Monday, November 30, 2015

One At A Time!

I notice with focus everything works more exquisitely than I can plan.
I focus on what is for the highest good of all.
Everything I do with intention and focus and joy works quickly and easily.
I forgive myself for being distracted, detoured and delayed by worldly stuff.

Single Focus, Please!
(Written at 7AM on Sunday Nov. 29)

Your focus is like a laser.
When you are aware of one single focal point, all your energy is maximized.
It is easy to create with your full attention.
You focus is like a star going before you and lighting your way.

With split focus demanding your attention and energy, you are diluting what you want.
When you divide your attention and intention, you cannot feed any one equally well.
When you feed both what you want and what you don’t want, you increase both.
When you are in conflict about where and how much to give, you will decrease your impact.

Only this morning, as I began writing this reminder, I stopped to read piece from ACIM text.
It dawned on me how I was dividing my energy between healing my past and creating my NOW.
I saw how I was hanging onto what I didn’t want and not allowing what I really want.
I came back to the computer and read the quote from “Abraham” below.

How are you dividing your attention?
What do you really want?
Above all things, what is your highest goal or intention?
Are you willing to focus entirely on what you truly desire?

When I am not single minded, I get lost in complexity.
When I forget my single truth, I am distracted by others.
When I try to figure out “what” and “why”, I am consumed by thoughts and emotions.
When I am willing to give up my own goal, I get caught in trying to help others.

What I really want is peace, the peace in life that is “fun, safe and easy.”
I have often heard within and said “When I listen and follow, life is fun, safe and easy.”
This is my experience and my truth.
When I listen within and follow inner guidance, my life is truly a fun, safe and easy experience.

So ask within:
· What is my single goal?
· What is the aim of my living here?
· What do I really want for myself?
· What is the highest and best way to enjoy my life?

When we place our focus on what we really want, we let go of what we don’t want.
We are no longer distracted, delayed, disappointed or depressed.
We find life becomes a pathway, clear and true to what is ours to be and have and do.
We do not linger in decisions, but know what is right and true.

What is “fun, safe and easy” is my path to the Joyful Peace I am here to be and do and have.
My goal in life leads my way, but gives me energy and meaning everyday.
My life works when I listen and follow  my inner guidance.
I love myself when I am willing to listen within and follow what I know to be true..

Always Loving Me as I am loving You,
Betty Lue

Everyone is responsible for the thoughts they think and the things that they choose as their objects of attention.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Do What You Really Want!

I honor my values and priorities in what I do each day.
I take impeccable care of my own health, happiness and fulfillment.
I know my trust and freedom is a loving example for others.
I trust humanity to learn from their own choices, self forgiveness and new choices.

Do You Know What You Really Want?

When you are living your own way, you will be happy.
When you do what you really want to do, you are free.
When you listen and follow your heart’s desire, you live well.
When you care enough to give yourself the best, others will too.

Loving yourself is a clue to happiness and peace.
Many do not understand what it feels like to love yourself.
You must trust the choices that you make.
You free yourself to be the One You Are.

I spent Thanksgiving quietly with Robert, my spiritual partner and husband of 30+ years.
We enjoy out time together both in silence, doing our own work and spiritual practice.
We work well together in meals, shopping, sharing and creating our life of service.
We have never argued or fought, because we take responsibility for our own happiness.

Can you imagine what it is to not fight or get angry with others?
Have you consider how you can mind your own business?
Do you see how to set yourself and others free to be and do what they really want?
Are you ready and willing to be true to yourself without distraction or disappointment?

I love the work I do, writing, counseling and coaching, sharing wisdom and love.
I enjoy creating beautiful spaces, inspiring relationships, healthy lifestyle and happy living.
My life works because I am free to undo and recreate what is true for me naturally.
I need not complain or delay or effort or get approval, because I honor and respect myself.

To step forward in confidence requires listening within to myself to know where I am going.
To be filled with inspiration requires observing what fills me with life energy and joy.
To enjoy my life asks only that I take full responsibility for everything I think, do and say.
To have an abundant life is always knowing and living what I really want with clarity.

