Sunday, March 30, 2008

Notes from Paradise (Everywhere I Am)

When you have a glimpse of the fun, safe and easy life, celebrate.
When you feel great love for someone, give thinks.
When you feel natural joy surging inside your very being, pay attention.
Give energy and gratitude to that which you want to see and be in your life.

Too often we focus on what is missing and it grows.
Many times we are seeking for what is wrong and fail to see what is right.
When we are lost in comparison and evaluation, our judgments focus on what is not the best.
Wherever we place our attention, we are growing and increasing what we claim to not want.

Practice, observe and you will learn.
Practice seeking out the Good in your life.
Observe how it grows with your gratitude and joy.
Learn that your experiences come from your choices.

When we conceive (imagine) and believe (have faith), we perceive (see, feel and know) and achieve (experience).
Life works for us.
We just mistakenly thought life was the boss.
When we are willing to be responsible, we will consciously choose the life we really want.

I am on my way home from a retreat in Kauai, HI.
I asked myself to list the qualities that I enjoy here.
As I listed the experience I desire, I saw many ways to bring more of that experience with me wherever I go.
And I also saw how much of what I really want, I already have in my daily life.

This is the value of living, learning and letting go.
When we let go of what we no longer value and appreciate what we really want, our life transforms.
We recognize that we are creators of our experiences.
We love and honor ourselves by living our highest calling everyday.

Loving you and me as One.
We are never alone.
When we are awakened and reminded, we all benefit.
Blessings of awareness,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Begin to Listen Within

There is a still small voice within you, your connection to Spirit Within.
Some call it the voice of God.
Some call it intuition.
Some say it is Holy Spirit.
Some think it is our conscience.
Whatever you may feel it is, it is for you.

When we came into this world, the connection was clear and the loving Voice was plain.
As we learned to listen with our ears to the outer voices, we turned off our inner receptors.
When we learned to listen to the voices of adults and outer authority, we stopped listening to inner authority.
Usually by age four to six, we stop listening within and learn to trust and follow only external authority.

To become as a child really means return to innocence, return to trust, return to remembering only Love.
This is the way to heaven and to inner peace.
This is the path to joy and freedom.
This is the way to find the simply, easy, safe and happy life—listen within and follow.

Here is a part of my story of these Loving Reminders:

My Story of Inner Listening

In 1976 it was suggested I sit and do nothing for just five minutes daily by a spiritual mentor/teacher.
I chose 5AM in the morning and immediately saw/felt and heard a vision of a Home of Infinite Love available to all people.
( Over the years, I have co-created many such Centers and Homes by listening to the guidance of Spirit within.)
The next morning I brought a pad of paper and a pen to sit, and as I was simply breathing, I knew words were coming into my mind and I wrote them down.
When I later read them, I saw they had great spiritual meaning.
As an innocent, trusting and ‘True Believer’, I then quieted myself every morning and began to follow what I heard within.
My life became fun, safe, easy and miraculous in so many ways. I learned, forgave and grew spiritually daily from every relationships.
This is was the origin of what I call “inner listening” and have taught to hundreds of willing learners over the last 30 years.
I know all of us are given this Divine connection to Spirit, God, Source, the Holy One, our Inner Teacher, Holy Spirit, guardian angel.
Name it what ever you can trust and believe.

The Origin of emailed Loving Reminders

In the winter of 1998, having just moved back to the Bay Area in California, I asked Spirit Within what was my purpose and calling here.
I was invited to sit at the computer (I was then totally computer avoidant) and write down my daily inner listening and send it to those who requested it of me. Since Dec, 1998, everyday I sit at my computer to write exactly what Spirit within guides.
I do not edit, correct spelling and embellish what I hear.
I simply send what is given to me to share with the now thousands around the world.
This is my inner listening given to all who choose to receive them.
Often it gives people what they need, practical spiritual and inspiring reminders, so they need not spend money on hours of therapy or spiritual books.
Loving Reminders seem to awaken and remind individuals who are willing and ready to change their lives for the Good of All.
I also have put many of the reminders into three little books, Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders and Relationship Reminders.
There are two other books waiting to be published, Healing and Healthy Reminders.
It is my joy to contribute to the healing and awakening of my spiritual family, all humanity.

May be all be benefited and blessed by every good and kind intention of everyone everywhere.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue “True B’Lue”

Remember: The blessings already are and we are now awakening to enjoy them.

My prayer is that you will sit and listen just five minutes daily, during a time and a place when you can be quiet with no interruptions.
Loving you and yours in our awakening to to Love We already Are.
Betty Lue

Friday, March 28, 2008

What If…..

What if you already have what you want.
What if you are so busy looking for what is wrong, you cannot see all that is right.
What if you judging and criticizing is actually keeping what you judge in view.
What if you are not seeing the forest because you are looking at the knothole on one tree.
What if life is a gift to be received with gratitude and you are judging the wrapping paper.
What if you really are creating the feelings you have with the thoughts you think.
What if this learning laboratory is your time and place to explore, learn and grow in wisdom.
What if this learning only requires your happy willingness rather than unhappy stubbornness.
What if being stuck in judgment and fear is holding you back repeating the same lessons again and again.
What if with the simply act of forgiveness and letting go, you can easily free yourself to get it!
What if life can be fun, safe and easy, but you bought the belief life was serious, dangerous and difficult.
What if there is a way to change all things for the good with a new perspective and new behaviors.
What if you really are the one who can make all the difference in your own life as well as others.
What if you already have what you really want but have covered it up with difficulty and pain.
What if you really can undo what is not true for you with forgiveness and choose again for the Truth.

It is curious and wonderful that with a change of mind, we can really change our lives.
All things work together for Good when we believe that they do.
Life can be fun safe and easy when we easily let go of everything that is not.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 27, 2008

To See What Is, Forgive!

When we are judging anyone or anything, our perception is distorted by our judgments.
When I am judging favorably, I see what I favor.
When I am judging critically, I see what I criticize.
We see what we believe, what we are looking to validate.

Our mind wants to be right in the thoughts it holds.
Our emotions feel what the mind believes.
Our body follows suit to seek out proof of what we believe and feel to be true.
Our sensory perception is then attracting validation.

Behavior Modification practice proves:
What we reward with positive or negative attention, we reinforce.
What we ignore, we extinguish.
What we intermittently punish and reward, we reinforce often to the point of addiction.

Awareness with no judgment is healing.
When we perceive with a neutral mind, what is, we neither reinforce with positive or negative attention.
When we are at peace with what is, the behavior receives no pain nor pleasure.
When we are simply extending unconditional love no matter what, all things work together for good.

Behaviors become habits, addictions or learned patterns because they receive attention.
Laziness, clumsiness, complaining, crying, fighting, explaining, cursing, lateness, over-doing anything, all become learned patterns when they are reinforced by others with special attention…either positive or negative attention. Punishment, criticism, yelling, a special look or talk, laughter and amusement, comments to other people. All are forms of unconscious reinforcement for behaviors.

