Thursday, October 21, 2004

Vision is Healing

As you may recognize by now, anything can be used to heal.
With inspiration, with Spirit, with God in you, all things are possible.
What you believe will work for you.
So choose what you believe.

Hold your inner vision with faith and conscious desire.
Hold your vision of with clarity and conviction.
Hold your vision with commitment and persistence.
Hold your vision with trust in the healing process.
Hold your vision with forgiveness of doubts and fears.
Hold your vision with the Light and Love of God and Goodness.

When we are focused on the illness, problem, or issue we want to avoid, resist and let go, our energy and vision create more of the same.
When we are focused on our ideal values and vision for ourselves and our lives, our energy and vision create what we are valuing and envisioning.

It is healing to allow vision to manifest that which we want.
It is healing to undo what is no longer true.
It is healing to let go of the past.
It is healing to be inspired by our vision of our holiness.
It is healing to create our future.
It is healing to live our values.
It is healing to see clearly that which we truly are.
It is healing to see beyond the body and physical appearances.
It is healing to remember the Love of God and return to the Holiness which you are created to be.
You are the healer as you heal your mind with your inner vision.

Loving our Holiness,
Betty Lue