Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wherever You Go……

I am willing to make a difference.
I express what matters to me.
I show up and pay attention.
I give my best in thought, word and deed.

Wherever You Go…..

Wherever you go, you make a difference.
Whatever you do, you contribute.
However you show up, you bring your Self.
Whatever you think, you offer your piece.

Your thoughts create.
Your energy adds your piece.
Your emotions touch lives.
Your words change the experience.

Believe it or not, you are important.
What you think is affecting change.
What you say is being heard.
 What you do is being felt.

Consider what you want to express.
Choose what you want to create.
Be aware of what matters to you.
Give attention to what is important.

You are a piece of the greater whole.
Your life touches and teaches lives.
Yourenergy is changing the world.
You can focus and create what you want.

Contribute to your own joy.
Give to the well-being of others.
Awaken to what you give.
Erase what is not of value.

You will be appreciated for your gifts.
Others will be inspired by what you give.
Your smiles and gratitude will encourage.
You will be noticed and received.

Even when you neglect and forget, you will be received.
Even when you diminish your part, you will touch others.
Even when you are withholding, you message will be heard.
Whatever you do or deny, you make a difference.

You can bring clarity and connection.
You can offer peace and love.
You can bring your best.
Contribute what you value.

Honoring You,
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I am willing to be of service.
I give my best when I am serving.
I live my fullest when I serve.
For the sake of all, let us serve.

Serve for Goodness Sake.

To serve us our greatest gift to all.
We are all volunteers here.
We serve our selves, our community, our world.
We serve the Good of all. 

However we serve, we are offering our best to others.
We serve our children and our parents.
We serve our partners and our friends.
We serve without asking in return.

We serve to realize our own value.
We serve to bring happiness to others.
We serve to be truly helpful.
We serve to create a better place.

Serve by sharing.
Serve with teaching.
Serve with helping.
Serve with caring.

Serve because it has value.
Serve because you want to.
Serve because it is helpful.
Serve because it feels good.

When you serve one, you serve all.
Service benefits your family.
Service benefits your community.
Service benefits your world.

Being truly helpful is our way of paying forward.
Being of service is our loving reminder to others.
Being willing to contribute makes our world better.
Let us be of service today and everyday.

Blessing those who serve.
Betty Lue

--by Rachel Remen (May 29, 2000) 

Service is not the same as helping.
Helping is based on inequality, it's not a relationship between equals. When you help, you use your own strength to help someone with less strength. It's a one up, one down relationship, and people feel this inequality. When we help, we may inadvertently take away more than we give, diminishing the person's sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Now, when I help I am very aware of my own strength, but we don't serve with our strength, we serve with ourselves. We draw from all our experiences: our wounds serve, our limitations serve, even our darkness serves. The wholeness in us serves the wholeness in the other, and the wholeness in life. Helping incurs debt: when you help someone, they owe you. But service is mutual. When I help I have a feeling of satisfaction, but when I serve I have a feeling of gratitude.

Serving is also different from fixing. We fix broken pipes, we don't fix people. When I set about fixing another person, it's because I see them as broken. Fixing is a form of judgment that separates us from one another; it creates a distance.

So, fundamentally, helping, fixing and serving are ways of seeing life. When you help, you see life as weak; when you fix, you see life as broken; and when you serve, you see life as whole.
When we serve in this way, we understand that this person's suffering is also my suffering, that their joy is also my joy and then the impulse to serve arises naturally - our natural wisdom and compassion presents itself quite simply. A server knows that they're being used and has the willingness to be used in the service of something greater.
We may help or fix many things in our lives, but when we serve, we are always in the service of wholeness.
--Rachel Remen, from Zen Hospice

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Teach and Learn

Everything I think say and do is teaching all the Universe.
I am learning everything I teach.
I teach in order to remember to learn.
I listen to my words and learn from what I share.

Learn What You Teach

Are you learning what you teach?
Do you listen to what you say?
Are you doing what you tell others?
Do you actively practice what you teach?

We are all teachers.
We are all learners.
Everything we are teaching, we must be learning.
Everything we are learning, we will be teaching.

It is essential that we are messengers of what we practice.
Therefore, it is important to receive our own message first.
When we are living in integrity, we are living what we teach.
When we live our own teaching, we are confident and clear.

