Sunday, April 30, 2006


Yes, it is the twins', Harper and Lila's, first birthday party today.
Just to catch you up on their developments.
Lila took three steps alone for some food her Mommy was holding.
But she continues to crawl and walk along furniture.
Harper moves quickly walking everywhere by holding on or inching around on her bottom.
The girls are so different in almost everyway.
They copy one another.
They hug and kiss spontaneously with mostly Lila initiating.
Words are not intelligible yet, except to the most imaginative listener.
But sounds and looks tell all.
Yes, they can point to nose and eyes and ears.

But mostly they are happy, very healthy and strong and soooooo loving of us all.

It is their Love that counts.
Love is their greatest strength.
Love is the power that will guide them.
Love is the gratitude that will inspire them.
Love is their key to lasting happiness.

Today and everyday is your birthday and mine.
It is a day of renewal.
Each sunset brings the option to let it all go with gratitude.
Each sunrise bring the delight of unexpected surprises and creative possibilities.
Each day is our opportunity to grow in beauty and create in love and make whole what was not seen.

Life is a plethora of experiences designed to awaken us to our unlimited selves.
Life is a laboratory in which to experiment with many ways to create and destroy.
Life is a school in which we learn to forgive and let go, to love and let grow.
Life is an unlimited array of opportunities to teach and learn, to give and receive, to do and undo.

Life is for giving.
We are the gifts….to be given to one another.
It is in giving ourselves that we hear and se and know the Gifts of Love We Are.
Let us celebrate today….Life!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Happy Birthday everyone! Remember to celebrate Your Life!!!
It is a nice day in our neighborhood, so let’s explore!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

What's the Difference?

Can you tell the difference between your ego's need and your Spirit's guidance?

Your ego is your learned self.
You have learned from the world you see about what is dangerous, necessary and gives pleasure.
You have learned how to think, compare, evaluate and make life work for you.
You have learned what brings pain, criticism and disapproval and what offers inner peace and happiness.
You have learned to seek more of the worldly treasures and to forget about your Divine inheritance.
You have learned to worship the body, money, romantic love and having more stuff.
You have learned to talk good, look good and try to be good.
You have learned to live from fear and defend yourself against physical, mental and emotional harm.

Your Spirit (Higher Self) is your Authentic Self, the Real You.
Your Real Self is natural and your Essence.
Your Real Self knows that life can be fun, safe and easy, when you listen within.
Your Real Self judges nothing and no one and sees life is working naturally.
Your Real Self forgives egoic judgments and limiting beliefs.
Your Real Self offers love, appreciation and open-mindedness to all.
Your Real Self knows you are blessed by the beneficent thoughts of everyone everywhere.
Your Real Self seeks only to create wholeness, goodness and beauty.
Your Real Self shows up, pays attention and tell the Highest Truth without attachment.
Your Real Self know you are Good and there is nothing to do or make, teach or learn to be loved by God.
Your Real Self lives in LOVE and gives from LOVE.
Your Real Self knows that no one and nothing can harm you.
Your Real Self understands every loving thought is true and every unloving thought is a call for Love.
Your Real Self uses the body as a tool for communicating Love.
Your Real Self denies that making mistakes can hurt us.
Your Real Self seeks and sees the Holiness in everyone and seeks the blessing in all things.

When you listen carefully in quiet, you find that that the egos voice can be overpowering and pushy.
The spiritual voice is gentle, respectful, patient and kind.
There are no threats, conditions or penalties in God's Love, therefore there are none in the Real You.
The Real You is always ready to return to Love and live with Peace and Happiness.

Now you can tell which voice is True.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 28, 2006

Transplanting Your Self

Are you living where you thrive?
Are the conditions right for your best growth?
Are you experiencing what you seek?
Are you blooming where you have planted yourself/

Whether on the job, in a relationship, as a member of an organization, do you have the "right" conditions?
In your climate, state, neighborhood and home, is the energy what benefits your consciousness?

Some signs to look for:
You feel happy just walking down the street.
You want to meet and greet people.
You feel "at home" and at peace.
You are encouraged to be yourself.
You feel healthy, capable and strong.
It is easy to treat yourself well.
You take responsibility for your environment.

Our inner environment belongs solely to us.
We create tour own emotional climate with our thoughts.
We generate a healthy physical vehicle with our self care.
We develop a positive mental attitude with consciousness.
However, our outer environment can seem like beyond our choice.

Being "stuck" in a pot that is too small, can be limiting.
Being "stuck" in a climate too hot and too dry can leave us parched and without enough passion.
Being "stuck" in a climate to damp and too cool can feel depressing and cold.
People grow best where the conditions foster their whole life health.

Just as mold can make us sick, so toxic thoughts can make us ill.
Just as being too much alone, can create depression, so isolating at work can cause lack of doubt and fear.
When you are too much around people who are negative, you may find you catch their darkness.
When you are with people who are prejudiced, gossiping or complaining, you may find you do the same.

What have you become?
Lost or gained weight?
Comparing and envious?
Fearful and judging?
Swearing and easily provoked?
Sick and plagues with depressing thoughts?
Are those the conditions which surround?

Take a look and see what you have.
At least make the best of difficult circumstances by becoming aware.
Add the elements that are missing and delete those which are deleterious for you.
In simple changes in your home with lighting, color, sound you can make a huge difference.

I recommend that you ask yourself:
Where would be the very best environment for me to live?
What would be the very best job for me to have?
Who are the very best people for me to be with?

Make detailed lists of the exact qualities that are best for you to thrive.
Make a commitment to seek out and find those circumstances.
Give yourself time to make easy and healthy choices.
Trust your inner knowing, give yourself alternative experiences.

Making healthy changes are fun, safe and easy for me.
Our creator wants me to be healthy, happy and free.
I am supported by all the universe in having what is best for me.
What is best for me is best for others.
When I am at my best, I easily actualize my potential.
I am capable and deserving of having the life I want to thrive.
I believe in the choices I make.

I am loving you as you transplant yourself into the life that works best for you!
Betty Lue

The twins say, “Let’s get going!”
Mom and Dad need a good bike repair person!

When I fix this, we can go out jogging with Mom.

What do you think? Does that look OK?

Mmm. Just a little fine-tuning here.

OK. We’re ready when you are!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's Stopping You?