Each one of us can easily give up our excuses by taking the risk to live our own way.
We can stop waiting for others to guide us and choose what is right for ourselves.
We have the opportunity everyday to be responsible for knowing and living our truth.
We are able when we are willing to relinquish what no longer serves our happiness and peace.

I am inspired by the writing I do each and everyday.
I am fulfilled by the work I do with coaching and counseling everyday.
I appreciate the life I have created for myself and all the blessings I experience.
I learn from everyone and everything to clarify even more accurately what I really want.

When I watch a movie, play or TV show I do not value, I leave and make a new choice.
When I eat what doesn’t feel healthy or right for me, I stop eating and choose again.
When I am in a place that is not highest and best for my energy, I excuse myself.
Only I can discern what is Good for me and I take full responsibility.

If you know what you really want, choose it for yourself.
Take full responsibility for your choices.
If you are in conflict, clarify your values and priorities.
Do what is really true for you.

Always communicate your choices and changes when others are involved.
Be aware you must clear the air, so you are not left with guilt and resentment.
Trust and free others to choose for themselves as well and let them know.
Be good for yourself and you will be better for and with others.

What is best for you, is best for others.
You are happier, healthier and more inspired with Love.
You will teach by example that others can free themselves too.

Always loving, trusting and freeing You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Your Self!

I love the choices I make for the sake of loving.
I free myself to be my whole self by letting go.
I relinquish the past and let love last.
Life works at its best when I lighten up.

Let Go and Live Free!

So often we carry what is not ours.
We may take on beliefs that do not fit.
We learn habits that do not help.
We follow trends that seem unlike us.

Is it time to clean our minds?
Can we let go of what we believe that is faulty?
Are we ready to release what does not bring peace?
Can we undo all that is no longer true?

To forgive is to erase with love.
To release is to let go and find peace.
To experience grace is to be grateful.
To be born anew is to relinquish the past.

Write it down and throw it away.
Bury the past hurts and sorrows in the ground.
Let the poopy stuff be used as fertilizer.
Clear out the old and plant seeds for the new.

Is it time to clean our bodies?
Can we change our diet to healthy and good?
Are we willing to give up unhealthy food?
Can we begin today to live in living way?

Clean our cupboards of what we know is not our best.
Give ourselves time to prepare our food naturally.
Get enough sleep and rest and play everyday.
Move our bodies instead of sitting still.

Let us lighten up our minds and bodies.
Let us fill our heart with visions of love.
Let us create good for ourselves and others.
Let us live according to the highest truths.

We can be what we truly want to be.
Change begins at home within us.
We need to bring light to our minds.
We need to offer love to our bodies.

When mind and body are aligned we are open to Spirit.
Inspiration is the cornerstone of building the next chapter in life.
Being alive mentally, physically and emotionally is the key to creativity.
We can create whatever we want when we do not carry the past with us.

Be in charge of your life.
Free yourself from the mistakes of your past.
Give yourself the best you deserve with everything you ingest.
Let go and love yourself to wholeness, goodness and abundant life.

Let go and live free.
You will see how Good it gets.
You will know what life is meant to be.
When you live free, you will fully be You.

Yes, this is for you and for me!
I am always Loving YOU!
Betty Lue

Friday, November 27, 2015

Remember to Love You!

I choose to be happy and in love.
I love doing, having and being what is good for me.
I live full of joy when I listen to my true Spirit.
Life is fun, safe and easy when I choose what is truly inspiring for me.

Remember to Love You!

Be in a state of loving and you will be happy.
Find someone or something to love dearly.
You will feel good.
Live like you are in love with life!

Remember what it feels like to be in love.
Take time to really love being alive.
Breathe in fresh air, both cold and warm.
Enjoy the feeling of enjoying where you are.

If you cannot be happy where you are, go somewhere else.
The first part of life is being curious about where you are.
The next stage of life is exploring where you have come.
And then you decide where you feel loved and happy.

When you are clear about what feels good, choose it.
When you are happy about what you have, enjoy it.
While you are enjoying it, learn to choose  it again.
This is being discerning.