When we are neutral, ignore the behaviors we choose to eliminate in ourselves and others, we are forgiving, overlooking, undoing, allowing, accepting, letting go and trusting that new behaviors can and will emerge.
As we give new valued behaviors attention, we will reinforce their continuance. Where we give our attention, we are feeding, valuing and reinforcing the behavior. We help to make it real and lasting.

To see clearly what really is, we must forgive and release our opinions, criticisms, fears and judgments of ourselves and others. Where we judge ourselves, we are judging others. Where we are loving, trusting and respecting ourselves, we are able to love, trust and respect others. Our children and spouses learn from us what will be reinforces with positive or negative attention. When we forgive and undo our emotional reactivity, we can be fair and consistently loving and attentive. When we persist in criticizing and rewarding what we think we want we actually continue to get what we criticize and reward.

It is far more productive to simply love, respect and trust one another.
It is easier and more enjoyable to spend quality time and attention on what really matters.
We can encourage respectful and trusting relationships by being someone who is respectful and trust worthy.
It is in the best interest of all our relationships to forgive ourselves for criticizing and punishing.
It is important to take responsibility for our errors and correct our mistakes.
It is valuable to forgive ourselves for withholding our love.
It is essential to remember Love is Trust and Freedom.

Practice undoing the habit of negative attention for 30 days and see what happens in all your relationships.
Give up complaining, criticizing, threatening, bribing and withholding Love.
Forgive yourself for forgetting to love, trust and respect yourself and others.

Basic Affirmations:
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love, trust and respect others.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect themselves.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time for New Vision

To see with new eyes, we must remove old filters.
To really see the dark print clearly, we must focus on the white background.
To be willing to see our life differently, we must erase past stories and judgments.
To perceive new insight, gifts and blessings in what is, we must seek to see the Good.

Life is viewed through our projections and limiting beliefs.
When we believe in what we see, we are focused on the form or result of our believing.
When we believe in what we believe, we are choosing to hold what we have learned.
When we believe we can choose to change our point of view, we claim sovereignty over form.

How can it be that we claim to see what is only the product of our inner imagery?
How can it be that we can see the light instead of the dark simply with our will?
How can it be that we can find the Good in all things when the Good is what we seek?
How can it be that we choose what causes us to suffer in fear when we can choose to be inspire in Love?

It is time for each one of us to create a New Vision for the renewal of our Spirit Self in all we do.
It is time for us to center ourselves in the Goodness within to be shared rather than focus on the lack without.
It is time to serve the Higher Self extending Peace to All rather than serving egoic comfort for ourselves.
It is time for you and I to claim our True Identity, the Essence of Creativity and Love, not destructive fear.

It is essential for us to awaken ourselves first.
In this we are awakening our planet and humanity.
It is essential that we be conscious and responsible for all our thinking, saying and doing.
In this we are creating a world of conscious responsible beings.

This time is the creation of a New Earth, one in which all people can awaken to their own vision.
This time is the spring of our rebirth and remembrance of the Truth in which we are created.
This time is the moment in which we access the power of our creative Spirit.
This time is the Now in which all things, past, present and to come are healed and made holy in Love.

We are at the crossroads in the history of humanity.
It is our vision and our consciousness which determines our destiny.
We are the ones who are giving ourselves enough inner reflection and outer respons-ability to make the changes.
It is our choice to live abundantly or to remain victims of history.

This is our time for a new Vision,
I loving seeing us all whole, happy and free,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Notes from Paradise

Read Eckhart Tolle’s Book The New Earth and the Power of Now.

Remember you are the one awakening the One within.
It is within our own consciousness that we begin to explore the power of Now and the Joy of Being.
To experience paradise is to be here now.
To know the freedom of Being True to our Essence we must be present with ourselves.

Can you be grateful right now for who you are?
Can you accept the conditions of your whole life?
Can you fully enjoy this life as it is?
Can you be enthusiastic about something you are doing?

These are some of the prerequisites to really knowing and living your purpose.
Since “our purpose” is not found in the form of what we are doing, but rather found in the consciousness with which we are doing it, we must leave the world of judgment, comparison and evaluation behind.
We find the enjoyment of our purpose in the full appreciation of ourselves and our lives as they are.

There is little that discourages, deludes and confuses us when we are committed to being conscious.
To be conscious is to be respectful and responsible.
To be conscious is to accept, appreciate and enjoy.
To be conscious is to be fully alive, alert and enthusiastic.

Life is good when we change our thoughts from fearful to loving.
Life is great when we appreciate rather than criticize and complain.
Life is awesome when we see the beauty and goodness and no longer seek the darkness and suffering.
We are the ones making the choice to awaken and experience paradise or to see the doomsday of humanity.

Oh my gosh, Betty Lue.
Can this really be true?
Wherever I am or whatever I do.
I can choose to see and be the awakener and the awakening!

Loving you in our Loving choices,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The first of the four directions is East.
Easter is the beginning and the alpha.
Easter is the dawn of something new.
Easter is the awakening of Joy.
Easter symbolizes the new life that comes after letting go of the past.
Easter is the remembering of what can be when we forgive all.
Easter is the hope of a better life to come.

In so many homes and hearts, there is a deep yearning for Easter.
You and I can bring the light of hope and the blessing of faith that inspires.
We can generate a renewal of Spirit with our tears and our laughter.
We can bring the passion that inspires those we encounter to see differently.

From a place of renewal, we can be open and full of wonder and appreciation.
From a perspective of rebirth, we can give new energy and creativity to what is.
From a plan of remembering, we can allow ourselves to forget what no longer is valued.
From a purpose of realization, we can relate to all others with respect and responsibility.

Love is the answer.
Joy is the way.
Peace is the gift.
On this Holy Healing Day.

Yes, the children have candy and Easter Egg hunts, but what are we hunting for?
Seek and ye shall find.
Are the adults seeking for temporary enjoyment and pleasuring our physical hungers?
Or are we seeking for lasting love and a deep fulfillment in giving appreciation and Joy?

Simply by focusing on what we seek to be, we energize what already exists but is unseen.
The risen Christ is the Light which lives in all humanity, but remains illusive because we forget.

Let us the Light within which is the beginning of awakening to the New Dawn.
Let us remember the Real and hidden treasures already are here within us all.

Happy and Blessed Easter, the Sonrise within all humanity.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

We are off for one week sabbatical, just Robert and I for our own spiritual healing and renewal.
You can reach us by phone 800-919-2392 or email.
We will return on March 31 for our usual weekly classes.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How can you tell the difference?

Loving is freeing and trusting.
In love we serve another.
Fearing is restricting and doubting.
In fear we try to fix.

We usually do for others what was done for us.
We often believe that our loved ones did what they did for Love.
However, often generation after generation are really living in fear and covering that fear with rules and protection and criticism.
Ask yourself are you really afraid for others and trying to control them to handle your fear?
Or are you really loving them by teaching and modeling and listening to what is really needed?

