Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Complaints, Please.

Complaining is fatiguing and ineffective.
Complaining drains us and those to whom we complain.
Complaining may have worked as children, but we need to outgrow the habit.
Complaining is the way we convince ourselves and others that we are not responsible.

When we complain, we behave like victims.
When we complain, we sound like children.
When we complain, we blame others.
When we complain, we act helpless.

Complaints deny our creative power, our spiritual response-ability, our wisdom and our love. 
Complaints set us up to forget to ask ourselves:” What can I do to be truly helpful?”
Complaints distract us from the obvious solution. “To learn to Trust .”
Complaints often go unheard and judged, rather than respected and responded to with love.

So now what?  No complaining!
What can we do that will be effective?
Any positive change will make a difference.
Even one step in the direction you want to go will help change things.

Complaining about something?  Set a good example.
If complaining about trash, pick up trash regularly.
If complaining about people being disrespectful, treat everyone with respect.
If complaining about people wasting money, be a good steward with your money.
If complaining about people being late, choose to be on time and apologize when late.
If complaining about the government, get involved, vote and write letters.
If complaining about health, do something positive with diet, exercise, attitude and professional help.
If complaining about family members, set a good example and be specific about what you want to change.
If complaining about work, change your attitude, your job and reward yourself with appreciation.

The best way to heal the complaining habit is with gratitude.
Develop a conscious habit of appreciating everything in life.
Create a gratitude journal and write 10 or more things you appreciate every night before bed.
Make your communication with others a gift of positive sharing rather than negative judgments.

Over the years, I have followed the self-made principle:
If I see something that needs to be done, it is mine to do.
If you see something you believe needs to be done differently, then do it.
Feel grateful that you can and do respond with joy and blessing.

Let go of complaints and respond with wisdom and love to change our world.
Clean up the negative and depleting habit of complaining.
Choose the positive and energizing habit of gratitude.
Fulfill your function by doing what you can do with joy.

Easy to do and it will always be loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 30, 2012

What Do You Really Need?

You need to be heard.
You need to be respected.
You need to be valued.
You need to know we are safe, secure and loved.

What do your children need?
They need to be heard, respected, valued and feel safe in your love.
What does your partner need?
They need to be heard, respected, valued and feel safe in your love.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we all seem to need the same things in developmental sequence.
~Safety and survival needs come first.  
~Next are safety and security needs financially and within our home, job and relationships.
~Social needs are to have friends, family and people with whom we belong and feel valued.
~Our self esteem needs are met with achievement, approval, accomplishments and feeling useful.
~Actualization needs are met as we seek self awareness, personal growth and fulfilling our potential.

We cannot fill for others what we lack within ourselves.
To begin within is essential to fully know how to serve the needs of others.
We tend to deny or inadequately care for others in areas where we are in self denial.
Therefore, we need to begin within to hear, respect, value and keep ourselves safe, secure and loved.

Where there is fear, there is a need for reassurance.
Where there is anger, there is a need for being heard.
Where there is hurt, there is a need for comfort.
Where there are demands, there is a need for trust.
Where there is sorrow, there is a need for joy.
Where there is helplessness, there is a need for encouragement.
Where there is depression, there is a need for meaningful activity.
Where there is procrastination, there is a need for motivation.
Where there is resistance, there is a need for encouragement.
Where there is defiance, there is a need for freedom of choice.
Where there is self pity, there is a need to take action.
Where there is isolation, there is a need for friendship.

Our Needs are obvious when we are willing to stop, listen and respond with Love.
When we react with judgment and fear, real needs may be withheld.
When we listen with compassion and acceptance, we can join in finding effective responses.
When we feel heard, respected and valued, we know we are safe, secure and loved.

Give yourself what you need.
Journal your feelings and thoughts and listen to yourself with respect and love.
Honor your uniqueness without question or comparison.
No need to explain, justify or prove what you really need to be happy and whole.

Give yourself to Love and Love will give to you.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love, trust and be ourselves.
What we give to ourselves is an inspiration for others. 
To listen and respond with love to ourselves and others brings peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Loving us all as we learn to really love, listen and learn,
Betty Lue

Physiological Needs 
<> These include the most basic needs that are vital to survival, such as the need for water, air, food, and sleep. Maslow believed that these needs are the most basic and instinctive needs in the hierarchy because all needs become secondary until these physiological needs are met.

