Friday, February 29, 2008

Always There is Abundance!

No matter what the appearance, there is enough.
No matter what we fear, help is at hand.
No matter where we go, we are not alone.
No matter how much we lose, we are always rich.
No matter how small we feel, we are essentially magnificent.
No matter how restricted we are, the mind is free.
No matter how big the mistake, forgiveness heals it all.
No matter what, we are loved.

We live in a physical world which appears to be limited, lacking and little.
In the world beyond the one we see, there is the true creation of freedom, abundance and magnificence.
When we are connected with our Essence, the place from which we have come and return we trust.
So today, the extra day every four years, is a gift of time to be celebrated and enjoyed.

How you utilize this Feb. 29th of the leap year, demonstrates how you are choosing to use what is yours.
Watch and listen to yourself.
Is this day filled with joy or sorrow, freedom of choice or limitation, love or fear, trust or worry?
This is our day to use as we wish.
Make it Good and filled with Gratitude and you will see what life can be everyday, when you make it yours.

Loving you, abundantly true,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Times change.
People change.
Weather changes.
Economics change.

Seen without fear, all things work together for Good.
“Where we judge, we see what we judge.”
Where we are at peace and observe with trust, we see the Good and the blessings.
Where we resist change, we can only see what it is we are resisting or imagine it will come with change.

When we let go and trust Goodness and God, we perceive what is highest and best for All concerned.
“Everything is in our own best interests.” (ACIM) reminds us we are here to heal and awaken ourselves.
When we set all things FREE to BE what they are meant to BE, we can TRUST the GOOD will be revealed.
With non resistance, Life unfolds allowing us to return to our natural state of innocence and freedom with trust.
With gratitude for what it, we can see the intrinsic Good in the grand undoing.

Bless the changes.
Look for the opening to healing, growth and more happiness.
Be willing to go with the flow and let go of attachments.
Trust forgiveness of all fear and judgment, opinions and worries.

Believe that God, Source, Love Itself wants us all to be whole and happy and free/
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Remember the blessings already are.
We are simply unwrapping the package to find the Beauty and Goodness inside.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Right Way

There are a myriad of perspectives on every situation and issue.
No one person knows what is best for all concerned.
Because circumstances, attitudes and priorities change rapidly, today’s answer may be faulty tomorrow.
The best we can do in each moment is listen with forgiveness and the intention of finding peace.
The best we can do is give the love we have and trust in the highest outcome.
The best we can do is show up, pay attention, tell the highest and most healing truth and let go.

To let go and let God is to be aware, forgive all judgments and trust that Good will be made apparent.
To let go and let God is to trust that everything happens in our own best interests.
To let go and let God is to know that everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.
Life is a play of giving our best and letting the rest unfold.

Be aware that where we judge, we block the flow of goodness and healing.
Be aware that where we need to be right, we will work to win and make someone else lose.
Be aware that wherever anyone loses, no one really benefits.
Be aware that healing comes from awareness with non judgment and inner peace.

The “right” way does not exist.
The mind wants to grab onto a righteous path which is unchanging.
The only unchanging Truth is the Goodness and Love that underlies everything.
The surface experiences in this world are always changing.

The best we can do is be open and willing to see things differently, from all perspectives.
The best we can do is to forgive our pettiness and selfishness and limited and fear-based options.
The best we can do it to trust that through our willingness to heal our separation, we come to know God.
The best we can do it to set aside our separate interests and look for the most Healing outcome.

We are here together to learn from one another.
When our minds are closed with restrictive and righteous beliefs, we limit our learning.
When our hearts are closed with fear and hurt, we limit our forgiveness and loving.
We are here to forgive our defensive positions and learn to love again.

Life gives us pop quizzes and midterm exams over and over until we learn enough to pass.
If we begin to see ourselves as lifetime students in a course in healing our fear and separation,
we will be willing to accept our function of forgiveness to learn to unconditionally Love no matter what.
The Loving way is demonstrated in our willingness to trust the Voice within
and to free ourselves of fear to always give the Highest and Best we hear and know in our heart.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I would rather choose the Happy Way!