Do you realize you can choose?
Have your learned life experiences are your choice?
Do you give yourself the opportunity to choose again?
Are you aware you can choose to be happy and in love?

When you learn love is a choice, you will naturally make loving choices.
When you recognize happiness is your choice, you will naturally choose to be happy.
However, if your will has been disrespected, you may stop listening to your will.
If your choices have been judged and punished,  you may stop allowing yourself to choose.

This is your time to awaken.
You are responsible for your happiness.
You can choose whatever you want to be, to do and to have.
You will remember when you are willing to love you.

When you are free, it is easy to choose again.
When you feel trapped, it seems difficult.
When you feel stuck and are unhappy, it may seem impossible.
Begin with little simple choices.

Practice your ability to free yourself to be happy and in love.
Seek to exercise your right to make choices.
Does this food feel good or not?
Do I feel happy with what I am wearing or not?
Do I enjoy spending time with this person?
Do I feel in love enjoying this activity?

If you are feeling happy, in love and enjoyment, appreciate your choice.
If you are feeling unhappy, dissatisfied and depressed, forgive your choice.
Life is meant to learn what works for you and what doesn’t work.
You are the scientist who is discerning what is good for you.

Every moment there are choices to make.
Make yourself happy and you will be good for your world.
Loving you in loving you,
Betty Lue

I am loving you and I hope you are loving you, Too!

I am loving us all.  
It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.
Above all, let us simply remember to love. 
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so totally grateful for my life learning.
I feel blessed by the experiences I have co-created.
I love being happy and keep choosing for happiness.
I know what I am most happy and grateful, I can do more good in my world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is a trick to “being truly happy”.
“You must be genuinely grateful.”

“If you are a turkey, how can you be happy, unless you are thankful for the life you have had?”

So what about your gratitude?
Are you really grateful for your life?
Are you aware of who you are and all you have?
Do you acknowledge how you have created your life?

Have you let go of what you don’t want?
Do you understand how your gratitude sets you free?
Do you really see how good your life is and can be?
Are you willing to appreciate what you have and let it expand?

What are the ways you become aware and share the gifts you have?
Have you given yourself to love and loving and let yourself be loved?
Do you really value yourself and the choices you have made?
Do you see this is all your graduate degree at life’s university?

Consider making today a practice exam for seeing how much gratitude you can share.
Practice using your thoughts, words and behavior to say thanks for everyone and everything.
Everyone is a teacher and everything is a gift.
How can it be that you have given yourself everything you see?

We can learn from the storm clouds and appreciate the coming rain.
We can find the value in a mistaken choice to simply not make it again.
We can open our heart to someone who is unkind and remember to be kind in return.
We can learn from the wrongs in the world to stop and make the right choice everyday.

Love teaches us to love everyone, so they will feel loved.
Forgiveness opens the window to our mind where we long to be kind.
As we allow ourselves to see, “It is all up to me”, we begin to know and understand.
Love grows when we give love to those crying out for love.

Our gratitude shows us what we may have forgotten.
Thanks” gives us a ways to pray and say, “I am glad to be here.”
I am happy to learn everyday from everyone.
I truly value this life I have and appreciate so I can be open-minded.

Our willingness to show gratitude awakens ourselves and others to what life can be.
In harmony with our true nature, we are grateful everyday for this opportunity to learn.
Let us join together to love one another, those who love us and those who long to be loved.
Let us remember that many are afraid of love, because they have never known lasting love.

I love You.
I thank You.
I bless You.
Always remember Love and we will return to our natural state of Love, Joy and Peace.
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Take Charge of Your Life

My thoughts and works, conscious and unconscious create my experience.
I am willing to easily undo everything I do not want.
I choose to think and speak consciously to create what I truly want.
I am willing and able to respond to my self and my life with love.

Be Responsible for Your Life.

Be willing and able to respond to all things with what you desire.
If you want Love, respond to all things with Love.
If you want anger, respond to all things with judgment.
If you want confused, respond with inner conflict and confusion.