Security Needs 
<> These include needs for safety and security. Security needs are important for survival, but they are not as demanding as the physiological needs. Examples of security needs include a desire for steady employment, health insurance, safe neighborhoods, and shelter from the environment.

Social Needs 
<> These include needs for belonging, love, and affection. Maslow considered these needs to be less basic than physiological and security needs. Relationships such as friendships, romantic attachments, and families help fulfill this need for companionship and acceptance, as does involvement in social, community, or religious groups.

Esteem Needs 
<> After the first three needs have been satisfied, esteem needs becomes increasingly important. These include the need for things that reflect on self-esteem, personal worth, social recognition, and accomplishment.

Self-actualizing Needs <> This is the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing <>  people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others, and interested fulfilling their potential.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Growing Friendship and Love

What you have never known, you must learn.
What you have been falsely shown, you must forgive.
Where you have been misguided, can be erased and undone.
What you have always desired, can be realized and won.

All relationships are for healing what is not true, good and loving.
Every relationship (parents, kids, friends, partners and mates) provides lessons.
We are here to let go of what does not work and to discover what does work for everyone.
What “works” is beneficial, healthy, supportive, inspiring and good for all.

Where we are attracted, we have something to learn and teach.
Where we are repelled, we have something to learn and teach.
When we are neutral, we are comfortable with what is familiar.
When we are uncomfortable, we are awakened to let go and learn.

Letting go of attitudes, opinions, judgments, resentments, fears and hurts is work.
Letting go of addiction, neediness, dependence, manipulation and demand is work.
Forgiving ourselves for learning falsely, living unconsciously and resisting what is good, is work.
When we are happy and willing to do the work, we have begun to heal and reveal the Love.

Love is letting go of fear.
Love is releasing the past.
Love is undoing what is false.
Love is honoring what is essential.
Love is gratitude for the healing.
Love is willingness to listen and learn.
Love is seeing beyond the apparent problems.
Love is seeking always to remember what is real.

To heal we need to be responsible for our thoughts and feelings.
To heal we need to accept that all things are possible.
To heal we need to know ourselves and really love ourselves  well.
To heal we need to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

When we teach what we need to learn, we are demonstrating what we want as well.
When we treat others with true forgiveness, patience and kindness, we are helping them heal.
When we allow ourselves and others to make mistakes without shaming and blaming, we are loving.
When we give everyone the acceptance, encouragement and appreciation we all deserve, we are both blessed and a blessing.

This world needs the healing prescription of forgiveness and love.
We need to remember to forgive and love ourselves when we forget or neglect.
We are being reminded with every upset, every call for help, every pain and problem.
We are invited and encouraged to give love where love is lacking and give love where love is shown.

Love is the answer whatever the question, whatever the fear, whatever the problem.
Remembering to Love, 
Betty Lue
There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference 
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake. 
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest 
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What’s New with You?

You get old when you are doing the same old thing with the same old attitude in the same old way.
You are renewed when you are doing something new each and every day.
Novelty changes our thinking, expressing and behaving.
Creating something new is a simple and effective way of renewing your life.

Some people fear, resist and avoid novelty.
Anything different, novel or adventuresome is a cause for stress or even distress.
When we have ingrained habits, we tend to fall asleep and live unconsciously in a trance.
Even unhappiness, illness and depression become a safe place, because they are familiar.

When we are conscious, awake and aware, we make better choices.
Seeing and hearing the truth sometimes hurts, but then it sets us free to choose again.
If you are tired of being sick and tired, get up and do something different right now.
The simplest change can rearrange your thinking and emotions, your behavior and fulfillment.

Often adults teach children to have a routine which may work for awhile and then becomes drudgery.
It is essential to grow, to develop and achieve that we, even adults, be challenged.
The more flexible we learn to be, the more successful we will be.
Learning to accommodate and adapt to changing circumstances keeps us active mentally and physically.

If you are stuck in the mud or set in your ways, today is the day to change all that.
Travel to unknown places.
Buy a different brand of toothpaste. 
Eat in a different place at the table. 
Try a new food once a day.
Vary the order in which you put on your clothes.
Challenge yourself to call someone you would like to know better.
Smile at yourself in the mirror in the morning.
Sing a song while you shower.
Sign up for classes and learn something new to you.

It is never too late to grow younger, to become happy and fully alive.
Change the way you think of yourself and your life by choosing something new.
Get rid of the stuckness in anger, hurt, fear and defensiveness.
Be forgiving, compassionate, loving and open to life’s changes and challenges.