One way that seems to make everyone happy is to go on retreat with us to Hawaii.
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We will be going again in Summer 2009.

NEW! We will also be taking a group on retreat to the Monterey Coast this fall and again next spring.
Less cost, less time and just as much fun and learning and spiritual renewal.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

“It’s Not Working!”

What do you do when your communication isn’t working?
What do you do when you parenting skills fail you?
What do you do when your body is not up to par?
What do you do when your life sucks and you are spiritually lost?

When life is no longer working for you, it is time to start working on life.
I have some basic tips for how to get back on track.

Wake up and see what’s really happening.
When we fall asleep into comfort, lethargy or just plain forgetfulness, upsets are wakeup calls.
We humans seem to like to complain and feel comfortable having problems to work on.
We often are simply in the habit of feeling sorry, getting special attention or making excuses for our fear.

STOP all mind altering drugs, habits and addictions.
Stop numbing yourself with alcohol, sugar, binging, TV, talking on the phone, watching TV, etc.
Give yourself 30 days to stop all unhealthy habits which render you less than fully awake and aware.
Begin only healthy and healing habits that are Highest and Best for you.

QUIT making excuses and stop blaming anything or anyone.
Give up the bad habit of judging yourself and others.
Let yourself really take a look at what you can do.
Stop looking outside yourself for answers.

The most effective change agent is always ourselves.
We are the one who really can make a difference in our lives.
We have total control over what we think and feel, say and do.

Forgive the mistakes you see you have made.
Choose again for better behaviors in thought, words and activities.
The more we judge what has been true, the more likely we will try it again.
The more we can see and forgive what was not best, the easier it is to choose something better.

Imagine the life you really want..
Begin to paint is on a blank canvas.
Talk and act and think like you already are living your idea.

Take some time to recognize the good that is already in your life.
Appreciate abundantly everyday everyone nd every thing for which you are grateful.
Be willing to stop blaming and stant thanking each moment for its Goodness.

Everyone and the Universe responds to praise.
Your praise is your prayer.
Words and thoughts and deeds of Gladness and Goodness create more of the same.
Be unafraid to affirm and celebrate all the Good News and watch it grow.

When you want to change something, be gentle.
When you want to create a different relationship, be kind.
When you are ready to make a new commitment, be thoughtful.
Always look for the highest and best way to communicate your new choices, changes and commitments.

When you Love Life, Life loves you back.
Such is the Truth.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 25, 2008

Are You Waking Up?

Who is directing your life?
How are you doing with living each day?
Who I responsible for your happiness?
Who sets the values you live by?

You are making the choices to be happy or unhappy.
You decide how to use your time, energy and money.
You make up what is most important to do each day.
You think, believe and act the way you choose.

If you don’t like the life you have, choose again
If you are unhappy with the emotions you feel, forgive yourself.
If your relationships are not satisfying, look at what you can do differently.
If you are living someone else’s life and not your heart’s desire, you can change it all.

Life is ours to choose or lose.
Life is a place of experimentation and exploration.
Life is not engraved in indelible ink, never to be erased.
Pick up the hand eraser of forgiveness and conscious choice and begin again.

Wherever things have gone wrong, all we need do is say, “Not this” and choose a better way.
There are an infinite number of roads to happiness, and we get to choose the “right” one for us.
Life is a series of choices, all of them designed to wake us up to our inherited right to choose.
Let go of guilt and blame which get you stuck in the same old rut and choose to learn from it all.

Life is letting go of fear.
Let go of the fear to choose.
Let go of the fear to change.
Let go of the fear to commit.

Life is about letting go of whatever is not the High Way and the Free Way and the Happy Way for us.

Let’s wake up happy together!
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love is Healing

Healing is Loving.
When we are loving, we are all healers one to another.
When we are extending love and peace we are healing ourselves and our world.
When we are withholding love and peace, we are blocking healing ourselves and others.

