Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Complete

I value all I have learned and will continue to learn.
I forgive any mistakes and learn from everything.
I trust in the highest outcome for my choices.
I appreciate my learning and bless each day with gratitude and joy

Honorable Closure for 2018

It is appropriate to end with honor.
It is healthy to finish with gratitude.
It is good to learn from challenges.
It is valuable to celebrate accomplishments.

Life is a cycle of choices changes and commitments.
When we are engaged with our lives, we fully appreciate it all.
When we are judging or neglecting life, we may dismiss or deny.
Taking the time to truly see and receive our lives, enriches us.

Consider what you have learned from this year.
Write down your top five areas of learning and growth.
Realize all you have learned and how you have grown.
Be willing to fully receive the benefit.

Consider the challenges of this year.
Where do you have more to do?
What have been your regrets?
Where is there still work to be done?

Consider the blessings and gifts of the year.
Where have the challenges become blessings?
What do you consider to be the best of 2018?
Where are you truly happy with what you have received?

Consider what you would like to remember and appreciate.
When you can fully experience gratitude for your life, you are prosperous.
When you totally value what you have created, you will be joyful.
When you appreciate the good, the good will naturally increase.

Love is Letting go of fear.
Love is letting go of judgment.
Love is letting go of regret.
Love is letting go of resentment.

Consider writing down leftover fears and judgments, regrets and resentments.
Offload what you no longer want to carry in your heart or your mind.
Release and relinquish all forms of negativity and attack.
With your blessings, dig a whole and burn it, releasing what no longer has value.
(Or tear up the paper and throw it in the garbage.)

Only you can know what remains valuable.
Choose to remember what is substantial and beneficial.
Choose to release and undo what is unnecessary and hurtful.
You can build a beautiful 2019 on the very best learning, blessings and appreciation.

Loving you now and always,
Betty Lue
HONORABLE CLOSURE  (A Healthy Way to Complete 2018)     
How do you complete a relationship, marriage, teaching-learning experience, job or friendship?
How do you know you are really complete?
People may walk away without really finishing the healing work, because it is easier emotionally.  
People don’t know how to come to a truly peaceful place, where “good-bye” is “God be with You”. 

When we are complete, we are at peace and in love.
We have no regrets, no resentments, no unhappy memories.

Honorable closure acknowledges:
1)   the learning and growth received,
2)   challenges and difficulties experienced,
3)   appreciation of gifts and blessings,
4)   forgiveness and amends made.

**Acknowledge within your self and with the other person all that you have learned and how you have grown and benefited from the experience.
**Honor and express the challenges and difficulties that occurred and perhaps were endured during the time together.
**Offer your gratitude and appreciation to the other for the benefits you received.
**Share your forgiveness and/or make amends for those places of unconscious or conscious errors of omission or commission.  Often neither party is aware of what went unexpressed until the two have an opportunity to talk together.  This is very valuable when done with the conscious intention for a peaceful conclusion.
**And lastly, give your full appreciation and blessings to those whom you are leaving.  

Honorable closure includes a face to face or heart to heart connection so that all parties have a full opportunity to express their piece of the whole. Incompletion is never one sided. If one party loses and is in grief neither person is at peace.   If you cannot complete in person, write out your thoughts and feeling respectfully and with gratitude. 
I am grateful I have learned… 
I am grateful I was challenged……
I am grateful to have regrets which I can apologize for and learn from.
I am grateful to see how much I have received and appreciate……..

Do your part when you part.
When we complete a relationship, job, living situation with honor for all, we are free to choose again without being haunted by the past or unconsciously repeating the same patterns.

To move on, to create anew, to be fully inspired requires honorable closure.  
Begin now!
Saying good-bye can be done with love, respect and profound gratitude and inner peace. 
Do it Now!

Betty Lue  1983

Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Better Way to Relate!

Peace promotes prosperity.
Simplicity allows lasting Loving Kindness.
Gentleness is a gift to ourselves and the world.
Honesty inspires integrity.

The Gift of Relationships

Holidays are a great time to spend with children (& grandchildren).
It is our preference to be with the children on their own. (sans parents).
They so literally act out their parents and other adult influence.
Children copy the words, nuance and beliefs of their role models.

Children are great actors and copycats.
They deliver the same hand gestures, facial expressions and intonation that they see and hear from birth.
Their drama is the drama of the adults in their lives.
Their strong opinions and behaviors come from within their own cultural upbringing.

Like it or not, kids show us exactly where we are stuck or off purpose as well as helpful and kind.
The obvious behavior of children lacks the subtleties of unconscious manipulations.
Usually children are practicing, through trial and error, to find what works for them.
They are great observers of the adults in their lives to get the reaction that they want.

