Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Love is Love is Love!


Love is safe, fun and easy.

Loving is good for mind, body and spirit.

Love is all that Really Matters.

I choose to always Love, no matter what!

Love Is All There Is.

Isn’t it all the same?

Good is God.

God is Love.

Love is Good.

All the same, so why try to dissect what is whole?

Why do people seem to be afraid to Love?

If we long for love, why withhold Love?

Why doubt Love?

Why question Love?

Why avoid Love?

Why deny Love?

Why reject Love?

Little children come to us to Love and be Loved.

Are we loving all the children?

Are we allowing the children to love us?

Are we truly loving our babies, children and youth?

We marry and vow to love and cherish.

Do we remember to love and cherish one another?

Are we committed to truly love in our marriages/

Do we continue to show how much we love and cherish in our homes?

We often say “I love you.” to family and friends.

Do we mean what we say?

Do we trust that the Love we speak of will last?

Are we willing to give Love no matter what?

What if we gave our lives to Love?

What if we loved unconditionally?

What if we learned to forgive our fear?

What if we allowed ourselves to Love and be loved?

Love is good.

Love is good for us and for everything and everyone.

Love is healing and peaceful and happy and freeing.

Love is the greatest gift we have to give to ourselves and others.

Let us just choose to Love everyday and all the time.

Just for the Love of It: Remember to Love.

Betty Lue

Which do you choose?

What can you do to heal the fear in yourself, in your community and in the world?
Fear contracts.                        Love expands.
Fear withholds.                       Love shares.
Fear defends.                          Love is open.
Fear judges.                            Love appreciates.
Fear condemns.                      Love forgives.
Fear separates.                        Love joins.
Fear acts out.                          Love responds.
Fear withdraws.                      Love reaches out.
Fear shuts down.                    Love opens up.
Fear argues.                            Love listens.                 
Fear excludes.                         Love includes.
Fear worries.                          Love blesses.
Fear justifies.                          Love trusts.         
Fear is stingy.                         Love is generous.
Fear is pushy.                         Love is patient.     
Fear can be cruel.                    Love is kind.        
Fear is suspicious.                   Love trusts.
Fear demands.                        Love guides.        
Fear cowers.                            Love is courageous.
Fear takes care of  its own.      Love is helpful to all.
Fear distorts our thinking.        Love sees clearly. 
Fear speaks of wrongs.            Love speaks of value.
Often fear makes us sick at heart and sick in body.
Often fear shuts down our ability to think, feel and act for Good.
Often fear limits our healthy appropriate responses.
 Each of us is called to manage, forgive, heal and release the fear in our lives.

What can you do to handle your fear and to help others with theirs? 

Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day


I remember only Love is Real and Lasting.

I remember the blessings of our forefathers and all they have taught.

I remember the loving kindness and guidance of all those who Love us.

I remember to never quit on Love.

Remember the Blessings.

What are you remembering?

Our memory is a tool to be used for Good.

We are here to remember our holy purpose.

We are to remember what we are here to heal.

Let us heal the hearts by remembering to love.

Let us heal our regrets by remembering to forgive.

Let us heal the past by remembering it is no more.

Let us heal the present by remembering to stop the war.

When we heal the hate, we can learn to love.

When we heal the fear, we will learn to forgive.

When we heal ourselves, we can learn to help others.

When we heal the world, we will release the pain.

Let us remember the suffering by giving comfort.

Let us remember the violence by extending peace.

Let us remember the sacrifice, by offering our gratitude.

Let us remember the lack by sharing our bounty.

Each one us is blessed with the opportunity to give.

Everyone can find their appreciation for all that has been given.

We can share with one another the ways we have forgiven.

We can show the miracles of love by being Love It Self.

In all circumstances, we can stop the madness.

We can control our emotions and let them out in private.

We can relinquish all attack and learn to forgive instead.

We can suspend our judgments knowing we do not know.

We are gifted with the gift of life.

We can use this life to remember the good by giving full appreciation.

We can use this day to bless all that have blessed us.

Bless everyone everywhere for joining us to teach and learn, to heal and be healed.

We came to have abundant life.

Many have helped and served and taught and sacrificed along the way.

Some have disturbed and challenged, taken and demanded that we might learn.

We can choose now to learn from everyone and remember what is Good for All.