What is interfering with your dreams?
What is keeping you from accomplishing your goals?
What is in the way of you being happy everyday?
What are you allowing to hold you back?

What is distracting you from your path?
What is dividing your energies?
What is the fear that you allow to interfere?
What is the silent belief you hold against yourself?

Whenever we allow fears and doubts, judgments and past history to hold us back, we become the victims of our own thinking?
Whenever we set ourselves up to be too distracted, detoured and derailed by others' insanity, criticism or emergencies, we lost momentum, focus and direction.
Whenever we believe the world of financial, educational and family

We need to learn to trust our own calling.
We must say YES to our inner guidance.
We must listen to the voices of joy and love.
We must find and follow the path of peace.

Each one of us has many roads to choose in life.
The popular and familiar road is pitched as being safe, comfortable and filled with friends and family.
The different road is seen by most as being dangerous, difficult and uneasy.
Those who travel the familiar way find life's ups and downs with plenty of commiserating companions.

To take a different path is to step our and step up.
To listen within and follow the inner way leads to hope, happiness and inspired fulfillment.
To honor what brings us joy requires courage in the face of nay-sayers, those who discourage us.
To release what does not bring us joy and love and peace requires faith in finding a better way.

Higher ground requires letting go of our attachment to the familiar.
Flying above the crowd asks that we not need the crowd's approval.
To approve of oneself invites us to listen to the inner voice, the voice of our Creator.
The One Who loves us always and unconditionally needs no achievements or worldly success.

Going for it asks that we know we are unlimited in power, potential and peace.
With the All powerful beside us, we cannot be limited or defeated.
With True Love within us we cannot be dissuaded by worldly fear or lack.
With pure Joy in our hearts, we will not allow the negative and pessimistic to dampen our Spirits.

We can say "NO to excuses, procrastinating, waiting for someone or something to happen.
We can say "YES" to what leads us to enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy.
We can live life to the fullest right now, because we choose to fully LIVE.
We can commit to giving ourselves the best so we can be our best for others.

Life works when we say YES to Life.
Nothing and no one can stop me from being happy and in love,
Betty Lue

I see you and I love to have you see me!

You can be as cute and fun as I AM.

Sending you love of Joy energy!

Are you really seeing me or just a reflection of yourself?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What I Do, I Do for Love!

Whatever I do, I do it with Love.
Whatever I choose, I choose it with Freedom.
Whatever I create, I create it with Joy.
Wherever I go, I go there with Purpose.
Whomever I meet, I engage with Peace.
However I live, I live with Passion.

My life has meaning because I give all of my life meaning.
My life is enjoyable, because I live each day with happiness in my heart.
My life is fulfilling, because I fill it with what makes me full.
My life is forgiving, because I am willing to give and receive the gifts I experience.

Love for me is to live each moment with a conscious intention to give and receive the best.
The rest can be left at the door, so that I can see what is more.
"Give Love and Love will give to You." is true for me, as I live it daily.
"Life is for giving and I am the gift." is true for me, because I believe it and see it.

When there are moments of pain, sorrow and confusion, I seek solace from within.
When life seems to be dark and misunderstanding me, I ask Spirit, "What can I learn?"
Instead of focusing on what I wish the world would do or be, I ask, "What can I do?"
When there seems to be no win/win solution, I simply return to Love and trust.

Everyone is learning here.
We are all learning we can choose or we will lose.
We are learning this is the place we earn our wings to fly up! (Brownies)
We are learning to forgive our fears and let love lead the way.
We are learning, everyone is on a different path all leading the same direction.
We are learning, we can only heal ourselves.
We are learning that each one is part of everyone.
We are learning what we sow, we reap.
We are learning all things can be undone and healed in one holy instant.
We are learning life is a learning laboratory, a temporary school.
We are learning we can love no matter what.
We are learning we are responsible for our own happiness.
We are learning to ingest the best and forget the rest.
We are learning that belief begets experience.
We are learning more than we could ever imagine is possible.

What I do, I do for Love!
All my work is for Love.
My holy encounters are for Love.
My writing, workshops and coaching are for Love.
My time with family is for Love.
My healthy lifestyle is for Love.
My spiritual connection is for Love.
All I do, I do for Love.

Loving You in all I do,
Betty Lue

This summer Robert and I will be offering two groups:
Monday eve -Relationship Coaching Circle
Wednesday eve - Conscious Healing
Beginning the first week in June for 10 weeks.
Still 2 more spaces in our Hawaii retreat this summer.
Get your deposit to me if you are interested, please.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speak Out, Stand Up or Shut Up?

To speak out is to express one time the fullness of my feelings, thoughts and beliefs.
To speak out does not mean badgering, nagging, threatening or criticizing.
To speak out means that I show up, pay attention and tell my truth one time and then let go.
To speak out offers the best I know in the moment offering what I would want to hear.

To stand up is to take a stand for what I believe in.
To stand up is to not only express my point of view, but to invest in my position.
To stand up does not mean that I disrespect or do harm to anyone, but rather hold my position firmly.
To stand up offers the power and passion I feel with total conviction and commitment.

To shut up is to withhold my emotions, my opinions and my judgments.
To shut up is to process my energy in healthy ways like exercise, journaling or being creative.
To shut up means I realize that my expression may cause harm, resistance and animosity.
To shut up means that my world view is different than others and I must respect those differences.

How do I know which is best for all concerned?

I listen within.
I ask for the highest outcome.
I forgive my fears and let love lead.
I honor all others as much as myself.
I listen first to understand.
I ask first, if I may share my feelings.
I invite Spirit to be present when I am sharing.
I let go of the need for a certain outcome.
I give to the other the respect I would want for myself.
I take time to share in a confidential setting with an appointed time.
I encourage the other to share freely with me, while being fully attentive.
I complete with gratitude and with love, know that all things work together for Good.

Yes, I give it all to God and the Highest Good of All.
And then I let go with trust and Peace, knowing all is well.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Full expression takes many forms!
Hands and tongues out to let you know we love you and trust you!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Are you Called?

Is there a place to which you are called to go?
Is there someone with whom you are called to connect?
Is there some activity in which you are being called to engage?
Is there something you are called to create and contribute?

Each one of us has many callings in our lifetime.
Some are projects.
Some are people.
Some are places.
All inspire and energize us.