Do you believe in Miracles?
Miracles come from Love.
Miracles are created by serving with Love.
We can serve the planet, serve God, serve one another, serve our country and more.

Temporary cures and truces and compromise come from fear.
Fixing what seems wrong comes from controlling, judging, attacking the apparent source of our problem.
We retrain or try to eliminate what we fear.
And in our temporary “cure”, we stay alert, defensive and afraid.

Below we have a beautiful definition of the differences which I encourage you to read and try on.
Relax into loving service when and as you are called.
Listen within before jumping into fixing or attacking a situation with your care-giving and demands.
Take time to forgive your fears, criticism and defensiveness.

Serving our body, our friendships, our environment and our global neighbors might look like extending love, open-mindedness and appreciation. It might look like being respectful in listening to what is being communicated. It might be offering assurance when there is fear. Giving help when there is a request. Being patient where there is learning needed. Giving our best when there seems to be lack and limitation.
You see in the end, all willl awaken and simpy Love one another. But in the undoing of what has been falsely learned (apparent disrespect, ignorance, laziness, greed, self destructiveness, complaining, etc.)
It is always up to the most conscious and enlightened one (us) ato give our best with respect, wisdom, work, generosity, self care, and appreciation.

Be pleased and proud to be the conscious One.
Serve yourself with gratitude and affirmation.
This is a holy healing calling.

Loving you with All I am and All I have,
Betty Lue

In the Service of Life
By Rachel Naomi Remen

In recent years the question how can I help? has become meaningful to many people.
But perhaps there is a deeper question we might consider.
Perhaps the real question is not how can I help? But how can I serve?

Serving is different from helping. Helping is based on inequality; it is not a relationship between equals. When you help you use your own strength to help those of lesser strength. If I'm attentive to what's going on inside of me when I'm helping, I Find that I'm always helping someone who's not as strong as I am, who is needier than I am. People feel this inequality. When we help we may inadvertently take away from people more than we could ever give them: we may diminish their self‑esteem, their sense of worth, Integrity and wholeness. When I help I am very aware of my own strength but we don't serve with our strength we serve with ourselves. We draw from all of our experiences. Our limitations serve. our wounds serve, even our darkness can serve. The wholeness in us serves the wholeness in others and the wholeness in life. The wholeness in you is the same as the wholeness in me. Service is a relationship between equals.

Helping incurs debt. When you help someone they owe you one. But serving like healing, is mutual. There is no debt. I am as served as the person I am serving.
When I help I have a feeling of satisfaction. When I serve I have a feeling of gratitude. These are very different things.

Serving is also different from fixing. When I fix a person I perceive them as broken, and their brokenness requires me to act.
When I fix I do not see the wholeness in the other person or trust the integrity of the life in them.
When I serve I see and trust that wholeness. It is what I am responding to and collaborating with.

There is distance between ourselves and whatever or whomever we are fixing.
Fixing is a form of judgment all judgment creates distance, a disconnection, an experience of difference.
In fixing there is an inequality of expertise that can easily become a moral distance. We cannot serve at a distance.
We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected that which we are willing to touch.
This is Mother Teresa's basic message. We serve life not because it is broken but because it is holy.

If helping is an experience of strength, Fixing is an experience of mastery and expertise.
Service, on the other hand. is an experience of mystery, surrender, and awe. A fixer has the illusion of being causal.
A server knows that he or she is being used and has a willingness to be used in the service of something greater, something essentially unknown.
Fixing and helping are very personal: they are very particular, concrete. and specific.
We fix and help many different things in our lifetimes, but when we serve we are always serving the same thing.
Everyone who has ever served through the history of time serves the same thing. We are servers of the wholeness and mystery in life.

The bottom line, of course, is that we can fix without serving. And we can help without serving.
And we can serve without fixing or helping. I think I would go so far as to say that fixing and helping may often be the work of the ego, and service the work of the soul.
They may look similar if you’re watching from the outside, but the inner experience is different. The outcome is often different, too.

Our service serves us as well as others. That which uses us strengthens us. Over time, fixing and helping are draining, depleting.
Over time we burn out. Service is renewing. When we serve, our work itself will sustain us.

Service rests on the basic premise that the nature of life is sacred, that life is a holy mystery, which has an unknown purpose.
When we serve we know that we belong to life and to that purpose. Fundamentally, helping, fixing, and service are ways of seeing life.
When you help you see life as weak, when you fix you see life as broken. When you serve, you see life as whole.
From the perspective of service. we are all connected: All suffering is like my suffering and all joy is like my joy.
The impulse to serve emerges naturally and inevitably from this way of seeing.

Lastly, fixing and helping are the basis of curing, but not of healing.
In 40 years of chronic illness, I have been helped by many people and fixed by a great many others who did not recognize my wholeness.
All that Fixing and helping left me wounded in some important and fundamental ways. Only service heals.

Rachel Naomi Remen
Noetic Sciences Review, spring 1996 pp 2526

Friday, March 21, 2008

Full Moon and Good Friday

(Plus drumming circles all over the planet)

This is indeed a significant time for each one of us to eliminate those negative habits, addictions and limiting beliefs and behaviors that are not highest and best for ourselves and our loved ones. Each one of can and does make a significant difference. Every one is teaching by their behavior, even in secret. You see the message, the energy, the gift of our lives is either exalted and beneficial, or deleterious and detrimental to others. Each one of us is making a positive or negative difference on Planet Earth.

Now if you are egocentric and only thinking about yourself, you may feel “Who cares?”
However everything you are thinking, saying and doing will come back to you, like a boomerang.
Some call it karma. Some simply say, “What goes around, comes around.” “What we sow, we reap.”
However you look at it, your life is directly and often immediately impacted by how you treat others, yourself and your environment. If you lie, cheat and steal, others will lie, cheat and steal from you. If you are kind and helpful, others will be kind and helpful around you. If you do both, you will experience both in your life.

No matter what the world and humanity seems to do around you, your work is to forgive and always and only give the very best. Let the rest be undone with the setting sun. Release from your history and memory those experiences with deplete and deflate your energy.
Let go of thoughts that depress you. Forgive words that defeat you. Forget the experiences that deplete you. Know that your highest work is to keep yourself whole and happy and free always to live and give your very best. For some this means, we release relationships and for others it means you simply change your attitude and behavior. For some it means you move to another state with higher values and simpler lifestyle. For others it means you learn to economize and live within your means, while staying where you are. For some it means establishing a daily spiritual and inspirational practice and for others it means simply practicing the fine art of gratitude.

Remember this is your full moon to harvest what nourishes and nurtures you and your loved ones.
Remember this is your good Friday, time to bury those parts of your life that you need to plow under.
Remember this is your life, your Spring time of renewal and Resurrection to come alive to Your calling.
Remember you can and will find your path,, your joy and your freedom in being True to you!