When love flows through us without condition, judgment or fear, we open the flow of healing Love to all.
When Love is blocked, made special, or offered to get something, we deny Love to ourselves and others.
Love is freedom, freely given, without exclusion to all we encounter.
Love is trust, trusting the process of each one and everyone, trusting in their unique healing needs.

Healing is the relinquishment of attack and judgment.
Healing is the absence of fear.
Healing is inner peace.
Healing is being happy.
Healing is true and lasting forgiveness.
Healing is open-mindedness.
Healing is giving Love without conditions.
Healing is creating.
Healing is living on purpose.
Healing is reconnection with source.
Healing is knowing all is well.
Healing is innocent.
Healing is perceiving only wholeness and holiness.
Healing is trusting God and Good in All things.
Healing is living in the Present.
Healing is Gratitude and Enjoyment.

Healing is natural to those who Love.
Healing is effortless to those who simply Love.
Healing is joyful to those who extend Love to All.
Healing is reciprocal for those who offer healing, receive healing.

We can treat symptoms of depression and disease, with endless remedies or cures.
To address the underlying healing needs is to recognize it is always in all ways a call for Love.
This healing Love is not emotional but Eternal. This healing Love is all powerful.
This healing Love is Holy.
This healing Love is a gift to everyone equally at all times.
This healing Love never ends or fades or is saved for one over another.
This healing Love is available to all who are open and willing to receive it.
This healing Love is shared by us all.
Whenever anyone asks for mental, emotional, spiritual or relationship healing,
we are simply calling for a reconnection with the Love, the Presence of all God and all Good within.
We simply see to remember the Love that created us as the Love we are.
We want to realize we are loved now and always no matter what.

I call upon us all to bring forth the Love We Are and to share the Love we have with One another
with a smile, a touch, a word, a prayer, a kind deed, a trust, a forgiveness, a laugh, a shared moment of Truth.

Thanks for being my healing partners on this journey through life,
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love Notes to You Everyday

Do you know I sit down and write a Love note to you everyday?
Do you know that my Loving Reminders are a gift of God to you through me?
Do you know that I am Loving God, when I am loving you?
Do you know that God is loving me, as I write these Loving Reminders?

You tell me that often the reminders are exactly right for you.
That is because they are truly for You.
Yes, you matter to me and to God.
Yes, you deserve to be deeply and profoundly loved everyday.

Love comes in many ways.
Love comes with special messages.
Love comes with music.
Love comes to us with wakeup calls.

You are being loved, right now.
Are you willing to receive it?
Are you willing to receive the reminders just for you?
Are you willing to live the Good life that is available for you?

Love is big.
Love is unlimited. There is nothing Love cannot do.
Love is an experience.
When you let in that experience, you feel free and happy and safe.

We need not Do anything to be loved.
Love simply is our natural state.
You can be loved for doing nothing.
Simply receive all the Love that is there for you right now.

When I am in love, I am open to receiving Love.
When I am out of Love , I am closed to receiving Love.
When I am giving the Love I Am, I am willing to receive all the Love flowing through me.
When I am withholding the Love in me, I am closed and will not receive the Love being given to me.

So the conditions of receiving the Infinite, healing miraculous and creative Love available are:
Be willing to share the Love you have.
Trust Love is unconditional and not special.
Be open to receiving what is yours by birthright.

Always loving you with every Loving Reminder,
Thank you for receiving. It makes me very happy!
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love Begins at Home

What is Love but Freedom and Trust.
Are you free within yourself?
Do you trust yourself?
Is there freedom to be and do and think and create in your home?
Is there trust of one another within your home environment?

Whether you live alone, with a partner, roommates or children, Love begins in the home.
When our basic needs of food, shelter, warmth, sleep and air are met, we need to feel safe.
Safety and security come with no threat of our survival.
To feel safe in our home, we need to be free to take care of our survival and safety needs.