When we teach what we value, we are remembering to live our values.
Teaching Forgiveness and Love is essential to remember love and forgiveness.
We become what we teach.
We live what we learn.

Share what is meaningful to you.
With our sharing, we give to others.
With our caring, we care for ourselves.
Everyone benefits from our sharing.

Everything we think and say and do teaches all.
We are teachers of innocence when we forgive.
We are teachers of gratitude when we give thanks.
We are teachers of respect when we are respectful.

Our life is our teaching.
We teach to remind ourselves.
We teach to inspire others.
We teach to create and appreciate.

When we share, we are learning.
When we share, we are remembering.
When we share, we are caring.
When we share, we are reminding all.

Pay attention to what you are sharing.
Be respectful of what you are learning.
Be aware of what you are teaching.
Be mindful of what you are creating.

Receive what you are teaching and learning.
It is always for you.
Loving learning from you and with you.
Betty Lue 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Move Forward

I am moving onward in my life journey.
I succeed in living fully each day.
Life and Love call me to serve.
I am giving my all to all.

Keep Going!

Life keeps moving forward.
Time keeps on going.
Keep on creating.
Let’s keep on going.

What are you doing?
Are you analyzing?
Are you waiting?
Are you doing something?

Where do you want to go?
What do you want to do?
Who do you want to be with?
How do you want to be?

Everyday is another day to live.
Every day is another way to give.
Every song is another song to sing.
Every word is another gift to bring.

Are you burned out?
Are you tired?
Are you complete with what you have done?
Is there more to be spoken or sung?

Inspire those who are depressed.
Love those who are unloved.
Comfort those who are hurting.
Be with those who are lonely.

Take care of those who are neglected.
Feed those who are hungry.
Make a bed for the tired.
Take time when others are too busy.

There is much to do for our human family.
Prayer is one way to connect and console.
Be mindful of how you are spending your resources.
Appreciate how you share your love.

Be present and be patient.
Be peaceful and be positive.
Be purposeful and on path.
Move forward with compassion and faith.

Blessings of Goodness and Mercy for all,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I am a miracle of Love.
Love created me as It Self.
I am here to be loving.
Love is the way I celebrate my Life.

Miracles of Love

Do you see the beauty of the earth
Have you watched the beauty in the skies?
Are you hearing the beauty in natures’ sounds?
Are you receiving the beauty in soothing words?

There is beauty all around us.
We need to look for that which we long.
We must look beneath the media and news.
What we seek we find.

We can seek the beauty in our lives.
We can look for miracles of love.
We can reach beyond the stories of woe.
We can find higher places to go.

Listen to the music.
Look for the color.
Be aware of nature.
Feel the breeze.

Take a walk in the sunlight.
Smell the autumn air.
Taste the freshly baked pastry.
Feel the child’s happy hugs.

Watch the leaves’ colors change.
Notice the bird floating on the wind.
Watch smiles appear and eyes sparkle.
Enjoy the happy sounds of holidays.

Begin to inspire Love.
Share your own miracle stories.
Be open to receive “thanks”.
Smile at yourself.

Appreciate your history.
Celebrate your life.
Value what you create.
Affirm the Good you share.

Miracles come from Love.
Be Love.
Share Love.
Celebrate Love.

Loving us all.
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Listen Within

I trust my inner guidance.
I am open to listening and following spiritual guidance.
I am healed and inspired by my heart song.
I seek my own quiet knowing.

Listen Within.

There is a place in you where your light shines.
There is a quiet knowing in you where you live.
There is a center in you that guides your life.
Come home to what is your guiding light.

Be still and know.
Be quiet and listen.
Be willing to trust.
Be open to hear.

What is your truth?
What is the way?
Where do you go?
What do you follow?

Your heart knows.
You can trust in the voice within.
You can surrender to the Love in you.
You can let go of fear and trust in Love.

Your life is a gift.
Care for it well.
Respond with Love.
Forgive all fear.

Be willing to care.
Know what is true.
Honor your calling.
Be with those who come.

Take time to live.
Be willing to give.
Love life as it comes.
Take time to enjoy.

What is your choice?
Be here and now.
Set yourself free.
See what is yours.

Take time everyday.
Listen to what your heart will say.
Pay attention to what is good.
Value what you know.

Love listening within.
Honoring You.
Betty Lue