Celebrate Easter this year as the real beginning of living Life in Higher way!
Loving the Love and grateful for every new beginning,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Messengers: What is Your Message?

Did you know that you are a messenger?
Did you know that your family and friends are blessed, benefited, distracted or cursed by your message?
Did you know that your message is sent telepathically around the globe to everyone?
Did you know that you are teaching your world to be what you are thinking, speaking and doing?

My story of these Loving Reminders:
Around Christmas 1998, having just moved back to Bay Area, CA from a y loving spiritual family and successful learning, healing counseling Center in Kalamazoo, MI, I asked Spirit what I was to do to continue my calling of inspiring people to live their potential, to be All they were created to be. What I heard was to do what I never would have done………learn to use the computer to send messages (these Loving Reminders) to everyone who asked for them. At the time I was computer phobic and computer resistant. I wanted the personal contact with hugs, eye contact and to hear the voices of everyone. However, I am a happy and willing learner and so I began to sit at my computer to listen within and share in Late December 1998. I continue to simply sit at the keyboard and write in 15-20 minutes whatever I am given without editing or correcting. I learn and am reminded just as you are. These Loving Reminders continue to be a daily part of my spiritual practice.

I have been sending Loving Reminders everyday for over nine years, except when traveling or ill. There are now three published books of reminders and another two more which have been waiting for publishing for over two years. (It is time B’Lue.) The Reminders are now being sent directly to over one thousand people and by you to many thousands more. They are a message of healing and hope. They are my message to my world. And again and again I smile as I say the same thing in many ways and many times so that I (We) do not forget. We are here to Love. In Loving we find a fun, safe and easy way to live. Whether waking, sleeping, praying, thinking, creating, speaking, writing, doing, everyday living with everyone, I am giving the same message consistently. When I forget, I immediately correct my error with forgiveness and love. This is my path, my way, my calling and my Joy.

Now the question for you is: What is your message to your world?
Look at how you behave towards those you live and work with.
Watch your thoughts when you are in traffic or in the shower.
Listen to the words you say when you think no one is listening.
Give yourself the gift of acknowledging how you spent your day.

Do you think your life is for you alone?
Have you imagined that you can lie, cheat and steal and no one knows?
Are you claiming to be loving and nice when you gossip, criticize and belittle?
Do you say and do mean things to yourself inside your own mind?

Forgiveness is the key to cleaning it all up.
Forgiveness is the way to erase the past mistakes.
Forgiveness is the spiritual tool to undo what is not true.
Forgiveness is a gift to You to begin again brand new.

You have a message to bring to your family, friends and coworkers.
You have a part to play in cleaning up the mess we have made.
You have a job to do to eliminate what is not true and not loving.
You are an essential player in the cosmic play to bring us all home.

Some of you are actively clearing your own lives to play your part.
Some are practicing self forgiveness and love everyday.
Some are making amends for the mistakes and wrong-doings.
Some are being proactive in teaching others by your example.

However you choose to live, remember you actions speak louder than your words.
How you live is what you really give.
Who you are is showing up everyday in your relationships, your inner peace and your home.
Begin with a small step each day, giving yourself kudos for the changes you are making.

Give yourself time to develop a spiritual practice which shows.
One powerful practice I am sharing below.
I suggest you do this for 30 days.
If it makes a difference, continue.
If not, stop and do something else.

Blessing you and your message,
Betty Lue

30 Days to Enlightenment or
30 Days to Waking Up

30 Days to Healing or
30 Days to Seeing things Differently!

This exercise was given to me from Spirit within over 15 years ago.
It has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform our lives.
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:
Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind.
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within.
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.

Make the sound “AAAH” for 1-2 minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.

Now write and say 30 Choices.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to be free.
I choose to do what I love.
I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1-2 minutes.

PS Even a few of each is better than none.
Do what you can and trust it is working.

Loving You always,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week

From Palm Sunday until Easter, this is the basic story I know.
Jesus (spiritual teacher and healer) rode into Jerusalem on a donkey celebrating his Good works.
Mid week he shared a meal (Last Supper) with his students (12 disciples).
He announced he was done and that he would be betrayed by one of them.
He went to have quiet time and asked for them to stay awake to care for him, and they all fell asleep.
He was abandoned, rejected and sold out by his own closest friends.
He was stoned and crucified to belittle and humiliate him. (Standard punishment)
He asked for forgiveness for all of them.
They put his body in a cave (tomb).
After three days, they found tomb empty.
Later he was talked to and seen by several people.

What have you learned about this?
What can you learn now about it?
Often we accept stories just as they are told and learn nothing except to feel bad, sad, guilty and afraid.
Maybe this year, we can open our hearts and minds to see and hear it a little differently.

Every prayer Jesus of Nazareth prayed was a prayer of forgiveness.
Every word and story Jesus told was a message of forgiveness.
Every action and interaction he had was one of forgiveness.
Jesus’ singular message was to forgive all judgments of everyone and everything and remember Love.

“Love Goodness and God and Love one another.”
It is in loving that you remember the Goodness in you and All That Is.

Goodness and God are found in loving.
Healing and holiness are found in loving.
Abundance and Joy are found in loving.
Resurrection and new life are found in loving.

We are healed when we love.
We are forgiven when we love.
We are prospered when we love.
We are blessed when we love.
We behold the blessings when we love.
We find peace when we love.
We are lifted up when we love.
We are enlightened when we love.
We Know Goodness and God when we love.
We behold the wonder of life when we Love.

Maybe the message of this Easter is to let go of the heavy and dark stories of the past.
Lay them to rest in the tomb of our forgiveness.
Allow ourselves to be lifted up in the Light of Goodness and Holiness to Joy and Peace.
Through forgiveness we can ascend into Heaven here on Earth.

Listen within and let me know the message you hear,
Betty Lue

Monday, March 17, 2008

Intense and Important Time

During the coming of spring, it is time to be awakened.
During the coming of the full moon, it is time to pay attention.
During the coming of Easter, it is time to resurrect the Love we are.
During the coming of healing and transformation, it is time for us to be free.

Are you free to sing the songs that lift your spirits?
Are you free to speak your Highest Truth?
Are you free to heal your relationships by forgiving the past?
Are you free to change your mind and transform your attitude?

This is the time to plow under what used to be and yet never was real.
This is the time to plant your garden of love and peace and joy in your soul.
This is the time to let go of scary stuff, misguided rules and endless stories of suffering.
This is the time to undo what never was true and reveal what is real in Love and Faith.

We can each one of us…
Learn to laugh again.
Treat everyone as a friend.
Make Love be our guide.
And always know we tried to give our best in every way!

You see in the beginning and the end.
We are the Ones who are making the real difference.
When all is saide and done, it will be the little things that really count.
It is all about what we think and say and do every minute of every day.

Let’s make this Easter really count
Let’s give this full moon out full attention to what is Good for All.
Let’s plant the seeds of loving kindness again in the garden of our heart.
Let’s give our All that All will give the Truth of Who We Are.