Choose again for what is always good for you and others.
Give yourself a life an energy high, by taking on something novel and unusual.
Honor your need for structure and routine, but add in an element of mystery and surprise.
Create a source of special joy and delight by encouraging learning, expressing and acting new.

Moving into our new 3-day (Sun, Mon, Tues.) 493 sq/ ft. town home without dishwasher and microwave has been an amazing challenge to adapting to new circumstances. Sharing a desk with Robert, one tiny bathroom, minimal closet space,  windows only on one side, etc. is a change.  From there I can walk to my Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill, where I work on Tuesdays. It is a great and positive move.  It saves plenty of money which we are using to share with others for inspiration, education and to facilitate their wholeness.

Yes, we are moving the rest of our useful  and inspiring stuff to our Lake House just 2 hrs. away, where we live the rest of the week (Tuesday night to Sunday Morning). In Hidden Valley Lake, we have our home  (Reunion Lake House where we live and offer retreats and have another guest house (the Hermitage) for our retreat guests and a (just opened) Positive Living Center on Hwy. 29, just 3 minutes away. Movement and change to accommodate the ever-changing need and inner guidance brings me great joy and  gratitude as I watch and participate in all the “miracles” of Love that occur.

Yes, for Robert and I , novelty is essential.
It keeps the energy moving.
It inspires consciousness and creativity.
It renders a sense of inner peace, childlike wonder and lots of gratitude.

Be open.
Be willing.
Be flexible.
Be grateful.
Be happy.

Loving us all, 
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stop Destructive Relationships!

It is up to the most conscious or mature person to stop destroying your relationships?
Stop blaming, bullying, berating, belittling, badgering and battling!

Sarcasm hurts. Kindness heals.
Bullying belittles. Respect heals.
Blaming pushes away. Accepting heals.
Badgering and lecturing shuts down communication. Listening heals.
Punishing offends. Appreciation heals.
Battling, arguing and being angry separates. Respecting differences heals.

We learn how to treat others from our childhood relationship experiences.  
What worked for our parents or peers then usually does not work now.
If your methods of treating and interacting no longer work or get the results you want, stop.
If you don’t want to be close, connected, respected and love, keep on doing the destructive stuff.
If you want your relationships to be respectful, trusting, appreciative and kind, stop these behaviors.

You are creating the quality and tone of all your relationships.
Notice what you are doing, saying, thinking and stop expecting the other person to change.
Give up the notion that you can change anyone except yourself.
When you change your own way of relating,  you will change the dynamic of all your relationships.

Yes, you are teaching others how to treat you and themselves by how you treat them and yourself.
You are the one who can make the most profound difference in your life and theirs by your attitude.
You can begin to respect, accept and be kind to others when they have forgotten how to do it themselves.
You can demonstrate a better way to speak, act and get along by changing your mind and your tone.

Relationship consultants say that the five most destructive behaviors are:
Constant criticism, nagging and badgering, threatening and demanding, stonewalling and silent treatment, shamiing and belittling.  
I would add to that list: inappropriate or excessive punishment , inconsistency  or lack of follow through, hypocrisy and not practicing what you are demonstrating, saying you are loving when the other feels unloved and devalued are the most confusing behaviors in relationship.

It is important with our mates, children and family members to give the ones we love our very best.  
Treating strangers better than our own family is a mistake and very confusing.  
We need to treat those we live with as honored guests.  
Listen and learn. 
Observe what works and doesn’t work. 
Be kind and respectful in all your communications, 
Honor yourself and keep yourself at your best physically, mentally and emotionally.
Be the one in all your relationships that show the way of Love, trust, respect and appreciation.

Stop relating with destructive behaviors.
Start relating always with love, respect and kindness.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It takes work to let go of clutter.
It takes work to let go of the past. 
It takes work to clear away all that is not true. 
It takes work to undo unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs.

It is easier to stay asleep at the wheel and let life happen to you.
It is easier to complain about what they did instead of what you need to do.
It is easier to stay in bed, deny and whine, rather than get up and do something good for you.
It is easier to neglect, ignore and fantasize instead of facing the consequences of being unwilling.

It is work to practice forgiveness.
It is work to clean up your mess.
It is work to take responsibility.
It is work to do the work to make your life good.

Laziness is really hidden fear.
Unwillingness is really resistance to correcting your errors.
Procrastination is really pretending you can’t, wont’ or need to get ready.
The time for cleaning and clearing, simplifying and choosing again is NOW.

