The opportunity to share what we have is an unlimited gift.


Every breath we take is breathing with all that is.

Every walk we take is enlivening us and all.

Every song we sing is singing with everyone.

When we learn we are part of everything, we are inspired.

When you are inspired, your life is an inspiration for others.

When you are learning, you are inspiring everyone to learn.

When you are healing, your healing is healing for all.

When you are giving, you inspire others to give.


It is in our realization of who we are that we are inspired.

It is in our awakening to our desire to make a difference, that we are inspired.

It is in our discovery that we have unlimited value, that we are our inspired.

We stay inspired by being fully alive and realizing the gift we are.


Without you, we would be incomplete.

You matter…. your works, your imagining, your actions all make a differing.

When you live with inspired consciousness, you are the inspiration you seek.

When you allow love in, you know you are the One You Seek.


Let us all stay inspired to inspire one another.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue 

Friday, January 28, 2022

First Things First


I love myself just the way I am.

What is best for me is best for others.

I take impeccable care of my whole Self daily.

I live the message I give and all wake up and remember.

Take Care of What is Yours!

With so much need in your world, take care of you.

With so many questions to be answered, listen to you.

With so many places to go, be at home with you.

With so much to be given, give first to you,

You are Important.

You are the seer and the listener.

You are the healer and the comforter.

You are the gift and the giver.

When you have not seen what is right and true, you may not have listened to you.

When you are not comforting yourself, you may remember to heal and be whole.

When you have not received the gift, you may not realize the gift you are.

Care first for you precious Self and the Gift You Are.

You are the message and the messenger.

You are the example and role model.

You are the loving and beloved.

You must treat yourself as the precious Being You Are.

Honor your Calling.

Live your Purpose.

Follow your Dream.

Be true to you.

When you allow yourself to be distracted, delayed or detoured, you lose your way.

When you deny yourself the listening and peace you deserve, no one can hear your message.

When you continue on the road and leave your Self behind, you get confused in purpose.

When you linger too long with those who don’t care, no one is caring for you.

Give yourself the care you deserve.

Take time with yourself to listen to your message.

Be where you are with peace and renewal.

Honor the Gift you came here to give.

Give your Self the Abundance of Love you are here to receive.

Leave not your whole and holy Self and take great care of you

This is your place and your time to truly Love You.

I am loving you always,

Betty Lue

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Family Guide


I offer my family the best in me.

I give myself a “time-out” when I need to calm myself.

I nurture and nourish myself and my family with healthy meals.

I treat everyone with the kindness, love and respect.

Family Guide

See Qualities of a Functional Family below.

Do you know how to build a true Healthy Family?

Have you ever experienced what you really want?

Do you know how to demonstrate and teach healthy relationships?

Have you received and given the Love you deserve?

If you have what you want, no need to read this.

If you have not, it is time to learn and earn the love, trust and respect you deserve.

If you know how to parent, partner and participate, you can be happy for all you know and do.

If you don’t know how to take care of you and those you love, start here to learn.

Safety and security are essential for the functional foundation of family.

This means proper food prepared with love and appreciation.

This means having what you need to eat and drink.

This means having good rejuvenating rest.

Make sure no one is hungry and eats in a calm kind environment.

This means no yelling, clean food prepared on time without news and eating around the TV.

When people are distracted when eating, they don’t appreciate and enjoy the food.

There needs to be easy conversation, in a family setting with people sharing good feelings.

When people are well fed and well rested, they do better in every way.

Choose good rest in a quiet clean environment is healthful.

Go to bed early so you can get up without an alarm or need to be awoken.

Have a quiet time before bed with kind words of comfort and appreciation.

Begin with the basics for healthy bodies and happy minds.

Ensure children and adults are treated with care and kindness.

Speak with respect to one another.

Be helpful and respond to others in loving ways.

There is no need for yelling or demanding where there is mutual respect.

Everyone can learn from the adults who are kind and respectful.

Children trust parents who are safe in how they behave and speak.

Children respond to what adults say and do consistently.

Consider giving your self and others time out to calm and center yourself.

Consider speaking the way you want to be spoken to.

Consider teaching by example and learning what is a better way.

Adults lead by example when they behave in a mature safe way. 

Regular meals at regular time is important for bodies to thrive.

Regular sleep at regular time is healthy for minds and bodies to rest well.

Calming environment is essential for no anxiety and positive feelings.

Speak clearly and concisely in a quiet environment to be heard.

This is just the beginning of good connection and easy connection with everyone.

Time to begin at home to create the world we want for ourselves and our children.

Only wanting the best for you and your family.

Betty Lue



Respect is the Holy Grail of functional families. Being considerate of each other is the tie that binds, even more than love.

Emotionally Safe Environment

All members of the family can state their opinions, thoughts, wants, dreams, desires and feelings without fear of being slammed, shamed, belittled or dismissed.

Resilient Foundation

Healthy relationships can withstand stress, even trauma, and, if not bounce back, at least recover. Part of building resilience is being supportive of each other, no matter what.


Privacy of space, body and thought. Knock and ask permission to enter before going through a closed door. Provide and respect clear boundaries.


Being accountable means respectfully and reasonably informing people in the family where you are and what you are doing so they can grow trust and not worry.


When you make a mistake or overstep, quickly apologize, then ask for (and receive) forgiveness. 

Allow Reasonable Expression of Emotions

Expressions of unhappiness or hurt can be accepted and responded to with respect. 

Gentle on Teasing and Sarcasm

Don’t use either as a poorly masked put down.

Allows People to Change and Grow

A functional family lets people define themselves—and change those definitions. No “labelling”.

Parenting is Co-Parenting

Parents, divorced or married, support the same standards and messages so children experience consistency.


Liberally use ‘please’ or ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘I’m sorry’.


Functional families play, work and problem solve together. 

Eat Meals Together

Research shows that communication within a family is enhanced if we take more meals together.

Follow The Golden Rule

“Treat each other as we wish to be treated.” It was true way back when and it’s still true now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Listen To Your Self


I love and accept myself the way I am.

I easily forgive my mistakes and quickly learn.

I follow my inner guidance and intuition.

I take time daily to appreciate my life choices.

Listen to Your Self

Is anyone listening to you?

It is solely your job to do.

To be true to you is your need.

Follow your heart is your choice.


You may be frustrated, angry or afraid.

You may be blaming or crying out for someone to save you.

You may be denying, doubting or feeling victimized.

Somewhere within you know, it is all about you saving you.

To blame others will misguide you.

To avoid yourself is to deny you.

To correct others will divide you.

To forgive yourself will bring you home to you.

There is so much to learn and know.

There is often a long way to go.

But the first step is the most important.

Listen to you by beginning within.

Write down your thoughts and feelings daily.

Journal your questions and fears.

Listen to your ideas with laughter and tears.

Learn to respect all that comes from within you.

You are here to really know YOU!

Within you is everything you seek.

Take some time to find what is true.

You are here to love and cherish you.

When you write the words you hear inside, you begin to find what is really interfering.

When you read what you have written, you can see what is good and truly helping you.

Some feelings and thoughts can be misguiding with their distortion and fear.

But some true loving helpful guidance will show up honest and clear.

Your job is to discern the truth that leads to safety and calm.

Your listening will see beneath what is angry and wrong.

The ideas and help will show you what voice coming through you.

You are looking only what is healing and loving and helpful to you.

So, listen to what is right and good and true.

This comes from the real love with you.

Be willing to follow what is kind and good to you.

Love shows the way to follow every day.

Always beside you, Love will always guide you.

And I am with you.

Betty Lue