Together in Love Forever,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is Here!

Trees budding, flowers blooming, birds nesting and lots of happy sounds, especially at dawn!
So what of spring renewal?
Seasonal changes are easy to attune ourselves to much needed changes.
And this is the time to wake up, cheer up.
Spring is a time to lighten up and to give up the darkness of closing our eyes.
To see things differently is to look for what you want to see.
You can continue to look for what is passing away or look forward to what is to come.
You can see the dead past or look for the renewal of the spring.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Romans 12
So often we let others tell us what to think and say and do.
To get along, we go along with the latest fad, worldly belief, family gossip, or even scientific theory.
With a little forgiveness, letting go, open-mindedness, quiet contemplation, we can find a better way.

To not conform to the world requires a willingness to see things differently.
To change our minds invites us to let go of needing to be right and righteous.
To drop our opinion and stubborn judgment asks that we be willing to erase what is not true.
To heal our attitude asks that we seek for a better way that yields health, happiness and harmony.

Life invokes the best, the worst or just coasting, depending on our mindset.
One person in a family system or organization can affect the outcome of the whole.
The one happy person can bring greater energy, joy and creative possibility.
The one peaceful person can be a touchstone for letting go of fear and relaxing into ease.
The one loving person can give everyone an example of how to make things better for all.

Often we see the one who is different be ostracized or condemned by the group of conforming ones.
We may fear stepping out in faith, with a positive and healing message because it seems safer to go along.
We may resist thinking for ourselves and expressing individuality because it seems easier to go along.
We may dress, speak and act like others simply because we want to have the fun of belonging.
However, the payoff is to be average, dependent, wishy-washy and easily led astray.

Spring is here! Time to clear the cobwebs and weeds of the past.
Spring is here! Time to renew our energy and our spirit!
Spring is here! We can begin anew with out own goals, hopes and dreams.
Spring is here! We can plant what we want to have and be and do in our own lives.
Spring is here! Be clear that as you can change your direction, your goals and your choices.

You will attract those who are like you.
You will be admired and appreciated.
You will have self respect and appreciation.
You will be renewed in Spirit by the renewal of your mind.

Blessing us all this Spring,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We Can Forgive Ourselves

Until I “Know” I cannot judge.
Until I am “perfect”, I cannot expect perfection.
To push and punish, to demand and threaten, is foolishness.
I cannot know what is best for another, but I can forgive myself for judging another.

We assume.
We make up stories.
We demand what we want.
We cannot possibly know the individual’s path or spiritual journey.

Yes, It is time for spring renewal.
Renewing our mind by dropping the faulty ways we may have learned.
Yes, it is time to forgive and undo what is not true and not loving.
We can and will, now or later, forgive and let go of what no longer works.

Forgiveness is a song of prayer.
Forgiveness is remembering our true nature.
Forgiveness is selective Remembering.
Forgiveness is erasing the past and being left with the Blessing.
Forgiveness is a gift to and for ourselves.
Forgiveness is the first step to enlightenment.
Forgiveness is the undoing of everything not wholly true and wholly loving.
Forgiveness erases our mind and lightens our way.

Is it time to let go of the stories of suffering and pain?
Is it time to stop telling what no longer is here and now?
Is it time to stop projecting our opinions onto others?
Is it time to undo the excuses for withholding our love?
Is it time to give the best of ourselves to one another?
Is it time to suspend fear and judgment and give hope and renewal of faith?
Is it time to see everything new again, with the wonder of an innocent child?
Is it time to experience the happiness, peace and fulfillment that can be ours?

All these spiritual and inspirational gifts can be ours simply by forgiving everyone and everything.
Life, seen with forgiving eyes, is a glorious gift of beauty, goodness and kindness.
We can experience inner healing and outer faith when we truly forgive what was in our past.
When all we remember is the blessing of being the Love we are and give ourselves fully, we are free.

I am loving you in forgiving everything and everyone, including ourselves, for all time.
In this there is profound healing for our world.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

A few more at the zoo.
Mostly three little ones with two big ones require FULL attention, so few photo opps.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What Makes You Think You Know?

How can you know what is best for another?
How can you know what is right for someone else?
How do you tell people they are wrong when you do things wrong?
How can you judge what is on purpose or place of learning for someone else?

So often we meddle in others’ live.
We tell people what they should do.
We give advice without heeding our own advice.
We give counsel without know what others can do.

We are parenting as we have been parented.
We are counseling the ways we have been counseled.
We are teaching what we have been taught.
We are preaching what has been preached before.

But how to we know what is right or wrong for anyone else?
We are just infants in learning how to distinguish what is right for ourselves.
Most of us ask for outer authority and expert advice.
We spend money and time, consulting, researching and studying.

Even then most stop and question, doubt their choices and judge themselves.
It seems foolish and illogical to assume we can advise others about their decisions.

Yes, we can speak from experience.
Yes, we can refer to books and experts.
Yes, we can go to spiritual resources.
But how do we ever really know?

The gauge for me is the quality of our lives.
Are we happy and at peace?
Are we having a fun, safe and easy life.
Does it always seem to work out for the highest Good.

Life seems to be a learning laboratory.
Life is a school in which each learns with their own Divine timing and course of study.
Lessons come in different ways depending on the student.
Some students seem to learn quickly and move on and others seem to resist and rebel.

To interfere with another’s awakening, healing and spiritual path seems foolish and even arrogant.
I cannot know what is best for you, nor judge the mistakes I may think you have made.

Perhaps everything is on purpose and in our own best interests.
Perhaps everything is a lesson in Love;
Perhaps everything is a healing and holy opportunity to learn and grow, to heal and know.
If so, Let it be.

I am appreciating you and me on our paths.
It seems easier when we know we are in it together.
It seems safer when we know we will go on loving one another.
It seems more fun when we know we will all learn to let go.

Blessings to all of us,
Betty Lue

Always learning and exploring, even with bumps and bruises.
Even the giraffe has to learn to get a drink in this awkward way.

Carefully placing my little gold bell and precious pink rock
on the tortoise’s back, I still need to remember to come back and pick it up after I play awhile.

So much wonder and mystery in each a
nimal. “Are they real?” is the question of the day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Off to the Zoo

Life is a zoo.
Lots to see and always something to learn.
Needing to be flexible with possibilities every minute.
Prepared for fun, adventure and whatever might come up.

Every Thursday from 7:30AM until 6:30 PM or so, we spend with three grandchildren under the age of 3. Twin girls, Lila and Harper, who will be 3 on April 27th and Beckett, 16 months, who weighs more than they do. Lila is potty trained. Beckett is pre-verbal. Harper is the emotional barometer. Each has their own precious needs and special ways of receiving and giving Love. If the weather cooperates, today we are going to the zoo.
If we learn to cooperate, we can all have fun in the zoo of our lives and life will be fun, safe and easy.