Courage is needed to overcome fear.
Willingness is needed to step forward in faith.
Initiation and inspiration is needed to overcome inertia.
Gratitude is needed to know there is a better way for you to heal it all.

Begin today.
Cluttered minds shows up as cluttered houses, cars and closets.
Confused thinking shows up as ambivalence, doubt and endless research.
Inner conflict shows up as procrastination and hesitance.

Focus on your preferred choices.
Forgive others for teaching and demonstrating what is mistaken and limited.
Forgive yourself for believing and following what they taught and choose again.
Choose consciously for what is highest and best for everyone, especially you.

Give yourself rewards, appreciation and respect for making new and better choices.
Give yourself plenty of love for what is good for you and others.
Honor your new choices by working to make it your new daily habits.
Appreciate the work it takes to make your whole life new again.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
Your work is to honor and appreciate the Gift you are.
Take impeccable care of your whole self everyday in everyway.

Loving you as you do what it True for You.
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I prefer peace to conflict and confusion.
I prefer love to hate, fear and blame.
I prefer joy to sorrow, guilt and grief.
I prefer gratitude to regret, resentment and greed.

What we prefer guides our life choices when we are willing to choose consciously.
When we allow unhealthy habits, unconscious beliefs and negative emotions to lead, we are victims. 
To be victimized or led by what is senseless, useless and ineffective seems ludicrous and foolish.
We are all called to choose, to prioritize, to clarify and commit to what we prefer.

“I am not my body.  I have a body to be used for Love.
I am not my mind. I have a mind to be used for choosing Loving ways.
I am not my emotions.  I have emotions to be used to express Love and gratitude.
I am Spirit, Creative Essence, Pure Beingness, and Love Itself.
I am here to know, feel and behave expressing and extending only Love”

I have chosen to remember Love.
I prefer the experience of remembering to Love.
I prefer the results of remembering to Love.
I prefer to hold the thoughts, feelings and actions of remembering to Love.

When I remember to Love no matter what, I experience wholeness, wellness and feel healthy.
When I remember to Love no matter what, I know my Holiness, my connection with Source.
When I remember to Love no matter what, I feel happy, grateful and fulfilled.
When I remember to Love no matter what, my life works better in every way.

Our lives are grand experiments with every choice yielding an outcome or result of that choice.
When we are honest with our choices and the results, we can see and feel what is right and helpful.
When we deceive ourselves and believe the lies of history, well-meaning advisors, we lose our way.
Common sense shows us that Real Love works and Fear gets us stuck in pain and problems.
What does it take for me to shake off the false and choose what is true?
It requires that I “know” what is true.
It requires that I explore my options.
It requires that I choose what I prefer.

Emotions distort what I know and believe and think.
Thoughts usually judge mistakes, creating fear of error.
Outside advice projects its own preferences.
Only with deep soul-searching and listening within can I know what I prefer and what I choose.
  • This is your life.
  • Find your own truth.
  • Choose what you prefer.
  • When it does not work, choose again.
  • When it does work, celebrate and enjoy your choices.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Buddhists often say “Attachments are the source of all suffering.”

When we are attached to a person, we fear them leaving us. 
When we are attached to life in a body, we fear losing our physical embodiment.
When we are attached to having lots of money, we fear losing our financial security.
When we are attached to how we look, we fear losing our beauty or physical attractiveness.
When we are attached to what others think about us, we fear losing their approval and respect.
When we are attached to our homes, we fear being homeless or losing our home.
When we are attached to our children’s success, we fear the possibility of their failure.
When we are attached to having life be a certain way, we fear being disappointed.
When we are attached to being smart or clever, we fear losing our intelligence.
When we are attached to our memories, we fear forgetting the past.
When we are attached to being right, we fear being wrong.
When we are attached to perfection, we fear making mistakes.

We seem to always find something to fear losing, when we are attached to having……..
We seem to defend, protect, justify, explain and spend enormous energy to keep what we want.
We seem to be angry, conflicted, scared, withholding, blaming and crazy when faced with loss.
When we choose to let go and seek only inner peace, we find connection, clarity, confidence and ease.

The meaning of “Let Go and Let God” is diverse.
When we release, we find the Peace of God.
When we forgive, we remember the joy of simple Love.
When we surrender, we claim the bounty of All That Is Whole and True and Good.