To give is to receive.
When we are giving what we seek to receive, we create, contribute and have the experience.
When we want more love, we are called to give more love.
If we want more acceptance, we are called to become more accepting.
When we want more honesty, we are called to give more honesty.
When we want more beauty, we are called to create more beauty.
When we want more inspiration, we are called to give more inspiration.

Likewise, if we want no criticism, we are being called to erase criticism from our thoughts and words.
If we want less superficial labeling and diagnosis, we are being called to never label anyone.
If we want more kindness and respect, we are called to consistently offer more kindness and respect.
If we want more forgiveness of mistakes and imperfection, we are called to forgive easily all errors.
We are here to create what is good and healthy and beautiful with our minds and hearts and hands.

The community in which you leave needs you.
What appreciation and helpfulness have you given?
Your family needs you.
What appreciation and kindness have you shared?
Your home needs you.
What cleansing and blessing have you offered?
Your work place needs you.
What gratitude and validation have you extended?
Your friends need you.
What encouragement and support have you offered without condition?

Each one of us is being called to give our best.
We all teach and touch many lives everyday with our thoughts, our words and our lives.
Each one of us is blessed with opportunities to create.
We all are making the world a better place one "peace" of trash at a time.

Do you follow your calling with blessing or curse?
Do you give your best with gratitude or annoyance?
Do your share your gifts with enjoyment or expectation?
Do you extend your peace with consciousness or conditions?

Give yourself to Love and Love with give to you.
Love is all that you think and say and do.
Your Love is enough when you know it is.

Loving you with a heart that is True B’Lue.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Commitment to Love

Yesterday we celebrated the wedding of Robert's niece in Sacramento.
Over the years I have officiated over one hundred weddings.
Robert and I wed one another with God presiding over 21 years ago.

What is this "wedding" with one another?
What is commitment made to our partners, our children, our friends?
What is the willingness to join one another?
What is the vow to love one another until the end?

YES, this is what I write about and live everyday.
Does it mean we must marry everyone?
Does it mean that we stay with everyone forever?
Does it mean we live with everyone?

When I am wed with you, I am saying that for better or worse, I have committed to love You.
When I am wed with you in Christ, I am giving you’re my vow that I will see the Light in You.
When I am wed with you with Good (God) at the head, I am letting Goodness lead the way.
When I am wed in God and for God, I am committed to the Goodness in both of us.

In the Presence of Love, often people show their badness, their mistakes, their fears and failures.
In the Presence of Peace, people often disclose their conflicts, their rage and their defenses.
In the Presence of Joy, people often display their grief and sorrow, their upset and pain.
In the Presence of Goodness, people are seeking to be forgiven and seen with the eyes of Love.

When we commit to God, we are committed to display our Goodness in thought, words and deeds.
When we wed with another, we are committing to encourage the Goodness in another.
When we accept the call to parenting, we are vowing to develop and validate the Good in our children.
When we receive the call to ministry, to service, we are saying YES to perceiving the Good in All.

Yes, the commitment to marriage is a call to strengthen within ourselves our capacity to Love.
The commitment to Love is an invitation to devote ourselves to strengthen our forgiveness and faith.
The wedding of our lives is not one of serving our human weakness, errors and ignorance.
The wedding of our Spirits is one of inspiring and awakening the Goodness and Wholeness within.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.
The only forgiveness we need ever do is to forgive everything that is not true.
Life is for giving.
You are the sacred gift of forgiveness here on earth.
Humanity seeks to remember the Love within everyone.
It is with your total forgiveness that we each must begin.
I have chosen you to join me.
As we reach around the world, let us forgive everything in our minds that is not the True creation of Goodness and Beauty, wholeness and Holiness.

My wedding gift for you and All is to forgive the misperceptions in my mind and see you always and only with Love.

Loving you, loving me, as we love all endlessly,
Betty Lue

Babies are great reminders. See below our earth angels.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Appreciate…Stop Complaining

Don't complain…….Do something.

Complaining is a waste of energy.
Complaints get us stuck in reinforcing and refueling what we are complaining about.
Complaining yields more complaints.
Putting energy into what we don't want stops the movie, so we keep seeing what is WRONG.
Putting out negative energy causes others to feel bad for you and yields nothing good.
Complaining is a form of dumpling toxins.
Toxic material belongs in a dump, not in another's consciousness.
Complaining makes others irritable, impatient, resentful or feeling bad, too.
Complaining is our way of saying we feel impotent, incapable and victimized.
Complaining is a reflection of our negative habits of mind, laziness and unwillingness to learn.

Appreciation adds value.
Appreciation gives energy.
Appreciation frees us to create more of what we value.
Appreciation always yields more to appreciate.
Putting energy into what we want opens the flow so we reinforce seeing the Good.
Putting out positive energy causes others to feel great and yields more good to others.
Appreciation is a form of increasing the value of Goodness, Happiness and Love in our world.
Being grateful is food for the Spirit and encourages more gratitude.
Appreciation is our way of saying we feel confident, conscious and capable.
Appreciation is a reflection and projection of our positive attitude, responsibility and willingness to create Goodness, Wholeness and Harmony everywhere.

I appreciate you and me.
I value how we learn to be happy together.
I celebrate the power of our love and joy and peace.
This is Good and getting better, day by day.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

I love you no matter what you choose.
Choosing what is best for you is a wonderful affirmation of the power of clarity, choice, and creativity within you!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


A good motivation is what is needed: compassion without dogmatism, without complicated philosophy; just understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their human rights and dignities. That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human capacities.
-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

What helps one may hinder another.
What feeds one may poison another.
What empowers one may weaken another.
What encourages one may stop another.

How can I be of help?
How can I serve?
How can I give what I might want to receive?
How can I listen and hear what is really being said?
How can I offer my best which may not be enough?
How can I trust all is well when I fear for myself?

When I am at peace in God with perfect trust in the Highest outcome, I can give you my peace.
When I am at home with God's presence, I can be present withyou and know God is there.
When I am in love and see Love in You and in Me, I know Love loves us both endlessly.
When I am not the doer or the deed but the channel through which the doing is done, I am enough.

May you rest in God and know all is well with you.