We can let go of everything that we no longer value and let it be no more.

We can erase and release what is not helpful to be repeated in our remembering.

We can undo the past, so we can choose again the present., taking with us only what is True.

We can choose to repeat stories that inspire, encourage and create what is Good for all.

Our memory is to be used to forgive and erase what we no longer want.

Remember what is Whole and True and Loving.

Let us remember what our purpose is.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Doing Our Best


I trust myself to do my best.

I forgive my impatience.

I allow each person to be their best.

I love myself as I am…..and I love You, too!



Always Doing Our Best

If we knew better, we would do better.

Let us learn to be patient with ourselves and others.

Let us trust people really want to do better, when they are conscious.

People learn to do and be what they are from their life experiences.

I am always doing my best, even when I am not!

What does that mean?

All people are not at their absolute best, because they do not know better.

We all have days when we cannot and do not give what is our best.

Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we neglect.

Sometimes we are confused.

Sometimes conflicted.

Sometimes misinformed. 

Sometimes fearful or upset.

Sometimes emotionally distracted.

Sometimes tired or afraid or in pain or sick or getting old and unable.

Everyone has bad moments.

And what do we do with them?

How do we wake up ourselves and others?

How do we care enough to be helpful?

If we are patient and forgiving, we can be helpful.

If we listen deeply to their need, we will be understanding.

If we will trust they are doing their best or asking for help, we will be kind.

If we respect and believe in them, we will hear their need.

Listen deeply and you will hear them!

Please forgive me.

Please listen to me.

Please understand me.

Please accept me.

Please allow me some time and space.

Please give me some grace.

Please don’t give up on me.

Please help me be.

I am always trying my best for where I am right in this moment.

I don’t want to look bad.

I don't want to lose face.

I don't want to make you mad at me.

I want your love and respect.

I want to let you know I am trying to be.

I can’t be what I was before.

I need you to just love me.

This is our time to see and know and feel the need for forgiveness and love!

Let us give this grace to our youth and our elderly.

Let us be forgiving and accepting and understanding.

Let us be patient with each human being as they are.

Let us help one another to be patient and trusting and allowing.

It is our Time to remember how to love unconditionally and serve from our heart.

We can bring healing and smiles with our forgiveness and trust.

We can return to a world of safety and sanctuary when we remember to let go.

We can breathe deep with the love and acceptance we feel for absolutely everyone.

Loving us all.

Betty Lue

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Another Healer's Prayer


I forgive everyone and everything including myself.

I release my judgments and see things differently.

I let go of my limited perceptions and see the deeper truth.

I trust in the power of affirmation and experience miracles.

Ho O Pono Pono Prayer.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love You.

Thank You.

This is another way to heal ourselves and humanity.

I will describe my way to understand how it works for us.

When we learn to genuinely clear our heart/mind to Love, we will remember.

We are here to be willing to wake up and remember to Love and be grateful.

I Am Sorry

I am sorry for your upset and pain.

I am sorry for your loss and grief.

I am sorry for my part in what hurts.

I am sorry for forgetting and neglecting.

I am sorry for the confusion and conflict.

I am sorry for false teaching and limiting beliefs.

I am sorry for what the world has learn and taught.

I am sorry for repeating negative stories.

I am sorry for the disrespect and neglect.

I truly am sorry for how we have withheld love from our human family.

Please Forgive Me.

Forgive me for my impatience.

Forgive me for my tears and fears.

Forgive me for misunderstanding.

Forgive me for not listening deeply.

Forgive me for not paying attention.

Forgive me for not taking responsibility.

Forgive me for getting caught in petty grievances. 

Forgive me for withholding my love from anyone.

Forgive me for believing I cannot do anything to help.

Forgive me for blaming everyone else.

Forgive me for withholding faith, hope and love.

I Love You.

I  love you as the One You were created to be.

I love you as part of my human family.

I love you because we are all here together needing love.

I love you and trust you and free you to be you.

I love you and let go of my need to control you.

I love you and wish only the highest and best for you.

I love you and want you to be happy and free.

I love you and see you are part of me.

I love you and give my best to you always.

I love you and care about you and your well being.

Thank You.

Thank you for showing me myself

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn and grow.

Thank you for showing me how to care and share my best.