If you want joy, respond to everything with joy.
If you want prosperity, respond to everything with generosity.
If you want health, respond to everything with healthy thoughts and feelings.
Whatever you want, you will experience when you are response-able.

We are in charge of our lives.
We may not have realized that we are affecting everything with our thoughts and feelings and behavior.
We may not have understood that with an inner change, we experience outer results.
We may not have even been aware of how we are thinking, feeling and acting.

Many folks still believe that they cannot control their thoughts and feelings.
Many have learned to express everything they think and feel.
Many have been shown that it is perfectly safe to behave however they want.
Many have never understood that what you want may not even be what you say you want.

It is time to be in charge of our lives.
It is time to take charge of our thinking and imagining.
It is important to be responsible for every word we say.
It is essential that we be responsible for what we do in secret, too!!

Our lives depend literally on what we think and say and do.
Taking responsibility means we pay attention and undo everything we do not intend.
Taking responsibility asks us to unlearn what is unhealthy and untrue.
We are leading the way in our home and workplace, and in our world.

What are you imagining and talking about?
How do you act in public and in private?
Are you living a lie with secrets you carry?
Are you doing your part to bring healing and happiness to yourself and others?

Are you teaching love or fear?
Are you talking about what is wrong or what is right and good?
Are you hiding your bad habits, thinking they don’t matter?
Are you a truth teller or a hypocrite?

Let’s ask ourselves: Are we are giving a mixed message?
Are we being our best with some and not with others?
Are we respect and kind to others but not with ourselves?
Are we living and giving the very best we can?

It is time to step up and take charge.
Our confidence grows as we live in integrity with our highest values.
Our health and happiness increase when we are living true to what is best for us?
We can be responsible for ourselves in everything we think and do and say.

Let us begin today.
Loving us all as we make the choice to be responsible.
Betty Lue

Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living

1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions, rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
6. Create and maintain an environment that nurtures me.
7.  See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
8.  Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative, knowing all thoughts are creative.
10.  Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Experiment and Observe

Everything I think, do and say is teaching others.
I am the change I want to see in my world.
I am willing and able to be responsible for all my experiences.
I experiment with the natural power I have in loving myself and others.

(Full moon 11/25 at 2:45PM PDT)

Experiment and Observe to Learn!

If you don’t believe what you read, experiment and observe the outcome.
Some read.
Some research.
Some use their intuition.
Some don't care and just do what they feel like doing.

Consider doing your own experimentation.
The key is to look, listen and write down what you observe.
Most people are too lazy or busy to actually seek what they want.
We pray, wish and expect things to change without doing our own work.

The observer actually can affect change in the outcome of the experiment with thoughts and desire.
We can change out mind and watch change in our bodies, emotions and things around us.
Our willingness and open-mindedness to see things differently actually creates a different result.
We won’t know what can work in this universal laboratory unless we experiment and observe.

Try being unhappy and down upon awakening and notice what happens around you.
Cranky mothers create a cranky household.
Try being happy and bright when you wake up and notice how everything around you responds.
Happy people create more happiness.

Treat yourself with great respect and appreciation.
Notice how well you feel inside and outside.
Notice how you treat others with respect and gratitude.
Notice how others begin to treat themselves better.

Talk with a quiet voice and are considerate of others.
Stop interrupting and yelling to get your point across.
Watch your household become quieter.
Notice how you are teaching and leading others.

Experiment using no sugar or alcohol for 30 days.
Watch everything in your life improve—mind, body and Spirit.
Experiment with getting at least 15 minutes in fresh air and sunshine daily walking.
Notice how much more energy you have and healthier you feel.

Experiment with using affirmations for yourself each morning as you use the bathroom.
Notice how your mind becomes more alert and uses more positive language.
Experiment with being grateful for your life and yourself.
Notice how gratitude seems to make everything better.

Experiment with saying ‘PLEASE’ and ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone for everything.
Notice how people begin to copy you and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ too.
Experiment with changing your thoughts, words and behavior.
Notice how the world and everything in it begins to mirror and reflect back to you.