Our world offers roadblocks to make us stop and look for the high way.
Our relationships offer us upsets to see where we are seeking to get instead of to give.
Our minds offer us confusion, conflict and despair, cloudy whether to block to sun.
Our Spirits offer us clarity, creativity and hope, to shine on our path.
Our friends offer us affirming prayer, presence and peace to remind us of Love.
Our listening offers loving reminders to return us to our wholeness and holiness.

To be truly helpful, look to where the help really is.
See beyond this world of apparency into the heart of Reality, the Soul of Love.

Loving you, one and all,
Betty Lue

To love one is to love them all.
To listen within is to awaken all to listen to God.
To serve one with all your heart, is to serve them all.
To give wholeheartedly to just one is to give to all.
To see even one being with total forgiveness and perfect peace is to heal us all.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Inner Guidance

Don't cling to anything and don't reject anything.
Let come what comes, and accommodate yourself to that, whatever it is.
If good mental images arise, that is fine. If bad mental images arise, that is fine, too.
Look on all of it as equal, and make yourself comfortable with whatever happens.
Don't fight with what you experience, just observe it all mindfully.

-Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, "Mindfulness in Plain English"

With regard to my health, my family and balancing my life, what do I do?
You already are undoing what is not true and giving yourself what is true and perfect for you.
Trust all things work together for Good.
Give All encouragement to live on purpose, Love on purpose and enjoy life abundantly.
You know to let go of errant thoughts and feelings.
You know to condemn no one.
You know to sing out for joy.
You know to give all to all.
You know life is worth living and giving, if only to witness the blossoming of the garden.
You know that each one blossoms in their own season.
You know life is good and getting better.
You know there is nothing you need do, except remember to practice the one function you would fulfill.
Forgive all things and see only Love.
That is All.
That is enough.
Blessed be.

I am grateful that in each and every moment, we can all quiet our minds and listen within to the heart of Spirit, our Essence and True Self. You too can practice daily with a willingness to receive and learn what is for the Highest Good of All.
I rest in God.
I trust in Goodness.
I see only Wholeness.

With Love and Blessings with Good that We Are in Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Self-Serving Love is Conditional Love.

To take impeccable care of oneself, one must give up the idea that the other is responsible for our needs.
To be responsible for oneself, we must honor our right to be happy and healthy first.
To honor our need to be whole, we must stop blaming anyone for our woundedness and neediness.
To stop blaming anyone, we must give up victimization consciousness and forgive our judgments.
To give up being a victim, we must see ourselves healed and whole.
To see ourselves healed and whole, we must forgive our beliefs that we are lacking and limited.
To forgive ourselves, we must give our minds to the Higher Mind for enlightenment.
To give our thoughts and feelings to Source, we must surrender our belief that we know what is best.
To surrender our beliefs, we must trust there is another way which is healing, helpful and loving.
To trust we must practice our faith by listening within to the Essence of our Being, our God Self.
To listen within, we discipline ourselves to stop, look again (respect), listen within and ask for the Truth.

To be respectful, responsible, cooperative and co-creative in relationship is daily work.
The work is to be aware of when we are blaming, expecting, feeling hurt and needy.
The work is to forgive all judgments of ourselves and the other, so we can find inner peace.
The work is to allow ourselves to seek the Loving way to relate with no win or lose, no right way.
The work is to commit to be responsible for our own thoughts and feelings.
The work is to use every upset as an opportunity to see the mis-belief and to heal ourselves from within.
The work is to honor our process without dumping our pain and problems on another.
The work is to be respectful of the other, responsible for ourselves and to join in peace and love.

Common mistakes:
We take out our pain on our loved ones, partners and children.
We blame those close to us for not fixing us and expect them to make us happy.
We believe that a life without upset is the responsibility of someone else.
We let people know when we are upset and unhappy to make them feel responsible.
We think guilt and threat will get us what we want.
We hold back love as ransom to get love in return and only leave ourselves without Love.
We judge that if the other were loving, they would take care of our feelings.
We imagine that attack and judgment will fix the problem.
We punish the other and ourselves by hanging onto unhappiness and anger.
We mistake fear-based love for respect, when we really want to be loving and kind to others.
We actually believe that fighting, threatening and making wrong will help us win something.

The ego (Edging God Out) is in charge in all these errors.
Step back and let Love lead the way.
The more you love and respect yourself, the more others love and respect you.
Give what you want to receive. Forgiveness, Peace, Love, Joy, Trust, Understanding.
Forgive yourself and others immediately for errors of unconscious omission or commission.
Stop and listen within for the creative and loving solution.
Trust that the spiritual answer is always one in which no one loses.
Be willing to be wrong.
Recognize that our judgments mean nothing, because we can only see from our own perspective.
Love is trust and freedom. Love is not judgment and limitation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Note: Summer class/group on Monday Evenings.7-8:30PM, June 5-August 7 (10 weeks)
Relationship Coaching: Promoting Healing and Helpful, Healthy and Whole Relationships
With Betty Lue and Robert in my offices, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 1000.
Limited space, so please register by May 15. $175 paid in advance or $25/eve.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Return to Innocence

What will it take to begin anew?
What will it take to experience a new life?
What will it take to start over again?
What will it take to be enthusiastic and inspired?

Give yourself to Love and Love will give to you.
What this means is that when our lives are given to fear, we experience more of the same.
When we are defensive, self protecting and remember the hurt, we see what might harm us.
When we are blameful or resentful about the past, the past is sure to repeat itself.

There is no magic formula.
Simply that what we are focused on will show up in our view finder.
When we are focused on what has caused despair and discouragement, we are sure to find it.
When we are focused with curiosity, wonder and hope, we are sure to see the wonderful.

Life really is being created every moment by our thoughts and feelings about what we have experienced.
When we take responsibility for our past creations, good or bad, we learn and choose again.
When we are busy blaming husband, friend or the cosmos, we are sure to feel impotent and victimized.
When we forgive our unwillingness to see what we have chosen, we are able and willing to choose anew.

Life really is a moment by moment opportunity to choose again.
Like an Etch-A-Sketch…a little shake of our stuck thinking, will expose a new canvas.
And so we can give our lives to Goodness (God) and our whole lives will be seen for the Good.
We can give our lives to sorrow and self-hatred, and our lives will expose nothing but darkness.

It is easier to let go than you might think.
Just look toward the light and you see the canvas new again.
Of course if you keep taking a peek at what went wrong or your imperfection, that will be seen as well.
Many times we are referring to a past that no longer exists to create what we want our future to be.

