Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Give Your Best!

I give my best to everyone and everything I do, including me.
I flow my love and trust with all my thoughts, words and activities.
I am grateful for the more I have and the more I give to all.
My life works because I am always giving everything I have.

Give Your Best!

To give your best, you must be your best.
To be your best, you receive the best you have.
To receive the best in you is to realize the amazing miraculous, awesome, unlimited Self in You.

Many folks compare themselves with others
Many try to make others better.
Many even try to make themselves better.
But few simply enjoy giving the best they have and do and are.

It takes no effort to simply open the flow.
Flow your Love.
Flow your creativity.
Flow your prosperity.
Flow your helpfulness.
Flow your joy.
Flow your peace.
Flow the Goodness in you.
Flow all the time to everyone.

I have so much.
I share the much I have.
What I share returns to me.
And I have and share again and again.

I notice the loaves and fishes in my life expand the more I give.
I see that what I have is increased as I share it all freely.
I feel the abundance in me expand when I give myself for joy.
My life continues to be a living example of freely manifesting everything I provide for good works.

Flow is effortless.
Flow is natural.
Flow is healthy.
Flow is fun.

When we are sharing Who and What We Are, we are living on purpose.
When we are limiting or withholding who and What we Are, we are blocking our own life energy.
We can forgive, erase and delete all blocks to the awareness of Love within us.
We can clear the fear of giving always and only our best with self-forgiveness.

This is our work.
This is our function.
This is our purpose.
We are here to be trusting and free, happy and in the flow of Love.

Bless you as me as we set ourselves free to be.
Betty Lue

Monday, April 29, 2019


I choose to forgive the past.
I forgive everything and everyone for all time, including myself.
I easily and quickly everything I do not want to repeat.
I release all hurtful thoughtful, thoughts words and behavior

Forgive Your Self!

When you are not totally loving yourself, you deny yourself.
When you do not truly love yourself, you do not give to yourself.
When you do not believe yourself, you do not trust in your choices.
When you have not forgiven your past, you tend to recreate it.

Our work in the world is to do a fearless inventory and clean up past mistakes.
Our work is to recognize what is haunting  us and exorcise old memories.
Our work is to shine a light on the dark corners of our history and delete what depletes us.
Our work is to undo everything that is not wholly true and wholly loving.

Present choices are often based on past guilt and fear.
Present voices often repeat what we heard in the past.
Present pictures usually review what we perceived in our childhood.
Present relationships are usually past unhealed similars to better understand.

When unforgiving our ourselves and others, we re-experience what is left undone.
When avoiding what was misunderstood or judged falsely, we create it again to heal.
When we shine a light on whatever was not quite “right”, we can better see and forgive.
To forgive is to relinquish our condemnation and open to see with more light and love within.

The process of self-forgiveness is to love no matter what seemed to be.
The process of forgiving others is to let to and love them anyway.
The process of utilizing forgiveness is to erase the blocks to love.
The process of applying forgiveness is to open and free the flow of life energy.

Wherever we condemn anything or anyone, we interfere with healing, blessing and new awareness.
When we stop the flow of love and light, we cannot reveal what is true and calling for our help.
When we impose our anger, blame, hurt and vengeance on anyone, we receive the pain we inflict.
When we all the judgments to be laid aside, we awaken to the infinite creative power within.

Life is for giving! Love is for giving!  Light is for giving!
When we are not giving our best, we are cheating ourselves.
When we are not extending our peace, we experience inner conflict.
When we are not sharing our love, we do not feel safe with our love.
When we are not remembering to shine our light, we feel afraid.

Our Power comes from Light, not might.
Our Love comes from Trust, not doubt.
Our Joy comes from Peace, not conflict.
Our willingness to forgive, let go and delete is the key to all Good.

Let the past go.
It cannot hurt except when we keep it in mind.
Erase your mind with Love.
Release the past with an eraser filled with Love.

Forgiveness is the key to everything you want.
Loving us each in our willingness to Forgive.
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Let Go and Change

I freely and easily change what is no longer for the Good of all.
I forgive myself for blocking or limiting healthy change in my life.
I easily let go and use my life energy for creating more Good.
Life is changing and I am transforming  and I give thanks. 

Change and Transformation

Letting go allows change.
Love is Trust and Freedom.
When we let go with freedom and trust, Love flows.
Love is the transforming power of energy flowing.

When energy flows, there is change.
Where energy goes, there is healing and creativity.
Who we are as inspired beings, is every evolving creation.
We are here to transform, transmute and create.

When we perceive our creations, we can see this is Good or not.
When we recognize what we have created, we can say I like this or not.
When we experience all we have created, we can choose to appreciate or judge.
When we evaluate our creations, we can let go, change or transform it all.

Life is our creation.
We are here to complete, what we have started, to undo what is not our best and to leave the rest.
We may stay too long, trying to fix or erase or make wrong, blame and deface.
We may leave too soon, without acknowledging the work we done and not learning what is ours.

We can choose to stay with our work until complete and leave with satisfaction.
We can get angry or hurt and believe it is theirs not ours we are here to undo.
We can feel proud of what is ours to have and hold and cherish forever.
We can simply receive the gifts as we share them freely and move on to create again.

Life offers infinite opportunities to see the creative potential within.
Life shows us how it all works together for good when we own our part.
Life is the canvas on which we can see what is our responsibility.
When we recognize the artist, we can learn from the art, for it is ours.

How can we walk away from our lives without saying “This is Good!”?
How can we ignore what we are here for is to create the Good we want?
How can we not notice the beauty we perceive comes from within the eye of the seer?
How can we refuse to acknowledge the life we experience is ours to choose or change?

It is time we appreciate our creations and forgive our mis-creations.
Actually is time we forgive our judgments, blame and guilt for any and every mis-creation.
Transform every thought, word and deed, every creation into what is Good, Beautiful and Whole.
We learned.
We created.
We experimented.
We explored.
We tried.
We experienced.
And we now know better.

This is how we have learned and what we have learned. 
This is all Good.

Blessings for how we learn to create and re-create what is for the Good of All.
Betty Lue