To threaten in anyway blocks love.
To tease or allude to kicking out, getting a divorce, running away from home all threatens security.
When anyone feels uncertain about meeting survival and safety needs, they will have difficulty loving.
Trusting your basic needs will be met and feeling free to care for oneself is essential to belonging.

After meeting the needs of Survival and Safety come belonging and family and relationship needs.
Within a group, home or family is the need to feel included, valued and respected.
It is important that each person has a place where they know they are wanted and appreciated.
When there is criticism, scape-goating or ostracizing one person, these needs for love cannot be met.

To trust ourselves and our worth, we must belong, be needed and wanted and know how we fit.
Make sure you and your loved ones all know their “special” place in the home.
Often we need a special chore to take pride in or have role that benefits the family.
To belong is the next need to fill after survival and safety.

We each have esteem needs to be capable and responsible, to have status through our accomplishments. When we can see and feel “I can do it.”, we feel confident and worthy.
When we are criticized, nagged or over cared for, we feel weak, inadequate and unworthy of Love.
It is essential that everyone in our home feel they can be supported and appreciated in achieving.

There is more to this (Maslow’s) hierarchy of needs for all individuals.
Cognitive needs for meaning, wisdom and awareness.
Aesthetic needs for beauty and creativity.
Self actuaization needs for personal growth and fulfillment.
Transcendent needs to help others.

Within our homes we have the opportunity to either foster or thwart the satisfying of basic needs.
This the trust and freedom account on which Love is based and grows.
Begin with you and your loved ones.
Give your best with gratitude and let the rest go with forgiveness.

Loving you always in my heart and home.
Betty Lue

This is a good example of how to do it.

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life is for Learning

Life is a learning laboratory.
When we think we already know, we close the possibility of discovering something we don’t know.
When we pretend we know, we often convince ourselves and others that we are no longer learning.
When we make one person, place or source the only one who knows, we give close our openness.

To learn we must be happy and willing to learn.
To discover, we must be curious and open to the unknown.
To explore, we must be willing to try, to practice, and to experiment.
To be conscious, we must be willing to relinquish our attachments, myths, fantasies and opinions.

When I do not like what I know or think or feel or experience, I am willing to see things differently.
When I do not like the world I have created for myself, I am open to returning to the Source for Vision.
When I am judging a relationship, a project, an outcome, I can easily forgive, let go and choose again.
When I feel victimized or stuck with a choice I have made, I can ask for answers and inner guidance.

There are many myths, projections, wishes and expectations we carry around without even considering they may be faulty.
Every person is different.
Every person is changing constantly.
Every person is a newly re- integrating being with each experience.
Sometimes busting old stereotypes with new generalizations is helpful to stir the pot to let go.

Below you will find some of the notes I gave in understanding the personality, motivational and perception differences in the sexes. I would value hearing your feedback. Do not attempt asking men to describe their vulnerability, because that would expose their vulnerability to themselves as well as to those they cannot trust. If Men and women could drop their objectification and utilization of one another (“Women are an Love object for Men to make happy and Men are a tool to be utilized by women to get what they want”), they would find that our only real purpose is to heal ourselves and support (don’t inter-fear) the other in healing themselves.

I often speak of the highest realm of living, being fully awake, conscious of our choices, open and willing to practice forgiveness and love and yet the vast majority 99% of people live their lives in survival with some moving into security, belonging and achievement. However, very few spend any time in spiritual seeking, self-actualization or the transcendent state of helping others. Where are you in your process. Are you filling the needs you have where you are or pretending to be further along and missing the needed healing of wounds along the way.

I am learning from you and with you,
I am willing and happy to grow in wisdom and in love.
I trust my inner source and easily allow myself to be guided in helping and awakening others.
I bless my life, your life and our lives together as we learn and grow our willingness to LOVE,
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Caring For One Another

Everyone Matters.
Every mother is our mother.
Every child is our child.
Every person deserves the same care I would want for my most cherished friend.
Giving to any one is giving to everyone.
When we practice treating others as we would want to be treated, we learn the value of community.
In loving trusting community, every lays a valuable part.
Each individual has a healing and holy purpose.
Everyone has something to offer, to teach, to demonstrate.
And everyone has wounds to heal and places to learn and grow.
Once we know the value of each cherished life, we begin to respect life and value ourselves.
Once we realize our life matters, we treat ourselves with respect for every moment.
We have time, energy and money to be well utilized to serve the good of all. And there is so much to do right here and right now. No time or money or energy to waste. Learn to give your best and live yur best with each precious moment.