How about if we just let it all go and see what will be?

Loving you, loving me and let's love it All,
Betty Lue

Just exploring my world!
You caught Me! I didn’t know anyone was looking.

Yes, I love you just for being in my happy view finder!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Passover and Easter

Times of Renewal, Rebirth and Gratitude are all opportunities to celebrate life.
We are called to return the energy of joy, appreciation and love with the blessings of heart and mind.
Our Spirit is renewed in the emergence of innocence, wisdom and the grace of miracles.

What we freely give, we fully receive.
All life is blessed.
Our life energy is increased.
To praise God is to feel God's energetic healing and blessing for us.
To cast out fear and clear the way to freely love our enemies fills us with strength and renewed energy.
To forgive our own depressing thoughts, dark imaginings and limiting beliefs is to cleanse our lives.
To be resurrected is to return to a new life, a new hope, a new way of being which uplifts and creates.

This season is not only one of hope and faith and love, but one of creation, empowerment and becoming.
Now is the time to transcend what is past, unless there is a memory which still reminds and inspires you.
Now is the time to empower and appreciate your vision of possibility in unlimited creation.
Now is the time to remember what is True, to give the best you have and to receive with gratitude.
Now is the time to join together in the union of our souls with all humanity to celebrate Eternal Life.

There is no one left out.
There is no one greater or lesser than you.
There is no place where God is not.
There is no calling more significant.
All paths, all functions, all choices lead us home to the realization of where we are always.

Life is remembering what already is.
La Chaim

To Life!
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Favorites for Now

Celestine Prophecy, a new movie, currently is being previewed around the US. It reminds us of how interconnected and 'on purpose' life is when we listen within. Nine insights about the nature of reality are disclosed in a fun read novel by James Redfield, made popular over 15 years ago and now a well done film.

Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch is his final Conversation with God. While I have not read the other conversations, due to my own 30 years of conversations with God, this one I am being called to read. Neale is asking God to talk about "death" and God is revealing the "Life that Never Ends". I highly recommend, especially in this season of rebirth and renewal, so that we might all enter into a life of no fear and no defenses and no sin and no punishment.

"God's 100 Word Formula for All of Life"

Hope is the doorway to belief.

Belief is the doorway to knowing.

Knowing is the doorway to creati
Creation is the doorway to experience.

Experience is the doorway to expression.

Expression is the doorway to becoming.

Becoming is the activity of all Life and the only function of God.

What you hope, you will eventually believe.

What you believe, you will eventually know.

What you know, you will eventually create.

What you create, you will eventually experience.

What you experience, you will eventually express.

What you express, you will eventually become.

This is the formula for all of life.
It is as simple as that.

(from Home with God, '06)

My favorite course of study both remembering and teaching is A Course in Miracles.

My favorite healing practice is to send God's peace and joy to those I may have judged, blamed or from whom I have withheld love. This is true forgiveness.

My favorite truth to remember:
Life is for giving.
I am the gift.
It is in giving that I realize the gift I Am.
All that I give is giving to myself.
For I receive as I have given.
Giving my best is the secret to becoming my best.

Loving you, loving me loving all endlessly,
Betty Lue

Come fly with me.
I love you and want you to be high and whole and happy!

I want you to live and breathe and create a life of joy and peace!

I am here to remind you what I need to remember!

I am here to give you everything that is good and whole and beautiful.

I am most joyful when freely giving and abundantly living the Joy I feel.

Loving always,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 14, 2006


What is Reunion Ministries?

About 1977 many families came together for counseling, family life education and fellowship. These individuals were devoted to finding a better way to live, relate, raise their children and practice spiritual principles everyday. After several years of classes, groups, workshops, Sunday morning fellowship and our weekly family fun night, it was suggested that we create a church, a non-profit organization which reminded people to Love and return to our natural state of wholeness. As Spirit was guiding us and me in the teachings I shared, we realized that Reunion was reminding us to come together in love with ourselves, with one another and with God. Thus Reunion Ministries was born and named. We often called ourselves Rainbow Reunion in the beginning because of the diversity and inclusion of all people, all colors, ages, ideas, religious beliefs, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Everyone was welcomed and included under the rainbow of Love.

Reunion Ministries is a church without walls and without dogma.
Reunion Ministries has trained and ordained 25 ministers over the last 20 years.
Reunion has served, brought hope, faith, love and goodness to tens of thousands directly.
Reunion is the calling of my heart and my holy work. I am she who remembers and reminds.

Our work is to offer counseling and coaching, healing and help, education and inspiration.
Our work is to encourage community centers, services by contribution, inner listening for guidance.
Our work is to teach by example and to teach everyone is a teacher.
Our work is to minister by serving those who come in ways that empower, enlighten and encourage.
Our work is to create what is good and beautiful and holy wherever we are and whatever we do.
Our work is to establish and live by our own spiritual guidelines, teaching others to do the same.
Our work is to show up, pay attention and tell the Highest Truth we know without attachment.

Reunion is about people coming together to remember the Love within.
Reunion offers loving reminders to awaken the Authentic Self.
Reunion is the space of trust and freedom, where love is remembered and wholeness restored.
Reunion is a safe place to discover your Essence and freely express yourself.
Reunion is the reconnection with Spirit in whatever resonates with you.
Reunion is taking responsibility for your whole life experience.
Reunion is recognizing relationships are a reflection of your Self Love.
Reunion is the forgiving of judgments, separation and loneliness.
Reunion is healing from inside out.
Reunion is reclaiming your natural innocence, love and trust.
Reunion is simply celebrating life and living abundantly.

Reunion is reconnection.
Reunion is remembering.
Reunion is renewal.
Reunion is Self-realization.

These Loving Reminders are written from one Child of God to another….You!
These Loving Reminders are received from the Spirit within me (my conversations with God).
These Loving Reminders are my gift to my world and to myself. (All that I give is given to myself.)
These Loving reminders remind us all that we all have an essential part to play in our remembering.

Remember, you too can listen within.
Remember only what resonates with the Truth in you is valuable. Let the rest go with ease.
Remember you are responsible for your feelings, your thoughts, your choices, your experience.
Remember you can only heal, change, commit and choose for yourself.
Remember you are the gift here. Your life is given and is for giving.