The same is true for all of us are like children. All of us are sometimes preverbal, sometimes super-sensitive, needing special attention at times and with our own precious ways of receiving and giving Love. Yet, I watch our world teach us to treat one another with disrespect and rudeness. I watch the demanding and punitive ways we talk to one another. It seems there are few people conscious enough to be respectful and responsible for the quality of our communication and creating respectful and cooperative relationships. We have taught one another falsely and need to learn to stop the process of badgering, nagging, yelling, threatening, punishing and belittling one another and ourselves now.

A few reminders expressed simply:
If I see something that needs to be done, I need to do it or find someone who is willing to do it.
It is not mine to find someone to blame or wish it would be done differently. I can go to the manager or talk to the person responsible when they are receptive and open to listen.

If I have a criticism, it must be said constructively to the one who is most willing and able to receive it.
With every constructive criticism must come at least two appreciations and commendations and always deliver with a genuine “thank you” for hearing me at the end.

I need to express myself one time only, simply and accurately with a respectful tone of voice. More than once said becomes “nagging” and the other will turn off , resist or resent rather than be willing.

I must listen and observe others to know what their level of awareness, intention, willingness and ability really is. To wish or project onto another that they are as aware, able and willing as I am is foolish.

To teach others is to first demonstrate by our behavior, words and life choices. To teach another I must be respected for who I am and how I live. To be respected I need to live what I am teaching first.

When making a mistake in how I live or talk or treat another, I must apologize immediately, learn from my mistake and never do it again. To be a fast learner is to be a great teacher.

Always treat others as you want to be treated and better. If you are used to be taught and spoken with harshly with disrespect, you may be mistaken and inappropriate in how you treat others. Take time to calm yourself and use the words that you believe will be most motivational to the other.

Whether relating to an elder, toddler, adolescent or peer, it is advisable to listen first, before speaking. Try to understand rather than being understood. Make sure they are willing and able to be present with you first. Give each one your very best, most sensitive and kind communication.
You are teaching all the universe with your thoughts, words and deeds. It is important that you learn the world is learning from you.

If you want things to change, change within yourself. Do not become like those you want to reach and teach.

Always give your very best. Treat others like a guest.

I am loving you and me and all,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can You Be the One?

What are you seeking?
Can you be the One you seek?
What are you waiting for?
Are you taking time to really be with You?

Is it possible that you have been asking from others what you need to give yourself?
When we seek for love, it is because we are denying love to ourselves.
When we try to get approval, it is because we are not approving of ourselves.
When we are wanting listening and encouragement, we have not been listening to ourselves.

Take time to love yourself first, deeply and profoundly.
Where there is needed healing of the past mistakes, spend time forgiving your errors.
Where there are judgments that you are not good enough, give yourself messages of affirmation.
Where there is seeming lack, give attention to your essential needs and be generous with you.

Fill yourself to overflowing, so the joy and goodness pour out of you onto others.
Plug up the holes of self judgment, hurt, fear and discontent, so you can be full of self appreciation.
Clear away the debris of the past, so you can see the beauty that surrounds and fills you now.
Undo the limiting beliefs that are not true, to reveal the freedom you have in your heart and mind.

Know that our main function here is to find and connect with the blessing of our Essential Self.
We are here to connect with the Love within, the Being that was created solely to Love.
We are here to remember our inheritance of the Joy and Peace.
Forgiving and erasing, the worldly teachings of lack, littleness and limitation is the work.

Cleaning up our lives requires daily work.
This work is clearing up negative thinking with affirmation and positive visualization.
The work is cleaning up our emotional attachments and places of self-victimization.
And then there is cleaning up our lack of physical and environmental care in our bodies and homes.

This clean up work is truly with every breath, every word, and every activity.
To keep on covering up with more of everything just delays and distracts us from the real clean up job. Adding more sex, more drugs, more food, more work, is endless and ineffective in the long run.
Temporary numbing and forgetting creates more misery and self alienation.

To let it all go and find the True Beauty and Goodness within is where we must begin.
Devote yourself to letting go.
And remember with forgiveness and Love, Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Staying Too Long?

Loyalty or attachment or just plain foolishness?
Are you staying in a relationship because of love or fear?
Are you afraid to leave what is familiar or are you needing to stay because you are not complete?
Are you feeling stuck because of security and economic factors?

All of this leads to dis-ease or lack of freedom to choose.
And being stuck and staying too long may lead to getting sick, getting mad and making problems.
Often people who are unhappy and want to move on, make life difficult for those around them.
When we are afraid to do what is best to do, we make it look like others are to blame for our unhappiness.

Children used to leave their parents’ home, when they graduate from high school or go off to college.
People quit jobs because they are not growing and achieving what they desire and deserve.
Families leave neighborhoods when the neighborhood changes or they want something better.
Partners end relationships because they outgrow the limitations of the relationship.

Take a look at your life and see if there are areas which have become stagnant, cluttered, polluted.
See if your home is inspiring and nurturing for you.
Ask if your workplace is encouraging and supportive of your best self.
Look at your friends and acquaintances to see if they are lifting you up or bringing you down.

It is often said, we can only be as good as our habits and associations.
Know that the language and attitudes of the people in our lives influence us.
Know that the fears we have limit and keep us stuck in the comfortable and familiar.
Know that sometimes we stay in relationships which are abusive or negative because we are afraid.

As we change and grow, we may need to move more often.
As our work lives are prolonged, we may want several different careers.
As we live longer, we may have more than one deep and lasting relationship.
This is not to be judged but to be honored for the good it provides.

When we make change wrong or shameful, we block needed changes.
When we fear, changes will lead to more problems, we get stuck with out problems.
When we stay because past generations stayed a lifetime in the same place, we may limit our growth.
Ask yourself often if it is time to move on?
Invite yourself to look at options.

What else could you be doing with your time, energy and money?
Are you giving to what gives to you?
Are you in a place where you are valued and fee supported?
Is your whole life working for you?

The first step is often to know that you can choose to change for the better.
Life is an invitation to grow your best Self.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Time to spring forward.
What are you waiting for?
What can motivate you to do that which you are called to do?
What will it take to live the life you desire and deserve?

It is our choice to use our time wisely or wastefully.
It is our doing to forget what is important and remember what is unimportant.
It is up to us to let go of meaningless living and return to meaningful giving.
It only requires that we value ourselves and our lives enough to choose.

Make today the beginning.
Make everyday the day which you dedicate to what really matters to you.
When you live with purpose and with passion, you will know great joy.
There is no better time than now to begin to LIVE,

I am loving you in loving you.
I am believing you can do what is TRUE for you.
I am trusting to you give that which inspires you.
I am counting on you to join those who seek to Be and Live and Love and Give for the Good of All.

Spring is coming.
You have the seeds at hand.
Now plant what you want to grow in your life.
And Know you need to remember them with nurturing, and valuing that which you have planted.