Recently My 86 year old Mom was injured in a car accident and sent home from the emergency room with no broken bones, but in extreme pain, no pain meds and no one to care for her. She had some visits from friends, but no one really understood the extent of her situation. I was unable to travel or even communicate with her for the first week to my own flu stuff, but prayed and trusted her needs were being met by visiting friends. Only a few of my friends really got the extreme need and responded with dishes, laundry, setting up a Dr. visit, a back massage for the bruised ribs, helping her with pain meds and adequate reassurance and comfort. What was said to me is “I treated her like she was my Mom.”

Our young people seem to be without mentoring, financial and emotional support to get into schools and specialized training, to expand their horizons and give them direction and guidance about how to live life at the highest level without wasting time and money on TV, drugs, wasteful spending and feeling scared and sorry for the difficulties in life.

What can we do to be a spiritual community that takes responsibility for our youth and our elders?
How can we open our hearts to those who don’t even know how to ask, but desperately want help they can trust?
It is learning how to mentor and coach others, how to listen and respond, how to be available, how to understand before trying to be understood.
Asking, “Do you want help?” is to difficult for those who are not familiar with receiving.
We must listen within for spiritual guidance about what help to give and how to give it respectfully.
Let’s give to others in the way we would be most open and willing to receive…with respect for the individual, with genuine compassion and faith that the recipient is doing the best they know at all times.
Every life is precious. Everyone is important.
Our gifts are blessing everyone everywhere.
Take the risk and love someone today in a giving way.

Loving you in loving.
Betty Lue

Monday, February 18, 2008

Love Heals All

Love heals relationships.
Love heals finances.
Love heals creativity.
Love heals the earth.
Love heals disease.
Love heals war.
Love heals all things.

What is this Love?
God is Love.
Love is God.
Love is Happiness.
Love is Inner Peace.
Love is Gratitude.
Love is Joy.
Love is Power.
Love is Now.
Love is Intention.
Love is Holiness.
Love is Beauty.
Love is Wisdom.
Love is Truth.
Love is Life.
Love is Giving.
Love is Kindness.
Love is Infinite.
Love is Abundance.
Love is Freedom.
Love is You.
Love is Me.
Love is fun, safe and easy.
So why not choose it?

The only way to lose the game is to quit playing.
Life works when we Love.
Begin today to simply say, “ I al open and willing to love all things as they are.”
Watch the pain, problems, fears, obsessions, craziness, emotionality, confusion and difficulties melt away.
Love what is everyday and what isn’t will leave you alone.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

Life is a game.
To learn the game of life requires practice.
To play with ease requires patience, consistency and practice.
To play with excellence requires forgiving the fears, judgments and quitting.

When we learned to wash our own hair, we became better with practice.
To learn to cook we needed to practice.
When we learn to play the piano, we become proficient with practice.
To learn to play golf well requires practice.
To learn to be in relationship skills asks that we practice.
To learn to become a good parent invites practice.
To learn to Love demand that we practice.

Look for how you learn the best.
How did you learn to cook, to play music or a sport?
How did you learn to communicate well with your partner?
What do you need in order to do well what you choose for yourself.
Managing money, making love, writing a letter, cleaning your house and driving a car?

I learn well with observation and experimentation.
I enjoy learning through exploration without comment or criticism.
I learn most quickly when others trust that I can learn and practice effectively.
I need very little instruction verbally and want help only when asked.

To be as proficient as God, to develop our divinity and Godly nature we need practice.
So open up to life as offering experiences that allow us to practice.
When I need direction, I go within.
When I want reassurance, I go within.