What is Reunion Ministries and these Loving Reminders for you?
I would love to hear from you, if you are called to share with me.

Loving you on this Good Friday,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life is our Ministry

Thanks to all of you who offer good wishes to our inspirational journey and our spiritual partnership.
Each one of you make a difference in our world as teachers of gratitude, respect and delight. B'Lue Joy

Your life, as you see it and name it to be, is your calling and your gift to your world, yourself and to me.
What you give to others is also your gift to yourself.
Give your best and you will have the best.
Ministry of healing is the calling for which we have come.
Each one of us is a messenger to others.
We are all Loving Reminders with the words of our mouth and songs in our heart.

When we listen and honor the words we speak, we receive the message we are giving.
When we honor our lives following what we encourage those we love to be and do, we live out ministry.

Each one of us is important.
Some say the world is not free until everyone can see, the Goodness and Wholeness within.
We complete the circle of life when we play our precious and singnificant holy part.

When we follow the calling of our heart, we find our Passion and our Purpose and our Path.
When we give attention and focus on what has meaning for us, we bless others with meaningful truth.
When we allow Love to guide us and Light to beckon us home, we are joined in forgiveness for everyone.
When we sing songs of gratitude and praise for each and every day, we celebrate the roles we all play.

Life is for giving.
And You are the gift.
It is in giving the Gift of Your authentic Self
That you recognize the Gift that you are.

How can you stay awake to remembering your Essence and what is True?
Give yourself the time to love, respect and value me and always You.
When you share the words that you say, give them all to you first.
When you do what you are called to do, do it first for God and the Goodness in You.

Life is our Ministry.
Love is our Gift.
Forgiveness is our message.
Holiness is the Healing.

There is no one lesser or greater than You.
Each one is important and to be honored.
Everyone is learning from everything you think and do and say.
So give the very best you know in both your work and in your play.

We are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to represent the Love that sent us.
We do not have to worry about what to say or do,
Because the Love that sent us always will direct us.
We can be content being wherever Love wishes,
Knowing Love is always here with us.
We are healed when we allow Love to teach us to heal.
(A Course in Miracles)

See only Holiness and wholeness,
Betty Lue

Living Ministry Program
In 1983 Spirit directed me to initiate a small Living Ministry Program, to train and ordain ministers who were called to live their calling.
This program does not teach a philosophy or dogma, but prepares its ministers to teach, counsel, facilitate healing, lead, speak, do business and serve while integrating their spiritual practices into their daily lives.
There is no advertisement for this program.
The training is individualized according to the background and beliefs of each student.
The length of training varies from one to three years usually.
The cost includes what has been previously contributed for other workshops and coaching.
The training honors all other programs which are aligned.
The timing honors what has been given to serving others as healing ministry and helping friend.
If interested, check in with Spirit and then with me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Celebrate and Enjoy

Remember to honor, love and respect those who walk with you through life!

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary.

Because our union was not the typical attraction, infatuation and falling in love, we celebrate the moment in which we were called together by the Voice of God within. In innocence I asked, "Will you wed with me in Christ?" and in innocence Robert said, "Yes". Today we mark that holy moment as our true wedding, while formally we wed a year later. At the time both of us believed we were simply called to join together to serve God through the ministry of healing, teaching and counseling. Neither of us were aware in 1985 that we were being called to live together, marry, travel and build holistic centers, serve many organizations and communities and teach thousands of individuals throughout the US. I am eternally grateful for the power and healing Presence of our Union. I know that we together with the Love of God in us, have inspired thousands, founded holistic centers, co-created books, songs, communities and circles of light, and love so many beings as our true family. It is pure joy and "dessert" for me to have this simple respectful holy man in my life as friend, brother, spiritual partner and loving reminder everyday. Through our joining, we both continue to teach and learn, give and receive far beyond what either one of us would have experiences alone. Thank you, Blessed Robert.

Twenty-one is the age of emancipation, renewal and re-creation of our garden of Love-21 years together.
I dedicate this coming year to the realization of all that the Divine would have us contribute to our world through our families, friends, students and clients. I need not know the vision, the outcome, the specifics. I need only trust that Love and Faith and Joy are enough and the spirit within presides and guides us.
It is through the continued inspiration of caring and sharing for one another and all who come our way, that I am certain the best is yet to come.

I also dedicate this our anniversary to you my readers.
Without our return to California in November 1998, (so Robert could return to his former profession of financial consulting, after 12 years of play and work together building holistic healing communities in MT, NC, IN and MI,) I would not be writing these reminders to thousands of people around the planet.
While much of life is a mystery. I am certain Spirit uses every twist and turn of both fate and choice to bring us always to the highest good of healing service to humanity. For this, I rejoice and thank God.

Thank you, Robert.
Thank you, God.
Thank you, Friends.
Thank you, Self.
Our united willingness to live and love, learn and laugh together, is enlightening our planet one person at a time.

With gratitude and love,
Betty Lue

A Dynamic Duo and Terrific Trio!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Free Yourself

The one who wanders independent in the world, free from opinions and viewpoints, does not grasp them and enter into disputations and arguments. As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and the water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world.
-Sutta Nipata, Buddhist Teachings

Freeing ourselves from worldly opinions, judgments and comparisons is essential to be All That We Are.

Where we judge, we name ourselves and others defective and imperfect.
Where we have opinions, we make ourselves stuck in faulty thinking.
Where we compare, we make ourselves greater than or less than others.
In Truth all are the same, each one of us on our path home in the time, place and activities that are right for us to learn, teach, heal, give, receive enjoy and celebrate what we came here to experience.
There is no one lesser or greater.
There is no life better or worse.
All beings are here choosing, both unconsciously and consciously, to experience life as we are.

How do I mind my own business and tend my own garden?
When unhappy and off course, we tend to look over at others to see what and how they are doing.
When judging our progress, we seek outside authority and experts to coach and counsel.
When lost and confused, we may be so full of blame that we miss the path before us.
When buying others' opinions and criticism, we may claim guilt and shame to blind us to the blessings.

Grant yourself forgiveness from all judgment and opinions of yourself and others.
Confess you do not know and be enlightened.
Let go of believing there is a right and wrong.
Allow the spirit of goodness to fill you with the High Way of Love.
Remember the Love that lives in You and through You and Trust Wholeness is Yours.