Love is Trust.
~The trust that can only come when we let go and let it be.
~The trust that gives us a steadfast and eternal foundation of certainty.
~The trust that is the bedrock of life, liberty and creation itself.

When we trust that Love never ends, we can let go.
When we trust that we are Loved always and forever, we can let go.
When we trust that we are perfectly guided perfectly to fulfill our destiny, we can let go.
When we trust that we are created by Love to express Love, we can let go.

The world we have created for ourselves is filled with distractions, illusions and disappointments.
The world we see teaches mega-attachment to things and bodies, achievements and assets/
The world we see judges choices and mistakes, opportunities and possibilities.
The world we see is what we have created is our investment in our attachments.

What matters to you is what you value.
What you value is what you create.
What you create becomes your inspiration or attachment.
Your inspiration inspires you to enjoy your creations, while your attachment gets you stuck in attachment.

We each choose the freedom of Love and letting go of the attachments of Fear and suffering.
Loving you, with freedom and trust,
Betty Lue
¤      I love you      ¤
and I know you love me too.
The freedom for you and I to be who we are.
The freedom to live life as we do.
The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
The freedom to express our own truth as we see it.

The trust that there is a constant flow of love, 
no matter what.
The trust that, in spite of life’s problems, 
we believe in and support each other’s right 
to live as we choose.
The trust that in adversity, 
there is healing and learning and gifts of love.
The trust that under conflict and emotional expression,
there is love

I love you and I trust you.
I free you to be all you are.

Betty Lue 1978

Friday, March 23, 2012

Remember Love. Return to Wholeness.

We are here to remember and return to our Natural State, Our Eternal Truth, Our Holiness and Wholeness.  
My mission statement, my life purpose is: 
I am the space of freedom and trust, where Love is remembered and Wholeness restored.
I spend my early morning hours reminding myself and again throughout the day.

Every morning, I read the Daily Word from Unity. 
I read the A Course in Miracles lesson for the day. (over 20 times, beginning in 1977)
I listen within for daily guidance.
I sit at my computer and write these Daily Loving Reminders without pre-thinking or planning.
This entire inspirational practice takes at most 30 minutes daily and it fuels me for life.
My morning practice is simple and easy, because I am quick to remember. 

Yes, I travel and teach, counsel and coach, write and create, play and enjoy.
I live and work in several places.
I may be “interrupted” with phone calls, emails, grandchildren or other distractions.
They each can be used to remember Love.     TRUST+ FREEDOM = LOVE.
I may have many excuses not to continue, but I always come back for more.

Usually I awaken at 5 or 6AM but sometimes earlier or later and this is always how I begin.
Throughout the day I encounter many folks, all of whom are reminders to Love.
Every email is a request for Love or a contribution of Love, all of which I respond with Love.
Every apparent human need is a request for Love, shown and given in the ways which fulfill.

I live remembering Love and being a loving reminder for myself and all of us.
It may not look like Love if I walk away or change the subject or do not give what is asked.
It may not look like Love if I am clear and confident rather than soft and yielding.
I may not feel like Love is I am strong and direct in my declarations.
Love is freedom and Trust for you and for me to choose and be responsible for our choices.

The end of the world is not its destruction, but its translation into Heaven.
The end of life is not death, but its translation into Union with God.
The end of marriage is not divorce, but its translation with true forgiveness into Unconditional Love.
The end of childhood is not adulthood, but maturing into taking full responsibility for our lives.

What will it take for us to see all disease is “dis-ease” or lack of peace, including mind, body and Spirit?
What will it take for us to stop judging ourselves and others and learn from  natural consequences?
What will it take for us to let go of the past and fully appreciate and enjoy and live in the present?
What will it take for us to undo age-old stories of limitation and lack and realize the Power of Love?

I am reminded of the miracles of Love everyday with each encounter.
I see where humanity clings to blame and guilt as the way to control, manipulate and defend.
I notice how we get stuck in our stories teaching fear, and forget to remember Love.
I recognize the Power of remembering Love and being a Loving Reminders.

I invite you to join me in remembering the Love you are.
I encourage you to remind others of their inner Essence with how you see them and treat them.
Everyone deserve to be seen and treated with Love, respect and dignity.
I love you, and see myself in you, as I remember only and always, LOVE.
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Forgive yourself.
When you know better, you will do better.
Forgive others.
When they know a better way, they will live a better way.
Forgive yourself.
When you remember You are Love, you will give only Love.
Forgive them.
When we realize we come from Love to create only Love, we will be only Love.
Forgive your Self.
If you had been consciously raised and respectful treated, you would treat all with respect and love.
Forgive all of us.