When I want to learn to be a good person, I look for the “Goodest person I know.
I watch how they live.
I observe how they think and relate, emote and tend to their physical, financial needs.
When I want to learn, I go to the best I can find for telepathic connection.
And then I practice practice, practice.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when I practice what works to play the game.

1) Clarify the game you want to play well.
2) Observe the best players you know.
3) Listen to those who play well.
4) Appreciate and admire someone who plays well.
5) Practice what you can do in all kinds of circumstances.
6) Never criticize others’ mistakes.
7) Encourage yourself to keep practicing.
8) Enjoy the learning process.
9) Give yourself credit for willingness to learn.
10) Never quit.

Remember to keep up the practice.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

#1 Play to perfect. Use criticism and reform all mistakes.
#2 Play to help others play. Use manipulation and helpfulness to win.
#3 Play to achieve and be the best. Look good even when they aren’t winning.
#4 Play to be unique and be noticed. Complain and have excuses when they don’t get their way.
#5 Play to gather information in private, to learn as much as they can before engaging.
#6 Play to belong and fit and add to the group. Fear being excluded.
#7 Play to be excited and delighted through diversity and novelty. Always want to play more.
#8 Play to be in control, commanding and need to lead with power and given authority.
#9 Play to find a way to maintain peace and balance and morph into what is needed.

Those who learn with happy willingness to try again, enjoy the game of life more and grow most easily.
Those who are stuck with the way it needs to be, find fault and get stuck in the problems or mistakes.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Not Stories of the Past?

God is growing us.
We outgrow the old pots and need to be transplanted into bigger pots and more expansive ways.
Once we have outgrown high school, we don’t need to talk about high school stories of glory.
Once we have moved on from days of hardship, we simply don’t need to recall how difficult it was.

When we focus on the past, we recreate it in our present.
We outgrow childhood things and move on into living as an adult.
We let go of immature reactions and activities and step into mature responsible choices.
We release mistakes when we correct our perception and see all things as working together for good.

We regress when we have not finished with what was and are holding fear and judgment.
We get stuck when we are attached to people, places and things.
We move on when we follow the Inner Light and live in Love.
It is the spiritual certainty that comes from trusting in the perfection of all things and gathering Wisdom with Love and Peace with Gratitude that gives us the confidence and strength to simply move on.

Yes, all that is left of the past is its beauty and its bountiful blessings.
The rest is undone by completing what was for forgiveness and gratitude.
The next moment is a Gift of Wonder and Enjoyment right Now.
And when we are willing to be peaceful and present, we receive inspiration and guidance now.

As we grow in faith, we give up childish things.
No more need to sell ourselves or accomplishments.
No more desire to compare our journey with another.
We simply live the Truth we know and share the Best we have.

Life becomes more simple, with less to do and say.
Be present in Love. I love Life and life loves me.
Our greatest Joy lies in the freedom to express, extend and contribute the Love We Are.
Let us simply enjoy the Good that Is, the Good God that lives in you and me.

By letting go of what was, we make room to appreciate what is and to experience whatever will be with confidence and peace.
Loving you, loving us all endlessly,
Betty Lue

Love never ends.
It simply changes form as we grow in understanding of what Love really Is!

Know I am loving You!

Friday, February 15, 2008

In Times of Challenge and Change

We can seek to find fault, fix blame or feel guilt.
We can make up causes outside ourselves.
We can fight to make this comfortable and the same.
We can contract and conserve energies in protection.

This is a common human reaction to what seems wrong, difficult and disturbing.
We also could build emotional defenses, cast spells and buy more insurance.
Or perhaps commiserate about “how bad it is”.
We have built many ways to victimize ourselves and many reasons to feel afraid.

We are good at making up reasons for “stuff happening” to us.
We can be equally good at making up ways to respond with the Highest we know.
Whether we perceive this world is a learning laboratory for us to heal and grow or the time to receive what we have sown, we still see that “stuff happens”.