What will your life be when you give yourself the freedom already given you?
No one and nothing limits you here.
We are all free and clear to choose the path before us.
Some paths are rocky, arduous and dangerous.
Some paths are smooth, easy and enjoyable.
Each one of us is free to choose the way we would follow.
Each one of us is free to receive suffering or blessing.
Each one of us can wait, delay, detour and distract or go have gifts we came to give and have right now.

The choice is ours.
Freedom now….or wait……
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Notes from April 8 Holistic Clinic with Robert and Betty Lue (Next one is June 3 from 2-6PM)
We are grateful you joined us for this mini-session of mind-body-spirit healing and remembering our wholeness.
Holistic Healing is really remembering to love, enjoy and celebrate all parts of our lives.
In our remembering what is True and letting go of what we need not claim, name or frame as ours, we realize and return to our Natural state of wholeness and Holiness.
It is an honor to participate with you on our united path to Perfect Love.
To serve another is to serve One Self.
Robert and Betty Lue

Saturday, April 08, 2006


We are enough when we are able and willing to balance our lives.
We have enough when we are able and willing to budget our resources.
We give enough when we are able and willing to set value-centered priorities.
We receive enough when we are able and willing to attune with the Infinite Source of All Good.

The physical world is more than it seems and all less.
It provides opportunities to fully experience what is individually called forth by our Essence.
The physical world is a mere illusion, a mirage, a cognitive creation of our energized thinking.
Where we put our attention, our desires and our resistance, there we will see what we believe.

Some would call the world we see a "holodeck", a projection screen, a canvas, on which we ( both our ego and our Essence) can paint and create that which teaches, heals and expands our awareness.

Pretty awesome and wonderful!
We are here to fully experience ("learn") and earn our diploma in self-realization or the actualization of Who We Are.
Now to the practical and worldly stuff…..
Expert advice can help, can distract, can dilute or can enhance our learning.
Use all experts, all external authority in helping you discern what you would "author" in your own life.
Use all experiences to help you discover what your really want to experience and then choose it.

Here is a worldly example of "helpful" advice from Oprah's "Debt Free Diet".

For monthly net income (the monies you actually receive), there is a recommended balanced budget.
No more than 35% on all housing expenses including mortgage, rent, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.
No more than 15% on all transportation costs including gas, car purchases and leases, insurance, tolls.
No more than 25% on all lifestyle expenses including food, entertainment, clothing, purchases, vacations.
No more than 15% on all debt payoffs, including credit cards, student loans, etc.
And at least 10% directly into savings account including 401K, retirement, bank accts. stocks and bonds.
Pay yourself first 10% means to put into your savings (future security fund).

We set aside the 15% (they recommend for debt payoff) and put it into an emergency savings acct. for special expenses, so we don't have to borrow in the future. These monies are a special giving fund as well. We always pay all credit cards off monthly. We live within what we are provided, even though our income varies with the contributions received from our work. No set income, but always enough.

It also works to budget and balance time and energy with value-centered priorities.
While the focus of our values and their priority may change over the years, the intention to serve persists.
In order to serve, we must serve ourselves, our primary household relationships and our home.
To serve well, we must be inspired and principle-centered in living our mission and giving our best.

There is enough when we do our homework, honor our values and set our priorities.
We can easily balance and budget our time, money and energy with consistent commitment.

Loving you with both the esoteric and the practical,
Betty Lue

You caught Me! I didn’t know anyone was looking.

Yes, I am Gia’s five month old sister.
My name is Sofia Grace.
Pretty happy aren’t I? I like to coo and smile.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Supporting Others

I know I want to be truly helpful
I know I want to give others what will strengthen and encourage their healing and development.
I know everyone needs something different.
I know my answers may not be the best for another.

So I must listen both to the person I am called to help and to the knowing Spirit within me.

Forgiving my own opinion, beliefs and judgments is the beginning .
Forgiving past errors, both unconscious and conscious is essential.
Forgiving times when I gave too much and times when I gave too little is important.
Forgiving times when I offered before I was asked and times when I declined to invest.

I do not know how to best support others in my life.
I need to ask them what they really want.
When I hear they do not know or the usual "nothing", I need to listen to their heart.
Being truly helpful means being the safe place where others can ask for anything without fear.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am on the planet volunteering to give my best.
I am in the right place at the right time to give what is being called forth without fear or attachment.
I can listen within and know that the Love in me guides and directs me.

It is only through the all-knowing One that lives and breathes through me that I am perfectly guided.
I can feel confident in my spiritual direction when I surrender the past and my limited perspective.
I can give my best and let go of the rest with the assurance that all is Love and Love prevails.
I can and will honestly always give with the intention of the highest outcome for all concerned.

My best is always good enough, because my best is Love.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Always Give Your Best

Conquer anger
with lack of anger;
bad, with good;
stinginess, with generosity;
a liar, with truth.
-Dhammapada, 17, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

When the world seems dark, be the light.
When the world feels lost, give direction.
When others seem to be withholding, give full expression.
When others are afraid, offer safety.
When friends seems needy, appreciate abundantly.
When there is disease, offer compassion.
When there is despair, give hope.
When people seem lonely, be fully present.
Where there is sorrow, give your joy.

You are the difference.
You show the way.
You bring the possibility.
You encourage change.
You are the Love.
You share your Joy.
You offer Peace.

This is a holy work which everyone of us can do.
Think of yourself as an Earth Angel, sent here to bring healing love and divine Presence.

Loving you, Betty Lue

Yes, There you are..innocent, fully of wonder and joy!
I see You. I know You. I love You.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Are You Doing Your Real Work?

Everyone's path is unique.
Everyone's journey is their own.
Everyone's timing, direction and focus are different.
Everyone, without exception, will come home.

Our choice is how easy and simple will it be.
We choose when we are willing to set ourselves free.
Our self love and forgiveness open the way for us to see.
Life with clarity and peace really can be fun, safe and easy.

What do you do to have the life you really "say" you want?
Get set. Get ready. And Go for what you really want.

Get clear on you goals, your values and priorities.
Put a visual image on your mirror computer or wall.
Make a written list of the life you really want.
Assess how you now spend your resources.
(Resources are time, energy and money.)