Here with You and for You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Healer's Prayer

Healer’s Prayer from A Course in Miracles.
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or do because the Love that sent me will direct me.
I am content to be where Love wishes knowing that Love goes there with me.
I will be healed when I let Love teach me to heal.

Are you present always and only to be able and willing to be truly helpful?
Are you aware that Love (God) called you to be exactly where you are?
Are you willing to drop fear and worry and listen within to the guidance of Love Itself?
Are you at peace in being everywhere you go knowing that there is always a healing and holy purpose?
Do you experience healing and holiness in giving others the Love within you, knowing they are holy, too?

Is it possible that everyone you meet is a lesson in love?
Is it likely that there is always the Love of God in you?
Are you willing to give your very best, most respectful kindness to one and all?
Are you open for the healing of forgiving all fear and judgment?
Can you imagine a world in which everyone is truly helpful to everyone?

Life is a gift of Love to be shared.
Love is a gift of healing to be extended to all.
Healing is the remembrance of our natural state of Holiness.
Holiness is the Re Union with Self Source and All That Is.

Let us go together in peace.
Let us laugh as we forgive our errors.
Let us sing a song of Love.
Let us celebrate the wonder of creation.

Life is Good when we remember the Goodness We Are.
Loving is fun, safe and easy when we forgive all that has forgotten Love.
Healing is our Holy work as we live our lives in Love.
Our vocation is to forgive the lack of Love and remember the Holiness in EveryOne.

Loving you, loving one and all as One,
Betty Lue

Begin with the one that you are remembering right now.
Give that block to God and ask that you forgive your separation and fear.
Let Go and trust that in the release of fear, healing is offered.
The time is now to open the door to Love, only Love.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Keep on Loving!

Yes, we are here to learn.
We are here to practice.
We are here to remember.
We are here to forgive ourselves and others for forgetting.

Yes, it is simple.
We are here to Love.
We are here to forgive lack of love.
We are here to extend Love no matter what.

Yes, we can do it.
With practice, we strengthen our trust in the healing power of Love.
With practice, we can forgive anything and everything.
With practice, we can forgive ourselves and others for making mistakes.

Yes, it can be challenging.
As we move on in every school, the lessons become more difficult.
We can learn only with total willingness to practice what we know.
When we get confused or disappointed, it is because we do not remember what we know.

Yes, the world is complex.
The historical archives can be confusing.
We can get caught in the blame game, trying to change someone or something.
We can lose patience, wish it were done, and try to avoid ever being upset again.

Yes, we can heal everything with enough Love.
We can remember the beauty beneath the ugliness.
We can erase the craziness with enough laughter.
We can outshine the sun with our willingness to forgive.

In life our paths are circular, often like a spiral, leading upwards but reviewing past learning as we grow.
When we come to a place we have been before, it is to remember to practice the healing principles.
When we have done our best and someone yells or doesn’t “get it”, we need to simply forgive.
All of us make mistakes to learn.
How we respond to our mistakes and those of others determines the speed and ease with which the situation heals and the problems dissipates.
Let go and know all is well.
No need to judge.
No need to tell.
No need to fix.
Forgive and Love.
These are the tricks.

Definition of Forgiveness:
An eraser filled with Love.
Let go and Let Good.
Undo what is not true and see what Is.
The past is gone and all that is left is the blessing.
Selective Remembering of the Gifts.
Release everything that hurts and upsets you.
Letting your Love flow gives you Life.

Loving you, loving me, loving All endlessly,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Be Willing To Be All You Can Be

Do you blend in?
Are you playing small?
Do you go along to get along?
Are you content being ordinary?

Have you ever considered being great?
Would you like to be extraordinary?
Are you willing to risk stepping up in life?
Can you handle being noticed?

Life challenges us to learn and grow into our best selves..
Life invites us to heal and know we are whole.
Life strengthens us to let love lead the way.
Life encourages us to be willing to praise and pray.

Have you taken the time to assess who you really are?
Do you give yourself moment to imagine what you really want to be and do?
Can you take this lifetime opportunity and give it to really going for it?
Are you willing to let go of small thoughts, limited beliefs, and words that lack self respect?

Everyday is a new day to begin again.
If you were willing to choose today….
Who would you befriend?
What would you do with the time?
How would you live?
What would you be learning?
How could you earn your living?
How much would you give to others and to whom?
Where would you make a difference?
What kind of person would you be?
How would you want to be remembered?

You are choosing.
Even the choice to play a victim and let life happen to you is a choice.
You are choosing to expand of shrivel up into limitation and littleness.
You are choosing to be great or play small.
You are choosing people who inspire and support you or those who drain and deny you.
You are choosing to use your time, money and energy for something important or to waste it on nothing.
You are choosing.

Respect yourself enough to choose wisely today and everyday.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let the Light Shine In

As long as your mind is filled with useless trivia, judgments, opinions and past history, there is little room for inspiration, insight and enlightenment.
Enlightenment is letting go of the clutter and debris of the past.
Enlightenment is allowing your mind to be filled with Light.

Forgive all your mistakes and those of others.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with light and Love.
Forgiveness dissolves all the fear, judgment, resentment and hurt into nothingness.
When Light enters your mind, you SEE what works, what is valuable and what life can be.
Let go and know!

No one can know, when they are filled with judgment.
When you do not understand, do not make it up.
When you do not understand, ask and listen with an open mind.
When you do not understand, forgive your judgments and opinions and history.
When you do not understand, let go and let Light in.

Life is simple.
In its attempt to understand, your mind often makes things complicated.
There is no wrong here, only the ego’s attempt to be right by figuring out what is wrong.
There is no competition here, only the ego’s attempt to be the best.
There are no preferences here, only the ego’s attempt to be especially different.
There is no special formula for joy, only the ego’s attempt to try everything.
There is no magical cure for disease, only the ego’s desire to find the right one.
There is no key to enlightenment, only the ego’s belief it comes to special ones.
There is no need for time and effort, only the ego’s decision to compete with God.

Let the past go.
Fill your mind with Light.
Open your Heart to Love.
And know the Goodness that is You and Yours.

Such is the Truth.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Highway of Life

When you see someone in trouble by the side of the road,
Do you stop and offer help?
Do you say a prayer of comfort?
Do you hope someone else comes to help them?
Do you ignore the whole thing focusing on yourself?
Do you spend the day worrying and feeling guilty about not stopping?

When you hit a bump or pothole in the road,
Do you slow down and pay attention?
Do you get mad at the officials in charge of highway repair?
Do you call the road repair crew and ask that it be fixed or warn drivers?
Do you keep on going, without thinking twice?
Do you feel grateful for the blessing of having paved highways?

When there is an obstacle or vehicle in the roadway,
Do you get mad and blame someone?
Do you get help for the other drivers behind you?
Do you honk and make a fuss?
Do you get scared and become hyper-vigilant?
Do you seek help to remove the obstacle to provide safety for others?