Kids also are extremely flexible and willing to change their behaviors depending on where they are.
When expected to be problems, they are.
When needing to be the center of attention, they know how.
When wanting nurturing babying and special care, they develop the act very early.

As a conscious learner, I am amused, amazed and neutral observer.
Sometimes I am called to share an awareness that both helps the kids and awakens me.
Today after dinner, I realized during an pretended dramatic interlude, what these guys are doing.
The more your life is dramatic, the more highs and lows you will have.
What brings you super highs will be counter-balanced with equal lows.

In a world where drama sells, children are learning to use drama as their most effective behavior.
At a time when we commercialize and pay mightily for high drama, our children are buying in.
In our family systems when adults are distracted by technology, children  use drama for attention.
Disease, disaster, devastation, depression are all viewed as important and value

When you know you have a choice, you can choose to have a neutral or balanced life.
You can choose to step away from drama with your friends and parents.
You can choose as a child to create easy going or more simple loving people and places.
You can choose to have a life that is safe, fun and easy.

When you know drama is a choice, it is easy to choose no drama.
When you know you can act dramatic without really feeling dramatic, you are free to play act.
When you know drama yields its opposite, you may want to minimize the drama of today’s life.
Parents can be helpful with their children by eliminating dramatic interaction.

Let us all consider neutralizing our interactions and interactions.
Let’s stop reacting to sensationalism, fanaticism and extremes.
Let us each choose to de-escalate our predicaments and calm ourselves.
Let us encourage our children to find their inner calm and mild manners.

All of us want peace and harmony, love and kindness.
Betty Lue

Forgive the past.
Learn from any mistakes.
Heal your disappointments and hurts.
Grow with your goals.
Live with gratitude.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Past Is Gone

I forgive and release the past.
All that is left of my past are the blessings.
The past is gone; it can touch me not.
I happily let go of everything I do not value.

The Past Is Not Here

Learn, Let Go and Move On.
Now is the Only Time We Have.
Judging the past merely repeats the past.
Forgiving the past clears it so we can create new.

Use your life well by learning along the way.
When we judge, hate, fear and resent, we do not complete the learning.
When we place a judgment on anything we get stuck with its continuance.
When we release our guilt and blame and victimization, we free ourselves to fully learn.

The past is like a movie we can watch again and again.
We can review the movies from our past and recognize what resonates and what no longer is valuable.
What we value, we review and repeat.
When we relinquish value, we need not replay.

The mis-creations and misperceptions we have made and seen, can be easily erased.
The focus on wrongs and rights often leads to replaying the wrongs and rights in life.
When we simply see what has been as gone, we need not even remember or store it for later review.
When we are finished with those old movies, we can discard them without concern.
What is done is done.

There are those memories that folks prefer to hand onto.
Memorabilia, photo albums, history books and lessons learned can be archived and readily accessed.
When we need not redo or retake the same photo or lesson, it is best simply to set it aside.
When we have learned what was valued, give it your blessing of gratitude and move on.

The energy left in yesterday can be used to fully enjoy today.
The time and effort it takes to take care of what was may be better used for appreciating what is.
The negatives energy placed o avoiding, resenting, fearing and hating the past, is a waste of time.
Think wisely about what matters and focus on living in the now, fully valuing where you are now.

I prefer to live each day fully and freely, valuing what is today.
I focus on being present with what is, learning from everything.
I receive the most valuable feedback from being fully present.
I can easily choose to change everything when I am here and now.

I am responsible for everything I experience.
I have asked for and experience as I have asked.
I can quickly forgive, erase and undo whatever experience I choose to change.
I can most easily undo and create a new truth when I a responsible for my current experience.
I know that life is my creative experience and expression and creations when I am responsible.

Judgments distort and confuse my perceptions.
I free myself when I take full responsibility for my life.
Life works for me when I am willing to be responsible for the choices I make.
I easily and quickly forgive every mistaken thought, word and deed.

Prayerful Release:
May we awaken to the reality of our self-created illusions with self-forgiveness and even amusement at the stories we continued to tell and repeat by the telling.
May we enjoy the sense of freedom and self-responsibility when we know the Goodness and Power of Re-Creation within us. (Instant Replay)
May we reach out to others with fearlessness and conscious awareness in remembering we are not alone.
May we return to the innocent trust of a child, as we celebrate our power to undo what we no longer choose to be true.

Transformation is revealed when we are healed from our own guilt and withholding Love.
Love Prevails, because Only Love is Real!
Betty Lue