Give Love
Love is the creative power.
Love is the healing agent.
Love is Who we really are.
Love is our sacred path.
Love is our Gratitude extended.
Love is what guides our way.
Love is broken hearts mended.
Love is the beginning and end of our days.

When you withhold love, you feel sick.
When you stop loving, you block your clarity and knowing.
When you will not love, you forget and deny yourself.
When you do not love, you lose your way.

When you forgive yourself, you open the flow.
When you erase the past, you choose to know.
When you release resentment, you remember your reason for being.
When you undo what is not true, you see the truth.

When you forgive the darkness, you see the light.
When you let go and open the flow, the Son shines again.
When you release mistaken ways, the right way emerges.
When you surrender to the One, you remember the One within.

How hard can this be?
Forgive and you will see.
It is easy to let go.
It is safe to love.
It is joyous to be new!

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
When you erase the resentment, hurt, guilt and fear you have held, you return to Love.

Love is your natural state.
All wounds are revealed and healed.
You can begin again, whole, happy and free.
Life works for you when you remember Love.

Life is fun, safe and easy when you let go and know only Love.

Loving us all as we awaken and remember!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Helpful and Healing or Critical and Wounding

Everything is a choice.
Which Voice do you listen to?
Which way do you choose?
Who do you trust?

How do you treat your loved ones?
How do you speak to your partner, children, parents and friends?
What is your inner self talk. Kind or critical?
When we can relate to everyone with the respect toward an honored guest, we are healing ourselves! 

What we think of ourselves is what we teach others to think of us.
How we treat ourselves is the way we demonstrate others can treat us.
What we give to others in our thoughts, words and interaction tells them what we think of ourselves.
All our relationships are a reflection of  our inner relationship with past imprinting and experiences.

To be an angel, a healer, a transformative agent, a loving Presence, we must first heal within.
This healing is always to clear our own archived material, held in Mind, to find our heart, Love ItSelf.
We can only know by setting ourselves and everyone free to love and respect, trust and be free.
It requires that we release all that dissuades, distracts, diminishes and discourages us.

Letting go can be fun and safe, easy and quick.
All it requires is that we be happy and willing to forgive, erase and undo.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
With true forgiveness, what we judge is undone, never happened.

Yes, the mistakes, sins and ignorant stuff is repeated because we feel guilt and shame.
Where we judge or are judged is held in Mind and is doomed to repeat itself, because thoughts create.
How do you clear your psyche, the archived memories of harm and resentment?
Constant forgiveness clears away the stuff of time, until time is no more and we are present in Love.

Love yourself first, last and always….no matter what.
Give yourself credit for learning, healing, beginning again.
Honor yourself for remembering Who and Whose You Are.
See yourself as precious and Good and Holy as you are created to be.

“Child of God, you were created by your Creator, to be creative.
We are here to create what is Good, Beautiful and Holy.”

Forgive, erase and release all thoughts to the contrary.
Let every thought, image, word and deed create what is Good, Beautiful and Holy.
If you find yourself forgetting, forgive your error quickly with no need to ask “Why?”.
And simply choose again to remember your Truth and think, speak and act from the Good in you.

We are choosing every moment.
Do we listen and follow the outer voices of the world, the past, the media, and society?
Or do we listen to the inner voice of God, intuition, conscience, Love Itself, our Higher Power?
We can remember and be healing and Holy reminders to everyone, especially ourselves!

Loving you now and always,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rights and Responsibilities

Whenever we are given a right or privilege, we have a responsibility to respect that right.
We have the privilege of being alive and with it a responsibility to use our life well.
We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness according to our constitution.
With that comes the responsibility of extending that right to all others we encounter.

We have freedom of choice. 
There are no limits to our right to choose.
We have the responsibility not to choose what is harmful to ourselves or others or our environment.
There are consequence of making choices that do harm or limit others’ freedoms.

Consider what you are teaching your children, your neighbors or your world by choice in life.
Consider how you can make a positive difference rather than go along with what others expect.
Consider the opportunity to make different choices and be responsible for creating the world you want.
Consider choosing always and only for what is really Good for everyone.

