Saturday, November 30, 2019

Life Is A Gift!

I breathe in the joy I have for Life.
I easily receive the gifts I give.
I quickly forgive and erase what is not Gift for me.
I fill myself each day with the Joy and Gratitude I have for my life.

Life Is A Gift.

Life is a gift to be given and received with joy and gratitude.
When we are fully alive, we naturally and effortlessly share.
When we enjoy our lives, we are a joy to be around.
When we are grateful for the life we have, others enjoy us.

How can you enjoy your life more?
Life is meant to be fun, safe and easy.
Life is naturally happy, healthy and flowing.
What do you need to choose or change to have more fun, safety and ease?

Your experiences will tell you when something is not working.
What you see and hear and feel shows you where you are out of balance.
Your feedback system shows where you are focused, judging and unhappy.
It is automatic and amazing to experience how fast you perceive the lack and limitation.

You can easily and quickly correct what is off purpose and off balance.
Your willingness to undo the false learned beliefs and choose again is key.
You can forgive, erase and release whatever is harmful, stuck and difficult.
You can effortlessly choose again for what is healthful, freeing and easy.

When life is a gift, there is gladness upon awakening.
When life is flowing, there is gratitude as we fall asleep.
When life is joy-filled, there is ease in being fully alive.
When life is abundant, you are generous in your sharing.

Are you willing to listen to your inner Self?
Are you open to receiving Love from you?
Are you kind to you in thought, word and deed?
Are you generous in how well you are loving you?

You may have been taught to put others first.
You may have believed you need to give you less.
You may have bought not to appreciate you.
You may have thought to never think of you.

These can be helpful for some who have learned the opposite.
But there is a balance that comes with experience and wisdom.
Life is first and foremost your to have and receive fully.
But when you deny yourself the gift, you have less and less to give.

Remember to receive the gifts of goodness and joy you give.
Remember to always include yourself in what is good and whole and loving.
Remember to honor, respect and trust the Good in you.
Remember to only give and receive what is Good and Whole and True.

These Loving Reminders are my gift of Love for me and for you.
Betty Lue

Friday, November 29, 2019

What Do You Need?

I am fulfilled with the Love I share.
I live to Love.
Everything that I give is given with Love.
In the giving, I am receiving all I give.

What Do You Need Now?

What the world needs now is Love, Sweet Love.
That’s the only thing there’s too little of.”
Do you need love?
Do your children and family and friends need Love?

Do you show people you love them?
Do you tell people you love them?
Are you aware that people know you love them?
Are they receiving your love?

How often do you receive love from others?
How do you know who is loving you?
How do others know you love them too?
Are you full of love and fulfilled in sharing your love?

What if you don’t know what you need?
What if others don’t know what they are missing?
Is it possible that people are afraid of showing their love?
Are you open and free in your loving?

My observations show me we are withholding our Love from one another.
What I have realized that people are afraid to fully and freely Love.
I have seen how we defend, deny and distract ourselves from Love.
Why are we afraid to innocently give and receive Love?

It is fun, safe and easy to love.
Loving doesn’t hurt but withholding love does.
Giving Love to Get love can hurt, if we are disappointed.
Giving Love freely with no expectations simply feels fulfilling.

Caring about one another is freeing.
Love is our natural state.
To realize Who we are and Why we are here can only be found in Loving.
To fully experience the Gift of our Love, we must give our Love.

Love is unlimited.
It replenishes it self with more Love.
Love flows from us as a fountain flows freely from its Source.
What we learn is that Love is a ever expanding resource as long as it is given.

And so it is.
Remember to love no matter what.
Remember that Love is your way to remember.
Love is the Gift you came to give and share.

I enjoy loving you without limit or sacrifice.
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Remember To Give Thanks!!

I seek only to inspire, facilitate and encourage everyone to live their highest Potential.
I love my friends and family, community and nation, and my family of humanity.
I give thanks to enrich all of our lives.
I know what I share to be Loving Reminders for everyone everywhere.

Give Thanks!

Thanks” always fill us up.
Complaints deplete us.
Being grateful gives us energy.
Feeling sorry for ourselves drains us.

Express your appreciation at the end of everyday.
Consider a “Gratitude Journal”.
Openly express “Thank You” to everyone you love.
Love how you live and how much you give.

My inner guidance for today:
How can I better share my time and talents to bring Peace and Love to my world?
Every breath you breathe.
Every step you take.
Every word you speak.
Every smile you share.

Everything that emanates from with you is your gift of Love and Peace.
You need not do anything extraordinary, simply be the Love You Are.

Life is your opportunity to understand, your Presence is enough.
Each day is your sharing and caring, shining through all you think and say and do.
Your love is received on every level by All That Is.
You Being is your message of how deeply and profoundly you care.

Everything that blesses you is a blessing for all .
Everything that is a blessing to another is a blessing for you.
Humanity is a circle of Eternal Love.
Everyone is a gift of awakening and celebration.

Keep on encouraging all to feel safe and respected in sharing their natural gifts of Love and Peace.
All are valuable and everyone is integral to the Love of All.
Trust everything is working together for your Good.
Believe in what you hear and know in your heart.

There is a Power and Presence (Creative Life Force) within you that you call by many names.
This presence is your Power and your Purpose and Your Guiding Light.
Listen and Give “Thanks this” is so.

And I am thankful this is so.
Baruch Bashan (The Blessings already are).

I live in Gratitude for the Good that lives in you and me.
I live in Trust that everything works together for Good.
I live with Joy that we all can share this life of learning together.
I live at Peace knowing “All Is Well”.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

It’s A Good Life!

I seek to fully appreciate the Good in my life.
I love, accept and trust in the Good in me.
I live and give Good for Goodness Sake.
I easily and quickly forgive and erase what blocks Goodness for us all.

It’s A Good Life!

How good can it get?
Everyday proclaim, “It's a good life!”
For what you proclaim, you claim to be what you choose to be.
It is time to fully appreciate what you have and what is to come.

Everyday in every way, life is getting better and better.
What you foresee, you will believe and let be.
So say it, and believe it into being.
Be steadfast and true to what you want to be for you.

What you conceive and believe, you will achieve.
First, envision what you want.
Then begin to live as thought is it already present.
In our steadfastness, we imagine it into being with our doing.

It is in our conscious and consistent affirmation that we motivate ourselves.
As we are moved with thought, word and action we create our reality into being.
Everyone has experienced miracles, large and small, without understanding how they came to be.
Life itself is a projection of our innermost desire and impression into expression.

Learn to erase all obstacles, fears and doubts.
BE willing to see always the Highest Good of which you are aware.
Listen to your inspiration and trust your inner guidance.
Be willing to affirm, accept and appreciate the Good that comes to you.

Learn to trust in the Good.
Believe without doubt or resistance.
Enjoy the creative process of allowing yourself to receive.
Fully feel gratitude and full appreciation in All Goodness.

We really are here to be happy and at peace.
We are called to choose what is right and true for us.
Our active work is to let go of anything that does not “work”!
It is through our sorting through that we come to know what is Good for us.

It is a Good Life when I realize, “Everything works together for Good.”
Let us be open and willing to erase what is not Good.
Let us be freeing and trusting to all Good to be received for the Good of All.

Loving the Good in us All,
Betty Lue