Because I like to be happy and optimistic, I prefer to make up positive causes and effects.
Because I prefer looking forward than trying to figure out “why?” in the past, I simply move on.
Because I know there is an All Loving Presence and Power that sustains our Essence, I trust in the Outcome.
Because I am called to encourage Hope, strength Faith and give Love, I can only live the Highest Truths I know.

Some Made up stuff for our current human condition:
Mercury is in retrograde until the 19th.
When we declare a higher intention, everything unlike it shows up for healing.
Astrologically and according to spiritual channels, this time can be most distressing as the shift occurs.

Some Truths I know to be so, when I listen to the Voice of God’s Goodness within:
Everything unlike Love is a call for Love.
Everything that is in conflict is seeking peaceful resolution.
Every source of sorrow and pain is lacking in a joyful and grateful heart.

Now is the time for each one of us to take up the Highest Calling…..
Love more purely
Listen more clearly.
Follow the Voice within more nearly.
Day by Day.

Remember Love is Who You Are.
No matter the challenge, do not forsake your Self and Your Essence.
No matter how great the conflict or the mistake, never forget to Love.
No matter how the apparent problems, pain and disturbances seem to present themselves, remember always and only to Extend Peace, Give Love and Be Happy with Gratitude.
Be the attitude you want to see in your world.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Have You Missed Me?

I have missed being with you in this written form.
Down with the yucky flue stuff for over a week.
Up today for the time I have energy.
I am open and willing to receive your love for sure.

But mostly, would like for you to send affirming prayers and love to my 86 yr. old Mom in
Asheville, NC. and totalled her car on Friday.
No broken bones, but lots of pain in the healing process.
She is needing healing energy and love.
Robert will be there on March 1-5, but in the meantime not being given pain relief.
Thank you for seeing her healing, whole and holy.

Now onto the most important part of this email…

Dear One,
I want you to know I love, appreciate and value you.
I consider you each one, important in my world.
I honor and respect who you are.
I am inspired by how you live the very best you know.
I am encouraged by how we each are giving the best we have.
I thank you and bless you in all you are and do.

Know my love and Spirit goes with you,
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Loving Your Self is Loving Others

Happy New Year! This is the year of the earth rat.
(See "Year of the Rat" in menu bar under Numerology.)

When we have not taken impeccable care of ourselves, we are not giving our best to others.
It is a gift of Love to do what we need to honor our own needs first, so that we are our best.
Loving others well is loving myself well, so that I have the best to give others.

Selfishness is the focus on what can I get from loving others.
“I expect you to do for me as much as I have done for you.”

Selflessness is giving away, everything I have to others.
“You are more important than me.”
Martyrdom is a part of old time religion and usually make the recipient of our love feel guilty.
When we give at the cost of ourselves, we teach others to feel guilty for our loss, pain and suffering.
Subtly we are sending the message:” Look at how much I have done for you.”

When we are aligned spiritually, we recognize that giving to others is giving to ourselves.
Giving to others becomes the gift we receive, when we have no conditions on the giving.
Our giving enhances what we have so that we have more to give.
There is no loss or lack in the giving.

Thus, to Have, give All to All.
Without specialness, our natural instinct is to share and care fairly and equitably.
It is in our nature to share with love that which we have and are.
Love is our natural state and loving is our way of expressing our nature.

When we make someone more special than others, we give more to get more.
When we make someone less special than others, we give less believing we get less.
Giving everyone our appreciation and open-mindedness opens the way to realize God’s Nature.
Giving everyone our love equally sets the standard for loving all Beings simply for Being.

Life is seen and experienced differently when we love ourselves equally to loving all others.
Love is see and experienced differently when we give to ourselves the same as to others.
The Golden Rule is lived when we treat others as we want to be treated.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself, (when you love yourself well!).

Loving you well, as I am reminded to love myself well.
Betty Lue

Imagine if your most beloved friend were giving you their inspired guidance, What would they suggest for you to do to take care of yourself well?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cranky and Impatient

Mad Hatter’s wild ride anyone?
Mercury in Retrograde Jan. 29 for 3 weeks plus some?
Every “gazoobie” showing up for healing?
Opportunities to heal the “yucky” stuff and grow the Goodness!