You are the change you want to see in your life!!
Loving you in experimenting and noticing how effective you can be.
Betty Lue

Ten Keys to a Good Life: 

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.
Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Natural Aids

I easily release my fear, unhappy and negative thoughts.
I use forgiveness and affirmations to  calm my mind and restore my body.
I know how to be gentle and kind to myself and others.
I make beneficial choices in my eating and sleeping patterns.

What Is Natural?

It is natural to cry when you feel sad.
It is natural to smile when you feel happy.
It is natural to feel hungry when you need food.
It is natural to feel tired when you need sleep.

When we feel afraid, bodies naturally produce adrenalin.
When we do not get enough sleep, bodies naturally produce cortisol.
When we exercise bodies produce endorphins.
When we eat certain foods, we increase certain chemicals in the body.

Our bodies produce hormones or drugs naturally.
When we add or change or imbalance our natural chemicals, bodies need to adjust.
With the food we eat, the environment we live in and the drugs we take, we are altering what is natural.
It is important to understand how sensitive we are and how little we know about what is natural.

I am not a scientist, chemist or physician.
I am a conscious learner and pay attention to my own body.
I watch and listen to people show what happens with their own bodies, thoughts and emotions.
I know we need to be more respectful of ourselves, our minds and our bodies and how they work.

We all need enough sleep.
We are now a sleep deprived nation, because we do not sleep enough.
We can eliminate the effects of “cortisol” and lack of sleep by getting 7-9 hrs of good sleep each night.
We can stop the crazy making erratic emotional reactivity with good quality sleep every day.

The need for sleep is essential for mind and body and overall good health.
With enough sleep we stay focused, make good decisions, easy learning, being alert and aware.
Chemical substitutes only make the reactivity and emotional outbursts worse.
People learn to use drugs to stay awake and drugs to go to sleep.

For Your Consideration:
Rising early and going to bed early.
Go to bed when  you are tired and get us when rested (with no alarm!)
No food at least 2-3 hrs before bedtime. So your body has at least 12 hrs to clear your digestive track.
Get up and write everything on your mind, if you cannot sleep or wakeup early.
Give yourself quiet time before bed.   With no stimulants. Only soothing activities.
No TV, noise in the home when you go to bed.
Have your bedroom clean and clear of anything that needs work or attention. (no TV in Bedroom.)
Keep your bedroom quiet, clear of clutter, beautiful, clean and welcoming.
Do not argue, talk on the phone or text while in bed. (or watch TV)
Take Melatonin sublingual just before bedtime.  Natural sleep aid.
Seek what soothes you, ie. music, meditation, reading before you go to sleep.

Yes I am suggesting that you treat yourself like a child you are gently putting to sleep.
Sweet Dreams!!
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Keys to Health & Vitality

Betty Lue Lieber, 1994


Ingest the best and forget the rest.  
Take into your body, mind and spirit only that which supports, sustains and inspires the BEST in you.

Life is flow.
To move with the flow is healthy.
To resist is stressful.
Move with the natural inner movement physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.

To breathe in (inhale) fully life energy, Spirit, Prana, inspiration, is to expand our awareness to open to an enlightened mind.  
To exhale fully is to truly release what is no longer needed.

Reaching out with Love and respect for each other opens our bodies and beings to trust in the gentleness we all deserve to experience.

Choose for those thoughts which heal and free you to be unlimited in health and wholeness.
Forgive (erase) the beliefs which are limiting or false.

Carry with you an attitude of gratitude and love for yourself and others.
 Allow yourself to see all things work together for good.

Moderation in all things will bring your life into harmony.  
As we give ourselves what is really best for us, the extremes are gently released.

What you perceive in others and the world you strengthen in your Self.  
Focus on illness, disease and weakness and you actually weaken yourself.  
See only health and wholeness and you move yourself in the direction you are looking.

To clear out toxins and purify the system requires a willingness to eliminate toxic thoughts, activities, relationships as well as foods from your system.  Flushing the system clean is aided with water, fresh air, gentle movement and forgiveness.

To rest and relax your mind and body are invaluable to being refreshed and revitalized.
Each person has unique methods of relaxation - meditation, music, being in nature, focused simple activity.