Thank you for receiving my love.

Thank you for trusting me to be helpful to you.

Thank you for the Love that creates and recreates us all.

Thank you for changing my mind and my life.

Thank you for your unlimited gifts to us all.

Thank you for the opportunity to love without conditions.

Thank you for opening my mind and heart to the power of Love.

Let us remember everyone needs Love.

Betty Lue

Friday, May 27, 2022



I use my time wisely for the Highest Good.

I respect the value of my time for learning and teaching, envisioning and creating.

I take my time to enjoy and celebrate all the good I have and do and express and experience.

I have fun experimenting with time as a tool for sharing all Good with All.

Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun.

Time flies when you are busy.

Time disappears when you are present.

Time seems to do what you want when you are on purpose.

Time works for us when we are clear.

Time words against us when we are conflicted.

Time seems to follow our lead when we know what we want.

Time is a tool to be used for Goodness Sake.

Take the “time” to set your intention for each day.

Give yourself time to finish what you start.

Honor your time by not rushing or delaying.

Choose to have the time you need to accomplish.

It is our thoughts about time that confuse us.

When we are at the effect of time, we feel “under pressure”.

When we are in charge of our time, we choose how to use it all.

When we know what is ours to do, we get it all done on time.

Take Your Time!

Time is yours to take.

Give yourself time to do it well.

Give yourself all the time you want.

You are always in the Right Place at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason.

What an affirmation of your right to choose how you use the power of conscious choice.

We have the opportunity to choose whatever we want with our timing.

Life can move as slow or fast as you want.

When you are out of time, it appears as though you made a mistake in your timing.

However what you have lost was your own ability to take responsibility for your use of time.

Make decisions that work for you and not against you.

If you don’t like to rush, relax and take all the time you want.

If life is moving too slow for you, speed up your pace and make decisions spontaneously.

You need not wait for anyone, unless your priority is to match their timing.

Be patient in your ‘waiting’ for others, so you don’t interfere or confuse with their timing.

Time is one way we can support or get in the way of others timing choices.

Time is a gift to be used to support and encourage more life experiences to benefit ourselves.

Time can be enjoyed when we learn to be awake and aware of our own choices.

Time is the opportunity to maintain integrity with our values and personal vision.

Time can be lost, gained or maintained with a mere change of mind.

Loving the gift of time for us to use well.

Betty Lue

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Love No Matter What!


I am always loved, whether I know it or not.

I am Love Itself.

I share Love easily and naturally.

Love is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Unconditional Love Prevails

There is no greater gift than to know Unconditional Love.

There is no greater experience than to be loved without conditions.

To know how to love even One forever and always is a profound healing and awakening experience.

To open one’s heart to love everyone is the Eternal Bliss of Freedom and Trust, True Enlightenment

Love feels.

Love heals.

Love reveals.

Love is Real.

Sometimes we cry with Love.

At times we sigh with Love.

Often times we smile with Love.

And perhaps we die with Love.


Love never ends.

So no matter what, we continue loving.

We give all we have and more is given.

We share what we know and more is known.

When we get stuck with judgment.

When we fear being rejected,

When we feel guilt or regret,

We can always return to love.

Love never leaves us.

It waits for us to return.

Love never deceives us.

Forgiveness looks deeper.

Love is the answer to every prayer.

Love is the song we sing when we dare.

Love is the gift that is received in the giving.

Love is the way we know abundant living.

Whether we know it or not, love hits the spot.

When upset, angry or filled with regret, return to Love.

When we allow love to be blocked, we easily find the key.

Forgive ourselves for withholding our natural state of Love.

Love is the answer when caught in doubt.

Love is the power, when lost in helplessness.

Love is the healing, when we feel hopeless.

Love is the light when we are hiding it the dark.

When we answer with Love, we release all fear.

When we listen to Love, we find the way.

When we remember to Love, we return to wholeness.

When we seek only Love, we see the Light.

Love, only Love and you will know You Are only Love.

Loving you with all my heart and soul.

I am here to always remember to Love.

Betty Lue 

Remember :

True Love needs not to be recognized, acknowledged or appreciated.

It is received in the heart of all beings, whether the personality knows it or not.

Give only Love to all those, in body or not, present or far away, open or closed.

This Love will heal and bless you both.