For me “IMPATIENCE” is my area of needed work.
I am patient with my impatience.
I can use my impatience to show me where I am attached.
I can value the insights I get from being impatient.
I forgive the judgments that create my impatience.
I can acknowledge the unseen and withheld communications of the past.
I am willing to see how fast I choose to move and change, conceive and achieve.
I am aware when I need to rest and nurture myself by the impatience I feel.
“My patience with my brother is my patience with myself.” From ACIM
And I would never let myself get away with the stuff I perceive from others. Ha, Ha!

All is all I am patient with my impatience.
I recognize God, the Spirit of Goodness, within me will use everything for Good at my request.
And so it is that I request this day to be one of rest and renewal, forgiveness and trust.
I appreciate my willingness to let go and let Goodness prevail in the Love We Are as One.

Let it be what it is, recognizing only Love is real.
All else is temporary illusion.

My consistent willingness to love and forgive, trusting the Goodness That Is, is unfailing.
I am loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Yesterday was a business success meeting for the Center!
At the beginning of the meeting, I asked to be patient.
So everything that makes me impatient showed up for healing!
  • Where are you learning and growing, healing and forgiving?
  • What can you do to be more gentle and kind, taking impeccable care of you?
  • What works for you when you get stuck in an emotional pit or mental block or physical pain?
  • Where to you turn when you forget Who You Are and Why You Are Here?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Keys to Successful Partnerships

At home and in the workplace, as volunteers and paid employees, we have invitations and opportunities to partner with others.
When you have positive experiences, you can build on your successes.
With negative or failed experiences, we we may quit.
Remember: Wherever two or more are joined, there all things can work together for the Good of All.

What do you experience when you prepare a beautiful and bountiful meal with someone?
What do you experience when you share a living space with one or more people?
What have you experience when you work on a project with a team of volunteers?
What have you successfully completed with the cooperation of others/

Successes build greater success.
Failure often leads to doubt and reluctance in future partnered endeavors.
For future success, after forgiveness of past experiences, here are some keys for you.
Remember, these partnerships include, marriage, families, volunteering, working together and more.

Five Keys for Successful Relationships

Find a common vision or goal. The higher the desired outcome, the more likely you will find joining.
Be willing to be open and hold no judgments. Secrets block energy and engage suspicion and act of trust.
Give and receive the best you have at all times. Teach and learn from one another.
Be committed to the highest and best for each of the partners. Make only win-win decisions.
Take impeccable care of yourself, so you are able to respond every need. Be able to respond.

Partnerships work to uncover the doubt, resistance, fears and failures.
The blocks to trust and freedom are overcome with a willingness to forgive the past and be present.
Trust and Freedom are the spiritual ingredients to keep the partnership moving toward success for all.

Loving you as my partner in life with trust and freedom,
Betty Lue

Friday, February 01, 2008

Adversity or Prosperity?

The ancient ones have said, “In times of adversity, cultivate yourself.
In times of prosperity, help the world.”

And so it is, that we commit to do our work.
There are changing seasons and situations and all require consciousness and clarity to respond rightly.
When we are committed to learn form life and contribute to life, we look forward to our response.
When we are open and willing, we are strengthened by the challenges and blessed by the gifts.

To be with life is flow with no attachment or complaint.
To act on life is active manipulation with controlled achievement and often disappointment.
To be acted on by life is passive entertainment, procrastination, laziness and reactive victimization.

Are we teaching our children and society to sit and be entertained, to be passive observers?
Are we learning from TV, video and the media that life is a game which matters only on a flat screen?
Are we ready to face life as though all life and every response and interaction matters?

Life is a gift of education and inspiration when we show up, pay attention and express our Truth.

I enjoy and bless all of life,
It is that which I Am.
I am here to clear the fear and celebrate what really Is,
Betty Lue