When there is a detour for repairs or highway improvements,
Do you judge the way it is being done?
Do you speed on by as usual?
Do you give thanks we are in process of making our roads better?
Do you wish it had been done before?
Do you think about the “good old days” when it was easier?

When you get a warning from police, yellow light or traffic slow down,
Do you give thanks and slow down with ease?
Do you get angry and worry about your schedule?
Do you feel impatient and want to press through to get by it all?
Do you ask, ”Why does this always happen to me?”
Do you set the example for other good drivers and obey?

On the highway of life,
Do you drive the way you want your children to drive?
Do you talk as though all other drivers could hear you?
Do you behave in a manner that you would appreciate from others?
Do you imagine the highest and best for everyone who is journeying with you?
Do you wish you were somewhere else and space out?
Do you distract yourself with phone, TV, radio, music, conversation?

The behavior you see in yourself on the highway of life represents your behavior in your whole life.
If there are problems in your life, you might ask simply,
“What can I change that will have the greatest impact on improving the quality of my life?”
Everyday with our thoughts, words and behavior, we are teaching our world what we want it to be.

Loving you, as we all grow in our willingness to take responsibility for our life experiences.
Betty Lue

Monday, March 03, 2008

This is Your Life

You are the artist creating each day as it is.
When you take responsibility for the colors on your canvas, you are empowered.
You can choose to learn from a master.
You can start over with a new canvas.
You can paint over what is already there.
You can live with what you don’t like.
You can ask someone else to tell you what to paint.
You can throw whatever is in hand on your canvas.
You can appreciate what you live with.

Many choices and they are all yours to choose.
No one else is at the helm of your life.
You can listen to the Master Navigator and get your bearings.
You can call on board someone who knows the channels better than yourself.
You can let go of all responsibility and let the currents and tides take you where they will.
You can do it all your way no matter what level of knowledge skill, confidence or attunement you have.

Life really is like a masterpiece that you keep working on or a series of paintings on which you put your individual stamp of approval or criticism.
And when we are open and willing to learn, we can choose each day brand new and play it as we feel it or want it to be.
We can allow the current external conditions and critics to determine the picture we paint…..
Or we can in solitude listen to our heart and create within the image we want to show up.

What is your worst nightmare?
What is your highest vision?
You choose what is in your imagination.
You can forgive and erase what you don’t want.
You can affirm and stay true to what you do want.

It is all our choice.
The Universe says, “YES”.

Everything is a lesson in Love.
Love yourself well and you learn easily and quickly.
Criticize yourself and contract and you may forget what you have learned.

Loving us all to learn in confidence and forgiveness, in willingness and gratitude,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Make Your Own Bed

This morning, as I made my bed (which I do the first thing I arise), I realized the learning value of that simple daily act.

Everyday, no matter what our bed gets made.
Making the bed with loving care and gratitude and enjoyment sets the tone for the day.
Since I begin with appreciation and joy, I appreciate and enjoy my shower, my breakfast and everything I “get” to do each day.
I make my day and my life in the way I make my bed.

Think of your life as a canvas on which you have the privilege of painting beauty and goodness, lightness and wisdom or letting life happen to you.

Bed= rest and renewal and sleep
Our bedroom and our bed have good energy and restful reminders.
My bedroom and bed feel beautiful, loving and happy to me.
I have created the colors I like, the quality of sheets that I enjoy and the exact pillows and covers that work best.
There is only appreciation and enjoyment when I climb into bed and I easily rest.

When sleep time is done, I wake up naturally after 7-8 hours and make my bed with ease and gratitude.
I choose clothing that supports how I want to feel for the day.
It reflects to others the way I want to be see and treated.
It is the first impression people have of how I feel about myself.

I wear the face of someone who sees the world with love and wonder.
Usually wide-eyed, with a smile, I welcome the day and look forward to all the Good that is to come.
With a happy face and welcoming words of gratitude (no complaints), quiet listening inside and out,
I receive my life as a place of healing and creating goodness and Love for myself and others.

The breakfast I prepare is also beginning my day “right” with love and appreciation for exactly what is best for me. I eat the same daily because it restores my energy and fuels me for high level activity for 5-6 hours. Cooked organic brown rice cereal with applesauce, blueberries, cinnamon and honey (sometimes a few walnuts.) Again I begin my day creating the good energy I enjoy and use with appreciation.

When I look out my windows I see the redwood treetops and the large old oak tree in the early morning sky. I hear the birds enjoying the dawn. I watch the color come effortlessly across the panorama. I wave at the man who deliver papers and he honks softly in acknowledgment. And I listen within as I sit at my desk and wirte these loving reminders for me and for you. I am creating my day right now.

How we begin determines our attitude and our experience.
How we visualize the end determines the outcome.
Setting the goal of appreciation, fulfillment and joy for my day always yields success.
No one else creates my attitude. No one else sets the goals. No one else evaluates my success. I do.

Make Your Own Bed and Enjoy Lying In It!
Experiment with making your bed happily everyday for 30 days.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 01, 2008

It’s All about Attitude!

It is not what you do but the attitude with which you do it!

When you make choices with joy, the experience is expansive and joyful.
When you make choices from fear, the energy is restricted and fatiguing.
When you choose with love, you feel delighted and positive.
When you choose with anger, you feel uptight, negative and drained.

When you feel resentful or hateful about work, the work will deplete you and cause stress.
When you work because you “Have to”, the work feels more tiring.
When you work because you “choose to”, You feel capable and productive.
When you work because you “want to”, you feel positive, energized and powerful.

When you say “no”, you will notice your heart and mind close.
When you say “Yes” you will feel you heart and mind open.
When you say “no” for the purpose of loving and giving more, express how you are saying “Yes”!
“It would be better for me to follow through another way.”
Thanks for asking me. I am called to spend my day taking care of myself, so will say “Not this time.”

To always “Give Your Best” means to develop a positive grateful attitude, before responding.
To develop an “attitude of gratitude”, look at what is working FOR you not what is AGAINST you.
To “Be Positive” means to look where you want to go, not in the shadows of where you have been.
To “Stay on the Bright Side” means to look up at the Sunlight, not down in the dumps.

Before we answer the phone, smile and think the best about the caller. I use; “God is calling.”
Before you write a note or letter, change any negativity into what you want the outcome to be.
Before you bring up new changes or choices in a relationship, ask what will be received with love.
Before you discipline a child, remember how much you love, respect and value this person.
Before you get in your car for work, appt. or errand, imagine how you want to experience the drive.
Before you do a project, develop goals, priorities and the experience you want to have.
Before you pay your bills, take time to pray for peace, patience, trust and gratitude.
Before you go to sleep, imagine how restful and renewing you want your rest to be.
Before you eat a meal, speak silently or aloud how grateful you are for the nurturing nutrition.
Before you get out of bed, give yourself some loving affirmation for the Goodness of the day.

You have time to remember your attitude creates your experience.

Loving you,
Betty Lue