Being “response-able” means to me that you take 100% responsibility for what you think and say and do.
Being responsible means to not blame yourself or others for any mistake, but to forgive and choose again.
Being responsible means to create ways to respond with Love, freedom and trust with life learning.
Being responsible means accepting the natural consequences for our actions and making wise choices.

With the right or privilege to express ourselves, we have the responsibility to be respectful of others.
With the right to dress as we choose, we have the responsibility to be sensitive to others choices.
With the privilege of using credit cards or borrowing money, we have the responsibility to pay our debts.
With the responsibility of raising children, we have the responsibility to teach them to be responsible.

With the privilege of being married, we have the responsibility to keep our agreements and vows.
With the right to drive, we have the responsibility to keep everyone safe and unharmed.
With the right to vote, we have the responsibility to be informed about what and whom we are choosing.
With the privilege of living in this country, we have the responsibility to pay our taxes and obey the laws.

With the right to use the internet, we have the responsibility to do no harm to ourselves or others.
With the right to live where we choose, we have the responsibility to be respectful of our neighbors.
With the right to take or teach a class, we have the responsibility to be on time and keep our agreements.
With the right to lead others in any way, we have the responsibility to lead in the best, most safe and healty ways we know, to lead to a positive outcome for all.

With rights and privileges come responsibilities.
With responsibilities, comes the need to pay attention, be aware, give our best and teach others well.
When we recognize, everything we think, say and do teaches everyone everywhere, we must be responsible.
When we are responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds, we will always choose for the highest Good.

Being forgetful, lazy, uncaring, irresponsible, erratic, selfish, resentful, resistant is not an option.
It is time to wake up and choose wisely all day everyday, with our kids, coworkers, friends and ourselves.
We can no longer pretend to be asleep at the wheel and let go of what we know is ours to do.
This is our time and our moment to step up and into our place of responsibility.

Let us be and do what is our calling and our destiny.  
Let us choose to live and give the highest Truths we know. 
Let us in every encounter demonstrate respect, responsibility and cooperation..
Loving you and me as we set ourselves free to be All be are meant to be.
Betty Lue 

Keys to Successful Relationships 

Joining-Create a common vision or shared goal.

Honesty- Communicate your true intention without secrets or withholds.

Equality-Each is giving the best they know in each moment.

Commitment- Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.

Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond consciously to all relationship needs without guilt or blame. Be respectful and forgiving of mistakes made.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Spring!

Spring is the time for new beginnings.
When you don’t know where you are going, you go nowhere adrift in the unconscious.
When you don’t know what you want to grow, your harvest is minimal, mixed and whatever happens to be.
When you don’t know who you are, you are a chameleon changing identities according to others ideas.

If you have no purpose and no direction, you may feel lost, confused, empty.
If you see nothing of value, you may experience whatever is left around by others.
There is no external puppeteer managing your life.
Your essence or inner self will guide you if you are willing to listen and follow.

This inner Essence or God Self is always available to you for direction.
This inner guidance system knows your Value, your Gifts, your Greatness and your Higher Destiny.
When you quiet the external personality voices of limitation, lack, and littleness, you can hear.
You know this Voice because it tells you only of trust, freedom, possibility, peace and true happiness.

Following the personality leads to reliving past programming, unhealthy habits, depressing emotions.
Following the Higher Self leads to being fully Present, healthy choices and emotions of gratitude and joy.
When you give yourself to the Highest Good, you give your mind to creating only Good.
When you trust the Higher Power and guidance within you, you live as an innocent and trusting child.

Spring is the season of planting seeds of trust, freedom, loving service and happy contribution.
Spring is the time to make positive choices for healing the past and creating a good life.
Spring is the season of renewed energy, joy and the freedom to create an expanded field of possibility.
Spring is the gift of sunlight, light of the Son, shining on you and within you.

To fully embrace Spring, breathe deeply the fresh spring air.
Love the drops of rain as they fall on the earth, cleansing and nurturing new life.
Enjoy the green grasses and spring flowers, the budding trees and birds chirping their “wake up” songs.
Celebrate with gratitude the new life everywhere announcing making all things new again in you.

“How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than beautiful?
How could anyone ever tell you, you were less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice, that your loving is a miracle?
How deeply you’re connected to my Soul?”
From me to you!
I am singing from my heart to yours.
May this Spring bring a happy heart and an open mind, ready and willing to experience miracles of Love.
I am loving you.  

Betty Lue
Let real Love, Divine Love, unconditional Love and lasting Love in and Receive it personally.