Wednesday, January 31, 2024





I care for everyone as myself.

I live, love and learn because I care.

I dare to care and feel blessed by caring.

We are healed, when we care with trust and freedom.

Does Anybody Really Care?

Sometimes it hurts to care.

Sometimes it helps to care.

Sometimes we don’t know how to care.

Sometimes no one wants to care.

Caring is an essential human quality.

When we stop caring, we are numb.

When we stop caring, we feel separate.

When we stop caring. we stop helping.

When we stop caring about ourselves, we cannot care for others.

When we stop caring for ourselves, we need someone to care for us.

When we need someone to care for us, no one may know how to care.

When we leave caring to others, no one may be there to care.

Everyone needs to learn to care.

We learn to care by experiencing someone caring for us.

We learn to care by feeling how good it feels to care for someone.

We feel caring by giving care for others.

Let us care for the earth.

Let us care for the foods we eat.

Let us care for the animals.

Let us care for the trees, plants and flowers.

Let us care for the dawn and the sunset.

Let us care for the natural scents in the wind.

Let us care for the air we breathe.

Let us care for the environment we live in.

Let us care for kindness.

Let us care for doing good deeds.

Let us care for our words.

Let us care for sharing encouragement and gratitude,

Let us care to teach others how to care.

Let us share how loved we feel when others care.

Let us demonstrate our caring by treating everyone well.

Let us live our caring by always and only sharing the best we know.

When everyone gives their best, we all feel better.

When everyone cares their most, we all feel loved.

When everyone does good deeds, we all feel blessed.

When everyone cares, no one will be left out and alone.

I love you for caring,

Betty Lue

Life is for caring and sharing. 

When we care, we feel Alive  with Love.

When we share, we feel Good and True.

We are connected, when we Love.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

What Are You Saying?




I forgive all misperceptions, mine and others.

I choose to be conscious of my loving intention.

I pray all I say and do be used for Good.

I trust all things, even mistakes, can work together for Good.

What Are You Saying?

Words are interpreted by those listening.

Words are heard through the filters in the mind.

Words can be received with love or with fear.

Words can be heard both cloudy and clear

When you speak, speak with intention.

When you share, share with love.

When you help, help with respect.

When you give, give with gratitude.

Often people are saying only what the listener wants to hear.

Some people speak to receive approval and appreciation.

Others say what they need to hear for themselves.

Some simply talk to fill the silence.

Pay attention to the setting, private or public.

Listen for the language of the listener.

Attune to your intention to connect or disconnect.

Recognize the emotional state and language of the receiver.

Many other components of speech are done intuitively.

Often people don’t even notice who they are talking to.

If there is an agenda or intention for the communication, it may not be heard.

Often there are inappropriate times or ways of speaking with others.

Some notice body language and others tone of voice.

Some receive the message through facial expressions.

Some actually connect and believe every word.

In communication, there is no way to control what the other receives.

Communication is a fine art.

Communication is complex and often inadequate.

What we perceive is what we believe.

What we hear it translated by our past experience.

It is valuable to know our intention before we speak.

It is helpful to have some knowledge of the other.

It is useful to be clear about the desired outcome for the words spoken.

It is healthy to clarify what was actually heard by the receiver.

Some key questions for each communication:

What is the intention of this conversation, phone call or text?

What do I want the other to receive from me?

How do I want the outcome to be?

Do I need to listen first or share first?

Is this communication for a specific purpose?

Do I want to be helpful or demanding, positive or negative?

Do I just want to dump my own toxic material and hope for the best?

Am I here to bring calm or disturbance?

Do I want to share love or fear?

Stop before you speak and ask, “What is my desired outcome?”

When you make a mistake, it is always helpful to apologize, forgive your error and learn what is better.

Let’s respect and appreciate each communication and the words we use!

Thanks for caring, 

Betty Lue 

Monday, January 29, 2024





I choose to give and receive all Good and only Good.

I remember only what is good and whole and beautiful.

I trust in the Good in all things.

I easily forgive and erase everything that is not for the Highest Good of All.

Trust in Goodness!

Remember the days when we trusted in Good.

Remember when we lived free as children.

Remember when we only knew peace.

Remember the time we knew everything would be OK.

The thoughts we hold in mind will be made manifest.

The truths we trust are true will always be our truths.

The places we go with gratitude for being will be there for us.

The way we think creates what we experience.

When we question, we see what is questionable.

When we doubt, we will perceive what we do not trust.

When we fear, we gather evidence of what we fear.

When we feel weak, we look for our weaknesses and find them.

It is true that what we seek, we find.

It is not true that we are not responsible for what we find.

What we seek becomes our chosen reality, because we seek it.

When we are willing to relinquish what we do not want, we will no longer find it.

How can it be that we shape our reality?

  1. We see it because we look for it.
  2. We find it because we need to be right.
  3. We make it appear because we create it.
  4. We amplify it with our focus and judgment.
  5. We attract other energies to make it so.
  6. We conceive and believe until we achieve.

When we remember only Good, we live with Goodness.

When we appreciate only Good, we expand the Good.

When we forgive what is not Good, we erase all that is not Good.

When we recognize the intrinsic Good, we celebrate and encourage Good.

Is it not time to let go of fearful images?

Is it not time to extinguish attack thoughts?

Is it not time to undo false truths?

Is it not time to stop playing weak and small?

Let us choose to seek and find only Good.

Let us forgive our fear and see what is clearly Good.

Let us choose to tell the Highest Truths.

Let us stop being victims of our own imagined powerlessness.

We can choose to give and receive only what is Good, Whole and Beautiful for one and all.

Now is our time!

All Good and Only Good,

Betty Lue 

May you be happy and well.

May you remember to be loving.

May you find peace in all you say and do.

May this day bring only Goodness to you.

Only Love prevails.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

First Things First




I love myself just the way I am.

What is best for me is best for others.

I take impeccable care of my whole Self daily.

I live the message I give and everyone benefits.

Take Care of What is Yours!

With so much need in your world, take care of you.

With so many questions to be answered, listen to you.

With so many places to go, be at home with you.

With so much to be given, give first to you,

You are Important.

You are the seer and the listener.

You are the healer and the comforter.

You are the gift and the giver.

When you have not seen what is right and true, you may not have listened to you.

When you are not comforting yourself, you may remember to heal and be whole.

When you have not received the gift, you may not realize the gift you are.

Care first for you precious Self and the Gift You Are.

You are the message and the messenger.

You are the example and role model.

You are the loving and beloved.

You must treat yourself as the precious Being You Are.

Honor your Calling.

Live your Purpose.

Follow your Dream.

Be True to you.

When you allow yourself to be distracted, delayed or detoured, you lose your way.

When you deny yourself the listening and peace you deserve, no one can hear your message.

When you continue on the road and leave your Self behind, you get confused in purpose.

When you linger too long with those who don’t care, no one is caring for you.

Give yourself the care you deserve.

Take time with yourself to listen to your message.

Be where you are with peace and renewal.

Honor the Gift you came here to give.

Give your Self the Abundance of Love you are here to receive.

Leave not your whole and holy Self and take great care of you

This is your place and your time to truly Love You.

I am loving you always,

Betty Lue