Wherever you are spending resources not on what you value, allocate differently.
Wakeup and spend time recommitting to what you value and intend for the day.
Remembering, commitment and persistence is key to success.
Flexibility and focus help all the rest come into alignment.

Example: This is my simple personal version for today. (Please create your own.)

My mission is to facilitate everyone in realizing their potential, in actualizing their spiritual gifts.
I am the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.
With Spirit in me I am high-lighting better world in which everyone has the education, inspiration and awareness to notice we all are unconditionally loved, unlimited and free.

My goals:
Each and everyday I help everyone along my way to awaken and enjoy the Goodness that is.
To give my very best and enjoy the blessings of all that is given and received.
To be truly helpful without attachment.
To be wholly present , in love and with gratitude.
To create beauty, wholeness and goodness with my thoughts, words and deeds.

My priorities:
To maintain harmonious and positive relationships.
To give myself a loving and happy environment in my mind, my home, my work and everywhere I go.

My spiritual work:
To clear (forgive, delete, undo, let go) everything that is not wholly true and wholly loving.
To listen within for guidance and direction that I might follow the path of joy, peace and love.

My values: (I can read above and see what I repeatedly value.)
Listening within, loving all, being happy, non attachment, inspiring, gratitude, enjoyment, freedom.

Be aware:
Every upset demonstrate where we are off purpose or out of integrity. When I feel hurt, have pain, get sick, feel afraid, am impatient, I am showing myself where I have lost my way. My work is to recognize and flush the "poop".

Yes, the work in life is letting go of whatever we no longer value.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Hawaii, Anyone? Two places left!!

The pot of gold lies right in front of you, when you look for love, beauty and goodness in everything. (In this case, off our back porch.)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Slow Down

Personal Note:
I never could have predicted this sacred path I am on.
This lifetime has been filled with many surprises.

Always learning from everyone and every thing,
ever serving and remembering, totally letting go of "my" way and surrendering to the "high" way.
I have come to see everyone as holy,
bless everything as beautiful, and know Everyone is Love.
No time like the present to enjoy it all,

Because there is no time at all except the Present to know Joy.

Seems like I love to move fast and talk fast and work fast and play fast and just keep on moving.
My energy loves to move and flow like a horse running in the wind.

Slowing down and being still is just what I need, even when I may not feel like stopping.
So my excuse is being with the babies, listening to kids read, and reading a book.
Even writing these loving reminders is a slowing of my usual energetic pace.
Some say my archetype is lightening speed and indeed, that is true for me.

What is natural for you?
I love to move and work and create and make order and beauty quickly.
You may love to move and work and create and make beauty more slowly.
Our natural pace or rhythm is what works for us individually.
It is valuable to find your pace and stick with it without judging others.

The diversity in life is interesting, challenging and full of opportunities to learn.
For some, slow and steady wins the race.
For others, sprinting and then recuperation time.
For some, lickety split until your head hits the pillow.
For others, just be leisurely about doing everything with the flow.

Can you respect your own needs, whether physical, mental or spiritual?
Can you honor the differences within your family or with your partner?
Are you willing to trust others to do what they need within their own timing?
Are you willing to free yourself to follow your own guidance in living life the best way for you?

What is best for you is truly best for others.
When you honor your own needs specifically and impeccably without judgment, you will respect others.
Take the time to clarify your values, your timing, your choices and live in integrity.
Take time to listen carefully to others' values, their timing, their choices and their integrity.

Everyone will give and live their best.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Free Holistic clinic this Saturday, April 8 (2 appts left at 4 and 4:30PM) Listen to your heart and see if you are guided to join us for greater happiness and health.

Wow, Grandma! This is fun!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Integrity is living what you teach.
Integrity is practicing what you preach.
Integrity is owning all parts of yourself.
Integrity is being authentic in all relationships.

Are you living and giving your best to everyone?
If you treat all as you would want to be treated, you are in integrity.

Are you telling your truth without secrecy, withhold or deception?
If you are honest in every communication without doing harm, you are in integrity.

Are you willing to let the whole world see how you think, speak and act when alone?
If you can honestly say you would be OK with being on TV 24 hours/day, you are in integrity?

Are you an open book, living a seamless life?
Then you are at peace with yourself and your choices.

One who has no secrets is truly at peace.
One who is unafraid of surprise attack feels safe.
One who is fully integrated and living a whole and holy life is at home.
One who lives according to their ethics, and guiding principles is secure.

Integrity requires self-knowledge.
Integrity asks that we clean up our act.
Integrity makes life simple.
Integrity leaves no uncertain choices.

Living in integrity, following the Guidance of Love within.
Love never quits.
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 01, 2006

No Fooling!!

I love you.
I trust you.
I free you to be you.
I trust your path and your process.
I free you to learn and grow in your own timing and your own way.
I believe in the power of Love within you that guides your life.
I have faith in the Creator that creates us to be creative.
I know each one of us chooses unconsciously or consciously the life experience we have.
I appreciate that we can choose to forgive our judgments and fears and change our experience.
I value the journey we share and the sacred relationships we have as we build spiritual community.
I respect, honor and value my journey with you and for us all as One, remembering the holy son.

We are all healed and whole, as we remember the intrinsic and essential holiness in which we are created.
We are all awakening to the remembrance of ourselves and our creative potential.
We are all seeking to express the Love and live in the Love and Peace and Joy that is our birthright.
We are all teachers, healers, counselors and leaders for everyone.

Our work together is to respect what is before us by looking more deeply to seek and see the gifts.
Our work together is to be responsible and able to respond to whatever comes our way with Love.
Our world together is to cooperate and co-create the Good life for all peoples and all creation.
Our work is to forgive and let go of the unnatural mis-creations that dishonor and hide what is Real.

What works for you to awaken and remember?
Humor and play?
Inspiration and spirituality?
Community and Family?
Nature and Adventure?
A wise sage and healing Presence?
Prayer and Meditation?
Creativity and Beauty?
Order and Harmony in Your Affairs?
Healing and Respect in your Relationships?
Meaningful work and Purposeful Living?
Selfless Contribution and Generosity?

Find the path that works for you and follow it day by day.
Persist in doing everything with Love and gratitude.
Respect everyone with healing forgiveness and dignity.
Love your whole self impeccably and forgive all mistakes.

No fooling….I love and value You!

This is the time to be awake and aware.

Daring you,
Betty Lue